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Alexander Lowenstein Family Papers

An inventory of their papers at the Pan Am Flight 103/Lockerbie Air Disaster Archvies at Syracuse University


Creator: Lowenstein, Alexander Lowenstein, Suse
Title: Alexander Lowenstein Family Papers
Dates: 1967-2013
Size: 10.5 linear feet, 19 boxes
Abstract: The Alexander Lowenstein Family Papers contain materials relating to Pan Am 103 victim Alexander Lowenstein and his parents Peter and Suse Lowenstein and his brother Lucas. Papers and objects belonging to Alexander are included along with photographs of him and those taken by him. Materials relating to Suse Lowenstein's sculpture garden Dark Elegy are also present, along with materials relating to the aftermath of the disaster and the Lowenstein family's search for justice.
Language: English
Repository: Pan Am Flight 103/Lockerbie Air Disaster Archives
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Ave., Suite 600
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010


Lowenstein, Alexander

Alexander Lowenstein was born February 25, 1967. He was one of the 35 Syracuse University students traveling home after a semester abroad. Alexander (also known as Alex or Alexi) was an English major, but hoped to pursue a degree in clinical psychology so he could work in a psychiatric clinic after he graduated. Alex was a brother in the Zeta Psi fraternity at SU and sat on the Inter-fraternity Council.

"Alexander was very special. His ability to fully enjoy life; to make us laugh; to draw his peers to him; to make us love him" his parents recall. Alex was a water person who loved surfing and scuba diving near his parent's home in Montauk on Long Island. He was survived by his parents Suse and Peter and his brother Lucas.

Suse Lowenstein is an accomplished sculptor; her pivotal work Dark Elegy has garnered much acclaim and commentary over the years and has served as a reminder of the evils of terrorism. Dark Elegy is a sculpture garden containing 75 larger than life pieces that depict a woman at the moment she learned her loved one had been killed on Pan Am 103. Each figure was sculpted from life and Suse has even created a sculpture of herself. Dark Elegy is a tribute to all victims of terrorism and Suse hopes to find it a permanent home in a public location where it may be freely accessible.

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Scope and Content Note

The Alexander Lowenstein Family Papers contain ten series, some with subseries.

The first series is Artwork, which contains only a few sketches done by Alexander Lowenstein. These items are all undated.

The second series is for Audiovisual materials. The items in this collection that are of most interest are the videos of Alexander Lowenstein surfing and spending time at the beach with his family. Other videos show Alex in a competition at his high school and performing in a show called "Park Place". All video has been converted to DVD. Also included in this series are audio cassettes that belonged to Alexander Lowenstein. Some of these are original albums and others are mix tapes.

The next series is for Clippings and it is primarily organized chronologically. Oversize clippings are stored separately and are not in chronological order. Clippings related to Dark Elegy are found in that series.

The series for Correspondence is divided into subseries for Alexander Lowenstein, Condolences, general correspondence files and correspondence with people in Lockerbie. The last two subseries are organized alphabetically by correspondent. The subseries for Alex's personal correspondence is organized chronologically as is the subseries for Condolences. Correspondence related to Dark Elegy is found in that series. Many of the letters from people in Lockerbie contain photographs as inserts.

The series for Dark Elegy is arranged alphabetically and deals with the sculpture garden created by Suse Lowenstein. Various exhibitions of Dark Elegy may be studied along with photographs of the work.

The Photographs and Negatives series contains an entirely digitized album that was loaned to the Archives by the Lowenstein family for scanning. Photographs of Alexander Lowenstein with his friends and family and on trips to Amsterdam and around London in 1988 are available. Photographs of various memorials dedicated to Alexander may also be found. Any photographs of Dark Elegy are held in that series and photographs that survived the bombing are contained in the Found in Wreckage subseries of the Subject Files series.

The Photographs and Negatives series contains a few items of note, including a copy of Senate Resolution 727 signed by Hillary Rodham Clinton. Researchers will also be interested in the maps used to plot locations of victim's bodies as well Pan Am 103 passenger statistics, which includes a seating chart for the Boeing 747.

The Subject Files series contains topical files of general interest, but is also where the subseries for all materials Found in the Wreckage is located. All personal papers and items belonging to Alexander Lowenstein that were recovered after the disaster are listed in this series.

Finally, a series was created for Writings, which most importantly contains Alexander Lowenstein's class notebooks, exam books and essays and papers he wrote as a student at Syracuse University. Scattered writings about Alex or the Pan Am 103 disaster are also housed here, with the exception of writings about Dark Elegy, which are included in the Dark Elegy series.

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Access Restrictions

There are no access restrictions for this collection.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from the Pan Am Flight 103 Archives and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Dark Elegy.


Lockerbie, Scotland, Crash of Pan Am Flight 103, 1988.
Pan Am Flight 103 Bombing Incident, 1988.
Terrorism -- Government Policy -- United States -- Case Studies.
Terrorism -- Government Policy -- United States -- History.
Terrorism -- Government Policy -- United States.
Terrorism -- History -- 20th Century.
Lockerbie (Scotland).

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Alexander Lowenstein Family Papers,
Pan Am Flight 103/Lockerbie Air Disaster Archives
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

The Alexander Lowenstein Family Papers were donated by Peter and Suse Lowenstein.

Processing Information

The Alexander Lowenstein Family Papers are processed.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: Cara A. Howe
Date: 2014
Revision history: Mar 2015 - Stylistic changes (VSOM); Apr 2015 - Access restrictions removed (VSOM); Jun 2016 - New accessions integrated (VSOM)

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The Alexander Lowenstein Family Papers are arranged alphabetically by and within most series. Some subseries may be arranged chronologically and oversized materials are stored separately.

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Box 19 Alexander Lowenstein's Sketches (Oversize) undated
Box 1 Alexander Lowenstein surfing F/V 6001 undated DVD
Box 1 Body Conscious Sculpture Show by Suse Lowenstein F/V 5961 undated DVD
Box 1 Bruce Springsteen and Bryan Adams mixed tape 1978 Audio Cassette
Box 1 CripZen: A Manual for Survival by Lorenzo Wilson Milam 1993 Audio Cassette
Box 1 Cute likes a Knife by Bryan Adams undated Audio Cassette
Box 1 Elton John Greatest Hits 1972-1974 Audio Cassette
Box 1 Graceland and mixed songs undated Audio Cassette
Box 1 Livingston Speech and Donald Reynolds Speech undated Microcassette
Box 1 Love by The Cult 1985 Audio Cassette
Box 1 Lowenstein family and friends at the beach F/V 6027 undated DVD
Box 1 Mr. Mendham Competition (Alexander Lowenstein was a competitor) F/V 6022 undated DVD
Box 1 "Park Place" featuring Alexander Lowenstein F/V 6034 undated DVD
Box 1 Stand by Me Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 1986 Audio Cassette
Box 1 Standing on a Beach by The Cure 1986 Audio Cassette
Box 1 Swordfish Trombones by Tom Waits undated Audio Cassette
Box 1 Worst of Jefferson Airplane and Seatrain mixed tape undated Audio Cassette
Box 1 Ziggy Marley Conscious Party and Midnight Oil Diesel and Dust mixed tape 1988 Audio Cassette
Box 2 April 1986 - December 1989
Box 2 January 1990 - December 1992
Box 2 April 1993 - October 2005
Box 2 undated
Box 2 from Germany c. 1988-1989
Box 2 Frontline: The Bombing of Pan Am 103 1990
Box 2 Frontline: Tracking the Pan Am 103 Bombers 1989
Box 19 Oversize 1988-2005
Box 2 Trial, Camp Van Zeist in the Netherlands 2000-2001
Alexander Lowenstein
Box 3 1980-1982
Box 3 1983
Box 3 1984 (2 folders)
Box 3 and 4 1985 (2 folders)
Box 4 1986
Box 4 1987
Box 4 1988
Box 5 undated (3 folders)
Box 8 Baumesiter & Samuels (Attorneys) 1991
Box 8 Beth (girlfriend) undated
Box 6 c. 1988-1989 (4 folders)
Box 7 c. 1988-1989 (4 folders)
Box 7 Remarks of Joan Barletta on the Occassion of the Memorial Service for Alex Lowenstetin December 30, 1988 (4 folders)
Box 3 Lowenstein Thank You Card c. 1988-1989
Box 8 Consulate General of the United States, Edinburgh Scotland 1990
Box 8 Cranston High School West Theatre Program, Cranstion, Rhode Island March 2, 2013
Box 8 DeSantis, Mary Allen (aunt of victim Julian Benello) 1990
Box 8 Ennist, Lauren (artist) 1995
See Also: Oversize Sketches of Dark Elegy in Box 19 of this collection.
Box 8 Fortune, Deirdre (wife of victim Robert Fortune) c. 1991
Box 8 Government Officials 1990 1996 2001
Box 8 Heller, Bruce undated
Box 8 Imatron undated
Bogie, Donald undated
Keegans, Patrick (father) 1989 1996
Murray, Stuart undated
Stobbs, George and Rita undated
Thomson, Henry and Margaret 1991
Webster, Jack 2000
Wilson, June and Jim 1989-2002
Box 8 McKendric, Gigi (sculptor) 1990
Box 8 Media 1999-2001
Box 8 The Permanent Mission of the Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya to the United Nations 1997
Box 8 Syracuse University 1989
Box 8 Weiss, Fredda 1997
Box 8 White House (Bill Clinton, president) 1995
Box 8 Wilkenfeld, Adam 1998
Dark Elegy
RELATED MATERIAL: Syracuse University Collections: The Dark Elegy Collection
Box 9 A Broken Heart Still Beats After Your Child Dies by Anne McCracken and Mary Semel, cover art undated
RELATED MATERIAL: Publications Collection: Books: A Broken Heart Still Beats After Your Child Dies
Box 9 Campaign for Permanent Home in Washington DC 2007
Box 9 Clippings 1991-1993 1996 2001 undated
Box 19 Clippings (OVERSIZE) c. 1992-1996
Box 9 Correspondence c. 1989-1994 (3 folders)
Box 9 Douglass College 1997
Box 19 Douglass College (OVERSIZE) 1997
Box 9 Others 1991 1993-1994 1997
Box 9 Rutgers University 1996
Box 9 Photographs and Slides undated
Image Dark Elegy at Syracuse University
Box 19 Photographs (OVERSIZE) c. 1996
Box 9 Printed Materials 1997
Box 19 Sketches by Lauren Ennist (OVERSIZE) undated
See Also: Correspondence with Lauren Ennist in Box 8 of this Collection
Box 9 Student Comments on Dark Elegy Film undated
Box 9 "The Women of Lockerbie" by Deborah Brevoort, program art 2008
Box 9 Writings about Dark Elegy 1996 undated
Box 9 Writings by Suse Lowenstein undated
PDF Alexander Lowenstein by Suse Lowenstein
PDF Dark Elegy by Suse Lowenstein
PDF Letter to the Editor from Suse Lowenstein
PDF Artists Statement by Suse Lowenstein
Personal Objects
Box 10 riding helmet undated
Box 10 Scotland flag undated
Box 10 surfing figures "Alex" and "Beth" undated
Box 10 tie clips with letter "A" undated
Box 10 Wallet undated
Box 10 Zeta Psi beer stein 1989
Box 10 Zeta Psi flag undated
Box 10 Zeta Psi sticker undated
Photographs and Negatives
Box 11 Album loaned by Suse and Peter Lowenstein c. 1988
Image Alex in yellow t-shirt
Image Alex at Stonehenge
Image Alex in hoodie
Image Alex in Jimmy Buffet t-shirt
Image Alex in straw hat
Image Alex giving flower to friend
Image Alex, Rick Monetti and two girl friends
Image Alex and Beth with friends (including Rick Monetti) and Stonehenge
Image Alex and Beth with friends (including Rick Monetti)
Image Alex and Beth with friends
Image Alex and Beth with friends (including Rick Monetti) in field
Image Alex and Beth with friends on a stone wall
Image Alex and friends at Slough airport
Image Alex and Rick Monetti with friends
Image Alex and friends with gargoyles
Image Alex and Rick Monetti in hunter hats
Image Alex, Rick Monetti, Alexia Tsairis, Julianne Kelly and friends
Image Lowenstein Family
Image Alexander Lowenstein's Headstone
Image Alexander Lowenstein's memorial plaque on the Memorial Wall in Lockerbie
Image Alexander Lowenstein on a rock wall
Image Alex in "Alexi" shirt
Image Alex in straw hat holding a cat
Image Alex Lowenstein portrait in red tie
Image Alex with surf board
Image Alex in Zeta Psi sweatshirt
Image Alex standing by the water with arms raised
Image Alex in wetsuit
Image Suse Lowenstein with Alex's Cairn in Lockerbie
Image Alex's Cairn in Lockerbie
Image Flowers and stone circle
Image Alex Lowenstein in field
Box 11 Alexander Lowenstein Summer 1985
Box 11 Alexander Lowenstein and Family undated
Box 11 Alexander Lowenstein and Friends c. 1985-1987 undated
Box 11 Alexander Lowenstein and Beth (girlfriend) 1987 undated
Box 11 Developed from film Found in Wreckage c. 1988
See Also: the materials found in the wreckage in Box 14 and Box 15 of this collection
Box 11 London and Amsterdam fall 1988
Box 11 Memorials undated
Image Headstone in East Hampton
Image Cairn in Lockerbie
Box 11 Negatives and Contact Sheets undated
Box 11 Sports Teams undated
Box 19 Zeta Psi Fraternity (OVERSIZE) 1986-1987 undated
Printed Materials
Box 12 Annual Harbor Lights Gala honoring Suse and Peter Lowenstein August 5, 2006
Box 12 Birth Certificate (copy) 1967
Box 12 Certificate of Achievement from SU College of Arts and Sciences c. 1989
PDF Certificate of Achievement from College of Arts and Sciences
Box 12 Certifications 1975 1978 1980 1982
Box 12 Congressional Record: Senate Resolution 727 signed by Hillary Rodham Clinton December 9, 2008
PDF Senate Resolution 727 signed by Hillary Rodham Clinton
Box 12 Contraband Detection International April 9, 1991
Box 12 Diploma, High School 1985
Box 12 Diploma, Middle School 1981
Box 12 Maps, locations of bodies undated
Box 19 Map, locations of bodies (OVERSIZE) undated
PDF Map of Locations of Bodies
Box 12 Mendham Township Middle School 1979-1981
Box 12 Syracuse University College of Arts and Sciences Convocation Program May 5, 1990
Box 12 West Morris Mendham High School 1985
Box 12 Zeta Psi Fraternity c. 1986-1989
Subject Files
Box 12 Alexander Lowenstein grave plot at Cedar Lawn Cemetery in East Hampton, NY 1989
Box 12 Alex Lowenstein's Inter-fraternity Council Notes 1987-1988
Box 13 Alexander Lowenstein's Personal Documents 1988 undated
Box 13 Alex Lowenstein's Planner 1983 August 1987-August 1988 (2 folders)
Box 13 Anis, Magdy and Fady (attorneys) Disciplinary Review Board 1991
Box 13 Authorizations to Conduct Criminal Proceedings on Behalf of Others 1992
Box 13 AVSEC International Conference October 26, 1993
Box 13 Barringer Instruments Inc. c. 1991
Box 13 Body Identification December 1988
PDF Body Number 167, Alexander Lowenstein (not graphic)
Box 12 CDI's Security Service Bureau (SSB) 1991
Box 13 Class Schedules 1987
Box 13 Donahue Syndication List November 1, 1989
Box 13 Eulogies December 30, 1988
Box 13 Estate of Alexander Lowenstein 1991
Box 13 Federal Aviation Administration security bulletin process undated
Found in Wreckage
Box 14 Journal Pages fall 1988
Box 15 Personal Items undated
cassette player pouch
radio and cassette player
underwater camera
Box 14 Personal Papers fall 1988 undated
Image Tower of London postcard
PDF British Rail pass
Box 14 Photographs fall 1988
Image Stonehenge
Box 13 Letter of Recommendation for Alex Lowenstein December 10, 1984
Box 13 Memorials 1990
Box 13 Pan Am 103 Passenger Statistics compiled by Barry J. Flick (includes seat assignments) undated
PDF Pan Am 103 Passenger statistics
Box 13 Obituaries December 1988
Box 13 Report Cards and Grade Reports 1979-1988
Box 13 Return of Personal Property 1989-1990
Box 14 Rubbing from Memorial Wall in Lockerbie undated
Box 13 Trial at Camp van Zeist in Netherlands, verdict January 31, 2001
See Also: Oversize Clippings in Box 19 of this collection.
Box 13 United States Mission to the United Nations 1992-1993
Box 13 Warsaw Convention and liability undated
Alexander Lowenstein's Writings
Box 16 Exam Booklets 1987-1988
Box 16 Essays and Papers 1987-1988 undated
Box 16 Poetry undated
Box 17 English 227 undated
Box 17 English 342 fall 1987
Box 17 English 361 fall 1987
Box 17 English 533 spring 1988
Box 17 Geology 102 spring 1988
Box 17 German 201/202 spring 1986
Box 17 Philosophy 212 fall 1986
Box 17 Philosophy 216 undated
Box 18 Philosophy 321 fall 1987
Box 18 Psychology 305 undated
Box 18 Religion 255 spring 1986
Box 18 Religion 291 undated
Box 18 Religion 358 undated
Box 18 Sociology 388 spring 1988
Box 18 Writing 315 undated
Box 16 Article by Suse and Peter undated
Box 16 Poem by JJC July 15, 1989
Box 16 Poetry by Stuart Murray 1989 undated
See Also: Correspondence with Stuart Murray in Box 8 of this collection.
Box 16 Song "Evolution of Lockerbie" by Jeff Drown 1990
Box 16 Script for "Fellow Travelers" GELB undated
Box 16 Script for "Victims of Pan Am Flight 103" by Robert Crais for NBC November 12, 1993
See Also: Correspondence with Fredda Weiss in Box 8 of this collection.

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