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The Department of Learning and Academic Engagement hosts tabling and other activities in the open spaces of the lower three floors of Bird Library. Our services are for SU students, faculty, and staff. Please fill out the Tabling & Other Space Request form if you wish to reserve space in the Learning Commons.

Here are previous activities that illustrate the types of things we host:

  • Projects related to class assignments
  • Displays or exhibits related to university events or speakers
  • Educational programming (e.g. sustainability, managing stress)
  • Showcasing student or faculty achievements and research results
  • Honors capstone projects
  • Surveys or data collection for student or faculty research
  • Outreach for programs and services for students, especially of an academic nature
  • Promotion of new programs or services for students (e.g. commuter services, pop-up advising)
  • Collaborations between the Libraries and campus partners
  • Stress relief services (therapy dogs, massage services)

Here are examples of the sort of requests we do not accommodate:

  • Food giveaways
  • Collecting of money or donations
  • Selling
  • Corporate promotions or sign-ups
  • Promotion of student government candidates
  • Promotion of student groups
  • Promotions for student group events

Note: if you are seeking to reserve rooms in Bird, please use the Reserve a Room page.