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Richard Paul Monetti Family Papers

An inventory of the papers at the Pan Am Flight 103/Lockerbie Air Disaster Archives at Syracuse University

Finding aid created by: Anna E. Smallwood and Vanessa L. St.Oegger-Menn
Date: March 2015

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Creator: Monetti Family.
Title: Richard Paul Monetti Family Papers
Dates: 1974-2012
Size: 40 boxes, 1 tube; 20 linear feet
Abstract: The Richard Paul Monetti Family Papers contain materials related to Richard "Rick" Monetti, one of the 35 Syracuse University students killed in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland on 21 December 1988.
Language: English, German
Repository: Pan Am Flight 103/Lockerbie Air Disaster Archives
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Ave., Suite 600
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010


Photograph of Richard Paul Monetti

Richard Paul Monetti (1968-1988) was among the 270 victims of the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland on December 21, 1988. He was a junior at Syracuse University's S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications considering a career in journalism, although he also had an interest in history and political science. A native of Cherry Hill, New Jersey, Rick was survived by his parents, Robert and Jennie "Eileen" Monetti, and his sister, Kara Monetti Weipz.

In a passage from his journal recovered in Lockerbie titled, "Rick's Philosophy of Life, or, What I've Learned in 20 Years," Rick wrote: "a good attitude is worth five points; don't sit back, make the most of everything. Do all you can while you can. Life is a one-time deal."

After Rick's death, Bob and Eileen joined with families of other Pan Am Flight 103 victims in founding the Victims of Pan Am Flight 103, Inc., and became heavily involved ensuring the airline industry maintains and improves safety measures, one of the organization's primary goals. As of spring 2015, Eileen was a member the group's Care and Concern Committee, and Bob was a member Advisory Board. Bob previously served as editor and publisher of the group's newsletter, TruthQuest.

The bulk of the Richard Paul Monetti Family Papers pertains to the Monetti family's work with aviation security and Victims of Pan Am Flight 103, Inc. Bob Monetti represented the Victims of Pan Am Flight 103, Inc. on the Department of Transportation Aviation Security Advisory Committee [ASAC], was involved with the American Association of Airport Executives [AAAE], served on the FAA Baseline Working Group, and worked with the staff of the McLaughlin Commission on Aviation Security and Terrorism.

Scope and Content Note

The Richard Paul Monetti Family Papers contain materials related to Rick Monetti, as well as materials related to civil aviation and aviation security collected by his family. Collection materials include clippings, personal papers, correspondence, and journals related to Rick Monetti; as well as items related to his father Robert Monetti's work with aviation security. The collection has been divided into the following series:

Clippings contains materials the Monetti family collected from newspapers and magazines on various topics including the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, Libya, other bombings and attacks on civil aviation, and aviation security.

Committee work includes agendas, meeting minutes, reports, and working documents from the committees and subcommittees with which Bob Monetti was involved.

Conferences consists of papers collected from conferences and symposiums attended by the Monetty family.

Correspondence includes both the incoming and outgoing correspondence of the Monetti Family. Materials are separated by corporation or office when significant, and are otherwise filed in chronological order under general correspondence.

Court cases contains are all the legal court transcripts and documents included in the collection.

Memorabilia consists of a T-shirt, pin and certificates related to the Monetti family's work with aviation security.

Memorials and remembrance contains the pamphlets, programs, and other printed material from services, organizations, and places of remembrance dedicated to the victims of Pan Am Flight 103.

Photographs includes prints and negatives taken during various organizational dinners, meetings, and memorials.

Printed materials includes newsletters, publications, and reports collected on aviation and airport security collection by the Monetti family.

Richard Monetti personal belongings series contains all the materials in this collection belonging to, or directly related to Rick Monetti. His belongings are divided into 9 subseries: Clippings, Comic books, Correspondence, Journals, Memorabilia, Memorials and remembrance, Photographs, School materials, and Vital documents. Clippings include newspaper articles about Rick. Comic books contains Rick's collection from his teenage years, and his handwritten collection list. Correspondence includes letters and cards, both incoming and outgoing. Included is Rick's personal correspondence, as well as condolences received by the Monetti family following his death. Rick kept journals while a student and copies of some of these, including the journal from his fall 1988 semester in London, are contained in this subseries. Memorabilia contains a program from a KISS event that Rick attended. The Memorials and remembrance subseries includes materials from Rick's funeral and various memorials, including memorial scholarships established in his honor. Photographs are of Rick Monetti, as well as those he took while studying abroad in the fall of 1988. Rick Monetti's School materials are further divided by high school and college. Included are folders and notebooks from Rick's school years, as well as other materials relating to his school work. Vital documents and insurance information constitute the final subseries. Please note that some materials within the Vital Documents and Insurance folder contain graphic subject matter.

Subject and research files contains reports and research, mostly dealing with civil aviation and aviation security, collected by Robert Monetti. Please note that some of this material is restricted.


Access Restrictions: Some materials in the Richard Paul Monetti Family Papers are restricted. Folders containing restricted material are noted in the inventory below. Please contact the archivist for further information regarding the access to these materials.

Use Restrictions: Written permission must be obtained from the Pan Am Flight 103 Archives and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

Related Material

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Clippings files.

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Preferred Citation

Richard Paul Monetti Family Papers,
Pan Am Flight 103/Lockerbie Air Disaster Archives
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

The Richard Paul Monetti Family Papers were donated by Bob and Eileen Monetti between 2010 and 2014.

Processing Information

This collection is fully processed and is housed in acid-free folders and archival boxes.


Materials are in chronological or alphabetical order.

Table of Contents


Committee work



Court cases


Memorials and remembrance


Printed material

Richard Monetti personal belongings

Subject and research files


Box 1 [General] 1985-1989 (13 folders)
Box 2 [General] August 1989-June 1990 (14 folders)
Box 3 [General] July 1990-May 1991 (12 folders)
Box 4 [General] June 1991-July 1992 (14 folders)
Box 5 [General] August 1992-January 1994 (19 folders)
Box 6 [General] 1994-2000 (26 folders)
Box 7 [General] 2001-2012, undated (11 folders)
Committee work
Box 8 Aircraft Hardening Program 1996-2002, undated
Box 8 Airports Council International [ACI] 1996-2002
Box 8 Aviation Security Advisory Council [ASAC]- general 1990-2002 (3 folders)
RESTRICTED: Please note that some materials in these folders are restricted.
ASAC Baseline Working Group
RESTRICTED: Please note that all but the October 1996 folder contain restricted material.
Box 8 [General] 6-20 August 1996 (3 folders)
Box 9 [General] 23 August-12 December 1996 (4 folders)
Box 9 ASAC Cargo Working Group May 1997- May 1999, undated
RESTRICTED: Please note that some materials in this folder are restricted.
Box 9 ASAC Employee Utilization Working Group March- May 1999, undated
Box 9 ASAC Equipment and Technology Subcommittee August 1990-September 1992
ASAC meeting transcripts
Box 9 [General] 20 October-15 December 1989 (2 folders)
Box 10 [General] 4 April-18 October 1990 (6 folders)
Box 11 [General] 10 December 1990-10 September 1992 (8 folders)
Box 12 [General] 4 February 1993-17 July 1996 (9 folders)
Box 13 [General] 23 July 1997-1 June 2000, undated (5 folders)
Box 13 ASAC membership rosters 1993-2000
RESTRICTED: Please note that some materials in this folder are restricted.
Box 13 ASAC Policy, Procedures and Public Awareness Subcommittee March-December 1993, undated
Box 13 ASAC Security Construction Guidelines Committee January 1993-November 1999, undated
RESTRICTED: Please note that some materials in this folder are restricted.
Box 14 ASAC trip reports 1996-1997
RESTRICTED: Please note that some materials in this folder are restricted.
Box 14 ASAC Universal Access System Working Group December 1998, undated
Box 14 Federal Aviation Administration Aviation Security [AVSEC] project October 1997-January 1998
Box 14 National Air Disaster Alliance/Foundation October 2003, undated
Box 14 United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs March 1990
Box 14 United States Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation 1989-1996
Box 15 Air Travel in Crisis? April 2000
Box 15 Airports Agents Training Conference September 1999-May 2001, undated
Box 15 Airport Security and Anti-Terrorism February 1997
Box 15 Airport Training Conference December 1998
Box 15 Aviation Disaster Management Symposium September-October 1994
Box 15 Aviation Law Insurance Symposium January 26, 1995
Box 15 Aviation Security [AVSEC] International Conference October 1993
Box 15 Aviation Security Technology Symposium November 2001
Box 15 The Bombing of Pan Am 103: Ten Years Later [Georgetown University] December 1998
Box 15 Contraband and Cargo Inspection Technology International Symposium October 1992
Box 15 Contraband Detection System [CDS] Conference undated
Box 15 Department of Transportation Symposium on Challenges and Opportunities for Global Transportation in the 21st Century October 1995
Box 15 Explosive Detection Technology Symposium and Aviation Security Technology Conference November 1996
Box 15 FAA Aircraft Hardening and Survivability Symposium August 1992
Box 15 First World Congress on Stress, Trauma, and Coping in the Emergency Services Professions April 1991
Box 15 Fundamentals of Chemical Detection, Measurement, and Monitoring: Analytical Techniques and Biosensors [Arlington, Virginia] January 1993
Box 15 General conferences May 2001-March 2002
Box 15 Global Security: Managing the Threat Through Prevention 5 May 1992
Box 15 Institute for Biological Detection Systems [Auburn University] May 1995
Box 15 International Aviation Security Academy April 2001
Box 15 International Conference on Aviation Safety and Security in the 21st Century January 1997
Box 15 International Symposium on Explosives Detection and Aviation Security Technologies 1991-2001
Box 15 International Terrorism, Victims' Rights, and the Lockerbie Criminal Trial [Syracuse University College of Law] April 2001
Box 15 International Terrorism: Prevention and Remedies [Syracuse University College of Law] October 1995
Box 15 Methods of Security Screening [Royal Society, London] June 1992
Box 15 National Air Disaster Alliance Foundation 2000-2003
Box 15 Sanctions as a Foreign Policy Tool, A Discussion [Victims of Pan Am Flight 103, Inc.] October 1997
Box 15 Symposium on Commercial Aviation Security February 1990
Box 15 Symposium on Terrorism and Security Abroad International Air Carriers [Albany Law School] April 1992
Box 15 United States/European/Canadian Airport Security and Safety Management Workshop [Limerick, Ireland] July 2000
Box 15 Victim Rights 2000: Dare to Dream [National Organization for Victim Assistance] April 2000
Box 15 Airports Council International, American Association of Airport Executives, and Air Transport Association March 1994-November 2001
Box 15 Consulate General of the United States of America, and Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary January-November 1989, October 1990
Box 15 Department of Transportation 1989-2000, undated
Box 16 Federal Aviation Administration May 1990-November 2000
Box 16 General 1988-2004, undated (5 folders)
Box 16 Legal 1988-1992
Box 16 Legal 1993-2005, undated
Box 16 No Greater Love December 1989-December 2003
Box 16 President's Office and Federal Bureau of Investigation 1989-2003
Box 17 Syracuse University December 1988-October 2004
Box 17 United States Congress and House of Representatives 1988-2002
Box 17 United States Department of State and New Jersey Governor's Office 1989-1998
Box 17 United States Senate 1989-2002, 2011
Box 17 Vivid Technologies Incorporated 1995-1996, undated
Court cases
Box 17 Appeal of Abdelbaset Ali Mohamed Al Megrahi 2001-2002
Box 17 Indictment of Abdelbaset Ali Mohamed Al Megrahi and Lamen Khalifa Fhimah 1991-1999
Box 17 Majorie Zicherman v. Korean Airlines Co. 1995
Box 17 Trial at Camp van Zeist, Netherlands May-October 2000
Box 17 Unidentified trial transcripts undated
Box 18 Families Action for Innocent Relatives pin 2009
Box 18 Enough Gaddafi t-Shirt undated
Box 18 Certificates 1992-2004
Memorials and remembrance
Box 18 Arlington National Cemetery Memorial Cairn 1991-2003
Box 18 Ceremonies and services 1989-1994
Box 18 Dark Elegy at Syracuse University 1988-1994
Box 18 Lockerbie 1989, 1998
Box 18 Neerja Bhanot Pan Am Trust 2000
Box 18 Proposed "Peace Time" memorial to American victims of terrorist attacks October 1989
Box 18 Syracuse University Place of Remembrance 1989-1996
Box 19 Syracuse University Place of Remembrance 1997-2002
Box 19 Syracuse University Remembrance Scholar Convocation 1998, 2000, 2002
Box 19 Syracuse University Victims of Pan Am 103 undated
Box 19 Various victims 1991-1994
Box 19 103rd Day Rally album 1989 (2 folders)
Box 19 1993 meeting [Victims of Pan Am Flight 103, Inc.] 1993
Box 19 Arlington Memorial Cairn March 1996, January 2007, undated
Box 19 Dark Elegy [negatives only] 25 December 1992
Box 19 Dark Elegy at Syracuse University November 1995, Spring 1996, undated (2 folders)
Box 19 Dedication of the Cairn 3 November 1995
Box 19 Lockerbie 1989, 1998, undated
Box 19 Lockerbie Remembrance Garden 1990
Box 19 Miscellaneous undated
Box 19 Office for Victims of Crime Reception undated
Box 19 Rosebank and Sherwood Crescents undated
Box 19 Syracuse University Place of Remembrance undated
Box 20 Various recognition dinners undated
Box 20 Various Victims of Pan Am Flight 103, Inc. meetings and events April 1991, November 1992, undated
Box 20 Victims of Pan Am Flight 103, Inc. meeting at Saddle Brook, lunch at Dater's June 1992
Box 20 Washington D.C. after family visit to Memorial Cairn [negatives only] April 1996
Printed material
Box 20 Aero Products January-February 2001
Box 20 Air Safety Week December 1994-October 2003, undated
Box 20 Airport Report March 1998-April 2000
Box 20 Airport Security Report January-October 2002
Box 20 Airports October 1994-October 2000
Box 20 Airports Council International membership directory 1998
Box 20 Aviation Daily September 1993-January 2002
Box 20 Aviation Security Human Factors Program Newsletter 1995-2000
Box 20 Aviation Security International 1994-2002
Box 21 Aviation Week and Space Technology May-June 1990
Box 21 BlastGard: Blast Effect Mitigation Products and Systems January 1997
Box 21 Congressional Record May 1986-September 1993
Box 21 Counter Technology, Inc. undated
Box 21 Counterterrorism and Security Intelligence 1989-1990, undated
Box 21 Department of State Bulletin 1987
Box 21 The Economist March 2001
Box 21 FAA Technology Talk February 1992
Box 21 Federal Register 1989-1994
Box 21 Flight International January 1975-August 1992, undated
Box 21 General 1991-1999, undated
Box 21 Individual airports December 1998-Spring 2000
Box 21 Lebanon File March 1991
Box 21 Lockerbie Newsletter December 2000-March 2001
Box 22 Nathan Hale Newsletter Spring 1994
Box 22 National Disaster Preparedness Office November 1999
Box 22 National Interest Spring 1989
Box 22 Newsweek 1992-2001
Box 22 OAA Gazette [Ostriches Anonymous Association] September 2003
Box 22 Office of International Criminal Justice Newsletters [OICJ] July-August 1991
Box 22 Safe Skies for Tomorrow: Aviation Safety in a Competitive Environment 1988
Box 22 Security Intelligence Report 1991-1995 (4 folders)
Box 22 TransSec April-May 2002
Box 22 Various aviation and airport security products 1994-1997, undated
Box 22 Victims of Violence Report July-September 1990
Box 22 Washington Report on Middle East Affairs June 1989
Richard Monetti personal belongings
Box 23 [General] 1989-1990, undated
Comic Books
Box 23 Assorted comics and collection list 1975-1979
Box 23 Avengers 1976-1979
Box 23 Captain America 1976
Box 23 The Defenders 1974-1978
Box 23 Fantastic Four 1976-1979
Box 24 The Hulk 1976-1979
Box 24 Iron Man 1976-1979
Box 24 Spider Man 1975-1978 (2 folders)
Box 24 [General] 1988, undated
Box 24 Postcards from abroad Fall 1988
Box 24 Sympathy cards and letters December 1988-December 1989, undated (2 folders)
Box 25 Abroad Fall 1988
Box 25 "Rick's Philosophy of Life" 9 October 1988
Box 25 [General] undated (2 folders)
Memorials and remembrance
Box 25 Cherry Hill, New Jersey 1989-1990
Box 25 Memorial accounts and scholarships February 1989, undated
Box 25 Funeral 1988
Box 25 Syracuse University graduation program 14 May 1989
Box 25 Remembrance Quilt undated
Box 25 Richard P. Monetti Memorial Park undated
Box 25 Rick Monetti undated
Box 25 Taken during semester abroad Fall 1988
FC 2-3 Program from Rock & Roll Ball with KISS, 13 July 1976
School materials
Box 25 Clippings collected by Rick Monetti 1985, undated
Box 25 KYW News Radio Student Reporter 1986-1993
High school
Box 25 Awards 1986
Box 25 Floppy disk undated
RESTRICTED: Researchers are restricted from accessing the floppy disk. Please consult an archivist to inquire about access.
Box 25 [General] 1980-1981 (2 folders)
Box 226 [General] 1981-1985 (8 folders)
Box 27 [General] 1985, undated (4 folders)
Box 27 Newspaper 1985
Box 27 [General] 1981-1985 (5 folders)
Box 28 [General] 1984-1985, undated (10 folders)
Box 29 [General] undated (2 folders)
Box 29 Notecards undated
Box 29 Printed notes undated (2 folders)
Box 29 School announcements 1985-1986
Box 29 School assignments undated
Box 29 Written notes undated
Box 30 Written notes undated
Box 30 Application materials 1984-1985
Box 30 Blue book examinations 1987, undated
Box 30 Loose papers 1986-1988, undated
Box 30 [General] Fall 1985 (2 folders)
Box 31 [General] Spring 1987-Spring 1988, undated (5 folders)
Box 31 Fall 1988 class rosters November 1988
RESTRICTED: Please note that materials in this folder are restricted.
Box 31 Travel arrangements and boarding passes 21 December 1988, undated
Vital documents and insurance 1988-1989, undated - (Contains graphic subject matter.)
Subject and research files
Box 32 Accident to Air India Boeing 747 Aircraft VT-EFO "Kanishka" 1985-1986
Box 32 Air Transport Association of America August-September 1996, undated
Box 32 Airport Operators Council International April 1989
Box 32 Airports 1992, undated
RESTRICTED: Please note that some materials in this folder are restricted.
Box 32 American Association of Airport Executives [AAAE] November 1989-July 2001
Box 32 American Association of Airport Executives [AAAE] Executive Manual 1997-1998
Box 32 Attacks on civil aviation March 1998
Box 32 Aviation accidents September 1989-December 1998
Box 32 Aviation Crime Prevention Institute, Inc. undated
Box 32 Aviation legislation 1990-2001, undated
Box 33 Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee [ARAC] October 2000, 2001
Box 33 Aviation security- general 1990-2003, undated
RESTRICTED: Please note that some materials in this folder are restricted.
Box 33 Aviation Security Improvement Act of 1990 July 24, 1991, undated
Box 33 Aviation Surety: The Product of Safety and Security [Monograph of Papers Submitted for Panel Presentation] undated (2 folders)
Box 33 Checked baggage April 1999, undated
Box 33 Clinton Administration's Policy on Critical Infrastructure Protection: Presidential Decision Directive 63 22 May 1998
Box 34 Congress members and legislators 1990-2003, undated
Box 34 Congressional Committee on Government Operations: Subcommittee on Government Activities and Transportation August-September 1989
Box 34 Counterterrorism and security management 1998-1999
Box 34 Countering Terrorism: A Manual for Law Enforcement 1990
Box 34 Customs service 1994-1995
Box 34 Department of Transportation [DOT] 1990-1999, undated
RESTRICTED: Please note that some materials in this folder are restricted.
Box 34 Department of Transportation [DOT] News 1989-1994 (2 folders)
Box 35 Department of Transportation reports to Congress 1998
Box 35 DOT/FAA Criminal Acts Against Civil Aviation 1988-1997
Box 35 Donahue November 1989
Box 35 Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary undated
Box 35 Fatal bombings undated
Box 35 Federal Aviation Administration [FAA] 1989-2002, undated (2 folders)
RESTRICTED: Please note that some materials in these folders are restricted.
Box 35 Federal Aviation Administration Annual Report to Congress on Civil Aviation Security 1991, 1995, 1998
Box 35 Federal Aviation Administration Aviation Security Bulk/Weapons Technology Panel Review 4-5 September 1997
RESTRICTED: Please note that some materials in this folder are restricted.
Box 36 Federal Aviation Administration [FAA] Cooperative Agreement 94-G-043 Final Report: Aircraft Response to Internal Explosive Detonations October 1996
Box 36 Federal Bureau of Investigation: Ensuring Public Safety and National Security Under the Rule of Law 1993-1998
Box 37 Frontline November 1990
Box 37 Gander crash 1985
Box 37 GAO Aviation Security and Terrorism reports to Congressional committees 1994
Box 37 General aviation security reports 1999
RESTRICTED: Please note that some materials in this folder are restricted.
Box 37 German investigation of Pan Am Flight 103 January-October 1989
Box 37 Grief and mourning 1989-1996 undated
Box 37 House Committee on Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on International Security, International Organizations, and Human Rights 1994
Box 37 House Committee on Government Activities and Transportation 1989, undated
Box 37 House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology: Subcommittee on Transportation, Aviation and Materials February 1989
Box 37 International Air Transport Alliance undated
Box 37 Libya 1991-1996, undated
Box 37 Lockerbie Fatal Accident Inquiry 1989
Box 37 Lockerbie Trust January 1989
Oversize Tube 1 Map of crash site surrounding lockerbie undated
Box 40 Monetti family timeline 1979-2001
Box 37 National Alliance of Lebanese Americans [NALA] 1990
Box 37 National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States May 2003
Box 37 National Crime Victims' Rights Week April 1995
Box 37 National Transportation Safety Board [NTSB] 1989-2003
Box 38 Office of Civil Aviation April 2001
RESTRICTED: Please note that some materials in this folder are restricted.
Box 38 Office of Civil Aviation Evaluation of the Federal Security Managers Program 1993-1999
Box 38 Pan American World Airways, Inc. 1986-1993
Box 38 Performance Evaluation Report for EG&G Astrophysics' Screener Assist X-Ray Technology 1998-1999
RESTRICTED: Please note that some materials in this folder are restricted.
Box 38 Performance Evaluation Report for Vivid Screener Assist X-Ray Technology July 1999
RESTRICTED: Please note that some materials in this folder are restricted.
Box 38 President's Commission on Aviation Security and Terrorism [PCAST] 1989-1990
Box 38 Recommended Security Guidelines for Airport Planning, Design and Construction 2000
RESTRICTED: Please note that some materials in this folder are restricted.
Box 38 Robert Monetti-notes on various topics 1989-1997 (2 folders)
Box 39 Robert Monetti-notes on various topics 1998-2004, undated (3 folders)
Box 39 Safe Skies Award November 1989
Box 39 Scottish criminal justice system October 1999, undated
Box 39 Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation: Aviation Subcommittee April 1989
Box 39 Senate Committee on Foreign Relations: Subcommittee on Terrorism, Narcotics, and International Operations April 1989
Box 39 Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee for Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs May 2000
Box 39 September 11, 2001, October 2003
Box 39 SPIE: International Society for Optical Engineering July 1992, undated
Box 39 Terrorism 1989-2001, undated
Box 39 Travel advisories 1998
Box 39 Trip to camp van Zeist, Netherlands undated
Box 39 U.K. Families Flight 103 April 1989
Box 39 United Nations [U.N.] November 1989-December 2003
Box 39 United States Department of Justice Office for Victims of Crime October 2001
Box 40 United States Department of State April-November 1991
Box 40 White House Commission on Aviation Safety and Security 1996-1997 (2 folders)