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The Pan Am Flight 103 / Lockerbie Air Disaster Archives gratefully acknowledges the following donors who made financial contributions between July 1, 2016 and December 31, 2017. Names are obtained from Syracuse University's records and are listed as they appear in those records. Although we make every effort to ensure that all information is accurate, there may be occasional errors. We regret any omissions, misspellings, or other mistakes, and welcome your corrections. To submit a correction, please send an email with the listing as you would like it displayed to


  • Ms. Bianca Caiella Breed
  • Ms. Mary Lou Ciulla
  • Mrs. Jane E. Davis
  • Ms. Ronni S. Diamondstein
  • Ms. Georgann Fuller
  • Mr. Glenn P. Johnson Jr. & Mrs. Carole G. Johnson
  • Mr. Fred Jordan
  • Mr. Donald T. Macleod
  • Mrs. Meryl Shahun Rosen
  • Mr. Scott Sassone & Mrs. Kara J. C. Sassone
  • Ms. Mary M. Stratis
  • Mr. Stanley H. Taylor & Mrs. Nancy L. Taylor
  • Ms. Kathy Tedeschi
  • Mr. Ronald L. Thiele