Bird Library
  • Floor 4


  • Located in Room 458 on the 4th floor of Bird Library
  • A workshop, laboratory and classroom space designed for the study and creation of digital artifacts and experiences. The DSS maximizes flexibility in response to emerging digital practices. It supports software design, game study and development, statistical analysis and data visualization, digital mapping, and digital humanities projects across a variety of disciplines.
  • For more information about the Digital Scholarship Space contact dss@syr.edu.

Directions from Bird Library WayFinding Digital Sign

  1. Take elevator to Floor 4
  2. Exit elevator left
  3. Turn right at the end of the elevator bank
  4. Turn left thorugh the hallway before the stairs
  5. Proceed straight ahead through the quiet study area
  6. Digital Scholarship Space is on the left
Digital Scholarship Space (Room 458) photo