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Alexander N. Charters

Alexander N. Charters photo"Adult Education, as a relatively new thrust into the higher education enterprise, is continually striving to be recognized as a field of study and practice. As a way to foster this development, Syracuse University made a conscious commitment to mold Adult Education into the very essence of the university. This effort is called mainstreaming ...

"... This is being written at a time when Syracuse University is recognizing the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the Evening Session in 1918. It records my reflections of one who was Assistant to the Dean (1948-1950), Assistant Dean (1950-1952), Dean of University College (1952-1964) and Vice President for Continuing Education (1964-1973). All of this occurred when mainstreaming of Adult Education into the academic life of SyracuseUniversity was a major thrust of the University. In general there has been some movement toward the mainstreaming of Adult Education in many agencies, but at Syracuse University there has been a conscious commitment to this development."

   -- from the preface of Reflections on Mainstreaming of Adult Education Into the Academic Life of Syracuse University 1948-1973 by Alexander N. Charters, © 1996