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In 1855, when Francis Scott Street and Francis Shubael Smith bought The New York Weekly Dispatch, the two men embarked on a publishing mission that remained remarkably prolific and profitable for over one hundred years. Street & Smith rapidly became a "fiction factory," producing a wide variety of popular literature, including dime novels, pulp magazines, books in series for juveniles, fashion and homemaking magazines, comics, and adventure stories. The company viewed fiction as a commodity, with Street & Smith editors dictating plots, character types, and other conventions to the firm's stable of writers. As a result, Street & Smith authors, including such literary figures as Horatio Alger, Theodore Dreiser, Upton Sinclair, and Jack London, were often disguised by house pseudonyms and wrote to carefully calculated formulae, with their products subject to extensive rewriting by Street & Smith editors.

Street & Smith illustrators worked under the same editorial constraints as did the writers. If an editor received unacceptable illustrations, the illustrator was told to "get busy and change them then and there." Nevertheless, Street & Smith eventually became "an incubator where the greatest illustrators in the country were professionally born." These included Harvey Dunn, Joseph Leyendecker, Dean Cornwell, Winfield Scott, Tom Lovell, Anton Otto Fisher, Amos Sewell, and N.C. Wyeth.

Dime Novel material

Dime Novel Cover Art

Scanned images of covers of all dime novels and a selection of serials, which were microfilmed as part of the original NEH project. The collection of images can be browsed and is also fully searchable by keyword, title, series title, and author.

Yellow Kid material

Yellow Kid Image Gallery

Images of the "one and only" Yellow Kid, original standard bearer of Street & Smith.

Street and Smith Company photos

Images of the Street & Smith Company

See the inner workings of the Street & Smith company as well as images of its founders.

Street & Smith Editorial Records material

Street & Smith Editorial Records

Inventory to the editorial records of the Street & Smith company.

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