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Miklós Rózsa

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Rózsa and Heifetz

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Franz Waxman

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Bride of Frankenstein

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The Carmen Variations

Composed by Waxman for the 1947 film Humoresque, the Carmen Variations has entered the standard repertoire for solo violin. Waxman worked the familiar melodies from Bizet’s opera into a showpiece for John Garfield’s character in the film, although the fingering close-ups were of virtuoso Isaac Stern, who played on the soundtrack recording. The piece became identified with Jascha Heifetz, who performed it around the world.

The conductor’s score for the Carmen Variations.

The program from Heifetz’s tour of Japan that he sent to Waxman—featuring the Carmen Variations highlighted in blue pencil.

A telegram and letter, both from Heifetz to Waxman, about sending and returning the manuscript.

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