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Gregg Smith Papers

An inventory of his papers at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Smith, Gregg.
Title: Gregg Smith Papers
Inclusive Dates: circa 1950-2018
Quantity: 35 linear ft.
Abstract: American composer and choral conductor and founder of the award-winning choral group The Gregg Smith Singers. Collection includes handwritten and annotated original scores, parts, reductions, drafts, and compositional sketches; published music; correspondence, date books, programs, and memorabilia; and a few audio recordings.
Language: Majority in English, some musical pieces in French, German, Spanish, Latin, Italian, and Russian.
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

Gregg Smith (1931-2016) was an American composer and choral conductor who exerted a profound influence on American choral music.

Born in Chicago, he studied music at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) where he earned a bachelor's (1954) and master's degree (1956). He founded a number of choral groups, associations, and festivals, including the Gregg Smith Singers in 1955, a Grammy Award-winning group "renowned for its rich vocal blend, flawless intonation and clarity" which continues to record and perform both nationally and internationally; the Long Island Symphonic Choral Association (LISCA) in 1968, which he led for 40 years; and the Adirondack Festival of American Music (1973), held annually for more than 30 years. A prolific composer, Smith produced more than 400 works for chorus, orchestra, and the theater and was the composer in residence for St. Peter's Church in Manhattan from 1988. He also taught, serving as head of the choral program at Ithaca College for many years.

According to Dennis Keene, artistic director of the Voices of Ascension Chorus and Orchestra and for many years an organist with the Gregg Smith Singers, Smith was "one of the biggest chapters in American choral history. His dedication to the American music of his own time was unparalleled. It is no exaggeration to say that he did more than anyone to promote and support contemporary American choral composition."

[Biographical sketch adapted from Smith's obituary in the New York Times, 15 Jul 2016.]

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Gregg Smith Papers consists of compositions, correspondence, memorabilia, and published material. Taken as a whole, the collection provides an overview of the creative output of one of America's most prolific composers.

Compositions form the vast majority of the collection. In the donor's inventory provided with the collection, compositions were divided into five categories; these categories have been retained with the exception of splitting out Operas into a separate series. Descriptions of material in the inventory below have, with minor edits for consistency, been taken almost entirely from that inventory.

Large orchestral/choral works contains larger, longer, and/or more complex compositions. Earth Requiem, for example, a one-hour piece commissioned by the Cathedral Choral Society of Washington DC in 1997, has 22 movements; calls for a large chorus, symphony orchestra, solo quartet and children's choir; and takes its text not only from the Latin Requiem Mass but also from poems by Walt Whitman and e e cummings, and Iroquois and Navajo prayers. Beware of the Soldier was written for George Bragg and the Texas Boys Choir in May of 1969; Smith described it as

...a reflection of two aspects of mankind — childhood and innocence (as exemplified by those wonderful music-making boys) and 'manhood' and the warrior complex (the male chorus). There is a third important element which focuses the above toward the futility of war -- that of the elegies (sung by a solo voice).

[Quote taken from liner notes for New World Records LP.] Other compositions in this series include magnificats, madrigals, and pieces based on numerous American poets and writers.

Large symphonic works, Christmas and folk contains choral arrangements of traditional carols and holiday church music (Festival of Carols, Suite of Antiphonal Carols) as well as Smith's Jazz Mass for St. Peter's and a choral arrangement of the Peace Prayer of St. Francis. Also in this series are pieces based on American folk songs, such as Festival of Folks Songs and Old Folks Quadrille (based on the music of Stephen Foster).

Operas contains original operas, operettas, or musicals by Smith. In some cases Smith created both text and music (The Other Wise Man, Rip Van Winkle) while others were a collaboration, with someone else writing the lyrics and libretto -- for example, the song cycle Pretty Good Company was based on the epigrams of Rosalind Smith's cousin Gomer Rees. Smith often collaborated with friend and poet Kim Rich.

Orchestral/choral works, miscellaneous contains smaller and/or less complex pieces. A wide range of styles and source material are represented, including classical (Brass Quintet, Shakespeare madrigals), sacred (Gloria for Two Choirs, Offertorium, Exultate Deo), American poetry (A Child's Garden of Verses), folk songs of many countries (England, Israel, Jamaica, Wales), and Native American (a choral setting of Chief Seattle's famous speech in 1854).

Popular song arrangements and compositions contains Smith's arrangements of popular works by others. Included here are settings of pieces by Nat King Cole, Stephen Foster, George Gershwin, Stephen Sondheim, Rodgers and Hammerstein, and Victor Herbert.

Unpublished choral manuscripts contains a variety of pieces in various stages of completion. As with the other series, many different styles and source materials are represented: traditional songs (I ride old paint, Es ist ein schnee gefallen, B'rohos shel Hanukah); sacred music (psalms, hymns, etc.), poems and writings by American and other authors (Five Sandburg songs, Mark Twain madrigals); and events of the day (Election of 1968, 9/11/2001). There are also a few purely instrumental piece such as "Fugetto for solo sax" and "Suite for harp."

Correspondence is mostly with publishers (Earthsongs, Schirmer) and individuals at various recording companies (e.g., John McClure of Columbia Records). Much of it relates to a European tour in 1967, which encompassed the recording of several pieces in Zurich for CBS records.

Memorabilia contains calendars and itineraries spanning more than 20 years, along with clippings, programs, and receipts/expenses from tours in the US, the Far East, and Scandinavia. Of particular interest is a set of drawings and poems created by the Adirondack Children's Chorus in 1995, as a gift to Smith for his many years of work with them. Smith later adapted the poems into a new choral work, Adirondack Children's Songs (1997).

Published octavos contains Smith's library of published editions of his work. Some are marked and/or include questions from the publisher, corrections, annotations, notes, etc.

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Arrangement of the Collection

Series are arranged alphabetically by title. Compositions are subdivided by type, as detailed above, and within each type are arranged alphabetically by title. Correspondence is arranged alphabetically by correspondent. Memorabilia is arranged alphabetically by type. Published octavos are alphabetical by title.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Subject Headings


Biggs, E. Power (Edward Power), 1906-1977.
Hill, Paul, 1933 May 8-
McClure, John.
Norton, Kim Rich.
Smith, Gregg.

Corporate Bodies

Adirondack children's choir.
Gregg Smith Singers.
Gregg Smith Vocal Quartet.
Texas Boys' Choir.

Associated Titles

Earth requiem.
Jazz mass for Saint Peter's.


Choral conductors -- United States.
Choral music -- United States.
Choruses, Secular (Mixed voices)
Composers -- United States.
Folk music -- United States.

Genres and Forms

Clippings (information artifacts)
Compact discs.
Floppy discs.
Librettos (documents for music)
Programs (documents)
Scores (documents for music)
Sound recordings.



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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Gregg Smith Papers,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

Gift of Rosalind Rees Smith, 2019.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: MRC
Date: 19 Apr 2019
Revision history:

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Large orchestral/choral works
Aesop's Fables
Oversize 1 Full score, pianists copy
Oversize 1 Full score, reprinted and bound
Oversize 1 Full score, vellum
Oversize 1 Miscellaneous vellum sketches and alternative pages
Bach Variations
Oversize 1 Full score, computer printout
Oversize 3 Full score with conductor's marks
Oversize 1 Full score with marked revisions
Oversize 1 Full score, bound, incomplete (end at m. 215)
Oversize 3 Full score for 2 pianos, vellums
Oversize 3 Full orchestral score, conductor's score
Oversize 3 Full orchestral score, vellums
Oversize 2 Parts, computer printout, wind only - flute, oboe, English horn, bassoon
Oversize 2 Parts, copied - flute, oboe, clarinet, English horn, bassoon
Oversize 2 Parts, handwritten - flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, violin, viola, cello, string bass
Oversize 2 Piano vocal score, copied; choral piano score with notations
Beware the soldier - sections include Songs of War, Songs of Innocence, and Elegies
Oversize 2 Full score used to edit recordings (fragile)
Oversize 2 Full score with conductor's markings
Oversize 4 Full score with original signature and conductor's markings
Oversize 4 Full score, vellum
Oversize 4 Elegy, vocal piano reductions, vellum
Oversize 4 Men's chorus with piano reductions, vellum and copies for War is sacred, Blossom, The man and the angel, A thousand captains
Oversize 4 Songs of Innocence, vellums (partial)
Oversize 4 Parts, vellum
Oversize 4 Parts, copied (2 folders)
Canticles of Praise
Oversize 5 Director's score with markings, bound
Oversize 5 Full score with director's markings - includes 3 different markups of "Finale"
Oversize 5 Full score with accompanist's markings
Oversize 5 Full score, vellums
Oversize 5 Madrigal choir score
Oversize 5 Parts, handwritten - bells, chime, organ
Oversize 5 Accompanist's libretto with markings; director's soloist sheet and libretto
Oversize 5 Tenor soloist's score, bound
Oversize 5 Miscellaneous fragments - Swan Sequence and Finale (computer printouts with markings, plus copy of 1 ms page for Swan), Celeste and Epiphany Prelude (vellums)
Concord Hymn
Oversize 6 Full score, handwritten
Oversize 6 Full score, copy
Oversize 7 Full score, copy, with revisions and sketches
Oversize 7 Choral vocal score, copy, bound
Oversize 7 Choral vocal score, vellums
Oversize 7 Parts, handwritten
Oversize 7 Parts, copy
A Congregation of canons
Oversize 7 Full score with conductor's marks
Oversize 3 Full score, bound and unmarked
Oversize 7 Full score, vellum and mini-vellum
Oversize 7 Full score, singer's copy, bound
Oversize 7 Parts, vellum
Oversize 7 Parts, copies - violin, viola, cello, clarinet
The Continental Harmonist [noted in donor inventory as "A work in process for publication"]
Oversize 6 Full orchestral score ("Master Conductor's Score"), handwritten, with conducting and composition marks
Oversize 8 Full orchestral score, copy, with conductor's marks
Oversize 8 Full score for 2 pianos and choir, vellums
Oversize 6 Full score for 2 pianos and choir, copy
Oversize 8 Parts, handwritten
Oversize 8 Parts sketches
Dedication: Theme + Variation on a Lutheran Hymn
Oversize 8 Full score, vellums
Oversize 8 Full conductor's score, bound
Oversize 8 Parts, vellums
Oversize 8 Full score, bound
Oversize 9 Full score, bound, with pianists markings
Earth Requiem
Oversize 10 Full score, computer printout, bound
Oversize 39 Full score, computer printout, bound and marked
Box 1 Children's chorus score, computer printout, bound
Box 1 Piano vocal score, computer printout, bound and prepped for publication - includes note to Gomer Rees
Box 1 Parts, computer printout (3 folders)
Box 2 Parts, computer printout with revisions for publication, in 3-ring binder
Box 2 Piano vocal score, computer printout, marked, in 3-ring binder
Box 2 Piano vocal score, computer printout, marked, in 3-ring binder - noted in donor inventory as "early draft for publication"
Box 1 Table of contents for programs, draft
Festive Song
Oversize 3 Full orchestral score, handwritten
Oversize 9 Full score, piano and vocal
Oversize 9 Parts, handwritten (incomplete) - flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, horn, English horn
Four Concord Chorales
Oversize 9 Full score, bound
Oversize 9 Full score, copy, with conductor's marks
Oversize 9 Parts [copy 1]
Oversize 9 Parts [copy 2]
How Bright is the day
Oversize 11 Full score, computer printout
The Lion and the Unicorn
Oversize 11 Full score, vellums
Oversize 11 Full score, copy, and copy of text from book
Oversize 11 Parts, violin, handwritten
Oversize 6 Full score, handwritten
Oversize 6 Full score, copy, with conductor's markings
Oversize 11 Parts, handwritten
Oversize 11 Parts, copied
Oversize 11 Piano score, copy
Oversize 11 Piano vocal score, vellum and paper, with notes used for orchestration and autograph
Magnificat, Holly Hutcheson
Oversize 11 Organ vocal score
Magnificat, Raymond Moreman
Oversize 12 Full score, vellum
Oversize 40 Full score, bound, missing last page
Oversize 11 Parts, vellums
Oversize 11 Parts, copied and marked
Oversize 11 Piano vocal score, copy of manuscript
Magnificat I
Oversize 10 Full score, handwritten
Oversize 13 Full orchestral score, copied
Oversize 13 Full orchestral score, copied, bound and marked - removed from binder; note in donor inventory reads, "all orchestral scores end on pg 5 of last movement. Continue to end of piece using choral vocal score"
See also Memorabilia : Binder for original binder.
Oversize 13 Parts, vellums
Oversize 13 Parts, handwritten
Oversize 13 Parts, copied [set A] - includes a few handwritten pages (3 folders)
Oversize 14 Parts, copied [set B] (3 folders)
Oversize 14 Piano vocal score, vellums
Box 1 Piano vocal score, copied
Box 1 Piano vocal score, copied and bound
A Modicum of Madrigals
Oversize 15 2. Silver Swan and 3. Falala, vellums
Oversize 15 2. Silver Swan and 3. Falala, piano vocal score, copies
O Magnum Mysterium
Oversize 15 Full score, with conductor's marks and additional edited pg 10
Oversize 15 Full score, vellums, missing last page
On the Beach at Night
Oversize 15 Full score, handwritten
Oversize 15 Parts, computer printout
Papa Bach
Oversize 15 Full score, bound
Oversize 15 Full score, vellums
Oversize 15 Libretto, typescript and copy
Peter Quince at the piano
Oversize 15 Piano vocal score, vellums
Oversize 15 Piano vocal score, copy, bound
Psalms of Joy
Oversize 12 Full score with markings, last page of Psalm 95 missing
Oversize 12 Full score of Psalm 95, copy
Oversize 12 Parts, brass, copies
Oversize 12 Piano vocal of Psalm 100, computer printout
Oversize 12 Piano vocal for Psalms 23, 4, and 100, copied and bound
Oversize 12 Miscellaneous extra copies of various pages
Reflections and Transformations
Oversize 15 Full score, vellums
Oversize 15 Full score, handcopied by USAF personnel
Oversize 15 Full score, copy, bound
Revolutionary Suite
Oversize 16 Full orchestral score, handwritten, with conducting and composition marks
Oversize 16 Parts, handwritten
Oversize 16 Miscellaneous - includes copies of pieces by Francis Hopkinson Smith and others
Seasons of Love
Oversize 14 Full score, vellums
Box 1 Full score, copied and bound
Oversize 14 Full score, copied, marked and bookmarked
Oversize 14 Full score, copied, incomplete
Box 1 LISCA notes, list of songs/movements
Secular Canticle
Oversize 16 Director's score, bound
Oversize 16 Full score, vellums
Oversize 16 Full score, copy, bound
Oversize 16 Parts, violin and oboe
Oversize 16 Piano score, handwritten copy, bound
Oversize 16 Full conductor's score, bound
Oversize 16 Full score, copies in two sizes
Spring Songs
Oversize 16 Full score, handwritten
Oversize 16 Full score, handwritten copy
Oversize 17 Full orchestral score, final computer printout, bound
Oversize 17 Parts, computer printout
Oversize 17 Piano vocal score, handwritten
Oversize 17 Piano vocal score, draft, computer printout photocopy with notes (incomplete)
Oversize 17 Piano vocal score, final, computer printout bound
Oversize 17 Texts, and notes
Oversize 17 Full score, bound and unmarked
Oversize 17 Full score, miniature
Oversize 17 Full score, original, with Dave Starobin's markings
Oversize 17 Full score, vellums
Street Cries of NY
Oversize 17 Full score, vellums
Oversize 17 Full score, copied
A Time to Every Purpose
Oversize 12 Full score, handwritten with conductor's notes
Oversize 17 Full score, copied from vellums, bound
Oversize 17 Parts, handwritten
To Reach for the Stars / High Flight
Oversize 18 Full orchestration, handwritten (unfinished)
Oversize 18 Full score, vellum
Oversize 18 Full score, copied, bound - includes copy of article with poem "High Flight" by John Gillespie, from which text was taken
Oversize 18 Parts, vellum, violin only
Two Whitman songs
Oversize 12 Full scores, handwritten (2 folders)
Oversize 18 Full scores, computer printouts (2 folders)
Oversize 18 Partial scores, with notes from Dale Jergenson
Oversize 18 Texts - original poems photocopied from Leaves of Grass; miscellaneous pages, possibly from a published edition
Large symphonic works, Christmas and folk
America the Beautiful
Oversize 40 Full score, handwritten; vocal score, copy; piano-vocal score, copy
Angels from the Realms of Glory
Oversize 19 Choral manuscript, copies
Oversize 19 Full score, vellums - includes string bass part, 1 pg
Oversize 19 Full score - 2 copies, 1 with marks
Oversize 19 Full score, computer printout
A Festival of Carols
Oversize 19 Conductor's score, copied with marks
Oversize 40 Full score, 1st movement - 3 copies, 1 bound
Oversize 19 Full score, 1st movement, copy (reduced size)
Oversize 19 Parts, handwritten (2 folders)
Oversize 19 Parts, 1st movement, copies
Oversize 19 Parts, Babe of Bethlehem, copies
Oversize 19 Parts, Greensleeves, copies
Oversize 19 Miscellaneous - misc copies, 2 handwritten sketches
Festival of Folk Songs - note in donor inventory reads, "some sketches of these works are also in...the misc. arrangements folder"
Oversize 20 All Through the Night - full score, handwritten and copy; parts, handwritten; choral score, partial; melody and treble arr. for boy and bell choirs
Oversize 20 Ash Grove - full score, copies; parts, handwritten; miscellaneous sketches, handwritten
Oversize 20 Black is the color of my true love's hair - full score, copy; parts, handwritten
Oversize 20 La Cicirinella - parts, handwritten; printed copy
Oversize 20 Drunken Sailor - full score, handwritten copy; parts, handwritten; choral score, copy (partial)
Oversize 20 Edelweiss - full score, handwritten copy; parts, handwritten
Oversize 20 Froggy went a-courtin' - full score, handwritten copy
Oversize 20 Irish washerwoman - full score, vellums; parts, handwritten
Oversize 20 Oh Jeannie / Oh Jeanie, there's naething to fear ye - parts, handwritten; vocal score, copies
Oversize 20 Oh what a beautiful city - full score, handwritten
Oversize 20 Ohara Bushi - full score, handwritten; parts, handwritten
Oversize 20 The Riddle - full score, vellums; full score, handwritten copy, incomplete (2 folders)
Oversize 20 Scarborough fair - full score, handwritten; parts, handwritten; piano vocal, handwritten copy; piano score, handwritten
Oversize 20 Scarlet Ribbons - vellums, possibly full score or possibly parts of several scores
Oversize 21 Sweet Betsey - full score, handwritten; full score, vellums; parts, vellum
Oversize 21 Waly Waly [The water is wide] - full score, handwritten; parts, handwritten; piano vocal score, handwritten; piano vocal score, copy; miscellaneous sketches
Oversize 21 Miscellaneous
The red rosy bush (full score, handwritten with heavy annotations; handwritten copy of later version)
Take 5 (cut/paste of printed copy)
Trav'lin blues (handwritten copy, sketch)
Varmeland (choral score, handwritten)
Waltzing Matilda (piano vocal, handwritten)
Good Cheer
Oversize 21 Full score, mix of handwritten and vellum
Oversize 21 Full score, computer printout
Oversize 21 Parts, mix of handwritten and vellums
Oversize 21 Compositional sketches, handwritten
Greensleeves Fantasia (subset of A Festival Carols)
See also Festival of Carols, above.
Oversize 21 Parts, handwritten
Oversize 21 Parts, copied
Jazz Mass for Saint Peter's
Oversize 22 Composer's notes, including vision for staging
Oversize 22 Full score, copied and bound ("Conductor's score")
Oversize 40 Full score, bound and marked
Oversize 22 Full score, vellums
Oversize 22 Full score, copied (incomplete) - possibly female soloist's copy as those parts are highlighted
Box 3 Choral reduction - 10 copies; 9 are identical copies but with different markings, the 10th is different up until p. 51-52) (6 folders)
Oversize 22 Parts, vellum
Oversize 22 Parts, handwritten (soprano sax only)
Oversize 22 Parts, copied and marked
Oversize 22 Parts, mix of different copies, some with notes
O Holy Night [Cantique de Noel] (subset of A Festival Carols)
See also Festival of Carols, above.
Oversize 22 Full score, copied - includes extra copies of a few pages
Oversize 41 Choral manuscript, copies, some with markings
Oversize 22 Parts, copied
Oversize 22 Piano vocal, paste-up and several copies, including one with additional page at start
O Tannenbaum (subset of A Festival Carols)
See also Festival of Carols, above.
Oversize 23 Choral score manuscript, copies
Oversize 23 Octavo, partial
Oversize 23 Parts, copies
Old Folks Quadrille [title in donor inventory is "Stephen Foster Quadriled Orchestrations"]
Oversize 23 Choral score, copied and bound
Oversize 23 Choral score, copies, 8 ½ x 11
Oversize 23 Unison melodies and string quartet realizations by Foster, copies
Prayer for Peace
Oversize 23 Full score, copied and marked
Oversize 23 Parts, copied and marked
Oversize 23 Piano vocal score, vellums and vellum copies
Missa Brevis (Mass for St. Peter's)
Oversize 23 Piano vocal score, vellums
Suite of Antiphonal Carols
Oversize 23 Full score, vellums
Oversize 23 Full score, copies
Oversize 23 Compositional sketches
We wish you a merry Christmas
Oversize 23 Choral manuscripts, copies
This series contains original operas and musicals by Smith. For Smith's arrangements of popular works from operas by others, see Popular song arrangements and compositions below.
Adirondack Journal [alternate title: Adirondack folk musical]
Box 4 Full score, computer printout with notes and libretto text intermingled, in red binder
Box 18 Folk Opera Full Scores [Adirondack Journal, full score] - From donor inventory: "two floppy disks containing computer manuscript files" (Floppy disk: 3 ½ inch) (ID#: smith_gre_001)
Box 18 Folk Opera Parts [Adirondack Journal, parts] - From donor inventory: "two floppy disks containing computer manuscript files" (Floppy disk: 3 ½ inch) (ID#: smith_gre_002)
Box 5 Parts, violin - 2 songs only: A'lumberin' I will go and The Romany sign
Box 5 Sketches
Bartleby [music by Gregg Smith, Libretto by Kim Rich]
Box 5 Librettos, bound
Oversize 25 Sketches, handwritten
Chicken Little
Oversize 24 Choral parts, version 1 (6-part), vellums
Oversize 24 Choral parts, version 2 (5-part), vellums
Oversize 24 Parts, handwritten
Oversize 42 Piano score, copies - includes extra pages (37-38) from different set
Oversize 24 Piano score, copy
Oversize 24 Piano vocal score, handwritten copies
Oversize 24 Piano vocal score, copied, bound and marked - 2 copies, 1 with hand-illustrated cover
Oversize 24 Sketches, handwritten
Box 5 Libretto and scene synopsis
Oversize 24 Piano vocal score, "Ordinary Girl", handwritten plus copy of page 1
Box 5 Piano vocal score, computer printout with revisions
Box 5 Sketches, handwritten, and miscellaneous pages, computer printout
The Other Wise Man
Oversize 42 Full orchestral score, handwritten, bound
Box 5 Piano vocal score, vellums
Oversize 42 Piano vocal score, copy, bound
Pretty Good Company ["cabaret song cycle based on the epigrams of Gomer Rees"]
Oversize 25 Full score, mix of handwritten and copies, in 3-ring binder
Oversize 25 Piano vocal score, vellums (incomplete)
Oversize 25 Piano vocal score, copies, with revisions (incomplete)
Box 5 Libretto
Oversize 25 Salted Peanuts pages
It was unclear where these pages belonged, so they have been foldered separately.
Oversize 25 Sketches
Oversize 25 Random pages
Rip Van Winkle
Oversize 24 Full orchestral score, handwritten
Box 5 Full orchestral score, handwritten copy (not same as above), partial
Box 5 Choral parts, children's choir, vellums
Box 5 Choral parts, men's, women's, and narrator (partial)
Oversize 24 Parts, handwritten
Oversize 24 Parts, vellums
Box 5 Parts, miscellaneous copies
Box 5 Piano vocal score copies, marked, unmarked, partial - possibly several copies mixed together; original order has been preserved
Box 5 Miscellaneous text items - libretto, synopsis of characters and scenes, story copied from unidentified book, rehearsal schedule
The Storyteller
Box 4 Full score, computer printout in two binders [binder 1, flowered cover] - missing "Pig in Flowers"; contains multiple copies of many of the songs, plus an extra copy of "Mischief" which is in binder 2
Box 4 Full score, computer printout in two binders [binder 2, labeled]
Box 6 Children's choir parts, computer printout
Box 6 Libretto draft, with notes
Box 6 Libretto, bound and marked
Box 6 Parts, mix of computer printout and copies, some marked (3 folders)
Box 4 Piano vocal score, computer printout, marked, in blue binder
Box 6 Piano vocal score, bound for publication
Box 18 The Storyteller Practice - practice tape for Smith's original opera The Storyteller (1/8 inch audio cassette; running time 60:00) (ID#: smith_gre_003)
Box 6 Song list
Box 6 String transcription by Robert Ross, computer printout, marked
Oversize 24 Sketches, handwritten
Orchestral/choral works, miscellaneous
Adirondack Symphony - donor inventory states, "[W]e hypothesize that this is an early orchestrated version of what would later become A Child's Garden of Verses"
Oversize 10 Full score, 3d movement, handwritten
Box 7 Full score, 3d movement, copied and bound
Box 7 Piano vocal score, incomplete
Alleluia vom Himmel Hoch
Oversize 26 Parts, handwritten
Oversize 26 Piano vocal, vellums
Brass Quintet
Oversize 26 Full score, handwritten (incomplete) and handwritten sketches
Oversize 26 Full score, computer printout
Chief Seattle
Box 7 Full score, 8-1/2 x 11 copy
Box 7 Full score, copies (incomplete)
Box 7 Libretto and text of original speech
A Child's Garden of Verses
Box 7 Fragments, mix of computer printout, handwritten, handwritten copies
Eleven Palindromes
Oversize 26 Full score, handwritten copy
Oversize 26 Clarinet part, computer printout;
Epigrams [Gomer Rees]
Oversize 26 Solo version, vellums
Oversize 26 Gomer's texts
Gloria for 2 choirs and brass quintet
Oversize 26 Full score, vellums
Oversize 26 Full score, copied and marked
Oversize 26 Parts, vellums
Oversize 26 Parts, computer printout, marked
Oversize 26 Piano vocal score, copy, marked; does not seem to match, possibly from different Gloria?
Grand Palindrome
Oversize 27 Full orchestral score (conductor), handwritten and marked
Oversize 27 Parts, handwritten
Oversize 27 Parts, copied
A Mary Trilogy [3 parts: Ave Maria, Regina Coeli, Salve Regina]
Oversize 27 Full score, handwritten, pp 1-2 of Regina Coeli
Oversize 27 Full score and parts, vellums
Oversize 27 Full score, copies, Regina Coeli and Salve Regina
Oversize 27 Parts, copied
Mass in Space
Oversize 27 Full score, vellums
Box 7 Full score, computer printout, noted as "FINAL"
Box 7 Full score, copy, heavily annotated
Box 7 Full score, partial copies and computer printouts
Box 7 Sketches, computer printout
Offertorium on Psalm 24
Oversize 27 Full score, vellums
Oversize 27 Full score, copy, bound
Recordare (Kurt Weill)
Oversize 28 Full score, handwritten
Oversize 28 Parts, handwritten
Scherzo and Blues
Oversize 28 Full score, vellums
Oversize 28 Full score, copies (multiple, some with marks, some incomplete, not in good order)
Oversize 28 Parts, vellums and a few copied pages
Oversize 28 Parts, copied
Oversize 28 Piano vocal score, bound, a few markings
Songs from a Liberal Heart
Box 7 Full score, computer printout
Box 7 Parts, computer printout
Box 7 Piano vocal, computer printout
Miscellaneous choral arrangements
Box 7 Ahay tuburan, handwritten copy, marked
Box 7 The Cuckoo, choral manuscript and solo manuscript
Oversize 28 Doo wop madrigals, handwritten Cool April, My Heart, Il est bon; copies of those and other fragments
Oversize 28 Evening for two choruses, full score, vellums
Oversize 28 Evening for two choruses, full score, copies and computer printout
Box 7 Exultate Deo, full score, vellums
Box 7 Exultate Deo, full score, copies
Box 7 Halley's Comet, vellums
Oversize 28 Holiday Harmonies, full score, handwritten copy
Oversize 28 If music be the food of love, "For LISCA's 20th"; full score and treble melody, vellums
Box 7 Jamaican songs, computer printouts
Oversize 28 Jerusalem, full score, several; mix of handwritten, vellums and vellum copies, many with markings
Oversize 28 Patapan, manuscript copy, handwritten carbon
Box 7 Riqui, Riqui, Riqurran, partial manuscript
Box 7 Set me as a seal, "for Fred and Joyce Wilkins", partial manuscript copy
Box 7 Shakespeare madrigals, manuscript copies
Box 7 A Simple mass, vellums
Box 8 Suogon, Welsh carol; manuscript copy
Miscellaneous classical orchestrations/arrangements
Oversize 29 L'Amour de moi [Tiersot], parts, handwritten
Oversize 29 L'Amour de moi [Tiersot], parts, copied
Oversize 29 Battle of Stonington [Brandon], parts, text and fragments, all copies
Oversize 29 Circus Band [Ives], full score and parts, handwritten
Oversize 29 Circus Band [Ives], full score and parts, copied
Oversize 29 Jesu joy of man's desiring [Bach], parts, handwritten
Oversize 29 Jesu joy of man's desiring [Bach], parts, copies, incomplete
Oversize 29 Pavane (op. 30) [Faure], full score and parts, handwritten (parts incomplete)
Oversize 29 Pavane (op. 30) [Faure], full score and parts, copies
Oversize 29 Pavane (op. 30) [Faure], 1952 published edition with hand-written revisions to text
Oversize 29 Revecy venir [le Jeune], full score, handwritten; possibly connected with Doo Wop Madrigals, which includes title "Revecy"
Oversize 29 Revecy venir [le Jeune], full score, copies; possibly connected with Doo Wop Madrigals, which includes title "Revecy"
Box 8 Three Latin madrigals (published as "Latin Madrigals"), vellums and vellum copies
Oversize 29 Miscellaneous sketches - most are handwritten and unidentified; includes fragment "Irish blessing for Roz" (2 folders)
Popular song arrangements and compositions
Autumn Leaves (Nat King Cole)
Oversize 30 Parts, vellum
Oversize 30 Parts, copied
Babes in Toyland (Victor Herbert)
Oversize 30 Full score, Toyland, handwritten
Oversize 30 Parts, Toyland, handwritten
Oversize 30 Parts, selected songs, handwritten - Jane, Never mind Bo-Peep, Our castle in Spain
Oversize 30 Piano vocal score, Toyland, with notes
Beautiful Dreamer (Stephen Foster)
Oversize 30 Full score, handwritten
Oversize 30 Piano vocal score (copy of published Foster version), with arrangement marks and notes
By Strauss (Gershwin)
Oversize 41 Full score, conductor's copy, handwritten copy
Oversize 30 Choral score, a capella, handwritten copy
Oversize 30 Parts, copied (1 pg handwritten)
Dearly Beloved (Johnny Mercer)
Oversize 30 Choral score, vellums
Oversize 30 Choral score copy and choral score reduction, copies
Oversize 30 Parts, handwritten (incomplete)
It's a Grand Night for Singing (Rodgers and Hammerstein)
Oversize 41 Full score, handwritten
Oversize 41 Full score, copied and marked
Oversize 30 Full score, conductor's copy, computer printout
Oversize 30 Parts, computer printout
Let 'em Eat Cake (George Gershwin) - appears to be incomplete; foldered in 3 sets based on size, order, and paper vs vellums
Oversize 31 Full score, copies [set A] (3 folders)
Oversize 31 Full score, copies [set B]
Oversize 31 Full score, vellums [set C]
Lonely Boy (Andrew Gold?)
Oversize 41 Full orchestral score, handwritten and marked
Oversize 41 Full orchestral score, copied and bound
Oversize 41 Piano vocal score, copy, and typed libretto
Mlle. Modiste (Victor Herbert)
Oversize 32 Full orchestral score, copied and bound
Oversize 32 Parts, handwritten (2 folders)
Most Gentlemen
Oversize 41 Full score, handwritten
Oversize 41 Full orchestral score, handwritten copy
Oversize 32 Parts, handwritten
Oversize 32 Piano vocal score, copy, with markings; 1 page sketch, handwritten; text, copy, with markings
Naughty Marietta (Victor Herbert)
Oversize 33 Parts, handwritten (2 folders)
Oversize 33 Piano part [?], Tramp Tramp, 1 pg vellum and copy
New Yorkers Never Grow Up (Gregg Smith, based on epigram by Gomer Reese)
Oversize 33 Full score, conductor's, computer printout
Oversize 33 Parts, computer printout
Oversize 33 Piano vocal score, computer printout
Porgy and Bess (George Gershwin)
Oversize 41 Full score, Robbins' death scene, handwritten
Oversize 33 Piano vocal score, Robbins' death scene, with notes; piano vocal score, "Porgy and Bess Selection"
Red Mill (Victor Herbert)
Oversize 33 Full orchestral score, copied and bound
Send in the Clowns (Stephen Sondheim)
Oversize 41 Full orchestral score, handwritten and handwritten copy
Oversize 34 Parts, handwritten
Oversize 34 Piano vocal score, photocopy of published Sondheim version
Suspension *** Suspicion? Elvis? ***
Oversize 34 Full score, copied and marked; full score, reduced copy
Oversize 34 Parts, handwritten
Oversize 34 Piano vocal (?) score, vellums
Oversize 34 Full orchestral score, copied and bound
Three Sondheim Songs, chamber arrangements
Oversize 34 Choral arrangement, "I remember", handwritten copies
Oversize 34 Parts, all three songs, handwritten - piano, trumpet, clarinet, violin, viola, cello
Waltz [Sondheim]
Oversize 41 Full score, handwritten
Miscellaneous arrangements
Oversize 34 Copies and computer printouts, some with notes
Deep purple
Great day
I watch the love parade
Let's call the whole thing off
Love walked in
Mood indigo
Poor Pierrot
Taking a chance on love
Oversize 34 Vellums
Birth of the blues
Blue Monday
College medley
Freshman years
Moonlight in Vermont
New moon
On the street where you live
Where love dwells
Unidentified, 2 pages
Oversize 41 Full scores, handwritten
Berlin medley
Canzonet, "The night was made for love"
I dream too much
It don't mean a thing
Jolly tar
Overture 23
Poor Pierrot
Sing of Spring
Swanee River, 1 pg
Unpublished choral manuscripts
Oversize 35 9/11/2001 - mix of handwritten, computer printouts, some marked; includes two pieces titled "In memoriam"
Oversize 35 Adama - Israeli folk song; 1 manuscript, handwritten score with revision
Oversize 35 Alleluia - brass parts and original sheets
Box 8 Adirondack children's songs - computer printout, bound
See also Correspondence : Tagg, Barbara and Memorabilia > Adirondack Children's Chorus.
Box 8 Amazing grace - for mezzo-soprano and organ
Oversize 35 L'Ane et le loup - handwritten and copied manuscripts, translations, revisions, etc.
Box 8 Ascension Song - "for Tom Schmidt in memory of his mother"
Box 8 Au Claire de la lune - bells and boys' choir
Oversize 35 Ave Maria - includes vellums (2 folders)
Box 8 B'rohos Shel Hanukah - 2 copies, 1 marked
Oversize 35 Babe of Bethlehem - mix of handwritten and copies; includes parts, press, and research notes
Box 8 Benedictus - piano-vocal, computer printout
Box 8 Black is the color - handwritten copied, computer printout
Box 8 Calamus Songs - handwritten copied and bound
Oversize 35 Canons, miscellaneous - mix of handwritten and vellums; includes "A catch" and "An immorality"
Oversize 35 Cantata for Holy Week - includes full score, choral score, choral score vellum, full score vellum, oboe part, and compositional sketches (2 folders)
Oversize 35 Captain Kidd - 1 pg., handwritten; oboe part, handwritten
Box 8 Carol's Canon - for Carol Weitzenkamp, see also Correspondence: Weitzenkamp Carol, 11/4/2000
Box 8 Chorale - for Fred Thayer and Lycoming College Concert Choir; computer printouts, some marked
Box 8 A Christmas story - computer printout, marked
Oversize 35 Christmas cantata - handwritten
Oversize 35 Clarinet sonata - vellums and vellum copies
Box 8 Clarinet sonata - computer printouts (2 folders)
Box 8 Coro di trittico - based on hymn, "O God our help in ages past"; handwritten copy
Oversize 35 Deep Peace - text, handwritten sketch, computerized and further revised sketch, 1st and final draft
Box 8 Double sonata - full score and texts/program materials (2 folders)
Box 8 Duo for two clarinets - handwritten copy
Oversize 36 Early choruses - 3 songs of beauty; Hosanna; For Ann Gregory; Love the wild swan; Essay on freedom; With rue my heart is laden; At the last; The Robin; Can honey distil such fragrance; unidentified, possible related to 'High flight' or 'Essay on freedom'
Oversize 36 Einstein quotations - vellums
Box 8 Election of 1968 - title on folder says "Election '72"; vellums
Box 8 Eleemosynary Spirit - commemorating the 60th year of the Henry Luce Foundation; computer printouts
Oversize 36 Elegy for Jacques - manuscript copy
Oversize 36 Es ist ein schnee gefallen - manuscript copy
Box 8 Ev'ry time - manuscript copy
Box 8 Fanfare for 2 clarinets - choral manuscript, manuscript copy
Box 8 Fallen angels - "cycle of ten songs and an interlude for soprano, clarinet and piano"; full score, computer printout, marked; list of songs
Box 18 Fallen Angels - Gregg Smith / Takolas Trio (1/8 inch audio cassette; running time 90:00) (ID#: smith_gre_004)
Oversize 36 Fantasy sonata for viola - "written for Jerry Kesmala[?]"; handwritten
Oversize 36 The First dandelion - vellums and vellum copy
Box 8 Five Sandburg songs - full score, vellums
Box 8 Five Sandburg songs - full score, copy
Box 8 Five Sandburg songs - text, copied from "Complete Poems"
Oversize 36 Four canzonets - full score, copied, with added CI part handwritten
Oversize 36 Four canzonets - vocal score, vellums
Oversize 36 Four canzonets - vocal score, multiple copies
Oversize 36 Four irradiations - vellums
Box 8 [Frank and Barbara Christmas piece] - handwritten copies
Box 8 Friends - computer printout
Oversize 36 Fugetto for solo sax - handwritten
Box 9 Give me Jesus - includes copy of original hymn
Oversize 36 Green grows the holly and Merry Christmas - handwritten copied and marked
Box 9 Hail to the hills of Westwood - mimeographed copies
Box 9 Holy 1992 - "for Paul Hill and the Paul Hill Chorale 25th anniversary"
Oversize 36 How can you lie so still - full score, mix of handwritten and copies
Box 9 Hymn of the day - vocal and bell score, copies
Box 9 I hear America singing - computer printout, letter from publisher requesting corrections/additions
Oversize 36 I ride old Paint - manuscript copies
Box 9 I was glad - copy of marked computer printout
Box 9 I will sing to the Lord - voice and organ; computer printouts
Box 9 Joseph lieber, Joseph meine - full score, parts; mix of handwritten copies and computer printout
Oversize 36 Landscape - handwritten
Box 9 Lo how a rose - handwritten copies
Box 9 Lord you give the great commission 1987 - 1 pg handwritten copy
Oversize 36 A Love chronology - vellums; copies; full text, typed (poems by Henry Warren Potter) (2 folders)
Oversize 36 Love's philosophy - aka "Wedding song", poetry by Shelley; handwritten copies
Box 9 Ma-oz tsur - typed/handwritten copy, computer printout
Box 9 Mark Twain madrigals - handwritten copies; text, copied from various books (2 folders)
Oversize 37 Musical afterthoughts - computer printout, handwritten sketch, text
Box 9 Night and day - piano vocal score, copies
Oversize 37 Not heat flames up and consumes - handwritten with corrections; possibly related to Whitman
Box 9 O Lord give thy benediction - handwritten copy
Oversize 37 O maggio Monteverdi - full score and viola part, mix of handwritten and copies
Box 9 O many named beloved - "for Susan from Robert, a 10th anniversary gift"; handwritten copy
Oversize 37 Oh what a beautiful city - handwritten final, handwritten draft, copies
Box 9 The old man - computer printout
Oversize 37 One more day - voice and strings, full score, handwritten
Box 9 Parade - full score, copied and bound
Oversize 37 Parade - handwritten parts
Box 9 Peace - unfinished, copied
Box 9 Philippine songs - manuscript copy, missing page 1
Box 9 Philosophies - "texts selected by George Elder and commissioned by his wife Joann Englehardt for his 50th birthday year"; vellums and copies (2 folders)
Oversize 37 Poems Penyeach - vellums and vellum copies (2 folders)
Box 9 Prayer from Hansel and Gretel - alt. title "Evening prayer"; vocal score copy, parts handwritten
Oversize 37 Preludes, miscellaneous - 12 preludes, 3 of them incomplete, plus sketches; handwritten, in original order
Box 9 Psalm 23 - vocal-organ score, computer printout copies
Box 9 Psalm 39 - vocal-organ score, computer printout copies
Oversize 37 Psalm 84 - alternate title "Max's Psalm"; multiple revisions, mix of handwritten and computer printout, taken as-is from original binder
Oversize 37 Psalm 84 - alternate title "Max's Psalm"; text, notes, revisions, etc.
Box 9 Psalm 117 - handwritten copy
Box 9 Psalm 150 - "unfinished"; computer printout copy
Oversize 37 Punch and Judy Piano Suite - full score, handwritten copy; Waltz of Punch and Pretty Poll, handwritten
Box 9 Quittez pasteurs - handwritten copies
Box 9 Realization - handwritten copy
Box 9 Rorate - handwritten copy
Oversize 37 Sakura - vocal and bell choir part
Box 9 Say it with music - "dedicated t0 50th anniversary of Warren and Lois Adee"; handwritten copy, computer printout
Oversize 37 Serenade for flute, two clarinets, and strings - full score, copy
Oversize 38 Seven last words - director's full score and libretto, vellum copies, bound
Box 9 Seventeen come Sunday - copy, marked
Box 9 Shalom - computer printout
Box 9 Sierdtse - in Russian; computer printout
Box 9 Sirens - handwritten copy, bound
Oversize 38 Smoke - "small poem for voice and string trio", words by Thoreau; handwritten, 1 pg vellum
Oversize 38 Solfeggio - piano score, handwritten
Box 10 Somewhere over the rainbow - score and sketch, marked, computer printout copies
Box 10 Sonata for harp - full score, copied and bound
Oversize 38 Songs of the sea - score and sketches, mix of handwritten and handwritten copies
Oversize 38 Space age murmurs - photocopied portions with handwritten additions
Box 10 Sudden as sweet 12/24/1995 - "written for St. Peter's in thanks and love for 25 years of association"; computer printout
Oversize 38 Suite for harp - handwritten
Box 10 Swan Sequence - full score, computer printout
Box 10 Take my mother home - handwritten copy
Box 10 Theme and variations - handwritten copy
Oversize 38 This land - score, handwritten and incomplete computer printout; scores by others which Smith studied while arranging his version
Box 10 Thou didst delight mine eyes - handwritten copies
Oversize 38 Three chorales - score and parts, mix of handwritten and copies
Box 10 Toccata del rio - handwritten copies
Box 10 Tom's rock - computer printout
Oversize 38 Traveller - score, computer printout; text, handwritten sketches, and computerized revisions of early sketch
Oversize 38 Trio on an American Folk Song - full score, vellums and copies (2 folders)
Box 10 Trio on an American Folk Song - score, copied and bound
Box 10 Trio sonata - handwritten copies
Box 10 Two divine poems - words by John Donne; score, copied and bound
Box 10 Vasatka hymn - computer printout
Box 10 Waltzing Matilda - handwritten copy
Box 10 West Virginia - full scores, computer printouts with edits; text of poem by Louis O'Neill
Box 10 When the bloom is on the sage - handwritten copy
Oversize 38 When I hear music - "an anniversary song for Gordon"; vellums and vellum copy
Box 10 Who is the man - handwritten copies
Oversize 38 Wilderness - full score, handwritten; 1 pg copied
Oversize 38 Wilt thou not ope thy heart to know - handwritten draft, copy of later version
Box 10 Windows in time - computer printout
Box 10 Wondrous love - handwritten copy
Box 10 Yemey Hachanuka - handwritten with typed words, copy
Box 10 Yvonne's song - draft handwritten copy
Oversize 38 Untitled - incomplete choral work related to Jacob
Box 10 American Masters program, NEA 2007
Box 10 Biggs, E. Power 1966-1967
Box 10 CBS Records 1967
Box 10 Europe, Ithaca Choir 1967
Box 10 Foss, Lukas (photocopy) 1997 - re Earth Requiem
Box 10 Heinsheimer, H.W. 1963-1964 - re Israeli folksong Adama
Box 10 Hill, Paul (Paul Hill Chorale) 1990
Box 10 Jeffers, Ron (Earthsongs) 2004 - re Jamaican Songs corrections and questions
Box 10 Liebig, Phoebe 2017
Box 10 McClure, John (Columbia Records) 1966-1967
Box 10 Miles, Mrs. Edward J. 1967
Box 10 St. Peter's Church 2005
Box 10 Schirmer 1991, 2001 - re Epigrams, Jerusalem
Box 10 Shapiro, Mark 2007-2008 - re Mass in Space; includes copy of score with markings
Box 11 Siskind, Paul A.
Box 11 Soler recordings, Zurich 1967 - recording for CBS Records; includes John McClure, Frederick Marvin, others
Box 11 "Songs from a liberal heart" 2017 - includes 1 pg computer printout, list of files on Finale, etc.
Box 11 Southern Illinois Children's Choir 1993-1994 - re commission for Sandburg pieces
Box 11 Stevens, Denis 1967
Box 11 Tagg, Barbara (Adirondack Children's Chorus)
Box 11 Texas Boys Choir 1967 - George Bragg, Jack White
Box 11 Thorne, Francis (photocopy) 1997 - re Earth Requiem
Box 11 Weitzenkamp, Carol - re Carol's Canon
Box 11 Miscellaneous 2001-2002, 2005, 2017, undated - includes note from Smith regarding Regina Coeli and Stabat Mater (A Mary Trilogy?)
Box 11 Adirondack Children's Chorus 1995 - pictures and poems
See also Compositions : Unpublished choral manuscripts : Adirondack Children's Songs for related work.
Box 4 Binder stamped with Smith's name - originally contained score for Magnificat I
Box 11 Calendars and itineraries 1969, 1971, 1973-1975, 1977 (7 folders)
Box 12 Calendars and itineraries 1979-1988 (13 folders)
Box 12 Clippings 1967, 1983, 1996-1997, 2001, - includes reviews of Earth Requiem, The Storyteller
Box 12 Epigrams of Gomer Rees 2018 - published booklet
Box 12 Gregg Smith 50th birthday party, Saranac Lake 1981
Box 12 List of canons - photocopy, 2pp.
Oversize 40 List of songs titles with names of singers[?], in pencil on cardboard
Box 18 Music for an Urban Church - commercial recording of several pieces by Smith, including Jazz Mass for St. Peter's, Dedication Theme and Variations on 'Our Father'; Lord you give the great commission; Seven stanzas at Easter; Songs from a liberal heart; and Missa brevis (Mass for St. Peter's) (CD; running time 72:10) (ID#: smith_gre_005)
Box 13 "Pretty Good Company" opening 1988
Box 13 Double Sonata 1983 - includes typed draft of program notes
Box 13 Earth Requiem 1997 - premier, National Cathedral, Washington DC with flier advertising it; New York premier in Long Island
Box 13 Magnificat I 1989, undated - Los Angeles and New York performances, plus Jude Otten's rehearsal notes and schedule for Philadelphia performance
Box 13 The Storyteller 1996-1998
Box 13 Miscellaneous 1984-1985, 1988, 1992-1993, 1995, 2005, 2012, 2016, 2018, undated
Box 13 Seating chart for Penfield Symphony undated
Box 13 Study guide for Cathedral Choir concert attendees 1997 - intended to prepare concert goers for concerts that season; includes profile of Smith and "Composer's Notes" on Earth Requiem
Tour miscellany - mostly receipts and other expense documentation
Box 13 Far east 1976
Box 13 Far east 1982
Box 13 US 1982
Box 13 Scandinavia 1983
Box 13 US 1983
Box 13 Far east 1984
Box 13 US 1984
Box 14 US 1985
Box 14 US 1986
Box 14 US 1987
Box 14 US 1988
Box 14 US 1989 (2 folders)
Published octavos
The number in parentheses after a title indicates the number of copies.
Box 15 Aesop's Fables, movements 1-10
Box 15 A
Ahay tuburan (2)
Alleluia: Vom himmel hoch (3)
America the beautiful (3, plus proof sheets and duplication masters)
Ave Maria (2)
Box 15 Ba-Be
Babel (2)
The best things are close (2 photocopies + 2 pages)
Box 15 Bi-Bl
Bible songs for young voices (2)
Blow the candles out (2)
The Blue-tail fly (2)
Box 15 A Child's garden of verses
Foreign lands (2)
Singing (2)
Whole duty of children (2)
Box 15 Christmas
Christmas suite, photocopies (1 copy each of 2 songs)
Christmas time book I (2)
Christmas time book II (2)
Box 15 Co-Cu
Concert rounds on old sayings (2, plus 2 faint photocopies of lists of sayings)
Concert madrigals (2)
The Cuckoo (2)
Box 15 Doo-wop madrigals - some have markings
Billings in blue (2)
Cool April (2)
Hey, babe (2)
He's awesome (2)
Multiple echoes (2)
My heart is longing for your love (2)
Oh! That love and beauty (2)
The Revecy Band (2)
Box 15 D
Deck the halls (2)
Drunken sailor (2)
Box 15 Emily's Autumn (2 copies prepped for publication)
Box 16 E
Eleven palindromes (2)
Epigrams (2)
Box 16 F-G
Fear not, good shepherds (from Bible songs for young voices)
Four Concord chorales: Music (2), Beauty (2), Nature (2), and Spirit (2)
Glädjens Blomster (Fairest flowers)
Box 16 H
Holiday harmonies, complete - full score (2)
Holiday harmonies, complete - SA parts (2)
Holiday harmonies I: All hail to the days/In praise of Christmas (2)
Holiday harmonies II: Green grows the holly (2)
Holiday harmonies III: Merry Christmas/On Christmas Eve (2)
High Barbary (2)
The Hutchinsons: The horticultural wife (1)
Box 16 I remember (2)
Box 16 J
Jamaican songs I: Sing (2)
Jamaican songs II: The Road (2)
Jamaican songs III: Let us build (2)
Jamaican songs IV: On this night (2)
Jerusalem (2, also photocopies labeled "first proofs")
Box 16 L
Landscapes (2)
Latin madrigals (2)
Das Lieben bringt gross freud (2)
Listen to the mockingbird (2)
A Long long time ago (N'ia gaire que auvit) (2)
The Lord bless thee and keep thee (2)
The Lord is my shepherd (from Bible Songs for Young Voices) (1)
Box 16 A Mary trilogy
Complete piano reduction (2)
I. Ave Maria (2)
II. Regina coeli (2)
III. Salve regina (2)
Proofs for publication, with publisher's questions/notes
Box 16 Mass in Space, piano-vocal (2)
Box 16 Missa pro Roger Wagner (2)
Box 16 N
Now I walk in beauty, copy of unison melody laid in (2)
Now it is Yule again (2)
Box 17 O
O Jeanie there's naething to fear ye (2)
O Tannenbaum (1)
O how beautiful (2)
On the beach at night (1)
Box 17 P
Papa Bach (2)
Pastores a belen (2; 1 is director's copy with markup)
Patapan (2)
Plaudite (2)
Box 17 R
The Railroad corral (2)
Riqui, Riqui, Riqurran (2)
Box 17 S-Sil
S'vivon / Dreydl song (2)
Set me as a seal (2)
Seven Stanzas at Easter (2, copies of text laid in)
Shakespeare madrigals (1)
Shenandoah (2, 1 with markings)
The Silver swan (2)
Box 17 Sim-Som
A Simple mass (2)
Sing of spring (2)
Some folks (2 photocopies of marked-up published edition)
Box 17 Song
A Song from Mr. Wilde (photocopy, with markings)
Songs of innocence, from Beware the soldier (2)
Songs from a liberal heart (2, 1 with markups/corrections)
Box 17 Sou-Su
Sound canticle on Bay Psalm 23 (2 photocopies for publication, with notes)
Stehn zwei stern (2)
Suogon (2)
Box 17 T
Three Justin Morgan choruses: Despair, Amanda, Montgomery (2, with markings)
The Twelve days of Christmas (2, 1 marked and missing front cover)
Two Whitman songs (3, 1 is incomplete)
Box 17 W
Welcome home (2)
Wexford carol (2)

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