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Irvin I. Rubin Papers

A description of his Papers at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Rubin, Irvin I.
Title: Irvin I. Rubin Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1940-2007
Quantity: 10 linear ft.
Abstract: Professional papers related to the career of Plastics Hall of Fame member Irvin I. Rubin; including correspondence, company records, illustrations and other materials related to injection molding companies Robinson Plastics Corp. and Irvin I. Rubin Plastics Corp.; texts and illustrations used in Rubin's writing about injection molding; and copies of many of his publications.
Language: English
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

Irvin I. Rubin (1919- ) is an American chemist, engineer, businessman, author and educator who developed many technical processes in the plastics industry, especially in the field of injection molding.

Rubin received his BS in chemistry in 1938 at City College of New York and earned credits at Brooklyn College towards his Masters. His career in plastics began in 1940 as technical director of the molding plant of Robinson Plastics Corp., in New York City (the company later relocated to Hoboken, New Jersey). From 1942 to 1945, he was chief shift chemist at Montrose Chemical Co., in charge of producing tri-cresyl phosphate plasticizer for PVC cable for the war effort. From 1945 to 1946, he ran the manufacturing plant of Columbia Plastic Products, which fabricated acrylic products.

In 1946, Rubin joined Robinson Plastic Corporation. In 1967, he purchased the company and became its president. He was responsible for injection molding, designing, engineering, and production. From 1962, he was president and owner of Irvin I. Rubin Plastics Corp., a manufacturer of plastics medical devices and equipment.

Rubin’s technical contributions to the industry include the development of vacuum metalizing on polystyrene as a commercial process for industrial lamp parts. Also significant was the development of internal carving and coloring of fabricated acrylic parts. In the late 1960s he assisted in the production of the first injection molded thoracic drainage system -- a process that is now standard.

In the 1960s, Rubin published his first series of technical articles. His first book, Theory and Practice of Injection Molds and Molding, was published in 1972. In 1977, he wrote the chapter on injection molds and molding in Introduction to Polymer Science and Technology.

In 1990, he edited the Handbook of Plastics Materials and Technology and wrote the chapter on injection molds and molding in the Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI) Plastics Engineering Handbook.

He is a Fellow of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE). He has served as president of the New York Section, vice chairman of 1955 ANTEC, chairman of the Publications Committee, chairman of I.T. Quarnstrom Foundation, president of the Plastics Molders Guild, consultant to the New York City Board of Education, and as an expert witness in state and federal courts. Rubin was inducted into the Plastics Hall of Fame in 1994.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Irvin I. Rubin Papers span the period 1940-2007 and focus primarily on business records of the Robinson Plastics Corp. and on Rubin’s research files for various lectures and writing projects. The records consist of personal records; correspondence; financial records and product literature related to Robinson Plastics Corp. and the Irvin I. Rubin Plastics Corp; photographs and slides, product literature, hand drawings, technical drawings and research files related to injection molding; articles, chapter and book drafts, proofs, illustrations and offprints of Rubin's publications; and videotapes of plastics educational seminars produced by Learning Visions, Inc. Many file series retain the folder names applied by Rubin.

Biographical material contains records that relate to professional memberships and certificates and awards; material related to the Brooklyn Jewish Center Dinner-Dance (1974, 1979, 1983), and a photo of Rubin at the Vic Braden Tennis College (1987).

Companies contains a wide variety of production, management and marketing materials related to Rubin's career spent working for, managing and as owner of the Robinson Plastics Corporation and the Irvin I. Rubin Plastics Corp. Titles to most of these files are those given by Rubin.

Consulting and expert witness work (1988-1996) contains invoices and bills related to Rubin's consulting work as an expert witness, and some statements regarding legal action including Lemelson Patents vs Mattel (1990), Capitol Vial, Inc. and Capitol Spouts, Inc. (1994), and Armament Systems and Procedures vs. Team Tooling, Inc. (1996).

Correspondence includes a variety of Rubin's correspondence, especially with publishers.

Illustrations contain many versions of original and collected charts, tables, diagrams, photographs mostly related to Rubin's many articles, chapters and books related to injection molding. Many of these same illustrations are found in his writings and as slides. Titles to most of these files are those given by Rubin.

Lectures contains texts, slide lists and publicity related to Rubin's conference papers, professional seminars and invited lectures, arranged chronologically.

Photographs and slides includes photographs, photographic negative and slides pertaining to Rubin's companies and especially a large number of 35 mm slides prepared as illustrations for his lectures about injection molding and other processes. Many slides are numbered; numbers correspond to accompanying lists.

Product literature contains an assortment of company brochures and catalogues related to specific products or lines of products including plastics and plastics molding machinery. Titles of most of these brochures are provided.

Products by Rubin contains production, marketing and sales documents related to particular products molded by Robinson Plastics Corp. or Irvin I. Rubin Plastics Corp.

Research files primarily contain folders of periodical articles and ephemera related to different aspects of injecting molding researched and written by Rubin in many books and articles. Folders are divided and titled following Rubin’s organization. Individual articles are not catalogued.

Rolodex contains Rolodex address cards, especially those of clients and manufacturers.

Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) (1951-1959) consists of programs and correspondence relating to the SPE's annual technical conferences (ANTEC) from 1951-1975. Rubin was Vice Chairman of Arrangements for the 15th ANTEC (1958-1959) and moderator at the 20th ANTEC (1963).

Videotapes contains a selection of videotapes and cassettes of seminars presented by Visual Learning, Inc., a company co-founded by Rubin. The collection includes two tapes of a Rubin seminar on injection molding.

Writings contain manuscripts, typescripts and offprints of articles, chapters and books written by Rubin, arranged chronologically.

Artifact records contains photographs and data sheets for more than 100 plastic items donated by Rubin to the Plastics Center and Museum. The items themselves are now part of the Plastics Artifacts Collection, and may be seen at The Plastics Collection website.

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Arrangement of the Collection

The collection is arranged alphabetically by topic. With the exception of Lectures and Writings, which are arranged chronologically, folders for all topics are also arranged alphabetically.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Related Material

A large selection of plastic objects molded by Irvin I. Rubin and his companies are part of the Plastics Artifacts Collection.

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Subject Headings


Atlas, Sheldon M.
Beall, Glenn.
Frizelle, William G.
Kaufman, Herman S.
Robinson, Sol M.
Rubin, Irvin I., 1919-
Shook, Gerald D.

Corporate Bodies

Armament Systems and Procedures.
Brooklyn Jewish Center (Brooklyn, New York, N.Y.)
Capitol Spouts, Inc.
Capitol Vial, Inc.
Circular Crib Co., Inc.
Daysol International.
Gametime, Inc.
Gulton Industries.
Irvin I. Rubin Plastics Corporation.
John Chatillon & Sons.
Plastics Hall of Fame.
Program for the Introduction and Adaptation of Contraceptive Technology (U.S.)
Robinson Plastics Corporation.
Society of Plastics Engineers.
Sonics International.
Team Tooling, Inc.
Vic Braden Tennis College.


Injection molding of plastics.
Plastics industry and trade -- Technological innovations.
Plastics industry and trade -- United States -- History.

Genres and Forms

Blueprints (reprographic copies)
Technical reports.
Video recordings.



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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Irvin I. Rubin Papers,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

Gift of Irvin I. Rubin, 2010.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: SDG
Date: 15 June 2011
Revision history: 29 Aug 2014 - restored artifact records; itemized recordings (MRC)

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Biographical material
Box 1 Articles about Irvin I. Rubin
Box 1 Awards
Box 1 Brooklyn Jewish Center 1974-1983 - materials related to Rubin's organization of dinner dance
Box 1 Chemical History Foundation 2002 - oral history notes
Box 1 Quarnstrom Foundation board 1990-1996
Box 1 Vic Braden Tennis College 1987
Irvin I. Rubin Plastics Corp.
Box 1 A-4005 processing procedures 1983-1987
Box 1 Daysol invoices and receipts 1984-1985
Box 1 Financial 1979-1988
Box 1 Molds 1986-1993
Robinson Lamp Parts
Box 1 Financial and sale 1982-1984
Robinson Plastics Corp.
Box 1 About molding
Box 1 Financial 1958
Box 1 Floor plan 1969
Box 1 Invoices
Box 1 Job receipts 1973-1985
Box 1 Machines
Box 1 Mold drawings 1967-78
Box 1 Mold repair
Box 1 Molds 1972-1986
Box 2 Mold lists 1983-1988
Box 2 Mold lists correspondence 1983-1993
Box 2 Pension plan
Box 2 Public relations
Box 2 Sales agent agreement 1954-1962
Box 2 Stock sales 1961-1970
Box 2 Union
Box 2 Valuation 1958-1960
Consulting and expert witness
Box 3 Armaments Systems 1996
Box 3 Capitol Vial vs. Capitol Spouts 1994
Box 3 DuPont 1993
Box 3 International Medical Technology 1991
Box 3 Lemelson Patents vs. Mattel 1990
Box 3 PATH (Program for Appropriate Technology in Health) 1981-1990
Box 3 3M Lens 1988
Box 3 Book research 1960-1961
Box 3 Hanker Publisher 1983-1986
Box 3 Injection Molding Magazine re: nomination of Glenn Beall for award 1994
Box 3 Rubin - Van Nostrand 1986-1987 - correspondence requesting Rubin's comments on John Delmonte proposal for metal-filled plastics book
Box 3 Styrofoam cups and recycling 1988-1990 - correspondence and materials related to Rubin's public pronouncements in print and on television in response to calls for banning Styrofoam containers
Box 3 Wiley & Sons correspondence 1978-1993 - correspondence with publisher of the Handbook of Plastics Materials and Technology
Box 3 Wiley & Sons royalty statements 1990s - royalty statements for the Handbook of Plastics Materials and Technology
Box 3 Miscellaneous 1958-1967
Box 4 Final
Oversize 1 Handbook of plastics materials and technology camera-ready artwork 1990 (2 folders)
Oversize 2 Handbook of plastics materials and technology camera-ready artwork 1990 (3 folders)
Box 4 Hydraulic and electric (5 folders)
Box 4 IMPCO for slides
Box 4 Injection molding for Wiley Handbook 1980s
Box 4 JRR
Box 4 Machinery
Box 4 Machine circuits
Box 4 Machines (2 folders)
Box 4 Mold drawings
Box 5 Mold parts
Box 5 Molds (3 folders)
Box 5 Molding machines
Box 5 Pressure
Box 5 Pumps
Box 5 Other processes
Box 5 SME masters
Box 5 Theory (4 folders)
Box 5 Valves
Box 4 Miscellaneous
Box 5 Miscellaneous
Box 6 1969 Consultants to the plastics industry - brochures for workshop seminars
Box 6 1970-1999 Slide lists
Box 6 1973 Plastics in Appliances Conference - programs for continuing education conference at New York University
Box 6 1973 Visual Learning, Inc - brochures for Focus on Learning seminars; audio visual training tapes from Visual Learning, Inc., a company co-founded by Louis I. Naterman and Irvin Rubin
See also Videotapes: Visual Learning, Inc.for videotapes of these seminars
Box 6 1977 National symposium, Newark, NJ - programs for national symposium: the design and construction of tooling for plastics, and text of Rubin's presentation: A review of hot runner systems, hot sprue bushing and gating.
Box 6 1978 Injection mold design - brochures for seminar by Irvin Rubin offered by Plastic design forum magazine and Plastics Machinery & Equipment Magazine
Box 6 1970-2000 Miscellaneous
Photographs and slides
Box 6 Apollo 12 from NASA
Box 6 Auto - 35 mm slides labeled Auto (approximately 80 slides)
Box 6 Black and white negatives (molding) - envelopes are labeled: hydraulic components, circuits, pumps; misc; machines, other processes; electrical components, electrical circuits; molds; rheology, molding; molded parts (7 negative envelopes)
Box 6 Black and white negatives (of slides)
Box 6 Hot runner systems 1988
Box 6 Humor - 35 mm slides of cartoons, mostly from Playboy Magazine (approximately 80 slides)
Box 6 Hunkar - 35 mm slides labeled Hunkar (approximately 20 slides)
Box 7 Incoe corporation - 35 mm slides from Incoe Corporation, Troy, Michigan (approximately 40 slides)
Box 7 Kona Corporation - 35 mm slides from Kona Corporation, Gloucester, Massachusetts (approximately 20 slides)
Box 7 McAuto - 35 mm slides labeled McAuto (or McAoto?) (approximately 40 slides)
Box 7 Mold cooling - 35 mm slides marked "Gamma, Chicago" (approximately 40 slides)
Box 7 Monsanto - 35 mm slides from Monsanto (approximately 60 slides)
Box 7 People - 35 mm slides of people, mostly from Robinson plastic corp., including Irvin Rubin (approximately 20 slides)
Box 7 Robinson Plastics Corp. 1961 - black and white negative and prints including Michelin man, company staff and facilities
Box 7 Robinson Plastics Corp. promotional photos - large format negatives and prints of Robinson products and production machines
Box 7 Rubin products - 35 mm slides of products molded by Irvin Rubin, including some objects donated to SCRC plastics collection (approximately 60 slides)
Box 7 Tenite process flow
Box 7 Miscellaneous - 35 mm slides, mostly of molding machines and processes (approximately 320 slides)
Box 7 Miscellaneous labeled D - 35 mm slides (approximately 220 slides)
Box 7 Miscellaneous labeled DC - 35 mm slides (approximately 80 slides)
Box 7 Miscellaneous labeled DME - 35 mm slides (approximately 60 slides)
Box 7 Miscellaneous labeled GR - 35 mm slides (approximately 40 slides)
Box 7 Miscellaneous labeled HC - 35 mm slides (approximately 20 slides)
Box 7 Miscellaneous labeled MM for mold master - 35 mm slides (approximately 20 slides)
Box 7 Miscellaneous labeled OP - 35 mm slides (approximately 100 slides)
Box 7 Miscellaneous labeled PR - 35 mm slides (approximately 60 slides)
Box 8 Miscellaneous labeled SP - 35 mm slides (approximately 20 slides)
Box 8 Miscellaneous labeled TM - 35 mm slides (approximately 20 slides)
Box 8 Miscellaneous labeled V - 35 mm slides (approximately 40 slides)
Box 8 Miscellaneous numbered 1-500 - 35 mm slides (3 folders) (approximately 260 slides)
Product literature
Box 9 American Chain & Cable Company 1957 - Wilson Mechanical Instrument Division, catalog RT58, 44-page booklet on Rockwell hardness tester
Box 9 Atlas Press Company - 8-page parts price list for 10 inch F series Atlas lathes
Box 9 Avnet Shaw Corporation 1962 - 62-page booklet: The Shaw Process
Box 9 Baldwin Locomotive Works 1946 - 40-page booklet: Hydraulic Tables and Other Data
Box 9 Buffalo Forge Company - 12-page booklet: Maintenance Manual and Spare Parts Catalog, Buffalo No. 15 Drills
Box 9 Celanese Plastics Company 1969 - 20-page Bulletin P1A: Fortiflex Polyethylene Properties; 28-page booklet, Bulletin G1C, 9th edition: Standard Tests on Plastics
Box 9 Dow Chemical Company 1965 - 18-page booklet: Chemical Resistance Permanence
Box 9 Elgin National Watch Company 1955 - 8-page booklet: Metallographic Polishing with Diamond
Box 9 Ferro Corporation 1962 - 40-page booklet: Coloring Plastics, by James E. Simpson
Box 9 General Electric - 2-sided Noryl thermoplastic resins processing guide: Designing for press fits
Box 9 Greenfield Tap and Die Corporation 1945 - 52-page booklet: Guide to Screw Thread Fits
Box 9 Hughes Aircraft Company - 10-page booklet from Electron Dynamics Division: Heat Pipe Technology for Industry
Box 9 Husky 1967, 1975, 1981-1982 - newsletters
Box 9 Instron Engineering Corp. 1958, 1962 - Application series PC-3 and PC-12 (offprints): A high shear capillary rheometer for polymer melts by E.H. Merz and R.E. Colwell; Rheology of molten polymers by Giovanni Pezzin
Box 9 Koppers Company - 8-page booklet: Dylan & Super Dylan Polyethylenes
Box 9 Monsanto
Box 9 Phillips Chemical Company 1959 - 20-page booklet: Technical Information on Marlex Polyethylene
Box 9 Roll, Die and Mold Decorators, Inc. - 24-page booklet: Texturing Suggestions
Box 9 Shell Chemical Company 1968 - 12-page booklet: Injection molding of KRATON rubber
Box 9 Stilson circa 1976 - 9-page booklet: Wedge Lock Actuators
Box 9 Udeholm Limited - Two catalogues for stainless steel tools including 13-page booklet: Steels for molds
Box 9 Westinghouse Air Brake Company 1957-1958 - 28-page booklet: Basic Pneumatic Control; 24-page booklet: Devices and Fundamentals of Air Circuitry
Products by Rubin
Box 9 Buttons
Box 9 Candle holders 1966-1969
Box 9 Cigarette lighter - promotional material from Gulton Industries for cigarette lighter with rechargeable nickel cadmium battery
Map-Case 97 Clinique mascara applicator 1977 (7 items)
Two large measured pencil on vellum drawings for molds for Clinique small container sleeve and drawer, labeled AID JOB #7177, each 44 inches x 36 inches
Five measured pencil on vellum drawings labeled sheets 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 for otherwise unidentified AID JOB #7199
These came rolled with Clinique drawings and probably relate to some aspect of the job.
Box 9 Circular crib
Box 9 Decorative extension rods - promotional materials from the Gould-Mersereau Co., Inc. for decorative extension rods
Box 9 Fruit slicer 1947
Box 9 Games
Box 9 Handbags - promotional material from Rialto products for plastic handbags
Box 9 Lamp parts
Box 9 Lapidary tumbler 1963
Box 9 Party & patio
Box 9 Plastic projectiles 1958
Box 9 Pleur-Evac 1979-1984
Box 10 Sarama 4-piece garden light 1975 - blueprints for molds (11 items)
Box 10 Sarama window panel 1976 - blueprint for molds by Emidio Maria Da Silva, Mirinha Grande, Portugal
Box 10 Shop-Vac
Box 10 Skimmer and pump
Box 10 Snap Jack 1976 - blueprints for molds by Tri-A-Tool & Mold Co., Inc, Linden, New Jersey (12 items)
Box 10 Spring scale 1965
Box 10 Tempo
Box 10 Toothbrushes and holder
Research files
Box 10 AT&T Technology Systems 1985
Box 10 CREEP, etc
Box 10 Die hobbing 1945 - offprint of "The procedure of die hobbing" by Islyn Thomas and John Hohl, reprinted from Modern Plastics Magazine (January 1945)
Box 10 Electrical
Box 10 Forming cavities
Box 10 Gates
Box 10 Heat pins
Box 10 Hot runners
Box 11 Hydraulic references
Box 11 Identifying plastics
Box 11 Ives, Frank Sep 2001 - issue of Composites Fabrication with article about Ives
Box 11 Machines
Box 11 Mold base
Box 11 Mold design
Box 11 Mold machine
Box 11 Molding (2 folders)
Box 11 Molds
Box 11 Nozzles and return valves
Box 11 Orientation / flow
Box 11 Polymer Engineering and Science 1969-1979 - tables of contents and invoice
Box 12 Press safety
Box 12 Temperature
Box 12 Temperature control
Box 12 Theory (5 folders)
Box 12 Twin screws
Box 13 Miscellaneous (3 folders)
Box 13 Address cards - Rubin plastics clients, distributors and mold manufacturers (4 folders)
Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE)
Box 14 Annual Technical Conference (ANTEC) 1951-1975 - copies of letters from Rubin regarding organization of 1959 SPE 15th ANTEC and programs from others' ANTECs
Box 14 Expenses 1989-1997
Box 14 Lecture invoices and evaluations 1997
Box 14 Seminars 1973-1981 - brochures and information about SPE educational seminars of 1973, 1974 and 1981 in which Rubin lectured on injection molding
Box 14 Slides of programs and people 1949-1957
Box 14 SPE Journal articles 1950s-1960s
Box 14 Technical conference papers 1981
Box 14 Technical papers 1964-1968 - technical papers from the regional technical conferences: "Advances in Moldmaking and Mold Design," "New designs for mold construction," "Plastics in the medical sciences," and "The promise of thermosets."
Box 14 Technical papers 1972-1973 - technical papers from the regional technical conferences: "Automation in processing" and "Predicting plastics performance"
Box 14 Vinyl Technology Newsletter 1969
Box 14 Miscellaneous 1955-1966
Videotapes, Visual Learning, Inc.
See also Lectures: Visual Learning, Inc.
Box 15 Injection molding, by Irvin I. Rubin, part 1 - mold description, characterization, design approach, parting line (1 U-matic videocassette) (ID#: rubin_i_001)
Box 15 Injection molding, by Irvin I. Rubin, part 3 - materials, hardening, mold construction, gate design (1 U-matic videocassette) (ID#: rubin_i_002)
Box 15 Introduction to polymer science, by Herman S. Kaufman - history of polymer science, what polymers are, definitions, how polymers are made, structure of polymers, solid state properties, polymer property and structure relationships, rheological properties, mechanical properties, properties and relationship to processing (1 U-matic videocassette) (ID#: rubin_i_003)
Box 15 Introduction to polymer science by Herman S. Kaufman - history of polymer science, what polymers are, definitions, how polymers are made, structure of polymers, solid state properties, polymer property and structure relationships, rheological properties, mechanical properties, properties and relationship to processing (1 reel-to-reel tape) (ID#: rubin_i_004)
Box 15 Plastics materials, by Sheldon M. Atlas, part 2 - thermoplastics (1 U-matic videocassette) (ID#: rubin_i_005)
Box 15 Plastics materials, by Sheldon M. Atlas, part 2[?] - thermoplastics (reel-to-reel tape, 2 copies) (ID#: rubin_i_006, rubin_i_007)
Box 15 Real properties of plastic testing and evaluation, part 2, by William G. Frizelle - fluid properties under flow conditions (1 U-matic videocassette) (ID#: rubin_i_008)
Box 15 Real properties of plastic testing and evaluation, part 2, by William G. Frizelle - fluid properties under flow conditions (reel-to-reel tape, 2 copies) (ID#: rubin_i_009, rubin_i_010)
Box 15 Reinforced plastics lecture, by Gerald D. Shook, part 1 - history, materials, design, bonding and foams (2 U-matic videocassettes) (ID#: rubin_i_011)
Box 15 Reinforced plastics lecture, by Gerald D. Shook, part 2 - hand layup, vacuum, spray up, matched metal die processes including preform, prepreg, Premix, SMC, Transfer filament winding, pultrusion, continuous casting, continuous laminating, hydroclave, pressure profcesses, injection molding (2 U-matic videocassettes) (ID#: rubin_i_012)
Box 16 1961 Special welding technique solves design problems in fabrication of polypropylene 'puspirator'
Box 16 1961 Plastics Technology articles
Box 16 1969-1974 Injection Molding Theory and Practice - correspondence and book dust jacket
Box 16 1974-1979 Injection Molding Theory and Practice corrections - correspondence and notes about mistakes and corrections in book
Box 16 1977 Injection molding offprints - offprints of chapter 10 from Introduction to Polymer Science and Technology: An SPE Textbook; 2 clean, 1 annotated
Box 16 1979 Review of Plastics Process Engineering - carbon copy of review for publication in Polymer Lettersand acknowledgment letter from H. Mark
Box 16 1980 It's time to reconsider hotrunner systems, part I - offprints from Plastics Engineering, vol 36: 2
Box 16 1981 Mold cooling - from Advances in Plastics Technology vol 1, no. 1
Box 16 1982-1989 Handbook forms and guidelines - guidelines for contributors for the Handbook of Plastics Materials and Technology
Box 16 1983-1989 Handbook biographies and contracts - materials related to author biographies and contracts for the Handbook of Plastics Materials and Technology
Box 16 1986 Injection molding article in Encyclopedia of Polymer Science and Engineering - correspondence with John Wiley & Sons, Publishers and offprint
Box 16 1988 Designing molds for injection molding - offprints, 1 clean and 1 annotated)
Box 16 1988 Injection molding typescript - 85-page typescript
Box 16 1988 Injection molding final correction
Box 17 1988-1991 Injection molding of thermoplastics - correspondence with publisher, typescript and offprint of article published in SPI Plastics Engineering Handbook
Box 17 circa 1989 Molds for injection molding - photocopy, 40 pp plus illustrations
Box 17 1998 SME video script - video script on plastics injection molding
Box 17 1990s Handbook PR materials - marketing and publicity materials for Handbook of Plastics Technology and Materials
Box 17 2007 Bag ban articles - articles: "Bag ban is misguided solution," Plastics News ; "San Francisco versus 1,000,000,000,000 plastic bags"
Writings by others
Box 17 Holtz, R.T., History of the product and market development of rigid vinyl materials - several pieces written for Plastics Pioneers' History and Artifacts Committee
Artifact records
Box 17 Artifact information sheets undated - detailed information sheets filled out by Irvin I. Rubin about donated artifacts
Box 17 Artifact inventory binder undated - binder containing photographs and basic information about Rubin artifacts
Box 17 Artifact photographs undated - photographs of 103 Rubin artifacts; most are duplicates of the those in the binder

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