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Syracuse University Postcard Collection

University Archives Postcard Collection: Yates Castle
The Syracuse University Postcard Collection contains over one thousand distinct postcards depicting Syracuse University buildings, students, events, and activities. These images, roughly dating from 1860 to 2004, are rendered in attractive illustrations and photographs. The illustrated cards are often quite colorful; some are awash with soft pastels, and others pop with loud primary colors. Most of the photographic postcards feature black and white photography or images that have been colorized from black and white photos. The more modern photographic postcards in the collection present crisp, colorful images.

Most of the postcards date from the early 1900s to the 1920s, and images of University buildings and grounds make up the large majority of the collection. Other series in this collection include postcards of University athletics, Greek organizations, traditions, and more. Some of these postcards remain unmailed and in their store-bought condition, while others were sent through the mail with messages that provide a look into the University experience of their time. Mailed postcards throughout the years feature correspondence between students, family, and friends, with words of encouragement, news from school and from home, and requests to send money.

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