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Street & Smith Records

An inventory of their records at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Street and Smith Publications.
Title: Street & Smith Records
Inclusive Dates: 1855-1960
Quantity: 407.0 linear ft.
Abstract: Papers of the American publishing company, specializing in popular literature. Collection includes internal records, manuscripts, radio scripts, books and periodicals of the publishing company. Radio scripts include material for Doc Savage, Chick Carter-Boy Detective, Nick Carter and The Shadow.
Language: English
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

Street & Smith, or Street and Smith Publications, Inc., was a New York City publisher specializing in inexpensive paperbacks, magazines, and comic books. Founded in 1855 by Francis Scott Street and Francis Shubael Smith, most of their publications were of the type known as "pulp fiction" and "dime novels."

Among its pulp fiction periodicals, Street & Smith published adventure and sea stories (Air Trails, Do and Dare Weekly, Red Raven Library, Sea Stories Magazine, Tiptop Weekly); detective and mystery stories (Clues, Doc Savage, Mystery Story Magazine, Nick Carter Weekly, Old Broadbrim Weekly, The Shadow); romances (Love Story Magazine, Romance Range); science fiction (Astounding Stories, Unknown); sports stories (All-Sports Library, Athlete); westerns (Buffalo Bill Stories, True Western Stories, Pete Rice Magazine, Western Story Magazine, Wild West Weekly); and young adult fiction (The Boys of the World, Bowery Boy Weekly, Live Girl Stories, My Queen). Many of the authors from Street & Smith's periodicals found their way onto the pages of the publisher's dime novels, which were issued in various series, including the Arrow, Bertha Clay, Eagle, Magnet, Medal, and Merriwell libraries. But perhaps the most successful of the dime novels were those issued in the Alger Series, the volumes of which promoted the comforting notion that virtue is invariably rewarded by wealth. (These rags-to-riches tales became so embedded in American popular culture that reference to a "Horatio Alger story" became synonymous with the realization of the American dream.) Street & Smith comic adventurers included Bill Barnes, Buffalo Bill, Doc Savage, the Red Dragon, and artist R.F. Outcault's Yellow Kid, whose first appearance in the New York World in 1895 marked the birth of American comics. Although Street & Smith specialized in pulp fiction periodicals and dime novels, it also published non-fiction periodicals for hobbyists (Air Progress, Air Trails Pictorial, American Modeler, Science World); movie-goers (Picture-Play Weekly); sports enthusiasts (Pic, Sport Pictorial, and Baseball, Basketball and Football Yearbooks); and women (Mademoiselle, You)

In 1937 Street & Smith began shrinking their line of pulp titles, ending that genre completely in 1949. In 1957 Street & Smith sold their remaining magazine titles to Conde Nast, which acquired the rest of their copyright in 2007.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

Spanning 1864 to 1971, the Street & Smith Records document the history of the New York City publisher of pulp fiction and general interest publications. Reflecting the wide assortment of these publications, the Street & Smith Records have been divided into three parts: Editorial Files by Title, which relate to periodical or established uniform titles (a "uniform title" is a collective title used to encompass publications from several different works -- e.g., "Nick Carter titles" encompasses titles from the Nick Carter Library, Magnet Library, and Nick Carter radio series); Miscellaneous Editorial Files, mostly arranged by format, which refer to books-in-series publications and/or records which are associated with more than one periodical title; and Indexes, contained author, title, subject, and other indexes for many of Street & Smith's titles.

Editorial files by title

Characterized by multiple title changes, the Street & Smith periodicals reflected, over the course of their publication history, the changing tastes of their readership. Arranged alphabetically, and most closely focused on the 1930s and '40s, the Editorial Files by Title (Boxes 1-39) gather together all of the documents relating to a particular periodical and the subsequent titles in its volume numbering sequence under the publication's first title. The exception to this arrangement was the establishment of uniform titles for Horatio Alger Jr. and Nick Carter materials, both of which contain original manuscripts as well as a variety of other specialized documents. Beginning with Ainslee's (later Ainslee's/Smart Love Stories and subsequently, Smart Love Stories), the records encompass a variety of acquisition records and financial documents which include chronologically arranged manuscripts purchase cards as well as art and manuscript vouchers, which came into use in the late 1930s. Voucher numbers and, less often, payment amounts are often indicated on the annotated Tables of Contents, which accompany most titles and are found at the end of each group of documents relating to a particular title sequence. Manuscript submissions for each periodical are arranged by title and most often followed by the name of the author as it appears on the piece. Authorship discrepancies are noted and, when discernible, pseudonyms are provided. An example of the organizational pattern follows:

  • Clues (New York, N.Y.) (combines records for: Clues Detective Stories; Street & Smith's Clues Detective Stories)
    • Manuscript purchase cards
      • Aug. 1933-Oct. 1938
    • Manuscript vouchers
      • Mar. 1938-Jan. 1943
    • Manuscripts
      • Inventories of manuscripts Apr. 1938, charge-offs, Dec. 1944, and memoranda, 1943-1945
      • "Asylum of Terror" / Norman A. Daniels (a.k.a. Danberg)
      • "Death Moves In" / Robert C. Blackmon
      • "The Great Garendo" / Jimmy Challon
      • "How to Be a Detective" / Leslie T. White (Inspector LeBlanc) (2 versions)
      • "The Invisible Assassin" (alternate title: "The Phantom Slayer") / Robert W. Sneddon
      • "Monte Cristo in Real Life" (no author)
      • "Protection" / Victor Maxwell
      • "The Ritual of Blood" (no author)
      • "Shirts" / Frank Underhill (at head of title: "Tales of the Jailhouse")
      • "World-Famous Police Mysteries: the Kidnapping of Charley Ross" / H.M. Egbert
      • Illustrations (5)
    • Tables of Contents:
      • Oct. 1933-May 1943 (2 folders)

Editorial practices varied among the different periodical titles, but were usually consistent within any given title sequence. A few editors habitually retained an additional copy of the voucher with its corresponding manuscript, while others signified acquisition or payment with printed and/or perforated stamps, the retention of separate notes, or by writing directly on the manuscript. Editorial comment, both in extent and quality, also varies from one periodical title to the next. Some of the manuscripts for particular periodical titles have been copyedited, a few are accompanied by reader reports which discuss potential suitability for publication, while others bear the terse but definitive notation "Impossible." Such variations in editorial practice may suggest a degree of autonomy for Street & Smith's periodical editors, or at the very least, a lack of consistent adherence to established norms.

Despite evidence that Street & Smith loosely controlled editorial practice, documentation suggests that accounting principles were strictly enforced. Annual (and occasionally more frequently produced) inventories of charged or written off manuscripts and artwork accompany nearly every group of documents associated with a particular periodical. Periodical editors were accountable for each manuscript purchase that was unpublished. In addition, having purchased a particular manuscript, Street & Smith circulated it repeatedly, sometimes over the course of several decades and among various editors, with the hope that one or another could be enticed to use it. The inventories of charged off manuscripts also attest to the re- assignment of manuscripts to different periodicals, and are frequently annotated with suggestions that another editor might find a particular submission suitable for inclusion in his publications. It should be noted that the preponderance of manuscripts among the editorial files are those which had been written off repeatedly before publication, and that many were never used. However, given its vast array of periodicals and their frequency of publication, Street & Smith retained relatively few manuscript purchases that weren't eventually published.

In addition to the manuscripts related to specific periodicals, the collection also has a large assortment of material which Street & Smith gathered under the term Miscellaneous manuscripts. These submissions, which include poems, fiction, non-fiction, and even a sketchbook, were neither produced for, nor assigned to, a particular periodical. A few of these manuscripts bear tentative assignments to specific periodical titles, however those same manuscript titles are listed among the Miscellaneous manuscripts inventories and remain under the heading designated by Street & Smith. There are also a number of published stories, many of which originally appeared in The Popular Magazine, which were collected under the auspices of the Motion Picture Department to promote their potential for production as films.

Miscellaneous editorial files

Illuminating both the internal structure of the company as well as its day-to-day publishing operations, the Miscellaneous Editorial Files (Boxes 40-42) mostly relate to weeklies and books-in-series and include the earliest documentation (i.e. Record books 1864-1936) for Street & Smith. Bent upon cornering the fiction market for the expanding literate population, the company systematically made purchases of the plate stock of a number of its competitors, acquiring such established series as The Ledger Library and The Popular Series (Bonner's Sons ), and Golden Hours and the Old Cap. Collier Library (N.L. Munro). Plate stock inventories and orders document the successes and the problems associated with such wholesale acquisition. As witness to the importance of the loyalty of its readership to the success of the publishing business, Critiques indicate the financial pressure to assign acquired material to existing Street & Smith vehicles. Recognizing the widely-held marketing axiom that readers enjoy encountering the same formula repeatedly, Street & Smith not only published similar genre stories, but also re-issued the material which first appeared in its weeklies in other periodicals and as books. The disbound notebook of the Inventory of series as well as the Record books provide evidence that, in an effort to deplete its surplus stock, Street & Smith frequently released a given story under more than one title merely by binding with a new cover and title page. Memoranda concerning the internal inquiries and reports about stock illustrate the publisher's commitment to respond quickly to the needs of its customers. A 1939-1940 notebook compilation of information on its competitors and distributors testifies to Street & Smith's resolve to remain at the forefront of American publishing.

In addition, the Miscellaneous Editorial Files contain documentation relating to Chelsea House books and authors, manuscript transferrals between periodicals, and copyright renewals for various series (Border, Eagle, Great Western, Magnet, Merriwell). Financial material encompasses miscellaneous (i.e. those not related to a particular periodical) art and manuscripts vouchers, arranged by originator or author. For both its internal record- keeping and in answer to queries from authors, readers, and collectors, Street & Smith compiled lists of authors' stories, which are arranged alphabetically. Conscious of the need for publicity, the publisher issued various types of promotional material, including catalogs and price lists (1899-1940) and also generated lists of newspapers for review copies. A series of 21 photographs (ca. 1906) document the exterior and interior of the 79 Seventh Avenue building from which Street & Smith ran its operations from 1905. Perhaps the most poignant items of the collection are the 1949 clippings from The New Yorker and The New York Times which note the suspension of pulp fiction publishing by The Greatest Publishing House in the World, the title of Street & Smith's 50th anniversary commemorative booklet.

The 13 record books in box 42 contain predominantly publishing and statistical information on Street and Smith weeklies and books-in-series publications between 1864 and 1936. Pagination occasionally varies (Record Books 12, 13), and there is some overlapping and duplication of information from one record book to another. Blank pages have not been filmed. Prepared for the specialized needs of the publisher, the first volume has running series titles with column headings for issue number, date of publication, author (with space for "nom de plume"), title, and sub-title. Later record books were originally accounting ledgers, for which column headings have been changed and/or added by hand. Entered in ink as well as pencil, the variations in handwriting, as well as legibility, indicate that the notations were recorded by several different individuals. While the series are arranged in numerical and publishing sequence, the lists may be continued in the same or subsequent record books.

Although not usually noted in the record books, when title changes occur within a weekly series, all the titles represented by that title sequence and their corresponding numbers (which sometimes extend beyond the contents of that particular record book) are provided. The periodical titles used here are from the covers of the publications; other titles may appear on the Contents pages or as running titles. The use of brackets for both weeklies and books-in-series publications represents an attempt to standardize the working titles used in the record books.

The date range indicated for each record book is approximate.


Supplementing, and in some cases duplicating, the information contained in these editorial files, the Library holds 196 card file drawers; these Indexes comprise manuscript tracer forms, author and title indexes for various periodicals, payment verification with reference to voucher numbers, printers' records, copyright status reports, and reprint notations. Indexes are in two different types of containers. The first 30 are in cardboard boxes and are labelled CB-1 through CB-30. The second batch are (or were originally) in metal file drawers; these are labelled M-21 through M-166. Two of the M file drawers (M-23 and M-24) are missing and three (M-22, M-26, M-91) are empty. Extent is given in inches, referring to how many inches of the drawer the index makes up. Most indexes are arranged alphabetically, but some are chronological and some are not arranged at all. An index's location within the drawer is indicated by a slash followed by a number; for example, "M-24/2" indicates that the index is the second run of cards in file drawer M-24.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

NO BOUND PERIODICALS MAY BE PHOTOCOPIED due to brittle paper. Digital photos are permitted with appropriate paperwork.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

Materials are available for research and reference only. All copyrights are retained by Conde Nast Publications Inc.

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Related Material

Special Collections Research Center also houses the Street & Smith Archive of Chelsea House imprints, periodical, serial, and books-in-series publications, 16 mm films of The Shadow, and radio scripts for the American, Australian, and South American broadcasts of The Avenger, Doc Savage, Chick Carter, Nick Carter, and Sonny Tabor series. The Library also holds scrapbooks of clippings and other memorabilia relating to Street & Smith as well as a group of publications collected by the publisher. Please visit the Street & Smith Project website for more detailed information, including links to our extensive collection of digitized material from the collection.

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Subject Headings

Corporate Bodies

Street and Smith Publications, Archives.

Associated Titles

Chick Carter boy detective (Radio program)
Doc Savage (Radio program)
Doc Savage.
New Nick Carter weekly.
Nick Carter (Radio program)
Nick Carter weekly.
Shadow (Radio program)
Shadow comics.
Shadow magazine.
Yellow kid.


Adventure stories, American -- Periodicals.
Comic books, strips, etc. -- United States.
Detective and mystery stories, American -- Periodicals.
Dime novels -- Specimens.
Periodicals -- Publishing.
Popular culture -- United States.
Popular literature -- Publishing.
Publishers and publishing -- United States.
Radio serials.
Science fiction, American -- Periodicals.
Western stories -- Periodicals.

Genres and Forms

Manuscripts for publication.
Radio scripts.



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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Street & Smith Records
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Finding Aid Information

Created by: [Summit record]
Date: 26 Jul 1995
Revision history: 12 Mar 2007 - converted to EAD (MRC); 24 Aug 2012 - Pop. Mag. publicity, M12-110 (MRC); 1 May 2013 - boxes 13-17 updated (MRC); 9 Mar 2016 - boxes 40-41 corrected (MRC)

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Editorial Files (by title)
Ainslee's (combines records for Ainslee's/Smart Love Stories; Smart Love Stories)
Box 1 Assignment of rights
Box 1 Author lists
Box 1 Manuscripts purchase cards May 1934-May 1938 (2 folders)
Box 1 Manuscripts vouchers Feb.-Apr. 1938
Box 1 Inventories of ms. poems, stories
Box 1 Poems
"Adolescence" / May Williams Ward
"April Desire" / Eleanor Robbins Wilson
"Bard's Lament" / Milton Bracker (a.k.a. Brock Milton)
"Betrayal" / Susan Spaulding
"Color" / Charles Wharton Stork
"Content" / Dorothy Stockbridge (tearsheet)
"Curtain" / Dorothy Stockbridge (tearsheet)
"Double Doubles" / Jennie Broudy
"Ebb Tide" / Eleanor Robbins Wilson
"Fate" / Jean Douglas (a.k.a. Beatrice Forsythe?)
"Folly" / Marcella Moore
"Harbor of Condemned Ships" / Dorothy Stockbridge (tearsheet, with "The Squandering Miser" / Edith I. Coombs; verso "Shepherdess of Love" / Norreys Jephson O'Conor)
"Her Picture" / E.R. Wilson
"If You But Loved Me" (no author)
"Let Spring Be Different" / Dorothy Stockbridge (tearsheet)
"Portrait of a Fashionable Lady" (no author)
"Second Memory" (no author)
"The Shepherdess of Love" / Norreys Jephson O'Conor (with tearsheet, verso "Harbor of Condemned Ships" / Dorothy Stockbridge)
"Spring Song" / Daisy Conway Price
"The Squandering Miser" / Edith I. Coombs (tearsheet, with "Harbor of Condemned Ships" / Dorothy Stockbridge)
"Symbols of Enchantment" / Charles Wharton Stork
"There Stands Columbine's House" / Dorothy Stockbridge (tearsheet)
Stories (most with R. Oliphant reader reports)
Box 1 "The Bone and Flesh of King Davie" / Grace Miller White (galleys, no ms.)
Box 1 "Children of the Great" / Berthe K. Mellett
Box 1 "A Clean Heart" / Faith Baldwin (with letter, no report)
Box 1 "The Debt" / Beatrice Ravenel (ms. only)
Box 1 "The Greeting of the Maharajah" / Audrey McMahon (with galleys)
Box 1 "The Helpmate" / Faith Baldwin (ms. only)
Box 1 "The Hornet" / Sarah Glover Curtis (with 3 sets of galleys, no report)
Box 1 "The Innocent Escapade" / Dorothy Stockbridge ("draft"; "revised copy")
Box 1 "Knowledge of Women" / Paul Hervey Fox (with 2 galleys)
Box 1 "A Lady of Shallott" / Martha McCulloch-Williams
Box 1 "Madame Mephistopheles" / Warren E. Schutt
Box 1 "Mallory's Wife" / Winston Bouve (galleys only)
Box 1 "Night Shade" / Warren E. Schutt
Box 1 "The Number One Wife" / Audrey McMahon (ms. only)
Box 1 "Our Lady of Ridicule" / Horace Fish
Box 1 "A Romance with a Clubwoman" / William Salisbury (with galley)
Box 1 "Romantic People" / Dorothy Stockbridge
Box 1 "Speaking of Husbands" / Pauline Brooks
Box 1 "Technique" / Warren E. Schutt
Box 1 "Telephone Trouble" / Ernest Goodwin (ms. only)
Box 1 "This Too Small World" / Alison Spence (ms. only)
Box 1 "Valiant Flame" / Warren E. Schutt
Box 1 "Wreckers of Dreams" / Vennette Herron (with galleys)
Box 1 Tables of Contents Dec. 1934-Aug. 1938 (3 folders)
Ainslee's/Smart Love Stories
See Ainslee's.
Ainslee's Magazine
Box 1 "Copy of the Contents Pages of Vols. 1 to 14, Feb. 1898-Jan. 1905"
Air Ace
See Bill Barnes Comics.
Air Progress (cover title 1938-[1941]: Air Trails Annual)
Box 1 Manuscripts vouchers 1942-1944
Box 1 Inventories of manuscripts and memoranda 1942-1943, undated
Box 1 "Anything But Snafu" / Vincent J. Donahue (partial ms., correspondence, with galleys, layout, memoranda)
Box 1 "Essentials of Safe Taxiing" / Raymond J. Pereda
Box 1 "For Gallantry in Action" / Falk Harmel (with clippings, correspondence)
Box 1 "Getting 'Em Ready for Battle" / A. Eriss (with letter and captions)
Box 1 "How Columbus Did It" / James E. Farris (with ill., Air Line Pilot issue)
Box 1 "How the Flying Fortress Is Wired" / Andrew R. Boone
Box 1 "More Than an M.D." / David C. Cooke (with layout)
Box 1 "Navigation Is Simple" / James E. Farris (with ill., Air Line Pilot issue)
Box 1 "Odd Tricks Improve Air Field Camouflage" / Andrew R. Boone (with photographs)
Box 1 "The Primary Instructor" / Elmer Klanderud (with galleys, layout)
Box 1 "Save the Pilot, Salvage the Plane" / John Forney Rudy (with "cutlines")
Box 1 "Service Girdles the Globe" / Paul Briggs (with photographs)
Box 1 "Souvenir Research" / Alexander McSurely (copyedited ms., with galleys, layout)
Box 1 "We Hail #6 the Soaring Society of America" / Charles Gale
Box 1 Tables of Contents 1938-July 1943, 1952-Apr./May 1964 (2 folders)
Air Trails (New York, N.Y. 1928) (issued prior to and numbered independently of Bill Barnes Air Adventurer and its successive titles; and also known as Street & Smith's Air Trails)
Box 1 Inventories of ms. "write-offs" Jan., July 1932
See Bill Barnes Air Adventurer.
Box 1 Tables of Contents Oct. 1928-Oct. 1931
Air Trails (New York, N.Y. 1937)
See Bill Barnes Air Adventurer.
Air Trails (New York, N.Y. 1950)
See Bill Barnes Air Adventurer.
Air Trails and Science Frontiers
See Bill Barnes Air Adventurer.
Air Trails Annual
See Air Progress.
Air Trails Hobbies for Young Men
See Bill Barnes Air Adventurer.
Air Trails Model Annual (concurrent with title sequence which begins with Bill Barnes Air Adventurer)
Box 1 Manuscripts vouchers 1943-1954
Box 1 Tables of Contents 1943, 1944, 1946, 1951-1962
Air Trails Pictorial (New York, N.Y. 1942)
See Bill Barnes Air Adventurer.
Air Trails Pictorial (New York, N.Y. 1947)
See Bill Barnes Air Adventurer.
See Air Trails.
[Horatio] Alger Jr. titles (combines records for Alger Series)
Box 1 "Mabel Parker" - wrapper; installments 1-7; photocopy of original ms. (4 folders)
Box 2 Correspondence 1918-1919, 1939-1966 (2 folders)
Box 2 Inventories and research notes
Box 2 Printed material - 1945-1971, undated
All Fiction Detective Anthology
See All Fiction Detective Stories.
All Fiction Detective Stories (combines records for All Fiction Detective Anthology)
Box 2 Tables of Contents 1942-1943, 1945-1946, 1948
All Fiction Stories Annual
Box 2 Tables of Contents 1944-1946
American Modeler (New York, N.Y.)
See Bill Barnes Air Adventurer.
Analog Science Fact & Fiction
See Astounding Tales of Super-science.
Analog Science Fact & Science Fiction
See Astounding Tales of Super-science.
Analog Science Fact/Science Fiction
See Astounding Tales of Super-science.
Analog Science Fiction Science Fact
See Astounding Tales of Super-science.
Army & Navy Comics (combines records for Supersnipe Comics)
Box 2 Art vouchers Nov. 1941-Dec. 1947 (2 folders)
Box 2 Manuscripts vouchers Nov. 1943-Apr. 1949
Astounding Science Fact & Fiction
See Astounding Tales of Super-science.
Astounding Science Fiction
See Astounding Tales of Super-science.
Astounding Stories
See Astounding Tales of Super-science.
Astounding Tales of Super-science (combines records for Astounding Stories; Astounding Science Fiction; Astounding Science Fact & Fiction; Analog Science Fact & Fiction; Analog Science Fact & Science Fiction; Analog Science Fact/Science Fiction; Analog Science Fiction Science Fact)
Box 2 Manuscripts purchase cards Aug. 1933-Sept. 1938 (3 folders)
Box 2 Art vouchers Mar. 1953-Dec. 1960 (2 folders)
Manuscripts vouchers
Box 2 1938-1957 (10 folders)
Box 3 1958-1961 (2 folders)
Box 3 Inventories and memoranda of charged off and transferred manuscripts 1943-1946
Box 3 "Astral Artillery" / Eric Frank Russell
Box 3 "The Delayed Action Bomb in Taurus" / Robert S. Richardson
Box 3 "Flash Prepare for New Poison on Jupiter" / R.S. Richardson
Box 3 "From Mustard Grass to Glamor" / R.S. Richardson (with ill.)
Box 3 "Mars Over Europe" / R.S. Richardson
Box 3 "Prehistoric Trolley System" / Eric Frank Russell
Box 3 "Radar Man's Synthetic Sixth Sense" / John W. Campbell (with voucher)
Box 3 Book reviews, alphabetical by title
O As in Omen / Lawrence Treat (reviewed by Wm. A.P. White)
The Pocket Book of Science-Fiction / edited by Donald A. Wollheim (reviewed by E.R. Morton a.k.a. Fred Nash?)
There Is a River / Thomas Sugrue (reviewed by Wm. A.P. White)
Box 3 Miscellaneous notes re Malcolm Jameson, copyright registration
Box 3 Tables of Contents Jan.-Mar. 1954; Dec. 1962-Oct. 1965
Athlete (New York, N.Y.)
Box 3 Manuscripts vouchers 1939-1940
Manuscripts with vouchers
Box 3 Manuscripts inventory, and memorandum 1944
Box 3 "Enter Frank Merriwell" / Gilbert Patten
Box 3 "Football Is More Than Gate Receipts" / Edward P. (Slip) Madigan
Box 3 "Horse Higham, Holdout" / Bill Brandt
Box 3 "Play Ball, Merriwell!" / Gilbert Patten
Box 3 Tables of Contents Aug. 1939-Apr. 1940
The Avenger (New York, N.Y. 1939)
Box 3 Manuscripts vouchers Dec. 1938-Mar. 1942
Box 3 Tables of Contents Sept. 1939-Sept. 1942
Baseball Pictorial Yearbook
See Street & Smith's Baseball Year Book.
Baseball Year Book
See Street & Smith's Baseball Year Book.
Bill Barnes Air Adventurer (combines records for Bill Barnes Air Trails; Air Trails (New York, N.Y. 1937); Air Trails Pictorial (New York, N.Y. 1942); Air Trails and Science Frontiers; Air Trails Pictorial (New York, N.Y. 1947); Air Trails (New York, N.Y. 1950); Air Trails Hobbies for Young Men; Young Men (New York, N.Y. 1955); American Modeler (New York, N.Y.)
Box 3 Manuscripts purchase cards Oct. 1933-Oct. 1938
Manuscripts and art vouchers
Box 3 Jan. 1938-Dec. 1957 (10 folders)
Box 4 Jan. 1958-Jan. 1962 (9 folders)
Manuscripts and art charged off and misc. manuscripts
Box 4 Inventories of manuscripts, including charge offs, and memoranda 1932, 1942-1948, undated
Box 4 "A.M.A. License Numbers" (drawing only)
Box 4 "A[ir] T[rail]'s Diesel" / Walter L. Schroder (with photographs)
Box 4 "Ace Ainsworth and the Aztec Trove" / J. Allan Dunn
Box 4 "The Ace Tamer" / William J. O'Sullivan
Box 4 "Ace Trouble" (alternate title: "The Hero") / John DuBarry (with voucher)
Box 4 "Adults Air Model Aviation" / A.L. Lewis (memorandum, photographs)
Box 4 "Aeroplane of the Future Will Nature Point the Way?" / Frank. W. Lane (with letter, memorandum)
Box 4 The Air Trails Light Plane Club Formation Plan / Arch Whitehouse (with payment annotations on cover)
Box 4 "American Air Power" / Eugene E. Wilson (with memorandum)
Box 4 "Artic [sic] Flying" / Bernt Balchen (with voucher)
Box 4 "Aviation Is Funny" / Douglas J. Ingells (with voucher)
Box 4 "Bar Sinister" / Ross Annett
Box 4 "Bill Piper" / George R. Reiss (with photographs, voucher)
Box 4 "Birth of the Convoy-Fighter" (alternate title: "Enter the Heavyweight Fighter") / Daniel Ryerson (title from voucher)
Box 4 "Booster Battery Carrier" / Cyril S. Williams (with voucher)
Box 4 "Building and Flying 'Airtrails Baby Zephyr'" (with ill., photographs)
Box 4 Buzz Bomb 146-1 (from envelope) - Kodachrome
Box 4 "Canada Trains an Empire" / Cyril S. Williams (with voucher)
Box 4 Cessna 547-14 (from envelope) - Kodachrome
Box 4 "Compression Ignition Engines" / H.C. Colburn
Oversize 1 Contestor engine (drawing by Lee Scott)
Box 4 "Dawn Patrol" / George R. Reiss (with photographs, voucher)
Box 4 "Designing Your Gas Model Propellers" / Avrum Zier (with letter, memorandum, layout, voucher)
Box 4 "Dragonfly Motor Glider" 147-13 (no author) (with Kodachrome, photographs)
Box 4 "Experimental Gas Model" / Bob Knutson (ms. letter, with photographs, voucher)
Box 4 "Famous Aces the Story Behind the Cover" / S.G. Pond"
Box 4 "Fifty Per Cent More Power" / George J. Mead (with voucher)
Box 4 "First Solo" / Cliff Bantel (with voucher)
Box 4 "The First Trans-Atlantic Flight" / S.G. Pond
Box 4 "First Wings for Americans" / Jasper B. Sinclair
Box 4 "Float 'Em" / Walter Fromm (with ill.)
Box 4 "Forty Steps to the Moon" / Robert S. Richardson (with voucher)
Box 4 "From a Controliner's Notebook" / Claude McCullough
Box 4 "Germany Below!" / Karl Keyerleber (with galleys, layout)
Box 4 "G-I-T" / Leon Shulman (from voucher, pseudonym Herr Foil) (with ill.)
Box 4 "Global Guideposts" / Clinton B. DeSoto (with note)
Box 4 "G-O-W" / Leon Shulman (from voucher, pseudonym Herr Foil) (with ill.)
Box 4 "Great Circle Airport" (no author) (with galleys, layout, letter, memorandum)
Box 4 "Guest Editorial" (alternate title: "No Part Too Small") / James H. Doolittle (with voucher)
Box 4 "Herman" / George R. Reiss (with photographs, voucher)
Box 4 "Ideas for Radio Control Control Drives" / Clinton B. DeSoto (with voucher)
Box 4 "The King of Air Duelists" / S.G. Pond
Box 4 Kodachrome of Model Setting Model Plane in Water 947-22 (from envelope)
Box 4 "Landing Strips" / George R. Reiss (title from voucher, with photographs)
Box 4 "Let's Make Flying Easier" Arthur Seger Peirce (with letter)
Box 4 "Lightplane's Future" / E. Maoriello (from voucher)
Box 4 "Mike Murphy" / Burton Kemp (with letter, photograph, voucher)
Box 4 "More Types Needed in the Light Plane" (alternate title: "Let's Be Different!") / Arch Whitehouse (with voucher)
Box 4 "Mosquito Pilot" / William Herbert Randall see "Proving Interlude" (re-write)
Box 4 "N.A.A. Paves the Way for Those 50,000 Planes" / Douglas Jones Bintliff (with voucher)
Box 4 "Oh Say Can You Time?" / Carroll Moon?
Box 4 "Out of His Element an 'Ace' Ainsworth Story" / J. Allan Dunn
Box 4 "Pan American Airways Flying Laboratory to Test U.S.-Alaska Air Route" / Harry Thorell (with photograph, voucher)
Box 4 "The Parachute Goes to War" / James L.H. Peck (with letter, notes, photographs, printed material)
Box 4 "Pilots in Hobby-land" / Tracy Richardson (with voucher)
Box 4 "Pin-Head" / Leon Shulman (pseudonym Herr Foil) (with ill.)
Box 4 "Pool for Pilots" / Alma Heflin (with voucher)
Box 4 "Private Flying Future" / Sally E. Knapp (with note, photographs)
Box 4 "Proving Interlude" / William Herbert Randall (with voucher and ms. for "Mosquito Pilot")
Box 4 "Rat With Wings" / John DuBarry (with voucher)
Box 4 "A Rotor-Ship for John Jones" / William Herbert Randall (with voucher)
Box 4 "Spin It" / Ed. Yulke (with note, photographs)
Box 4 "Stephen's Susies" / Katherine Goldsmith (with photographs)
Box 4 Stinson Plane Near House 647-4 (from envelope) - Kodachrome
Box 4 "The Stratosphere Comes Down to Earth" / J.F.W. Towse (with voucher)
Box 4 "Tactics Tell the Tale" / James L.H. Peck (with original and revised ms. and voucher)
Box 5 "Test Pilot" / S.G. Pond
Box Box 5 5 "These Flying Dutchmen" / Cornelius Vanderbreggen (with voucher)
Box 5 "Thrills Behind Your Screen Stunts" / Edward Churchill (with voucher)
Box 5 "Tips on Tethering" / Frank Greene (with letter)
Box 5 "Tools of the Trade" / Carroll Moon
Box 5 "Training the Army Eagle" / Peter M. Bowers
Box 5 "Trends Fifteenth Section" / S.R. Winters (2 folders)
Box 5 "True or False?" / Gordon S. Light (with clippings, ill., letter, note)
Box 5 "Twenty-five Years This Month October 1921" / David C. Cooke (with voucher)
Box 5 "Twenty-five Years This Month November 1921" / David C. Cooke (with voucher)
Box 5 Waco Aristcraft 447-12 (from envelope) - Kodachrome
Box 5 "Where Are Our Heros [sic]?" ("Where Are the Heros [sic]?" from voucher) / Charles Wayne Kerwood (2 versions of ms. with clipping, voucher)
Box 5 "Why the Farmers Fly" / H.A. Thomas (with letter, photographs, press release)
Box 5 "Winged Fate" / Frederick C. Painton
Box 5 "Wings" / Ed. Yulke (with memorandum, photographs)
Box 5 "Wings and Bodies While You Wait" / Edwin Laird Cady (with clippings, note, voucher)
Box 5 Untitled (re Army Airways Communications System) (with photographs)
Box 5 Book reviews by David C. Cooke (with galleys)
They Fly for Victory / Keith Ayling
Tomorrow We Fly / William B. Stout and Franklin M. Reck
Box 5 Tables of Contents Feb. 1934-Dec. 1962 (8 folders)
Bill Barnes Air Trails
See Bill Barnes Air Adventurer.
Bill Barnes America's Air Ace Comics
See Bill Barnes Comics.
Bill Barnes Comics (combines records for Bill Barnes America's Air Ace Comics; Air Ace)
Box 5 Manuscripts and art vouchers (with notes) Apr. 1943-May 1947
Manuscripts (with vouchers)
Box 5 Inventories of manuscripts and art charged off and voucher lists Dec. 31, 1946
Box 5 "Admiral Pedro Fernandez de Quiros and the 'Great Southland'" / Willey Ley
Box 5 "The Big Eye" / Alfred M. Klein (with photograph)
Box 5 "Black Light" / A.M. Klein (2 sets of galleys and photographs, no ms.)
Box 5 "Diego C~ao and the Search for the 'Gold River'" / Willey Ley
Box 5 "Flight in the Insect World" / A.M. Klein
Box 5 "Flying Wing" / A.M. Klein (photographs, layout, no ms.)
Box 5 "Glass Clothes" / A.M. Klein (galleys, photograph, no ms.)
Box 5 "High Altitude Future" / Willey Ley see also "Weather Old and New"
Box 5 "Into the Wild Blue Yonder . . .!" / Charles Wessell (with photographs, layout; title from voucher "Captain Bob Crawford")
Box 5 "Not Everyone Can Belong" / A.M. Klein
Box 5 "Old Sol, Nature's Own Powerhouse" / A.M. Klein (with galleys, photographs, layout)
Box 5 "Paddle Men and Airedales" / A.M. Klein (with clipping)
Box 5 "Parcel Post by Parachute" / A.M. Klein (with clipping, galleys, photographs, layout)
Box 5 "The Piccards Are Going to Do It Again" / A.M. Klein (with Piccard letter, clipping, additional carbon)
Box 6 "Queen of the Air" / A.M. Klein (with galleys, photographs)
Box 6 "Rainbow Clippers" / A.M. Klein (with galleys, photographs, layout)
Box 6 "The Robots Aren't Coming" / A. McCann
Box 6 "Science in Your Future--Sarnoff" / A.M. Klein (with letter and photographs)
Box 6 "Secret Service Agent" (no author, no voucher)
Box 6 "Space Station" / A. McCann (from voucher; ms. bears author notation John W. Campbell, Jr., also clipping)
Box 6 "Tinker Shop" manuscripts
"How Modifiers Work" / A. McCann
Untitled "Payne" ms.?
"Copper the First Metal Man Used" / A. McCann
Box 6 "Vannevar Bush and the Think Machine" / A.M. Klein (with Atlantic Monthly article, letter, photographs)
Box 6 "Weather Old and New" / A.M. Klein see also "High Altitude Future"
Box 6 "What to Wear in the Air" / A.M. Klein (with photographs)
Box 6 "Who Owns the Moon? / A.M.K.[lein]
Box 6 Miscellaneous photographs
Buffalo Bill Picture Stories (Comics)
Box 6 Manuscripts vouchers Jan.-Apr. 1949
Cash Gorman (the Wizard)
See The Wizard.
See Picture-Play Weekly.
Clues (New York, N.Y.) (combines records for Clues Detective Stories; Street & Smith's Clues Detective Stories)
Box 6 Manuscripts purchase cards Aug. 1933-Oct. 1938
Box 6 Manuscripts vouchers Mar. 1938-Jan. 1943
Box 6 Inventories of manuscripts, charge-offs, and memoranda Apr. 1938, Dec. 1944, 1943-1945
Box 6 "Asylum of Terror" / Norman A. Daniels (a.k.a. Danberg)
Box 6 "Death Moves In" / Robert C. Blackmon
Box 6 "The Great Garendo" / Jimmy Challon
Box 6 "How to Be a Detective" / Leslie T. White (Inspector LeBlanc) (2 versions)
Box 6 "The Invisible Assassin" (alternate title: "The Phantom Slayer") / Robert W. Sneddon
Box 6 "Monte Cristo in Real Life" (no author)
Box 6 "Protection" / Victor Maxwell
Box 6 "The Ritual of Blood" (no author)
Box 6 "Shirts" / Frank Underhill (at head of title "Tales of the Jailhouse")
Box 6 "World-Famous Police Mysteries the Kidnapping of Charley Ross" / H.M. Egbert
Box 6 Illustrations (5)
Box 6 Tables of Contents Oct. 1933-May 1943 (2 folders)
Clues Detective Storie
See Clues (New York, N.Y.).
College Stories
See Sea Stories Magazine.
Complete Stories (New York, N.Y. 1926)
See Complete Story Magazine.
Complete Stories (New York, N.Y. 1936)
See Complete Story Magazine.
Complete Story Magazine (combines records for Complete Stories (New York, N.Y. 1926); Street & Smith's Complete Stories (New York, N.Y. 1931); The Popular Complete Stories; Street & Smith's Complete Stories (New York, N.Y. 1932); Street & Smith's Complete Magazine; Complete Stories (New York, N.Y. 1936)
Box 6 Manuscripts purchase cards Jan. 1926-July 1937 (10 folders)
Box 6 Inventories, memorandum
Box 6 "Island Grave" / William Chamberlain (with R. Oliphant reader report, synopsis)
Box 6 Tables of Contents Sept. 1924-Oct. 1937 (8 folders)
No files for 1927-1929 CAD 5/31/02
Crime Busters (combines records for Street & Smith's Mystery Magazine; Mystery Magazine; Mystery Story Magazine)
Box 7 Manuscripts purchase cards Sept. 1937-Nov. 1938
Box 7 Manuscripts vouchers Mar. 1938-Jan. 1943, undated (2 folders)
Box 7 Tables of Contents Nov. 1937-May 1943
Detective Story Anuual
See Street & Smith's Detective Story Annual.
Detective Story Magazine (combines records for Street & Smith's Detective Story Magazine)
Box 7 Manuscripts purchase cards Jan. 1926-Sept. 1938 (10 folders)
Box 7 Manuscripts vouchers Jan. 1938-Apr. 1949 (7 folders)
Box 8 "Stories taken from other Street & Smith publications and used in Detective Story Magazine" (2 copies)
Box 8 Inventories of manuscripts, including charge-offs and memoranda 1933-1947, undated
Box 8 "Ambulance to Brooklyn" / Grant Lane
Box 8 "Black Opals" / Franklin Gregory
Box 8 "Blind Allegiance" / Gardner Hunting (with note)
Box 8 "Bogey Man" (no author)
Box 8 "The Burnt Chronometer" / Harrison Jewell Holt
Box 8 "Chaotic Clews" / [E.]L.K. Gilmore (from 1938 inventory)
Box 8 "Checker Brain Tickler" / Millard Hopper (2 puzzles with vouchers)
Box 8 "Children of Pele" / William Campbell Gault
Box 8 "The Chrysanthemum" / Aleen Leslie
Box 8 "The Circus Slaying" / Edward William Murphy
Box 8 "Cry Your Eyes Out" / Richard Lane Bernstein and Alan Roberts Goodrich
Box 8 "Death Claims 6" (alternate title: DC-6) / Norman Anthony
Box 8 "Don't Tell Me Anything" / Edward Ronns (a.k.a. Edward S. Aarons)
Box 8 "Farewell, Stranger" / John Cleaveland
Box 8 "A Few Pointers on Murder" / Mack Reynolds
Box 8 "Fingerprints and the Law" / Benjamin Call
Box 8 "The Fire of God" / Ruth Wilson
Box 8 "Five Must Die" / William G. Bogart
Box 8 "A Five-spot Cipher" / Geo. C. Jenks
Box 8 "Fool's Paradise" / Inez Sabastian (a.k.a. Inez Gerhard)
Box 8 "Furnished Room, With Corpse" / William Tenn
Box 8 "Geraldine Knew a Word" / Charles H. Frederick (no ms., R. Oliphant reader report and suggested revisions)
Box 8 "The Heel" / Edward Ronns
Box 8 "Hope Chest for Grandma" / Leonard B. Rosborough
Box 8 "The Human Element" / Eugene A. Clancy (with note)
Box 8 "The Ideals of a Famous Detective" / Louise Rice
Box 8 "If the Shoe Fits" / Martha S. Drake
Box 8 "A Job for the Embalmers!" / Edward William Murphy
Box 8 "The Kitten in the Shroud" / D.B. Olsen
Box 8 "The Man in Gray" / C.S. Montanye
Box 8 "A Masterpiece Mystery" / Geo. C. Jenks
Box 8 "Michael Explains" / Polly Simpson MacManus
Box 8 "Murder Becomes You" / Joseph Commings
Box 8 "Murder in High Heels" / Neil Miller (no ms., galleys, ill.)
Box 8 "Murder in Wax" / Dean Owen
Box 8 "Murder on the Highway" / George Cory Franklin
Box 8 "Nick Carter at Sword's Points" / Geo. C. Jenks
Box 8 "Nick Carter's Night Club Trail" / Geo. C. Jenks
Box 8 "Nick Carter's Study in Crime Adventure" / Geo. C. Jenks
Box 8 "No Rest for the Dead" / Martin Gately
Box 8 "Once to Every Woman" / Dorothy Stockbridge (with additional carbon copy of ms., letter, R. Oliphant reader report)
Box 8 "Optical Illusion" / Mack Reynolds
Box 8 "Perfectly Simple" / Victor Maxwell
Box 8 "Roger Kent Kidnapped" / Kenneth C. Vance
Box 8 "The Silver Princess" / Marguerite Aspinwall (with R. Oliphant reader report)
Box 8 "The Silver Stiletto" / Geo. C. Jenks
Box 8 "Suicide Squad" / G.T. Fleming-Roberts
Box 8 "Superintendent Crowley of the Boston Police" / Thomas S. Phelan
Box 8 "Telephone Trouble" / Elliot Balestier (no ms., galleys, R. Oliphant reader report)
Box 8 "The Three Graces" / Martha McCullough Williams (from accompanying R. Oliphant reader report)
Box 8 "3 Redheads Sing Death" / Samm S. Baker
Box 8 "Torn Curtain" / Ronald Oliphant
Box 8 "The Trail of a Face" / Oviatt McConnell
Box 8 "The Trap" (alternate title: "The Sleeping Trap") / Charles Yerkow
Box 8 "Under the Lamp" (3 ciphers) / Henry A. Keller
Box 8 "U.S. Immigration Inspectors ('Detectives')" / Cyrus Chapin
Box 8 "What Handwriting Reveals" (6 parts) / Louise Rice
Box 8 "What Handwriting Reveals" (3 parts) / Shirley Spencer
Box 8 "White Peacocks" / Winston Bouve (with galleys, notes (2), R. Oliphant reader report)
Box 8 "Without Mirrors" / Frank E. Carson
Box 8 Production records (partial) Mar.-May 1941 (3 folders)
Tables of Contents
Box 8 1930
Box 9 1931-Summer 1949 (7 folders)
Doc Savage
See Doc Savage Magazine.
Doc Savage Comics
Box 9 Manuscripts voucher for "The Crystal Monsters" 1947
Box 9 Inventory of manuscripts charged off Dec. 1944
Box 9 "Doc Savage Rents a Gun!" (photostat)
Box 9 "Man of Bronze" (no author)
Doc Savage Magazine (combines records for Street & Smith's Doc Savage; Doc Savage)
Box 9 Manuscripts purchase cards Feb. 1933-Nov. 1938
Box 9 Manuscripts vouchers Jan. 1938-Mar. 1949 (2 folders)
Box 9 Inventories of manuscripts charged off and memoranda 1944-1945
Box 9 "All in One World" / Helmar Burk
Box 9 "The Black Spot" / Kenneth Robeson (copy of ms.)
Tables of Contents
Box 9 Mar. 1933-Dec. 1944 (4 folders)
Box 10 Jan. 1945-Summer 1949
See Sea Stories Magazine.
FBI Comics
Box 10 Manuscripts and art vouchers 1947
Fame and Fortune Magazine
See Fame and Fortune Weekly.
Fame and Fortune Weekly (combines records for Fame and Fortune Magazine; Fortune Story Magazine)
Box 10 Inventory of manuscripts, undated, and memorandum 1966
Box 10 "The $500,000 Bond Theft" / W.E. Carleton
Box 10 "Gas Costs Money" / Richard Parmenter
Box 10 "High Salesmanship" / Robert V. Kramer
Box 10 "Panhandle Gas at Crosby's" / W.E. Carleton
Box 10 "The Soda Jerker" / W.E. Carleton
Box 10 "$12,000--Cash" (alternate title: "Cornering the Grocery Market") / Richard P. Knight
Far West Illustrated
See True Western Stories.
Far West Illustrated Magazine
See True Western Stories.
Far West Stories
See True Western Stories.
Football Pictorial Yearbook
See Street & Smith's Football Year Book.
Football Year Book
See Street & Smith's Football Year Book.
Fortune Story Magazine
See Fame and Fortune Weekly.
Freedom Train
Box 10 Manuscripts and art vouchers 1947
From Unknown Worlds
Box 10 Table of Contents 1948
Ghost Breakers
Box 10 Manuscripts vouchers Feb.-Aug. 1948
Girl Stories
See Live Girl Stories.
Live Girl Stories (combines records for Modern Girl Stories; Girl Stories; True Love Stories; Real Love Magazine; Street & Smith's Real Love Magazine)
Box 10 Inventories of manuscripts 1931, undated
Box 10 "An (Accidental) Lover to His (Incidental) Lady" / H.C. Norris
Box 10 "Because" / Bert Cooksley
Box 10 "Behind the Mask" / Paul Hervey Fox (with two letters, R. Oliphant's reader report and synopsis of plot, and two additional carbon copies of ms.) (2 folders)
Box 10 "A Broken Engagement" / Rose Henderson
Box 10 "Effects" / Edgar Daniel Kramer
Box 10 "Explanation" / Cristel Hastings
Box 10 "Flight" / Walter Marquiss
Box 10 "January Lady" / Annette Patton Cornell
Box 10 "Knights in Armour" / Beatrice Redpath
Box 10 "A Matter of Affection" / Paul Whitney
Box 10 "Melange" / Beatrice Redpath
Box 10 "Old Stuff" / Edith Tatum (with letter)
Box 10 "This Younger Generation" / Jack Bechdolt
Box 10 "To a Young Girl on Her Birthday" / Robert Withington
Box 10 "A Very Timid Young Man" / Helen E. Brehm
Living for Young Homemakers
See Mademoiselle's Living.
Living's Guide to Home Planning see
See Living's New Guide to Home Planning/Remodeling.
Living's New Guide to Home Planning/Remodeling (combines records for Living's Guide to Home Planning)
Box 10 Tables of Contents (with memoranda) 1958-Fall 1960
Love Story Magazine (combines records for Street & Smith's Love Story Magazine)
Box 10 Manuscripts purchase cards Jan. 1926-May 1938 (13 folders)
Manuscripts vouchers
Box 11 Jan. 1938-Mar. 1942 (16 folders)
Box 12 Apr. 1942-Oct. 1946 (8 folders)
Manuscripts with invoices
Box 12 Manuscripts inventories, including charge-offs and memoranda 1930-1947, undated
Box 12 "The Beautiful Hoax" / Annette Brunner
Box 12 "Belle of the Blue Grass" / Dick Moreland
Box 12 "Completely Whacky" / Adele Hall
Box 12 "Cousin Lydia" / Elizabeth J. Derringer
Box 12 "Day-Spring" / Nina Purdy
Box 12 "A Doctor in the House" / Foley Martin
Box 12 "The Girl Who Stayed With Us" / Donald Gilbert
Box 12 "The Home Town Touch" / T.T. Flynn
Box 12 "How Do You Doodle?" (in 5 parts) / Carlotta Cooper (no invoice)
Box 12 "It's a Conspiracy!" (alternate title: "Penny Picks a Papa") / Roger Moore
Box 12 "A Job for Peter" / Mary VanFossen Schwab
Box 12 "The Lighted Tree" / Nina Purdy
Box 12 "Night Into Day Swinging With the Swing Shift" / Alice Colton
Box 12 "No Future In It" / Foley Martin
Box 12 "Not Chivalry Alone" (in 4 parts) / Vivian Grey
Box 12 "Number, Please!" / I.O. Eastwick
Box 12 "The Parachute Wedding Gown" / Ruth L. Frankel
Box 12 "Playing for Keeps" / Helen Klarman
Box 12 "The Rings That Lied" / Charles H. Washburn
Box 12 "She Aimed to Displease" / Stefan Kryvicky
Box 12 "So Nice to Know" / Edna Loree Lee
Box 12 "Spinster Released" / Bab Lincoln
Box 12 "Transatlantic Wife" / Pauline Crawford
Box 12 "Woman at Work" / Paul Kamey
Box 12 "Wonderland for Two" / Julia Anne Rogers
Box 12 "The Young Heart [is Wise]" / Aline Ballard
Box 12 Engraving plates (5) and proofs (3 folders)
Box 12 Transparencies (6)
Tables of Contents
Box 12 Jan. 1930-Dec. 1933 (4 folders)
Box 13 Jan. 1934-Dec. 1947 (12 folders)
Box 13 Manuscripts purchase book July 1935-Aug. 1937
Box 13 Manuscripts purchase cards Sept. 1934-Jan. 1935
Manuscripts vouchers
Box 13A Jan. 1938-Jun. 1947 (12 folders)
Box 14 Jul. 1947-Dec. 1950 (7 folders)
Box 15 Jan. 1951-Dec. 1955 (5 folders)
Box 16 Jan. 1956-Jul. 1961 (6 folders)
Box 16 Inventories of manuscripts, editorial costs, including charge offs and memoranda 1936-1948
Artwork charged off, 1944, 1947-1948
Box 16 Inventories and memorandum of art charged off
Box 16 Contact sheet for photographs of Odette Sabetsky #13452 (with note)
Box 16 Drawings (5) for "decorating casual" by Pati Hill Long (?) #16929
Box 16 Kodachrome of pink dressing table
Box 16 Photograph for Design for Living of Pat Smart's bedroom with valentine collection (with note)
Box 16 Photographs of Elizabeth Ames by Bunny Adler #15150 (with note) see Oversize Package #1
Box 16 Photographs (2) of Latin American drawings (with note)
Box 16 Photographs of Skipper Ross (2) #14682 (with note)
Box 16 "All Is Not Glamour That Glitters" / Anonymous [Kathryn I. Rickman] - copyedited version of original ms. and 3 re-typed copies of original ms. incorporating some revision
Box 16 "As You Were'nt" [sic] / Ruth Chandler Moore - original ms. with light revisions and 3 re-typed copies of original ms. incorporating some revision
Box 16 "Battle of the Campuses" / Gloria and Lucia Snyder
Box 16 "The Bicycle Girl" / Rion Bercovici
Box 16 "Bonnets? God Bless 'Em!" / Dorothy Conn [Dorothy P. Conroy] - copyedited original ms. and 2nd and 3rd slightly altered copies of original ms.
Box 16 Bowling feature / Mignon Bushell McLaughlin - idea in letter form with 2 copies of re-typed ms.
Box 16 "Boy Wanted" / Kay Hosking - copyedited original ms. with 3 copies of revision, galleys
Box 16 "Brazilian 'Betty Co-eds'" (alternate title: "Brazilian Co-eds") / Helen Randolph and Augusto Rodrigues - original ms., lightly revised, and 3 copies of revised ms., with notes, photographs
Box 16 "California's Women Soldiers" / Howard E. Jackson - with photographs
Box 16 "Career Girls in Uruguay" / Bianca Marvin
Box 16 "A Career or Marriage? What's Your Score" / Lois Klemm
Box 16 "Come, Josephine, in My Flying Machine" / Oden and Olivia Meeker
Box 16 "Consider the Startled Faun" / Ray Buffum - original ms., annotated with editorial comments and 3 re-typed copies of ms. incorporating some revision, with notes
Box 16 "Copy on Helen Dettweiler" / Jane Haggard - with memorandum, note
Box 16 Data (biographical) on Bonnie Farber / Gretchen Van Tassel - with notecard, photographs
Box 16 "Dawn Drama" / Evelyn Hart - original ms., revised, and a second copy of ms. incorporating some revisions, with cross reference sheet, layouts for an unrelated ms.
Box 16 "Dear Diary" / Katharine Beale - original ms. and 3 re-typed copies of ms., with note
Box 16 "Digest of Idea for Photographic Spread" / submitted by Roberta Richardson
Box 16 "Do Emotional Enemies Wreck Your Days?" / Louise May Snyder
Box 16 "Do You Love Me or Don't You?" / Hildegarde Dolson
Box 16 "Don't Marry a Cowboy" / Betty Preat Iselin - original ms. with 3 re-typed copies
Box 16 "Feet of Clay Department" / Geraldine Sartain - with note
Box 16 "Fiesta on a Shoestring" / Doris Heydn - copyedited original ms., and 4 copies of revised ms.
Box 16 "Foreign Language Jobs for Women" / Victor W. Burke[?]
Box 16 "Free Woman" / Frances Minturn Howard
Box 16 "Freshman Dean" / Paul Jones
Box 16 "From Us to Him" / Robert Fontaine
Box 16 "Fun in Finance" / Pearl Anoe - original ms. and 2 re-typed copies, with correspondence, notes
Box 16 "Good Neighbor" / Ann Holmes
Box 17 "Good Neighbor Fiesta" [title from inventory #3 and old folder heading] / Doris Heydn [Doris Waller]
Box 17 "Grandma Never Called It That" (alternate title: "Inside Information or I'm So Gland to See You") / Louise Brandon - original copyedited ms. with editorial comments, and 3 re-typed copies of ms. incorporating some revisions
Box 17 "Graphology Career Detector" / Lucy Stanton - with 2 re-typed copies of ms.
Box 17 "Gun Girls on the Job" (no author)
Box 17 "Gus and Edith Erker - Ladue Bar Catering Service" / (no author)
Box 17 "Hell Bent for Nowhere, or Mrs. Crosby Resents" / Kate Sproehnle - with letter
Box 17 "How a Woman Can Swing Two Jobs" / Mary G. Phillips - with 5 re-typed copies of ms., memoranda, notes
Box 17 "How Articles Get That Way" / Elinore Denniston - with note
Box 17 "How to Travel with a Husband" / Elizabeth Stafford - with 3 re-typed copies of ms., letter, Skyway luggage catalog
Box 17 "I Am a Brazilian" / Teddy Hecht [Edwina Baboza-Carneiro?] - original ms. and copy, June 1942 revision, and 3 re-typed copies of revised ms.
Box 17 "I Am a WAAC" / Mera Galloway - with memorandum
Box 17 "I Want a Doll for Christmas" / Peter Lind Hayes - with memorandum, voucher
Box 17 "I Was a Dress" / Peggy Sykes - with note
Box 17 "I'm Allergic to Health" / Henrietta Fort Holland - copyedited ms., with 2 sets of galleys
Box 17 "In Defense of Vanity" / Carola de Peyster Kip
Box 17 "Intercollegiate Broadcasting" / Andre Emmerich - correspondence, memoranda, notes, issue of IBS Bulletin for Summer 1946, no ms.
Box 17 "Is It Glasses vs. Glamour?" / Peggy Gillan - original copyedited ms. and 2 re-typed copies of revision, with note
Box 17 "Jim and Elaine Cannon" / (no author)
Box 17 "Job News" [title from inventory of manuscripts charged off, Dec. 31, 1946] / (no author)
Box 17 "Juvenile Writing as a Career" / Marian King - original copyedited ms. and re-typed copy of ms.
Box 17 "The Kidnapping of Anne Vanderham" / Ellis Parker Butler
Box 17 "Let's Pretend" / George R. Pilgrim
Box 17 "Look Before You Teach" / Cathleen Burns - with note
Box 17 "The Lure of the Wilderness" / Theodora Stanwell-Fletcher - with notes
Box 17 "Mademoiselle Matchmaker" / (no author) - layout materials, no ms.
Box 17 "March Wind" / Gladys Taber - copyedited ms.
Box 17 "Married Wave" / Alice Martens McHugh - with memoranda, photographs
Box 17 "The Masked Ladies of Lima" / Jorge Guardia-Berdecio and Peter Jefferson Packer - with 3 re-typed copies of ms., ill.
Box 17 "Material on Francis Mahier" / Harold Rubin - 2 copies of ms., with photographs
Box 17 "A Matter of Poise" / Cornelia Otis Skinner
Box 17 "Memorandum re [Red Cross] Humor Spread" Nov. 17, 1941
Box 17 "Music for Madame" - publicity, photographs, no ms.
Box 17 "My Old Man" / Faith Flagg - with note
Box 17 "The National Police Gazette's Editor" / Prudencio de Pereda - with additional re-typed copy of ms., note, photograph
Box 17 "[New Yorker]" (partial ms.) / Brokaw -
Box 17 "No More Opportunities!" / Lorena Ann Olmsted - with 2 re-typed copies of ms.)
Box 17 "Not-So-White Collars" / Margaret Petsch - with letter, and 2 re-typed copies of ms.
Box 17 "Palestine's Young Women" / Beatrice Oppenheim
Box 17 "Personal Book Shop" / Margaret Kane
Box 17 "Postscript for Beginner" (alternate title: "Your Bid for Success") / Esther Eberstaat Brooke - original copyedited ms. and 2 re-typed manuscripts incorporating some revisions, with 2 sets of galleys, note
Box 17 "Printing as a Career" / Leonora de Lima Andrews - with 2 re-typed copies of ms., with notes
Box 17 "Reno---With No Thought of Divorce" / William B. Powell - original copyedited ms. and 3 re-typed copies, with photographs and page of captions, and companion piece "Vacation in Nevada" / EEB
Box 17 Research material re maid situation / H.B. Harvey - with 3 re-typed copies of ms.
Box 17 "The Return of Grace" / Frederick Van Ryn - ith re-typed copy, letter
Box 17 "Road Closed" / Lyta Jorgensen - with 2 re-typed copies
Box 17 "[Robert] Taylor" / Geraldine Sartain - with notes
Box 17 "The Sandals That Made Mexico Famous" / Betty-Lee Beatty - original copyedited ms. and 5 copies of ms. incorporating some revision, with 2 sets of galleys, notes
Box 17 "Script-Tease-es" / Dorothy Sara [from old folder heading]
Box 17 "Service - Deluxe" / Mary Helen Hubbell - with 2 re-typed copies of ms., note
Box 17 "Shameful Avery" / Lionel Wiggam - with re-typed copy of ms.
Box 17 "Ski article (Travel)" [title from inventory of manuscripts charged off Dec. 31, 1948] / Pati Hill Meservey - with note
Box 17 "Skipper Ross" / Edwin M. Hunt - with publicity, notes
Box 17 "Son and Heir" / Merriam Modell - with re-typed copy of ms., galleys, note
Box 17 "State Rights" / Mary Parker - with note
Box 17 "Tailor's Dummy" / Dorothy Ducas - with note, photographs
Box 17 "Ten Little Onguks" / Julia Brainard Carson
Box 17 "They Also Serve" / Margaret Jameson - with 2 re-typed copies of ms.
Box 17 "Those Ozarks in Arkansas" / Martha Barry - original copyedited ms. and 3 re-typed copies of ms., one with layout, source material, cross reference sheet
Box 17 "Turtle at the Seashore" / Louise Julia Johnsen - copyedited original ms. and re-typed copy of ms.
Box 17 "Twelve at Eight" / Audacia [Bess F. Armstrong?] - with 2 sets of galleys, note
Box 17 "Two Timing" / Esther W.S. Prosser - with 3 re-typed copies of ms.
Box 17 "Vice Versa" / Oden and Olivia Meeker
Box 17 "Visit to a Psychiatrist" [title from inventory of manuscripts charged off Dec. 31, 1947] / Nancy Battle Palmer
Box 17 "Want a Kitten?" / Elsie Sara Farr - copyedited original ms. and with 2 re-typed copies of ms., with photograph
Box 17 "Wayward Girl" / Dorothy Dayton
Box 17 "We the Good Neighbors" / Piedad Levi Castillo - original ms. in Spanish, with English translation
Box 17 "What a Soldier Thinks of the WAACS" / Anonymous
Box 17 "What Kind of a Boss Will You Be?" / Katherine Johnson
Box 17 "Whoa Up, Nellie!" / Mildred Gang Hackney - original ms. with editorial comments, and 3 re-typed copies of ms. incorporating some revision, with note
Box 17 "Why Get Married? And Why Not?" / Rosemary Sheehan and David Donovan - no ms., idea only
Box 17 "Why Some People Fail" / I. Luther Purdom
Box 17 "Why You Should Not Be a Writer" / Lila Hannah Thomson - with 3 re-typed copies
Box 17 "A Woman Comes Home" / Lee Harriman
Box 17 "Woman's Place" / Harry Salpeter - with galleys
Box 17 "Women Are O.K. But Not to Work For" / Lois Whitcomb - with 2 re-typed copies of ms.
Box 17 "Women Conservationists" / Edwin J. Becker
Box 17 "Yoicks for Dianas of the Chase" / Marta Mantey - original ms. with editorial comments, and 2 re-typed copies of ms. incorporating some revision, with note
Box 17 "Young America Designs" / Sibilla Skidelsky - with cross reference sheet, note
Box 17 "A Young Woman Who Makes Money from Spiders" / Edwin Baird - with 2 re-typed copies of ms.
Box 17 Untitled fiction fragment (p. 7-23)
Box 17 Photographs of paintings executed by different artists of women / Various photographers (5 items)
Box 17 Rights information Feb. 1961-July 1972
Tables of Contents
Box 17 Feb. 1935-Nov. 1939 (3 folders)
Box 17 Aug. 1950-Dec. 1953 (2 folders)
Box 18 Jan. 1954-Aug. 1972 (6 folders)
Mademoiselle's Living (combines records for Living for Young Homemakers)
Box 18 Inventories of art and manuscripts charged off 1948
Box 18 "California Beach House" / Fay Becket (with galleys, layout dummy, page proofs, photographs) (4 folders)
Box 18 Gifts photos (from inventory) voucher #13207 (with note)
Box 18 "The Huckleberry Hill Story" / Stanley Mills Haggart (with captions, ill., correspondence, invoice, layout dummy, notes, and additional manuscripts for "We Live on Huckleberry Hill" / Helen Leopold)
Box 18 King Weese still life photos (8, from inventory) voucher #13177
Box 18 Kitty Perkins photos (2) and contact sheet (from inventory) voucher #12430 (with note)
Box 18 Montalvo Art Foundation story / Rita Davidson (no ms., correspondence, memorandum)
Box 18 Panel House photos (5, from inventory) voucher #14658 (with note)
Box 18 Pick a Card (from inventory) voucher #14674 (captions, galleys, layout)
Box 18 Tables of Contents Autumn 1947-Nov. 1961 (5 folders)
Magnet Detective Library
See Nick Carter titles.
Magnet Library
See Nick Carter titles.
Modern Girl Stories
See Live Girl Stories.
Mystery Magazine
See Crime Busters.
Mystery Story Magazine
See Crime Busters.
National Magazine
See Street & Smith's National Magazine.
New Buffalo Bill Weekly (combines records for Western Story Magazine; Street & Smith's Western Story Magazine)
Manuscripts purchase cards
Box 18 Jan. 1926-Dec. 1935 (10 folders)
Box 19 Jan. 1936-Oct. 1938 (3 folders)
Manuscripts vouchers
Box 19 Jan. 1938-Dec. 1942 (11 folders)
Box 20 Jan. 1943-Mar. 1949 (8 folders)
Box 20 Inventories of art and manuscripts charged off and memoranda 1933-1946
Box 20 "Memorandum of Lifted Stories Used in Western Story Magazine"
Box 20 "Advice to Photographers" (in 2 parts) / Clyde C. Belknap
Box 20 "Cowboys---and Hearts" / Stephen A.D. Cox
Box 20 "The Curse of the Black Death" / Reginald C. Barker
Box 20 "The 11th (Eleventh) Hour" / W.S. [or A.?] Wolf (with note)
Box 20 "A Horse in the Family" / Lynne Raven
Box 20 "Margate" / Frederick Faust (from card index; a.k.a. Nicholas Silver, Max Brand)
Box 20 "Marshall's Death Brand" / Kent Bennett (a.k.a. W.E. Carleton, J.L. Considine?) (with 2 vouchers, partial page proof)
Box 20 "The Saddle Dude" (alternate titles "The Big Auger of Bar ?"; "The Mail Order Ranch King") / George Gilbert
Box 20 "Western Wild Flowers" (in 4 parts) / D.C. Hubbard
Box 20 "When the Cub Came to the Bear Cat" / James Edward Hungerford
Box 20 "The White Mouse" / George Owen Baxter (a.k.a. Max Brand)
Box 20 Ill. proofs (6) for art charged off, Dec. 31, 1946
Tables of Contents
Box 20 Jan. 1930-Dec. 1933 (4 folders)
Box 21 Jan. 1934-Aug/Sept. 1949 (12 folders)
New Magnet Library
See Nick Carter titles.
New Nick Carter Library
See Nick Carter titles.
New Nick Carter Weekly (New York, N.Y. 1897)
See Nick Carter titles.
New Nick Carter Weekly (New York, N.Y. 1903)
See Nick Carter titles.
Nick Carter Radio Series
See Nick Carter titles.
Nick Carter titles (combines records for New Nick Carter Library; New Nick Carter Weekly (New York, N.Y. 1897); Nick Carter Weekly; New Nick Carter Weekly (New York, N.Y. 1903); Magnet [Detective] Library; New Magnet Library; Nick Carter Radio Series)
Magnet [Detective] Library manuscripts
Box 21 "List of Nick Carter's [sic] in stock" undated
Box 21 List of Stories Published and to Be Published in Magnet Library
Box 21 Notes (miscellaneous)
New Magnet Library manuscripts ("revisions of Nick Carters by St. George Rathborne")
Box 21 Labels, notes
Box 21 928 "The Great Enigma"
Box 21 938 "Nick Carter and the Greengoods Men"
Box 21 940 "Tracked Across the Atlantic"
Box 21 944 "The Great Money-Order Swindle"
Box 21 946 "A Wall Street Haul"
Box 22 948 "Sealed Orders"
Box 22 952 "Fighting Against Millions"
Box 22 954 "The Old Detective's Pupil"
Box 22 956 "The Mysterious Mail Robbery"
Box 22 958 "A Fair Criminal"
Box 22 960 "The Piano Box Mystery"
Box 22 962 "A Millionaire Partner"
Box 22 966 "The Double Shuffle Club"
Box 22 970 "At Thompson's Ranch"
Box 22 974 "An Accidental Password"
Box 22 978 "A Clever Celestial"
Box 22 980 "Gideon Drexel's Millions"
Box 22 982 "A Stolen Identity"
Box 22 983 "Evidence by Telephone"
Box 22 986 "Lady Velvet"
Box 22 987 "Playing a Bold Game"
Box 22 988 "A Dead Man's Ghost"
Box 22 990 "A Deposit Vault Puzzle"
Box 22 991 "The Crescent Brotherhood"
Box 22 994 "Wanted by Two Clients"
Box 22 995 "The Van Alstine Case"
Box 22 996 "Check No. 777"
Box 22 999 "The Sign of the Crossed Knives"
Box 22 1004 "Caught in the Toils"
Box 22 1010 "The Gamblers' Syndicate"
Box 22 1011 "A Chance Discovery"
Box 22 1012 "Among the Counterfeiters"
Box 22 1014 "At Odds with Scotland Yard"
Box 22 1016 "Found on the Beach"
Box 22 1018 "The Detective's Pretty Neighbor"
Box 22 1038 "Man Against Man"
Box 22 1047 "The Man of Iron"
Box 22 1065 "The Price of a Secret"
Box 22 1074 "Behind a Mask"
Box 22 1078 "Run to Earth"
Box 22 Inventory of series #1187-1369 1926-1933
Nick Carter Radio Series
Box 22 Memoranda on scripts and notes 1945, 1964, undated
Box 22 Inventory/packing material notes for "Nick Carter Triplet" and Nick Carter Weekly #683-4-5"
"Nick Carter Triplet" ms.
Box 22 "A Strange Turning; or Nick Carter and the G.A.R. Badge" / W. Bert Foster (3 folders)
"Nick Carter Weekly #683-4-5" manuscripts
Box 22 "Playing a Shrewd Game; or Patsy and the French Detective" / W. Bert Foster
Box 22 "The Signet of the Dagger; or Nick Carter and Reynard in Partnership" / W. Bert Foster
Box 22 "Solving a Cable Puzzle (alternate titles "A Dash for the Coal"; "The Mystic Mark"); or Chick Carter and Reynard, the Mystery" / W. Bert Foster
Other manuscripts
Box 22 Packing labels and notes for "The Dog That Became an Elephant; or Nick Carter in Deepening Waters"
Box 22 "The Dog That Became an Elephant; or Nick Carter in Deepening Waters" (3 folders)
Box 22 "The Wild Women; or Nick Carter and the Manufactured Evidence" (3 folders)
Nick Carter-related
Box 22 Correspondence 1912, 1938
Nick Carter Weekly
See Nick Carter titles.
See People's Magazine.
People's Favorite Magazine
See People's Magazine.
People's Ideal Fiction Magazine
See People's Magazine.
People's Magazine (combines records for People's Ideal Fiction Magazine; People's; People's Favorite Magazine)
Box 22 Inventories of manuscripts
Box 22 "By the Breadth of a Hair" / Elizabeth Strong Worthington
Box 22 "The Climax" / Geoffrey Harris (a.k.a. Edwin Bliss?) (with note)
Box 22 "The End of the Search" / Ellis Paul (a.k.a. Edwin Bliss?) (with note)
Box 22 "The Treasuries of Kings" / R.H. Poole (with note)
Tables of Contents
Box 22 Jan. 1923-Aug. 1924
Pic (New York, N.Y.) (combines records for Pic Quarterly; Street & Smith's All Star Sports)
Manuscripts vouchers
Box 22 Oct. 1944-Dec. 1946 (3 folders)
Box 23 Jan. 1947-Sept. 1949 (4 folders)
Box 23 Inventories of manuscripts and art charged off 1945, undated
Box 23 "Biography of Celeste Holm" - text, "from Harry Brand," with 21 photographs, memorandum
Box 23 "Blue Book Models" - photos only (7 photographs)
Box 23 "Cart Art in Italy" () - text, 23 photographs, Francis C. Fuerst
Box 23 "Crime Laboratory That Travels at 60 Miles an Hour" - text, 13 photographs "Globe Feature"
Oversize 1 "Dan Dailey, a Lucky Hoofer" - layout
Box 23 "Ghost Towns" - text, 19 photographs "Gunther-Frost for Pic"
Box 23 "Gorillas" () - background and captions, W. Bridges; 19 photographs, Arthur Sasse
Box 23 "Hollywood Comes to Us" () - text, 40 photographs, 9 contact prints
Box 23 "Jimmy Wong Howe" () - 16 photographs
Box 23 "Miracle Mould Still Mystery" () - text, Haskell Cohen, 10 photographs
Box 23 "Movies at War Will Help to Build the Peace" () - text, 19 photographs, Lucien Aigner
Box 23 "Some Helpful Hints, in Season, to Hay Fever Victims" () - text, Albert Deutsch, 12 photographs
Box 23 "Summer Resorts Don't Hibernate" - text, ??? photographs "Gunther-Frost for Pic"
Box 23 "Tennessee Gun Maker" () - text "from Warner Ogden", 10 photographs
Box 23 Tricks - photos only (12 photographs)
Box 23 "Unusual Postal Route" - text, 15 photographs "Globe Feature"
Box 23 Art charged off Dec. 31, 1948
Kodachromes of the California homes of Whitney Bolton (3), Lucille Bremer (1), Joan Leslie (2), Janis Paige (1), Esther Williams (1)
Kodachrome of fashions (1)
Photographs of Don Ameche's home (1), home of unidentified person (1), and various California construction sites (14)
Watercolor drawing "Broadway" #13690 see Oversize Package #1
Box 23 Tables of Contents Sept. 1945-Spring 1951 (3 folders)
Pic Quarterly
See Pic (New York, N.Y.).
Picture-Play Magazine
See Picture-Play Weekly.
Picture-Play (New York, N.Y. 1926)
See Picture-Play Weekly.
Picture Play (New York, N.Y. 1938)
See Picture-Play Weekly.
Picture-Play Weekly (combines records for Picture-Play Magazine; Picture-Play (New York, N. Y. 1926); Street & Smith's Picture Play; Picture Play (New York, N.Y. 1938); Your Charm; Charm)
Box 23 Manuscripts purchase cards Jan. 1926-Sept. 1938 (12 folders)
Manuscripts vouchers
Box 23 Jan. 1938-Dec. 1940 (3 folders)
Box 24 Jan. 1941-Aug. 1959 (10 folders)
Box 24 Inventories of manuscripts charged off and memoranda 1942-1948
Box 24 "Alteration Job" / Virginia Earle and Romilda Dilley (with layout, including ill., payment note)
Box 24 "Be Your Own U.S.O." (alternate title: "You Can Be Your Own U.S.O") / Norton Hughes Jonathan (with letters, 2 versions of ms., layout)
Box 24 "Beauty on the Battlefront" / Dorothy Emerson White
Box 24 "Between the Wooing and the Wedding" / M. Hayden
Box 24 "The Black Pearl" / Grace B. Martin (2 versions)
Box 24 "Blueprint for Barbara and Bill" / Jessica Ryan (with payment note on index card)
Box 24 "The Boss of Your Dreams" / Rene W.P. Leonhardt
Box 24 "Boy Loses Girl" / Robert Fontaine (with payment note and carbon copy of ms.)
Box 24 "Breakfast Is a Must! or Try Some Morning Magic" / Ruth K. Bock (with payment note)
Box 24 "Budget Article" (re-write) / Sheila L. Blystone (with payment note on index card, voucher)
Box 24 "Calling All Career Girls" / Sally Warren (with note)
Box 24 "Chilly? Try Chinchilla" / Alfred S. Campbell
Box 24 "Christmas Story" / Marian Rhea (with voucher)
Box 24 "Conventions Are What You Make Them" (alternate title: "Chats at Midnight Conventions Are What You Make Them") / Thyra Samter Winslow (2 versions)
Box 24 "Deathless Music" / Fredda Dudley
Box 24 "Delia and the Cock-eyed Monster" / Robert Fontaine (with payment note and carbon copy of ms.)
Box 24 "A Doggie Job . . . or a Canine Career" / Etna M. Kelley (with payment note, photographs, printed material)
Box 24 "Double Duty" / Frances Tyler Matlaf
Box 24 "The Dynamite Queen" / Pearl P. Puckett (with photograph)
Box 24 "Finding a Job" / Bebe Cass (with 2 notes, one indicating payment)
Box 24 "Florida Here We Come!" / Georgina Campbell (with 2 notes, one indicating payment)
Box 24 "Go Adventuring Near Home" / Laura Van Zandt
Box 24 "The Great Men's Ladies" / Barbara Berch (with note)
Box 24 "Identity Unknown" / Fredda Dudley
Box 24 "I Work for a Living Among Flowers" / Herb Saltford (with correspondence, memorandum, photograph)
Box 24 "It's All in the Foxy Business" / Pearl P. Puckett
Box 24 "Know Your Own Body" / Louise Fox Connell (with payment note on index card)
Box 24 "Lady Boss" / Lillian Frances Wandor
Box 24 "Lost Girl" / Betty Booth (with payment note)
Box 24 "March - In' Step" / Ruth K. Bock (with payment note)
Box 24 "Mark on the Evening Sky" / Stanley Altman
Box 24 "Never Say No" / Richard English
Box 24 "Next Door to Heaven" / Robert Fontaine (with payment note and carbon copy of ms.)
Box 24 "Nine Year Old Knock-out" / Fredda Dudley
Box 24 "Not to Be Entered Into Unadvisedly" / Robert Fontaine (with payment note and carbon copy of ms.)
Box 24 "Occupation Housewife" / Elizabeth C. Hodges
Box 24 "Orchids in the Moonlight" / Fredda Dudley
Box 24 "Perfumes, from the Store, and from Your Garden" / Frances Turner
Box 24 "Pioneer Without Peers" / Pearl P. Puckett
Box 24 "Postwar Memorizing" / Frances B. Audette
Box 24 "Psychic Summons" / Fredda Dudley
Box 24 "Pursuit of Happiness" / Margaret J. Baker
Box 24 "Rendezvous with Death" / Marian Rhea (with carbon copy)
Box 24 "Start the Gang Singing" (alternate title: It's Fun to Sing") / Crystal Waters
Box 24 "Vicious Circle" / Kitty Parsons
Box 24 "What Page of the Newspaper Do You Belong On?" / Gay Churchill
Box 24 "What's in a Glove?" (alternate titles "Your Gloves Tell a Story" ; "Your Gloves, Milady" / Maymie R. Krythe
Box 24 "Why Not Try Dog-Dressmaking?" / Etna M. Kelley (with ill., payment note, photographs)
Box 24 "You Can't Lose" / Patty de Roulf (2 versions, with payment note on index card, voucher)
Box 24 "Your Hands Tell the Story" / Ray Shaw
Manuscripts artwork
Box 25 Inventory of art charged off 12/31/48
Oversize 1 Elliot, Michael - photographs (6) #5587 (from inventory)
Box 25 Heilbron/Photo Associates - drawings (3) "BG with animals" #10076 (from accompanying note and inventory); (voucher no. 14654 on drawings)
Box 25 Howard, Richard - drawing (1) #5716 (from inventory)
Box 25 Howland, Wm. F. - photographs of closet accessories #11365 (from inventory) (4 items)
Box 25 Johnstone & Cushing - O'Sann(?) spots (8) #1647 (from inventory)
Box 25 Lowe, S. - spot ill. (3) #5258 (from inventory)
Oversize 1 Plucer glass photographs #10249 (from note) (3 items)
Box 25 Tables of Contents May 1926-Oct. 1959 (11 folders)
Pocket Western
See Pocket Western Magazine.
Pocket Western Magazine (combines records for Pocket Western)
Box 25 Inventory of manuscripts 1937, undated
Box 25 "The Dead Can Wait" / Rex Langford (a.k.a. Christopher Booth) (with R. Oliphant reader report)
The Popular
See The Popular Magazine (New York, N.Y. 1903).
The Popular Complete Stories
See Complete Story Magazine.
The Popular Magazine (New York, N.Y. 1903) (combines records for The Popular Stories; The Popular; The Popular Magazine (New York, N.Y. 1928)
Box 25 List of "Popular stories reprinted in Sea Stories" [Magazine]
Box 25 List of "Popular stories reprinted in Sport Stories" [Magazine]
Box 25 Publicity
The Popular Magazine (New York, N.Y. 1928)
See The Popular Magazine (New York, N.Y. 1903).
The Popular Stories
See The Popular Magazine (New York, N.Y. 1903).
Real Love Magazine
See Live Girl Stories.
Red Dragon Comics (New York, N.Y. 1947)
Box 25 Manuscripts and art vouchers 1947-1948
Romance Range (combines records for Romantic Range, Street & Smith's Romantic Range)
Box 25 Manuscripts purchase cards Aug. 1935-Sept. 1938
Manuscripts vouchers
Box 25 Jan. 1938-Dec. 1942 (4 folders)
Box 26 Jan. 1943-Nov. 1946 (3 folders)
Manuscripts (with vouchers)
Box 26 Inventories of charge-offs and memoranda 1942-1947
Box 26 "Age Nine" / Mary Weingarth
Box 26 "All or Nothing" / Ray Vicker
Box 26 "Arizona Moonrise" / Grace Meredith
Box 26 "Brigand Bob Rides Again" (alternate title: "Treasure Hunt for Hearts") / Lytle Shannon (with galleys)
Box 26 "Cactus Flower" / Ray Vicker
Box 26 "Calico Cupid" / Beatrice Shaw Chapel
Box 26 "Congo the Cat" / Garrison K. Rumford
Box 26 "The Cosmos and Letty Buckle" (alternate title: "Aggravatin' Jasper") / Giff Cheshire
Box 26 "The Courtship of Ike Beamish" / Thomas Calvert (a.k.a. Patsy Perrigorde?) (no voucher)
Box 26 "Cupid Stacks the Deck" / Damaris Beckstead
Box 26 "Deep Hills" / L.P. Holmes
Box 26 "Drought in Her Heart" / Thomas Calvert (no voucher)
Box 26 "Dusk" / Grace Sayre
Box 26 "Eyes on Tomorrow" / Ray Vicker
Box 26 "The Girl in Three Cornered Pants" / Agatha Gandy
Box 26 "The Golden Arrow" / T.C. McClary and Massard Kur-Zhene (no voucher)
Box 26 "Hank an' His Hoss" / Carmen Malone (no voucher)
Box 26 "Hoofbeats and the Gospel" / Damaris Beckstead
Box 26 "It's a Far Piece Home" / Garrison K. Rumford
Box 26 "Josie Takes Sandy Hill" / Jan Young
Box 26 "Lariat of Love" (in 2 parts) / Shawn Arlow
Box 26 "Let's Play Checkers" (in 3 parts) / Millard Hopper (with ill.)
Box 26 "Man from the Rio Grande" / Ernest Jones
Box 26 "New Heart for Hart" (alternate title: "Wrangling Isn't Enough") / Geoffrey Mapes
Box 26 "Party Line" (in 8 parts, Feb.-Nov. 1943, no author or voucher)
Box 26 "Renegade's Romance" / James B. McLean (no voucher)
Box 26 "Saddle Bum from the Nueces" / Patsy Perrigorde (no voucher)
Box 26 "Sikak's Secret" / Patsy Perrigorde (no voucher)
Box 26 "Solitudes" / Paul T. Gilbert (no voucher)
Box 26 "Sourdoughs and Love" / Carmen Malone (no voucher)
Box 26 "Trouble with the Cook" / Leta Zoe Adams
Box 26 "Tuh Weight-Gainin' Gals" / Carmen Malone (no voucher)
Box 26 "Us Pokes Don't Like Thet Dude" / Carmen Malone (no voucher)
Box 26 "When the Buzzards Fly" / Ken Cooper
Box 26 "Whistle in Her Heart" / Giff Cheshire
Box 26 "Whodonit Didn't" / Carmen Malone (no voucher)
Box 26 "Winter Range" / Scott Ellsworth
Box 26 Engraving plates (2), one with proof
Box 26 Kodachromes (2)
Box 26 Tables of Contents Nov. 1935-Jan. 1947 (5 folders)
Romantic Range
See Romance Range.
Science Is in the Air
Box 26 Manuscripts vouchers May 1947, Sept. 1947
Box 26 Table of Contents undated
Science World
Box 26 Manuscripts vouchers 1956-1959 (2 folders)
Box 26 Voucher information by issue (partial) Feb. 5, 1957-May 19, 1959
Box 26 Cumulative indexes (printed), volumes 1-5 (5 volumes)
Box 26 Tables of Contents Feb. 1957-May 1959 - includes undated pilot issue
Sea Stories
See Sea Stories Magazine.
Sea Stories Magazine (combines records for Sea Stories; Excitement; Street & Smith's College Stories)
Box 27 "List[s] of stories from various magazines reprinted in Sea Stories Magazine" (with carbon copy annotated in ink)
Box 27 Inventories of manuscripts for [Sea Stories Magazine], Sea Story [Stories], Excitement, [Street & Smith's] College Stories
Box 27 "Arms of the Beast" (alternate title: "The Torturing Hammer Lock") / Kenneth Rand
Box 27 "Arthur Duffey Says"
Box 27 "Back from the Dead" / [Paul Chadwick?]
Box 27 "Barnard" / Helen Block (with galleys)
Box 27 "The Big Shot from Philly" (alternate title: "A Night in the Sporting Club") / Kingsley Moses (with note)
Box 27 "The Bottled Mystery" / J. Allan Dunn (with note)
Box 27 "The Campus Big Shot" / Leo Shull (with galleys)
Box 27 "Canyon of the Devil Bird" / Franklin M. Ritchie (with note)
Box 27 "The 'Cenci's' Gold" / Frank Bisson (with ill., galley, note)
Box 27 "Cinnabar for Kwala Sekor" (alternate title: "The Cinnabar Row at Kwala Sekor") / Warren Hastings Miller (with note)
Box 27 "Coeds Rise Slowly" (alternate title: "Rise of Coeds Not Sensational") / [John L.] Nanovic
Box 27 "Cold Turkey" / Edgar L. Cooper (with note)
Box 27 "Colleg[e] 5 Fillers" (galleys)
"Bigger and Better Dates"
"Coeds Don't Hunt Husbands"
"If You Whistle You're a Dumb-Bell"
Box 27 "Collegiana" (no author)
Box 27 "The Count" / P.M. Mongan (with note)
Box 27 "Death Deals Last" / Robert Carse (with note)
Box 27 "The Death Ship" / J. Allan Dunn
Box 27 "Disappearing Men" / Edwin L. Zinn (with note)
Box 27 "Do Only Saps Work -- Their Way Through College?" / [John L.] Nanovic
Box 27 "Drum Fire" / Harold F. Cruickshank
Box 27 "Exciting Moments in Lives of the Great George Washington" / Paul Chadwick (galleys only)
Box 27 "Exciting Moments in Lives of the Great Theodore Roosevelt" / Paul Chadwick
Box 27 "Exciting Moments in Science" (5 parts) / D.E. Wheeler
Box 27 "The Fifth Ace" / Harry U. Biggs
Box 27 "Fires of Hatred" / Harry Harrison Kroll (with note)
Box 27 "Girls Growing Taller" (alternate title: "The Girls Are Growing Taller") (no author)
Box 27 "Heads or Diamonds" / Franklin M. Ritchie
Box 27 "Heroes Are Made" (no author)
Box 27 " 'Higher' Education" (no author)
Box 27 "High-Rollin' Kid" / Robert Carse (with note)
Box 27 "Hot Justice" (alternate title: "Six-Gun Justice") / J.R. Johnston (with notes)
Box 27 "The Irish Navy" / Barry McCarthy (with galleys, ills., memorandum)
Box 27 "The Jahid Buster" / Wilson S. Freesland (with note)
Box 27 "Kafufu" / W.S. Chadwick (with note)
Box 27 "Killers of Murder Mountain" / Harry Harrison Kroll (with note)
Box 27 "Lights on the North Pacific" / H. Glynn-Ward (galley only)
Box 27 "Mail Pouch a 'Roads' Scholar" / [John L.] Nanovic
Box 27 "The Man Who Stayed" (alternate title: "The Men Who No One Knew") / Frederick Schlick (with galleys, ill., notes)
Box 27 "Mardi" / Neil Moran (with music score)
Box 27 "Meals by the Mile" / John Montague
Box 27 "Mr. Death's Diamond" (alternate title: "Death's Diamond") / Gerald Norman-Jones (with note)
Box 27 "My Mother's Serenade" / Neil Moran (with music score, note)
Box 27 "No Landslides" / Sam Carson (with note)
Box 27 "A Noose for Chuck Cordray" (alternate title: "Hanging Chuck-line Cordray") / Phil Richards (with note)
Box 27 "Off Cape Horn" (alternate title: "Seven Weeks Off Cape Horn") / Gerald Norman-Jones (with galleys, ill., note)
Box 27 "Old Warhorse" (alternate title: "One of the Fifth") / Lee Robinson
Box 27 "Polynesian Lagoons" (alternate title: "Wonder Lagoons of the South Seas"/ Duncan Alexander
Box 27 Puzzles (crossword)
Box 27 "Rebellion! (alternate title: "The Killers") / Eugene de Barre
Box 27 "Red Bayonets" / Harold F. Cruickshank (with note)
Box 27 "Red Darkness" / Jack Stradling (with note)
Box 27 "The Rescue of a Shipmate" / Paul Chadwick
Box 27 "The Ricksha Murder" (alternate title: "The Ricksha Mystery") / Marie Louise Eliott (with note)
Box 27 "The Romoff Pearls" / Ross Annett
Box 27 "Running Wild" / Sam Carson (no ms., galleys, ill., note)
Box 27 "The Sea-Slug Bracelet" / Edwin L. Zinn
Box 27 "Shooting for the Moon" (no author)
Box 27 "Shots at San Lebano" (alternate title: "Two for Justice") / Jacland Marmur
Box 27 "The Silver Flame" (in 6 parts) / Geoffrey North
Box 27 "Spanish Gold" / J. Allan Dunn
Box 27 "Sparks in the Sky" / Franklin M. Ritchie
Box 27 "The Sword from Carolina" (alternate title: "Tulwars of the Hindu Kush") / Wilson S. Freesland (with note)
Box 27 "Tiger in the Street" (alternate title: "The Man and the Man-eater") / Srinivas Ram Wagel (with note)
Box 27 "The Timber Wolf" / Clay Perry (with ill., note)
Box 27 "Too Much Fan Mail" / [John L.] Nanovic
Box 27 "The Trouble with the Double" / Geoffrey North (with note)
Box 27 'Which College' contest replies and essays on "My Favorite College" (with ill.)
Box 27 "White Feathers" / Raoul Whitfield
Box 27 "Working Their Way" (alternate title: "Working Their Way for $26,000,000) / [John L.] Nanovic
Sea Story Annual (combines records for Sea Story Anthology)
Box 27 Manuscripts voucher 1943
Box 27 Tables of Contents 1943-1944, 1948
Sea Story Anthology
See Sea Story Annual.
The Shadow (New York, N.Y. 1931) (combines records for The Shadow Detective Monthly; The Shadow Magazine; The Shadow (New York, N.Y. 1937); Shadow Mystery; The Shadow (New York N.Y. 1948)
Box 27 Manuscripts purchase cards Jan. 1931-Nov. 1938 (2 folders)
Manuscripts vouchers
Box 27 Feb. 1938-Dec. 1945 (3 folders)
Box 28 Jan. 1946-Apr. 1949
Box 28 Copyright registrations (photocopies) for selected titles 1939-1955
Box 28 Inventories of manuscripts charged off and memoranda 1947-1948
Box 28 Lists of novels by periodical date
Box 28 "Fall Guys" / Edgar Daniel Kramer
Box 28 "Mercy Killing" / Ann Lightley (with engraving plate, ill. proof)
Box 28 "My Poor Willie" (alternate title: "With Benefit of Casket") / Talmage Powell (with engraving plate, ill. proof, layout)
Box 28 Tables of Contents Apr./June 1931-Summer 1949 (8 folders)
The Shadow (New York, N.Y. 1937)
See The Shadow (New York, N.Y. 1931).
The Shadow (New York, N.Y. 1948)
See The Shadow (New York, N.Y. 1931).
The Shadow Annual
Box 28 Tables of Contents 1942-1943
The Shadow Comics
Box 28 Art vouchers Nov. 1943-Mar. 1949
Box 28 Manuscripts vouchers Jan. 1945-Apr. 1949 (2 folders)
The Shadow Detective Monthly
See The Shadow (New York, N.Y. 1931).
The Shadow Magazine
See The Shadow (New York, N.Y. 1931).
Shadow Mystery
See The Shadow (New York, N.Y. 1931).
The Shadow Radio Series
Box 28 Lists of scripts (partial)
Box 28 Memoranda 1940-1971 (3 folders)
Box 28 Research notes undated
Box 28 Notes (miscellaneous) undated
Box 28 Printed material 1941-1970, undated
Smart Love Stories
See Ainslee's.
"Special Comics" (manuscripts purchased possibly for inclusion in Army & Navy Comics)
Box 28 Inventory of manuscripts and memoranda 1943-1944
Box 28 "Army" (from inventory) / Phil R. Sheridan
Box 28 "Naval Heroes" / [Pat] O'Neill
Sport Story Annual (combines records for Street & Smith's Sport Story Year Book)
Box 29 Tables of Contents 1942-1943
Sport Story Magazine (combines records for Street & Smith's Sport Story Magazine)
Box 29 Manuscripts purchase cards Jan. 1926-Oct. 1938 (13 folders)
Box 29 Manuscripts vouchers Jan. 1938-June 1943 (6 folders)
Box 29 "List of stories from various magazines reprinted in Sport Story Magazine" (2 copies)
Box 29 Inventories of manuscripts, including charge-offs and memoranda 1938-1944
Box 29 "All to the Mustered" / Arthur Mann (with voucher)
Box 29 "Bat Shy" (alternate title: "Curve Ball Hitter") / Mack Donlan (a.k.a. Donald John MacLauchlan)
Box 29 "The Battle of the Ages" / William Inglis (no ms., voucher with note)
Box 29 "The Best Policy" / John H. Compton
Box 29 "Down the Middle" / Donald MacLauchlan
Box 29 "For Elect" (no author)
Box 29 "Four Outs=One Inning" / Arthur Mann
Box 29 "4-F at First" / Arthur Mann
Box 29 "Fresh Fish" (alternate title: "He Wouldn't Fight") / J. Anton Burchard (with R. Oliphant reader report)
Box 29 "International Grid Gamble" / Stanley C. Vickers
Box 29 "Into the Playoffs" / Donald John MacLauchlan
Box 29 "It's a Wonderful Age" / Donald John MacLauchlan
Box 29 "The Kick-Off" / Bertram Lebhar
Box 29 "Lone Star Kokinatos" (alternate title: "Sleepy Time Where the Resin Blooms" (from inventory, voucher) / Phil R. Sheridan (with voucher)
Box 29 "Minor League Greats" / [Donald John] MacLauchlan
Box 29 "More Fighters" / John Graham
Box 29 "The Old Army Game" / Arthur Mann (with voucher)
Box 29 "One for the Money" / Arthur Mann
Box 29 "One Game Pitcher" / Arthur Mann
Box 29 "Only the Brave" / Bennett Ladd (a.k.a. Clifford Dowdey?) (with reader report)
Box 29 "Paradise for Peanuts" / Phil R. Sheridan (a.k.a. Ted O'Meara) (with galleys)
Box 29 "Ring Around Rosie" / Arthur Mann
Box 29 "Shanty Shares a Ship" / Ross Russell
Box 29 "Short Shorts of Sport" / Harold C. Burr [et al.?]
Box 29 "Skull Practice" / Stanley C. Vickers
Box 29 "Sportsword Puzzle" / Stanley C. Vickers
Box 29 "The Story of Starcher" / Philip Scruggs (with R. Oliphant reader report)
Box 29 "Sudden Life" / Arthur Mann
Box 29 "The Sweep-Swingers" / Edgar Daniel Kramer (with R. Oliphant reader report)
Box 29 "Three Times and Out" / Donald MacLauchlan
Box 29 "Two for Tea" / Donald MacLauchlan
Box 29 "Why Mr. Cobb" / [Donald John] MacLauchlan
Box 30 Tables of Contents May 1926-July 1943 (14 folders)
Street & Smith's Air Trails
See Air Trails (New York, N.Y. 1928).
Street & Smith's All Star Sports
See Pic (New York, N.Y.).
Street & Smith's Baseball Pictorial Yearbook
See Street & Smith's Baseball Year Book.
Street & Smith's Baseball Year Book (combines records for Street & Smith's Pictorial Baseball Yearbook; Street & Smith's Baseball Pictorial Yearbook; Street and Smith's Baseball Yearbook)
Box 30 Manuscripts vouchers Nov. 1940-Feb. 1948, Jan. 1950-Feb. 1961 (2 folders)
Box 30 Tables of Contents 1941-1948, 1952-1953, 1955-1962
Street & Smith's Baseball Yearbook
See Street & Smith's Baseball Year Book.
Street & Smith's Basketball Year Book
Box 30 Tables of Contents 1957-1958
Street & Smith's Clues Detective Stories
See Clues (New York, N.Y.).
Street & Smith's College Stories
See Sea Stories Magazine.
Street & Smith's Complete Magazine
See Complete Story Magazine.
Street & Smith's Complete Stories (New York, N.Y. 1931)
See Complete Story Magazine.
Street & Smith's Complete Stories (New York, N.Y. 1932)
See Complete Story Magazine.
Street & Smith's Detective Story Annual (combines records for Detective Story Annual)
Box 30 Letter of permission, Steve Fisher 1 Nov. 1940
Box 30 Tables of Contents 1941-1949
Street & Smith's Detective Story Magazine
See Detective Story Magazine.
Street & Smith's Doc Savage
See Doc Savage Magazine.
Street & Smith's Far West Romances
See True Western Stories.
Street & Smith's Far West Stories
See True Western Stories.
Street & Smith's Football Year Book (combines records for Street & Smith's Pictorial Football Yearbook; Street & Smith's Football Pictorial Yearbook; Street and Smith's Football Yearbook)
Box 30 Manuscripts vouchers May 1940-June 1949, Apr. 1951-May 1961 (2 folders)
Box 30 Tables of Contents 1940-1948, 1951-1961
Street & Smith's Football Pictorial Yearbook
See Street & Smith's Football Year Book.
Street & Smith's Football Yearbook
See Street & Smith's Football Year Book.
Street & Smith's Love Story Annual (combines records for Street & Smith's Love Story Anthology)
Box 30 Tables of Contents 1946-1947
Street & Smith's Love Story Anthology
See Street & Smith's Love Story Annual.
Street & Smith's Love Story Magazine
See Love Story Magazine.
Street & Smith's Mystery Magazine
See Crime Busters.
Street & Smith's National Magazine
Box 30 Manuscripts vouchers 1941
Box 30 Inventories of manuscripts, correspondence, memoranda 1941-1943, undated
Box 30 "Death from the Sky" / Frank Gruber (with art order, note, voucher)
Box 30 "Dennie [Slade]--Cupid" / Harold Montanye (with blurb)
Box 30 "Excerpts of the Month from Camp Publications Throughout the Nation" (alternate title: from vouchers "Camp Digest") / Herbert E. Smith (galleys, vouchers, no ms.)
Box 30 "The Fighting First [Division]" / Allan Keller (with blurb, note, voucher)
Box 30 "How the Medal Was Won" / John Galbraith (a.k.a. J.G. Forrest? from voucher)
Box 30 "How to Be a Weather Prophet" (alternate title: from voucher "Weather Report") / H. Allen Smith (with clipping, note)
Box 30 "The Ice Patrol" / R. de S. Horn (with payment note, and two others)
Box 30 "In This Issue Number 1 Soldier" / Herbert E. Smith (with voucher)
Box 30 "Mail Call" / Herbert E. Smith (with note, voucher)
Box 30 "The Patriot" / Moran Tudury (with note, voucher)
Box 30 "Peace at Any Price" / Jim Kjelgaard (with correspondence, note, voucher)
Box 30 "Profiles [2] "Regular"; "Rookie" / Herbert E. Smith (with note, voucher)
Box 30 "Ready on the Smiling Line" / Herbert E. Smith (with note, voucher)
Box 31 "The Rooster Crows" / Frank Gruber (with note, voucher)
Box 31 "Ships" / Allan Keller (with notes, voucher)
Box 31 ["Soldier's Delight"] (alternate title: "Java, Not Geography") / John Galbraith (a.k.a. J.G. Forrest from voucher, galleys, no ms.)
Box 31 "A Soldier's Holiday" / Herbert E. Smith (captions, with layout, memoranda, notes, voucher)
Box 31 "Tank Trouble" / Frank Gruber (with note, voucher)
Box 31 "Top Notch Performers" / William Winter (with note)
Box 31 "The War of Nerves and an American Mother and Her Son" / J.E. Grear (with note)
Box 31 "What It Takes to Feed the Army" / A. Leviero (with note, voucher)
Box 31 " 'Wyoming' to the Rescue!" / Herbert E. Smith (with notes, photograph)
Box 31 Galleys September 1941
Box 31 Photographs (26) - U.S. Army Signal Corps
Box 31 Tables of Contents July, Aug. 1941
Street & Smith's Pictorial Baseball Yearbook
See Street & Smith's Baseball Year Book.
Street & Smith's Pictorial Football Yearbook
See Street & Smith's Football Year Book.
Street & Smith's Picture Play
See Picture-Play Weekly.
Street & Smith's Real Love Magazine
See Live Girl Stories.
Street & Smith's Romantic Range
See Romance Range.
Street & Smith's Sport Comics (combines records for True Sport Picture-Stories; True Sport Picture Stories)
Box 31 Art vouchers Aug. 1942-Dec. 1947, undated
Box 31 Manuscripts vouchers June 1941-Apr. 1949 (2 folders)
Box 31 Inventory of manuscripts charged off and memoranda Dec. 1944
Box 31 "Color" / Arthur L. Rafter
Box 31 "Golf for Jitters" / Arthur L. Rafter
Box 31 "Heroes in Sports Walter (Pop) Scholl" / John Graham (from art voucher 7/29/43 #13882)
Box 31 "Heroes of Sport [Hank] Luisetti" / John Graham (from art voucher 8/18/42 #13910)
Box 31 "Heroes of Sport [Jean] Witter" / John Graham (from art voucher 7/29/43 #13882)
Box 31 "Heroes of Sport Nile Kinnick" / John Graham (from art voucher 10/1/43 #20753)
Box 31 "One Man Down" / Arthur L. Rafter
Box 31 "A Pugilistic Goat" / Arthur L. Rafter
Box 31 "Sports Boners Base Runners" / John Graham (from art voucher 8/26/43 #13898)
Box 31 "Sports Boners the Rules Are Half the Battle" / John Graham (from art voucher 8/26/43 #13898)
Street & Smith's Sport Story Magazine
See Sport Story Magazine.
Street & Smith's Sport Story Year Book
See Sport Story Annual.
Street & Smith's Top-Notch
See Top-Notch Magazine.
Street & Smith's Top-Notch Magazine
See Top-Notch Magazine.
Street & Smith's Unknown (combines records for Unknown Worlds)
Box 31 Manuscripts vouchers Sept. 1938-July 1943 (2 folders)
Box 31 Inventories of manuscripts and memoranda 1943-1944, undated
Box 31 "Belled Cat" / Frances Hall
Box 31 "The Cats" / Jane Rice (with ill. proofs)
Box 31 "Housing Problem" (no ms., ill. proofs only)
Box 31 "Lycanthropy" / Alexander M. Phillips
Box 31 "The Wellwisher" / E.M. Hull
Box 31 Tables of Contents Mar. 1939-Oct. 1943
Street & Smith's Western Story Annual
See Western Story Annual.
Street & Smith's Western Story Magazine
See New Buffalo Bill Weekly.
Street & Smith's Wild West
See Wild West Weekly.
Street & Smith's Wild West Weekly
See Wild West Weekly.
Super Magician Comics
See Super-Magic Comics.
Super-Magic Comics (combines records for Super-Magician Comics; Super Magician Comics)
Box 31 Art vouchers May 1944-Aug. 1946, undated
Box 31 Manuscripts vouchers Dec. 1944-Sept. 1946
Box 31 Inventory of manuscripts charged off 1946
Box 31 "Tao Anwar 'Eggstraordinary'" / Bruce Elliott (with ms. voucher #26664)
Box 31 "Tao Anwar 'Four Whom the Belle Told!'" / Bruce Elliott (with copy of ms. and ms. voucher #26740)
Super-Magician Comics
See Super-Magic Comics.
Supersnipe Comics
See Army & Navy Comics.
The Thrill Book
Manuscripts (with R. Oliphant reader reports)
Box 31 Inventories of manuscripts and memoranda 1940-1941, undated
Box 31 "After Fiffteen [sic] Years" / Marbury L. Thompson (a.k.a. E.E. Dorchester)
Box 31 "The Evil Men Do" / Edmund Elliot (a.k.a. Elliot Balestier)
Box 31 "The Hate That Outlasts Life" / Wyndham Martyn
Box 31 "In Memory of Sara Clewitt" (no author)
Box 31 "Love at First Sight" / Marbury L. Thompson (a.k.a. E.E. Dorchester)
Box 31 "The Man Who Wouldn't Stay Buried" / Florence Marian Tabor
Box 31 "Out of Egypt" (alternate title: "The Curse of Aa") / G. Alexander Phare
Box 31 "The Revenant" / J. Allan Dunn
Box 31 "Their Pasts" / Marbury L. Thompson (a.k.a. E.E. Dorchester)
Box 31 "Was She the Right One?" / Marbury L. Thompson (a.k.a. E.E. Dorchester)
Top Secrets
Box 31 Manuscripts and art vouchers May 1947-Apr. 1949
See Top-Notch Magazine.
Top-Notch Magazine (combines records for Top-Notch; Top-Notch Twice-a-Month Magazine; Top-Notch Three-a-Month Magazine; Street & Smith's Top-Notch Magazine; Street & Smith's Top-Notch)
Manuscripts purchase cards
Box 31 Jan. 1926-Dec. 1935 (10 folders)
Box 32 Jan. 1936-Aug. 1937 (2 folders)
Box 32 Inventories of manuscripts, undated, and memorandum 1930
Box 32 "The Baratarian" / Marsh Singleton (a.k.a. Hilliard Booth) (with letter)
Box 32 "Calling" / Neil Moran (with music, reader report)
Box 32 "Cleared for Jedda" / D.C. O'Flaherty
Box 32 "Death Stalked in Cariboo" / H. Glynn-Ward
Box 32 "Geraldine Knew a Word" / Charles H. Frederick (a.k.a. Carl F. Happel)
Box 32 "Horses and Men" / Robert Ginsburgh
Box 32 "In Colors of Doubt" / Marsh Singleton
Box 32 "Meals By the Mile" / John Montague
Box 32 "Paid!" (alternate titles "The Better Way"; "In Full"; "In Full of Account") / Hapsburg Liebe
Box 32 "Pilot Wanted" / E.W. Chess (no ms., galleys)
Box 32 "The 'Queen Liz'" / Warren Elliot Carleton
Box 32 "Scourge of the Desert" / Ferdinand Berthoud
Box 32 Tables of Contents 1930-Sept. 1937 (8 folders)
Top-Notch Three-a-Month Magazine
See Top-Notch Magazine.
Top-Notch Twice-a-Month Magazine
See Top-Notch Magazine.
True Love Stories
See Live Girl Stories.
True Sport Picture Stories
See Street & Smith's Sport Comics.
True Sport Picture-Stories see Street & Smith's Sport Comics
See Street & Smith's Sport Comics.
True Western Stories (combines records for Far West Illustrated Magazine; Far West Illustrated; Far West Stories; Street & Smith's Far West Stories; Street & Smith's Far West Romances)
Box 32 Inventories of manuscripts 1932, 1938, undated
Box 32 "Adventuring in the Canadian Rockies" / W.F. Gerhardt (with note)
Box 32 "Bigotry" / C. Wiles Hallock (a.k.a. Hale Wentworth)
Box 32 "The Buckaroo System" / H[ale] W[entworth]
Box 32 "Call of the Hills" / Jack Bechdolt
Box 32 "A Camera for Cupid" / Marjorie B. Peregrine
Box 32 "Chiquita" / Joseph C. Drum
Box 32 "Deep Stuff" / H.W. (a.k.a. C. Wiles Hallock)
Box 32 "Desert Fugitive" / Bacon (partial ms. with note bearing designation "extra pages")
Box 32 "Desert Moon" / Isabel Stewart May
Box 32 "Double Trouble" / H.W. (a.k.a. C. Wiles Hallock)
Box 32 "Down Danger Trail" / James Edward Hungerford
Box 32 "The Forty-niner" / C.B. (a.k.a. C. Wiles Hallock)
Box 32 "From Oven to Matrimony" / Floyd T. Wood
Box 32 "Gettin' in Love" / Clay Bassler (a.k.a. C. Wiles Hallock)
Box 32 "Ghost Camps of the West" / Reginald C. Barker (no ms., ill., captions)
Box 32 "Heartbreak Valley" / Ellen Hogue (with synopsis of plot)
Box 32 "Hearts at Floodtide" (alternate title: "Romance on the Red Rocks") / Marjorie B. Peregrine
Box 32 "High Climber" / Hammond Davis (a.k.a. Eleanor Hammond?)
Box 32 "The Home Ranch" (no author)
Box 32 "Horse Sense" / Harry R. Keller
Box 32 "I Lived Four Months" / Herbert Farris (with note) "Little Cowgirl" (alternate title: "Forgotten Range") / Hammond Davis
Box 32 "Love Locoed" (alternate title: "The Call of Love") / Mary Ann Armstrong
Box 32 "Mother's Boy" / Donald Van Riper
Box 32 "New Friends and New Places conducted by Uncle Jud" / Edna Erle Wilson
Box 32 "Nobody's Girl" / Agnes Best
Box 32 "Panther Stories" / Kenneth Gilbert
Box 32 "Partners in Woe" / Harry R. Keller
Box 32 Poems / C. Wiles Hallock (under various pseudonyms)
Box 32 Poems / C. Wiles Hallock? (galleys only)
Box 32 "Riders to Paradise" / Jack Bechdolt
Box 32 "Romance Rides Wild" (alternate title: "Wild Horses") / Jack Bechdolt
Box 32 "Sinner's Dross" (alternate title: "Robbing a Gold Mine") / E.A. Apple (with editorial direction sheet)
Box 32 "Star Trail" / Agnes Best
Box 32 "Substitute Lover" (alternate title: "Sunny's Gift of Gold") / Marjorie B. Peregrine
Box 32 "Time for Love" (alternate title: "When a Girl Marries") / Ruth Knight
Box 32 "Top-hand Milly" / C.B. (a.k.a. C. Wiles Hallock)
Box 32 "Trailing Love" (alternate title: "The Dude Wrangler") / George Cory Franklin
Box 32 "What Animals' Noses Know" / Clem Yore (no ms., ill., captions)
Box 32 "What's in a Name?" / Jean Tucker
Box 32 "Where the West is Woolly" (alternate title: "Woolies at a Water Hole") / Ronald Oliphant (two versions of ms., with note, photograph) Fragments (mostly manuscripts title pages)
Box 32 Layout ill.
Box 32 Photographs - Wheeler National Monument (3); "Minnesota wolfer" (1)
See Street & Smith's Unknown.
Unknown Worlds
See Street & Smith's Unknown.
Western Adventures
Box 32 Manuscripts vouchers Apr. 1940-Aug. 1943
Box 32 Tables of Contents Oct. 1940-Dec. 1943
Western Romance Anthology
Box 32 Tables of Contents 1948
Western Story Annual (combines records for Street & Smith's Western Story Annual)
Box 32 Tables of Contents 1941, 1943-1946, 1948
Western Story Magazine
See New Buffalo Bill Weekly.
The Whisperer (New York, N.Y. 1936)
Box 32 Tables of Contents Oct. 1936-Dec. 1937
The Whisperer (New York, N.Y. 1940)
Box 32 Manuscripts vouchers May-Nov. 1940
Box 32 Memoranda 1943
Box 32 Tables of Contents Oct. 1940-Apr. 1942
Wild West Weekly (combines records for Street & Smith's Wild West Weekly; Street & Smith's Wild West)
Box 33 Manuscripts purchase cards Aug. 1926-Oct. 1938 (13 folders)
Manuscripts vouchers
Box 33 Jan. 1938-Sept. 1939 (7 folders)
Box 34 Oct. 1939-Aug. 1943 (10 folders)
Box 34 Inventories of manuscripts, including charge-offs and memoranda 1938-1948, undated
Box 34 "By the Neck Until Dead" / Ward M. Stevens (a.k.a. Paul S. Powers)
Box 34 "Chip Laramie and the Injun Devil" / W.E. Carleton (with voucher)
Box 34 "Chip Laramie at Bar Z" / W.E. Carleton (with voucher)
Box 34 "Chip Laramie at Roarin' River" / W.E. Carleton (with voucher)
Box 34 "Chip Laramie Blocks the Law" / W.E. Carleton (with voucher)
Box 34 "Chip Laramie Gets a Surprise" / W.E. Carleton (with voucher)
Box 34 "Chip Laramie Horns In" / W.E. Carleton (with voucher)
Box 34 "Chip Laramie Loses a Herd" / W.E. Carleton (with voucher)
Box 34 "Chip Laramie Loses a Prisoner" / W.E. Carleton (with voucher)
Box 34 "Chip Laramie Loses His Credentials" (alternate title: from voucher "Chip Laramie's Colt Credentials") / W.E. Carleton (with voucher)
Box 34 "Chip Laramie Loses the Trail" / W.E. Carleton (with voucher)
Box 34 "Chip Laramie Plays a Hunch" / W.E. Carleton (with voucher)
Box 34 "Chip Laramie Quits the Posse" / W.E. Carleton (with voucher)
Box 34 "Chip Laramie Rides Home" / W.E. Carleton (with voucher)
Box 34 "Chip Laramie Ropes a Stray" (alternate title: from voucher "Chip Laramie Plays Out His Hand") / W.E. Carleton (with voucher)
Box 34 "Chip Laramie Stops a Lynching" / W.E. Carleton (with voucher)
Box 34 "Chip Laramie Swaps Hosses" / W.E. Carleton (with voucher)
Box 34 "Chip Laramie Swings a Loop" / W.E. Carleton (with voucher)
Box 34 "Chip Laramie Trails Road Agents" / W.E. Carleton (with voucher)
Box 34 "Chip Laramie Trails Slow Elk" / W.E. Carleton (with voucher)
Box 34 "Chip Laramie's Owl-Hoot Amigo" / W.E Carleton (with voucher)
Box 34 "Come on, Buck" / A.L.H. Bucklin
Box 34 "Night Hawks of Black Basin" / Cleve Endicott
Box 34 "Rampagin' Ransom" / Cleve Endicott
Box 34 "A Six-Gun Ranch Deal" / Houston Irvine (with R. Oliphant reader report)
Box 34 "Wild Horses" (alternate title: "The Flea-Bitten Gray") / Justin Pate (with memorandum)
Tables of Contents
Box 34 Jan. 1930-Dec. 1932 (3 folders)
Box 35 Jan. 1933-Nov. 1943 (13 folders)
The Wizard (combines records for Cash Gorman (the Wizard))
Box 35 Manuscripts vouchers May 1940-May 1942
Box 35 Manuscripts inventory and memoranda 1942-1944
Box 35 "Dollars and Scents" / Arthur Mann
Box 35 "Iowa's First Millionaire" / Simpson M. Ritter
Box 35 "Just About Money" / Frank Blighton
Box 35 "Ulysses Simpson Grant Commercial Consultant" / Simpson M. Ritter
Box 35 Tables of Contents Oct. 1940-Aug. 1941
The Yellow Book (New York, N.Y. 1897)
See The Yellow Kid.
The Yellow Kid (combines records for The Yellow Book (New York, N.Y. 1897)
Oversize 2 R.F. Outcault drawings (12 color photocopies of 11 original watercolors from the collection)
You the Magazine of Beauty
Box 35 Table of Contents Apr./June 1937
Young Men (New York, N.Y. 1955)
See Bill Barnes Air Adventurer.
Your Charm
See Picture-Play Weekly.
Miscellaneous manuscripts
Box 35 Inventories of manuscripts, including charge-offs, memoranda 1937-1945
Box 35 "Again, in a Stable" / Robert Davis (no ms., galleys, with editorial note)
Box 35 "All Rights Reserved" / Charles Alexander (with printed rejection)
Box 35 "Ambush" / Warren E. Schutt (with R. Oliphant reader report, letter, payment note on index card)
Box 35 "American Silk" / T.T. Flynn (2 copies)
Box 35 "Anglo-Mania and Its Effects on American Society" (no author)
Box 36 "As It Is Written" / DeLysle Ferree Cass
Box 36 "Balance All!-" / Olin Lyman (2 copies)
Box 36 "The Battle to the Strong" / Dorothy Stockbridge (with another untitled piece)
Box 36 "Beans and Potatoes" / Stephen A.D. Cox
Box 36 "The Beast of Bitronto" / Dorothy Stockbridge - 2 versions
Box 36 "Between Two Stations" / Marjorie Parkinson Berle
Box 36 "Beyond Life" / R.V. Young
Box 36 "Bird of Darkness" / R.V. Young
Box 36 "Black Handed Murder" / Lee Fredericks
Box 36 "Blood-Mad" / Ro Vere Scott
Box 36 "Bogus Antiques and American Millionaires" (no author)
Box 36 "The Bracelet" / Greye La Spina
Box 36 "Brown Magic" (translated by Lindley) / Andre Maurois
Box 36 "Canadian National Railways"; "Canadian Pacific Railways" (no author)
Box 36 "The Cap of Kao Tsu" / M.L. Eliott
Box 36 "Captain Darwin's Strange Adventures" (alternate title: "The Strange Adventures of Captain Darwin") (in 6 parts) / F.H. Goodell (with letter)
Box 36 "Cashing in on Enthusiasm" / Fred C. Kelly
Box 36 "The Cat and the Cobra" / Srinvas Ram Wagel (with editorial note)
Box 36 "The Cavalier" / Clifford Dowdey
Box 36 "The Celestial Choir" / Tod Robbins
Box 36 "Chameleon" / Paul Francis Kerwin
Box 36 "The Chief Who Ran Away" / Jesse F. Gelders (with editorial note)
Box 36 "Chinook" / Gertrude LeWarne Parker
Box 36 "Circumstances Alter Cases" / Bertram Lebhar
Box 36 "Come Back to Me" / R.V. Young
Box 36 The Come-Back (unauthored synopsis)
Box 36 "A Corner in Mules" / D.C. O'Flaherty
Box 36 "Courtney Knows" / R.V. Young
Box 36 "Coward's Courage" / Jack D'Arcy (with editorial note)
Box 36 "The Crook Detective Agency" / Johnston McCulley
Box 36 "The Cruise of 'Angel-Cat' Ketcham" / Bolard Blighton
Box 36 "Cruise Wife" / Leona Fredericks
Box 36 "Darkest Africa" (partial ms., no author)
Box 36 "Dead Giveaway" / Theodore Spence
Box 36 "Deadwood Dick" / Karl Stefan (with letters, memorandum)
Box 36 "Death on Wheels" / Christopher B. Booth (with note)
Box 36 "Death Was a Countersign" / Jack Curran
Box 36 "The Debatable Ground" / Eric A. Darling
Box 36 "The Decision" / L.M. Hussey
Box 36 "Deep-Sea Evidence" / Dorothy Stockbridge (from pages of Top-Notch, with memorandum)
Box 36 "The Diamond Devil" (partial ms., no author)
Box 36 "The Disease of Position" / Carrolton Carey
Box 36 "The Double Mission" / Paschal N. Strong
Box 36 "Down Below" (alternate title: "The Robber") / Bertrand L. Shurtleff
Box 36 "The Duchess in Pursuit" / I.A.R. Wylie (with erratum)
Box 36 "The Dynamite Special" / R.V. Young
Box 36 "The Enchanted Canyon" / Frank Blighton (with memorandum)
Box 36 "The Engagement Present" / Harry J. Flinkman
Box 36 "The Exiles of Warsaw; or The Prisoners of the Czar" / Bracebridge Hemyngs (3 folders)
Box 36 "Exit" / Ben Botkiss (with editorial note)
Box 36 "The Falling Death" / George L. Eaton
Box 36 "Fate Walks in Silence" / R.V. Young
Box 36 "Fear There Was" / R.V. Young
Box 36 "Flight of the Soul" / R.V. Young
Box 36 "The Flower of Suda" / Harriet Lewis (paste-up from unidentified periodical)
Box 36 "Follow a Shadow" / R.V. Young
Box 36 "Foolish Virgin" / Herbert J. Salomon
Box 36 "Fortune Gets Sidetracked" / Ferdinand Berthoud
Box 36 "Friend of a Friend" / Frank L. Parke
Box 36 "Frozen Death" / Norman H. White
Box 36 "Fugitive" / William Tibbetts Brannon
Box 36 "Fugitive" / Judson Mobley
Box 36 "Futility" (alternate title: "A Song About Nothing") / Kenneth P. Wood
Box 36 "Gallows Key" / Christopher B. Booth (with galleys, layout)
Box 36 "The Gem of Kublai Khan" (alternate title: "The Pagan Ruby") / J. Allan Dunn (with memorandum)
Box 36 "The Gilded Death" / Bacon (from verso of p. 73 and manuscripts inventory #13) (re-numbered pages from "Chapter III The Beautiful Adventure")
Box 36 "The Gilded Youth" / Dorothy Stockbridge (from pages of Ainslee's)
Box 36 "A Glass of Beer" / Edward Stevenson
Box 36 "The Goblin's Treasure House" / Robert Welles Ritchie (paste-up from the pages of The Popular Magazine)
Box 36 "The Golden Spider" / "after J. Joseph-Renaud by Robert Sneddon"
Box 36 "Good Woman" / James Weber Linn
Box 36 "Grand Slam" / Paul Ellsworth Triem (2 folders)
Box 36 "The Graveyard That Paid" / Peri Patein
Box 36 "The Great Catastrophe" / Murray Leinster (with editorial note)
Box 36 "The Grin of Chang-Hi" / Eric A. Darling
Box 37 "Guiding Shadows" / Beulah Poynter
Box 37 "The Hands of Nelse Ruhl" / Edgar Daniel Kramer
Box 37 "The Hat Doctor" / C.A.R.
Box 37 "Heads Will Fall" / Nathaniel Nitkin
Box 37 "A Healthy Looking Corpse" / Pauline Crawford
Box 37 "Heritage of Death" / Clifford Goodrich (with another partial version of ms.) (2 folders)
Box 37 "The Hermit of Bald-Top Mountain" / Elliot Balestier
Box 37 "His Noble Failures" / George M.A. Cain (with editorial note)
Box 37 "Home Town Boy Makes Good" / Ellis Parker Butler
Box 37 "How To Run Bases" (no author)
Box 37 "The How When and Where of Success" (in 5 parts) / Rutherford Scott
Box 37 "I Believe" / Tod Robbins
Box 37 "I Like Men Best" / Ruth Abeling
Box 37 "I'll Marry You If" / Helen Ahern
Box 37 "In Her Own Hand" / Christopher B. Booth
Box 37 "In the Cards" / Joseph H. Hernandez
Box 37 Josh Billings' Philosophy ("copied for Mr. Nanovic from New York Weekly") (6 folders)
Box 37 "Key West Stop-Over" / Gladys Wood
Box 37 "Kicks Come High" / William Merriam Rouse
Box 37 "The King's Man" / Olaf Aarrestad (a.k.a. O.N. Massey) (with editorial note)
Box 37 "King's Ransom" / Dorothy Stockbridge (from the pages of The Popular Magazine)
Box 37 "The King's Vow" / Bessie Feldman Brown
Box 37 "The Lady Had a Method" / James B. Dunne
Box 37 "Lap-Dogs" (alternate title: "Our Lap-Dogs") / Carolyn Carter (a.k.a. Carolyn Rapelyea)
Box 37 "The Lavender Ghost" / W.B.M. Ferguson
Box 37 "A Leaf from the Kaiser's Book. Chapter One The Bomb Thrower" (no author) ms. bears designation "The omitted Chapter of Episode V"
Box 37 "The Legends of Rockymount, Virginia" / O.V. Gundlach
Box 37 "The Legion Calls the Roll" / S.G. Pond
Box 37 "Light and Darkness" / R.V. Young
Box 37 "The Lobbygow" / Idwal Jones
Box 37 "The Man of the Forty Faces Second Series no. 2: The Riddle of the Tenth Day" / T.W. Hanshew?
Box 37 "The Man of the Forty Faces Second Series no. 5: The Riddle of the Amsterdam Diamonds" / T.W. Hanshew? (with editorial note)
Box 37 "The Man Who Saw the Sea on Fire" / Carroll E. Robb
Box 37 "A Man's Making" / S.S. Gordon (S.G. Shaw) (with editorial note)
Box 37 "Many Are the Ways" / R.V. Young
Box 37 "A Marriage of Honor" / John Chancellor
Box 37 "Melting Point" / R.V. Young
Box 37 "The Men With the Scars" / Howard Fitzalan (paste-up from the pages of The Popular Magazine)
Box 37 "The Militant Meekling" (alternate title: "Yaller") / Lester Lear (with another version)
Box 37 "Mimi Pinson" / Alfred de Musset (with Contes, VI in series Oeuvres Completes de Alfred de Musset, nouv. ed., from which selection has been translated)
Box 37 "Miscast" (alternate title: "The Wrong Role") / Henry Leverage
Box 37 "Mr. Davy Jones Jr." / Edmund Elliot (a.k.a. Elliot Balestier
Box 37 "The Moving Points" / R.V. Young
Box 37 "Murder By Mail a Pinklin West Story" / Thorne Miller (a.k.a. Chris B. Booth?) (partial ms.)
Box 37 "Museum Piece" / Beverley Owen
Box 37 "Muskeeters [sic] of the Marne" / A.B. Ility (H. Bedford-Jones)
Box 37 "The Narrative of 'Z. Roe Cypher, Esq.'" (alternate title: "The Good in the Worst of Us") / George Bronson-Stoward (with editorial notes)
Box 37 "Navy Cross" / Dale DeV. Kier
Box 37 "Next Move?" / John Fellows (with editorial note)
Box 37 "New Wine Skins" / J. Irby Koon
Box 37 "No Pawn for Glamour" / Edward J. McKinney
Box 37 "On Asgard's Brink" / Olaf Aarrestad (a.k.a. O.N. Massey) (with editorial note)
Box 37 "On Society and the American Navy Including an Interview with Rear Admiral Joseph B. Coghlan" / Frank S. Arnett
Box 37 "On Society in the American Army Including an Interview with Major General Frederick D. Grant" / Frank S. Arnett
Box 37 "On Society in the Land of the Sultan Including an Interview with Hon. Oscar S. Straus" / Frank S. Arnett
Box 38 "On Strollers and Society Including an Interview with the Late Sir Henry Irving" / Frank S. Arnett
Box 38 "On the Dog" / Olaf Aarrestad (a.k.a. O.N. Massey)
Box 38 "One Ear and the Man" / Frank J. Leahy
Box 38 "One Leg in Limbo" / Clint Osborne and Elizabeth Evans
Box 38 "One Man's Valley" / Van Cort (with rejection)
Box 38 "One Must Be Chosen" / Hal Annas
Box 38 "The Open Door" / Dorothy Bennett
Box 38 "The Orchid of Romance" (alternate title: "The Orchid of Creeping Terror") / Donald Bayne Hobart (with editorial note)
Box 38 "The Other Way" / Clifford Dowdey
Box 38 "Our Fingerprint Department" / Benjamin Call
Box 38 "The Oxidization of Inspector Swinny" / Frank Blighton
Box 38 "Perilous Street" / Jesse F. Gelders
Box 38 "Piano Jim" / Bertrand W. Sinclair (paste-up from the pages of The Popular Magazine)
Box 38 "The Pin of Death. Chapter I. A Legacy of Mystery" / Christopher B. Booth (partial ms.)
Box 38 "Po'h Boy" / Mary Stoddard MacFee
Box 38 "Port o' London (alternate title: "Ships from Seven Seas") / M.[arie] L.[ouise] Eliott
Box 38 "Port of Call" / J.M. Hoffman
Box 38 "Practical Detective Talks" / Cyrus Chapin
Box 38 "The Prey" / R.V. Young
Box 38 "The Price of Success" / Bertrand Royal
Box 38 "The Quests of Matthew Quaintance" / Mattock Hurlingham
Box 38 "Reason Versus Sentiment" / Lillian Beynon Thomas (with R. Oliphant reader report)
Box 38 "The Reign of Misrule" / Jesse F. Gelders
Box 38 "The Report of Byan Jay" / Russ Meservey
Box 38 "Retreat" / Clifford Dowdey (with editorial note)
Box 38 "Richard David Morton, Soldier of Chance" / Mark Miller (from inventory)
Box 38 "Richard Wagner's Baton" / Frederick R. Burton
Box 38 "The St. Nicholas 'Gig'" / Oscar Hatch Hawley
Box 38 "Santa Claws" / Theodore Seixas Solomons
Box 38 "The Scarlet Dragon" / Philip [L.] Scruggs
Box 38 "Seaman's Doom" / H.S. Derrickson
Box 38 "Secret Service Stories" / Andrew Craig
Box 38 "Seven Ages of Woman" / Robert E. Dean (together with other witicisms/fillers by L.D. Kerns, Bill Levine)
Box 38 "Shanghai Nights" / Edgar Daniel Kramer
Box 38 "She Knew She Was Good" / Henri Duvernois
Box 38 "Sheltered Daughters" / Howard Fitzalan
Box 38 "The Silent Witness" / Nicholas Silver (a.k.a. Frederick Faust)
Box 38 "Silver Street" / Edward L. McKenna
Box 38 "The Sinking Swamp" / William MacMillan
Box 38 Sketchbook of drawings by H. Edwards (with letter)
Box 38 "The Slave of Sacramento" / Horace Fish
Box 38 "The Smart Guy" / Edward J. McKinney (with printed rejection)
Box 38 "Smouldering Fires" / R.V. Young
Box 38 "The Son of Old Eli" / Charles Kroth Moser (with editorial note)
Box 38 "The Songs of the Spheres" / Frank Blighton (2 copies)
Box 38 "Sorrow in Sin" / R.V. Young
Box 38 "Speed" / Mary N.S. Whiteley
Box 38 "The Striking Fate" / R.V. Young
Box 38 "Sugar Is Sweet" / Gyneth Y. Johnson
Box 38 "Sunrise" / H. Charles McDermott
Box 38 "The Swamp Outlaw; or Life in the Louisiana Lowlands" / Edward Sylvester Ellis (a.k.a. Captain [Emerson] Rodman) (with unsigned holograph reader report) (2 folders)
Box 38 "The Taste of Life" / Georges Surdez
Box 38 "Teeth of War" / Lee Fredericks (with Newsweek clipping)
Box 38 "The Three Pellets" / Adele de Leeuw
Box 38 "Thrills Without Frills" / J.R. Henderson
Box 38 "To a May Fly at Dusk" / Lydia Kingsway
Box 38 "To Hell With Horses" / Lewis Ort
Box 38 "The Train Dispatcher" / Marlbury L. Thompson
Box 38 "Tremble, My Love" / Contessa Fairfax Colt (H.C. Colt)
Box 38 "The Trials of Commander McTurk" (preliminary sketch) / C.J. Cutcliffe Hynes
Box 38 "Troubled Waters" / William MacLeod Raine
Box 38 "The Truth About the Advertising Profession" / Roy Kammerman
Box 38 "Twenty -- Twenty-four" / John H. Compton (with editorial note)
Box 38 "Twenty-five Thousand Dollars" / Jack Woodford (with re-typed version incorporating some revisions)
Box 38 "The Twisted Room" / Vail Vernon (with E.C. Richards reader report)
Box 38 "Under False Colors" / Harry J. Flinkman
Box 38 "W.W. Protects Posterity" / Sheldon Wills (with re-typed version)
Box 38 "Wanted Angel" / Ria A. Niccoli
Box 38 "What It Was" / R.V. Young
Box 38 "When I Remember Marcia" / Margaret Manners
Box 38 "When Last Seen . . . " / Mortimer Braus
Box 38 "Whirlwind" / R.V. Young
Box 38 "The White Dove" / Perry E. Hackett
Box 38 "The White Draught" / James Barr (from the pages of The Red Magazine, with card to editor of The Popular Magazine suggesting inclusion, and indicating the initiation of a copyright search)
Box 38 "The White-Goat Sacrifice" (alternate title: "The Spitting Swede") / Charles M. Boone (with editorial note)
Box 38 "Who Made That Match?" / Eleanor O'Malley Dillon
Box 38 "Who's Loony Now?" / R.E. Dupuy
Box 38 "Wild-Fire" (alternate titles "Atoms and the Man"; "The Atomic Gun"; "The Atomic Menace"; "The Brass Camera"; "The Red-Eyes"; "The Irresistibles";
Box 38 "Sowers of Strife") / L.H. Robbins
Box 38 "With the Rattle" / R.V. Young
Box 38 "The Wolf Pack Chapter XXII Heart and Hand" / Caroline Lockhart
Box 38 "The Wood Phantom" (alternate title: "The Spectre of the Woods") / Edward Sylvester Ellis (a.k.a. R.M. Hawthorne) (4 folders)
Box 39 "Woodland Lore" (in 7 parts) / Morton A. Howard
Box 39 "Writhing Branches" (alternate titles "Nero's Villa"; "The Man Eating Tree") / J. Joseph-Renaud
Box 39 "Yankees Chivalrous" (alternate titles "A Yankee Knight"; "Sam Dutton, Knight"; "The Chivalry of Sam Dutton"; "Yankee Gallants"; "Yankees Gallant") / L.H. Robbins (partial ms. [Chapter] "I. The Miracle")
Box 39 "A Yellow Hero?" / M. Henderson
Box 39 "The Yellow Mark of Courage" / Philip Scruggs (with editorial note)
Box 39 Untitled ms. (partial) / Frank W. Chase (with letter, edited pp. 23-40, new last chapter)
Box 39 Untitled ms. / Frederick Faust for Western Story Magazine
Box 39 Untitled / Ruth Jones
Untitled / I. M. Marsal (with printed rejection)
Box 39 Untitled ms. (no author)
Box 39 Untitled ms. (no author, p. 1 lacking)
Box 39 Fragments from 3 unidentified manuscripts (p. 30; pp. 17, 18, 20; pp. 26-44)
Motion Picture Department manuscripts
Box 39 Contracts 1914-1935 (3 folders)
Box 39 Inventory of "transactions of Carl Milligan around 1920"
Box 39 Inventories of manuscripts 1937, undated
Box 39 "The Black Company" / W.B.M. Ferguson (originally appeared in The Popular Magazine) (5 copies in 2 folders)
Box 39 "The Blucher of Wheat" / George Bronson-Howard (published under name Howard Fitzallan)
Box 39 "The Chase of the Christmas Gold Brick" / Francis Lynde (published under name Edmund Dagobert in The Popular Magazine) (3 copies)
Box 39 "The Detour" / L.H. Robbins (originally appeared in The Popular Magazine)
Box 39 "Devised and Bequeathed" / Donn Byrne (2 copies)
Box 39 "Feet of Clay" / W.B.M. Ferguson (published under name William Morton in The Popular Magazine) (2 copies)
Box 39 "Flat Gold" / James B. Hendryx (2 copies)
Box 39 "The Forty-Ninth Talesman" / Holman Day (originally appeared in The Popular Magazine) (2 copies)
Box 39 "The Gashing Fiddlers" / Holman Day (originally appeared in The Popular Magazine) (2 copies)
Box 39 "It's a Man's Country" / Arthur Chapman (originally appeared in The Popular Magazine)
Box 39 "The Keeper of the Keys" / W. Beall Baldwin (a.k.a. Louis Joseph Vance) (originally appeared in The Popular Magazine)
Box 39 "Little Sister of the Stars" / A.M. Chisholm
Box 39 "Mock Don Yuen Meditates" / Lemuel L. Le Bra (published under name Lemuel L. De Bra)
Box 39 "One Day's Work" / Peter B. Kyne
Box 39 "The Psychomancers" / Holman [F.] Day (originally appeared in The Popular Magazine) (3 copies)
Box 39 "Robber's Roost" / William McLeod Raine (published under name William MacLeod Raine in The Popular Magazine) (3 copies)
Box 39 "The Springs of Youth" / William H. Hamby (2 copies)
Box 39 "The Test" / Louis Joseph Vance (originally appeared in The Popular Magazine)
Box 39 "The Tolliver Tangle" / Louis Joseph Vance (published under name George Parsons Bradford)
Box 39 "The Treasure and the Secret Word" / Thomas McMorrow (3 copies)
Box 39 "A Two-Spot in the Big Game" / Holman Day (originally appeared in The Popular Magazine) (3 copies)
Box 39 "The Unknown Quantity" / Howard Fielding (originally appeared in The Popular Magazine)
Box 39 "The Yield" / Louis Joseph Vance (published under name J. Colville-Johnston) (2 copies)
Miscellaneous editorial Files
Box 40 Atlas Publishing & Distributing Co. Ltd. 1950-1962, undated
Bindery estimates
Box 40 American Book Bindery
Box 40 Butler-Ward Company
Box 40 Decorative Designers
Box 40 Ives
Box 40 North River
Box 40 Wolf/Wolfe/Wolff
Box 40 Miscellaneous
Box 40 Bragin, Charles 1943-1958, undated
Box 40 Brown, Curtis - list of stories sold
Chelsea House
Box 40 Book rights purchased 1924-Mar. 1935
Catalog of publications (1933)
See Promotional material: Catalogs.
Box 40 Contracts with authors 1921-1927, undated
Box 40 Copyright transfers to authors (2) 1930
Box 40 Correspondence, memoranda 1924-1935, 1951, undated
Box 40 Destruction of printing plates, alphabetical by author 1934
Beale, Will
Booth, Christopher
Buck, Charles Neville Chisholm, A. M.
Clark, Ellery H.
Daniels, J. E.
Faust, Frederick
Fellom, James
Ferguson, W. B. M.
Gilbert, George
Hamby, William H.
Hankins, Arthur Preston
Kauffman, Reginald W.
Landon, Herman
Livingston, Armstrong
Lynde, Francis
MacIsaac, Fred
Perry, Clay
Poate, Ernest M.
Treynor, Albert N.
Winter, William West
Box 40 Inventories of books
Box 40 Inventories of sheet stock, American Book Bindery 1940-1942, undated
Popular copyright contracts
Box 40 1923-1938 (4 folders)
Box 40 A.L. Burt 1921-1927, 1942 - with 1942 letters
Box 40 Translations 1928-1934
Box 40 Royalty statements 1924-1927 (4 folders)
Box 40 Clippings, re: cessation of pulp publishing 1949
Box 40 Certificate of incorporation of PicPix, Inc.
Popular copyright contracts
See Chelsea House.
Box 40 Miscellaneous 1905-1919
Box 40 Standard form (blank) for the sale of magazine rights
Copyright renewals (by series)
Box 40 Memo 1937?
Box 40 Border #138-#206 [1937-1939]
Box 40 Eagle and New Eagle #676, #730 [1937, 1938]
Box 40 Great Western #48-#156 [1937-1939]
Box 40 Magnet and New Magnet #726-#1351 [1937-1942]
Box 40 Merriwell #179-#245 [1937-1942]
Box 40 Arrow Library
Box 40 Bertha Clay Library
Box 40 Boys of Liberty Library
Box 40 Dr. Jack Series
Box 40 Harkaway Library
Box 40 Magnet Library
Unassigned (by author)
Box 40 Cobb, Benjamin F.
Box 40 Cobb, Sylvanus
Box 40 De Morgan, John
Box 40 Fleming, May Agnes
Box 40 Hardenbrook, William Ten Eyck
Box 40 Hawks, Wells
Box 40 Hornung, Ernest William
Box 40 Lee, Margaret
Box 40 McCardell, Roy
Box 40 Raymond, Evelyn
Box 40 Sheldon, Georgie
Box 40 Unassigned (by title) (2 folders)
[Alexandre] Dumas translations
Box 40 Correspondence of and memoranda relating to Henry Llewellyn Williams 1902-1903, undated
Box 40 Critique, The Lovely Lady Hamilton
Box 40 "Hints to artist" re Dumas' The Tower of Nesle
Box 40 Miscellaneous
Box 40 Art vouchers (miscellaneous), alphabetical by originator (7 folders)
Box 40 Manuscript vouchers (miscellaneous), alphabetical by author
Box 40 Calculations and notes 1904, 1937, undated
Inventory of series
Notebook contents disbound
Box 40 Adventure Library 1926-1931
Box 40 Alger Series 1926-1933
Box 40 Great Western Library 1927-1932
Box 40 Love Story Library 1926-1932
Box 40 Merriwell/Standish 1921-1933
Box 40 New Bertha Clay Library 1926-1932
Box 40 New Eagle Series 1926-1932
Box 40 New Magnet Library 1926-1933
Box 40 Round the World Library 1926-1931
Burt L. Standish Library
See Merriwell/Standish.
Box 40 Western Story Library 1927-1930
Box 40 [Bertha] Clay Library (no. 241-249) 1904
Box 40 Favorite Library (no. 251-325) undated
Box 40 Harkaway Library ca. 1904
Box 40 Miscellaneous
Box 41 Lists of authors' stories from Street & Smith publications (individual authors A-Z) (2 folders)
Adams, Cleve F.
Alger, Horatio
Apple, A. E.
Archibald, Joe
Bond, Lee
Bradbury, Ray
Breslauer, Bernard
Buck, Charles Neville
Cartmill, Cleve
Chapel, Charles E.
Chapin, Cyrus
Chester, George Randolph
Cook, William Wallace
Dent, Lester
Dingle, A. E.
Dunning, Hal
England, George Allan
Ervin, Patrick - see Howard, Robert Ervin
Fearn, John Russell
Ferguson [W. B. M.?]
Ferrill, Benjamin F.
Gelzer, Jay (Mrs.) (a.k.a. John Paul Mitchell)
Gibson, Walter B.
Gregory, Jackson
Gross, Michael
Heinlein, Robert A.
Holmes, Mary J.
Howard, Robert Ervin
Irvine, Houston
Jenkins, Will F.
Lewis, Alfred Henry
Liebe, Hapsburg
Lincoln, Joseph C.
Lockhart, Caroline
Mann, Arthur
McClary, Thomas Calvert (a.k.a. Calvin Peregoy)
McNutt, William Slavens
Mitchell, John Paul - see Gelzer, Jay (Mrs.)
Page, Norvell
Pape, Lee
Penrose, Bernard Lee
Peregoy, Calvin - see McClary, Thomas Calvert
Phillips, Roland Ashford
Powers, Paul S. (a.k.a. Ward M. Stevens)
Randall, William Herbert
Rathborne, St. George
Ridge, Lola
Rohmer, Sax
Rothenberger, Paul
Saltus, Edgar
Sheridan, Phil R.
Smith, Edward H.
Stebbins, Francis L.
Stevens, Ward M. - see Powers, Paul S.
Stillman, Donald
Terhune, Albert Payson
Tinsley, Theodore
Tompkins, Walker
Tuttle, W. C.
Ward, John Lawrence
Ward, J. R.
Wells, H. G.
Whiteley, Mary N. S.
Wire, H. C.
Witwer, H. C.
Box 41 Lists of authors' stories from Street & Smith publications (multiple authors)
Box 41 Lists of newspapers for review copies 1901, undated (2 folders)
Box 41 Literary Features Ltd. 1962
Box 41 Luzzato, Jack (re word puzzles) with "What's in a Brand?" puzzles 1944-1949, undated
Manuscript transferrals
Box 41 By periodical title, A-Z on cards (3 folders)
Box 41 By date 1930-1937, undated
Box 41 Editorial Department organization Sept. 27, 1937
Box 41 Internal inquiries and reports about stock 1903-1904, undated
Box 41 Literary agents who submit to Street and Smith Jan. 20, 1939
Box 41 Manuscripts titles (miscellaneous, i.e. not assigned to a particular periodical) 1940, undated
Box 41 Revised series lists sent to various departments - (cover notes only, no lists attached) 1903-1905
Box 41 Miscellaneous 1927, 1934, 1938-1939, 1944
[F. Tennyson] Neely, Publisher/Roth, H. William
Box 41 Correspondence 1899
Notebooks (2)
Box 41 1939-1940 Compilation of information on competitors and distributors, as well as data on Street & Smith periodicals (disbound)
Box 41 Undated Personnel and publications records
Box 41 Ainslee's/Select Fiction 1903-1904, undated (5 folders)
Box 41 American News Co. 1903-1905, 1932
Box 41 Federal Book Company 1904-1905, undated (3 folders)
Box 41 Kaufman Advertising Agency 1903
Box 41 Miscellaneous 1903-1904
Box 41 Daily report, Stock and Returned Goods Department June 18, 1900
Box 41 Indexed (21 items)
1. 79 Seventh Ave., NY - exterior of building
2. Reception room at 15th St., 79 Seventh Ave.
3. Corridor outside general offices (1906)
4. General office, from the SE (1906)
5. Clarence Vernon's office (1906)
6. Ormond G. Smith's office, from the NW
7. Private office, for out-of-town friends (1906)
8. Accounting Department, cashier's office (1906)
9. Composing room
10. Linotype room, from the SE
11. Pressroom, from the SE
12. Pressroom, from the SW (1906)
13. Feeding press, showing flyboy and pressman (1906)
14. Flatbed press
15. Foundry (1906)
16. Paper stock room (1906)
17. Bindery, showing folding machines (1910)
18. Bindery
19. Book Department (1906)
20. Book Department
21. Freight elevator, 15th Street
Unidentified (5, including an additional print of one image)
Plate stock inventories
Box 41 Books by classification undated
Box 41 "Books by Edgar Saltus" undated
Box 41 "Books [for] which Dillingham has the right to use our plates" 1904
Box 41 "Duplicate plates" undated
Box 41 "A list of unpublished books arranged alphabetically by titles" undated
Box 41 Lists arranged by series titles 1904, undated (2 folders)
Box 41 Miscellaneous undated
Promotional material
Box 41 1899 - Street & Smith's Complete Catalogue and Order List of Popular Ten Cent Books
Box 41 1903 - Cloth Book Department Descriptive List of Publications 1930 - News Trade Bulletin
Box 41 1933 - Publications of Chelsea House
Box 41 1940? - Subscription Price List of Magazines
Box 41 Undated - Street & Smith's Arrow Library
Box 41 Advertising copy for Campaigning with Tippecanoe / John H. Whitson
Box 41 "The Bookseller" complimentary directory of representatives for July 1903 exhibit
Box 41 The Greatest Publishing House in the World - booklet commemorating the 50th anniversary of Street & Smith (edited for possible later use) ca. 1905
Box 41 Submission form for The Publisher's Weekly
American Publishers Corporation
Box 41 "List of books sold us carrying royalties"
[Robert] Bonner's Sons
Box 41 Catalogue of publications - printed material, with annotations
Box 41 Inventory of "illustrations received from Bonners Sons"
Box 41 Inventory of plates purchased
Box 41 Inventories of plates purchased, with additional pages indicating royalty agreements
Box 41 Inventories of titles in The Ledger Library and The Popular Series
Box 41 Inventory of "used or discontinued Bonner books"
[N.L.] Munro
Golden Hours
Box 41 Might and Main Library undated
Box 41 "New Ten-Cent Library" undated
Box 41 "Reserved for book publication" Nov. 16, 1906
Box 41 Various Nov. 16, 1906, undated
Box 41 Inventory of titles arranged by author
Box 41 Inventories of titles selected for purchase 1902-1908, undated (3 folders)
Box 41 Inventories of titles not purchased or unavailable 1905, undated
Old Cap. Collier Library
Box 41 Boys of America undated
Box 41 Magnet Library 1903, undated
Box 41 New Secret Service Series 1903, undated
Box 41 Nick Carter Weekly 1903-1904
Box 41 Old Broadbrim Weekly 1904, undated
Box 41 The Jesse James Stories undated
Box 41 Various 1904, undated
Box 41 Inventories of numbers sold 1902-1907, undated
Box 41 Inventories of numbers wanted, reserved, used, not used, in stock, etc.
Box 41 Inventories of titles - printed material
Box 41 Inventories of titles sold (481)
Box 41 Inventories of titles sold - 1st-5th selections
Box 41 Inventory of "23 selected serials from Golden Hours in place of 69 Old Cap Collier stories"
Box 41 Notes (miscellaneous)
Queries (by date of reply)
Box 41 1937-1969 (6 folders)
See also Bragin, Charles.
Record books (publication and statistical data)
There are three different Nick Carter title sequences, each with its own numbering, and most often referred to in the Record Books as simply "Nick Carter." As they first appear in the Record Books, the title sequences are: [1] Nick Carter Detective Library/ Nick Carter Library; [2] New Nick Carter Library/New Nick Carter Weekly/ Nick Carter Weekly/New Nick Carter Weekly; and [3] Nick Carter Stories (Record Book 3). Similarly, the Tip Top series has two distinct numbering sequences: Tip Top Weekly/Tip Top Library/Tip Top Weekly; and: New Tip Top Weekly (Record Book 3).
Box 42 Description
Box 42 Record Book 1 1889-1898 (100 pp.)
Log Cabin [Library] no. 1-456
Nick Carter [Detective Library] (no. 1-3)/Nick Carter [Library] (no. 4-282) no. 1-282
New Nick Carter Library (no. 1-7)/New Nick Carter Weekly (no. 8-42)/Nick Carter Weekly (no. 43-320) no. 1-84
New York Five Cent [Library] no. 1-206
Diamond Dick Jr. no. 1-92
Tip Top Weekly (no. 1-13)/Tip Top Library (no. [18]-39)/Tip Top Weekly (no. 40-850) no. 1-120
Klondike Kit [Library] no. 1-15
True Blue no. 1-15
Red, White and Blue no. 1-59
Adventure Weekly no. 1-19
Starry Flag Weekly no. 1-10
Box 42 Record Book 2 1898-1909 (200 pp.)
Buffalo Bill Stories no. 226-405 are referred to incorrectly as Buffalo Bill Weekly.
Nick Carter Weekly (no. 43-320)/New Nick Carter Weekly (no. 321-819) no. 85-384
Tip Top Weekly no. 121-420
Diamond Dick Jr. no. 93-392
True Blue no. 16-50, no. 51 listed but not published
Shield Weekly no. 1-22
[New] Nick Carter Weekly no. 385-459
Starry Flag Weekly no. 11-20
Diamond Dick Jr. no. 393-527

Klondike Kit [Library] no. 16-19 Diamond Dick Jr. no. 528-536
Comrades no. 1-72
Old Broadbrim [Weekly] no. 1-51
Young Broadbrim [Weekly] no. 52-81
Diamond Dick Jr. no. 537-641
Do and Dare [Weekly] no. 1-65
Buffalo Bill Stories no. 1-225
My Queen no. 1-37
Jesse James Stories no. 1-121
Young Rough Riders Weekly (no. 1-78)/Rough Rider Weekly (no. 79-[175]) no. 1-84
Buffalo Bill Weekly (i.e. Stories) no. 226-405
Brave and Bold [Weekly] no. 1-195
Red Raven [Library] no. 1-38
Rover Boy Library (no. 1-3)/Young Rover Library (no. 4-[52]) no. 1-50
All-Sports Library no. 1-45
Tip Top Weekly no. 421-607
Box 42 Record Book 3 1905-1918 (176 pp.)
New Nick Carter Weekly no. 460-819
Nick Carter Stories no. 1-160, with projected no. 161-165
Tip Top Weekly no. 608-850
New Tip Top Weekly no. 1-136
Diamond Dick Jr. no. 642-762
Buffalo Bill Stories no. 406-591
New Buffalo Bill Weekly no. 1-299
Brave and Bold [Weekly] no. 196-429
Box 42 Record Book 4 1886-1897 (59 pp.)
Eagle Library no. 1-144
Atlantic Series no. 1-13
Arrow Library no. 1-97
Magnet Library no. 1-114
Daisy Library no. 1-35
Medal Library no. 1-34
Historical Series no. 1-11
New York Weekly Supplements no. 1-24
New York Weekly Complete Novels no. 25-43
Rose Series no. 1-12
Columbia Library no. 1-23
Order blank record (p. 56) indicates style, remarks (last number listed on blank), quantity, order and proof received dates, distribution date and agent
Alliance [Library] no. 1-5
Box 42 Record Book 5 1887-1901 (86 pp.)
Rockspur no. 1-3
Eagle Library no. 100-319
Arrow Library no. 75-183
Magnet Library no. 100-253
Medal Library no. 1-205
Alliance Library no. 1-20
Columbia Library no. 1-34
Welcome Series no. 1-10
Alford Series no. 1-50
Historical Series no. 1-17
Atlantic Series no. 1-22
Princess Series no. 1-25
Der Deutsche-Amerikanische Bibliothek no. 1-5
Diamond Hand-Book [Series] no. 1-7
Romance Series no. 1-18
Eden Series no. 1-103
Bertha Clay Library no. 1-44
Undine no. 1-9
Bertha Clay Library no. 141-145
Rose Series no. 1-15
Bertha Clay Library no. 45-130
Gold Series no. 1-26
Perfection no. 1-12
Box 42 Record Book 6 1878-1904 (196 pp.)
Eagle [Library] no. 207-375
Arrow [Library] no. 173-315
Magnet [Library] no. 179-348
Medal [Library] no. 96-261
Columbia [Library] no. 34-44
Eden [Series] no. 12-143 Bertha Clay [Library] no. 67-240
Diamond Hand-Book [Series] no. 1-15
Monogram Series no. 1-3
New Secret Service Series no. 1-78
Humor Library no. 1-6
Bound-to-Win [Library] no. 1-66
Dr. Jack Series no. 1-26
Laura Series no. 1-23
Box 42 Record Book 7 1870-1903 (201 pp.)
Eagle [Library] no. 340-424
Arrow [Library] no. 299-342
Magnet [Library] no. 310-400
Medal [Library] no. 228-316
Eden [Series] no. 132-168
[Bertha] Clay [Library] no. 223-253
Dr. Jack [Series] no. 16-26
Cobb no. 1-23
Star Library no. 1-14
New Secret Service [Series] no. 58-72
Bound-to-Win [Library] no. 50-126
Boys of Liberty [Library] no. 1-32
Harkaway [Library] no. 1-34
Humor [Library] no. 1-7
Diamond Hand-Book Series (laid in) no. 1-15
Special 3 titles
Monogram [Series] no. 4-5
Box 42 Record Book 8 1864-1906 (151 pp.)
Eagle [Library] no. 300-480
Arrow [Library] no. 280-342
Magnet [Library] no. 280-456
[Medal Library] no. 187-362
Columbia no. 34-44
Medal [Library] no. 363-372
Bertha Clay [Library] no. 174-266
Eden [Series] no. 105-173
Diamond Hand-Book Series (listed: "D.H.B.") no. 1-13
Bound-to-Win Library (listed: "B-T-W") no. 1-167
New Secret Service [Series] no. 1-72
Humor Library no. 1-7
Monogram Series no. 1-5
Dr. Jack Series no. 1-26
Laura Series no. 1-23
Boys of Liberty [Library] no. 1-32
Woodville Stories 6 titles
Cobb Library no. 1-22
Harkaway Library no. 1-34
Star Library Monthly no. 1-21
Select Library no. 1-74
Box 42 Record Book 9 1894-1908 (198 pp.)
Eagle [Library] no. 474-605
Magnet [Library] no. 450-581
Medal [Library] no. 365-496
[Bertha] Clay [Library] no. 265-330
Bound-to-Win [Library] no. 160-192
Star no. 21-26
New Romance [Library] no. 1-6
Far West [Library] no. 1-44
Select [Library] no. 75-112
Box 42 Record Book 10 1873-1915 (153 pp.)
Eagle Library no. 606-837
Magnet Library no. 698-922
Medal Library no. 497-670
Eagle Library no. 838-947
Magnet Library no. 582-697
Medal Library no. 671-838
Bertha Clay [Library] no. 319-486
Far West Library no. 48-211
Select [Library] no. 107-166
New Sheldon no. 1-40
Popular Fiction Library no. 1-41
New Surprise no. 1-49
New Romance [Library] no. 7-17
Select [Library] no. 167-178
Republished Books (10 Cents) (Mar. 8, 1912-Jan. 18, 1916)
Medal Library (Frank Merriwell titles) no. 150-377
Eagle [Library] (Mrs. Georgie Sheldon titles) no. 1-520
Eagle [Library] (Charles Garvice titles) no. 531-548
Magnet [Library] (Nick Carter titles) no. 1-482
Box 42 Record Book 11 1890-1922 (142 pp.)
Eagle [Library] no. 948-1096
Magnet [Library] no. 923-1069
Medal [Library] no. 839-858
Merriwell Baseball Stories no. 1-8
Merriwell Football Stories no. 1-6
Bertha Clay [Library] no. 480-512
New Bertha Clay [Library] no. 1-171
Far West [Library] no. 201-211
Buffalo Bill Border Stories no. 1-121
Select [Library] no. 173-245
Alger Series no. 1-123
Merriwell Series no. 1-29
Southworth no. 49-85
New Southworth [Library] no. 1-91
New Romance Library no. 18-71
Harkaway Series (numbers do not match those for Harkaway Library) no. 1-26
Optic titles from Lake Shore, Starry Flag, Cheerful Hour, Happy Thought, and Welcome Friend Series' (6 titles each)
Picture Play no. 1-33
20th Century Hand Books no. 1-8
New [20th Century Hand Books] no. 1-4
Detective Library no. 1-51
Box 42 Record Book 12 1908-1936 (200 pp.)
[Nick Carter Weekly] (no. 43-320)/New Nick
Carter Weekly (no. 321-819) no. 50-819
Nick Carter Stories no. 1-160
Tip Top Weekly no. 818-850
New Tip Top Weekly no. 1-136
Tip Top Weekly no. 621-850
[New] Tip Top Weekly no. 1-20
[New] Nick Carter Weekly no. 585-819
Nick Carter Stories no. 1-15
Magnet/New York Weekly: Nick Carter titles only 4 pages, no stats
Magnet/New Magnet correlation 1 page, no stats
Diamond Dick [Jr.] no. 595-762
Buffalo Bill [Stories] no. 357-591
[New Buffalo Bill Weekly] no. 1-16
Brave and Bold [Weekly] no. 273-429
New York Weekly v. 63, no. 25-v. 68, no. 13 (1909-1912)
Motor Stories no. 1-32
Top-Notch [Magazine] no. 1-7
Eagle [Library] no. 554-811
Magnet [Library] no. 529-787
Medal [Library] no. 445-702
[Bertha] Clay [Library] no. 295-414
Far West [Library] no. 17-146
Select [Library] no. 89-150
New Fiction no. 1-40
New Romance [Library] no. 7-17
[Old] Broadbrim [Weekly] (no. 1-51)/[Young]
Broadbrim [Weekly] (no. 52-81) no. 1-81
Motor Stories no. 1-30
Union Jack (use in Magnet, etc.) 2 pages
True Blue (includes 3 not published) no. 1-52
Half-Holiday no. 1-20
Do and Dare [Weekly] no. 1-47
Army & Navy [Weekly] (no. 1-20)/Army & Navy (no. 21-33) no. 1-33
Old Cap. Collier [Library] (use in S&S lines) no. 1-817
"Old Nick Carter Library" (i.e. Nick Carter
[Detective Library] (no. 1-3)/Nick Carter
Library (no. 4-282) no. 1-282
New Nick Carter Library (no. 1-7)/New Nick
Carter Weekly (no. 8-42)/Nick Carter
Weekly (no. 43-320)/New Nick Carter Weekly
(no. 321-819) no. 1-819
"New Nick Carter Crop of 1912" (i.e. Nick
Carter Stories) no. 1-93
Tip Top Weekly (no. 1-13)/Tip Top Library (no. [18]-39)/Tip Top Weekly (no. 40-850) no. 1-817
Buffalo Bill Weekly (i.e. Stories) no. 1-591
[New] Buffalo Bill Weekly no. 1-11
Beadle's Dime [Library] (use in S&S lines) no. 52-1029
Beadle's Half-Dime [Library] (use in S&S lines) no. 2-1052
All-Sports [Library] no. 1-58
Comrades no. 1-73
[Young] Rough Rider[s Weekly] (no. 1-78)/Rough Rider [Weekly] (no. 79-[175]) no. 1-172
Do and Dare [Weekly] no. 1-47
Additional sheets with lists of Beadle's Dime [Library] and Beadle's Half-Dime [Library] used by Street and Smith, a list of Buffalo Bill Stories numbers, and a list of titles by Mrs. Alex McVeigh Miller, and others
Box 42 Record Book 13 1912-1925 (201 pp.)
Tip Top [Library] (no. 18-39)/Tip Top Weekly (no. 40-850) no. 21-136
Picture-Play Weekly v. 1, no. 1-v. 2, no. 8
Nick Carter [Stories] no. 16-160
[New] Buffalo Bill [Weekly] no. 16-356
Western Story Magazine no. 357-364
New York Weekly v. 68, no. 14-v. 71, no. 9
Western Stories (i.e. Story Library] no. 1-43
Round the World [Library] no. 1-38
Sport Stories no. 1-15
Adventure [Library] no. 1-37
New Eagle [Series] no. 812-1219
New Magnet [Library] no. 788-1195
New Medal [Library] no. 703-858
Bertha Clay [Library] no. 415-512
New Bertha Clay [Library] no. 1-292
Far West [Library] no. 147-211
Picture Play Library no. 1-34
Select [Library] no. 167-239
Select [Library] no. 151-166
Southworth no. 1-72
New Southworth [Library] no. 1-91
New Fiction no. 39-41
Sheldon no. 1-39
New "Alger Series" no. 1-159
untitled no. 92-125
Merriwell Series no. 1-147
Republished Garvice (Eagle) 2 pages
Specials 1 page
New Romance no. 51-71
Harkaway no. 13-24
Optic: Cheerful Hour Stories no. 1-6
Optic: Happy Thought Stories no. 1-6
Optic: Welcome Friend Series no. 1-6
Detective Library no. 1-51
Buffalo Bill Border Stories no. 1-211
[20th Century] Hand Books no. 1-8
"New" [20th Century] H[and] B[ooks] no. 1-4
Merriwell Baseball Stories no. 1-8
Merriwell Football Stories no. 1-6
Box 42 Index to record books
For subject analysis of and index to Record Books see p. 66-79 ???###
Box 42 Checklist (holograph) of stories from Good News, possibly for re-use
Box 42 List of "'Bound-to-Win' stories used in Brave and Bold and Might and Main"
Box 42 List of stories from Half-Holiday, Army & Navy, and Good News available for books
Box 42 List of "stories in sets edited for Cloth Book Department"
Box 42 Unidentified notes, fragments, and printed material
Indexes are in two different types of containers. The first 30 are in cardboard boxes and are labelled CB-1 through CB-30. The second batch are (or were originally) in metal file drawers; these are labelled M-21 through M-166. Two of the M file drawers (M-23 and M-24) are missing and three (M-22, M-26, M-91) are empty.
General author index 1915-1938
Box CB-1 A - Brooks
Box CB-2 Broome - Cu
Box CB-3 D - Fo
Box CB-4 Fr - Hj
Box CB-5 Ho - Ky
Box CB-6 L - McNa
Box CB-7 McNi - Powers, Pat
Box CB-8 Powers, Paul - Smiley
Box CB-9 Smith - V
Box CB-10 W - Z
Manuscript vouchers index
Box CB-11 A - Barker, Lillian
Box CB-12 Barker, S. - Bosworth, A.
Box CB-13 Bosworth, J. - Chi
Box CB-14 Cho - Daw
Box CB-15 Day - Erne
Box CB-16 Ernest - Garret, L.
Box CB-17 Garrett, R. - Harrison
Box CB-18 Harron - Hy
Box CB-19 I - K
Box CB-20 L - Mac
Box CB-21 Mad - McV
Box CB-22 Me - N
Box CB-23 O - Powell
Box CB-24 Powers - Rob
Box CB-25 Roc - Sha
Box CB-26 She - Ste
Box CB-27 Sti - Tompkins
Box CB-28 Too - White, N.
Box CB-29 White, V. - Z
General name indexes
Box M-21/1 publishers, agents, subscribers, contacts, consultants, etc, A-Z undated - 3x5 cards
Author indexes
Box M-25/1 mostly Western stories, includes amount paid, title, word count, date bought, date published, rights, A-Z 1926-1932 - 3x5 cards (8")
Box M-25/2 mostly Western stories, includes amount paid, title, word count, date bought, date published, rights, A-Z 1930-1931 - 3x5 cards (1")
Box M-27 Ainslee's, I-T 1899-1925 - 3x5 cards (10")
Box M-27, start of run Ainslee's - contains Bachelder, Bailey (F.E.), Bailey (H.C.), Bailey (Temple), Arnett, Arnold, Arthur, Ashworth, Aspinwall, Atherton, Avery, unordered 1902-1922 - 3x5 cards (0.25")
Box M-28/1 Smith's Magazine, A-Z 1905-1922 - 3x5 cards (5")
Box M-28/2 Live Girl Stories, Modern Girl Stories, Girl Stories (interfiled), A-Z 1928-1930 - 3x5 cards (2")
The Popular Magazine 1904-1931 - 3x5 cards
Box M-29 A - Chase (10")
Box M-30 Chess - Futrelle (10")
Box M-126 Gallagher - Lyman (12")
Box M-127 Lynch - Penney (12")
Box M-128 Perowne - Utting (11")
Box M-129 Van - Yates (5")
Top Notch Magazine 1910-1931 - 3x5 cards
Box M-31 A-L
Box M-32 M-Z
Box M-33/1 Complete Stories, A-Z 1926-1936 - 3x5 cards (11")
Box M-33/2 "Doubtfuls", unordered 1923-1927 - 3x5 cards (7 items)
Box M-33/3 Complete Stories, unordered 1931-1934 - 3x5 cards (10 items)
Box M-34/2 Western Winners, A-Z 1935-1936 - 3x5 cards (1")
Box M-34/3 Best Detective Magazine, A-Z 1926-1937 - 3x5 cards (3")
Box M-37-42 Printing plate record cards for books; information may include source, pagination, copyright, number of printings, pseudonyms, title changes, presence of illustrations, etc., A-Z
Records of payment to authors, especially as regards extra rights, movie rights, reprint rights, copyright buyouts, etc., unordered - 4x6 cards
Box M-43 1919-1937 (13")
Box M-45 1932-1939 (10")
Box M-46 1937-1938 (9")
Box M-50/4 Copyright assigned works, mostly prominent authors, mostly written for Mademoiselle but also for Glamour, Charm, Analog, Clues, Top Notch, etc, A-Z 1935-1972[sic] - 4x6 cards (4")
Box M-50/5 Mademoiselle permissions, A-Z 1958-1963 - 4x6 cards (7 items)
Box M-50/6 Mademoiselle authors, also clippings with brief bios, A-Z 1953-1957 - 3x5 cards (4")
Box M-51 Unspecified series
Box M-71/3 Index to pseudonyms, A-T undated - 3x5 cards (1")
Box M-71/4 Over the Top, with price paid and word count, A-Z 1928-1930 - 3x5 cards (3")
Box M-71/5 Outdoor Stories, with price paid and word count, A-Z 1926[sic]-1928 - 3x5 cards (2")
Box M-50/4 Copyright assigned works, mostly prominent authors, mostly written for Mademoiselle but also for Glamour, Charm, Analog, Clues, Top Notch, etc, A-Z 1935-1972[sic] - 4x6 cards (4")
Box M-50/5 Mademoiselle permissions, A-Z 1958-1963 - 4x6 cards (7 items)
Box M-50/6 Mademoiselle authors, also clippings with brief bios, A-Z 1953-1957 - 3x5 cards (4")
Box M-51 Unspecified series
Box M-78/4 Western Adventures, A-Z 1940-1943 - 3x5 cards (1")
Ainslee's; also includes pre-1898 references to The Yellow Book, predecessor to Ainslee's 1921-1926 - 4x6 cards
Box M-82 A-O (11")
Box M-83 P-Z (6")
Box M-100/1 Love Story Annual, Detective Story Annual, All Fiction Stories Annual, Western Romance Anthology, etc (interfiled), A-Z 1941-1946 - 3x5 cards (0.5")
Box M-100/2 Love Story Annual, Detective Story Annual, All Fiction Stories Annual, Western Romance Anthology, etc (interfiled), A-Z 1941-1946 - 3x5 cards (1")
Box M-101 Love Story Magazine, A-Z 1927-1939 - 3x5 cards (12")
People's Magazine 1906-1925 - 4x6 cards
Box M-116 A-Q (10")
Box M-117/1 R-Z (4")
Box M-138 Sport Story, A-Z, some unfiled at start of run 1923-1938 - 4x6 cards (13.5")
Box M-139 Sport Story (selected authors), A-Z, some unfiled at end of run 1926-1942 - 4x6 cards (5.5")
Box M-152 Western Story Magazine (differs from Box 153), A-Z 1921-1944 - 3x5 cards (10")
Box M-153 Western Story Magazine (differs from Box 152), A-Z 1922-1949 - 3x5 cards (9")
Box M-156 Wild West Weekly, A-Z 1927-1942 - 3x5 cards (12")
Box M-156 Wild West Weekly, unfiled 1928 - 3x5 cards (0.25")
Box M-156 Wild West Weekly, unfiled 1928 - 4x6 cards (0.25")
Subject indexes
Charm - subject/author index, 3x5 cards (11")
Box M-90 A-Z 1950-1959
Box M-90, at start of run Unfiled 1956-1957 (11 items)
Pic (some author and title headings interfiled) 1937-1948 - 4x6 cards
Box M-110 A-C (16")
Box M-111 D-H (16")
Box M-112 I-M (14")
Box M-113/1 N-R (12")
Box M-113/2 Murder (2")
Box M-114 S-Z (6")
Box M-114, at start of run unfiled (0.25")
Box M-115 unfiled, misfiled, partial runs (14")
Title indexes
Box M-21/2 stories transferred among various magazines, unordered 1936-1938 - 3x5 cards
Box M-34/1 Western Story Magazine, Western Winner (interfiled), A-Z 1921-1936 - 3x5 cards (2")
Box M-34/4 "Thubway Tham" stories published in Best Detective Magazine or Detective Story Magazine, chronological 1918-1936 - 3x5 cards (1")
"The Competition" (i.e. other trade magazine titles), includes addresses, page count, wholesale and retail prices, etc. but no dirt 1940- - 4x6 cards
Box M-35 A-O (9")
Box M-36/1 P-Z (6")
Box M-36/2 A-Z 1930s - 3x5 cards (2")
Box M-36/2, start of run unfiled - 3x5 cards (1")
Box M-37 Horario Alger stories, unordered 1868[sic]-1908 - 3x5 cards (1")
Box M-44 Stories; includes author, amount paid, rights ceded or granted, date of publication, magazine in which published, A-Z 1910-1917 (12")
Box M-47/1 Progress, A-Z 1932-1933 - 4x6 cards (2")
Box M-47/2 High Spot, A-Z 1930-1931 - 4x6 cards (2")
Box M-47/3 Fame and Fortune, A-Z 1928-1929 - 4x6 cards (3")
Box M-49/1 The Shadow novels, A-Z 1931-1949 - 4x6 cards (2")
Box M-49/2 Doc Savage novels, A-Z 1933-1949 - 4x6 cards (2")
Box M-49/3 Analog, unordered 1962-1963 - 4x6 cards (1")
Box M-50/2 Astounding Science Fiction and Analog: Astounding Science Fact and Fiction - editorials, A-Z 1950-1963 - 4x6 cards (2")
Box M-50/3 Astounding Science Fiction and Analog: Astounding Science Fact and Fiction - articles, A-Z 1957-1966 - 4x6 cards (1")
Box M-52/1 Bertha M. Clay Library, New Bertha M. Clay Library, Eagle Library, Eagle Series, Magnet Library, New Magnet Library, Medal Library, Select Library, listed with series number A-M undated - 3x5 cards (10")
Box M-52/2 New Eagle Series, listed with series numbers B-Y undated - 3x5 cards (1")
Complete Stories and People's Magazine 1922-1937 - 4x6 cards
Box M-54 A-F (10")
Box M-55 G - N (12")
Box M-56 O - T (11")
Box M-67/1 U - Z (4")
Top Notch Magazine 1922-1937 - 4x6 cards
Box M-57 A - D (10")
Box M-58 E - I (10")
Box M-59 J - O (10")
Box M-60 P - S (11")
Box M-61 T - Z (8")
The Popular Magazine 1922-1931 - 4x6 cards
Box M-62 A - F (9")
Box M-63 G - O (10")
Box M-64 P - Z (11")
Box M-65/1 Doc Savage Magazine, A-Z 1933-1938 - 4x6 cards (3")
Box M-65/2 Pocket Western, A-Z 1937 - 4x6 cards (1")
Box M-65/3 Chelsea House clothbound books, A-Z 1924-1936 - 4x6 cards (6")
Box M-65/4 Street and Smith novels, A-Z 1926-1927 - 4x6 cards (1")
Box M-66 True Western Stories, Far West Stories (interfiled), A-Z 1925-1931 - 4x6 cards (12")
Box M-67/2 Hardboiled, The Popular (successor to Hardboiled, not to be confused with The Popular Magazine, 1903-1931), A-Z 1936-1937 - 4x6 cards (3")
Box M-67/3 Pocket Detective Magazine, A-Z 1936-1937 - 4x6 cards (2")
Box M-68/1 Pete Rice Magazine, A-Z 1933-1936 - 4x6 cards (2")
Box M-68/2 Nick Carter Magazine - novelettes and complete stories, unordered 1933-1936 - 4x6 cards (1")
Box M-68/3 Nick Carter Magazine, A-Z 1930[sic]-1936 - 4x6 cards (2")
Box M-68/4 Dynamic Adventures, A-Z 1935-1936 - 4x6 cards (1")
Box M-68/5 Sport Pictorial, A-Z 1936-1937 - 4x6 cards (1")
Box M-68/6 Excitement, A-Z 1928-1931 - 4x6 cards (2")
Box M-68/7 Movie Action, A-Z 1935-1936 - 4x6 cards (1")
Box M-69/1 The Whisperer, A-Z 1936-1937 - 4x6 cards (2")
Box M-69/2 Cowboy Stories, A-Z 1933-1937 - 4x6 cards (6")
Box M-69/3 The Skipper, A-Z 1936-1937 - 4x6 cards (2")
Box M-69/4 Feds, A-Z 1936-1937 - 4x6 cards (2")
Box M-70/1 Air Trails, A-Z 1928-1931 - 4x6 cards (5")
Box M-70/2 College Stories, A-Z 1931-1932 - 4x6 cards (2")
Box M-71/1 Over the Top, A-Z 1928-1930 - 4x6 cards (3")
Box M-71/2 Outdoor Stories, A-Z 1927-1928 - 4x6 cards (4")
Box M-72/1 Crime Busters, A-Z 1937-1939 - 4x6 cards (2")
Box M-72/2 The Shadow Magazine, A-Z 1931-1939 - 4x6 cards (7")
Box M-73/2 Mademoiselle, A-Z 1935-1938 - 4x6 cards (6")
Top Notch Magazine 1935-1938 - 4x6 cards
Box M-74 A - H (10")
Box M-75 I - R (9")
Box M-76 S - Y (9")
Box M-77/1 Women's Stories and Live Stories (interfiled), A-Z 1913-1916 - 4x6 cards (5")
Box M-77/2 Tiptop and Wide Awake, interfiled, A-Z 1915-1916 - 4x6 cards (3")
Box M-77/3 Thrill Book, A-Z 1919 - 4x6 cards (2")
Box M-78/1 Western Adventures, A-Z 1940-1943 - 3x5 cards (3")
Box M-79 Top Notch Magazine, A-Z 1925-1932 - 3x5 cards (15")
Box M-80/1 Real Love Magazine, A-Z 1929-1932 - 4x6 cards (4")
Box M-80/2 Live Girl Stories, Modern Girl Stories, and Girl Stories (interfiled), A-Z 1928-1929 - 4x6 cards (4")
Box M-81 Ainslee's, A-Z 1921-1926 - 4x6 cards (9")
Ainslee's 1903-1913 - 4x6 cards
Box M-84 A-M (12")
Box M-85/1 N-Y (8")
Box M-85/2 Miscellaneous magazines, some designated, some not (interfiled), unordered 1915-1920 - 4x6 cards (0.5")
Box M-85/3 Film Stories, unordered 1921 - 4x6 cards (1.5")
Ainslee's 1913-1922 - 4x6 cards
Box M-86 A-L (10")
Box M-87 M-Y (10")
Box M-89/1 Air Trails, A-Z 1935-1938 - 4x6 cards (8")
Box M-89/2 Bill Barnes novels, chronological (rough) 1933-1939 (1")
Detective Story Magazine 1915-1922 - 4x6 cards
Box M-92 A-Mir (includes essay by Conan Doyle about Holmes)
Box M-93/2 Mis-Z
Box M-93/1 "Thubway Tham" stories published in Best Detective Magazine or Detective Story Magazine, chronological (rough) 1918-1937 (2")
Detective Story Magazine 1921-1936 - 4x6 cards
Box M-94 A-Cro
Box M-95 Cro-G
Box M-96 H-L
Box M-97 M-P
Box M-98 Q-S
Box M-99 T-Z
Love Story Magazine 1921-1938 - 4x6 cards
Box M-102 A-C (17")
Box M-103 D-G (17")
Box M-104 G-K (17")
Box M-105 L-May (16")
Box M-106 Maybe-Q (17")
Box M-107 R-S (16")
Box M-108 T-Wh (15")
Box M-109/1 Wi-Z (5")
Box M-109/2 Pocket Love, A-Z 1937 - 4x6 cards (1")
Box M-109/3 Ainslee's Smart Love Stories, A-Z 1934-1938 - 4x6 cards (6")
Box M-117/2 People's Magazine, A-Z 1919-1925 - 4x6 cards (5")
People's Magazine 1907-1922 - 4x6 cards
Box M-118 A-G (11")
Box M-119 H-P (10")
Box M-120 Q-Z (10")
Box M-121 Picture Play, A-Z 1915-1922 - 4x6 cards (12")
Picture Play 1922-1938 - 4x6 cards
Box M-122 A-F (11")
Box M-123 G-Melb (12")
Box M-124 Melo-Sk (13")
Box M-125 Sl-Y (11")
Box M-125, end unfiled (2 items)
The Popular Magazine 1903-1922 - 4x6 cards
Box M-130 A-E (11")
Box M-131 F-L (11")
Box M-131, start unfiled (5 items)
Box M-132 M-R (10")
Box M-133 S-Z (10")
Sea Stories 1922-1930 - 4x6 cards
Box M-134 A-M (8")
Box M-135 N-Z (7")
Smith's Magazine 1907-1922 - 4x6 cards
Box M-136 A-Mc (9")
Box M-137 Ma-Y (9")
Sport Story 1923-1937 - 4x6 cards
Box M-140 A-F (12")
Box M-141 G-P (14")
Box M-142 Q-Y (12")
Box M-143 Clues, A-Z 1933-1937 - 4x6 cards (4")
Western Story Magazine 1921-1938 - 4x6 cards
Box M-144 A-Cav (10")
Box M-145 Cay-Four (11")
Box M-146 Foureyed-I (12")
Box M-147 J-N (11")
Box M-148 O-R (13")
Box M-149 S-Three (12")
Box M-150 Three-Z (13")
Box M-151 Western Story Magazine, early issues, A-Z 1919-1922 - 4x6 cards (9")
Western Story Magazine 1938-1949 - 3x5 cards
Box M-154 A-K (11")
Box M-155 L-Z (13")
Box M-157/1 Astounding Science Fiction, A-Z 1934-1937 (but includes editors notes as late as 1967) - 4x6 cards (6")
Box M-157/1, start of run Astounding Science Fiction unfiled cards, notes, manuscript tracers 1936-1943 (0.25")
Romantic Range
Box M-157/2 A-Z 1933-1938 - 4x6 cards (5")
Box M-157/3 Unfiled cards, notes undated - 4x6 cards (16 items)
Wild West Weekly (includes author, amount paid, length, rights, date bought, date used) 1927-1938 - 4x6 cards
Box M-158 A-Devil's (12")
Box M-159 Devil Tripp-K (11")
Box M-160 L-Ran (10")
Box M-161 Raw-Trail (10")
Box M-162 Trail-Z (7")
Wild West Weekly (includes author, amount paid, length, rights, date bought, date used) 1927-1943 - 3x5 cards
Box M-163 A-E (16")
Box M-164 .45-L (15")
Box M-165 M-Sh (14")
Box M-166 Si-Z (14")
Box CB-30 Astounding - title index?
Box M-48 Author/title/subject index to articles mostly concerning careers; apparently intended to keep watch on the competition, especially American Magazine and Success, A-Z 1914-1920 - 4x6 cards (9")
Box M-50/1 Astounding Science Fiction, Analog: Astounding Science Fact and Fiction, few others (interfiled), unordered 1953-1961 - 4x6 cards (1")
Box M-78/2 Western Adventures, cover copy, chronological 1941-1943 - 3x5 cards (16 items)
Box M-78/3 Wild West Weekly, cover copy, chronological 1940-1943 - 3x5 cards (1")
Box M-88 Unfiled manuscript tracer slips 1947 (1")
Box M-22 EMPTY
Box M-26 EMPTY
Box M-91 EMPTY

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