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The SU Libraries and SU Press are the recipients of many gifts each year that honor or memorialize our friends, patrons, and loved ones. We are grateful to the following individuals and associations who made such gifts between July 1, 2016 and December 31, 2017.


    • Mrs. Linda B. Reisner In Memory Of Joanne Brodell Alpern
    • Mrs. Constance J. O'Sullivan In Memory Of Pearl Palace Cannizzo
    • Mr. Thomas W. Hill In Memory Of Marta Leszlei Dosa, Ph.D.
    • Dr. Lynn M. Zoch In Memory Of Dr. William P. Ehling
    • Mrs. Lewraine T. Graham In Memory Of Mr. Peter Scott Graham
    • Ms. DeAnn M. Buss In Memory Of Mrs. Amelia M. Greiner
    • Mr. Steven P. Keim In Memory Of Rev. Norman Oscar Keim & Gloria Keim
    • Mrs. Helen K. Rees In Memory Of Mr. C. James Konstanty
    • Dr. Daniel O. O'Connor & Mrs. Cheryl O. O'Connor In Memory Of Professor Antje Bultmann Lemke
    • Mr. Charles F. Tremper In Memory Of Mrs. Kathleen M. Manwaring
    • Mrs. Beverly Anne Bilbo* In Memory Of Dr. Mary Hatch Marshall
    • Ms. C. Lissa Marshall Ganter In Memory Of Dr. Mary Hatch Marshall
    • Mr. Robert J. Capaldi In Memory Of Mr. Bud Maul
    • Ms. Mary E. Miskell & Mr. Terry Clar In Memory Of Mrs. Mary M. Miskell
    • Mr. Jeremy Nowak In Memory Of Mr. Amram E. Nowak
    • Mrs. Janet S. Munro In Memory Of John A. Sheedy
    • Miss Suzanne I. Stacy In Memory Of Mr. Donald H. Stacy
    • Mr. Kenneth Jonick & Mrs. Christine Jonick In Memory Of Mrs. Patricia Kutner Strait
    • Mr. Nelson Lemus & Mrs. Cynthia B. Lemus In Memory Of Bartholomew P. Williams
    • Ms. Yuxin Zhang In Memory Of Yuxin Zhang