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Alfred Terhune Collection Relating to Edward FitzGerald

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Date: May 1990

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Overview of the Collection

Creator: Terhune, Alfred McKinley, 1899-1975
Title: Alfred Terhune Collection relating to Edward FitzGerald
Dates: 1841-1978
Quantity: 14 linear ft., 76 reels of microfilm.
Abstract: Papers of the American professor, biographer. Correspondence, writings, notes, and FitzGerald memorabilia brought together by Terhune to support his ongoing research which culminated in the publication of the four-volume The Letters of Edward FitzGerald (1830-1883), an effort begun by Terhune and completed after his death by his wife Annabelle Burdick Terhune. In addition to FitzGerald, the collection is representative of the interests of a number of individuals (Henry B. Lister, Waldo Maas, Terhune) and organizations (most notably the Omar Khayyam Club), and spans nearly a century of collecting tastes and history. It is therefore also a resource for other notable 19th century British writers and scholars including Bernard Barton, Francis Capper Brooke, E.B. Cowell, George Crabbe, Joseph Fletcher, A.P. Moor, Bernard Quaritch, Alfred Tennyson, and William Makepeace Thackeray. It also provides much information about Suffolk, England and its environs as well as insights into the character of the Victorian period.
Language: English
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

Edward FitzGerald (1809-1883), born Edward Marlborough Purcell, was a British poet, best known as the author of the first and most famous English translation of The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam.

Alfred Terhune (1899-1975) was a professor of English at Syracuse University; his life-long interest in FitzGerald resulted in a comprehensive four-volume edition of The Letters of Edward FitzGerald (1830-1883).

Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Alfred M. Terhune Collection Relating to Edward FitzGerald consists of a variety of materials -- correspondence, memorabilia, notes, printed material, writings, and miscellaneous items -- both by and about Edward FitzGerald. The collection was assembled by Syracuse University English Professor Alfred Terhune in support of his research on FitzGerald, which eventually resulted in the publication of The Letters of Edward FitzGerald (1830-1883) (4 volumes). Although the collection is focused on FitzGerald and appears highly integrated, it should nevertheless be viewed as a combination of disparate items, representative of the interests of a number of individuals (Henry Bertram Lister, Waldo Maas, Terhune) and organizations (most notably the Omar Khayyam Club), and spanning nearly a century of collecting tastes and history. As such, the collection consists of a wide variety of materials concerning Edward FitzGerald and his associates, running the gamut from the funereal (FitzGerald obituaries and will) to the lighthearted (Omar Khayyam Club menus and seating charts); the scholarly (original FitzGerald correspondence, a Thackeray bookplate) to the mythic (a rose from the tomb of Omar Khayyam).

Despite his quiet lifestyle, FitzGerald was as personable in his private life as he was multi-faceted in his literary career. It is indicative of the complexity of his character that he inspired so diverse a range of admirers (E.B. Cowell, George Crabbe, Joseph Fletcher, Fanny Kemble, A.P. Moor, Alfred Tennyson, William Makepeace Thackeray, W. Aldis Wright). The Terhune collection illuminates the many sides of FitzGerald's personality and provides insight into those individuals (Maas, Terhune, Lister) who studied, recorded, and, above all, shared a fascination with his life. The collection has been organized to reflect the range of both primary and secondary FitzGerald material, and includes original FitzGerald letters; incoming and outgoing correspondence of his associates, many containing references to FitzGerald; a section of FitzGerald miscellany, consisting primarily of memorabilia and printed material; the Waldo Maas files; and Terhune's correspondence and research notes, including 76 reels of microfilm containing FitzGerald letters.

The first section of the collection, Edward FitzGerald Letters, consists of 45 outgoing items of FitzGerald correspondence written between 1844 and 1883, a small fragment of his voluminous output of letters, yet illuminating the man and his interests. Evidence of FitzGerald's playful Spirit is a letter to Anna Biddle, thanking her for her gift of apples (4 Nov. 1873):

What you sent me were really beautiful little Fellows; cherubic looking Apple-lets; it seemed a pity to eat them; and I don't think they were Quite so good as handsome.

Characteristic of the many FitzGerald letters which discuss literature is this observation to Anna Biddle (29 Dec. 1876):

I will only say of "Harold" that I think AT [Alfred Tennyson] had better been of my mind in not writing, or publishing, more. These latter Inferiorities will temporarily, though not justly, cloud his present Reputation and be a Drag upon those works of his which are to live. So I think.

The next section of the Terhune collection is the Edward FitzGerald Associates' Letters which are chronologically arranged and span 1846 through 1943, many of which contain references to the translator and his work. A letter from a Quaker poet Bernard Barton to George Crabbe, son of the poet, recounts an anecdote FitzGerald enjoyed telling (6 Aug. 1846): "I longed to follow the example of Edward Fgd's friend Squire Jenney who heroically doffs the trowsers, & sits with only calico drawers an--so I am told." However, not all the letters in the Associates' section are light in tone. Following FitzGerald's death in 1883, many of the correspondents discuss the funeral arrangements and the practical aspects of the author's work, such as the copyright of his translation of the Rubaiyat.

The next division of the Terhune collection is designated FitzGerald Miscellany. The items in this section are related to FitzGerald both in terms of subject and time period, and comprise engravings, Omar Khayyam Club menus and seating charts, manuscripts by Henry B. Lister, photographs, postcards, printed material, and other items of memorabilia. This section includes a rare manuscript poem by FitzGerald, "A Country Carol."

The Waldo Maas files follow the FitzGerald Miscellany and consist primarily of Maas' correspondence and notebooks. An early FitzGerald collector, Maas accumulated a large assortment of material in anticipation of publishing FitzGerald's letters. Although the exact sequence and timing are unclear, it appears that the Maas collection was acquired for Terhune's work, and that some Maas items became integrated with his own research material. In the arrangement of the Terhune collection, the original Maas folders and item numbers, when available, have been retained. (A number of items of memorabilia which Maas collected may be found in the FitzGerald Miscellany.) Assembled primarily during the first half of the 20th century, the Maas files are reflective of early research work an FitzGerald. The Maas correspondence is particularly significant for its exchange of information with people who had known FitzGerald as well as a number of FitzGerald scholars. Maas' three-year correspondence with Amy I. Biddell is noteworthy for its extent as well as its illuminating discussions of FitzGerald and the Biddell family. The humor and sympathy of these letters demonstrates FitzGerald's capacity to touch many lives nearly a century after his death. Also included in this section is a series of notebooks containing the typed transcripts of FitzGerald letters which Maas was able to obtain from a variety of sources.

The fifth division of the collection are the Terhune Correspondence-Subject Files which consists primarily of incoming letters about FitzGerald. In addition to the correspondence related to bibliographical questions and the ordering of books, there are also a number of letters which include discussions of various aspects of FitzGerald's life and work. The most voluminous and perhaps most interesting of Terhune's exchanges is with author Frank Hussey who wrote a monograph on FitzGerald and sailing. While the letters focus on FitzGerald's love of the sport, they also provide source material on Suffolk and its environs during the Victorian era.

The Terhune Writings follow the Correspondence-Subject File and consist of the typescript manuscript of Terhune's dissertation, "Edward FitzGerald: a Biography," and the typescript of The Letters of Edward FitzGerald. This four- volume set was edited by Terhune and his wife, Annabelle, who completed the project following her husband's death.

The last section of the collection is the Terhune Research Notes, an assemblage of biographical material and background information which Terhune accumulated during his years of research on FitzGerald. Material relates to FitzGerald's associates as well as the various periods of the author's life. Extensive documentation for many of the FitzGerald letters describes how undated letters were chronologically ordered and elucidates for the modern reader some of the more obscure passages contained in the letters. This section has many useful bibliographical references and provides insight into not only the various aspects of FitzGerald's life but also Terhune's research methodology.

The Terhune collection is thus an excellent resource for information, both primary and secondary, on Edward FitzGerald.

Arrangement of the Collection

Arrangement varies; see Scope and Contents above.


Access Restrictions: The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Use Restrictions: Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

Related Material

The manuscript collection is supported by an assortment of nearly 300 editions of the Rubaiyat, including copies of FitzGerald's first edition English translation of the Persian classic by Omar Khayyam. These reside in the Rare Books collection; please see SUMMIT, our main catalog for a complete listing.

The Terhune Collection is also supplemented by two additional manuscript sources: the George Crabbe Collection which relates to FitzGerald's death and the disposition of his estate, and the Robert Bernard Martin manuscript of With Friends Possessed: a Life of Edward FitzGerald, a biographical study published in 1985.

Subject Headings


Barton, Bernard, 1784-1849.
Brooke, Francis Capper.
Cowell, Edward B. (Edward Byles), 1826-1903.
Crabbe, George.
FitzGerald, Edward, 1809-1883.
Fletcher, Joseph.
Hussey, Frank, 1906-
Kerrich, Mary Eleanor FitzGerald.
Lister, Henry Bertram, 1869-
Maas, Waldo.
Moor, A. P.
Omar Khayyam.
Quaritch, Bernard, 1819-1899.
Tennyson, Alfred Tennyson, Baron, 1809-1892.
Terhune, Alfred McKinley, 1899-1975.
Terhune, Annabelle Burdick.
Thackeray, William Makepeace, 1811-1863.

Corporate Bodies

Omar Khayyam Club (London, England)
Omar Khayyam Club of America.

Associated Titles

The Letters of Edward FitzGerald.


Authors, English -- 19th century.
Biographers -- United States.


Great Britain -- Social life and customs.
Suffolk (England) -- Social life and customs.

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Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Alfred Terhune Collection relating to Edward FitzGerald,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

Gift of Alfred M. Terhune.

Table of Contents

Edward FitzGerald letters

Edward FitzGerald associates' letters

Edward FitzGerald miscellany

Waldo Maas

Terhune correspondence-subject files

Terhune writings

Terhune research notes

Microfilm index

Selected index to Edward FitzGerald associates' letters


Edward FitzGerald letters
Box 1 1844 Sept. 17 John Barton
Box 1 1854 Mar. 7 Mrs. Edward Donne
Box 1 1863 Jan. 23 Anna Crabbe
Box 1 1866 May 22 George Moor
Box 1 1866 June 29 Frederick Spalding
Box 1 1867 Mar. 8 Thomas Woolner
Box 1 1867 Sept. 8 "Dear Sir"
Box 1 1868 May 17 James Spedding
Box 1 1869 Aug. drawing of boat
Box 1 1870 Feb. 11 Joseph Fletcher
Box 1 1870 Mar. 15 Joseph Fletcher
Box 1 1870 Sept. 7 Frederick Spalding
Box 1 1871 Dec. 30 Elizabeth Elliott (Browne)
Box 1 1872 Mar. 5 Anna Biddell
Box 1 1872 Apr. 8 Anna Biddell
Box 1 1872 June 26 Anna Biddell
Box 1 1872 Aug. 4 Thomas Watts
Box 1 1873 Jan. 4 Edward Byles Cowell
Box 1 1873 Jan. 28 Anna Biddell
Box 1 1873 Nov. 4 Anna Biddell
Box 1 1874 Aug. 20 Anna Biddell
Box 1 1875 Feb. 23 Blanche Donne
Box 1 1876 Jan. 23 Anna Biddell
Box 1 1876 Sept. 15 Anna Biddell
Box 1 1876 Sept. 19 Anna Biddell
Box 1 1876 Dec. 29 Anna Biddell
Box 1 1877 Jan. 22 Anna Biddell
Box 1 1877 Mar. 7 A.P. Moor
Box 1 1877 Mar. 20 Valentia Donne
Box 1 1878 Feb. 28 Anna Biddell
Box 1 1878 Oct. 24 Blanche Donne
Box 1 1879 Jan. 17 Bernard Quaritch (incoming transcript)
Box 1 1879 May 14 Blanche Donne
Box 1 1879 Aug. 8 Blanche Donne
Box 1 1880 Feb. 8 Charles Keene
Box 1 1880 Mar. 13 Anna Biddell
Box 1 1880 Mar. 28 Charles Keene
Box 1 1880 July 26 Francis Capper Brooke
Box 1 1881 May 14 Anna Biddell
Box 1 1881 Dec. Blanche Donne
Box 1 1882 Jan. 24 Blanche Donne
Box 1 1882 Jan. 26 H.S. Wilson
Box 1 1882 Feb. 10 Blanche Donne
Box 1 1882 Nov. 1 Blanche Donne
Box 1 1883 June 4 Francis Capper Brooke
Box 1 1883 June 12 Francis Capper Brooke
Edward FitzGerald associates' letters
To locate specific correspondents, see Selected index to Edward FitzGerald Associates' Letters at the end of this finding aid.
Box 1 Correspondence 1841, 1846 (2 letters)
Box 1 Correspondence 1852 (1 letter)
Box 1 Correspondence 1864 (2 letters)
Box 1 Correspondence 1865 (1 letter)
Box 1 Correspondence 1877 (1 letter)
Box 1 Correspondence 1880 (1 letter)
Box 1 Correspondence 1883 (13 letters)
Box 1 Correspondence 1884 (6 letters)
Box 1 Correspondence 1887 (4 letters)
Box 1 Correspondence 1889 (2 letters)
Box 1 Correspondence 1893-1897 (5 letters)
Box 1 Correspondence 1899-1900 (3 letters)
Box 1 Correspondence 1901 (4 letters)
Box 1 Correspondence 1902 (3 letters)
Box 1 Correspondence 1904 (1 letter)
Box 1 Correspondence 1905-1906 (2 letters)
Box 1 Correspondence 1909-1910 (5 letters)
Box 1 Correspondence 1923 (2 letters)
Box 1 Correspondence 1928 (2 letters)
Box 1 Correspondence 1935, 1943 (3 letters)
Box 1 Correspondence Undated (5 letters)
Edward FitzGerald miscellany
Box 1 Admission card for Savile Club "With Mr. Edward Clodd's compliments L.W. Mosher"
Box 1 "Analysis of Will of Edward FitzGerald Esquire" 1883
Box 1 Arnold, William Harris, extract from Ventures in Book Collecting
Box 1 Auctioneers' particulars for sale of "Little Grange" Dec. 12, 1946
Box 1 Autograph (Edward FitzGerald)
Box 1 Barton, Lucy, certificate of birth (copy)
Box 1 Biddell, Herman, "John Loder of Woodbridge" - manuscript
Box 1 Biddell, Herman, sketch of horse
Box 1 Book sale statement
Box 1 Bookplate by Thackeray
Box 1 Collection of FitzGerald oddments in volume with spine title Percival Stockdale & Baldock Black Horse
Box 1 Edward FitzGerald Centenary (1809-1883)
Box 1 Clippings
Box 1 Dinner menu
Box 1 Miscellaneous printed material
Box 1 Sermon, M.B. Cowell
Box 1 Edwards, Edwin, proofs of etching for Omar Khayyam
Box 1 Edwards, Edwin, proofs of etching for Omar Khayyam, correspondence
Box 2 Engraving of David Garrick, presentation by Edward FitzGerald to Herman Biddell
Box 2 Engravings, various, relating to Suffolk and FitzGerald
Box 2 FitzGerald/Thackeray correspondence, extract from The Connoisseur, Vol. XXXIX, May-Aug. 1914
Box 2 Illustrations, FitzGerald
Box 2 Leaves of rose tree from Omar Khayyam's tomb and later planted on FitzGerald's grave at Boulge
Box 2 Letter from Inland Revenue concerning unpaid taxes on Edward FitzGerald's income
Box 2 Letters & papers relating to Edward FitzGerald (1883) (spine title Notices of Edward FitzGerald)
Lister, Henry Bertram
Box 2 Correspondence, printed material
Box 2 "Apochryphal Quatrains of the Rubaiyat" manuscript
Box 2 "Omar Visits Hades" manuscript
Box 2 "The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam" manuscript
Box 2 "Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam: Orphan Quatrains" manuscript
Box 2 "'The Rubaiyat' Quatrains 1201 to 1268 and Omar's Stag Party" manuscript
Box 2 "The Unorthodox Rubaiyat" manuscript
Box 2 Memorandum books, Herman Biddell's wife (2 books)
Box 2 Memorandum book, Mrs. M. Biddell
Box 2 Notice of bequest to National Gallery of Latour portrait of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Edwards
Box 2 Omar Khayyam and music (2 folders)
Omar Khayyam Club
Box 2 Clippings
Box 2 Dinner menu 13 Oct. 1892
Box 2 Dinner menu 20 June 1896
Box 2 Dinner menu 20 Nov. 1896
Box 2 Dinner menu, clipping from The Sketch 25 Mar. 1897
Box 2 "Ros Rosarum, " read at dinner 10 July 1897
Box 2 Dinner menu 27 Apr. 1898
Box 2 Clipping about dinner 16 Dec. 1898
Box 3 Dinner menu 5 Apr. 1900
Box 3 Dinner menu 29 Nov. 1900
Box 3 Dinner menu, seating chart 29 Nov. 1900
Box 3 Dinner menu 13 Nov. 1908
Box 3 Dinner menu 22 June 1909
Box 3 Dinner menu 27 June 1936
Box 3 Dinner menu 19 Nov. 1936
Box 3 Dinner menu, seating chart 24 Nov. 1938
Box 3 Dinner menu 16 Nov. 1949
Box 3 Dinner menu, seating chart 16 Nov. 1949
Box 2 Photographs
Box 3 Airy Family
Box 3 Biddell Family
Box 3 Clarkson, Thomas
Box 3 Moor Family
Box 3 Smith, Alfred
Box 3 Miscellaneous, of Edward FitzGerald interest
Box 3 "Bredfield Hall" printed material
Box 3 "A Country Carol" manuscript. poem
Box 3 "A Country Carol" transcription
Box 3 "A Country Carol" musical score by T. Tertius Noble
Box 3 "A Country Carol" sales paraphernalia
Box 3 Postcards with Edward FitzGerald interest (3 folders)
Box 3 Prendergast (Gen.) "Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam" manuscript.
Box 3 Printed material, clippings (miscellaneous)
Printed material (by author)
Aubrey-Jones, George
See Elliott, R. W.
Box 3 Clodd, Edward. "Edward FitzGerald," The English Illustrated Magazine Feb. 1894
Box 3 Cooper, E. R. "Three FitzGerald letters," The Yachting World Jan. 5, 1934
Box 3 Dole, Nathan Haskell. "Edward FitzGerald (1809-1883)"
Box 3 Elliott, R. W. "King Edward VI School, Bury St. Edmunds"; Aubrey-Jones, George. "Suffolk Tales of a Suffolk Parson," East Anglian Magazine, Vol. IV, No. 5 Mar. 1939
Box 3 Ganz, Charles. "Edward FitzGerald" (leaflet)
Box 3 Groome, Francis Hindes. Article on FitzGerald extracted from Chamber's Cyclopaedia of English Literature, Vol. III 1903
Box 3 Hervey, Arthur. Playford and the Feltons
Box 3 Kerrich, Mary Eleanor FitzGerald. "Edward FitzGerald: A Personal Reminiscence," The Nineteenth Century, no. 385 Mar. 1909
Box 3 Kerrich, Mary Eleanor FitzGerald. "Memories of Edward FitzGerald," East Anglian Magazine, Vol. 1, no. 2 Aug. 1935
Box 3 Kerrich, Mary Eleanor FitzGerald. "More Memories of FitzGerald," East Anglian Magazine, Vol. 1, no. 2 Nov. 1935
Box 3 Perry, Thomas Sergeant. "Mr. Edward FitzGerald's Translations," Atlantic June 1877
Box 3 Potter, Ambrose G. "Omar Khayyam & His Rubaiyats," Ismaili Africa Birthday, No. 7 June 13, 1934
Box 3 Sykes, Major P. M. "A Pilgrimage to the Tomb of Omar Khayyam," Travel & Exploration Sept. 1909
Box 3 Tennyson, C. "George Crabbe and Suffolk," The Geographical Magazine July, 1943
Box 3 Whitten, Wilfred. "Edward FitzGerald," The Bookman, Vol. XXVIII, no. 165 June 1905
Box 4 Wright, William Aldis. "Edward FitzGerald," The Athenaeum, No. 3221 July 20, 1889
Box 4 Printed material (by publication title), A-Nd (15 folders)
Box 5 Printed material (by publication title), Ne-W (6 folders)
Box 5 Sales paraphernalia, FitzGerald/Omar Khayyam
Thackeray, William Makepeace
See Bookplate by Thackeray.
Box 5 Tracings of signature, John Loder and Edward FitzGerald
Waldo Maas
Box 5 "Brief particulars of a collection of books by and about Edward FitzGerald and his friends"
Correspondence-Subject File
Box 5 Biddell, Amy I. 1942-1946 (4 folders)
Box 5 Biddell, Amy I. articles (transcript)
Box 5 Biddell, Herman article (transcript)
Box 5 Board of Trade 1943
Box 5 British Museum 1944
Box 5 Clodd, Phyllis 1943
Box 5 Colchester and Essex Museum 1943
Box 5 Cooper, Ernest R. 1943
Box 5 Cowell, Mary 1943
Box 5 The Daily Telegraph articles (transcripts)
Box 5 De Polnay, Peter 1946
Box 6 East Anglian Daily Times 1942-1943
Box 6 Folger Shakespeare Library 1943
Box 6 Ganz, Charles 1938-1948
Box 6 Goodyear, A. C. 1943-1944
Box 6 Hannay, Neilson Campbell 1942-1943
Box 6 Ipswich Public Library 1942-1943
Box 6 Johnson, Catherine B. (nee C.B. Donne) 1943
Box 6 Kerrich, Mary Eleanor FitzGerald 1943-1948
Box 6 Kerrich, Olivia 1934-1943
Box 6 Lay, C. H. 1943-1944
Box 6 Ling, E. S. (Mrs.) 1943
Box 6 Ling, George S. 1943
Box 6 Maggs Bros., Report of Various Editions of Omar Khayyam
Box 6 National Buildings Record 1942-1943
Box 6 Pollock, John 1942
Box 6 Redstone, Lilian J. 1942
Box 6 Smith, Fred 1943
Trevelyan, George Macaulay
See Trinity College (University of Cambridge)
Box 6 Trinity College (University of Cambridge) 1943
Box 6 Miscellaneous correspondence 1943
Box 6 "Letters & Material Relating to Edward FitzGerald"
Box 6 "Copies of Original Letters mainly from or about E.F.G." cover
Box 6 "Copies of Original Letters mainly from or about E.F.G."
Box 6 "Cuttings of & re E.F.G. (Edward FitzGerald)" (2 folders)
Box 6 "Copies of Magazine Articles on E.F.G. and Omar Kh'ayy'am" cover
Box 6 "Copies of Magazine Articles on E.F.G. and Omar Kh'ayy'am" (2 folders)
Box 6 "Edward FitzGerald Letters (1830-1849) (1-240)" cover
Box 7 "Edward FitzGerald Letters (1830-1849) (1-240)" (3 folders)
Box 7 "Edward FitzGerald Letters (1850-1869) (241-545)" cover
Box 7 "Edward FitzGerald Letters (1850-1869) (241-545)" (3 folders)
Box 7 "Edward FitzGerald Letters (1870-1876) (546-824)" cover
Box 7 "Edward FitzGerald Letters (1870-1876) (546-824)" (4 folders)
Box 7 "Edward FitzGerald Letters (1877-1883) (825-1118)" cover
Box 8 "Edward FitzGerald Letters (1877-1883) (825-1118)" (4 folders)
Box 4 "Notes on the Posthumous Publication of Edward FitzGerald's Collected Works"
Box 4 Miscellaneous notes
Terhune correspondence-subject files
Box 8 A-Z
Box 8 William H. Allen (bookseller) 1957-1964
Box 8 Arberry, Arthur John 1961
Box 8 Armitage, Ethel 1939
Box 8 Briscoe, Arnold Daly 1938-1973
Box 8 Charlesworth, Eric C. 1964
Box 8 Charnwood, Dorothea Mary Roby (Thorpe) 1956
Box 8 Cook, Thomas E. 1953-1974 (3 folders)
Box 8 Cooper, Winifred 1970
Box 8 Crowfoot, Elisabeth 1973-1974
Box 8 G. David (bookseller) 1961-1965
Box 8 De Soyres, John and Madeleine 1947-1965
Box 8 Ehrsam, Theodore George 1937
Box 8 Fall, Christine 1956
Box 8 Galloway & Porter, Ltd. 1939-1961
Box 8 Ganz, Charles 1942
Box 8 Gathorne-Hardy, Robert 1938
Box 8 Groom, J. L. 1947
Box 9 W. Heffer & Sons 1939-1970 (2 folders)
Box 9 Henderson, John 1929-1938
Box 9 Houghton, Walter Edwards 1968
Box 9 Hussey, Frank 1959-1975 (7 folders)
Box 9 Hussey, Frank, photographic enclosures (3 folders)
Box 10 Kerrich, John E. and Sigrid 1958-1969
Box 10 Kerrich, Mary Eleanor FitzGerald and Olivia 1936-1951
Box 10 Kerrich, Walter and Frieda 1951-1963
Box 10 Lingwood, Harold Robert 1962-1963
Box 10 Loder, Violet 1957-1969
Box 10 Low, David 1936
Box 10 Maas, Waldo 1942
Box 10 Macmillan Company 1938-1956
Box 10 Mayfield, John S. 1973-1974
Box 10 Morfey, Wallace Mortimer 1978
Box 10 Munby, Alan Noel Latimer 1969-1970
Box 10 Newspaper query answers 1936-1939
Box 10 Pope-Hennessy, James 1956
Box 10 Bernard Quaritch (firm) 1934-1964
Box 10 Scarfe, Norman 1968-1978
Box 10 Spalding, Gerald 1936
Box 10 Syracuse University Libraries 1956-1975
Box 10 Thomas, Denis 1967
Box 10 Thomas Thorpe (bookseller) 1962-1965
Box 10 Charles W. Traylen (bookseller) 1957-1961
Box 10 Trinity College (University of Cambridge) 1939-1956
Box 10 Victorian Studies 1959
Box 10 Watson, R. L. 1936-1939
Box 10 Weber, Carl Jefferson 1962
Box 10 Weeks, Edward 1938-1939
Box 10 Wilton, Harry E. 1966-1972
Terhune writings
Box 10 "Edward FitzGerald: a Biography" Vol. 1
Box 11 "Edward FitzGerald: a Biography" Vol. 2
Letters of Edward FitzGerald manuscript, final carbon
Box 11 FitzGerald chronology
Box 11 Biographical profiles (2 foldes)
Box 11 Index of letters 1867-1883
Box 11 Letters 1830-1840 (11 folders)
Box 12 Letters 1841-1848 (10 folders)
Box 13 Letters 1849-1857 (11 folders)
Box 14 Letters 1858-1867 (13 folders)
Box 15 Letters 1868-1873 Jun (12 folders)
Box 16 Letters 1873 Jul-1877 Jun (8 folders)
Box 17 Letters 1877 Jul-1881 Mar (12 folders)
Box 18 Letters 1881 Apr-1883 Jun (8 folders)
Box 18 Epilogue
Terhune research notes
Box 18 Allen, John
Box 18 Allen, Matthew
Box 18 Barton, Bernard
Box 18 Barton, Lucy
Box 18 Beccles (England) research
Box 18 Bibliographical notes (2 folders)
Box 18 Biographical data (various)
Box 18 Boston Public Library - FitzGerald-related material, photostats with transcriptions and annotations
Box 19 Browning, Robert
Box 19 Carlyle, Thomas
Box 19 Churchyard, Thomas
Box 19 Constable, Thomas
Box 19 Cowell, Edward Byles (4 folders)
Box 19 Crabbe, Mary
Box 19 De Soyres material
Box 19 East Anglia (England)
Box 19 Edward, Edwin (Mrs.)
FitzGerald, Edward
Box 19 Articles about
Box 19 Early life and college years (5 folders)
Box 19 Family and genealogical material (2 folders)
Box 19 Homes (2 folders)
Box 20 Later years, investments, Woodbridge anecdotes
Box 20 Library
Box 20 Manuscripts and books at Trinity College (University of Cambridge)
Box 20 Music and miscellaneous verse (original) (3 folders)
Box 20 Passages about
Box 20 Persian studies
Box 20 Pictures (artworks)
Box 20 Possessions, miscellaneous
Box 20 Reminiscences by others
Box 20 Reviews, American - photocopies
Box 20 Reviews, British - photocopies
Box 20 Reviews of works and general criticism
Box 20 Scrapbooks, notes
Box 20 Translation, notes on (2 folders)
Box 20 Watermarks, ink, paper
Box 20 FitzGerald and Omar references
FitzGerald, Lucy Barton
See Barton, Lucy.
Box 20 Fletcher, Joseph
Box 20 Ganz, Charles, Trinity College, Cambridge
Box 20 Gasker, Athanasius
Box 20 Hockley, W. B.
Box 20 Holyoake, George Jacob
Box 20 Ipswich Library, - FitzGerald-related material
Box 20 Keene, Charles
Box 21 Kemble, Fanny
Box 21 Kemble Family
Box 21 Kerrich, Annie / Wright, William Aldis - correspondence, transcripts
Box 21 Kerrich, Mary Eleanor FitzGerald - articles and notes
Box 21 Maas, Waldo - Maas collection notes (2 folders)
Box 21 Mayfield, John S.
Box 21 Milnes, R. M.
Box 21 Morton, Savile (2 folders)
Box 21 Naseby (battlefield) material
Box 21 19th century periodicals
Box 21 Nursey, Marietta
Box 21 Omariana
Box 21 Omar's grave and Omar's rose
Box 21 Pasifull, Ablett
Box 21 Pendleton Colliery - prospectus and notes ; Robert Stephenson correspondence, transcripts
Box 21 Pollock, William Frederick
See Fletcher, Joseph.
Box 21 Quaritch, Bernard
Box 21 Rubaiyat centennial celebration - miscellaneous items to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the publication of Edward FitzGerald's translation of The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, Syracuse University
Box 22 Rubaiyat centennial celebration - miscellaneous items to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the publication of Edward FitzGerald's translation of The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, George Arents Research Library at Syracuse University
Box 22 Rubaiyat collection owned by Miss Helen Jewett ... bequeathed to the State University of New York at Cortland
Box 22 Rubaiyat discovery controversy, Weber material
Box 22 Rubaiyat market values
Box 22 Rubaiyat, miscellaneous notes (3 folders)
Box 22 Ruskin, John
Box 22 Singleton, Henry - artwork
Box 22 Spalding, Frederick
Box 22 Spedding, James
Box 22 Spedding James / Thompson, W. H. - correspondence
Stephenson, Robert
See Pendleton Colliery.
Box 22 Suffolk (England) maps - one photocopy, small; one hand-drawn, large (2 items)
Map-Case  Suffolk (England) maps - one printed; one hand-drawn with pasted-on labels (2 items)
Box 22 Suffolk (England), parish registers
Box 22 Suffolk (England), notes and printed material
Box 22 Swinburne, A. C. (2 folders)
Box 22 Syracuse University - FitzGerald-related material (3 folders)
Box 23 Tennyson, Alfred
Box 23 Tennyson, Frederick
Box 23 Thackeray, Anne
Box 23 Thackeray, William Makepeace (2 folders)
Thompson, W. H.
See Spedding, James / Thompson, W. H. correspondence
Box 23 Tichborne case
Box 23 University of Virginia, FitzGerald-related material, carbons and notes
Weber, Carl J.
See Rubaiyat discovery controversy
Box 23 Wheeler bibliography
Box 23 Wilson, Henry Schutz
Box 23 Yohannan, John D., - Persian scholarship in England
Box 23 Clippings
Box 23 FitzGerald and related letters, Arents Library - copies
Box 23 FitzGerald letters, miscellaneous recipients, "inconsequential" - transcripts
Box 23 FitzGerald letters with Persian text 1854-1856 (6 folders)
Box 24 FitzGerald letters with Persian text 1857-1868 (10 folders)
Box 24 Frontispiece from Letters and Literary Remains, W. Aldis Wright
Box 24 Miscellaneous copies of letters, notes (2 folders)
Box 24 Miscellaneous copies of letters, notes (6 folders)
Box 24 Notes on Epilogue, Appendices for The Letters of Edward FitzGerald
Box 24 Notes on illustrations
Box 25 Notes on illustrations (cont.) (2 folders)
Box 25 Persian passages notes
Box 25 Research expenses
Box 25 Slides
Box 25 Microfilm index [I-III] (3 folders)
Box 25 Microfilm Index [IV], Lowell and Norton indices
Box 25 Microfilm Index [V], Pollock Index
Box 25 Microfilm Index [VI], Spring Rice Index
Box 25 Microfilm Index to F. Tennyson
Box 25 Microfilm index, smaller films
Box 25 Unidentified partial manuscript
Box 26, 27 Research notes on index cards (8 cardfiles)
Box 28 Maps of England - one-inch ordnance maps of Birmingham, Keswick, Ipswich, Carmarthen, etc.; quarter-inch ordnance map of East Anglia; London city maps, road maps of England and Wales, etc. (38 items)
Microfilm index
Reel 1 Kemble, Fanny (Source: British Museum-originals)
Reel 1 Miscellaneous (Source: British Museum)
Reel 2 Neg. of 001 (Source: British Museum)
Reel 3 Kemble, Fanny (Source: British Museum-transcripts)
Reel 4 Neg. of 003 (Source: British Museum-transcripts)
Reel 5 Spalding Frederick (Source: Brown Univ., Koopman Collection)
Reel 5 Biddell, Anna (Source: Brown Univ., Koopman Collection)
Reel 6 Neg. of 005 (Source: Brown Univ., Koopman Collection)
Reel 7 Brooke, Francis Capper (Source: Cambridge University Library)
Reel 7 Byron's lines an Rogers (Source: Cambridge University Library)
Reel 7 Cowell, Edward Byles (Source: Cambridge University Library)
Reel 8 Neg. of 007 (Source: Cambridge University Library)
Reel 9 Calcutta ms. (Source: Cambridge University Library)
Reel 10 Neg. of 009 (Source: Cambridge University Library)
Reel 11 Cowell, Edward Byles v.1 (Source: Cambridge University Library)
Reel 12 Neg. of 012 (Source: Cambridge University Library)
Reel 13 Cowell, Edward Byles v.2 (Source: Cambridge University Library)
Reel 14 Neg. of 014 (Source: Cambridge University Library)
Reel 15 Cowell, Edward Byles v.3 (Source: Cambridge University Library)
Reel 16 Neg. of 015 (Source: Cambridge University Library)
Reel 17 Naseby letters to trustees about monument (Source: Cambridge University Library)
Reel 17 Cowell, Edward Byles (Source: Cambridge University Library)
Reel 18 Neg. of 017 (Source: Cambridge University Library)
Reel 19 Ousely ms. (Source: Cambridge University Library)
Reel 20 Neg. of 019 (Source: Cambridge University Library)
Reel 21 Pollock, William Frederick (Source: Cambridge University Library)
Reel 22 Neg. of 021 (Source: Cambridge University Library)
Reel 23 Spalding, Frederick (Source: Cambridge University Library)
Reel 24 Neg. of 023 (Source: Cambridge University Library)
Reel 25 Spring-Rice, Stephen (Source: Cambridge University Library)
Reel 26 Neg. of 025 (Source: Cambridge University Library)
Reel 27 Tennyson, Alfred (Source: Cambridge University Library)
Reel 28 Tennyson, Frederick (Source: Cambridge University Library)
Reel 29 Neg. of 029 (Source: Cambridge University Library)
Reel 29 Donne letters, Mrs Johnson (Source: Cambridge University Library)
Reel 30 Thackeray, William Makepeace (Source: ?)
Reel 30 Dickinson, Anne (Mrs.) (Source: ?)
Reel 31 Neg. of 030 (Source: ?)
Reel 32 Fitzwilliam Museum Papers (Source: Fitzwilliam Museum)
Reel 33 Neg. of 032 (Source: Fitzwilliam Museum)
Reel 34 extra neg. copy of 032 (Source: Fitzwilliam Museum)
Reel 35 Norton, Charles Eliot (Source: Harvard)
Reel 35 Lowell, James Russell (Source: Harvard)
Reel 36 Neg. of 035 (Source: Harvard)
Reel 37 Spalding, Frederick (Source: Morgan Library)
Reel 37 Basham (Source: Morgan Library)
Reel 37 miscellaneous (Source: Morgan Library)
Reel 38 Neg. of 037 (Source: Morgan Library)
Reel 39 Donne letters, Mrs. Johnson (Source: Cambridge University Library)
Reel 40 Neg. of 039 (Source: Cambridge University Library)
Reel 40 Tennyson, Alfred, Ist part (Source: Cambridge University Library)
Reel 41 Thackeray, Anne (Source: University of London)
Reel 42 Neg. of 041 (Source: University of London)
Reel 43 Thackeray, Anne, faulty film (Source: University of London)
Reel 44 Tennyson, Alfred (outgoing) (Source: Tennyson estate)
Reel 44 Tennyson, Alfred (incoming) (Source: Tennyson estate)
Reel 45 Tennyson, Frederick (Source: Tennyson estate)
Reel 45 Tennyson, Alfred (to EFG) (Source: Tennyson estate)
Reel 45 EFG's notebook (Source: Tennyson estate (?))
Reel 46 Donne, W. B. (Source: Mrs. Johnson (?))
Reel 47 Allen, John, diary 1830 (Source: Trinity)
Reel 47 Wright, W. A. (Source: Trinity)
Reel 48 Neg. of 047 (Source: Trinity)
Reel 49 Allen, John, diary 1831 (Source: Trinity)
Reel 50 Neg. of 049 (Source: Trinity)
Reel 51 Allen , John (Source: Trinity)
Reel 52 Neg. of 051 (Source: Trinity)
Reel 52 Thackeray, W. M. to EFG (Source: Trinity)
Reel 53 Carlyle, Thomas, Naseby L1. (Source: Trinity)
Reel 54 Neg. of 053 (Source: Trinity)
Reel 55 Milnes, Richard Monckton (Source: Trinity)
Reel 56 Neg. of 055 (Source: Trinity)
Reel 57 Morton, Savile (Source: Trinity)
Reel 58 Neg. of 057 (Source: Trinity)
Reel 59 Tennyson, Alfred-Examiner Poemes (Source: Trinity )
Reel 59 EFG, Sea Slanq notebook (Source: Trinity)
Reel 59 EFG, Sea Words, 1869 (Source: Trinity)
Reel 59 EFG, Sea Words, 1870 (Source: Trinity)
Reel 60 Neg. of 059 (Source: Trinity)
Reel 61 Wright, William Aldis (Source: Trinity)
Reel 62 Cowell, Edward Byles (Source: Trinity)
Reel 62 Cowell, Elizabeth Charlesworth (Source: Trinity)
Reel 62 Thompson, William Hepworth (Source: Trinity)
Reel 62 Charlesworth, Mrs. (Source: Trinity)
Reel 62 Carlyle, Thomas (Source: Trinity)
Reel 62 Vis. Marpeth's "Jasmine tree..." (Source: Trinity)
Reel 63 Wright, William Aldis (Source: Trinity)
Reel 64 Wright to B. Quaritch (Source: Trinity)
Reel 64 Quaritch, Bernard (Source: Trinity)
Reel 64 Cowell, Edward Byles to EFG (Source: Trinity)
Reel 65 Crabbe, George (Source: Trinity)
Reel 66 Thompson, William Hepworth (Source: Trinity)
Reel 66 miscellaneous (Source: Trinity)
Reel 67 Cowell, Edward Byles (Source: Trinity)
Reel 67 Cowell, Elizabeth Charlesworth (Source: Trinity)
Reel 67 Borrow, George (Source: Trinity)
Reel 67 Charlesworth, Mrs. (Source: Trinity)
Reel 68 Kemble, Fanny (Source: Trinity)
Reel 68 Stephen, Leslie (Source: Trinity)
Reel 68 Woolner, Thomas (Source: Trinity)
Reel 68 Kemble, Mrs. (Source: Trinity)
Reel 68 Groom, Robert W. to EFG (Source: Trinity)
Reel 69 Crabbe, George (French letters) (Source: Trinity)
Reel 69 Wright, William Aldis (Source: Trinity)
Reel 69 miscellaneous (Source: Trinity)
Reel 70 Crabbe, George (French letters) (Source: Trinity)
Reel 70 Crowfoot (Source: Trinity)
Reel 70 Crabbe, George (English letters) (Source: Trinity)
Reel 70 Thompson, William Hepworth (Source: Trinity)
Reel 70 Stephen, Leslie (Source: Trinity)
Reel 70 Kemble, Fanny (Source: Trinity)
Reel 70 Hall, FitzEdward (Source: Trinity)
Reel 70 Ruskin, John, note (Source: Trinity)
Reel 70 Cowell, Edward B. & Elizabeth (Source: Trinity)
Reel 70 miscellaneous (Source: Trinity)
Reel 71 Fletcher, Joseph (Source: University of Texas at Austin)
Reel 72 Neg. of 071 (Source: University of Texas at Austin)
Reel 73 Barton, Bernard (Source: University of Virginia)
Reel 74 Neg. of 074 (Source: University of Virginia)
Reel 75 Biddell, Herman (Source: Yale University)
Reel 75 Tennyson, Alfred (Source: Yale University)
Reel 75 Groome, Francis Hindes (Source: Yale University)
Reel 75 Fletcher, Joseph (Source: Yale University)
Reel 75 Commonplace book (Source: Yale University)
Reel 76 Neg. of 075 (Source: Yale University)

Selected index to Edward FitzGerald associates' letters