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Steven H. Scheuer Publicity Stills Collection

An inventory of the collection at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Scheuer, Steven H.
Title: Steven H. Scheuer Publicity Stills Collection
Inclusive Dates: 1950-1995
Quantity: 4.5 linear ft.
Language: English
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

Steven H. Scheuer is a movie and television historian and critic. He was the editor of Movies on TV (originally titled TV Movie Almanac & Ratings) which went through 17 editions between 1958 and 1993. The first guide of its kind (it preceded the still-active Maltin's TV Movies and Video Guide by ten years), the book contained a mixture of movies, videos and TV movies with ratings up to four stars.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Steven H. Scheuer Publicity Stills Collection consists entirely of still photographs from television shows from the 1950s through the 1990s.

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Arrangement of the Collection

Alphabetical by name of person or show.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Related Material

Special Collections Research Center has substantial holdings related to television and broadcasting history. Please refer to the SCRC Subject Index for a complete listing.

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Subject Headings


Scheuer, Steven H.

Corporate Bodies

National Broadcasting Company.
Public Broadcasting Service (U.S.)


Popular culture -- United States.
Television -- United States.
Television actors and actresses -- United States.
Television programs.

Genres and Forms


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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Steven H. Scheuer Publicity Stills Collection,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

Gift of Steven H. Scheuer.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: [unknown]
Date: 2003
Revision history: 5 Sep 2013 - converted to EAD (MRC)

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Box 1 20th Century-Fox Hour: A Child of the Regiment 8/21/1956 - includes caption; Preston, Robert; Lee, Candace 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2184)
Box 1 20th Century-Fox Hour: Christopher Bean 6/26/1956 - includes caption; Hamilton, Kip; Ritter, Thelma; Hill, Craig 8x10, very poor condition (ID#: 2462)
Box 1 20th Century-Fox Hour: Man on the Ledge 7/30/1956 - includes caption; Miles, Vera; Mitchell, Cameron 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2009)
Box 1 77 Sunset Strip: Trouble in the Middle East 11/11/1960 - includes caption; Spencer, Jeff; Byrnes, Edward; Jackson, Sherry 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2579)
Box 1 A Grand Night: Performing Arts on PTV - 2 photographs on sheet; Mitchell, Leona; PBS Television Network; Ramey, Samuel 8x10, excellent condition (ID#: 1529)
Box 1 ABC 9x7, fair/average condition (ID#: 2081)
Box 1 ABC Actors: Park, Welk, Thomas - includes caption; Parks, Bert; Welk, Lawrence; Thomas, Danny; Break the bank (Television program); Lawrence Welk Show (television program); Make room for Daddy (Television program) 9x7, poor condition (ID#: 2359)
Box 1 ABC Film Festival Programs: Afternoon Film Festival and Famous Film Festival - includes caption; Edwards, Allyn 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2537)
Box 1 ABC Radio - Schwartz; Neil 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2079)
Box 1 ABC Radio Programs: George Jessel Salutes and American Music Hall 12/7/1953 - includes caption; Harmer, Shirley; Jessel, George 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2586)
Box 1 ABC Television Programs: Day in Court and The Untouchables: Mexican Stakeout - includes caption; Repp, Stafford; Lewis, Elisabeth 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2334)
Box 1 Adventure 5/16/1988 - Swan, Robert; Antarctica; PBS Television Network 10x8, excellent condition (ID#: 1500)
Box 1 Adventures in Paradise: Big Sur - includes caption; McKay, Gardner; von Furstenburg, Betsy 7x9, good condition (ID#: 1943)
Box 1 Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet: Ricky's Big Night - includes caption; Pope DuPont, Elaine; Nelson, Rick 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2487)
Box 1 Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet: The Closed Circuit 3/26/1954 - includes caption; Nelson, Ozzie; Edwards, Penny 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2491)
Box 1 Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet: The International Set 5/28/1958 - includes caption; Garris, Joan; Nelson, David; Burgess, Jane 9x7, fair/average condition (ID#: 2493)
Box 1 Adventures of Robin Hood: The Haunted Mill - includes caption; Gauge, Alexander; Grenne, Richard; O'Farrel1, Bernadette 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 2621)
Box 1 Adventures of Sir Lancelot - Russell, William 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 2409)
Box 1 Alaskans Contest at Gold Bottom 11/15/1960 - includes caption; Provine, Dorothy; Moore, Roger 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2255)
Box 1 Alaskans: Doc Booker 12/6/1959 - includes caption; Tiny Tiger (Long-haired chihuahua); Provine, Dorothy 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2338)
Box 1 Alcoa Hour: The Big Wave 9/30/1956 - includes caption; Cronyn, Hume 10x8, very poor condition (ID#: 2230)
Box 1 Alcoa Premiere: A Place to Hide - includes caption; Stockwell, Dean; Hackett, Joan 7x9 , good condition (ID#: 2513)
Box 1 Alcoa Presents: House of the Dead 6/7/1960 - includes caption; Raki, Laya 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 2428)
Box 1 Alcoa Presents: Reunion 11/24/1959 - includes caption; Furstenberg, Betsy Von 7x9, very poor condition (ID#: 2632)
Box 1 Alcoa Presents: The Lonely Room 5/31/1959 - includes caption; Noverese, Letizia; Mioni, Fabrizio 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2171)
Box 1 Alcoa Presents: The Navigator 7/21/1959 - includes caption; Ellenstein, Robert; Dubbins, Don 7x9, very poor condition (ID#: 2523)
Box 1 Alcoa Theatre: The Days of November - includes caption; Lemmon, Jack; Williams, Adam 8x10, very poor condition (ID#: 2278)
Box 1 Alfred Hitchcock Presents 8/8/1955 - includes caption; Hitchcock, Alfred 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 1999)
Box 1 Alfred Hitchcock Presents 10/3/1956 - includes caption; Cronyn, Hume; Gleason, James 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2003)
Box 1 Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Arthur 6/27/1960 - includes caption; Harvey, Laurence; Court, Hazel 10x8, good condition (ID#: 2603)
Box 1 Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Day of the Bullet 6/l6/1960 - includes caption; Gordon, Barry; Patrick, Dennis 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2649)
Box 1 Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Escape to Sonoita 6/20/1960 - includes caption; depicts Hitchcock talking to actors not seen in image; Hitchcock, Alfred 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 2270)
Box 1 Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Hooked 9/7/1960 - includes caption; Francis, Anne 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 2286)
Box 1 Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Place of Shadows 2/9/1956 - includes caption; Damon, Mark; Sloane, Everett; Stevens, Robert 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2269)
Box 1 AM Radio Sales Company 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2077)
Box 1 American Playhouse - 3 photographs on sheet: Journey Toward Genius, Suspicion, and Strange Interlude; Modine, Matthew; Andrews, Anthony; Curtin, Jane; Jackson, Glenda; Petherbridge, Edward; Dukes, David; Howard, Ken; PBS Television Network 8x10, excellent condition (ID#: 1513)
Box 1 An Ocean Apart - PBS Television Network; Elizabeth II, Queen of Great Britain; Reagan, Ronald 7x5, excellent condition (ID#: 1495)
Box 1 Andy Williams Show 12/27/1963 - includes caption; Williams, Andy 7x9, very poor condition (ID#: 2648)
Box 1 Annie Get Your Gun - includes caption; 3 photographs on sheet; Martin, Mary 9x6, extremely poor condition (ID#: 1977)
Box 1 Annie Get Your Gun - includes caption; Martin Mary 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 1983)
Box 1 Annie Oakley - Davis, Gail 8x10, very poor condition (ID#: 2446)
Box 1 Annie Oakley - Hawkins, Jimmy; Davis, Gail 4x5, good condition (ID#: 2542)
Box 1 Anybody Can Play (Game show) - includes caption; Fenneman, Clifford; Fenneman, George 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 2283)
Box 1 Arlene Francis Show - includes caption; Gabel, Peter 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2201)
Box 1 Armstrong Circle Theatre: A Baby Named X 4/3/1956 - includes caption; Overton, Frank; Osterwald, Bibi 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 2488)
Box 1 Armstrong Circle Theatre: Strange War of Sergeant Krenzer - includes caption; Kiley, Richard; Obregon, Antonio; Palmer, Betsy 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2375)
Box 1 Armstrong Circle Theatre: The Bystander - includes caption; East Berlin (East Germany); Prince, William; McKay, Peggy; Communism 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2181)
Box 1 Armstrong Circle Theatre: Twelve Cases of Murder 6/25/1958 - includes caption; Oakland, Simon; Marth, Frank 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 2425)
Box 1 Art Linkletter Show - includes caption; Linkletter, Art; Farrell, Sharon 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 2264)
Box 1 Austin City Limits 1/6/1988 - 2 photographs on sheet; O'Hara, Jamie; PBS Television Network; Kane, Kiernan; O'Kanes (Musical group); Cash, Rosanne 8x10, excellent condition (ID#: 1520)
Box 1 Austin City Limits 1/16/1988 - 2 photographs on sheet; Asleep at the Wheel (Musical group); PBS Television Network; Benson, Ray; Forester Sisters (Musical group) 8x10, excellent condition (ID#: 1525)
Box 1 Bacall on Bogart March 1988 - Bogart, Humphrey; PBS Television Network 5x7, excellent condition (ID#: 1486)
Box 1 Bachelor Father - includes caption; Corcoran, Noreen; Jasper (Dog); Tong, Sammee 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2342)
Box 1 Banducci, Enrico 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2732)
Box 1 Bell Telephone Hour 2/1/1963 - includes caption; Price, Leontyne; Opera 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2209)
Box 1 Bell Telephone Hour 9/30/1960 - includes caption; Howes, Sally Ann; Cliburn, Van; Goodman, Benny; Voorhees, Donald 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 2274)
Box 1 Bell Telephone Hour 3/20/1959 - includes caption; artist’s rendering of performers on the show; Iturbi, Jose; Clooney, Rosemary; Ferrer, Jose; MacKenzie, Gisele; Voorhees, Donald; Gedda, Nicolai; Tozzi, Giorgio; Eglevsky, Andre; Tallchief, Maria 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2297)
Box 1 Bell Telephone Hour 4/9/1959 - includes caption; Ferrer, Jose; Iturbi, Jose 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2298)
Box 1 Bell Telephone Hour 10/26/1962 - includes caption; Tadlock, Tad; Rall, Tommy; West Point Glee Club; Wright, Martha; Johannesen, Grant 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 2426)
Box 1 Bell Telephone Hour - includes caption; Galloway, David; Nelson, Gene 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2630)
Box 1 Bell Telephone Hour: A Trip to Christmas - includes caption; Raitt, John; Morgan, Jane 10x8 (ID#: 1934)
Box 1 Bell Telephone Hour: Girl of the Golden West - includes caption; Munsel, Patrice; Sullivan, Brian; Opera 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2197)
Box 1 Bell Telephone Hour: The Mikado - includes caption; Marx, Groucho 7x9, good condition (ID#: 1961)
Box 1 Ben Casey: A Few Brief Lines for Dave 11/13/1961 - includes caption; Jaffe, Sam; Ackerman, Bettye 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2300)
Box 1 Ben Casey: Allie 9/25/1963 - includes caption; Cooley, Isabelle 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2540)
Box 1 Bennetts - includes caption; Houston, Paula; Gibson, Don 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2598)
Box 1 Big Town - includes caption; Wilson, Steve 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 1974)
Box 1 Bing Crosby Show 9/15/1958 - includes caption; Crosby, Bing; Martin, Dean 9x7, fair/average condition (ID#: 2172)
Box 1 Bing Crosby Show - includes caption; Lawrence, Carol 7x9, very poor condition (ID#: 2457)
Box 1 Bob Cummings Show - includes caption; Cummings, Bob; Snowden, Leigh; DeCamp, Rosemary 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 2455)
Box 1 Bob Cummings Show: Bob Gets Harvey a Raise 2/14/1958 - includes caption; Lansing, Joi; Cummings, Bob; Gaye, Lisa 7x9, very poor condition (ID#: 2193)
Box 1 Bob Hope Buick Show - includes caption; Keel, Howard; Roberta (television musical); Hope, Bob; Alberghetti, Anna Maria 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 2268)
Box 1 Bob Hope Buick Show - includes caption; Hope, Bob; Keel, Howard; Alberghetti, Anna Maria 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2592)
Box 1 Bob Hope Buick Show 11/13/1959 - includes caption; Hope, Bob Paige, Janis 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2644)
Box 1 Bob Hope Buick Show: Bunions to Billions skit 4/21/1961 - includes caption; Hope, Bob 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2399)
Box 1 Bob Hope Chevy Show 4/7/1957 - includes caption; Paige, Janis 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 2385)
Box 1 Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre: Seven Miles of Bad Road 8/2/1963 - includes caption; Parker, Eleanor; Hunter, Jeffrey; Hope, Bob; Temple Houston (Television program) 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2422)
Box 1 Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre: The Shattered Glass 11/13/1964 - includes caption; O'Herlihy, Dan; Jones, Shirley 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2442)
Box 1 Bob Hope Show 5/20/1954 - includes caption; Maxwell, Marilyn; Hope, Bob 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2257)
Box 1 Bob Hope Show - includes caption; Fleming, Rhonda; Hope, Bob 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2303)
Box 1 Bob Hope Television Show 10/7/1953 - includes caption; Harris, Phil 8x9.5, fair/average condition (ID#: 2176)
Box 1 Bob Hope Television Show 10/30/1953 - includes caption; Roberta (Musical); MacMurray, Fred; Hope, Bob 8x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2420)
Box 1 Bodywatch 1/23/1988 - Zigy Kaluzny, photographer; Duke, James H. "Red" Jr.; PBS Television Network 8x10, excellent condition (ID#: 1499)
Box 1 Bold Journey: Journey to Lapland 7/12/1956 - includes caption; Parker, Ejordis Kittel; Scandinavia -- Description and travel 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2655)
Box 2 Bonanza: The Actress 2/1/1963 - includes caption; Crowley, Patricia 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 2381)
Box 2 Bonanza: The Way Station 6/16/1963 - includes caption; Vaughn, Robert; Wells, Dawn 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 2273)
Box 2 Boris Godunov 3/3/1961 - includes caption; Tozzi, Giorgio 9x7, good condition (ID#: 1991)
Box 2 Bourbon Street Beat 7/4/1959 - includes caption; Howell, Arlene 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2604)
Box 2 Bourbon Street Beat: Portrait of Lenore 7/25/1960 - includes caption; Howell, Arlene 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2727)
Box 2 Bourbon Street Beat: The Mourning Cloak 10/12/1959 - includes caption; Howell, Arlene; Long, Richard 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2605)
Box 2 Bourbon Street Beat: The Taste of Ashes 10/5/1959 - includes caption; Howell, Arlene 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2599)
Box 2 Breakfast Club - includes caption; McNeill, Don; Allison, Fran; Richards, Carol; Cowling, Sam; Noel, Dick 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 2500)
Box 2 Breaking Point: A Land More Cruel - includes caption; Parker, Eleanor 7x9, very poor condition (ID#: 2322)
Box 2 Breck Sunday Showcase: Turn the Key Deftly - includes caption; Harris, Julie; Schell, Maximilian 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2440)
Box 2 Breck Sunday Showcase: Turn the Key Deftly 2/12/1960 - includes caption; Harris, Julie 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2608)
Box 2 Breckir, Patricia 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 2480)
Box 2 Brennan, Walter - Gobel, George 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2372)
Box 2 Bronco - includes caption; Hardin, Ty 7.5x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2221)
Box 2 Bronco: A Sure Thing 1/22/1962 - includes caption; Hardin, Ty 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2731)
Box 2 Bronco: Bodyguard 10/20/1959 - includes caption; Hardin, Ty 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2473)
Box 2 Bronco: The Besieged 9/23/1958 - includes caption; Hardin, Ty; Granville, Joan 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2620)
Box 2 Bronco: The Devil's Spawn - includes caption; Hardin, Ty 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2574)
Box 2 Buddy Holly and the Crickets: A Tribute March 1988 - William Griggs, photographer; Holly, Buddy; Allison, Jerry; Fundraisers; Maudlin, Joe; PBS Television Network 10x8, good condition (ID#: 1476)
Box 2 Buddy Holly and the Crickets: A Tribute - William Griggs, photographer; 2 images on sheet; PBS Television Network; Fundraisers; Jennings, Waylon; Holly, Buddy 10x8, excellent condition (ID#: 1478)
Box 2 Burke's Law: Who Killed Mr. X? 9/27/1963 - includes caption; Harding, Ann 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2460)
Box 2 Caesar Presents 6/22/1955 - includes caption; Nichols, Barbara 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2521)
Box 2 Caesar's Hour 5/25/1955 - includes caption; Caesar, Sid; Caesar, Michele; Caesar, Richard; Television Father of the Year 9x7, good condition (ID#: 2577)
Box 2 Californians 9/25/1957 - includes caption; Fields, Darlene 7x9, good condition (ID#: 1958)
Box 2 Californians 10/1/1957 - includes caption; Leslie, Nan 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2629)
Box 2 Canadian Football 8/3/1954 - includes caption; Walker, Douglas (Peahead); Ottawa Rough Riders (Football team); Crowe, Clem; Montreal Alouettes (Football team); Canadian Football League (CFL) 9x7, very poor condition (ID#: 2386)
Box 2 Candid Camera 9/6/1960 - includes caption; Funt, Allen 10x8, good condition (ID#: 2004)
Box 2 Cavalcade of America: Young Andy Jackson 8/24/1954 - includes caption; Lindgren, Orley; Gray, Billy; Hale, Fiona 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2623)
Box 2 CBS Television Studio Plant - includes caption, illustration rendered as an artists' sketch 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2036)
Box 2 CBS Television Studio Plant - includes caption; illustration rendered as an artists' sketch 9x7, good condition (ID#: 2037)
Box 2 Center Stage: The Heart of a Clown - includes caption; Nichols, Barbara 13x14, poor condition (ID#: 2366)
Box 2 Charisse, Cyd (aka Tula Ellice Finklea) - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) 8x10, very poor condition (ID#: 2636)
Box 2 Charisse, Cyd (aka Tula Ellice Finklea) - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) 8x10, very poor condition (ID#: 2637)
Box 2 Chet Huntley Reporting for Mutual of Omaha 12/22/1961 - includes caption; Huntley, Chet; News 9x7, fair/average condition (ID#: 2445)
Box 2 Cheyenne - includes caption; Walker, Clint 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 2454)
Box 2 Cheyenne: Lone Patrol 8/21/1961 - includes caption; Walker, Clint 7.5x9, very poor condition (ID#: 2522)
Box 2 Cheyenne: Standoff 5/6/1958 - includes caption; Page, Joy 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 2640)
Box 2 Cheyenne: The Traveler 1/3/1956 - includes caption; Hopper, Dennis; Armstrong, Robert; Gleason, James; Brewster, Diane; Walker, Clint; Ankrum, Morris 8x10, very poor condition (ID#: 2373)
Box 2 Chrysler Presents a Bob Hope special 9/6/1963 - includes caption; Stone, Butch; Brown, Stumpy; Martin, Dean; Hope, Bob 9x7, fair/average condition (ID#: 2414)
Box 2 Climax: A Matter of Life and Death 11/21/1957 - Palmer, Betsy 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2729)
Box 2 Climax: Carnival at Midnight - includes caption; Paget, Debra 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2010)
Box 2 Climax: Shower of Stars - Costa, Mary 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2339)
Box 2 Climax: The Great World of Timothy Colt 3/27/1958 - Hayes, Maggie 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2261)
Box 2 Climax: The Hand of Evil 5/10/1957 - Miles, Vera 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2007)
Box 2 Climax: The Hand of Evil 7/30/1956 - includes caption; Miles, Vera; Forsythe, John 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2008)
Box 2 Climax: The Long Count - Lindfors, Viveca 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2353)
Box 2 Climax: The Midas Touch - Hayes, Margaret 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2398)
Box 2 Climax: The Pink Cloud - includes caption; Forrest, Sally 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2206)
Box 2 Coke Time: Starring Eddie Fisher - includes caption; King, Peggy; Fisher, Eddie 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2228)
Box 2 Coke Time: Starring Eddie Fisher 10/8/1954 - includes caption; Fisher, Eddie; Weaver, Sylvester L, Jr.; Sacks, Emanuel 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2337)
Box 2 Collectors 4/2/1988 - Greg Anderson, photographer; 2 photographs on sheet; Rau, Bob; Garrett, Dana; Circus; Circus World Museum (Wis); PBS Television Network; Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Combined Shows 10x8, excellent condition (ID#: 1519)
Box 2 Collins - Collins addressing conventioneers 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2098)
Box 2 Colt .45: Gallows at Granite Gap 11/8/1957 - Preston, Wayde 8xl0, poor condition (ID#: 2407)
Box 2 Colt .45: Rare Specimen - includes caption; Preston, Wayde 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2182)
Box 2 Colt .45: Small Man 10/17/1957 - includes caption 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2223)
Box 2 Confession - includes caption; Koelling, Donald; Wyatt, Jack 7x9, good condition (ID#: 1994)
Box 2 Conflict: Girl on a Subway 1/18/1957 - Caption on back; Hamilton, Barry; Garner, Sam; Wood, Natalie 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 2466)
Box 2 Conflict: Silent Journey 12/25/1956 - includes caption; Haynes, Roberta 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2612)
Box 2 Conflict: The People Against McQuade - includes caption; Crayne, Dani 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 1973)
Box 2 Connor, Nadine 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 2734)
Box 2 Conserving America: Wetlands 1/11/1988 - Everglades (Fla.); Douglas, Marjory Stoneman 5x8, excellent condition (ID#: 1491)
Box 2 Constant Husband 10/5/1955 - includes caption; Kendall, Kay; Harrison, Rex; French, Valerie; Adams, Jill; Howells, Ursula; Maurey, Nicole; Dumville, Roma 9x7, fair/average condition (ID#: 2248)
Box 2 Convention Coverage - includes caption; Wood, Barry; McElrath, George; Taylor, Davidson; McAndrew, William R. 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2554)
Box 2 Conversation with Herbert Hoover 10/9/1955 - includes caption; Hoover, Herbert 9x7, fair/average condition (ID#: 2412)
Box 2 Cooper, Sally 5x7, poor condition (ID#: 2490)
Box 2 Country Music Crossroads March 1988 - PBS Television Network; Fundraisers; Oak Ridge Boys (Musical group); Osmond, Marie 8x10, excellent condition (ID#: 1479)
Box 2 Country Music Crossroads - 2 photographs on sheet; Travis, Randy; Newton, Juice; PBS Television Network 10x8, excellent condition (ID#: 1530)
Box 2 Court-Martial of Billy Cooper - includes caption; Cooper, Gary 8xl0, extremely poor condition (ID#: 1932)
Box 2 Crossroads: St. George and the Dragon 1/27/1956 - includes caption; Landon, Michael; Arlen, Richard 8x10 (ID#: 2383)
Box 3 Danny Thomas Show 9/11/1967 - includes caption; Thomas, Danny; Hagen, Jean 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2625)
Box 3 Dante 8/1/1960 - includes caption; Dante's Inferno; Peterson, Nan; Duff, Howard 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2616)
Box 3 Dateline Disneyland - includes caption; Dunne, Irene 8x10, extremely poor condition (ID#: 1970)
Box 3 Dateline Disneyland 7/17/1955 - includes caption; depicts launching of the "Mark Twain," a Western paddle steamer 10x8, fair/average condition (ID#: 2281)
Box 3 Dave Garroway Show 5/7/1954 - includes caption; Harmer, Shirley 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2244)
Box 3 David Brinkley's Journal 4/12/1963 - includes caption; Haiti; Brinkley, David 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2377)
Box 3 David Niven Show - includes caption; Mitchell, Cameron; Lester, Vonne 7x9, good condition (ID#: 1989)
Box 3 Death Valley Days: Gold is Where You Find It - includes caption; Mather, George 9.5x7.5, extremely poor condition (ID#: 1933)
Box 3 Death Valley Days: I Am Joaquin - includes caption; Cooper, Jeanne; Damler, John 9x7, good condition (ID#: 1963)
Box 3 Degrassi Jr. High 1/5/1988 - PBS Television Network 10x8, excellent condition (ID#: 1496)
Box 2 Deputy - includes caption; Fonda, Henry; Case, Allen 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2433)
Box 3 Deputy: The Two Faces of Bob Claxton 2/27/1960 - includes caption; Keim, Betty Lou; Montgomery, Robert, Jr. 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2588)
Box 3 Dick Powell Show: A Time to Die 1/9/1962 - includes caption; Powell, Pamela; Powell, Dick 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2267)
Box 3 Dick Powell Show: Ricochet 10/3/1961 - includes caption; Heflin, Van 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2451)
Box 3 Digges 4/8/1964 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2092)
Box 3 Dinah Shore Show: A Girl, A Boy, A Piano 3/26/1963 - includes caption; Darin, Bobby; Shore, Dinah 9x7, poor condition (ID#: 2651)
Box 3 Discoveries Underwater 3/21/1988 - Russell England, photographer; 2 photographs on sheet; PBS Television Network; Admiral Gardner (Ship); Mediterranean Sea -- Description and Travel 8x10, excellent condition (ID#: 1517)
Box 3 Disneyland 9x7, fair/average condition (ID#: 2118)
Box 3 Disneyland - includes caption 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2316)
Box 3 Disneyland: Adventures of Mickey Mouse 10/12/1955 - includes caption; Goofy (Fictitious character); Donald Duck (Fictitious character); Mickey Mouse (Fictitious character) 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2478)
Box 3 Disneyland: Behind the Scenes with Fess Parker 5/30/1956 - includes caption; Civil War; Parker, Fess; Great Locomotive Chase (Motion picture); Andrews' Raiders 9x7, poor condition (ID#: 2405)
Box 3 Disneyland: Davy Crockett Goes to Congress 1/26/1955 - includes caption; Ruysdael, Basil 10x8, poor condition (ID#: 2512)
Box 3 Disneyland: Davy Crockett Goes to Congress 4/27/1955 - includes captions 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2514)
Box 3 Disneyland: Dumbo 9/14/1955 - includes caption l0x8, good condition (ID#: 2186)
Box 3 Disneyland: From Aesop to Hans Christian Anderson 3/2/1955 - includes caption 9x7, poor condition (ID#: 2331)
Box 3 Disneyland: Legend of Sleepy Hollow 10/26/1955 - includes caption; Animated television programs 8x10, very poor condition (ID#: 2343)
Box 3 Disneyland: Monsters of the Deep 7/27/1955 - includes caption; cartoon; Animated television programs 10x8, good condition (ID#: 2333)
Box 3 Disneyland: Monsters of the Deep 1/19/1955 - includes caption; Monstro the Whale (Fictitious character) 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 2530)
Box 3 Disneyland: The Peter Tchaikovsky Story 1/30/1959 - includes caption; Onyx, Narda 7x9, very poor condition (ID#: 2418)
Box 3 Disneyland: To the South Pole for Science 11/13/1957 - includes caption; photograph depicts transmission of weather data 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 2215)
Box 3 Disneyland: When Knighthood was in Flower 6/26/1956 - includes caption; Todd, Richard; Johns, Glynis 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 2247)
Box 3 Disneyland: When Knighthood was in Flower 1/4/1956 - Todd, Richard 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 2410)
Box 3 Disneyland: When Knighthood was in Flower 1/4/1956 - includes caption; Justice, James Robertson; Johns, Glynis; Gough, Michael 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2534)
Box 3 Dollar A Second 4/19/1956 - includes caption; Murray, Celia; Murray, Diane; Murray, Toni Kelly; Murray, Howard 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2173)
Box 3 Don Giovanni 1/5/1962 - includes caption; Siepi, Cesare; Price, Leontyne 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2183)
Box 3 Donna Reed Show: Weekend Trip 9/24/1958 - includes caption; Fabares, Shelley 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2348)
Box 3 Dow Hour of Great Mysteries: The Bat 3/11/1960 - includes caption; Hayes, Helen; Welch, Joseph; Robards, Jason Jr. 7x9, very poor condition (ID#: 2196)
Box 3 Down You Go (game show) 9/15/1951 - includes caption; Evans, Bergan 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2533)
Box 3 Dr. I.Q. - includes caption; Owen, Jay 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 2349)
Box 3 Du Pont Show of the Week: Hollywood, My Home Town 1/7/1962 - includes caption; Murray, Ken; Grable, Betty 9x7, fair/average condition (ID#: 2657)
Box 3 Du Pont Show of the Week: Regards to George M. Cohan 2/2/1962 - includes caption; Hayes, Peter Lind 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2597)
Box 3 Du Pont Show of the Week: Windfall 1/13/1963 - includes caption; Albert, Eddie; Johns, Glynis 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2355)
Box 3 Du Pont Show of the Week: Windfall 1/13/1962 - includes caption; Johns, Glynis; Albert, Eddie 9x7, fair/average condition (ID#: 2626)
Box 3 DuPont Cavalcade Theatre: Diplomatic Outpost 4/19/1956 - includes caption; Hudson, John; Stone, Cynthia 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 1954)
Box 3 DuPont Cavalcade Theatre: Diplomatic Outpost - includes caption; Hudson, John; Stone, Cynthia 9x7, poor condition (ID#: 1955)
Box 3 Ed Sullivan Show 12/23/1955 - includes caption; Pons, Lily 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 2315)
Box 3 Eddie Fisher Show - includes caption; Dunn, Elaine 5x9, poor condition (ID#: 1931)
Box 3 Eddie Fisher Show - includes caption; Fisher, Eddie 7x9, very poor condition (ID#: 2222)
Box 3 Eddie Fisher Show - includes caption; Fisher, Eddie; Reynolds, Debbie 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2224)
Box 3 Eleventh Hour - includes caption; Corey, Robin 7x9, extremely poor condition (ID#: 1979)
Box 3 Emmy Awards - includes caption; Toomey, Marilyn 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 1937)
Box 3 Empire: Burnout - includes caption; Hellstrom, Gunnar 8x10, good condition (ID#: 1995)
Box 3 Ensign O'Toole: Operation Boxer 3/7/1963 - includes caption; Crosby, Gary; Jones, Dean 7x9, extremely poor condition (ID#: 1938)
Box 3 Ernie Kovacs Show - Kovacs, Ernie; Adams, Edie 9x7, poor condition (ID#: 2545)
Box 3 Ethel and Albert 4/25/1963 - includes caption; Bunce, Alan 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2576)
Box 3 Fabray, Nanette 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 2388)
Box 3 Fabray, Nanette 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 2389)
Box 3 Fabray, Nanette 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 2390)
Box 3 Famous Film Festival: Hamlet - includes caption; Olivier, Laurence 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 1945)
Box 3 Famous Film Festival: The Blue Lagoon 5/17/1956 - includes caption; Jones, Peter; Stranks, Susan 10x8, good condition (ID#: 2508)
Box 3 Famous Film Festival: The Clouded Yellow 10/2/1956 - includes caption; Simmons, Jean; Howard, Trevor 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2596)
Box 3 Federal Communications Commission: New York World’s Fair, Press Building - includes caption; Ford, Frederick; Henry, E. William; Hyde, Rose; Lee, Robert E.; Cox, Kenneth; United States -- Federal Communications Commission 10x8, good condition (ID#: 2031)
Box 3 Fields, Billy 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2048)
Box 3 Fight Beat and the Wheaties Sports Page 6/27/1954 - includes caption; Palmer, Bud 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 2324)
Box 3 Fisher, Nelle 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2344)
Box 3 Fisher, Nelle 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2345)
Box 3 Fisher, Nelle 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2346)
Box 3 Fisher, Nelle 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2347)
Box 3 Fitzgerald, Ella 5x7, good condition (ID#: 2564)
Box 3 Five Fingers 10/3/1959 - includes caption; Paluzzi, Luciana; Hedison, Albert David 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2289)
Box 3 Flipper: The White Dolphin 2/13/1965 - includes caption; Morrison, Joe 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2175)
Box 3 Flipper: The White Dolphin 1/15/1965 - includes caption; Morrison, Joe 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2728)
Box 4 Foley, Red 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2507)
Box 4 Follow the Sun: A Ghost in her Gazebo 3/18/1962 - includes caption; Halsey, Brett; Lanchester, Elsa 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2452)
Box 4 Footlights Theatre 7/1/1953 - includes caption; Lynn, Diana; Haymes, Dick 7.5x10, good condition (ID#: 2503)
Box 4 Ford Show - includes caption; Ford, Tennessee Ernie 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2208)
Box 4 Ford Show 9/13/1957 - includes caption; Ford, Tennessee Ernie 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2307)
Box 4 Ford Show: HMS Pinafore - includes caption; Ford, Tennessee Ernie; Cooke, Donna 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2115)
Box 4 Ford Theatre - includes caption; Arlen, Roxanne; Marlowe, Lucy; Lansing, Joi 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 1968)
Box 4 Forrest, Sally - Note on back 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2205)
Box 4 Frances Langford Show - Notes on back; Troupe, Bobby; Rose, David; Bergen, Edgar; Langford, Frances; London, Julie; Four Freshman (Musical group); Saunders, George; Wick, Charles 10x8, fair/average condition (ID#: 2468)
Box 4 Frasier / 2726 - Two images on sheet; Gilpin, Peri; Pierce, David Hyde 8x10, excellent condition
Box 4 Frasier - includes caption; NBC Television Network; Grammer, Kelsey; Mahoney, John; Pierce, David Hyde 8x10, excellent condition (ID#: 2558)
Box 4 Frasier - Grammer, Kelsey 8x10, excellent condition (ID#: 2730)
Box 4 Frasier - Mahoney, John; Leeves, Jane 8x10, excellent condition (ID#: 2733)
Box 4 Fred Allen Show - Allen, Fred; NBC Radio 9x7, good condition (ID#: 2085)
Box 4 French, Valerie 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2467)
Box 4 Fritz, Anderson, Brian 10x8, fair/average condition (ID#: 2090)
Box 4 From These Roots - includes caption; Hardy, Sarah 9x7, poor condition (ID#: 2360)
Box 4 Frontier Justice - includes caption; Davis, Bette; Merrill, Gary 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 1935)
Box 4 Frontier: The Big Dry - includes caption; Murphy, Maura; Forbes, Scott 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2203)
Box 4 Frontier: The Big Dry - Murphy, Maura 4x5, fair/average condition (ID#: 2276)
Box 4 Frontiers of Faith: The Grandeur and Misery of Man 2/12/1960 - includes caption; Harwicke, Cedric, Sir 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2617)
Box 4 Frontline: Journey to the Occupied Lands 1/26/1993 - PBS Television Network; Ambrosino, Michael; Israel; Palestine 7x5, excellent condition (ID#: 1501)
Box 4 Furness, Betty - John Engstead, photographer 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2019)
Box 4 Gabby Hayes Show 9/25/1953 - includes caption; Haves, Gabby 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2594)
Box 4 Gallant Men 10/5/1962 - includes caption; 36th Infantry Division; Fontaine, Eddie 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2477)
Box 4 Game of the Week - includes caption; Nelson, Lindsey; Grange, Red 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2520)
Box 4 Gator Bowl 12/15/1955 - includes caption; Auburn University; Cunningham, Jim; Vanderbilt University 4.5x7, fair/average condition (ID#: 2380)
Box 4 General Motors Futurama Exhibit - includes caption; Jenkins, Allen; Higgins, Robert C.; WXYZ-TV (Television station: Detroit, Ark); General Motors Corporation; Pake, Alan G. 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2028)
Box 4 George Burns Show - includes caption; Burns, George; Benny, Jack; Grable, Betty 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 1985)
Box 4 George Gobel Show - includes caption; Gobel, Gregg; Gobel, George 9x7, fair/average condition (ID#: 2217)
Box 4 George Gobel Show 5/16/1955 - includes caption; Gobel, George; Menjou, Adolphe 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2254)
Box 4 George Gobel Show - includes caption; Gobel, George; Gobel, Gregg; Gobel, Alice; Gobel, Georgia 7x9, excellent condition (ID#: 2458)
Box 4 Gerry, Toni 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2736)
Box 4 Ghostwriter: Get the Message 10/10/1993 - includes caption; Jackson, Bo; Turnipseed, Sheldon 8x10, excellent condition (ID#: 4375)
Box 4 Gilbert, Paul - Second Greatest Sex, The (Motion picture); So This is Paris (Moving picture, musical); Universal Pictures Company, Inc. 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 2484)
Box 4 Gilbert, Paul - Second Greatest Sex, The (Motion picture); So This is Paris (Moving picture, musical); Universal Pictures Company, Inc. 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2485)
Box 4 Gilbert, Paul 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 2486)
Box 4 Gingold, Hermione 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 2559)
Box 4 Gish, Dorothy 3x8, fair/average condition (ID#: 2544)
Box 4 Gobel, George 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2371)
Box 4 Godfrey, Arthur 12/11/1963 - “This is Arthur Godfrey’s Dirty White Bear”); Davis, Lloyd; Reed, Norman; Godfrey, Arthur; Seabright, Patti; Charles, John 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2088)
Box 4 Golden Windows 7/8/1954 - includes caption; Dressler, Eric 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2178)
Box 4 Goodbye Young Lovers - includes caption; Heide, Terry Sue; Farge, Annie; Angel Look-Alike Contest 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 2253)
Box 4 Goodyear Television Playhouse: Dear Harriet Heartthrob 7/9/1954 - includes caption, four photos on sheet; Palmer, Betsy 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2328)
Box 4 Goodyear Television Playhouse: Miss Lookalike - includes caption; Osterwald, Bibi 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 2194)
Box 4 Goodyear Television Playhouse: The Way Things Happen 1/21/1955 - includes caption; Healy, Mary; Hayes, Peter Lind 8x10, extremely poor condition (ID#: 1964)
Box 4 Goodyear Television Playhouse: The Way Things Happen 1/21/1955 - includes captionHealy, Mary; Hayes, Peter Lind 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2498)
Box 4 Goodyear Theatre: Points Beyond - includes caption; Adams, June; Hayden, Sterling 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2595)
Box 4 Grand Night: The Performing Ads on PTV March 1988 - PBS Television Network; Thomas, Richard 5x7, excellent condition (ID#: 1485)
Box 4 Grand Night: The Performing Arts on PTV March 1988 - PBS Television Network; Markov, Alexander 8x10, excellent condition (ID#: 1481)
Box 4 Graziano, Rocky 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 2049)
Box 4 Great Performances 1/8/1988 - Don Perdue, photographer; 3 photographs on sheet; Ferri, Alessandra; PBS Television Network; Baryshnikov, Mikhail; Keaton, Buster; Talmadge, Natalie; Gillespie, Dizzy 10x8, excellent condition (ID#: 1518)
Box 4 Great Performances: Luciano Pavarotti March 1988 - Eduardo Vasquez, photographer; PBS Television network; Pavarotti, Luciano 7x5, excellent condition (ID#: 1484)
Box 4 Guaranty Broadcasting Corporation - includes caption on back; Guaranty Broadcasting Corporation of Baton Rouge (Baton Rouge, La.); WAFB-TV (television station); Foster, George A. Jr.; Gibbens, Tom E. 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2032)
Box 4 Hagen, Jean 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2591)
Box 4 Haines, Connie 8x10, very poor condition (ID#: 2376)
Box 4 Hale, Corky 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2239)
Box 4 Hallmark Hall of Fame: Abe Lincoln in Illinois 1/10/1964 - 4 photographs on sheet; Robards, Jason Jr.; Peters, Casey; Kearney, Mark 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 1941)
Box 4 Hallmark Hall of Fame: Abe Lincoln in Illinois 1/10/1964 - includes caption; Robards, Jason Jr. 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 1942)
Box 4 Hallmark Hall of Fame: Captain Brassbound's Conversion 5/2/1960 - includes caption; Garson, Greer; Plummer, Christopher 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2394)
Box 4 Hallmark Hall of Fame: Cradle Song - includes caption; Hayes, Helen; McKenna, Siobhan; Bickford, Charles; Anderson, Judith 7x9, extremely poor condition (ID#: 1940)
Box 4 Hallmark Hall of Fame: Johnny Belinda 10/13/1958 - includes caption; Harris, Julie; Jory, Victor 9x7, good condition (ID#: 2439)
Box 4 Hallmark Hall of Fame: Johnny Belinda 9/9/1958 - includes caption; Jory, Victor; Harris, Julie 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2441)
Box 4 Hallmark Hall of Fame: Little Mon of Alban 3/24/1958 - includes caption; Dublin (Ireland); Harris, Julie; Plummer, Christopher; Irish Rebellion, 1916-1921 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2432)
Box 4 Hallmark Hall of Fame: Little Moon of Alban 2/28/1958 - includes caption; Harris, Julie; Plummer, Christopher; Jones, Barry 9x7, poor condition (ID#: 2583)
Box 4 Hallmark Hall of Fame: Macbeth 11/5/1954 - includes caption; Anderson, Judith; Evans, Maurice 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 2295)
Box 4 Hallmark Hall of Fame: Macbeth 11/20/1960 - includes caption; Schaefer, George; Anderson, Judith; Evans, Maurice 9x7, fair/average condition (ID#: 2449)
Box 4 Hallmark Hall of Fame: The Good Fairy 1/18/1956 - includes caption; Ritchard, Cyril; Harris, Julie; Evans, Maurice; Slezak, Walter 9x7, fair/average condition (ID#: 2600)
Box 4 Hallmark Hall of Fame: The Lark 2/10/1957 - includes caption; Rathbone, Basil; Elliott, Denholm; Karloff, Boris; Wallach, Eli; Harris, Julie 7xS, very poor condition (ID#: 2234)
Box 4 Hallmark Hall of Fame: The Little Foxes 12/16/1956 - includes caption; Garson, Greer 9x7, very poor condition (ID#: 2356)
Box 4 Hallmark Hall of Fame: The Taming of the Shrew 2/15/1956 - includes caption; Evans, Maurice; Palmer, Lillie 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2656)
Box 4 Hallmark Hall of Fame: The Tempest 2/3/1960 - includes caption; Remick, Lee; Bassett, William 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 2263)
Box 4 Hallmark Hall of Fame: There Shall Be No Night 3/1/1957 - includes caption; Cornell, Katharine; Boyer, Charles 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 2387)
Box 4 Hallmark Hall of Fame: Twelfth Night 12/15/1957 - includes caption; Morris, Howard; Evans, Maurice; Harris, Rosemary; Laurie, Piper 9x7, good condition (ID#: 2438)
Box 4 Hallmark Hall of Fame: Victoria Regina 11/3/1961 - includes caption; Harris, Julie; Donald, James 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2243)
Box 4 Hallmark Hall of Fame: Victoria Regina 11/3/1961 - includes caption; Harris, Julie; Phelps, Eleanor 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2609)
Box 5 Hansel and Gretel - includes caption; Kaye, Stubby; Laurence, Paula; Cook, Barbara 9x7, good condition (ID#: 2231)
Box 5 Hardwicke, Cedric 3.5x5, good condition (ID#: 2543)
Box 5 Harrigan and Son: There's No Fool Like an Old Fool - includes caption; Gabor, Eva 8x10, extremely poor condition (ID#: 1972)
Box 5 Harry's Girls: His Highness 9/30/1963 - includes caption; Williams, Diahn; Villiers, Mavis; Silo, Susan 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 2238)
Box 5 Hawaiian Eye: Cut of Ice 2/17/1960 - includes caption; Hayes, Roberta 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2246)
Box 5 Hawaiian Eye: Talk and You’re Dead 7/19/1961 - includes caption; Conrad, Robert; Gaye, Lisa 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 2403)
Box 5 Hayes, Bill (William Foster Hayes) 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2593)
Box 5 Hayman, Richard - Mercury Records 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 2506)
Box 5 Here's Hollywood - includes caption; O'Connell, Helen; Linkletter, Jack 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2448)
Box 5 High Button Shoes 11/24/1956 - includes caption; Ameche, Don; March, Hal; Fabray, Nanette 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2436)
Box 5 Hinderas, Natalie 10/23/1953 - includes caption 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2575)
Box 5 Hitchcock, Alfred 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2565)
Box 5 Hitchcock, Alfred 5x7, fair/average condition (ID#: 2566)
Box 5 Hollywood and the Stars: Hollywood Goes to War 1/3/1964 - includes caption 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2528)
Box 5 Hollywood Legends - 2 photographs on sheet; Kelly, Grace; Monroe, Marilyn; PBS Television Network 10x8, excellent condition (ID#: 1508)
Box 5 Hollywood Legends 2/17/1988 - 2 photographs on sheet, Steve McQueen and Natalie Wood; Wood, Natalie; PBS Television Network; McQueen, Steve; Wood, Natalie 10x8, excellent condition (ID#: 1511)
Box 5 Hollywood Legends: Grace Kelly, American Princess - 2 photographs on sheet; Grant, Cary; Kelly, Grace; Gable, Clark; PBS Television Network 8x10, excellent condition (ID#: 1503)
Box 5 Hollywood Legends: Grace Kelly, American Princess - 2 photographs on sheet; Princess Grace of Monaco; Kelly, Grace; PBS Television Network 8x10, excellent condition (ID#: 1505)
Box 5 Hollywood Legends: Marilyn Monroe, Beyond the Legend - PBS Television Network; Monroe, Marilyn 10x8, excellent condition (ID#: 1502)
Box 5 Home 9/24/1954 - includes caption; Jillana; Ballet 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 2329)
Box 5 Home 7/20/1955 - includes caption; Core, Natalie 7x9, very poor condition (ID#: 2635)
Box 5 Hometime 1/16/1988 - Liebeler, JoAnne; PBS Television Network; Johnson, Dean 5x7.5, excellent condition (ID#: 1493)
Box 5 Hong Kong: To Catch a Star 11/30/1960 - includes caption; Paluzzi, Luciana; Taylor, Rod 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2738)
Box 5 Hope Through Rehabilitation (Radio program) - includes caption; ABC Radio Network; Collyer, Bud; Rusk, Howard 9x7, poor condition (ID#: 2033)
Box 5 Hope, Bob 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2557)
Box 5 Horrell, Marvin 9x7, poor condition (ID#: 4370)
Box 5 Hour Glass: One Night With You - includes caption; Roc, Patricia 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 1947)
Box 5 Howard, John - Name on back 8x10, very poor condition (ID#: 2236)
Box 5 Howard, John - Name on back 8x10, very poor condition (ID#: 2237)
Box 5 Howard, John 8x10, very poor condition (ID#: 2739)
Box 5 Howdy Doody - includes caption; Marihugh, Tamra "Tammy"; Clarabelle the Clown; Howdy Doody Smile Contest 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2578)
Box 5 Howe, Quincy 7/25/1956 - includes caption; 4 photos on sheet; photographs satirically depict correct and incorrect behavior of political candidates; Howe, Quincy; Politics 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2229)
Box 5 I Married Joan - includes caption; Wills, Beverly; NBC Network Television; Davis, Joan; Grossman, Alan; Baird, Jeanne 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2212)
Box 5 I'm Dickens...He's Fenster: A Small Matter of Being Fired - includes caption; Ingels, Marty; Marcus, Vitina; Aslin, John 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2424)
Box 5 Ina Ray Hutton Show 4/4/1956 - Ina Ray Hutton and Her All-Girl Band (Musical group); Hutton, Ina; Rinker, Margaret; Cronin, Lois; Hammond, Helen 7xg, fair/average condition (ID#: 2555)
Box 5 Ina Ray Hutton Show - includes caption; Ina Ray Hutton and Her All Girl Show Orchestra; Hutton, Ina Ray 9x7, fair/average condition (ID#: 2619)
Box 5 Infinite Voyage: To the Edge of the Earth 1/6/1988 - Michael Dillon, photographer; PBS Television Network; Nomads -- China -- Tibet; Bealle, Cynthia 7x5, excellent condition (ID#: 1492)
Box 5 International Radio and Television Society: Goldenson receives IRTS award 3/4/1964 - includes caption; Digges, Sam Cook; Goldenson, Leonard H. 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2030)
Box 5 International Zone: Catalyst - includes caption on back; Cooke, Alistair; U.S. Broadcasters' Committee for the United Nations; United Nations 10x8, good condition (ID#: 2035)
Box 5 International Zone: In the House - includes caption on back; United Nations; Hammarskjold, Dag; U.S. Broadcasters' Committee for the United Nations; Cooke, Alistair 10x8, good condition (ID#: 2034)
Box 5 Investigators and the Law - includes caption; Kefauver, Estes 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 2260)
Box 5 It’s Polka Time 6/22/1956 - includes captionKanal Siodma Dancers 9x7, good condition (ID#: 2395)
Box 5 It's Always Jan - includes caption; Bright, Pat; Paige, Janis 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2526)
Box 5 It's News To Me 7/1/1954 - includes caption; Hamms Brewing Co.; American Oil Co.; Reynolds, Quentin; Noxzema Chemical Co.; Cronkite, Walter; Foch, Nina; Faulk, John Henry 9x7, good condition (ID#: 2152)
Box 5 Jack Paar Show - includes caption; Paar, Jack 7x9, very poor condition (ID#: 2216)
Box 5 Jack Paar Show 9/14/1962 - includes caption; Paar, Jack 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2496)
Box 5 Jack Paar Show - includes caption; Genevieve; Paar, Jack; Goodman, Dody 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2529)
Box 5 Jack Paar Show 9/14/1962 - includes caption; Paar, Jack 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2497)
Box 5 James Taylor in Concert - PBS Television Network; Taylor, James 8x10, excellent condition (ID#: 1523)
Box 5 Jamie 9/15/1954 - includes caption; Rowles, Polly; Truex, Ernest; de Wilde, Brandon 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2392)
Box 5 Japan 4/4/1988 - 2 photographs on sheet; Seymour, Jane; Shinto shrines -- Japan; PBS Television Network; Japan 8xl0, excellent condition (ID#: 1516)
Box 5 Jerry Lewis Show 4/19/1957 - includes caption; Lewis, Jerry 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2187)
Box 5 Jim Reeves Show - includes caption; Dillard, Dottie; Anita Kerr Singers, The (Musical group); Kerr, Anita; Wright, Gil; Nunley, Louis 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2587)
Box 5 John Gunther’s High Road: Christmas Around the World - includes caption; Children--Sweden 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2532)
Box 5 Jubilee U.S.A. - includes caption; Foley, Red 7x9, good condition (ID#: 1959)
Box 5 Jubilee U.S.A. - includes caption; Jean, Norma 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2302)
Box 5 Kaiser Aluminum Hour: Antigone 9/11/1956 - includes caption; Galantiere, Lewis; Rose Tattoo (Motion picture); Pavan, Marisa; Man in the Gray Flannel Suit (Motion picture) 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2434)
Box 5 Kaiser Aluminum Hour: Man on the White Horse 7/17/1956 - includes caption; Cook, Fielder 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 1986)
Box 5 Kaiser Aluminum Hour: Mr. Finchey Versus the Bomb 9/11/1956 - includes caption; Hull, Henry 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2585)
Box 5 Kallen, Kitty 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2021)
Box 5 Kalmus, Bee (Bea) excellent condition (ID#: 2025)
Box 5 Kalmus, Bee 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2043)
Box 5 Kasander, Paul 4x5, good condition (ID#: 2277)
Box 5 Katz, Raymond 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2074)
Box 5 Kaufmann, Murray - WINS-AM {Radio station) 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2042)
Box 5 Kazam, Rohards, Whitehead 9x7, poor condition (ID#: 2127)
Box 5 Kelly, Claire 8x10, Fair Average condition (ID#: 2561)
Box 5 Kent, Mona 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2368)
Box 5 Kerr, Marge 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2027)
Box 5 KFWB - KFWB employees opening and sorting mail received in the Beatles Word Making Contents; includes caption and personal note 9x4, good condition (ID#: 2083)
Box 5 Kings Row 4/1/1956 - includes caption; Leslie, Nan 7x9 (ID#: 2627)
Box 5 Kings Row 9/13/1955 - includes caption; Kelly, Jack; Horton, Robert; Leshe, Nan 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2628)
Box 5 Kirby, Diane 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2023)
Box 5 Kirby, Diane 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2044)
Box 5 Kitty Foyle 1/17/1958 - includes caption; Murray, Kathleen 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2447)
Box 5 Kozlow, Bucky 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2045)
Box 6 Kraft Music Hall 4/15/1956 - includes caption; Como, Perry; Genevieve 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2232)
Box 6 Kraft Music Hall - includes caption; Hope, Bob; Como, Perry 7xg, poor condition (ID#: 2280)
Box 6 Kraft Music Hall 10/4/1956 - includes caption; Yankees (Baseball team); Como, Perry 9x7, poor condition (ID#: 2402)
Box 6 Kraft Music Hall: Milton Berle 12/3/1958 - includes caption ; Fitzgerald, Ella; Berle, Milton 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2450)
Box 6 Kraft Mystery Theatre 6/14/1958 - includes caption 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 1936)
Box 6 Kraft Mystery Theatre: Shadow of a Man 6/4/1963 - includes caption; Kelly, Jack; Owen, Beverly 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2494)
Box 6 Kraft Mystery Theatre: Talk to my Partner - includes caption; Moore, Joanna 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 2279)
Box 6 Laffan, Patricia 6x8, good condition (ID#: 2562)
Box 6 Land 2/9/1962 - includes caption; Huntley, Chet 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2581)
Box 6 Laramie 9/15/1959 - includes caption; Crawford, Bobby, Jr. 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2227)
Box 6 Laramie: Dark Verdict 11/24/1959 - includes caption; Mitchell, Thomas 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2525)
Box 6 Laramie: Renegade Brand 2/26/1963 - includes caption; Patrick, Lory; Nolan, Jean 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2652)
Box 6 Lawman: Deputy - includes caption; Brown, Peter 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2191)
Box 6 Lawrence Welk Show - includes caption 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 1967)
Box 6 Lawrence Welk Show 5/20/1958 - includes caption; upper right corner missing; Lennon, Diane 7x9, very poor condition (ID#: 2169)
Box 6 Lerner & Loewe, Broadway's Last Romantics 3/10/1988 - Bobby Hansson, photographer; Hepburn, Audrey; Kiley, Richard 10x8, excellent condition (ID#: 1483)
Box 6 Lerner & Loewe, Broadway's Last Romantics - PBS Television Network; Loewe, Frederick; Lerner, Alan J. 8x10, excellent condition (ID#: 1522)
Box 6 Lerner & Loewe: Broadways' Last Romantics - 2 photographs on sheet; PBS Television Network; Andrews, Julie; Harrison, Rex; Hepburn, Audrey; My Fair Lady (Musical) 10x8, excellent condition (ID#: 1526)
Box 6 Let's Make a Deal (game show) 12/5/1963 - includes caption; Hall, Monty; Merrill, Carol 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2613)
Box 6 Lewis, Brenda - Girl in Pink Tights, The (Musical) 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 2511)
Box 6 Liberace Show - includes caption; Liberace, George; Liberace, Wladziu (Walter) Valentino 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2411)
Box 6 Liberace Show 9/25/1958 - includes caption; Liberace, Wladziu (Walter) Valentino 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2456)
Box 6 Life of Riley 9/21/1953 - includes caption; Bendix, William 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2358)
Box 6 Life of Riley - Bendix, William; DeCamp, Rosemary; Rees, Lanny; Winters, Gloria 10x8, good condition (ID#: 4368)
Box 6 Life of Riley: Juvenile Delinquent 10/17/1956 - includes caption; Morgan, Wesley; Bendix, William 10x8, fair/average condition (ID#: 2499)
Box 6 Life of Riley: Movie Struck 1/31/1958 - includes caption; Bendix, Lorraine; Montgomery, George; Hitchcock, Patricia 9x7, fair/average condition (ID#: 2435)
Box 6 Life of Riley: Riley and the Foreman's Gift 5/7/1954 - includes caption; Bendix, William; Parnell, Emory 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 2393)
Box 6 Live from the Met: Jessye Norman 1/27/1988 - PBS Television Network; Norman, Jessye 5x7, excellent condition (ID#: 1489)
Box 6 Living Single: The Shakeup 5/18/1995 - Fields, Kim 8x10, excellent condition (ID#: 2735)
Box 6 Lone Ranger - includes caption; depicts the Lone Ranger with children; Wrather, Linda; Wrather, Jack; Ladd, David; Wrather, Chris; Granville, Bonita; Trilling, Susan; Moore, Clayton; Wrather, Molly 9x7, fair/average condition (ID#: 2291)
Box 6 Look Up and Live: Shadow of the Valley 3/3/1963 - includes caption; Poole, Roy; Madden, Donald 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2330)
Box 6 Look Up and Live: Shadow of the Valley 3/3/1963 - includes caption; Scollay, Fred; Holland, Betty Lou; Madden, Donald; Poole, Roy 10x8, fair/average condition (ID#: 2401)
Box 6 Lorenzo Jones 11/12/1954 - includes caption; Raby, John; NBC Radio 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 2427)
Box 6 Loud Red Patrick 10/3/1956 - Wayne, David 8x10, very poor condition (ID#: 2569)
Box 6 Loud Red Patrick - Congdon, James; Wayne, David 8xl0, very poor condition (ID#: 2570)
Box 6 Loud Red Patrick - Kennedy, Arthur; Wayne, David 8xl0, very poor condition (ID#: 2571)
Box 6 Love That Jill: They Went Thataway - includes caption; Janssen, Eileen 7x9, extremely poor condition (ID#: 1939)
Box 6 Lux Video Theatre: Night Song 1/18/1956 - includes caption; Scully, Francis; Rush, Barbara; Contino, Dick 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 1962)
Box 6 Lux Video Theatre: The Queen’s English 5/13/1954 - Notes on back; Harding, Ann 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 2174)
Box 6 Lux Video Theatre: The Queen’s English 5/30/1954 - Harding, Ann 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 2740)
Box 6 Make Room for Daddy (The Danny Thomas Show) - includes caption; Hamer, Rusty; Jackson, Shirley; Hagen, Jean 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2590)
Box 6 Man and the Challenge: Escape to Nepal - Accompanies larger photo of Ray Milland; Nader, George; Granville, Joan 4x5, poor condition (ID#: 1948)
Box 6 Man from U.N.C.L.E. - includes caption; Heatherly, May 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2335)
Box 6 Married With Children: The Bundys in London 5/3/1992 - Applegate, Christina; O'Neil, Ed; Sagal, Katey; Faustino, David 8x10, excellent condition (ID#: 2737)
Box 6 Masquerade Party (game show) 12/9/1956 - includes caption; Hall Healy, Mary 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2614)
Box 6 Masquerade Party 12/21/1955 - includes caption; Donald, Peter; Parker, Fess 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 2317)
Box 6 Massine, Leonide 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 2022)
Box 6 Masterpiece Theatre: - 2 photographs on sheet: Day After the Fair and Fortunes of Wai; PBS Television Network; Gordon, Hannah; Branagh, Kenneth 8x10, excellent condition (ID#: 1515)
Box 6 Maverick: Passage to Fort Doom 8/23/1959 - includes caption; Howell, Arlene; Kelly, Jack 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2606)
Box 6 Maverick: Rope of Cards - includes caption; Marshall, Joan 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 1946)
Box 6 Max Liebman's Color Spectacular - includes caption; Holliday, Judy 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2463)
Box 6 McGreedy, Robert M. - Fabian Bachrach, photographer; Television Advertising Representatives, Inc. 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2039)
Box 6 McZnikoff, Marvin D. (2 items) 8 x10, good condition (ID#: 2059)
Box 6 Mead, Julia 10x8, fair/average condition (ID#: 2020)
Box 6 Medallion Theatre: Mrs. Union Station 7/23/1953 - includes caption; Havoc, June 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2431)
Box 6 Medical Horizons - includes caption; Krugman, Saul; Bellevue Hospital 7x9, good condition (ID#: 1990)
Box 6 Medical Horizons 9/12/1955 - includes caption; Howe, Quincy 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2536)
Box 6 Meet Mille 10/25/1952 - Halop, Florence 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 2563)
Box 6 Mehlig, Lee - includes caption on back; Blair Radio 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2060)
Box 6 Melody Tour - includes caption; Fisher, Nelle 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2226)
Box 6 Mendelsohn, Alfred L. - includes caption; EUE/Screen Gems 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2101)
Box 6 Mendelson 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2054)
Box 6 Mergener, Philip 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2061)
Box 6 Metcalfe, Edwin C. 5x7, good condition (ID#: 2073)
Box 6 Meterpaul, Stephen C. - Robert E. Eastman and Company, Inc. 8x10 (ID#: 2058)
Box 6 Metropolitan Opera: La Forza del Destino 1/14/1958 - includes caption; Roggero, Margaret 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 2400)
Box 6 Metropolitan Opera: Vanessa 1/22/1958 - includes caption; Elias, Rosalind; Barber, Samuel; Menotti, Gian-Carlo 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2459)
Box 6 Meyer, Walter - Oak Electro/Netics Corp.; Oak Manufacturing Co.; TV Turner Advance Development Laboratory 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2051)
Box 6 Meyers - WGN (Television station) 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2056)
Box 7 MGM Parade: Tribute to a Bad Man - includes caption 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 2319)
Box 7 Michaels, Pat 10/23/1963 - KBLA (Los Angeles, Ca.) 4x5, good condition (ID#: 2063)
Box 7 Middendorf, Donald G. 12/18/1964 - Donald G. Crosley Broadcasting Corp. 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2066)
Box 7 Miller, Alan B. Jr. - includes caption on back; Ted Bales and Company, Inc.; Miller, Alan B. Jr. 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2062)
Box 7 Miller, D. Thomas 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2053)
Box 7 Miller, Frank 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2071)
Box 7 Miller, Paul - Associated Press; Garnett Company (Rochester, N.Y.) 4.5x7, good condition (ID#: 2070)
Box 7 Miller, Thomas 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2064)
Box 7 Miller, William 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2057)
Box 7 Mills, Delbert - RCA 8x10 (2 items) , good condition (ID#: 2067)
Box 7 Milner - WTAC (Radio station) 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2069)
Box 7 Minelli, Liza 8x10, extremely poor condition (ID#: 2125)
Box 7 Miner, Peter 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2055)
Box 7 Miss America Beauty Pageant 9/11/1955 - includes caption; Myerson, Bess; Daly, John 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2362)
Box 7 Missing Links (game show) 8/30/1963 - includes caption; McMahon, Ed; Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (Television program) 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2421)
Box 7 Misterly, Frank S. - RCA 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2068)
Box 7 Mitchell, Robert D. 8x10 (ID#: 2065)
Box 7 Mitchell, T. E. 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2052)
Box 7 Mix, Shirley - KTVB 5x7, good condition (ID#: 2072)
Box 7 Monday Night at the Movies: King of the Khyber Rifles 6/17/1968 - includes caption; Power, Tyrone; Sujata 9x7, very poor condition (ID#: 2650)
Box 7 Moore, Terry 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 2567)
Box 7 Motorola TV Hour: The Brandenburg Gate 11/23/1953 - includes caption; Riva, Maria; Palance, Jack 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2327)
Box 7 Mr. Citizen: Second Class Citizen - includes caption; Bush, William; Horn, Sandy; Bayless, Anita 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2256)
Box 7 Munro, Craddock - Includes biographical information and resume on back; 6 photos on sheet; My Three Angels; Pygmalion; Merchant of Venice; Schlitz Theatre (Television program); I Was a Male War Bride (Motion picture); Lady in the Dark; Dark of the Moon; Peg O'My Heart; Legend of Lovers 10x8, good condition (ID#: 2198)
Box 7 Murphy, Audie 4.25x3.5, good condition (ID#: 2504)
Box 7 Murphy, Mary 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 2262)
Box 7 Murray, Ken 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2654)
Box 7 Murrow, Edward - Murrow, Edward R. 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2716)
Box 7 Music for a Summer Night: Female of the Species - includes caption; Fitzgerald, Geraldine 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 2469)
Box 7 Mutual Broadcasting 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2078)
Box 7 My Favorite Husband 8/25/1953 - includes caption; Caulfield, Joan; Nelson, Barry 9x7, fair/average condition (ID#: 2539)
Box 7 Mystery Time: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 6/21/1956 - includes caption; Gielgud, John, Sir 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2483)
Box 7 Mystery: The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn - PBS Television Network; Service of Ali the Dead; The Dead of Jericho; Thaw, John; Inspector Morse 8x10, excellent condition (ID#: 1507)
Box 7 N4asterpiece Theatre: David Copperfield - Hurley, Colin; PBS Television Network 8x10, excellent condition (ID#: 1506)
Box 7 NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Conference Registration 1963 10x8, good condition (ID#: 2075)
Box 7 NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Convention - includes caption on back; Pack, Richard M; McGannon, Donald H.; Group W (Westinghouse Broadcasting Company) 10x8, fair/average condition (ID#: 2080)
Box 7 Naish, J. Carol 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 2024)
Box 7 Naked City: A Death of Princes 10/12/1960 - includes caption; Malone, Nancy 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2611)
Box 7 Naked City: The Human Trap - includes caption; Burke, Paul; O'Neill, Margaret 7x9, good condition (ID#: 1953)
Box 7 Naked City: The Pedigree Sheet 10/9/1960 - includes caption; Burke, Paul; Pleshette, Suzanne 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2251)
Box 7 Name That Tune 6/19/1953 - includes caption; Benson, Red; NBC Radio; Salter, Harry; Mills, Vicki 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 1982)
Box 7 Name's the Same - includes caption; Alexander, Joan; Myerson, Bess; Stang, Arnold; Rayburn, Gene 7x9, good condition (ID#: 1956)
Box 7 National Farm and Home Hour 7/30/1954 - includes caption; NBC Radio; Mitchell, Everett 9x7, poor condition (ID#: 1944)
Box 7 Nature: Great Moments from Nature, Kingdom of the Ice Bear, In the Shadow of Fujisan - Ian Stirling, photographer; 2 photos on sheet; PBS Television Network l0x8, excellent condition (ID#: 1527)
Box 7 Nature: Ducks in Flight March 1988 - PBS Television Network; Nature {Television program) 7x5, excellent condition (ID#: 1488)
Box 7 NBC Bandstand (Radio program) 8/2/1956 - includes caption; Haymes, Dick; NBC Radio; Mr. Music 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2241)
Box 7 NBC Bandstand (Radio program) - includes caption; Haymes, Dick; NBC Radio; Mr. Music 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2242)
Box 7 NBC Ceremony 1/9/1964 - includes caption on back; Flynn, John M.; McKeon, Harry F.; Scott, Walter D.; Burholt, Robert; Carson, William; Kintner, Robert E.; Sarnoff, Robert W. 7x9 (ID#: 2087)
Box 7 NBC Color City 3/15/1955 - includes caption; Television studios 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2547)
Box 7 NBC Color City 3/15/1955 - includes caption; Television studios 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2548)
Box 7 NBC Color City 3/15/1955 - includes caption; Lighting design and construction; Studios, Television 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2549)
Box 7 NBC Color City 3/15/1955 - includes caption; Television studios 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2550)
Box 7 NBC Color City 3/15/1955 - includes caption; Television studios 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2551)
Box 7 NBC Election Coverage (1960) 10/14/1960 - includes caption; McGee, Frank; Beatty, Morgan; Harkness, Richard C.; Vanocur, Sander; Mueller, Merrill; Chancellor, John; McCormick, Robert 9x7, poor condition (ID#: 2011)
Box 7 NBC Film Documentary Unit: Murville and Salomon 4/13/1955 - includes caption; Saloman, Henry; Murville, Maurice Couve de; Victory at sea (Television program); Three, two, one, zero (Television program) 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2336)
Box 7 NBC Follies of 1965 11/27/1965 - includes caption, 4 pictures on sheet; Prowse, Juliet 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2190)
Box 7 NBC Matinee Theatre: Greybeards and Witches 5/1/1956 - Includes partial caption; Moorehead, Agnes 6x7, very poor condition (ID#: 2464)
Box 7 NBC Opera Theatre: The Saint of Bleeker Street 4/12/1955 - includes caption; Aiken, David; Gerlando, Maria di; Copeland, Virginia; Cunningham, Davis 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 2379)
Box 7 NBC Radio Programs: Today, Home, and Weekday 3/14/1956 - includes caption; Kelly, Grace; Rainier III, Prince of Monaco; Falkenburg, Jinx; Francis, Arlene; Markel, Hazel; Today (Radio program); Home (Radio program); Weekday (Radio program) 9x7, good condition (ID#: 2510)
Box 7 NBC Television Network - Includes picture of Frank Mullen; Mullen, Frank; Morton, Alfred H. good condition (ID#: 2038)
Box 7 NBC White Paper 11/11/1960 - includes caption; U-2 Incident, 1960; Powers, Francis Gary; NAC White Paper (Television program); U-2 (Reconnaissance aircraft) 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2378)
Box 7 NCAA Football Games 9/15/1954 - includes caption; Harmon, Tom 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 2618)
Box 7 New Figures of 1957 12/8/1957 - includes caption; Lucas, Jean; Chapman, Cecil 8x10, extremely poor condition (ID#: 1965)
Box 7 New Steve Allen Show - includes caption; Stewart, Sandy; Fountain, Pete 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 1952)
Box 7 Nichols, Barbara 7.5x9.5, fair/average condition (ID#: 2568)
Box 7 Nicol, Alex 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2474)
Box 7 Nineteen Eighty-Four 12/12/1954 - includes caption; Cushing, Peter; BBC Television Service; 1984 (Novel); Morell, Andre; Mitchell, Yvonne 7x9, good condition (ID#: 1988)
Box 7 Nolan, Kathleen (Kathy) 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2046)
Box 7 NOVA March 1988 - Amy Knowlton, photographer; PBS Television Network l0x8, excellent condition (ID#: 1477)
Box 7 NOVA: Top Gun and Beyond - John Alexanders, photographer; F-16 fighter plane; PBS Television Network; Jet planes; Military 8x10, excellent condition (ID#: 1497)
Box 7 Novak, Kim - 5 Against the House (Motion picture) 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2305)
Box 7 NYPD Blue 11/8/1994 - Franz, Dennis 7x9, excellent condition (ID#: 2845)
Box 7 Olmstead, Richard - includes caption; Olmstead Sound Studios; AIC Reverberation Unit 10x8, fair/average condition (ID#: 2370)
Box 7 On Stage at Wolf Trap - 4 photographs on sheet; Chieftains; Galway, James; McGovern, Maureen; Bennett, Tony; PBS Television Network 8x10, excellent condition (ID#: 1514)
Box 7 Original Amateur Hour, Lawrence Welk Show - includes caption; Mack, Ted 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2397)
Box 7 Our Miss Brooks 11/17/1954 - includes caption; photographic sketch; Morgan, Jane; Curtis, Billy 7x9, good condition (ID#: 1997)
Box 7 Our Miss Brooks 9/27/1955 - includes caption; Arden, Eve; Sweeney, Bob 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 2195)
Box 7 Our Miss Brooks 3/10/1954 - includes caption; Arden, Eve; Emmy Awards; Gordon, Gale 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 2210)
Box 7 Our Miss Brooks 4/20/1955 - includes caption; Kearns, Joseph; Arden, Eve; Rockwell, Robert 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 2211)
Box 7 Our Miss Brooks: The Auction 2/25/1955 - includes caption; Arden, Eve; Gordon, Gale 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2645)
Box 7 Outlaws 8/1/1960 - includes caption; Gaynor, Jock; Collier, Don; MacLane, Barton 9x7, fair/average condition (ID#: 2384)
Box 7 OWL/TV / 1487 March 1988 - Derek Rodgers, photographer; PBS Television Network; Galapagos islands 5x8, good condition
Box 7 Ozark Jubilee - includes caption; Wagoner, Porter; National Country Music Day; Haworth, Speedy; Warden, Don 7x9 , good condition (ID#: 2351)
Box 7 Ozark Jubilee - includes caption; Warmwater, Luke 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2492)
Box 8 Paar, Jack - Jack Paar Show 5x7, fair/average condition (ID#: 2524)
Box 8 Paar, Jack 4x7, good condition (ID#: 2553)
Box 8 Packard Bell Home Products Division - Includes press release about Packard Bell Sales Display Idea Award; Clover Furniture Company; Reedy, William; Bragg, Al; Kraus, Ralph; 4x5, good condition (ID#: 2094)
Box 8 Page, Patti 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 2641)
Box 8 Paget, Debra 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2391)
Box 8 Paget, Debra - Paramount Pictures 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2417)
Box 8 Paget, Debra - Twentieth-Century Fox Player 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 2639)
Box 8 Palmer, Betsy 8x10, very poor condition (ID#: 2318)
Box 8 Palmer, Betsy 8xl0, poor condition (ID#: 2367)
Box 8 Palmer, Betsy 4x4.5, good condition (ID#: 2552)
Box 8 Palmer, Buddy 3.5x4.5, good condition (ID#: 2505)
Box 8 Pantomime Quiz - includes caption; Stokey, Mike; Darcel, Denise 8x10, extremely poor condition (ID#: 1949)
Box 8 Pantomime Quiz - includes caption; Stokey, Susan Melissa; Stokey, Mike; Stokey, Spring 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 1950)
Box 8 Pantomime Quiz - includes caption; Stokey, Mike; Darcel, Denise 7x9, good condition (ID#: 1951)
Box 8 Pantomime Quiz 6/24/1954 - includes caption; Hart, Dorothy 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2245)
Box 8 Pantomime Quiz 12/4/1953 - includes caption; Stritch, Elaine; Donnell, Jeff; Hart, Dorothy; Alda, Robert 10x8, good condition (ID#: 2321)
Box 8 Papp, Joseph "Joe" 1 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 2320)
Box 8 Parker Four Star Playhouse: My Own Dear Dragon 11/4/1954 - includes caption; Miles, Vera; Boyer, Charles 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 2006)
Box 8 Parker, Dean 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2312)
Box 8 Pat Boone Chevy Showroom - includes caption; O'Brien, Louise 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 1978)
Box 8 Patrice Munsel Show - includes caption; Slezak, Walter 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 2517)
Box 8 Patti Page Show 6/13/1956 - includes caption; Page, Patti 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2643)
Box 8 People and Other Animals - Caption on back; Westinghouse Broadcasting Corporation (WBC); Morse, Robert; Fonda, Jane 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2188)
Box 8 People's Choice 12/14/1955 - includes caption; Hansen, Myrna; Kickapoo Scout (Basset hound) 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2185)
Box 8 People's Choice 12/14/1957 - includes caption; Kilgas, Nancy 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2304)
Box 8 Pepper-Upper Time Starring Eydie Gorme 3/26/1959 - includes caption 7x9, very poor condition (ID#: 2416)
Box 8 Pepsi-Cola Playhouse: Passage Home 4/7/1955 - includes caption; Keith, Brian 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2589)
Box 8 Pepsi-Cola Playhouse: The Longest Legs in the Show 5/1/1954 - includes caption; McCowan, Don 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2294)
Box 8 Peter Gunn - includes caption; Stevens, Craig 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2361)
Box 8 Peter Gunn: A Matter of Policy 5/22/1961 - includes caption; Navarro, Anna; Bernardi, Herschel; Stevens, Craig 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2299)
Box 8 Peter Gunn: The Ugly Frame 7/24/1959 - includes caption; Laine, Lari; Charles, Lewis; Stevens, Craig 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2531)
Box 8 Peter Loves Mary 9/23/1960 - includes caption; Langan, Glenn; Smith, Gil; Martin, Merry; Hayes, Peter Lind; Healy, Mary 9x7, good condition (ID#: 2258)
Box 8 Peters, Jean - 20th Century-Fox 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 2419)
Box 8 Playhouse 90: Helen Morgan 5/3/1957 - includes caption; Carmichael, Hoagy; Bergen, Polly; Sidney, Sylvia 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2266)
Box 8 Playhouse 90: The Last Tycoon 5/14/1957 - Palance, Jack; Lindfors, Viveca 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 2040)
Box 8 Playhouse 90: The Last Tycoon 3/14/1957 - Lindfors, Viveca; Palance, Jack 8xl0, poor condition (ID#: 2041)
Box 8 Playhouse 90: The Ninth Day 1/4/1957 - includes caption; Laure, Piper; Dunn, James; Kerr, John 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2250)
Box 8 Plummer, Christopher - Note on back 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2218)
Box 8 Plummer, Christopher - Note on back 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2219)
Box 8 Pontiac Playwrights: Daisy, Daisy 11/22/1956 - includes caption; Ewell, Tom 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 2213)
Box 8 Portia Faces Life 10/20/1954 - includes caption; Swenson, Karl 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2013)
Box 8 Portia Faces Life 11/30/1954 - includes caption; Swenson, Karl; Carlon, Fran; Gillespie, Jean; MacManus, Ginger; Taylor, Charles 10x8, good condition (ID#: 2518)
Box 8 Portia Faces Life 4/22/1954 - includes caption; Taylor, Charles; Jarrett, Renne; Reid, Frances 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2646)
Box 8 Presidential National Conventions - includes caption; five way split screen; Democratic National Convention; Republican National Convention 9x7, poor condition (ID#: 2556)
Box 8 Preston, Wayde 7x9, very poor condition (ID#: 2350)
Box 8 Pride of the Family 11/12/1953 - includes caption; Hyatt, Bobby; Hartman, Paul 9x7, poor condition (ID#: 2340)
Box 8 Princeton '56 - includes caption; Bogdonoff, Seymour; Princeton University 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2180)
Box 8 Producer’s Showcase: Caesar and Cleopatra 2/1/1956 - includes caption; Hardwicke, Cedric, Sir 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2607)
Box 8 Producer's Showcase: The Barretts of Wimpole Street 4/2/1956 - includes caption; Cornell, Katharine 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2470)
Box 8 Profiles in Courage: The Mary S. McDowell Story 1/12/1964 - includes caption; Harris, Rosemary; Christie, Audrey 9x7, poor condition (ID#: 2233)
Box 8 Profiles in Courage: Thomas Hart Benton 11/29/1964 - includes caption; Keith, Brian 7x9, excellent condition (ID#: 2309)
Box 8 Project 20: The Great War 9/14/1956 - includes caption; World War I 9x7, fair/average condition (ID#: 2313)
Box 8 Project 20: The Innocent Years - includes caption; Roosevelt, Theodore; Fourth of July 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2189)
Box 8 Project 20: The Jazz Age - includes caption; Jazz musicians; Jazz dancers 10x8, fair/average condition (ID#: 2423)
Box 8 Projection '58 12/29/1958 - includes caption; Harsch, Joseph C. 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2615)
Box 8 Projection '63 12/14/1962 - includes caption 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2192)
Box 8 Quincy Howe News Commentary 1/8/1954 - includes caption; Howe, Quincy 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2535)
Box 8 Quinn, Carmel 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2220)
Box 8 Quinn, Carmel 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 2364)
R-TV (Radio-TV Daily) 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2097)
R-TV (Radio-TV Daily) 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2105)
Box 8 RAB (Radio Advertising Bureau) 9x7, good condition (ID#: 2099)
Box 8 RAB (Radio Advertising Bureau) 9x7, good condition (ID#: 2100)
Box 8 Ray Milland Show 7/8/1955 - includes caption; Avery, Phyllis; Milland, Ray 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 1996)
Box 8 Ray Milland Show 8/20/1954 - includes caption; Milland, Ray 4x5, fair/average condition (ID#: 2000)
Box 8 Ray Milland Show 8/2/1954 - includes caption; Milland, Ray 8x10 (2 items) , fair/average condition (ID#: 2001)
Box 8 Ray Milland Show 11/22/1954 - includes caption; Corrigan, Lloyd 4x5, good condition (ID#: 2002)
Box 8 RCA 4/8/1964 - Eubanks, Anita; Colledge, Charles H.; RCA Broadcast and Communications Products; Dick Tracy (Comic strip); Gould, Chester 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2093)
Box 8 Real McCoys - includes caption, depicts Dick Crenna end family and Kathy Nolan relaxing at the beach; Crenna, Dick (Richard); Crenna, Seana; Nolan, Kathy; Crenna, Penni 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 2287)
Box 8 Real McCoys: Grampa Fights the Air Force 11/26/1959 - includes caption; Brennan, Walter; Houston, Ann 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 2235)
Box 8 Real McCoys: The New Car 9/17/1958 - includes caption; Brennan, Walter; Martinez, Tony; Winkelman, Michael; Reed, Lydia; Nolan, Kathy; Crenna, Richard 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2631)
Box 8 Rebel: Take Dead Aim 3/6/1960 - includes caption; Adams, Nick 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 2240)
Box 8 Rebel: Yellow Hair 10/18/1959 - includes caption; Nugent, Caro 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2580)
Box 8 Reed, Donna 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2114)
Box 8 Remember How Great - includes caption 9x7, good condition (ID#: 2573)
Box 8 Renney, Ed 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2026)
Box 8 Resources for Freedom 1/10/1952 - includes caption; 8 pictures on sheet; President's Materials Policy Commission; Baruch, Bernard; Paley, William S.; Murrow, Edward R.; Pandit, Vijaya; Bush, Vannevar 9x7, very poor condition (ID#: 2323)
Box 8 Rifleman: A Young Man’s Fancy 2/5/1962 - includes caption; Crawford, Johnny; Holdridge, Cheryl 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2288)
Box 8 Rifleman: Sharpshooter 9/2/1958 - includes caption; Connors, Chuck 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 1987)
Box 8 Rivak, the Barbarian 10/4/1960 - includes caption; Vitale, Millie; Mason, F. Van Wyck; Palance, Jack 7x9, excellent condition (ID#: 2325)
Box 8 Rivak, the Barbarian 10/4/1960 - includes caption; Mason, F. Van Wyck; Palance, Jack 7x9, excellent condition (ID#: 2326)
Box 8 Riverboat: The Two faces of Grey Holden 10/3/1960 - includes caption; McGavin, Darren; Pleshette, Suzanne 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2502)
Box 8 Roaring 20s - includes caption; Reason, Rex; Provine, Dorothy; May, Donald 7.5x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2572)
Box 8 Roaring 20s: Two A Day - includes caption; May, Donald; O'Neill, Eileen 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 1993)
Box 9 Sarnoff and Kintnes 6.5x8, poor condition (ID#: 2095)
Box 9 Saturday Night at the Movies : Bird of Paradise 312/1962 - includes caption; Polynesians; Paget, Debra 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2363)
Box 9 Saturday Night at the Movies: The Black Rose 2/9/1962 - includes caption; Hawkins, Jack; Aubry, Cecile 9x7, good condition (ID#: 2601)
Box 9 Saturday Night Fites - includes caption; Gregson, Jack; Boxing 7x9, good condition (ID#: 1957)
Box 9 Say When 12/16/1960 - includes caption; James, Art 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 1960)
Box 9 Say When 2/8/1963 - includes caption; James, Art 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2301)
Box 9 Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: Bandit's Hide-Out 10/7/1955 - includes caption; Quinn, Anthony; Saunders, Gloria 8xl0, fair/average condition (ID#: 2177)
Box 9 Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: For Better, For Worse - includes caption; Stricklyn, Ray; Williams, John; Davis, Bette 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2117)
Box 9 Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: Ordeal 2/24/1956 - includes caption; Ireland, John; Cooper, Maxine 8x6, good condition (ID#: 1998)
Box 9 Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: Tourists Overnite 3/25/1955 - includes caption; Hale, Barbara; Murphy, Donald 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 2624)
Box 9 Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: Weapon of Courage 6/29/1956 - includes caption; McCarthy, Kevin; Cooper, Maxine; Winkleman, Michael 7x9, extremely poor condition (ID#: 2005)
Box 9 Schriner, Herb 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2086)
Box 9 Screen Directors Playhouse: Partners 6/14/1956 - includes caption; de Wilde, Brandon 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2282)
Box 9 Screen Gems - Mitchell, John H. 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2100)
Box 9 Senor Ben (Radio program) - includes caption; NBC Radio; Grauer, Ben 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 1981)
Box 9 Sermon on the Mount, and The Passion and the Resurrection 3/4/1959 - includes caption; Painters, French; Girard, Andre; National Council of Catholic Men 9x7, fair/average condition (ID#: 2647)
Box 9 SESAC - Heinecke, Paul; Koshel, John; SESAC; Drusky, Roy 10x8, good condition (ID#: 2084)
Box 9 Sesame Street March 1988 - PBS Television Network; Placido Flamingo; Ozawa, Seiji 7x5, excellent condition (ID#: 1480)
Box 9 Sesame Street March 1988 - Anita and Steve Shevet, photographers; Irons, Jeremy; Big Bird (Fictitious character); PBS Television Network 5x7, excellent condition (ID#: 1482)
Box 9 Shake, Rattle, and Roll - Don Perdue, photographer;2 photographs on sheet; Lewis, Jerry Lee; Rock music; PBS Television Network; Checker, Chubby 10x8, excellent condition (ID#: 1504)
Box 9 Shari Lewis Show 9/8/1962 - includes caption; Lewis, Shari; Jump Pup (Fictitious character) 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2296)
Box 9 Sherlock Holmes: Case of the Cunningham Heritage 10/18/1954 - includes caption; Howard, Ronald 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 2509)
Box 9 Shirley Temple Show: Little Men 10/7/1960 - includes caption; Temple, Shirley; Lamas, Fernando 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 2271)
Box 9 Shirley Temple Show: The Fawn 2/12/1960 - includes caption; Crawford, Robert, Jr. 9x7, fair/average condition (ID#: 2465)
Box 9 Shirley Temple's Storybook: Rip Van Winkle - includes caption; Dana, Leora; Washburn, Beverly 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 2275)
Box 9 Shirley Temple's Storybook: The Nightingale 2/19/1958 - includes caption; Braun, Judith 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2472)
Box 9 Shower of Stars: A Christmas Carol 11/18/1954 - includes caption; Dickens, Charles; Anderson, Maxwell; March, Frederic 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2471)
Box 9 Silents Please: The General 8/11/1960 - includes caption; Keaton, Buster 9x7 (ID#: 2310)
Box 9 Sing Along with Mitch - includes caption; Miller, Mitch; Lamon, Barbara; Bravo, Veronica; Mattis, Dee Jay; Ryhal, Mary Lou 8x10, good condition (ID#: 1966)
Box 9 Singer Four Star Playhouse: Girl on a Park Bench 5/12/1954 - includes caption; Fontaine, Joan 8x10 (ID#: 2332)
Box 9 Singers - Como, Perry; Page, Patti 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 2642)
Box 9 Soldier Parade - includes caption; Armbrust, Richard; Francis, Arlene 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2204)
Box 9 Split Personality (game show) 9/28/1959 - includes caption 9x7, good condition (ID#: 2515)
Box 9 Sports International with Bud Palmer 1/18/1963 - includes caption; Palmer, Bud 7x9, very poor condition (ID#: 2408)
Box 9 Stark, Art 5x7, poor condition (ID#: 2560)
Box 9 Steve Allen Show 4/4/1958 - includes caption; 4 images on sheet; Jameson, Joyce 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2519)
Box 9 Straightaway: Sounds of Fury - includes caption; Moore, Mary Tyler 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 2170)
Box 9 Stroke of Fate 10/2/1953 - includes caption; Lorant, Stefan; Lewis, Mort 9x7, good condition (ID#: 2475)
Box 9 Studio One: Side Street 2/7/1954 - includes caption; Healy, Mary; Hayes, Peter Lind 7x9 (ID#: 2610)
Box 9 Sugar Bowl / l975 1/1/1955 - includes caption ; Monahan, Phil 7x9, poor condition
Box 9 Sugarfoot: Shepherd with a Gun 7/24/1961 - includes caption; Hadley, Nancy; 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2541)
Box 9 Sugarfoot: The Corsican - includes caption; Hutchins, Will; Powers, Nala 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2214)
Box 9 Summer Variety Show - includes caption; Page, Patti 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2638)
Box 9 Sunday Showcase: Give My Regards to Broadway - includes caption; Durante, Jimmy; Bolger, Ray; Powell, Jane 9x7, good condition (ID#: 2527)
Box 9 Sunday Showcase: Murder and the Android 11/8/1959 - includes caption; Osato, Sono; Bester, Alfred; Torn, Rip; Pleshette, Suzanne; McCarthy, Kevin 9x7, good condition (ID#: 2501)
Box 9 Surfside 6: Ghost of a Chance 3/6/1961 - includes caption; Kelly, Claire; Williams, Van 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 2272)
Box 9 Suspicion: Lord Arthur Savile's Crime 1/13/1958 - includes caption; Howard, Ronald; Harris, Rosemary 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2622)
Box 9 Swan - Guinness, Alec; Kelly, Grace; PBS Television Network 10x8, excellent condition (ID#: 1528)
Box 9 Swan, Ruth 8x10, extremely poor condition (ID#: 2050)
Box 9 Swing Into Spring - includes caption; Goodman, Benny 9x7, poor condition (ID#: 2444)
Box 9 Sword of Islam 1/12/1988 - Palestine; PBS Television Network 10x8, excellent condition (ID#: 1512)
Box 9 Sylvania Electric Products Inc. 3/25/1964 - includes article about computer to display airport arrival and departure times; General Telephone & Electronics Corporation (GTE); Computers--History 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2082)
Box 9 Talking with David Frost 11/22/1991 - John, Elton 10x8, excellent condition (ID#: 4374)
Box 9 Tall Man: The Judas Palm - includes caption; Gulager, Clu; Hill, Marianna; Buchanan, Edgar 9x7, good condition (ID#: 2259)
Box 9 Telephone Time: War Against War - includes caption; Tandy, Jessica; Cronyn, Hume 7x9, good condition (ID#: 1969)
Box 9 Television 1/25/1988 - Newman, Edward; PBS Television Network 5x7, excellent condition (ID#: 1494)
Box 9 This Honorable Court 3/21/1988 - Joan Marcus, photographer; 2 photographs on sheet; White, Byron; Duke, Paul; Supreme Court (U.S.); PBS Television Network l0x8, excellent condition (ID#: 1524)
Box 9 This is Your Life 7/10/1959 - includes caption; Edwards, Ralph; Lewis, Ted 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2476)
Box 9 Those Whiting Girls 8117/1955 - includes caption; 2 photos on sheet; Hadley with long hair and with short hair; Hadley, Nancey 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2249)
Box 9 Tic Tac Dough - includes caption; Elliot, Win 4.5x7, fair/average condition (ID#: 1984)
Box 9 Today on the Farm - includes caption; Pope, Carmelite; Arnold, Eddy 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2479)
Box 9 Tomorrow (Tomorrow's Careers) - includes caption; Poole, Lynn 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2369)
Box 9 Tonight 11/15/1957 - includes caption; Mitchell, Joan 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 1980)
Box 9 Tonight 4/20/1955 - includes caption; Benny Goodman Story (Motion picture); Allen, Steve; Goodman, Benny 9x7, poor condition (ID#: 2284)
Box 9 Tony Martin Show - includes caption; Martin, Tony; Charisse, Cyd 8x10, good condition (ID#: 1971)
Box 9 Topper 5/13/1956 - includes caption; Jeffreys, Anne; Carroll, Leo G.; Sterling, Robert 9x7, fair/average condition (ID#: 2012)
Box 9 Tournament of Champions - includes caption; Holt, Charlene; Golf 7x9, good condition (ID#: 1992)
Box 9 TV Hour: Outlaw’s Reckoning 10/26/1953 - includes caption; Albert, Eddie; Marvin, Lee; Cummings, Vicki 7x9, very poor condition (ID#: 2382)
Box 9 TV Reader's Digest: France's Great Detective 5/10/1955 - includes caption; Patrick, Millicent; Franz, Arthur 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2653)
Box 9 TvAR (Television Advertising Report) 10x8 (ID#: 2096)
Box 9 United States Steel Hour - includes caption; Proesel, Marion Ellen; Interior designers 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2365)
Box 9 United States Steel Hour: The Meanest Man in the World 6/17/1955 - includes caption; Cox, Wally; Hull, Josephine; Delmar, Kenny 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2225)
Box 9 Untouchables: The Doreen Maney Story 8/4/1960 - includes caption; Hines, Connie 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2584)
Box 9 Untouchables: The Rusty Heller Story 10/13/1960 - includes caption; Walkins, Linda; Montgomery, Elizabeth 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 2633)
Box 10 Valiant Lady - includes caption; Sawyer, Bonnie; Coleman, Nancy 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2207)
Box 10 VA-TV Execs 3/27/1964 10x8, fair/average condition (ID#: 2091)
Box 10 Vera-Ellen (Rohe, Vera-Ellen Westmeyer) - includes caption 9x7, poor condition (ID#: 2406)
Box 10 Vise: Cross Channel 10/21/1955 - includes caption; Holt, Patrick; Connell, Maureen 10x8, very poor condition (ID#: 2429)
Box 10 Vise: Let Murder Be Done 10/15/1954 - includes caption; Scott, Avis; Price, Dennis 9x7, fair/average condition (ID#: 2252)
Box 10 Vise: The Better Chance 6/24/1955 - includes caption; Callard, Kay; Phillips, Leslie 8x10, very poor condition (ID#: 2453)
Box 10 Voice of Firestone - includes caption; Hines, Jerome; Evangelista, Lucia 7x9, extremely poor condition (ID#: 1976)
Box 10 Voice of Firestone - includes caption; Munsel, Patrice 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2199)
Box 10 Voice of Firestone - includes caption; Munsel, Patrice 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2200)
Box 10 Voices and Visions 1/26/1988 - PBS Television Network; Moore, Marianne; Frost, Robert; Poets, American 8x10, excellent condition (ID#: 1498)
Box 10 Wagon Train: Stagecoach Story 9/30/1960 - includes caption; Paget, Debra 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2311)
Box 10 Wagon Train: The John Augustus Story 10/17/1962 - includes caption; Cotten, Joseph 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2293)
Box 10 Wagon Train: The Les Rand Story 9/30/1957 - includes caption; Hayden, Sterling 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2602)
Box 10 Walt Disney Presents: Killers from Kansas 1/9/1959 - includes caption; Bettger, Lyle; Garland, Beverly; Tryon, Tom 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 2265)
Box 10 Walt Disney Presents: The Swamp Fox 10/23/1959 - includes caption; Nielson, Sandy; Nielson, Leslie 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2482)
Box 10 Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color: Treasure Island 1/5/1955 - includes caption; Driscoll, Bobby; Stevenson, Robert Louis 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2202)
Box 10 Warner Brothers Presents: Casablanca 9/27/1955 - includes caption; Muse, Clarence 8x10, very poor condition (ID#: 2352)
Box 10 Warner Brothers Presents: Siege 2/14/1956 - includes caption; Richards, Paul 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2489)
Box 10 Watch Mr. Wizard - includes caption; Fox, Phil; Herbert, Don 9x7, fair/average condition (ID#: 2495)
Box 10 WBAP, WFM, and KRLD - includes caption; Johnson, J. Lee; Moroney, James M.; Rembert, Clyde W.; WBAP-TV (Television station); WFM-TV (Television station); KRLD-TV (Television station); Cedar Hills (Tx) 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2029)
Box 10 Wendy (Elephant) - Wendelken, George 8x10, very poor condition (ID#: 2374)
Box 10 Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse: Six Guns for Donegan 10/16/1958 - includes caption; Hagen, Jean 8x10, poor condition (ID#: 2357)
Box 10 Westinghouse Studio One: The Landlady's Daughter 11/19/1959 - includes caption; Matthews, George; Kiley, Richard; Remick, Lee 10x8, good condition (ID#: 2308)
Box 10 What's Going On? (game show) 11/28/1952 - includes caption; Norton, Cliff 8x10, fair/average condition (ID#: 2443)
Box 10 What's My Line (game show) 10/22/1953 - includes caption; Cerf, Bennett; Kilgallen, Dorothy; Daly, John; Francis, Alene; Allen, Steve 10x8, very poor condition (ID#: 2538)
Box 10 Who Cares for the Children? 4/13/1988 - Perlman, Rhea; PBS Television Network 8x10, excellent condition (ID#: 1521)
Box 10 Who Lives, Who Dies 1/5/1988 - PBS Television Network; Jones, James Earl 7.5x5, excellent condition (ID#: 1490)
Box 10 Wide Country - includes caption; Doucette, John; Prine, Andrew 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2179)
Box 10 Wild America: Beautiful Blues, Swamp Bear, Timberdoodles of Moosehorn - 3 photographs on sheet; PBS Television Network 10x8, excellent condition (ID#: 1509)
Box 10 WISH-TV 5/6/1964 - S & H Green stamps; McConnell, Robert B.; Klaubes, Donald; Seven Arts; WISH-TV (Indianapolis, IN) 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2089)
Box 10 WNEW Radio - Karl Weyner, photographer; Finch, Dee; Klavan, Gene; WNEW (Radio station) 8x10, good condition (ID#: 2047)
Box 10 Wonderworks 1/2/1988 - 2 photographs on sheet; Grimes, Scott; Gould, Elliot; Duvall, Shelley; PBS Television Network 8x10, excellent condition (ID#: 1510)
Box 10 World of Bob Hope 6/21/1963 - includes caption; Golf; Hope, Bob 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2413)
Box 10 World of Maurice Chevalier - includes caption 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2120)
Box 10 WWDC Conference - Washington Radio Board 10x8, good condition (ID#: 2076)
Box 10 You Don't Say (game show) 12/13/1963 - includes caption; Jewell, Carol; Kennedy, Tom 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2582)
Box 10 You Don't Say 3/8/1963 - includes caption; Kennedy, Tom 7x9, fair/average condition (ID#: 2290)
Box 10 Young Widder Brown (Radio program) - includes caption; NBC Radio; Drew, Wendy 7x9, poor condition (ID#: 2341)
Box 10 Your Hit Parade - includes caption; 4 pictures on sheet; Gibson, Virginia 9x7, poor condition (ID#: 2292)
Box 10 Your Hit Parade - includes caption; Lanson, Snooky; MacKenzie, Giselle; Arms, Russell; Collins, Dorothy 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2415)
Box 10 Your Hit Parade - includes caption; Copeland, Alan; Gibson, Virginia; Leonelli, Tommy; Corey, Jill 9x7, fair/average condition (ID#: 2437)
Box 10 Yours for a Song (game show) - includes caption; Parks, Bert 7x9, good condition (ID#: 2396)
Unidentified - varying in size and condition; cannot locate these at the moment (127 items) (ID#: 2129 through)

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