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Syracuse University Poster Collection

An inventory of the collection at the Syracuse University Archives


Creator: Syracuse University.
Title: Syracuse University Poster Collection
Dates: 1902-2019
Size: 12 map case drawers (approximately 44 linear feet)
Abstract: Posters produced by and for Syracuse University, its administration, schools and colleges, student organizations, and other University groups
Language: English
Repository: University Archives,
Special Collections Research Center
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Ave., Suite 600
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Historical Note

Syracuse University was founded on March 24, 1870, when its Board of Trustees signed the University charter and certificate of incorporation, acting on a proposal put forth earlier that year at the Methodist State Convention. Despite its modest beginnings, the story of Syracuse University has been one of remarkable growth and progress. The University’s population has expanded from a few dozen local students to over 21,000 students from all over the world. Significant eras of development in campus building and academic programs included the late nineteenth to early twentieth centuries and the post-World War II years. The second half of the twentieth century saw the University transform into a modern research institution with international connections.

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Scope and Content Note

The Poster Collection contains posters from as far back as 1902 and as recent as 2019. They encompass a large array of subjects including athletics, academics, and student organizations and activities.

Academic posters advertise different programs of study, special opportunities within programs, student exhibitions, concerts, and events sponsored by the schools, colleges, and academic programs. Other co-curricular posters include those advertising conferences, lectures, and seminars, usually sponsored by several different University organizations.

A majority of the collection consists of posters for extracurricular events, including student productions, concerts, speakers and social events. Some student organizations with extensive representation include the University Union, the First-Year Players, and DanceWorks. The collection documents campus wide events such as convocation, commencement, luncheons, major concerts, the Winter Carnival and Parents’ Weekend.

Another extensive group found in the collection are posters produced for various sports teams at Syracuse University. The posters range mostly from the mid-90s to the early 2000s and include a wide sample of athletics. The athletic posters are a good visual example of how imaging technology has changed over time and how the aesthetics of athletics advertising has evolved.

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Access Restrictions

There are no restrictions.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from the Syracuse University Archives and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Related Material

Other visual materials in the University Archives include the Photograph Collection, the Postcard Collection and the Slide Collection. Most of the subjects covered in the Poster Collection can also be found in the University Archives Clipping Files.

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Selected Search Terms


Syracuse University -- History.
Syracuse University.


African-American college students.
College students.
Student activities.
Student housing.
Higher education.

Types of material


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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Syracuse University Poster Collection,
University Archives,
Special Collections Research Center
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

The posters were given to the Syracuse University Archives by different offices and groups on campus.

Processing Information

Posters were sorted into groups and placed in folders.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: Nicole Morello
Date: 2018
Revision history:

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Folders are arranged alphabetically.

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MC 24-1 Afro-American Studies circa 1970-2010
MC 24-1 Architecture, School of circa 1970-2010
MC 24-1 Arts and Sciences, College of circa 1970-2010
MC 24-1 Center on Human Policy circa 1970-2010
MC 24-1 Communication and Rhetorical Studies circa 1970-2010
MC 24-1 Education, School of circa 1970-2010
MC 24-1 Engineering and Computer Science, L.C. Smith College of circa 1970-2010
MC 24-1 Graduate School circa 1970-2010
MC 24-1 Gerontology Center circa 1970-2010
MC 24-1 Human Development, College for circa 1970-2010
MC 24-1 Information Studies, School of circa 1970-2010
MC 24-1 Law, College of circa 1970-2010
MC 24-2 Learning Communities circa 1970-2010
MC 24-2 Libraries circa 1970-2010
MC 24-2 Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs circa 1970-2010
MC 24-2 Music, School of circa 1970-2010
MC 24-2 Newhouse School of Public Communication circa 1970-2010
MC 24-2 Nursing, School of circa 1970-2010
MC 24-2 Regent Theater circa 1970-2010
MC 24-2 Syracuse Stage circa 1970-2010
MC 24-2 Syracuse University Abroad circa 1970-2010
MC 24-3 University College circa 1970-2010
MC 24-3 Visual and Performing Arts, College of circa 1970-2010 (2 folders)
MC 24-3 Whitman School of Management circa 1970-2010
Activities and Organizations
MC 24-4 A-Ac circa 1950-2000
MC 24-4 Afro-American Society circa 1950-2000
MC 24-4 As-B circa 1950-2000
MC 24-4 Chorale circa 1950-2000
MC 24-4 Co-Da circa 1950-2000
MC 24-4 DanceWorks circa 1950-2000
MC 24-4 De-E 1902-circa 2010
MC 24-4 First-Year Players 1902-circa 2010
MC 24-4 Fo-G 1902-circa 2000
MC 24-4 Hendricks Chapel 1902-circa 2000
MC 24-4 Indian Community Religion and Cultural Center circa 1970-2000
MC 24-4 Jabberwocky circa 1970-2000
MC 24-4 Jaz-Mad circa 1970-2000
MC 24-4 Marching Band 1970-1975
MC 24-4 Mu-N circa 1970-2000
MC 25-1 Onondagan circa 1970-2010
MC 24-5 Ou-St circa 1940-2008
MC 24-5 Student Association circa 1940-2008
MC 24-5 Student Government circa 1940-2008
MC 24-5 St-Un circa 1940-2008
MC 24-5 University Union circa 1940-2008
MC 24-5 University Union Cinema circa 1970-2008
MC 24-5 W.E.A.R. circa 1970-2008
MC 24-5 Admissions, Office of circa 1970-2010
MC 24-5 Career Services, Center for circa 1970-2010
MC 24-5 Cartography Lab circa 1970-2010
MC 25-1 Community Internships Program circa 1970-2010
MC 25-1 Conference Planning, Office of circa 1970-2010
MC 25-1 Counseling Center circa 1970-2010
MC 25-1 Enrollment and the Student Experience circa 2018
MC 25-1 Facilities circa 1970-2010
MC 25-1 Faculty circa 1970-2010
MC 25-1 Financial Aid circa 1970-2010
MC 25-1 Food Services circa 1970-2010
MC 25-1 General circa 1970-2010
MC 25-1 Health Services circa 1970-2010
MC 25-1 International Students Office circa 1970-2010
MC 25-1 Medical Crisis Unit circa 1970-2010
MC 25-1 Orientation and Transition circa 1970-2010
MC 25-1 Printing Services circa 1970-2010
MC 25-1 Program Development, Office of circa 1970-2010
MC 25-1 Project Advance circa 1970-2010
MC 25-1 Safety and Security, Office of circa 1970-2010
MC 25-1 South Campus circa 1970-2010
MC 25-1 Science and Technology Entrance Program (STEP) circa 1970-2010
MC 25-1 Recreation Services circa 1970-2010
MC 25-1 Residence Life circa 1970-2010
MC 25-2 Student Affairs circa 1970-2010
MC 25-2 Alumni undated
MC 25-2 Baseball undated
MC 25-2 Basketball, men's circa 1980-2018
MC 25-3 Basketball, men's and women's circa 1980-2016
MC 25-2 Basketball, women's circa 1980-2018
MC 25-3 Cheerleading, men's and women's 2018
MC 25-3 Crew, men's and women's circa 1980-2018
MC 25-3 Cross country, men's and women's circa 1980-2018
MC 25-3 Field hockey circa 1990-2018
MC 25-3 Football circa 1980-2018
MC 25-4 Football circa 1980-2018 (2 folders)
MC 25-4 General circa 1980-2000
MC 25-4 Gymnastics, men's circa 1980-1990
MC 25-4 Ice hockey, men's and women's circa 1980-2018
MC 25-4 Lacrosse, men's circa 1990-2017
MC 25-4 Lacrosse, men's and women's circa 1990-2010
MC 25-4 Lacrosse, women's circa 1990-2018
MC 25-5 Softball circa 1980-2018
MC 25-5 Swimming, men's and women's circa 1980-2010
MC 25-5 Soccer, men's circa 1970-2018
MC 25-5 Soccer, women's circa 1990-2018
MC 25-5 Tennis, men's and women's circa 1990-2019
MC 25-5 Track and field, men's and women's circa 1990-2017
MC 25-5 Volleyball, women's circa 1990-2018
MC 25-5 Wrestling circa 1990-2000
MC 25-5 Buildings and grounds 1980, undated
MC 26-1 Conferences, lectures and seminars circa 1960-2007 (6 folders)
MC 26-1 Controversies and problems circa 1970-2000
MC 26-2 Greek organizations 1967-2005, undated
MC 26-2 Military and wars 1945, undated
MC 26-2 Special events circa 1909-2018 (3 folders)
MC 26-2 Syracuse city/Onondaga County undated

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