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C. D. Russell Cartoons

A description of the collection at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Russell, C. D. (Clarence D.), 1895-1963.
Title: C. D. Russell Cartoons
Inclusive Dates: 1921-1964
Dates: 1948-1954
Quantity: 9 linear ft.
Abstract: American cartoonist and illustrator, best known for his Pete the Tramp strip. Collection consists of clippings and proofs of cartoons by Russell, proofs from other cartoonists and a few pieces of original art.
Language: English, one item in Spanish
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

Clarence D. Russell (1895-1963) was an American cartoonist and illustrator, best known for his syndicated comic strip Pete the Tramp. Born in Buffalo, New York, he studied at the Chicago Art Institute and worked as sports editor for Leatherneck Magazine in addition to doing freelance work. During World War I he joined the American Expeditionary Force. After his military service he returned to New York City where he worked for the New York Evening Post and the New York Evening Mail, and contributed to the humorous publication Judge. His sketches of homeless men in Bryant Park led to the creation of Pete the Tramp, which was picked up by King Features Syndicate and ran for more than thirty years.

[Adapted from information found in Famous Artists and Writers, published by King Features Syndicate in 1949 and available online at]

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The C. D. Russell Cartoons (1921-1964) consists of artwork, newspaper clippings, proofs of comic strips by Russell and proofs and clippings of comic strips from other cartoonists.

Original artwork contains two original daily strips, including a 1937 Mickey Mouse cartoon signed by Walt Disney and a 1936 Thimble Theatre cartoon starring Popeye by E.C. Segar. The series also contains undated sketches, including magazine cover designs featuring Ozark Ike.

Printed material (1945-1949) primarily consists of Sunday News, New York's Picture Newspaper issues. The July 4 1948 issue contains color images of First Lady dresses from 1789 to 1945. Documents from the New York Historical Society were found with the cartoon Dick's Adventures in Dreamland.

Works by C.D. Russell (1932-1963) includes mostly color proofs of Pete the Tramp and other topper cartoons, including Bumps, Pete's Pup, Snorky, The Topper Twins and The Tucker Twins.

Works by others (1921-1964) comprises the bulk of the collection. This series contains primarily proofs of comic strips, with the majority from 1948-1954. Proofs and clippings of cartoons by Fanny Y. Cory serve as examples by one of the first female cartoonists. Elmer Simms Campbell's Cuties is an example of work by one of the first African American cartoonists. The series contains numerous Blondie proofs as well as proof sheets from Dagwood Splits the Atom! that includes characters from Thimble Theater. Proofs of Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Snow White, Thimble Theater starring Popeye, and Popeye make up part of the series, though are partially water damaged. Also worth noting are I Love Lucy proofs from 1952-1954 created in conjunction with the television series.

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Arrangement of the Collection

The collection is organized by series and arranged alphabetically by cartoon title. Materials from the same comic strip are at times not housed together because of their varying specific dimensions.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Related Material

Hal Foster material has been transferred to the Harold R. (Hal) Foster Papers.

Vernon Greene material has been transferred to the Vernon Greene Papers.

Al Posen material has been transferred to the Alvah Posen Papers.

Some material was discarded due to its water damaged condition.

The book Learn how Dagwood splits the atom! by Joe Musial can be located via the Classic Catalog .

Additional Pete the Tramp cartoons, Fanny Y. Cory's Little Miss Muffet, E. Simms Campbell's Cuties and Walt Disney's Merry Menagerie can be located in the Vernon Greene Papers.

Special Collections Research Center has more than 150 collections of cartoonists' papers. Please refer to the SCRC Subject Index for a complete listing.

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Subject Headings


Campbell, E. Simms (Elmer Simms), 1906-1971.
Cory, Fanny Y.
Russell, C. D. (Clarence D.), 1895-1963.
Segar, E. C. (Elzie Crisler), 1894-1938.
Young, Chic, 1901-1973.

Associated Titles

Blondie (comic strip)
Pete the tramp (comic strip)


American wit and humor, Pictorial.
Caricatures and cartoons -- United States.
Cartoonists -- United States.
Comic books, strips, etc. -- United States.

Genres and Forms

Cartoons (humorous images)
Comic strips.



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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

C. D. Russell Cartoons,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

Unspecified, 1967.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: MRC
Date: 17 Nov 2010
Revision history: 25 Apr 2011 - Processed collection, added items to inventory, updated scope & contents, etc. (AM) ; 9 May 2011 - Minor inventory revision. (AM)

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Original artwork
Mickey Mouse by Walt Disney
Map-Case 1, Drawer 107 Cartoon Jan 29 1937 - Inscribed to Gladys Clements; signed by Disney (1 item)
Possibly drawn by Floyd Gottfredson.
Ozark Ike by Rufus "Ray" Gotto
Oversize 6 Sketches undated - comic book covers and a panel title (4 items)
Thimble Theatre (starring Popeye) by E.C. Segar
Map-Case 1, Drawer 107 Cartoon Aug 7 1936 - Titled: "A gift horse's mouth?" (1 item)
Miscellaneous artwork by Grover
Oversize 6 Sketch undated (1 item)
Printed material
Oversize 9 Sunday News, New York's Picture Newspaper 1945, Jan - Oct 1946 - color comic strips
Cartoons include: Brenda Starr Reporter; Dick Tracy; The Gumps; Little Orphan Annie; Smitty; Sweeney & Son; Gasoline Alley; Tiny Tim; Terry and the Pirates; Terry; Moon Mullins; Kitty Higgins.
1945 advertisements include: Warren's mint cocktail chewing gum; Nabisco Shredded Wheat; Maybeline; Ponds; Aunt Jemima; Cheerios; Gillette shaving cream; Pepsi-cola; Kix; Pyrex; Welch's grape juice; movie ads.
1946 advertisements include: Little Lulu for Kleenex tissues, Ponds, Colgate, Vaseline Hair Tonic, Spam, Listerine tooth paste, Funk & Wagnall's New Standard Encyclopedia, Peter Pain in Ben-Gay ads; Pepsodent; movie ads, for example, Alfred Hitchcock’s Spellbound.
Oversize 10 Sunday News, New York's Picture Newspaper Oct - Dec 1946, 1947, Jan - Mar 1948 - color comic strips
Cartoons similar to Oversize 9; also includes Jinglet.
1947 advertisements include: book club membership; Schwinn-built bicycle; Prince Albert tobacco; Effanbee dolls; American Flyer Kremel dessert; Raleigh cigarettes; Captain Midnight Spy-scope; Fleer’s Dubble Bubble; Anacin; Philco Portable Phonograph; Parker Quink ink; Veto, Colgate’s new deodorant; Woodbury facial soap; Royal chocolate pudding; Satina; Freezone, liquid corn remover; movie ads, such as, Tycoon; The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.
1948 advertisements include: Quaker Oats; Fleers Peppermint gum; Two in One shoe polish; Polident; Ford; Florida tangerines; Poligrip; movie ads, for example, Bambi.
Oversize 11 Sunday News, New York's Picture Newspaper March - Dec 1948, Jan - Jun 1949 - color comic strips
Cartoons include: Dick Tracy; Little Orphan Annie; Terry; The Gumps; Smilin' Jack; Moon Mullins; Brenda Starr Reporter; Smitty; Smokey Stover; Timmy; The Gumps; Gasoline Alley; Sweeney & Son; Little Joe; Tiny Tim; Harold Teen; Harold Teen; Ripples; Poor Little Rich Man.
1948 advertisements include: Minit-rub, product from Bristol-Myers; Ben-gay, Colgate; Welch’s; Phillip Morris, “no cigarette hangover”; Instant Maxwell House Coffee; V-8; Camel; Gillette; Dreft; Norma Lights (Electric Corporation); Aunt Jemima; Dreft; Delrich margarine; Oxydol; Instant Postum; Danderine (dandruff relief); Lyons Toothpaste-tek and Tooth Brush (Johnson & Johnson); Fitch ideal hair tonic; Lionel trains; Old Dutch cleanser; Rice Krispes; Dash dog food; Scripto pens and pencils; Kraft dairy fresh caramels; Tootsie rolls; Wheaties; Chiffon soap flakes; Kraft malted milk; The Golden Hawk by Frank Yerby (full page book ad); Betty Crocker Crustquick, pie crust mix; Ford; Ivory Soap; movie ads, such as, Joan of Arc; A Song is Born.
1949 advertisements include: Tide; Kellog's Rice Krispies; V-8; Little Lulu for Kleenex; Spic and Span; Ken-L-Bar dog food; Lipton tea; Peter Pan peanut butter; Little Women Jewel Box; Quaker Puffed Rice; Seven-Up; Pepsi-cola; Oxydol; Ajax; Fab cleaner, Rinso; Post Toasties; Glo-coat; Camel (T zone ads: T for Taste and T for throat); Phillip Morris; Roy Rogers toy prize; Nestle semi-sweet chocolate; sweet milk cocoa; Maxwell House Coffee; Corn Flakes; Aunt Jemima.
Oversize 16 Sunday News, New York's Picture Newspaper, Old Glory issue 4 Jul 1948 - color
Features article on "White House Dresses from 1789 to 1945."
Oversize 5 Miscellaneous 1949, undated (6 items)
Documents from the New York Historical Society found with Dick's Adventures in Dreamland; includes a letter from the National Park Service; plans for City Hall Park in New York.
Works by C.D. Russell
All comics by Russell feature Pete the Tramp.
Oversize 1 Bumps Jan - Jun 1932 - color proofs
Oversize 1 Pete's Pup Jun - Dec 1932, Jan - Jul 1933, 1934, Jan - Feb 1935 - color proofs
Oversize 15 Pete the Tramp 1943, 1946-1947, 1951 - color clippings
Oversize 12 Pete the Tramp 1936-1947 - color proofs
Includes horizontal and vertical cartoon layouts. One 1944 proof contains Lyman Young's Curley Harper. 1943, 1946-47 contain some newspaper clippings.
Oversize 13 Pete the Tramp 1948-1959 - color proofs
Includes horizontal and vertical cartoon layouts. 1951 includes some newspaper clippings. 1957 includes mostly black and white proofs; 1958-63 contain only black and white proofs.
Oversize 14 Pete the Tramp 1960-1963 - black and white proofs
Oversize 2 Snorky 1935-1940 - color proofs
1940 includes 3 items.
Oversize 2 The Topper Twins Apr - Jun 1935 - color proofs
Oversize 2 The Tucker Twins Mar - Apr 1935 - color proofs
Works by others
Barney Google and Snuffy Smith by Fred Lasswell
Oversize 16 Proof Oct 1954 (1 item)
Beetle Bailey by Mort Walker
Oversize 7 Proof Oct 1954 (1 item)
Big Ben Bolt by John Cullen Murphy
Oversize 16 Clippings 1952, 1954 (4 items)
Three items in color; 1952 clippings include Rip Kirby and Buz Sawyer.
Oversize 16 Proof Oct 1954 (1 item)
Oversize 4 Proofs 1951-1952, 1954, 1956 (3 folders)
One color proof; bulk of dates from 1951.
Big Sister by Bob Naylor
Oversize 16 Clipping Oct 1954 (1 item)
Blondie by Chic Young
Oversize 8 Clippings 1934-1939, 1951, 1953 - color (5 folders )
Include Colonel Potterby and the Duchess; Roy Rogers; Flash Gordon; The Lone Ranger and more.
Oversize 6 Proofs 1935-1936, 1954-1955 (4 folders)
One color proof; some include Colonel Potterby and the Duchess.
Oversize 16 Proofs 1946, 1948, 1954 (7 items)
Oversize 6 Proofs 1951-1952, 1953-1954 (4 folders)
Some include Colonel Potterby and the Duchess.
The Breaking Point by Bud Blake
Oversize 7 Proof 1954 (1 item)
Also includes panels of: Office Hours; Oh, Happy Day!; Public Enemy; Home, Sweet Home; Growing Pains.
Brick Bradford by Clarence Gray
Oversize 14 Proof 1954 - color proof (1 item)
Brick Bradford by Paul Norris
Oversize 16 Proof Oct 1954 (1 item)
Buz Sawyer by Roy Crane
Oversize 7 Proofs 1946, 1954 (2 items)
Buz Sawyer featuring His Pal Roscoe Sweeney by Roy Crane
Oversize 14 Proofs 1952-1953, 1956 - black and white (2 folders)
Bulk of dates from 1952.
"Cap" Stubbs and Tippie by Edwina (Dumm)
See also Tippie.
Oversize 4 Proofs undated (17 items)
The Cisco Kid by Jose Luis Salinas
Oversize 16 Proof Oct 1954 (1 item)
Colonel Potterby and the Duchess by Chic Young
See also Blondie.
Oversize 16 Clippings 1935-1937 - color (18 items)
Oversize 3 Proofs 1936, 1947-1949 - black and white (2 folders)
Cuties by E. Simms Campbell
Oversize 7 Proof Oct 1954 (1 item)
Dagwood Splits the Atom! by Chic Young and Joe Musial
Oversize 6 Proofs 1948 (4 items)
See Blondie and Related Material.
Dick's Adventures in Dreamland by Neil O'Keeffe and Max Trell
Oversize 8 Clipping 26 Aug 1951 (1 item)
Includes Rusty Riley.
Oversize 1 Proofs 1947-1949, 1950, 1951, 1953 (3 folders)
Three color proofs.
Double Trouble by Bill MacLean
Oversize 6 Proofs 1949 (1 folder)
Dumb Dora by Paul Fung
Oversize 7 Clippings 1931, 1932 - color (4 items)
Elmer by Doc Winner
Oversize 14 Proof 09 Sep 1954 - color proof (1 item)
El Raton Miguelito (Mickey Mouse) by Walt Disney
See also Mickey Mouse.
Oversize 3 Proof 01 Aug 1936 - in Spanish (1 item)
Etta Kett by Paul Robinson
Oversize 7 Proofs 1948, 1954 (2 items)
Oversize 14 Proofs 1954, 1956 (2 items)
One color proof.
Fatso by Clyde Lewis
Oversize 6 Proofs 1949 (1 folder)
Flash Gordon by Mac Raboy and Don Moore
Oversize 16 Clippings 1951-1952 - color (2 items)
Oversize 6 Proofs 1950, 1954, 1957 (3 items)
One color proof.
Flash Gordon by Dan Barry
Oversize 16 Proofs 1954 - black and white (2 items)
The Flop Family by George "Swan" Swanson
Oversize 16 Proofs 1948, Oct 1954 (1 folder)
Oversize 6 Proofs 1949 (1 folder)
Gags and Gals by Jefferson Machamer
Oversize 16 Clippings 1935-1936 - color (2 folders)
From the Sunday Mirror Comic Section. Includes Toonerville Folks; Little Stanley.
Oversize 8 Clippings 1937-1938 - color (12 items)
Bulk from 1937; Includes It's Papa Who Pays!; Bubbling Bill; Simple Sylvia.
Gasoline Alley by Frank O. King
Oversize 4 Proof 1921 (1 item)
No signature.
Glamor Girls by Don Flowers
Oversize 16 Proof Oct 1954 (1 item)
Grandma by Charles "Chas." Kuhn
Oversize 14 Proofs 1949-1950 (2 folders)
Includes both horizontal and vertical proof sheets and one panel title.
Oversize 8 Proof Oct 1954 (1 item)
The Heart of Juliet Jones by Stan Drake
Oversize 8 Clippings Oct 1954 (2 items)
Oversize 5 Proofs 1954, 1956 (3 items)
Two color proofs.
Henry by Carl Anderson
Oversize 14 Proofs Jul - Oct 1949 (1 folder)
Both horizontal and vertical proof sheets.
Oversize 16 Proofs 1949, Oct 1954 (2 items)
Hi and Louis by Dik Browne
Oversize 16 Proof Oct 1954 (1 item)
Comic originally created by Browne and Mort Walker.
Hopalong Cassidy by Dan Spiegle
Oversize 7 Proof Oct 1954 (1 item)
Hubert by Dick Wingert
Oversize 4 Proofs 1948-1949 - black and white (1 folder)
Oversize 7 Proofs 1948, 1954 (2 items)
I Love Lucy by Bob Lawrence
Oversize 6 Proofs Dec 1952, 1953 (1 folder)
Bulk from 1953.
Oversize 16 Proof Oct 1954 (1 item)
Johnny Hazard by Frank Robbins
Oversize 15 Clippings 1948, 1954 (2 items)
Oversize 6 Proofs 1950 (2 items)
Jon Jason by Elmer Wexler
Oversize 6 Proofs 1946 (1 folder)
The Chicago Sun Syndicate.
Joseph the Provider by Thomas Mann and C. B. Falls
Oversize 8 Clippings 1944
Part of Book-of-the-Month Club; King Features Syndicate.
Jungle Jim by Paul Norris and Don Moore
Oversize 14 Proofs 1950-1952 - black and white (1 folder)
The Katzenjammer Kids by Harold Knerr
Oversize 3 Proofs 1949 - black and white (4 items)
Includes Dinglehoofer Und His Dog.
The King's General by George Tetzel
Oversize 8 Proofs undated
Based on the novel by Daphne Du Maurier; part of Book-of-the-Month Club; King Features Syndicate.
King of the Royal Mounted by Zane Grey
Oversize 15 Clippings 1936, Sep 9 1937 (3 items)
See Texas Thorne. Includes Colonel Potterby and the Duchess; Room and Board.
Little Annie Rooney by Brandon Walsh and Nicholas Afonsky
Oversize 8 Clippings 1936-1937 - color (2 folders)
Includes Heroes of American History; Curley Harper; The Squirrel Cage; Room and Board; Tim Tyler's Luck; Colonel Potterby and the Duchess; King of the Royal Mounted.
Little Annie Rooney by Brandon Walsh and Darrell McClure
Oversize 14 Proofs 1949 (1 folder)
Oversize 15 Proof Oct 1954 (1 item)
Little Iodine by Jimmy Hatlo
Oversize 14 Proofs 1949 - black and white (1 folder)
Little Miss Muffet by Fanny Y. Cory
Oversize 15 Proof Oct 1954 (1 item)
Little Sport by John Henry Rouson
Oversize 5 Proof circa 1954 - color (1 item)
The Little Woman by Don Tobin
Oversize 14 Proof Nov 1953 (1 item)
Oversize 8 Proofs Oct 1954 (2 items)
The Lone Ranger by Charles Flanders
Oversize 15 Proof Oct 1954 (1 item)
Mandrake the Magician by Lee Falk and Phil Davis
Oversize 5 Proof 1954 - color (1 item)
Mickey Mouse by Walt Disney
See also El Raton Miguelito.
Oversize 15 Clippings 1935 - color (7 items)
Includes an article about the color screen debut of Mickey Mouse; topper Silly Symphony.
Oversize 3 Proofs 1935-1936, 1938 - black and white (1 folder)
Oversize 3 Proofs 1936-1938 - black and white (1 folder)
Topper cartoons include Donald Duck; Silly Symphony; Snow White.
Oversize 7 Proofs 1954 - black and white (4 items)
Includes Donald Duck; two Merry Menagerie.
Mister Breger by Dave Breger
Oversize 8 Proof Oct 1954 (1 item)
Includes Fanny Y. Cory's Sonny Sayings.
Muggs McGinnis by Wally Bishop
Oversize 7 Proofs 1933-1934 (2 items)
Retitled Muggs and Skeeter in 1936.
Muggs and Skeeter by Wally Bishop
Oversize 7 Proofs 1948-1949, 1954 (1 folder)
Myrtle by Dudley Fisher
Oversize 5 Proofs 1949 (1 folder)
Ozark Ike by Rufus"Ray" Gotto
Oversize 4 Proofs 1947-1950 (5 folders)
Horizontal and vertical proofs. 1947 includes color proofs of Ozark Ike's Whodunits; 1950 contains panel titles and panel title negatives.
Ozark Ike by Bill Lignante
Oversize 8 Proof 1954 (1 item)
Perry Mason in the "Case of the Missing Husband" by Erle Stanley Gardner
Oversize 14 Proof Mar-Apr 1951 (1 item)
The Phantom by Wilson McCoy
Oversize 8 Proof 1954 (1 item)
Polly and Her Pals by Cliff Sterrett
Oversize 14 Proofs 1948-1950, 1952, 1954, 1956-1957 (1 folder)
One color proof from 1954. Bulk of proofs from 1949.
Popeye (in Thimble Theatre) by Tom Sims and Bill Zaboly
Oversize 6 Proofs Jun-Oct 1951 (21 items)
Professor Phumble by Bill Yates
Oversize 5 Proofs 1960, 1961 (2 folders)
Private Life of Buck by Cylde Lewis
Oversize 15 Proof 1948 (1 item)
Red Barry by Will Gould
Oversize 15 Clippings 1936-1937 (2 folders)
Oversize 7 Clippings 1936-1937 (5 items)
Includes Radio Patrol; The Little Woman; Way Out West; Dinglehoofer Und His Dog; The Katzenjammer Kids; The Squirrel Cage.
Rick O'Shay by Stan Lynde
Oversize 14 Proof Jan 12 1964 - color (1 item)
Right Around Home by Dudley Fisher
Oversize 14 Proofs 1949, Sep 26 1954 (1 folder)
One color proof.
Ripley's Believe It or Not
Oversize 3 Proof 26 Sep 1954 - color (1 item)
Includes Bringing Up Father and They'll Do It Every Time.
Possibly drawn by Paul Frehm.
Rip Kirby by Alex Raymond
Oversize 8 Proofs Jul 1948, Oct 1954 (2 items)
Oversize 4 Proofs 1951-1953, 1954-1956 (2 folders)
Room and Board by Gene Ahern
Oversize 14 Proofs Jul - Oct 1949
Oversize 7 Proofs Oct 1954 (2 items)
Roy Rogers, King of the Cowboys by Al McKimson
Oversize 5 Proof 1950 (1 item)
Oversize 15 Proof Oct 1954 (1 item)
Rusty Riley by Frank Godwin
Oversize 7 Proofs Aug-Sep 1948, 1954
Bulk of dates from 1948.
Oversize 5 Proof 19 Sep 1948 - black and white (1 item)
Sam's Strip by Mort Walker and Jerry Dumas
Oversize 5 Proofs 1961-1962 - black and white (2 folders)
Secret Agent X9 by Mel Graff
Oversize 7 Clippings 1946, 1948, (2 items)
Strip originally created by Dashiell Hammett and Alex Raymond.
Oversize 5 Proof 1950 (1 item)
Silly Symphony (featuring Donald Duck) by Walt Disney
Oversize 5 Proof 27 Dec 1936 (1 item)
Skull Valley by Garrett Price
Oversize 15 Clippings 1936 (5 items)
Includes Gasoline Alley; Herby; Smitty.
Smokey Stover by Bill Holman
Oversize 15 Clipping 1938 - color (1 item)
Includes Spooky. Advertisements: Butterfinger and Pepsodent.
Smythes by Rea Irvin
Oversize 8 Clippings 1936 - color (1 folder)
The Story of Martha Wayne by Wilson Scruggs
Oversize 5 Cartoon Booklet 1953
Strictly Richter by Mischa Richter
Oversize 7 Proofs 1948, 1954
Includes Jellybean Jones.
Sunflower Street by Tom Little
See the Vernon Greene Papers.
Oversize 15 Proof Aug 1948 (1 item)
Susie Q. Smith by Linda and Jerry Walter
Oversize 5 Proofs 1949 (1 folder)
Texas Thorne by Zane Grey
Oversize 7 Clippings 1936, 1937 (2 folders)
Includes King of the Royal Mounted; Little Annie Rooney; Room and Board; Curley Harper; Radio Patrol; The Squirrel Cage.
They'll Do It Every Time by Jimmy Hatlo
Oversize 7 Proofs Oct 1954, 17 Jun 1961 (3 items)
Includes one color clipping.
Thimble Theatre (starring Popeye) by E.C. Segar
Oversize 15 Clippings 1935-1938 - color (2 folders)
Bulk from 1936-1937; from comic pictorials like New York Evening Journal and Journal American. Includes Buck Rogers.
Oversize 7 Clippings 1936 - black and white (1 folder)
From New York Evening Journal. Includes Pete the Tramp; Polly and her Pals; Little Annie Rooney; Blondie; Just Kids and more.
Oversize 6 Proofs 1936, 1937 (19 items)
Bulk from 1936.
Tillie the Toiler by Russ Westover
Oversize 5 Proofs 1949 (1 folder)
Includes horizontal and vertical proof sheets.
Tillie the Toiler by Bob Gustafson
Oversize 7 Proofs Oct 1954 (2 items)
Tim Tyler's Luck by Lyman and Bob Young
Oversize 7 Proof 1954 (1 item)
Tippie by Edwina (Dumm)
See also "Cap" Stubbs and Tippie.
Oversize 5 Proofs undated (1 folder)
Tommy of the Big Top by John Lehti
Oversize 7 Proof Jul 1948 (1 item)
Tuffy by Syd Hoff
Oversize 5 Proofs 1949 (1 folder)

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