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William Lescaze Papers

An inventory of his papers at Syracuse University

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Date: 1982

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Overview of the Collection

Creator: Lescaze, William, 1896-1969.
Title: William Lescaze Papers
Dates: 1915-1969
Quantity: 65.0 linear ft. (ca.)
Abstract: Papers of the American international style architect. Correspondence, and architectural drawings, designs, and specifications related to Lescaze's clients, which included the Philadelphia Saving Fund Society and Columbia Broadcasting System. Also included are biographical materials, lectures, photographs, writings, and material related to Lescaze's one-time partner, George Howe.
Language: English
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

William Lescaze (1896-1969) was a Swiss-born American architect, known as one of the pioneers in modernism in American architecture.

Born March 27, 1896 in Geneva, Switzerland, Lescaze studied architecture at the Ecole Polytechnique Federale in Zurich. He received his Master of Architecture in 1919, went to Paris, and worked briefly in the war-devastated areas of France before coming to the United States in 1920. He became a US citizen in 1929.

Lescaze worked initially for Hubbell & Benes in Cleveland, Ohio, but in 1923 moved to New York City and opened his own firm. In 1929 he entered into partnership with George Howe and established offices in New York and Philadelphia. In 1933 Lescaze married Mary Connick Hughes, with whom he had one son, Lee Adrien. In 1934 he re-established the firm under his own name and directed it until his death in 1969.

Among his earliest workds were a country house/hunting lodge for Comte Jean de Sieyes (Job #220), the nursery for Oak Lane Country Day School (Job #258), and soon afterwards the 33-story Philadelphia Savings Fund Society building (Job #284). In 1933 he designed his own town house and office in East 48th Street (Job #602), and in 1938 the California headquarters of the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBC) in Hollywood (Job #515). His work with low-cost housing led to his appointment as senior architect for the Williamsburg (Ten Eyck) houses in Brooklyn (Job #388).

From 1949 to 1959 Lescaze served on the New York State Building Code Commission, and in 1951 he was named a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects.

His later work included the City and Municipal Courts Building in Manhattan (Job #1000), the Swiss Chancellery in Washington, DC (Job #1057), the Brotherhood House at 7th Avenue and 40th Street (Job #1108), the Church Peace Center at the United Nations Plaza (Job #1183), the 777 3rd Avenue building (Job #1194), the Chatham Plaza Center in Pittsburgh (Job #1284), the 1 New York Plaza Building (Job #1306), and One Oliver Plaze (Oliver Tyrone Building) in Pittsburgh (Job #1330).

An essay by Christian Hubert written to preface a 1982 exhibition catalog, and which places Lescaze in the history of modern architecture, has been copied as an appendix to this guide.

Lescaze was the author as well as the subjet of numerous essays, articles and reviews in both professional and popular journals. He spoke frequently and appeared on radio broadcasts often. Major early essays include his "A Community Theatre" in Edith J.R. Isaacs' Architecture for the New Theatre (New York, 1935), and his contribution to Augusto Centeno's The Intent of the Artist (Princeton, 1941). His book On Being an Architect appeared in 1942; a copy of this work is available in the Rare Book Collection, as are copies of the two major pieces of Lescaze scholarship to date, namely Lorraine Welling Lanmon's William Lescaze, Architect (doctoral dissertation, University of Delaware, 1979) and William Lescaze, published by the Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies and Rizzoli International Publications. (New York, 1982).

Scope and Contents of the Collection

The William Lescaze Papers consists of biographical material, correspondence, drawings (renderings, sketches, etc), photographs, photo panels, slides, and other formats. It has been divided into ten series; items relating to a given project may therefore be found in several series; the researcher is advised to review the entire finding to ensure locating all relevant material.

Individual commissions contains blueprints, drawings (renderings, sketches, etc), photographs, photo panels and other formats relating to specific commissions executed by Lescaze either alone or in partnership with George Howe. Commissions without numbers are listed first, followed by numbered commissions.

Material relating to Lescaze's Architectural career consists of a comprehensive job listing, and school and miscellaneous material.

Biographical material contains biographical sketches and chronologies, resumes, exhibit lists, lectures and radio broadcasts, memberships and appointments, and a list of works executed.

Correspondence is entirely incoming, apart from one letter to the editor from Lescaze. Correspondents include academic institutions (Columbia, Harvard, Princeton), museums and galleries (Cincinnati Art Museum, Museum of Modern Art), publications (Architectural Review, New Republic), and individuals (Le Corbusier, Mabel Dodge Luhan, Pierre Soulages).

Drawings contains a selection of architectural drawings but also a number of industrial design drawings, such as designs for ashtrays, lamps, radiators, and so forth, plus some etchings and sketches.

Legal and financial papers include contracts, leases, passports, naturalization papers, and Lescaze's Swiss military service records.

Memorabilia includes certificates and awards, cards, photographs, printed material, and scrapbooks.

The Architectural works series contains material specifically relating to particular architectural projects. ranging from Ansonia High School to the Woods End apartments.

Writings contains primarily of works by Lescaze. There is a copy of his On Being an Architect as well as lectures, radio interviews, notes, and other material. There are also a few items by others, about Lescaze.

Arrangement of the Collection

Commissions are arranged in order by commission number, with unnumbered and unidentified commissions listed first. All other series are arranged alphabetically.


Access Restrictions: The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Use Restrictions: Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

Related Material

See the "Howe and Lescaze Buildings Map" at for locations and photographs of Lescaze's buildings.

Subject Headings


Howe, George.
Lescaze, William, 1896-1969.

Corporate Bodies

Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc.
Philadelphia Saving Fund Society.


Architectural design.
Architectural drawing -- United States -- 20th century.
Architectural firms.
Architectural practice.
Architecture -- Designs and plans.
Architecture -- Details.
Architecture -- United States -- 20th century.
Architecture -- United States.
Architecture, American.
Architecture, Domestic -- United States.
International style (Architecture) -- United States.
Swiss Americans.

Genres and Forms

Architectural drawings (visual works)
Blueprints (reprographic copies)



Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

William Lescaze Papers,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

Gift of William Lescaze and Mrs. William Lescaze.

"Lord Algernon" etching, gift of Dwight Lanmon, 2013.

Table of Contents

Individual commissions

Architectural career

Biographical material



Legal and financial


Architectural works


Alphabetical index of projects


Individual commissions
Unnumbered projects are listed first, in order by date. Numbered projects are listed next, by project number. For an alphabetical listing, see Alphabetical index of projects at the end of this finding aid.
Unidentified projects
Oversize 1 Miscellaneous
photographs (bookshelves, others), renderings (inkwell, sofa, desk lamp, "Project for Washington DC", others), sketches ("Elevation D’Une Paroi Laterale A L’Echelle 1/100/Juillet 1919," others), etc.
Unnumbered projects
Oversize 1 undated 1200 Market St. [Philadelphia Savings Fund Society building?] (3 blueprints [?], 1 photograph)
Oversize 5 undated CBS, unidentified projects - photographs, drawings, renderings
Oversize 8 undated Grand Central building (1 folio of drawings)
Oversize 8 undated Hanna building, Cleveland, OH (1 drawing, "Flower from Jones Russell")
Oversize 17 undated Kootz residence (1 elevation and plan)
Oversize 8 undated League of Nations - 1 rendering
Box 1 1919 Community House for La Chaux de Fonds
Oversize 1 1919 Diploma Project, Large building block in Zurich [??] - color drawing
Box 1 1922 Warehouse for the Board of Education, Cleveland, OH
Box 1 1924 Edgewood School
Box 1 1924 Painted drapery for a restaurant
Oversize 17 1927 Country House for A Young Couple, commissioned for Architecture Forum - ink drawings (3 site plans, 1 rendering)
1928 Soldiers and Sailors Monument
Box 1 Miscellaneous
Oversize 11 Drawings (3 renderings)
Box 1 1928 An American House
Box 1 1928 Halle Brothers Exhibition
Box 1 1928 House of the Future
Box 1 1928 Barber and beauty shop, Grand Central Station
Oversize 17 1928, June Apartment house project, Park Avenue and 72nd Street (2 renderings)
1928 Future American Country House, Commissioned for Architectural Record
Box 1 Miscellaneous
Oversize 1 Drawings (2 renderings, enhanced with color)
Box 1 1933 [?] Maurice J. Speiser residence, Philadelphia, PA
Box 1 1936 House for Meridian Housing Corporation
Box 1 1938 House of 2039 Project
Box 1 Miscellaneous unidentified photographs
107B William Stix Wasserman residence, Whitemarsh, PA
Tube  Miscellaneous
Oversize 17 Drawings (6 renderings)
Oversize 17 117 James M. R. Sinkler residence, Philadelphia, PA (1 rendering)
121 Philadelphia Saving Fund Society main vault, Philadelphia, PA
Oversize 4 Photographs (2 photographs)
Tube  Miscellaneous
131 Simeon Ford House, 2 Sutton Square, NYC
See also 771 William Brown Meloney alteration at Sutton Square, NYC.
Box 1 Miscellaneous
Oversize 8 Photograph (1 photograph)
133 Willow Garden Restaurant
Box 1 Miscellaneous
Oversize 8 Photographs of screen, interior (4 photographs)
Tube  157 Theatre and store building for Carl Brunson Hollywood, CA 1926
Box 1 180 Tapestry design for theatre, New Haven, CT
Box 1 185 Moulin Rouge Restaurant alterations, NYC
214 Alice Ferguson apartment house, NYC
Box 1 Miscellaneous
Tube  Miscellaneous
220 Jean de Sieyes hunting lodge, Mt. Kisco, NY
Box 1 Miscellaneous (3 folders)
Oversize 2 Miscellaneous (1 site plan, 2 renderings, 2 photographs)
222 R. Colfax Phillips apartment, NYC
Box 1 Miscellaneous
Oversize 1 Drawing (1 rendering)
Box 1 226 Frederick Loeser Exhibition Rooms, Brooklyn
Box 1 228 Amos Parrish & Co. offices, NYC
Box 1 232 Macy exhibition, penthouse studio, NYC
Box 1 236 Nudelman & Conti showroom, NYC
Box 1 239 S. T. Meyer's apartment store, NYC
241 Leopold Stokowski apartment, NYC
Box 1 Miscellaneous
Oversize 8 Photographs (1 photograph)
Oversize 8 247 London Shoe showroom, NYC - drawings (2 renderings/elevations)
251 Andrew Geller Shoe Stores showroom, NYC
Box 1 Miscellaneous
Oversize 1 Drawings (1 drawing, 1 rendering)
Oversize 2 252 Apartment house and garage, West 50th and West 51st Streets, NYC (1 rendering (“worm’s eye view”), 2 drawings)
Box 1 255 Maison Bertie beauty parlor, NYC
Box 1 256 Arden Gallery penthouse duplex, NYC
258 Oak Lane Country Day School, Philadelphia
Box 2 Miscellaneous
Oversize 2 Photographs (2 photographs, 1 photo of drawing, 1 negative)
Oversize 2 Drawings (1 site plan, 1 rendering)
Box 2 259 Unity Lap Robe Co. showroom, NYC
Box 2 262 William Wasserman residence (2 renderings)
270 Mrs. Charles Harding salon, NYC
Box 2 Miscellaneous
Oversize 8 Drawings (2 renderings)
Oversize 1 272 Briggs Haberdashery, NYC (1 rendering)
275 Herbert M. Dreyfus apartment, NYC
Box 2 Miscellaneous
Oversize 8 Drawing
Box 2 276 Ben Herzberg apartment, NYC
277 Mrs. George French Porter house, Ojai, CA
Box 2 Miscellaneous
Oversize 17 Drawing (1 rendering)
284 Philadelphia Saving Fund Society Building, Philadelphia
Tube  Miscellaneous
Tube  Miscellaneous
Tube  Miscellaneous
Oversize 4 Drawings - renderings, sketches, etc.
Oversize 4 Photographs
Oversize 13 Photo panel (1 item)
Box 2 Tracings - includes sections, layout of banking room floor, details of various portions of building including elevators, stairways, hardware, bank counters, mail chutes and mailboxes, doors, etc. (2 folders)
Box 3 Tracings - includes details of various portions of building including concession booth, telephone booth, lighting, pneumatic tube stations, kitchen, board room, dining room, elevator cabs, tellers' cages, steel grilles, dumbwaiters, clocks, signs, record cabinet, furniture, etc. (4 folders)
Box 4 Tracings - includes plan, elevation and details of barber shop; elevations and sections of various portions of building; electrical layouts and outlet locations; details of windows, roof, ceilings, trolley wire connection; future squash court layout; proposed tenant storage; furniture layouts for various floors and rooms,; signage, ettering, color diagrams; plan for Trans-Lux Theatre; etc. (7 folders)
Box 5 Tracings - includes floor plans for all floors including basement, furniture plans, designs for desks and tables, assorted signage, rattan furniture layout, board room furniture and decor, layouts for linen chest and silver safe, flagpoles, lettering and signage, and blueprints from Victor V. Clad Co. (kitchen), Curtiss Lighting (show windows and main space lighting), N. Smellenburg & Co. (rugs and carpets), American District Telegraph Co. (fire alarm box), Structural Waterproofing Co. (wall section) (8 folders)
Box 6 Tracings - includes typescript "Architectural Analysis of the Proposed Building for the Philadelphia Savings Fund Society at 12th and Market Streets" (1930), sectional plans and cross-sections for subway [?], street view profiles, structural plans for upper floors (7-17), presentation drawings for 5th and 22nd-32nd floors, sketches for light fixtures and desks, and details for stairs, doors, hall buttons, working spaces. Also includes material from Riggs, Distler & Co. (lavatories) and from Pringle Electrical Mfg. Co. (battery charging station, switchboards, etc.) (7 folders)
Box 7 Tracings - basement plan, sketches for lighting fixtures, rental brochure with color rendering and floor plan, structural and rental for floors 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6 (3 folders)
Box 8 Photographs and articles
Box 9 Book of construction photographs
Box 10 286 Arthur Peck house, Paoli, PA
289 Howe and Lescaze office, Philadelphia
Box 10 Miscellaneous
Oversize 8 Photographs (2 photographs)
295 Museum of Modern Art project, NYC
Box 10 Miscellaneous (2 folders)
Oversize 7 "A Modern Museum" bound folio
297 Philadelphia Saving Fund Society garage, Philadelphia, PA
Box 10 Miscellaneous (5 folders)
Oversize 4 Photographs (4 photographs)
301 Frederick Vanderbilt Field house, New Hartford, CT
Box 11 Miscellaneous, including photographs - photographs, negatives, tracings, blueprints; includes elevations, plans, plumbing and heating plans, framing, topographical details, electrical layouts, and details of closets, stairs, handrails, furniture, windows, lighting fixtures, shelving, etc. (5 folders)
Box 12 Miscellaneous (2 folders)
Oversize 8 Photographs (2 photographs, 1 photograph of rendering)
Oversize 13 Photo panels (1 item)
304 Dartington Hall, headmaster's house (W. B. Curry), South Devon, England
Box 12 Miscellaneous
Tube  Miscellaneous
Oversize 3 Photographs (1 photograph)
Tube  304B Dartington Hall, junior school
307 Trans Lux motion picture theaters, NYC
Box 12 Miscellaneous
Oversize 8 Drawings (1 photograph, 3 renderings)
312 Hessian Hills School, Croton-on-Hudson, NY
Box 12 Miscellaneous
Oversize 8 Photographs (1 photograph)
Box 12 313 Frank Vance Storrs offices
Box 12 314 William Stix Wasserman office, Philadelphia
Oversize 8 316 Hattie Carnegie shop (5 photogaphs)
Box 12 318 Fox motion picture theater
Box 12 320 Pennsylvania Museum of Art children's room, Philadelphia, PA
321 Maurice Wertheim house, Cos Cob, CT
Miscellaneous (3 folders)
Oversize 2 Drawings (3 renderings)
322 Christie-Forsythe housing development, NYC
Box 12 Miscellaneous, including photographs (2 folders)
Box 13 Miscellaneous (5 folders)
Oversize 2 Drawings (1 rendering)
Box 14 323 Dartington Hall offices, South Devon, England
Box 14 335 Psi Upsilon Fraternity Club House, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH
336 River Gardens housing development, NYC
Box 14 Miscellaneous (4 folders)
Oversize 12 Photostat plan enhanced with color
Box 14 339 Dorothy Gray store front, NYC
Box 14 340 Astoria-Queens housing development, NYC (2 folders)
345 Laurel Hill housing development, NYC
Box 15 Miscellaneous (3 folders)
Oversize 8 Drawings (3 renderings)
346 Churston Estate housing development, Devon, England
Box 15 Miscellaneous (2 folders)
Box 16 Miscellaneous (5 folders)
Box 17 Miscellaneous, including photographs (6 folders)
Tube  Miscellaneous
Oversize 1 Drawings (1 rendering)
Oversize 1 Photographs (1 photograph)
347 Dartington Hall boarding school, South Devon, England
Box 18 Miscellaneous (2 folders)
Oversize 3 Photographs (1 photograph)
Box 18 355 Dartington Hall, nursery school (2 folders)
356 Dartington Hall, gymnasium
Box 18 Miscellaneous, including photographs (2 folders)
Box 19 Miscellaneous (2 folders)
Oversize 1 Drawing (1 rendering)
357 Dartington Hall offices and laboratory
Box 19 Miscellaneous (2 folders)
Tube  Miscellaneous
Oversize 3 Photographs (1 photograph)
Box 19 358 Dartington Hall piggery
360 Roy F. Spreter house and garage/studio, Ardmore, PA
Box 20 Miscellaneous (5 folders)
Oversize 3 Miscellaneous (1 drawing, 1 photograph, 1 photo rendering)
361 Dr. G. W. Hartmann house, State College, PA
Box 20 Miscellaneous
Oversize 2 Drawing (1 rendering)
Box 20 364 Children's Haven hospital, NYC
Box 20 366 Wilbour Library alterations, Brooklyn
369 Dartington Hall, cottages, South Devon, England
Box 20 Miscellaneous
Tube  Miscellaneous
Box 20 375 Dartington Hall, theater (2 folders)
Box 21 377 Queensbridge housing development, NYC
379 Raymond C. Kramer town house, 32 East 74th, NYC
Tube 1 Drawings
Box 21 Miscellaneous (3 folders)
Box 22 Miscellaneous, including photographs (5 folders)
Oversize 3 Photographs (2 photographs)
Box 22 380 William Kay Wallace country house, Bedford Village, NY
Box 22 381 Editorial Publications office alterations, NYC
386 Brooklyn Children's Museum, NYC
Box 22 Miscellaneous
Oversize 8 Drawings (1 rendering)
Tube  Miscellaneous
Box 22 387 Metropolitan Museum of Art - American Industrial Art Exhibition, NYC
388 Williamsburg (Ten Eyck) housing project, NYC
Box 23 Miscellaneous
Oversize 11 Project book, bound - contains photographs, plans, descriptions, etc.
Oversize 11 Miscellaneous (1 rendering, 1 photograph)
Tube  391 Brooklyn Museum, auditorium, NYC
Box 23 393 Dartington Hall. Jooss residence, South Devon, England
Box 23 396 Mrs. Benjamin J. Buttenweiser town house, 17 East 73rd, NYC
397 Unity House camp, Bushkill, PA
See also Scrapbooks, Oversize 14.
Box 23 Miscellaneous (I) - blueprints, including bar layout, main building, refrigerator details, electrical and plumbing plans, sewage disposal, kitchen ventilation
Box 23 Miscellaneous (II) - blueprints, plans and sketches; includes plan for building A, front and rear elevations, sketch of exterior, and details for sewage disposal, stairs, lounge fireplace, piano hinge, "toilet room", telephone booths
Box 23 Miscellaneous (III) - includes contour map, survey, outdoor landscaping and tree positions, layouts A and B, tennis courts survey, mechanic plot, etc.
Box 24 Photo album 1935 - progress photos of Unity House
Box 24 Miscellaneous (I) - includes photographs of interior (fireplace, chairs, tables, stairwell, hallway, bar, dining hall, dormitory, etc.) and exterior (cottage, pavilion, entrance sign, etc.); photos taken during construction; a few negatives and black prints; articles from Architectural Record (1936) and New York Times (1965); sketches of tea room, dining room, lounge, deck
Portfolio of Special Building Types (185-193)
Box 24 Miscellaneous (II) - includes plans for toilet room building, alterations to social hall, 8-room cottages (several different schemes); sketches of tennis courts, cottage plot plan, door details, shelving;
Box 24 Miscellaneous (III) - includes plans and elevations for Building #1 and dormitory, sketches of Building #1, room layouts, details of stair railing, windows, mirrors, shelves
Box 24 Miscellaneous (IV) - material relating to Building A including survey of new roads, "1-0" and "1/8-0" sections, roof/floor/foundation, elevations, and details of casement windows, lounge fireplace, light trough, sliding doors, etc.
Oversize 8 Photographs - dining room (1 item)
398 CBS Theater, West 45th Street, NYC
Box 24 Miscellaneous
Oversize 5 Photographs
Box 24 402 Cocktail shaker design (2 folders)
Box 25 405 CBS Studios, 485 Madison Avenue, NYC
Box 25 406 Brunswick-Balke-Collender billiard tables (2 folders)
Box 25 407 Vincent K. Cates house, Melrose, MA
Box 25 408 J. Walter Thompson office for Ruth Waldo, NYC
Box 25 409 Howard Froelich house, NYC
Box 25 410 CBS little theater, NYC
Box 25 411 Silvray lamps
Box 25 417 CBS display room, NYC
Box 25 418 CBS miscellaneous accessories, NYC
419 Ansonia High School, Ansonia, CT
Box 25 Miscellaneous
Box 26 Miscellaneous (8 folders)
Box 27 Miscellaneous, including photographs (4 folders)
Oversize 3 Photographs (19 photographs)
Tube  Miscellaneous
Box 28 426 CBS Studios, NYC (3 folders)
Tracings: floor plans for 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 and tower; elevations N, S and W
Rough drafts and sketches for several schemes (uncounted)
Blueprints for Scheme 30 (9 pg. dated 12/15/1935, includes 1st fl, 1st fl mezzanine, 1st fl deck, 2nd fl mezzanine, promenade roof, typical office floor 2d-5th, street elevation, avenue elevation), Scheme 33 (8 pg. dated 2/16/1936, includes summary, 1st fl, 2d fl, 2d fl mezzanine, 4th fl, 6th fl, 7-12th fl), and Scheme 39 (8 pg. dated 7/13/1936, includes stores, 2d fl, 3d fl, 4th fl, 4th fl mezzanine, typical office floor, elevation)
Unlabeled prints, some damaged (31 items)
Items from other jobs, including 110 E. 59th St (photostat copy, 1 item), Liederkranz Hall, 115 E. 58th St. (6 tracings), and an apartment house at 485 Park Ave (4 drawings and 3 photostats)
431 CBS microphones, NYC
See also 751 CBS microphones.
Box 28 Miscellaneous (2 folders)
Oversize 5 Scrapbook
Box 28 432 Lloyd Good and William Butler weekend houses, Harvey Cedars, NJ
Box 28 434 Purdue University small house, Purdue, IN
440 Magnolia Petroleum exposition building, Dallas, Texas
Box 28 Miscellaneous
Oversize 3 Drawings (1 rendering)
Box 28 443 CBS Studio #7, NYC - tracings and blueprints; includes rough sketch, preliminary floor layouts and elevations, floor plan and details for new studio radio station WABC, and details for lettering on studio floor, air conditioning and electrical, control desk speaker bafle, etc..
Box 29 444 CBS elevator study, NYC
Box 29 450 Churston Development hotel, Devon, England (2 folders)
451 Churston Development hotel, second batch houses
Box 29 Miscellaneous (2 folders)
Tube  Miscellaneous
Box 30 454 Churston Development hotel, third batch houses
Box 30 455 Churston Development hotel, fourth batch houses (3 folders)
501 CBS-WBBM Studios, Chicago
Box 30 Miscellaneous (3 folders)
Oversize 5 Photographs
Box 30 507 Frederick V. Field apartment, NYC
509 Frederick S. Dunn house, Woodbridge, CT
Box 31 Miscellaneous (3 folders)
Oversize 2 Photographs (1 photograph)
Box 31 512 John Gustavson house, Harvey Cedars, NJ
Box 31 514 Frederick V. Field house addition, Hartford, CT (2 folders)
rough sketches, tracings for Schemes 1-4, plans and elevations, electrical layout, blueprint for bedroom, survey on linen
515 CBS Hollywood Studios
Box 31 Miscellaneous
Oversize 5 Miscellaneous - Photographs, drawings, renderings, elevations, photographs of models, more
Oversize 17 "First drawings" (1 rendering)
Tube  Miscellaneous
516 J. Walter Thompson offices, NYC
Box 31 Miscellaneous
Oversize 2 Miscellaneous (5 photographs, 1 rendering)
517 Alfred Loomis house, Tuxedo Park, NY
Box 32 Miscellaneous - several dozen photographs of interior and exterior; few nagatives; drawing of exterior; sketch of lighting fixture for bathroom; blueprint; detail sketches of lamp, desk, clock; clipping from magazine of diagram of house
Oversize 8 Photographs (4 photographs)
518 Time, Inc. offices, NYC
Box 32 Miscellaneous
Oversize 2 Miscellaneous (3 photographs, 1 rendering)
Box 32 519 Bernard Rogers house, Rochester, NY
Box 32 520 W. H. Fain [Williams] house
523 Kimble Glass office building, Vineland, NJ
Box 32 Miscellaneous
Oversize 8 Photographs (4 photographs)
Box 32 531 CBS San Francisco Studios
532 Frederick V. Nash country house, Minneapolis, MN
Box 32 Miscellaneous - photographs of Nash property (1936), exterior of house in progress near completion (1937)
Oversize 1 Drawings (1 rendering)
Box 32 542 Howard Markel country house, Redding, CT
Box 32 545 Mrs. Mali playroom, NYC
548 Kimble Glass superintendent's offices, Vineland, NJ
Box 32 Miscellaneous
Oversize 8 Photographs (12 photographs)
549-570 CBS Studios, San Francisco and NYC
Box 32 Miscellaneous, including photographs
Box 33 Miscellaneous
582 Aviation Building, World's Fair, NYC
Box 33 Miscellaneous
Oversize 8 Photograph
Tube  Miscellaneous
584 Libby-Owen-Ford Building, World's Fair, NYC
Box 33 Miscellaneous
Oversize 8 Photograph (1 photograph of model)
Box 33 586 Garage at Queensborough Bridge, NYC
588 Garret A. Hobart III house, Tuxedo Park, NY
Box 33 Miscellaneous - sketches, tracings, blueprints, memorabilia, photographs and negatives (3 folders)
Rough sketches (27 items) - site, layout, furniture, etc.
Numbered tracings (approximately 60 items) - plans, survey, elevations, plot plans, longitudinal sections, door schedule, kitchen layout, furniture layouts for all rooms, planting and paving plan, mechanicals for all floors, and details for shelving, windows, mirrors, lighting fixtures, bathrooms, skylight, fireplace, studio, railings, closets, etc.
Blueprints (2 items)
Memorabilia (3 items)
Photographs and negatives of interior, exterior, and construction
Oversize 17 Miscellaneous (1 plan, 1 photograph)
597 Swiss Pavilion, World's Fair, NYC
Box 34 Miscellaneous
Oversize 8 Photographs (1 photograph)
Box 34 598 Goucher College competition, Baltimore
Box 34 600 CBS-WCAU auditorium alteration, Philadelphia, PA
602 Lescaze House, 211 East 48th, NYC
Box 34 Miscellaneous (2 folders)
Oversize 2 Photographs (2 items)
Oversize 13 Photo panels (3 items)
Oversize 17 Drawings (1 rendering)
604 Frederick S. Dunn cottage, Woodbridge, CT
Box 34 Miscellaneous
Oversize 9 Photographs (4 items)
Box 34 606 Stacy May cottage, Martha's Vineyard, MA
Box 34 614B Benjamin J. Buttenwieser alteration, Bedford, NY
Tube  617A Cherry Lawn School alteration, Darien CT
Tube  617B Cherry Lawn School boy's dormitory
619 Longfellow Building, Washington, DC
Box 35 Miscellaneous, including photographs (2 folders)
Box 36 Miscellaneous (5 folders)
Oversize 9 Photographs (2 items)
Oversize 13 Photo panels (2 items)
Tube  Miscellaneous
Box 36 622 Harold Spivacke house, Washington, DC
Box 36 623 Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibition, NYC
628 Edward A. Norman house, 124 East 70th, NYC
Box 36 Miscellaneous (3 folders)
Box 37 Miscellaneous,s including photographs (2 folders)
Oversize 1 Photographs (2 folders)
Box 37 630 Mrs. George Crawford guest house, Greenwich, CT (2 folders)
Box 37 634 Garret A. Hobart III alterations, Paterson, NJ
Box 37 639 Apartment house lobby alterations, Washington, DC
643 Chelsea houses, NYC
See also 749 Elliot Houses alterations.
Box 37 Miscellaneous
Oversize 2 Drawing (1 site plan)
Tube  643A Mrs. Joseph Barnes alterations, NYC
Box 37 648 Maurice Stone bedroom, NYC
Box 37 658 Frederick V. Field guest house, New Hartford, CT - photographs (12 items)
Box 37 673 Benjamin J. Buttenwieser child's bedroom, NYC
680 Woods End defense housing, Roselle, NJ
Tube  Miscellaneous
Oversize 9 Photographs (2 items)
Box 37 684 WLW Studios, Cincinnati, OH (2 folders)
Box 37 686 Dorie-Miller East Harlem Housing Project, NYC
Box 37 688 Pass & Seymour lighting fixture designs, Syracuse, NY
Box 37 692 Monsanto Chemical Company designs in plastic, NYC
Box 37 694 The Kawneer Company consulting, Miles, MI
Box 37 695 Architectural Forum design for filling station, NYC
Box 37 700 Spelman Prentice farmhouse alterations, Wheelock, VT
Box 37 704 J. Walter Thompson office layout, NYC
Tube  706 CBS Theater #4, West 53rd St, NYC - sketches and drawings, including balcony and auditorium plans, structural and lettering details, framing, flagpole, room layout, etc.; includes items from Columbia Broadcasting Company (control room details), Chapman Metal Products (Kal work), Harold Ryan Inc., Air Conditioning, Pan American Iron Works, Inc. (details of pipe railings), and C.E. Halback and Co. (mixer console panels)
Box 37 713 Emerson Radio Cabinet design, NYC
717 HOPE Windows, Inc., Jamestown NY
Box 37 Miscellaneous
Oversize 16 Research report, bound - clippings, blueprints, plans, etc.
Box 38 719 Pittsburg Plate Glass commercial, Pittsburgh, PA
723 Cherry Lawn School, Darien, CT
Box 38 Miscellaneous
Tube  Miscellaneous
Tube  725 Parking terminal, Boston
Oversize 12 731 WOR building sign, NYC (4 renderings)
738 Johnson & Johnson research building, New Brunswick, NJ
Box 38 Miscellaneous
Tube  Miscellaneous
Box 38 740 City for children planning study, East Harlem
749 Elliot Houses alterations
See also 643 Chelsea houses, NYC.
Box 38 Miscellaneous
Tube  Miscellaneous
Box 38 751 CBS microphones, NYC (2 folders)
See also 431 CBS microphones.
Box 38 759 Scarsdale Recreation Survey, Scarsdale, NY
760 Crosset Health Center, Crosset, AR
Box 39 Miscellaneous (2 folders)
Tube  Miscellaneous
Box 39 761 Chicopee Sales Corporation offices, NYC
Oversize 9 763 City Athletic Club addition, NYC (6 photographs)
767 (Dr. Frank) Calderone Theatre, Hempstead (Long Island), NY
Box 39 Miscellaneous
Tube  Miscellaneous
Box 39 771 William Brown Meloney alteration at Sutton Square, NYC 1923 - includes items from first WL commission (2 folders)
See also 131 Simeon Ford House, 2 Sutton Square, NYC.
Tube  777 Radio station, Reykjavik, Iceland
Box 39 779 CBS Mobile unit, NYC (2 folders)
Box 40 780 Alfred Loomis House, Easthampton, NY
Box 40 785 Elementary School Norwood, NJ
786 City & Municipal Courts Building, NYC
See also 1000 City and Municipal Courts Building, NYC .
Box 40 Miscellaneous (4 folders)
Tube  Miscellaneous
787 Public School 14, Richmond (Staten Island) NY
Box 40 Miscellaneous
Tube  Miscellaneous
Box 40 789 Crown Central Petroleum Corporation filling station, Baltimore
791 Jerome Crowley house, South Bend, IN
Tube  Miscellaneous
Oversize 9 Photographs (4 items)
800 NY Housing Trust prefab research, NYC
Box 41 Miscellaneous
Oversize 9 Drawings (3 chalk (?) renderings)
801 Reliance Steel Corporation prefab houses, Pittsburgh, PA
Box 41 Miscellaneous
Oversize 9 Photographs (1 negative)
810 Sherwin S. Levey house, Candlewood Lake, CT
Box 41 Miscellaneous
Tube  Miscellaneous
Oversize 9 Photograph (1 item)
Tube  813 Belmont Hill School additions, Belmont, MA
Box 41 831 UNIWALL research, second stage
Box 41 832 Frederick V. Field house alterations, NYC
Box 41 844 Sydenham Hospital addition, NYC
849A Harbor Homes housing development, Port Washington (Long Island), NY
Box 42 Miscellaneous
Tube  Miscellaneous
849B Spinney Hill Homes, Manhasset, NY
Box 42 Miscellaneous
Oversize 9 Photographs (4 items)
Box 42 862 Durisol, Inc., house, Aberdeen, MD
Box 42 873 Dune Deck Hotel
874 Sydney Kaye house, Cornwall Bridge, CT
Box 42 Miscellaneous
Tube  Miscellaneous
Oversize 9 Photographs (10 items)
Box 43 896 J. Walter Thompson office for Ruth Waldo, NYC
Tube  899 Webb & Knapp alterations, NYC
Box 43 900 State Building Code Commission
Box 43 917 Republic Steel penthouse, Cleveland, OH
Box 43 928 Sculptors Guild exhibition, NYC 1952
Box 43 930 Porcelain Enamel Institute research (4 folders)
931 Webb & Knapp addition, NYC
Box 43 Miscellaneous
Tube  Miscellaneous
Box 44 937 India Exchange, Ltd. Calcutta
Box 44 941 Cinerama Theater alterations, NYC
Box 44 942 Sutton House apartments, NYC
951 711 Third Avenue, NYC
Box 44 Miscellaneous (2 folders)
Oversize 9 Photographs (5 photographs, including 3 of mural by Hans Hyman)
Oversize 9 962 Government of India tourist information office, 11 East 58th NYC - (2 photographs)
980 School of Industrial Art, NYC
Box 44 Miscellaneous
Tube  Miscellaneous
985 Salamanca Housing Project, Salamanca, NY
Box 44 Miscellaneous
Tube  Miscellaneous
Oversize 12 Drawings (3 renderings)
1000 City and Municipal Courts Building, NYC
See also 786 City & Municipal Courts Building, NYC.
Box 45 Miscellaneous (2 folders)
Tube  Miscellaneous
Oversize 6 Project files and photographs - 1 set of project files (plans, renderings, descriptions), 2 portfolios of photographs
Oversize 12 Miscellaneous - 1 rendering, 1 photograph, 2 folios of preliminary documents and blueprints
1009 Manhattanville Houses, NYC
Box 46 Miscellaneous (2 folders)
Tube  Miscellaneous
Box 46 1014 U.S. Mission to the U.N. office layouts, NYC
Box 46 1015 Plainview Jewish Community Center, Long Island NY
Box 46 1017 CBS, 18th floor lobby, NYC
1025 Borg-Warner Building, Chicago
Box 46 Miscellaneous
Tube  Miscellaneous
Oversize 12 Printed advertising piece
Box 46 1045 Dune Deck Hotel, Westhampton Beach, NY
Box 46 1050 2 Broadway Building, NYC
1057 Swiss Embassy Chancellery Building, Washington, DC
Box 47 Miscellaneous (2 folders)
Oversize 2 Drawings (6 floor plans)
Oversize 10 1064 111 Pine Street, San Francisco - brochure, 1 photograph of rendering
1072 30 West Broadway, NYC
Box 47 Miscellaneous
Tube  Miscellaneous
Box 47 1083 Jerome Crowley house alterations, South Bend, IN (2 folders)
Box 47 1086 Benjamin J. Buttenweiser apartment, 450 East 52nd St., NYC
Box 47 1092 Swiss Embassy interiors, Washington, DC
Tube  1100 Manhasset housing project, Manhasset, NY
1101 200 East 58th apartments, NYC
Box 47 Miscellaneous
Tube  Miscellaneous
Box 47 1107 Mayfair Theatre, 47th St. & 7th Avenue, NYC
Box 47 1108 Brotherhood-In-Action House, 40th St. & 7th Avenue, NYC
Box 48 1116 250 Greenwich Avenue, NYC
Box 48 1120 Shore Club Towers, Detroit, MI
1121 Churchill apartment house, Los Angeles, CA
Box 48 Miscellaneous
Tube  Miscellaneous
1125 245 Park Avenue, NYC
Box 48 Miscellaneous
Tube  Miscellaneous
Oversize 10 Photographs (9 photographs of model)
Box 48 1135 Lawrence Buttenweiser apartment, 5th Avenue & 89th St, NYC
Box 48 1136 Monterey Tower limited dividend housing, 180th St. & Monterey Avenue, Bronx
1140 10 East 70th Street, NYC - possibly motel/apartment house
Box 48 Miscellaneous
Oversize 10 Photographs (4 photographs of model)
1160 Washington Street Market project, NYC
Tube  Miscellaneous
Oversize 10 Photographs (4 photographs of model)
Box 48 1161 74 West 92nd apartments, NYC
1183 Methodist Church Center, East 44th St, NYC
Box 48 Miscellaneous
Tube  Miscellaneous
1185 300 East 42nd Building, NYC
Box 48 Miscellaneous
Tube  Miscellaneous
Oversize 10 Drawings (2 renderings, 2 photographs of renderings)
1194 777 Third Avenue Building, NYC
Box 48 Miscellaneous
Box 49 Miscellaneous, including photographs (2 folders)
Tube  Miscellaneous
Oversize 11 Project book, photographs - 3 photographs, bound project book with photographs, plans, descriptions, etc., and 1 small box slides
1195 First National City Bank World's Fair exhibition building, NYC
Box 49 Miscellaneous - includes site plan, floor plans, planting plan, interior elevations, sections, finish schedules, furniture plan, and details for windows, metalwork, teller's counter, exterior door/window, assorted signage
Tube  Miscellaneous
Box 49 1204 59th St. & Madison Avenue Office Building, NYC
Box 49 1222 Speed-Park garage study
Box 49 1224 Stern's Department Store alteration, NYC
1225 Goldwater Memorial Hospital auditorium and chapels, NYC
Box 49 Miscellaneous
Tube  Miscellaneous
Oversize 10 Project book - plans, renderings, descriptions, etc.
Tube  1229 979 Third Avenue Rothschild showroom and offices, NYC
Box 49 1241 200 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago
Tube  1242 110 East 59th, NYC
Tube  1249 905 Third Avenue, Post Office Building, NYC
1263 Stratford Tower apartments, NYC
Box 49 Miscellaneous
Tube  Miscellaneous
Tube  1265 345 Park Avenue/580 Lexington Avenue, NYC
Tube  1271 Hotel converted to apartments, Detroit, MI
1282 Downstate Medical Center Garage, Brooklyn
Box 50 Miscellaneous (2 folders)
Tube  Miscellaneous
1284 Chatham Plaza Center, Pittsburgh
Box 50 Miscellaneous
Tube  Miscellaneous
Oversize 10 Miscellaneous (1 photograph, 1 rendering)
Box 50 1285 Washington Market commercial, warehouse and industrial buildings, NYC
See also 1160 Washington Street Market project, NYC.
Tube  1300 Junior High School #24, Richmond (Staten Island), NY
Tube  1305 Post Office, Hicksville (Long Island), NY
Box 50 1306 1 New York Plaza
1318 Metro North housing project, East Harlem
Box 50 Miscellaneous
Tube  Miscellaneous
1325 Creedmoor Hospital rehabilitation center, Queens, NY
Box 51 Miscellaneous
Tube  Miscellaneous
1330 1 Oliver Plaza (Oliver Tyrone Building), Pittsburgh
Tube 1330-A Miscellaneous - includes garage level plans, office building plans, interior and exterior elevations, first floor plans with exit stairs, 13th floor machine room, ductwork, landscape drawings, grading study, restaurant study scheme, miscellaneous sketches, exterior perspective, 6th Ave. entrance, and details of lobby wall finish, luminous ceiling, parapet, etc.
Tube 1330-B Miscellaneous - includes garage level plans, plans and "core plans" for 1st through 38th floors, 13th floor mechanical, roof plan and sections, sections and details for stairs and truck bay, wall sections and details for roof and bulokhead wall, garage/entrance ramp section, and details for curtain wall, louvers, storefront, elevator, toilets, elevator lobby floor, and "moving stairs"
Tube 1330-C Miscellaneous - includes master list of plans with drawing numbers, site plan, plans for garage level (all three floors and ramp), plans and core plans for 1st through 38th floors, 13th floor mechanical room, exterior elevations (including stonework), and details for lobby, interior columns, stairs, "moving stairs", elevators, plaza, truck bay, curtain wall, storefront, ironwork and toilets
Oversize 10 Miscellaneous (2 photographs of model, 1 rendering)
Scale model
1360 110 East 59th Street, NYC
Box 51 Miscellaneous (3 folders)
Tube  Miscellaneous
Box 51 1363 NYSE site study, NYC
Tube  1376 1 Oliver Plaza (Oliver Tyrone Building) revisions, Pittsburgh
Box 51 1388 Chase Manhattan Bank canopies, NYC
Box 51 1411 2 New York Plaza, Broad & South Sts, NYC
Tube  1422 Garage roof, Albany, NY
Box 51 1477 1155 Raymond Avenue Building, Newark, NJ
Box 51 1452 1 New York Plaza alterations, NYC
Box 52 Slides and photographic negatives
Box 53 Slides and photographic negatives
Box 54 Slides and photographic negatives
Architectural career
Box 55 Joblist
Box 55 Miscellaneous
Box 55 Schools
Biographical material
Box 55 Sketches and chronologies
Box 55 Coate, Robert "Profiles" The New Yorker Dec. 12, 1936
Box 55 Resumes
Box 55 Exhibitions
Box 55 Lectures and radio broadcasts
Box 55 Memberships registration and appointments
Box 55 Published on or by Lescaze and his work
Box 55 Works executed
Box 55 A - E
Box 56 F - Z
Box 56 Albers, Jose F
Box 56 American Institution of Architects
Box 56 Architectural Forum
Box 56 Architectural League of New York
Box 56 Architectural Press
Box 57 Architectural Record
Box 57 Architectural Review
Box 57 Architecture and design
Box 57 Architecture forms and functions
Box 57 Ballardie, Thompson and Matthews
Box 57 Beline, Arthur S (commissioner)
Box 57 Binet, Jean
Box 57 Board of Standards and Planning for the Living Theatre
Box 57 Building Research Advisory Board
Box 57 Cincinnati Art Museum
Box 57 Citizens Housing and Planning Council
Box 57 Clauss, Alfred
Box 57 Columbia University
Box 57 Connecticut Library Association
Box 57 Cooper Union, Student Association of the Institute of Architects
Box 57 Cummings, George Bain
Box 57 Dumper, Henry A
Box 57 Empire State Architect
Box 57 Exhibitions (2 folders)
Box 58 Harvard Graduate School of Design
Box 58 Hecksher, August
Box 58 High School of Music and Art, New York City
Box 58 Howe, George
Box 58 Le Corbusier
Lescaze, Mary (Mrs. William)
Box 58 1921-1938, 1940s, 1950s (7 folders)
Box 58 NY 1930s?
Box 58 Luhan, Mabel Dodge - by and about
Box 58 Moser, Werner M
Box 58 Mumford, Lewis
Box 58 Museum of Modern Art
Box 59 New Helvetic Society 1948-1949
Box 59 New Republic
Box 59 New York City Federation of Women's Clubs
Box 59 New York State Building Code Commission
Box 59 New York University
Box 59 Norman, Dorothy (Mrs. Edward Dorman)
Box 59 Pasmore, Victor - by and about
Box 59 Pepper, Beverly (Mrs. William)
Box 59 Philadelphia Savings and Fund Society
Box 59 Plus
Box 59 Progressive Education Association
Box 59 Princeton University
Box 59 G. P. Putnam & Sons and others 1938-1956 - regarding monograph by WL on being an architect (2 folders)
Box 59 Radio Daily
Box 59 Santacilia, Carlos Obregon
Box 59 Savings Bank Journal
Box 59 School of Industrial Art, New York City
Box 59 Serrand, Gabriel
Box 59 Shelter
Box 59 Soulages, Pierre
Box 59 Syracuse University
Box 59 TASK
Box 59 United States, Office of War Information
Box 59 University of Florida
Box 59 WNYC, Educational Institute of the Air
Box 59 WQXR
Box 59 Western Arts Association
Box 59 Wells College
Box 60 Wingert, Paul S.
Box 60 Worcester Art Museum
Box 60 Yale University Press
Box 60 Unidentified
Box 60 Letters to the editor, New York Times and others
Box 60 by George Howe of Mellor, Meigs & Howe (PSFS) 1923
Box 60 by George Howe? Mellor, Meigs & Howe, Stokowski 1926
Box 60 by Howe & Lescaze for Arts & Decoration Aug 1934
Box 60 by William Lescaze and others
Box 60 by William Lescaze
Box 60 by unidentified
Industrial design
Box 60 Ashtray, cigarette cases, salt & pepper shaker
Box 60 Furniture, not used
Box 60 Furniture and miscellaneous
Box 61 Lamp fixtures, Kootz
Box 61 Radiators 1938
Box 61 Miscellaneous
Box 61 Etching, "Lord Algernon" for Pierre Girard undated
Gift of Dwight Lanmon, 2013.
Box 61 Etching, "With Best Wishes for a Happy New Year" undated
Box 61 Sketches undated - pencil; pen and ink
Legal and financial
Box 61 Analysis of costs to owners and architects 1939-1940
Box 61 Mary Lescaze 1956, 1961 - passport and International Drivers License
Box 61 Certificates
Box 61 Contract with G. P. Putnam & Sons for How to be an architect 4 Feb 1941
Box 61 Lease Oct. 1, 1932 - Sept.30, 1933
Box 61 Military Service Record, Switzerland 1914
Box 61 Naturalization papers March 18, 1929
Box 61 Passport, driver's permits 1937-1938, 1956, 1961
Box 61 Transportation identification card 1935
Box 61 Memorandum of facts in connection with auction sale of 21 Sutton Place Dec. 15, 1924
Oversize 7 Certificates, awards, other documents, in portfolio
Box 61 Christmas cards
See Scrapbooks.
Box 61 Clipping and notes from trip 1962
Box 61 Samuel A. Crozer Residence, Philadelphia, PA, by Howe before 1929
Box 61 L. Hoden Residence, Bryn Mawr, PA, by G. Howe
Box 61 Philadelphia Savings Fund Society, by Howe circa 1923
Box 61 2 Sutton Place, NY 1923, 1928
Box 61 Architecture by WL?
Box 61 Drawings from "renderings" scrapbook (2 folders)
Box 61 Artworks by WL
Box 61 Industrial design photographs from scrapbook
Box 62 Howe, George
Box 62 Lescaze, Mary
Box 62 Lescaze, William
Box 62 Lescaze, William and others
Box 62 Lescaze, William and Mary (in studio?), artwork and other individuals
Box 62 McCormick, Walter
Box 62 Sculptures by others
Box 62 Printed material - exhibition and exposition catalogues and announcements
Printed material
Box 62 by Lescaze (3 folders)
Box 62 On being an architect by WL
Box 62 The intent of the artist by Sherwood Anderson (2 copies)
Box 62 The intent of the artist by Thornton Wilder
Box 62 The intent of the artist by Roger Sessions
Box 62 The intent of the artist by William Lescaze
Box 62 About Lescaze, On being an architect
Box 62 About Lescaze (5 folders)
Box 62 The story of our time (Encyclopedia yearbook)
Box 62 Art and the machine by Sheldon and Martha Cheney
Box 62 Tomorrow's house by Nelson Wright
Box 63 "The new world architecture" by Sheldon Cheney
Box 63 The role of William Lescaze in the introduction of the international style to the United States, by Lanmon 1979 - dissertation, University of Delaware
Box 63 New York's Turtle Bay: old and new by Delaney
Oversize 14 Clippings - includes Unity House, other jobs
Oversize 15 Clippings
Oversize 16 Clippings
Architectural works
For many of these projects there is also material -- drawings, blueprints, and other material -- in the first series in the collection ("Individual commissions"). This material is arranged by project number. Refer to the Alphabetical index of projects at the end of this finding aid to locate this material.
Box 63 Ansonia High School
Box 63 Aviation Building
Box 63 Bernhard Residence
Box 63 Butler House
Box 63 Buttenwieser
Box 63 Calderone Theater
Box 63 Candlewood Lake
Box 63 CBS (2 folders)
Box 63 Cates House
Box 63 Cinerama
Box 63 City and Municipal Courts Building
Box 63 Crawford House
Box 63 Crossett House
Box 63 Curry House
Box 63 Dartington Hall
Box 63 Dune Hotel
Box 63 Dunn
Box 63 Fenestra
Box 63 Field House
Box 63 Goucher College
Box 63 Harbor House
Box 63 Henderson Theater
Box 63 Hessian Hills
Box 63 Hobart House
Box 63 Kramer House
Box 63 Lescazes Homes
Box 63 Levey House
Box 63 Loomis House
Box 63 Mali Playroom
Box 63 Manhattanville Houses
Box 63 Museum of Modern Art
Box 63 Norman House
Box 63 Norwood School
Box 63 Oak Lane Country Day
Box 63 Philadelphia Savings Fund Society (6 folders)
Box 63 Prefabricated Houses
Box 63 Spinny Hills
Box 63 Stowkowski Apartment
Box 63 Swiss Embassy
Box 63 Swiss Pavilion
Box 63 J. W. Thompson Company
Box 63 Unity House
Box 63 Wilbour Library
Box 63 Williams C. D.
Box 63 Williamsburg Houses
Box 63 Woods End Apartment
Box 63 No. 2 Broadway
Box 63 No. 30 West Broadway
Box 63 No. 300 East 42nd Street
Box 63 No. 711 Third Avenue
Box 63 No. 777 Third Avenue
Box 64 On architecture 1937, undate (2 items)
Box 64 On architecture 1937-1954
On being an architect
Box 64 Research material and photographs
Box 64 Manuscript, typescript
Box 64 Manuscript, typescript 1941-1942
Box 64 Early version? partial
Box 64 Book reviews 1943, 1949
Box 64 Book reviews by WL with correspondence
Box 65 1928-1932
Box 65 1934-1935
Box 65 1934-1938 (Lescaze?)
Box 65 1936-1937
Box 65 1939-1964 (Lescaze?)
Box 65 1938-1939
Box 65 1940-1943
Box 65 1945
Box 65 1951-1963
Box 65 Correspondence
Box 65 Slides
Box 65 Miscellaneous material
Box 65 Lescaze(?) notebook with sketches circa 1918
Box 65 Lescaze and N.B. Brainerd / Wealth or the thrift of the city plan 1921 - playPhotoplay scenario TMS
Box 65 Radio interviews 1938-1954
Box 65 Notes, lecture 1932-1969 - includes clippings and excerpts from others
Box 65 Unidentified
Box 65 Notes, miscellaneous 1920?-1968, undated
Box 66 Smith, L.W. / Art or Insanity - which? 1933
Box 66 Wingert, Paul S. / William Lescaze: Modern American Architect
Box 66 About Lescaze
Box 66 By others - quotes and notes
Box 66 Miscellaneous (2 folders)

Alphabetical index of projects

The index below lists all projects alphabetically, followed by their corresponding project number(s). Those with no number may be found in the inventory above, in the section entitled "Individual commissions : Unnumbered projects."