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A record series is a group of related records filed and/or used together as a unit and therefore evaluated as a unit for retention and disposition purposes. A records retention schedule is a comprehensive list of record series, indicating for each the length of time the series is to be maintained.


All employees are responsible for ensuring that records are managed in accordance with University policies and in compliance with applicable federal and state laws. The same safeguards and controls over information stored electronically apply as for information created and maintained in paper form. Departments will retain records according to the University Retention Schedule.


The University Retention Schedule is subject to the exceptions listed below:

  • A litigation hold has been implemented which specifies records that must be retained beyond their scheduled retention period and the period for which they must be retained.
  • Whenever contractual requirements exceed the retention periods listed on the University Retention Schedule, such records must be retained in accordance with the records retention requirements of the contract.
  • The records are subject to an audit that has not been completed.
  • Other exceptions to the University Retention Schedule which have been submitted directly to and approved by the University Records Manager.

University Retention Schedule

Programs, courses, curriculum, syllabi
Records common to most offices such as correspondence and reports
Budgets, payroll, vouchers, and accounting
Rights or obligations including contracts, real property, and compliance
Personnel actions and performance
Admissions, examinations, grades and transcripts