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Granville Hicks Papers

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Overview of the Collection

Creator: Hicks, Granville, 1901-1982
Title: Granville Hicks Papers
Dates: 1906-1980
Quantity: 75 linear ft.
Abstract: Papers of the American author, lecturer, novelist, and literary critic. Correspondence, 1929-80, with Harriette Arnow, Newton Arvin, Van Wyck Brooks, Baker Bromell, Malcolm Cowley, Robert Cantwell, Robert Gorham Davis, Henry Christman, George Cole, James T. Farrell, Joseph Freeman, Herbert Gold, Corliss Lamont, Lucy Robbins Lang, John Lydenburg, Georgia McKinley, Fulmer Mood, Walter Ripton Morris, Wright Morris, Richard Rovere, Evelyn Scott, Lincoln Steffins, and Ella Winter, among others. Also correspondence and editorial reader's reports for Macmillan Publishing Company. Writings include articles, book manuscripts, a journal (1942-1973), lectures, as well as research notes, correspondence, and memorabilia relating to the production of Hicks' biography of John Reed. Large collection of printed material includes book reviews, clippings, and an assortment of Leftist pamphlets and periodicals from the 1930s.
Language: Majority in English, a few scattered items in Spanish, German and Russian
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

Granville Hicks (1901-1982) was an American Marxist and later anti-Marxist novelist, literary critic, educator, and editor.

Born September 9, 1901, in Exeter, NH, to Frank Stevens and Carrie Weston (Horne) Hicks, Granville Hicks earned his bachelor's degree at Harvard University in 1923, and a Master's in 1929. He also studied for two years at Harvard Theological School. In 1925 he married Dorothy Dyer, with whom he had a daughter, Stephanie.

From 1925-1928 Hicks taught at Smith College in Northampton, MA as an instructor in biblical literature. He was an assistant professor of English at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (1929-35) and a counselor in American civilization at Harvard (1938-39). For three years (1955-1958) he taught novel writing at the New School for Social Research in New York. He was a visiting professor at New York University (1959), Syracuse University (1960), and Ohio University (1967-68). He was the director of the Yaddo artists' community beginning in 1942 and later served as its acting executive director. For 35 years (1930-1965) he was the literary advisor to Macmillan Publishers.

Hicks was a highly influential Marxist literary critic during the 1930s, well-known for his involvement in a number of celebrated causes (including his well-publicized resignation from the Communist Party in 1939). He established his reputation as an important literary critic with the 1933 publication of The Great Tradition: An Interpretation of American Literature since the Civil War, a systematic history of American literature from a Marxist perspective. In 1932 he voted for the Communist Party ticket and joined almost all the significant Communist party front groups of the 1930s. In 1934 Hicks joined the Communist Party itself and became editor of its cultural magazine The New Masses.

In 1935 Hicks was let go from his teaching position at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, a dismissal he claimed was politically motivated although school officials denied this. He continued to teach at various institutions but devoted more and more of his time to writing. In 1936 Hicks was asked to co-write John Reed: The Making of a Revolutionary, a biography of the radical journalist and author of Ten Days that Shook the World. Communist Party chairman Earl Browder pressured Hicks to remove several passages that reflected negatively on the Soviet Union, but in the end the book was praised for its even-handed and unbiased presentation.

In 1939, in protest against the Nazi-Soviet non-aggression pact, Hicks resigned from the Communist Party. He attempted to organize an independent left-wing alternative organization, but with little success. By 1940 he had entirely renounced Communism and termed himself a democratic socialist; that same year he wrote an essay for The Nation entitled, "The Blind Alley of Marxism." During the 1950s Hicks testified before the House Un-American Activities Committee twice, and in 1954 in his essay titled "The Liberals Who Haven't Learned," he "unambiguously characterized the aim of communism as 'brutal revolutionary totalitarianism,' and chided liberals for providing a 'verbal cloak of "social betterment"' for the Soviets."

Hicks died June 18, 1982, in Franklin Park, NJ. By the time of his death, his early radical/Marxist writings were balanced by his later turn to a broader, more humanistic criticism.

Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Granville Hicks Papers consist of correspondence - subject files, writings, memorabilia, printed material, galleys, proofs and review copies, manuscripts and published material about the American writer, lecturer, literary critic, educator, and editor. Correspondence-subject files includes family (primarily wife Dorothy) and Hicks' agent agent Henry Volkening, as well as authors (Newton Arvin, Saul Bellow, Erskine Caldwell, Willa Cather, James Fenimore Cooper, James Gould Cozzens, William Faulkner, Henry James, Lucy Robins Lang, Samuel Levenson, John Lydenburg, Wright Morris, Braham Norwick, Joyce Carol Oates, Flannery O'Connor, David Graham Phillips, Richard Rovere, J. D. Salinger, Lincoln Steffens, Arnold J. Toynbee, Mark Twain, Ursula Genung Walker, Asa Wilgus, Edmund Wilson), poets (William Cullen Bryant, Corliss Lamont, Chard Powers Smith, Harvey Curtis Webster), publications (The Atlantic Monthly, Chicago Tribune, Daedalus, Harper's, Harvard Communist, Kenyon Review, Meanjin, Modern Socialism, New York Herald Tribune, Saturday Review), publishers (Doubleday, Dutton, Macmillan, Modern Age Books, Putnam, Viking Press), universities (Bennington College, Cornell University, Harvard University, the New School for Social Research, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), professional and other organizations (Famous Writers School, League of American Writers, Literary Guild of America, National Committee for the Defense of Political Prisoners, Rockefeller Foundation, Yaddo), and other American radicals (Earl Browder, Malcolm Cowley, James T. Farrell), as well as topics such as American literature, Fabian socialism, Grafton, New York (Hicks' home town), economic conditions in Great Britain and the United States, the Harvard-Sacco-Vanzetti Committee, the House Committee on Un-American Activities, Marxist study group, and Hicks' resignation from Communist Party. There are also folders devoted to Hicks' books including Small Town and The Great Tradition.

Writings comprises articles, books (both by and about Hicks, including extensive research files for John Reed: the Making of a Revolutionary), journals, lectures, and reader's reports. Memorabilia contains an assortment of material including address books, notes, college course material, and photographs. Printed material consists of book reviews of Hicks' work, clippings, pamphlets, periodicals (Communist Review, Harvard Monthly, Hound and Horn, The New Leader, Partisan Review, Science and Society: a Marxian Quarterly).

Drafts and other pre-publication material are located in Unrevised galleys, proofs and review copies, while material about Hicks comprises Manuscripts and published material about Granville Hicks. The final series, Miscellaneous material, includes among other things several articles by John Reed and a poster for the exhibit "Art for The Masses (1911-1917): a Radical Magazine and its Graphics."

Arrangement of the Collection

Correspondence-subject files is arranged alphabetically. Writings and Printed material are arranged alphabetically by type and then by title or topic. Memorabilia is arranged alphabetically by type. Galleys and Manuscripts are arranged alphabetically by author.


Access Restrictions: The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Use Restrictions: Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

Related Material

A number of the books and periodicals that originally came with the collection have been removed for separate cataloging. These items are noted in the inventory as "Transferred to Rare Books" and can be located using the Classic Catalog .

Subject Headings


Abbe, George, 1911-1989.
Adamic, Louis, 1899-1951.
Algren, Nelson, 1909-1981.
Allen, Devere, 1891-1955.
Arnow, Harriette Louisa Simpson, 1908-1986.
Arvin, Newton, 1900-1963.
Bellow, Saul.
Bixler, Julius Seelye, 1894-1985.
Bliven, Bruce, 1889-1977.
Bourjaily, Vance, 1922-2010.
Brooks, Van Wyck, 1886-1963.
Browder, Earl, 1891-1973.
Brownell, Baker, 1887-1965.
Bryant, Louise, 1885-1936.
Burroughs, Harry E. (Harry Ernest), 1890-
Calverton, vol. F. (Victor Francis), 1900-1940.
Cantwell, Robert, 1908-1978.
Cargill, Oscar, 1898-1972.
Carroll, Gladys Hasty, 1904-1999.
Champney, Freeman.
Cheever, John.
Chevalier, Haakon, 1902-1985.
Conroy, Jack, 1898-1990.
Corey, Lewis.
Cowley, Malcolm, 1898-1989.
Cruden, Robert.
Curti, Merle (Merle Eugene), 1897-1996.
Dahlberg, Edward, 1900-1977.
Davis, Robert Gorham.
De Voto, Bernard, 1897-1955.
Dell, Floyd, 1887-1969.
Doughty, Howard, 1904-
Draper, Theodore, 1912-2006.
Dupee, F. W. (Frederick Wilcox), 1904-
Eastman, Max, 1883-1969.
Farrell, James T. (James Thomas), 1904-1979.
Frank, Waldo David, 1889-1967.
Freeman, Joseph, 1897-1965.
Fry, Varian, 1907-1967.
Gold, Herbert, 1924-
Gold, Michael, 1893-1967.
Goldman, Emma, 1869-1940.
Gregory, Horace, 1898-1982.
Hallowell, Robert.
Haydn, Hiram Collins, 1907-1973.
Herbst, Josephine, 1892-1969.
Hicks, Granville, 1901-1982.
Hillyer, Robert, 1895-1961.
Kennedy, William, 1928-
Kreymborg, Alfred, 1883-1966.
Krutch, Joseph Wood, 1893-1970.
Lamont, Corliss, 1902-1995.
Levenson, Sam, 1911-1980.
MacLeish, Archibald, 1892-1982.
Madden, David, 1933-
Matthiessen, F. O. (Francis Otto), 1902-1950.
Mencken, H. L. (Henry Louis), 1880-1956.
Morris, Wright, 1910-1998.
Nevins, Allan, 1890-1971.
O'Connor, Flannery.
Owen, Guy, 1925-1981.
Page, Myra, 1897-1993.
Painter, Charlotte.
Parrington, Vernon Louis, 1871-1929.
Reed, John, 1887-1920.
Robbins, Jack Alan.
Roskolenko, Harry.
Rovere, Richard Halworth, 1915-1979.
Schorer, Mark, 1908-1977.
Scott, Evelyn, 1893-1963.
Simonson, Lee, 1888-1967.
Sinclair, Upton, 1878-1968.
Smith, Chard Powers, 1894-1977.
Steffens, Lincoln, 1866-1936.
Wilson, Edmund, 1895-1972.
Winter, Ella.
Wolfe, Bertram David, 1896-1977.

Corporate Bodies

American Civil Liberties Union.
Macmillan Company.
New School for Social Research (New York, N.Y. : 1919-1997)
Yaddo (Artists' colony)

Associated Titles

New leader (New York, N.Y.)
New masses.
Saturday review.


American literature -- 20th century -- History and criticism.
Authors, American.
Biographers -- Authorship.
City and town life -- United States.
Communism -- United States.
Communism and education.
Communism and intellectuals.
Community life.
Critics -- United States
Literary historians.
Literary quarrels.
Literature -- History and criticism.
Marxist criticism.
Novelists, American.
Publishers and publishing.
Radicalism -- United States.


United States -- Intellectual life -- 20th century.

Genres and Forms

Book reviews.
Clippings (information artifacts)
Drafts (documents)
Manuscripts for publication.



Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Granville Hicks Papers,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

Majority gift of Granville Hicks. A few items, gift of others, as noted in the inventory below.

Table of Contents

Correspondence - subject files



Printed material

Unrevised galleys, proofs and review copies

Manuscripts and published material about Granville Hicks

Miscellaneous material


Correspondence - subject files
Box 1 A
Box 1 AAUW Schenectady course - "American Literature Since the War"
Box 1 AAUW Schenectady course - creative writing
Box 1 Aaron, Daniel
Box 1 Abbe, George Bancroft
Box 1 Abrams, Ray H.
Box 1 Adamic, Louis
Box 1 Adams, Florence (2 folders)
Box 1 Adams, Franklin Pierce
Box 1 Adams, Henry Hitch
Box 1 Adams, J. Donald
Box 1 Adams, Pat
Box 1 Adams, Samuel Hopkins
Box 1 Addison-Wesley Publishing Company
Box 1 Afro-American literature
Box 1 Agan, Calvin E. 1862 - 1865 - Civil War letters
Box 1 Agan Family
Box 1 Agee, James
Box 1 Agronsky, Martin
Box 1 Aiken, Conrad
Box 1 Aladjem, Henrietta
Box 1 Albany Public Library
Box 1 Aldington, Richard
Box 1 Aldridge, James
Box 1 Aldridge, John W.
Box 1 Aldwell, Thomas T.
Box 1 Algren, Nelson
Box 1 Allen, Arthur 1938-1946 (2 folders)
Box 1 Allen, Devere
Box 1 Allen, Elizabeth
Box 1 Allen, Frederick Lewis
Box 1 Allen, Helena G.
Box 1 Allen, Jerry
Box 1 Allen, Patricia R.
Box 1 Allin, J. Bryan
Box 1 Allinson, Brent Dow
America Illustrated
See U.S. Information Agency.
Box 1 American Author and Critics - series
Box 1 American Broadcasting Company
Box 1 American Cancer Society
See also Writings: Miscellany: Unpublished: "Wedding Belles".
Box 1 American Caravan
Box 2 American Civil Liberties Union
Box 2 American Committee for Cultural Freedom
Box 2 American Defense, Harvard Group
Box 2 American Forum for Socialist Education
Box 2 American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language
Box 2 American Library Association
Box 2 American literature - notes, outlines (2 folders)
Box 2 American Mercury
Box 2 American Review
Box 2 The American Scholar
Box 2 American Spectator
Box 2 The American Teacher
American Way 1974-1976, undated - drafts, articles, miscellany (3 folders)
Box 2 American Writers Congress
Box 2 "America's Town Meeting of the Air"
See also Life.
Ames, Elizabeth
See Yaddo.
Box 2 Amis, Lola Jones
Box 2 Anderson, Courtney
Box 2 Anderson, Sherwood
Box 2 Anderson, Thomas
Box 2 Angoff, Charles
See also American Mercury.
Box 2 Annunziata, Frank
Box 2 Anonymous
Box 2 Anspacher, Louis Kaufman
Box 2 Anthropology
Box 2 Antioch College
Box 2 Antioch Review
Box 2 Appel, Benjamin
Box 2 Appleton-Century-Crofts, Inc.
Box 2 Arents (George) Research Library
See Syracuse University Library.
Box 2 Arno Press
Box 2 Arnold, Elliott
Box 2 Arnold, Joan
Box 3 Arnow, Harriette Louisa (Simpson) 1946-1954, undated (6 folders)
Box 3 Arvin, Neil Cole
Box 3 Arvin, Newton 1929-1943 (11 folders)
Box 4 Arvin, Newton 1944-1963, undated (19 folders)
Box 5 Arvin, Newton (3 folders)
Box 5 Arvin, Robert H.
Box 5 Ashman, Richard
Box 5 Aswell, Edward C.
Box 5 Atheneum Publishers
Box 5 Atherton, Gertrude
Box 5 Atkinson, Brooks
Box 5 The Atlantic Monthly
Box 5 Atlantic Monthly Press
Box 5 Atlas, James
Box 5 Auchincloss, Louis
Box 5 Auden, Wystan Hugh
Box 5 Auerback, Erich - Mimesis
Box 5 Authors' League of America, Inc.
Box 5 Ayres, Clarence Edwin
Box 5 BA - BON
Box 5 BOO - BZ
Box 5 Babcock, Clarence Merton
Box 5 Bahr, Jerome
Box 5 Bailie, Helen Tufts
Box 5 Baird, Martha
Box 5 Baker, Bliss Y.
Box 5 Baker, Carlos
Box 5 Baker, Ray Palmer
Box 5 Balch, Marston
Box 5 Baldwin, James
Box 5 Baldwin, Roger Nash
Box 5 Balivet, Henry P.
Box 5 Ballantine Books, Inc.
Box 5 Bandler, Bernard
Box 5 Bardin, John Franklin
Box 5 Barnes, Djuna
Box 5 Barnes, Eric Wollencott (and Peggy)
Box 5 Barnes, Harry Elmer
Box 5 Barres, Maurice
Box 5 Barrie, John T.
Box 6 Barron's Educational Series
Box 6 Barth, John
Box 6 Barth, Lawrence
Box 6 Bartley, William Warren
Box 6 Barzun, Jacques
Box 6 Bates, Ralph
Box 6 Baugh, Hansell
Box 6 Baxandall, Lee
Box 6 Beacon Press
Box 6 Beard, Mary Ritter
Box 6 Beardsley, Aubrey
Box 6 Beatty, Bessie
Box 6 Becker, Maurice
Box 6 Beekman, E.M.
Box 6 Beffel, John Nicholas
Box 6 Behnke, John Alden
Box 6 Behold Trouble
Box 6 Bein, Albert
Box 6 Belitt, Ben
Box 6 Bell, Daniel
Box 6 Bellamy, Edward
Box 6 Bellow, Saul (2 folders)
Box 6 Benchly, Alexandra Jane
Box 6 Bendiner, Robert
Box 6 Bennett, Arnold
Box 6 Bennett, Richard 1936-1973, undated (2 folders)
Box 6 Bennington College
Box 6 Bensman, Joseph
Box 6 Bercovici, Konrad
Box 6 Bercovici, Rion. "A Radical Childhood." Scribner's Magazine 1932
Box 6 Beregoff-Gillow, Pauline
Box 6 Bergamini, David
Box 6 Berger, Arthur Asa
Box 6 Berger, Thomas
Box 6 Berkeley Publishing Corp.
Box 6 Berkshires project (5 folders)
Box 7 Berkshires project (5 folders)
Box 7 Berlin Central School
Box 7 Bernard, Jessie Shirley
Box 7 Bessie, Alvah C.
Box 7 Best, Herbert
Box 7 Best, Marshall Ayers
Box 7 Between Worlds
Box 7 Bicker, Robert J.
Box 7 Bickford, Mildred 1935-1961, undated (9 folders)
Box 8 Bickford, Mildred undated (4 folders)
Box 8 Biddle, George
Box 8 Bierce, Ambrose
Box 8 Binger, Carl Alfred Lanning
Box 8 Bingham, Alfred Mitchell
Box 8 Bingham, Edwin R.
Box 8 Birdsall, Richard
Box 8 Birk, Louis P.
See also Modern Age Books.
Box 8 Birk, Newman Peter
Birkbeck, Barbara
See Grever, Barbara Ann.
Box 8 Bisbee, Eleanor
Box 8 Bitker, Marjorie M.
Box 8 Bixler, Julius Seelye
Box 8 Bixler, Paul Howard
Box 8 Blackmur, Richard P.
Box 8 Blackwell, Louise
Box 8 Blair and Ketchum's Country Journal
Box 8 Blake, Ben
Box 8 Blankfort, Michael
Box 8 Blankman, Edward
Box 8 Blaustein, J.M.
Box 8 Bliven, Bruce
Box 8 Bloom, Edward Alan
Box 8 Blotner, Joseph L. The Political Novel 1955
Box 8 Bluefarb, Sam
Box 8 Blythe, Samuel George
Box 8 Bobbs-Merrill Company, Inc.
Box 8 Bode, Elroy
Box 8 Bodley, Nicholas B. "The Auloi of Meroe" 1946
Box 8 Bohn, Frank
Box 8 Bohn, William Edward
Box 8 Boles, Paul Darcy
Box 8 Bond, Julian
Box 8 Bonner, Amy
Bonnes, Eleanor
See Webb, Eleanor.
Box 8 Book-of-the-Month Club, Inc.
Box 8 Book Union, Inc.
Book Week
See New York Herald Tribune.
Box 9 The Bookman
Box 9 Books Abroad
Box 9 Boorstin, Daniel
Box 9 Booth, Wayne C.
Box 9 Born, Edith de
Box 9 Boston Herald
Box 9 Boston Traveler
Box 9 Boston University
Box 9 Botkin, Ben A.
Box 9 Boudin, Louis B.
Box 9 Bourjaily, Vance
Box 9 Bouscaren, Anthony Trawick
Bowen, Joan (Mrs. Ezra)
See Williams, Joan.
Box 9 Bowen, Stirling
Box 9 Bower, Warren
Box 9 Bowman, John Scott
Box 9 Bowman, Sylvia E.
Box 9 Boyce, Burke
Box 9 Boyd, Ernest, "Marxian Literary Critics" Scribner's Magazine
Box 9 Boyd, Fred Sumner
Box 9 Boyd, Jack Kent
Box 9 Boyd, Thomas Alexander
Box 9 Boyden, Polly Chase
Box 9 Boyesen, Hjalmar Hjorst
Box 9 Brace, Ernest
Box 9 Bradbury, John M.
Box 9 Bragin, Moe
Box 9 Braine, John
Box 9 Branch, Edgar Marquess
Box 9 Bransten, Richard
Box 9 Braude, Jacob Morton
Box 9 George Braziller, Inc.
Box 9 Bread Loaf Writers' Conference
Box 9 Brennan, Frederick Hazlitt
Box 9 Bridgman, Walter Ray
Box 9 Brinckle, Gertrude
Box 9 Brinton, Crane
Box 9 Brittain, Joan T. "Symbols of Violence: Flannery O'Connor's Structure of Reality" - thesis
Box 9 Brittain, Joan T.
See also Driskell, Leon vol. .
Box 9 Brody, Catharine
Box 9 Brokaw, Warren Edwin
Box 9 Bromer, Richard
Box 9 Bromfield, Louis
Box 9 Brook, Ethel Saniel
Box 9 Brooks, Cleanth
Box 9 Brooks, John Nixon
Box 9 Brooks, Van Wyck
Box 9 Broun, Heywood
Box 9 Browder, Earl (2 folders)
Box 9 Brown, Alice
Box 9 Brown, Harry Peter
Box 9 Brown, Robert Bruce
Box 9 Brown, Robert C.
Box 9 Brown, Robert Carlton
Box 9 Brown, Slater
Box 9 Brown, Stuart Gerry
Box 9 Brown, Susan Jenkins
Box 10 Brownell, Baker (4 folders)
Box 10 Brownson, Orestes Augustus
Box 10 Brubaker, Howard
Box 10 Bruccoli, Matthew Joseph
Box 10 Bruce, Jeannette
Box 10 Bryant, Jerry H.
Box 10 Bryant, Margaret M.
Box 10 Bryant, William Cullen
Box 10 Bubka, Tony
Box 10 Buck, Paul
Box 10 Buck, Pearl S.
Box 10 Bufkin, E.C.
Box 10 Bulgheroni, Marisa
Box 10 Bulletin correspondence 1940, undated (4 folders)
Box 10 Bullitt, William C.
Box 10 Bumbalo, Victor
Box 10 Bunce, Stan
Box 10 Burgess, Anthony
Box 10 Burgess, Jackson
Box 10 Burgum, Edwin Berry
Box 10 Burke, Fielding
Box 10 Burke, Kenneth
Box 10 Burleson, Christine
Box 10 Burnett, Whit
Box 11 Burns, Wayne
Box 11 Burnshaw, Stanley
Box 11 Burroughs, Harry E.
Box 11 Burwick, Frederick
Box 11 Business Week
Box 11 Butler, Arthur Pierce
Box 11 Butler, Samuel
Box 11 Buttitta, Anthony
Box 11 Button, Daniel E.
Box 11 Byrne, Robert
Box 11 C
Box 11 CBS News
Box 11 Cabell, James Branch
Box 11 Cable, George W.
Box 11 Cadbury, Henry Joel
Box 11 Cady, Howard S.
See also Macmillan Company.
Box 11 Cain, James M.
Box 11 Caldwell, Erskine
Box 11 Caldwell, Taylor
Box 11 Call Association, Inc.
Box 11 Callaghan, Morley
Box 11 Callender, Wesley P.
Box 11 Calmer, Alan
Box 11 Calvert, Bruce T.
Box 11 Calverton, Victor Francis (2 folders)
Box 11 Cambridge University Press
Box 11 "Camera Three"
Box 11 Cameron, Leslie G.
Campbell, Bhain
See Campbell, Robert Bhain.
Box 11 Campbell, Robert Bhain
Box 11 Canfield, Cass
Canfield, Dorothy
See Fisher, Dorothy Canfield.
Box 11 Cantor, Arthur
Box 11 Cantril, Hadley
Box 11 Cantwell, Robert
Box 11 Capote, Truman
Box 12 Capouya, Emile
Box 12 Cappers, Elmer Osgood
Box 12 Cappon, Alexander
Box 12 Carb, David
Box 12 CARE, Inc.
Box 12 Carew, Kate
Box 12 Cargill, Oscar
Box 12 Carlyle, Thomas
Box 12 Carmer, Carl Lamson
Carmon, Walt
See International Literature.
Box 12 Carpenter, Frederic Ives
Box 12 Carpenter, Margaret
Box 12 Carpenter, Niles
Box 12 Carroll, Gladys Hasty
Box 12 Carter, Harvey
Box 12 Carter, Paul Allen
Box 12 Cary, Joyce
Box 12 Casanova, Grace Hegger
Box 12 Caspary, Vera
Box 12 Cassel, E.E.
Box 12 Cather, Willa
Box 12 Cawelti, John G.
Box 12 Caylor, George N.
Box 12 The Centennial Review
Box 12 Century Company
Box 12 Cerf, Bennett
Box 12 Chamberlain, John
Box 12 Chamberlin, William Henry
Chambers, Mary (Mrs. Kellett)
See Carew, Kate.
Box 12 Chambers, Whittaker
Box 12 Champney, Freeman
Box 12 Chang, Diana
Box 12 Channing, William Ellery
Box 12 Chase, Edward Everett
Box 12 Chase, Edward T.
Box 12 Chase, Mary Ellen
Box 12 Chase, Stuart
Box 12 Chasse, Robert
Box 12 Chatham College
Box 12 Chatham College course: "American Fiction Writers Since 1945"
Box 12 Chatham College course: "Major American Writers 1855-1945"
Box 12 Chatham College course: "Politics and Literature in the 1930's"
Box 12 Cheever, John
Box 12 Chen, Han-sheng
Box 12 Chertok, Sidney L.
Box 12 Cheslaw, Irving
Box 12 Chevalier, Haakon
Box 12 Chicago, University of
Box 12 University of Chicago Press
Box 12 Chicago Sun-Times
Box 12 Chicago Tribune
Box 13 Chilmark Press
Box 13 Chilton Company
Box 13 Chopin, Kate
Box 13 The Christian Century
Box 13 Christian, Henry A.
Box 13 Christesen, Clement Byrne
Box 13 Christman, Henry 1937-1951 (2 folders)
Box 13 Christowe, Stroyan
Box 13 Citron, Minna (Wright)
Box 13 Claire, William F.
Box 13 Clancy, Judith S.
Box 13 Claremont Journal of Political Economy
Box 13 Clark, C.E. Frazer
Box 13 Clark, E. Everett
Box 13 Clark, Eleanor
Box 13 Clark, Thomas Blake
Box 13 Clarke, Edwin Leavitt
Box 13 Clarkson, Gary
Box 13 Cleghorn, Sarah Norcliffe
Box 13 Clemens, Cyril
Clemens, Samuel Langhorne
See Twain, Mark.
Box 13 Clements, Albert
Box 13 Coates, Robert M.
See also Yaddo.
Box 13 Coggeshall, Reginald
Box 13 Cohen, Elliot E.
Box 13 Cohen, Morris Raphael
Box 13 Colby Junior College
Box 13 Cole, George 1941-1960, undated (2 folders)
Box 13 Cole, Lois Dwight
See also Putnam's, G.P.; Macmillan Company.
Box 13 Coleman, Richard
Box 13 Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
Box 13 College Center of the Finger Lakes
Box 13 Collier, Franklin P.
Box 13 Collier, P.F. and Son Corporation
Box 13 Collins, John H.
Collins, Seward Bishop
See The Bookman.
Box 13 Colorado Literary Festival
Box 13 The Colorado Review
Box 13 Colum, Mary M.
Box 13 Columbia University Forum
Box 13 Columbia University Press
Box 13 Commager, Henry Steele
Box 13 Commentary
Box 13 Commins, Saxe
Box 13 Committee on Mobilization
Box 13 Committee to Aid Victims of German Fascism (Troy, NY)
Box 13 Common Council for American Unity
Box 13 Common Sense
Box 13 Commonwealth College
Box 13 Community life
Box 14 Community Service, Inc.
Box 14 Congress pour la Liberte de la Culture
Box 14 Congressional Record - House 1951 - "How the Magazine The Nation is Serving Communism."
Box 14 Conkling, Grace Hazard
Box 14 Connery, Donald S.
Box 14 Connecticut, University of
Box 14 Conover, Harry
Box 14 Conrad, Earl
Box 14 Conrad, Joseph
Box 14 Conroy, Jack
Box 14 Contemporary Novelists of the English Language
Box 14 Cook, Reginald Lansing
Box 14 Cooke, Alistair
Box 14 Cooke, Rose Terry
Box 14 Coombs, Nellie
Box 14 Coon, Horace
Box 14 Cooper, James Fenimore
Box 14 Cooper, Jane
Box 14 Cooper, Lyle Winston
Box 14 Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art
Box 14 Copeland, Charles Townsend
Box 14 Corey, Lewis
Box 14 Corey, Paul
Box 14 Corman, Cid
Box 14 Cornell University
Box 14 Corrington, John William
Box 14 Costa, Richard Hauer
Box 14 Counts, George S.
Box 14 Cousins, Norman
Box 14 Coward-McCann, Inc.
Box 14 Cowley, Malcolm 1930-1973, undated (7 folders)
Box 15 Cox, Sidney
Box 15 Cozzens, James Gould (3 folders)
Box 15 Craddock, Charles Egbert
Box 15 Craig, George Armour
Box 15 Crane, Hart
Box 15 Crane, Stephen
Box 15 Crawford, Francis Marion. An American Politician
Box 15 Crichton, Kyle
Box 15 Criterion Books
Box 15 Critics Group
Box 15 Critique
Box 15 Croly, Herbert David
Box 15 Cronyn, George
Box 15 Thomas Y. Crowell Company
Box 15 Cruden, Robert
Box 15 Culmsee, Carlton Fordis
Box 15 Cummins, Walter M.
Box 15 Cunard, Nancy
Box 15 Cunningham, Charles E.
See also Macmillan Company.
Box 15 Cunningham, William
Box 15 Curley, Daniel
Box 15 Curran Debate 1939
Curran, Edward Lodge
See Curran Debate.
Box 15 Curti, Merle (2 folders)
Box 15 Curtis, Jack
Box 15 Curto, Josephine J.
Box 15 Cushing, Kenneth
Box 15 Cuthbert, Clifton
Box 15 D
Box 15 Daedalus
Box 15 Dahir, James
Box 16 Dahlberg, Edward
Box 16 Dakin, Wilson Sheldon
Box 16 Daley, Robert
Box 16 Dam, Hari N.
Box 16 Damrosch, Frank
Box 16 Dana, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Box 16 Dana, Roger W.
Box 16 Darcy, Sam Adams
Box 16 Davenport, Russell Wheeler
Box 16 Davis, Horace Bancroft
Box 16 Davis, Jerome
Box 16 Davis, Preston
Box 16 Davis, Robert Gorham 1931-1972, undated (10 folders)
Box 16 Davis, Robert Gorham to Dorothy Hicks 1931-1935, undated (2 folders)
Box 16 Davis, Stuart
Box 16 Davis, Wallace. M.
Box 16 Davison, Richard Allan
Box 16 Dawkins, Cecil
Box 16 John Day Company, Inc.
Box 16 Deal, Borden
Box 16 Decadence (Literary Movement)
Box 16 DeFanti, Charles L.
Box 16 DeJong, David Cornel
Box 16 De Lima, Agnes
Box 16 Dell, Floyd
Box 16 DeMaria, Robert
Box 16 Demos, Raphael
Box 16 DeMott, Benjamin
Box 16 Dempster, Milen
Box 17 Denison University
Box 17 Dennison, Henry Sturgis
Box 17 Dennison job 1923 (2 folders)
Box 17 De Toledano, Ralph
Box 17 Deutsch, Albert
Box 17 De Voto, Bernard
Box 17 De Vries, Peter
Box 17 John Dewey Society of Columbia University
Box 17 Dial Press
Box 17 Dialogue '68
Box 17 Dickens, Charles
Box 17 Dictionary of American Biography
Box 17 Dictionary of Quotations
Box 17 Dilliard, Irving
Dinamov, Sergei
See International Literature.
Box 17 Dirlam, Joel
Box 17 Dishman, Robert B.
Box 17 Disraeli, Benjamin
Box 17 Dissent
Divine, Arthur Durham
See Rame, David.
Box 17 Doctorow, E.L.
Box 17 Dodd, Mead & Company, Inc.
Dodge, Mabel
See Luhan, Mabel Dodge.
Box 17 Dollard, John
Box 17 Dommergues, Pierre
Box 17 Doonping, Richard
Box 17 Doran, Marion
Box 17 Dos Passos, John (3 folders)
Box 17 Dostoyevsky, Fyodor
Box 17 Doten, Dana
Box 17 Doubleday & Company
Box 17 Doubleday, Doran and Co.
Box 17 Doubleday, Page and Co.
Box 17 Doughty, Frances
Box 17 Doughty, Howard N. 1932-1949, undated (2 folders)
Box 18 Douglas, Laura W.
Box 18 Downes, Randolph C.
Box 18 Doxey, William S.
Box 18 Drake, Robert
Box 18 Drama and dramatists
Box 18 Draper, Theodore
Box 18 Dreifuss, Kurt
Box 18 Dreiser, Theodore
Box 18 Driskell, Leon vol.
Box 18 Duell, Sloan & Pearce, Inc.
Box 18 Dugan, James
Box 18 Duhl, Leonard J.
Box 18 Dunn, Robert Williams
Box 18 Dunne, William F.
Box 18 Dupee, Frederick Wilcox
Box 18 Durrell, Lawrence
Box 18 E.P. Dutton & Company, Inc.
Box 18 E
Box 18 Earnest, Ernest Penney
Box 18 East and West Association
Box 18 Eastman, Max
Box 18 Eaton, Charles Edward
Box 18 Eaton, Geoffrey Dell
Box 18 Eaton, Joseph W.
Box 18 Eddy, Roger
Box 18 Edman, Irwin
Box 18 Edmonds, Walter D.
Box 18 Education (3 folders)
Box 18 Eggleston, Edward
Box 18 Ehrlich, Leonard
Box 18 Eidson, John Olio
Box 18 Eight Ways of Looking at Christianity
Box 18 Einaudi Editore
Box 18 Eisen, Arnold M.
Box 18 Elder, James Rex
Box 18 Eliot, George
Box 19 Eliot, Samuel Atkins
Box 19 Eliot, Thomas Stearns
Box 19 Elliott, George P.
See also Yaddo.
Box 19 Ellison, Ralph
Box 19 Emancipator
Box 19 Emerson, Ralph Waldo
Box 19 Encounter
Box 19 Encyclopedia Britannica
Box 19 Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences
Box 19 Endore, S. Guy
Box 19 English Journal
Box 19 Engstrand, Stuart David
Box 19 Enzer, Hyman A.
Box 19 Erdman, David vol.
Box 19 Ervin, Charles W.
Box 19 Esquire
Box 19 Ethel, Garland
Box 19 Eulau, Heinz
Box 19 Evans, Dilys
Box 19 Evans, Ernestine
Box 19 M. Evans and Company, Inc.
Box 19 F
Box 19 Fabian socialism
Box 19 Fadiman, Clifton P.
Box 19 Falk, Signi Lenea
Box 19 Famous Writers School (3 folders)
Box 19 Fante, John
Box 19 Farina, Richard
Box 19 Farmers - Political activity (3 folders)
Box 19 Farrar & Rinehart, Inc.
Box 19 Farrar, Strauss and Company
Box 19 Farrar, Strauss and Cudahy, Inc.
Box 19 Farrar, Strauss and Giroux, Inc.
Box 20 Farrell, James T. 1934-1968 (4 folders)
Box 20 Farson, Negley
Box 20 Fast, Howard
Box 20 Faulkner, William (6 folders)
Box 20 Feigenbaum, Lawrence H.
Feikema, Feike
See Manfred, Frederick.
Box 20 Fein, Isaac M.
Box 20 Feinberg, Abraham L.
Box 20 Felix, David
Box 20 Fenton, Charles A.
Box 20 Ferguson, Charles William
Box 20 Ferrini, Vincent
Box 20 Ficke, Arthur Davison
Box 20 Field, Alice (Wintrow)
Box 20 Field, Sara B.
Box 20 Fiess, Edward
Box 20 Filene, William
Box 20 Fincher, Ernest Barksdale
Box 20 Findlater, Richard
Box 20 Fineman, Irving
Box 20 Finley, John Huston
Box 20 The First to Awaken
Box 20 Fischer, John
Box 20 Fischer, Louis. "Problems of Soviet Writers" March 6, 1932
Box 20 Fisher, Alfred Young
Box 20 Fisher, Dorothy Canfield
Box 20 Fisher, Vardis
Box 21 Fishman, Solomon
Box 21 Fitch, Clyde
Box 21 Fitchburg Sentinel
Box 21 Fitzgerald, F. Scott
Box 21 Fitzgerald/Hemingway Annual
Box 21 Flaherty, Duane
Box 21 Flores, Angel
Box 21 Flynn, Elizabeth Gurley
Box 21 Foerster, Norman
Box 21 Follett, Wilson. "Town Against Country"
Folsom, Franklin
See League of American Writers.
Box 21 Forbes, Allan W.
Box 21 Forbes, Stephen Hathaway
Box 21 Ford, Ford Madox
Box 21 Ford, Jesse Hill
Box 21 Ford Foundation
Box 21 Ford Hall Forum, Inc.
Box 21 Foreign Policy Association
Box 21 Forrester, Joel
Box 21 Forster, E.M.
Box 21 The Forum
Box 21 Forum of Politics
Box 21 Fowlie, Wallace
Box 21 Fox, Daniel M.
Box 21 Fox, Renee C.
Box 21 Fraley, E.S.
Box 21 Frame, Janet
Box 21 Frank, Moses Zebi
Box 21 Frank, Nelson
Box 21 Frank, Waldo
Box 21 Frankfeld, Philip
Box 21 Frazier, David L.
Box 21 Frede, Richard
Box 21 Frederic, Harold
Box 21 Frederick, John Towner
Box 21 Free Press of Glencoe
Box 21 Freedman, Louis Alexander
Box 21 Freedman, Morris
Box 21 Freeman, Joseph 1932-1958, undated (2 folders)
Box 21 Freeman, Joseph. Proletarian Literature in the United States - Introduction
Box 21 Freeman, Mary Eleanor (Wilkins)
Box 21 The Freeman
See also The Freeman Nov. 3, 1920 - vol. 2, no. 34.
Box 22 Freethinkers of America
Box 22 Freitag, George H.
Box 22 Fremont-Smith, Eliot
Box 22 Friedman, Joseph
Box 22 Friedman, Philip Allan
Box 22 Fritchman, Stephen H.
Box 22 Frohock, William Merrill
Box 22 Frost, Robert
Box 22 Fry, Varian and Eileen
Box 22 Fryer, Donald S.
Box 22 Fuller, Henry Blake
Box 22 Fuller, Hoyt
Box 22 Fuller, Margaret
Box 22 Fuller, Raymond Tifft
Box 22 Funaroff, Sol
Box 22 Fund for the Republic
Box 22 Funk, Charles Earle
Box 22 Funk and Wagnalls Company
Box 22 Furcolowe, Charles
Box 22 Furst, John Brown. "Progressives and Psychoanalysis" 1945
Box 22 G
Box 22 Gabriel, Gilbert W.
Box 22 Gaddis, William
Box 22 Gafford, Charlotte K.
Box 22 Galsworthy, John
Box 22 Galt, William Egleston
Box 22 Gannett, Lewis
Box 22 Gans, Herbert J.
Box 22 Gardiner, Harold C.
Box 22 Gardner, John
Box 22 Gardner, Martin
Box 22 Gardner, Virginia
Box 22 Garland, Hamlin
Box 22 Garnsey, Morris E.
Box 22 Garrison, Jesse James
Box 22 Garrison, Lloyd K.
Box 22 Gaskell, Elizabeth Cleghorn Stevenson
Box 22 Gass, William H.
Box 22 Gastroenterology
Box 22 Gates, Arnold F.
Box 22 Gates, John
Box 22 Gaus, John Merriman
Box 22 Gavin, Catherine
Box 22 Gehman, Richard
Box 23 Gelb, Arthur
Box 23 Gelb, Barbara
Box 23 Genesis West
Genung, Ursula
See Walker, Ursula Genung.
George Arents Research Library
See Syracuse University Library.
Box 23 Georgia Review
See also Wade, John Donald.
Gerahty, Digby George
See Standish, Robert.
Box 23 Gerber, Philip L.
Box 23 Gerber, Toby
Box 23 Gersh, Gabriel
Box 23 Gertz, Elmer
Box 23 Gessner, Robert
Box 23 Gibson, Elizabeth
Box 23 Gibson, James Jerome
Box 23 Gibson, Roland
Box 23 Gibson, William Merriam
Box 23 Gideonse, Harry D.
Box 23 Gilkes, Lillian Barnard
Box 23 Gilroy, William E.
Box 23 Ginn and Company
Box 23 Gissing, George Robert
Box 23 Glasgow, Ellen
Box 23 Glass, Montague Marsden
Box 23 Glassley, Ray Hoard
Box 23 Glass, Sylvia
Box 23 Glazer, Dorothy
Box 23 Glazer, Nathan
Box 23 Glick, Nathan
Box 23 Glicksberg, Charles Irving
Box 23 Glintenkamp, Henry J.
Box 23 Godin, Murray
Box 23 Goepp, Ada
Box 23 Gold, Herbert 1954-1972, undated (3 folders)
Box 23 Gold, Michael
Box 23 Goldhoff, Martha
Box 23 Golding, William
Box 23 Goldman, Emma
Box 23 Goldman, Eric Frederick
Box 23 Goldstein, Malcolm
Box 23 Goldstein, Martin
See also "Speaking of Books".
Box 23 Gollancz, Victor
Goodman, Eckert
See Goodman, Jules Eckert.
Box 23 Goodman, Jules Eckert
Box 23 Goodykuntz, William
Box 23 Gordon, Arthur Ernest
Box 23 Gordon, Dudley Chadwick
Box 23 Gordon, Mac
Box 23 Gordon, Mark D.
Box 23 Gorham, Charles
Box 23 Goyen, William
Box 23 Graebel, Richard Paul
Box 23 Grafton, Samuel
Box 24 Grafton, NY - education
Box 24 Grafton, NY - elections
Box 24 Grafton, NY - finance, public
Box 24 Grafton, NY - historical documents
Box 24 Grafton, NY - history (2 folders)
Box 24 Grafton, NY - survey
Box 24 Grafton, NY - zoning
Box 24 Grafton Community League, Inc.
Box 24 Grafton Free Library
Box 24 Grafton Planning Board
Box 24 Grafton Post
Box 24 Graham, John Alexander
Box 24 Graham, Richard
Box 24 Graham, Robert Bontine Cunninghame
Box 24 Granbery, John C.
Box 24 Grant, Ozro Franklin
Box 24 Grattan, Clinton Hartley
Box 24 Grau, Shirley Ann
Box 24 Graubard, Mark
Box 24 Graves, Robert
Box 24 Great Britain, Economic conditions, History notes
Box 24 Great Britain, Economic conditions,19th century
Box 24 The Great Ideas Today
Box 24 The Great Tradition
The Great Tradition
See Quadrangle Books.
Box 24 Grebanier, Bernard
Box 24 Green, Gilbert
Box 24 Green, Henry
Box 24 Green, James Albert
Box 24 Green Mountain College
Green Mountain Junior College
See Green Mountain College.
Box 24 Greenberg, Robert A.
Box 24 Greene, Graham
Box 24 Greenleaf, Richard P.
Box 24 Greenwood Press, Inc.
Box 24 Greenwood Reprint Corp.
Box 24 Gregory, Alexander
Box 24 Gregory, Horace
Box 24 Grever, Barbara Ann
Box 24 Grobstein, Clifford
Box 24 Gronowicz, Antoni
Box 24 Gross, Gerald
Box 24 Gross, John J.
Box 25 Grossman Publishers
Box 25 Groton School
Box 25 Grove Press
Box 25 Gruliow, Leo
Box 25 Grumbach, Doris
Box 25 Grundy, J. Owen
Box 25 Grunwald, Henry Anatole
Box 25 Guerard, Albert
Box 25 Guggenheim Memorial Foundation 1925-1970 (2 folders)
Box 25 Gulick, Edward
Box 25 Gullason, Thomas A.
Box 25 Gustafson, Eric
Box 25 Guttmann, Allen
Box 25 H
Box 25 Haber, Tom Burns
Box 25 Haddad, Abdul
Box 25 Haggin, B.H.
Box 25 Hagler, Margaret
Box 25 Halberstadt, Maria
Box 25 Hale, Edward Everett
Box 25 Hale, Robert Sever
Box 25 Hall, James B.
Box 25 Hall, Joan Joffe
Box 25 Hallgren, Mauritz Alfred
Box 25 Hallam, Atlantis
Box 25 Hallowell, Robert
Box 25 Halper, Albert
Box 25 Ham, Tom
Box 25 Hamlin, Will
Box 25 Hammond, J. L. and Barbara
Box 25 Hampshire County Progressive Club Forum
Box 25 Hankins, Frank Hamilton
Box 25 Hanley, James
Box 25 Hannum, John A.
Box 25 Hansen, Harry
Box 25 Hansome, Marius
Hanson, Pauline (Polly)
See Yaddo.
Box 25 Hapgood, Hutchins
Box 25 Harap, Henry
Box 25 Harap, Louis
Box 25 Harcourt, Brace and Company
Box 25 Harcourt, Brace and World, Inc.
Box 25 Hard, William
Box 25 Hardwick, Elizabeth
Box 25 Hardy, Thomas
Box 25 Harington, Donald
Box 25 Harland, Henry
Box 25 Harlow, Ralph Volney
Box 25 Harlow, Samuel Ralph
Box 26 Harnack, Curtis
See also Yaddo.
Box 26 Harper, Martha Barnhart
Box 26 Harper & Brothers
Box 26 Harper & Row
Box 26 Harper's Bazaar
Box 26 Harper's Magazine
Box 26 Harpur College
Box 26 Harrington, Alan
Box 26 Harrington House
Box 26 Harris, Joel Chandler
Box 26 Harris, Leon A.
Box 26 Harris, Mark
Box 26 Harris, Robert J.
Box 26 Harrison, Gilbert A.
Box 26 Harrison, Henry
Box 26 Harrison, Joseph
Box 26 Hart, Albert Bushnell
Box 26 Hart, Alfred L.
Box 26 Hart, Henry
Box 26 Hart, James David
Box 26 Hart, John Edward
Box 26 Harte, Bret
Box 26 Hartwick College
Box 26 Harvard Communist
Box 26 Harvard Crimson
Box 26 Harvard Progressive
Box 26 Harvard-Sacco-Vanzetti Committee
Box 26 Harvard University
Box 26 Harvard University, library
Box 26 Harvard University, response to appointment
Box 26 Harvard University Nieman Foundation for Journalism
Box 26 Harvard University Press
Box 26 Harvey, Lashley Grey
Box 26 Haskell, Edward F.
Box 26 Hassan, Ihab H.
Box 26 Haste, Gwendolen
Hatfield, Walter Wilbur
See English Journal.
Box 26 Hawkes, John
Box 26 Hawkins, Maude Miller
Box 26 Hawthorne, Hazel
Box 26 Hawthorne, Nathaniel
Box 27 Hay, John
Box 27 Haycraft, Howard
Box 27 Haydn, Hiram
Box 27 Hayes, Alfred
Box 27 Hayes, Charles Edward
Box 27 Hays, Arthur Garfield
Box 27 Hays, Robert Wilson
Box 27 Hazlitt, Henry
Box 27 Healey, Jim (Col.)
Box 27 Healy, Arthur K.D.
See also Yaddo.
Box 27 Healy, John Vincent
Box 27 Hearn, Lafcadio
Box 27 D.C. Heath and Company
Box 27 Heaton, John Langdon
Box 27 Hedley, David
Box 27 Heller, Joseph
Box 27 Hemingway, Ernest (3 folders)
Box 27 Henderson, Harry B.
Box 27 Henley, William Ernest
Henry, O.
See Porter, William Sydney.
Box 27 Hepburn, James G.
Box 27 Herald, Leon Srabian
Box 27 Herbst, Josephine
Box 27 Herdman, Ramona
Box 27 Hergesheimer, Joseph
Box 27 Herman, Hazel
Box 27 Herrick, Robert
Box 27 Hersey, John
Box 27 Hertzberg, Sidney
Box 27 Heslop, Harold
Box 27 Hicks, Dorothy 1924-1945, undated (2 folders)
Hicks, Marion
See Doran, Marion.
Box 27 Hicks, Stephanie
Box 27 Hicks' relatives
Box 27 Higgins, George Gilmary
Box 27 Hill and Wang, Inc.
Box 27 Hill School Paideia Conference
Box 27 Hillegas, Mark Robert
Box 27 Hillman, Serrell
Box 27 Hills, L. Rust
Box 27 Hillyer, Robert S.
Box 27 Hilsenrath, Edgar
Box 27 Himes, Norman Edwin
Box 27 Hitch, Earle
Box 28 Hobson, Laura Keane Z.
Box 28 Hoch, Edward D.
Box 28 Hoff, Marilyn
Box 28 Hoffman, Daniel G.
Box 28 Hollander, Herbert S.
Box 28 Hollister, Paul
Box 28 Holmes, Eugene Clay
Box 28 Holmes, John Haynes
Box 28 Holroyd, Donald L.
Box 28 Holt, Alfred Hubbarb
Box 28 Henry Holt and Company
Box 28 Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Inc.
Box 28 Honan, Park
Box 28 Hook, Sidney
Box 28 Hopwood Awards
Box 28 Horgan, Daniel F.
Box 28 Horizon Press, Inc.
Box 28 Hornberger, Theodore
Box 28 Hornbrook, Ruth
Box 28 Hornstein, Lillian Herlands
Box 28 Hosoiri, Totaro
Box 28 Houghton, A.S.
Box 28 Houghton Mifflin Company
Box 28 The Hound and Horn
Box 28 House, Julius Temple
Box 28 The House Committee on Un-American Activities
Box 28 Hovey, Carl
Box 28 Hovey, Richard
Box 28 Howard, Joseph Kinsey
Box 28 Howe, Edgar Watson
Box 28 Howe, Helen Huntington
Box 28 Howe, Irving
Box 28 Howe, Quincy
Box 28 Howells, Mildred
Box 28 Howells, William Dean (2 folders)
Box 28 Howes, Barbara
Box 28 Howes, Elizabeth Boyden
Box 28 Huberman, Leo
Box 28 Hudson, William Henry
Box 28 Hudson Review
Box 28 Hughes, H. Stuart
Box 28 Hughes, Langston
Box 28 Hugo, Howard E.
Box 28 Hull, Andrew P.
Box 28 Humanism
Box 28 Humanities Review
Box 28 Humphries, Rolfe
Box 28 Humphries, Wilfred R.
Box 28 Hunt, Edward Eyre
Box 28 Hunt, Lyman C.
Box 28 Huntington Hartford Foundation
Box 28 Hutchins, Grace
Box 28 Hutchinson, Paul
Box 28 Huxley, Aldous
Box 28 Hyman, Stanley Edgar
Box 28 Hyndman, Henry Mayers
Box 29 I
Box 29 I Like America 1938-1947, undated (5 folders)
Box 29 Illinois, University of
Illinois Writers' Project. Cavalcade of the American Negro
See Common Council for American Unity.
Box 29 Iman, Raymond S.
Box 29 Impact Publications
Box 29 Imperialism
Box 29 Independent Left
Box 29 Indiana (State)
Box 29 Indiana University
Box 29 Indiana University Press
Box 29 Institute for Community Leadership
Box 29 Intellectuals
Box 29 Interim
Box 29 International Labor Defense
Box 29 International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union
Box 29 International Literature
Box 29 International Publishers
Box 29 International Student Service of the United States
Box 29 Irving, Washington
Box 29 Irwin, William Henry
Box 29 Isherwood, Christopher
Iverson, Robert W.
See Fund for the Republic.
Box 29 J
Box 29 Jackson, Charles
See also Life.
Box 29 Jackson, Katherine Gauss
Box 29 Jackson, Shirley
Box 29 Jacobs, Judy
Box 29 Jaffa, Herbert C.
Box 29 James, Henry (2 folders)
Box 30 Jameson, Storm
Box 30 Janeway, Elizabeth
Box 30 Janik, Phyllis
Box 30 Jarvis, Ralph D.
Box 30 Jeffers, Una (Call)
Box 30 Jeffrey, Mildred Mesurac
Box 30 Jellema, Roderick
Box 30 Jelliffe, Belinda Dobson
Box 30 Jerard, Elise
Box 30 Jewett, Sarah Orne
Johns, Judith Clancy
See Clancy, Judith S..
Box 30 Johns, Orrick
Johnson, Allan
See Schachner, Eugene.
Johnson, Allen
See Dictionary of American Biography.
Johnson, Alvin Saunders
See Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences.
Box 30 Johnson, Josephine
Box 30 Johnson, Oakley
Box 30 Johnson, Pyke
Box 30 Jones, Claude Edward
Box 30 Jones, Ellis O.
Box 30 Jones, H.G.
Box 30 Jones, Howard Mumford
Box 30 Jones, James
Box 30 Jones, John Hudson
Box 30 Jones, Lombard C.
See also Walton, Edith (Mrs. L.C. Jones).
Box 30 Jones, Madison
Box 30 Jones, Robert Edmond
Box 30 Joseph, Donald
Box 30 Josephs, Laurence. Cold Water Morning 1963
Box 30 Josephson, Ben
Box 30 Joughin, G. Louis
Box 30 Journal of Higher Education
Box 30 Joy, Charles Rhind
Box 30 Joyce, James
Box 30 Jubilee
Box 30 K
Box 30 Kadushin, Charles
Box 30 Kalechofsky, Roberta
Box 30 Kallich, Martin
Kallman, Elizabeth
See Wheelock, Elizabeth.
Box 30 Kane, Joseph
Box 30 Kapelner, Alan
Box 30 Kaplan, Harold
Box 30 Kaswan, Ruth Siler
Box 30 Katz, Leslie
Box 30 Katz, Shlomo
Box 30 Kauffmann, Stanley
Box 30 Kay, Ulysses
See also Yaddo.
Box 30 Kazin, Alfred
Box 30 Keating, George T.
Box 30 Keedick, Lee
Box 30 Keenan, James F.
Box 30 Kelley, Sally
Box 30 Kelsey, William Kline
Box 30 Kempton, Murray
Box 30 Kendall, Paul Murray and family (2 folders)
Box 30 Kenderdine, John D.
Box 30 Kennedy, William
Box 30 Kent, Rockwell
Box 30 Kenton, Edna
Box 30 Kenyon Review
Box 30 Kepler, Thomas Samuel
Box 30 Kerkhoff, Johnston D.
Box 30 Kern, Alfred
Box 30 Kern, John Dwight
Box 30 Ketchum, Richard M.
Box 30 Kienitz, John Fabian
Box 30 Kieran, John
Box 30 Kiley, Frederick T.
Box 30 Killinger, John
Box 30 Kincead, Beatrice
Box 30 King, Grace
Box 31 Kingsley, Charles
Box 31 Kingsley, John Donald
Box 31 Kinnamon, Keneth
Box 31 Kipling, Rudyard
Box 31 Kirchwey, Freda
Box 31 Kirkland, Joseph
Box 31 Kirstein, Lincoln
Box 31 Kitay, Geraldine
Box 31 Kizer, Carolyn
Box 31 Klein, Alexander
Box 31 Klein, Herbert Arthur
Box 31 Klinke, H.O.
Box 31 Kluger, Richard
Box 31 Knickerbocker, Charles H.
Box 31 Knickerbocker, William S.
Box 31 Knight, Damon
Box 31 Knight, Eric
Box 31 Knight, Grant Cochran
Box 31 Knight, Jere (Mrs. Eric)
Box 31 Knoll, Robert E.
Box 31 Knopf, (Alfred A.), Inc.
Box 31 Koestler, Arthur
Box 31 Kogan, Herman
Box 31 Kohlberg, Alfred
Box 31 Kohn, David
Box 31 Kohner, Frederick
Box 31 Kolb, Harold H.
Box 31 Konecky, Edith
Box 31 Konecky, Eugene
Box 31 Kosinski, Jerzy
Box 31 Kostelanetz, Richard
Box 31 Kramer, Dale
Box 31 Kramer, Eugene F.
Box 31 Kraus, Harry P.
Box 31 Kreymborg, Alfred
Box 31 Kristol, Irving
Box 31 Kronenberger, Louis
Box 31 Krutch, Joseph Wood
Box 31 Kuenstler, Frank
Box 31 Kuh, Katharine
Box 31 Kunitz, Joshua
Kuo, Ching-ch'iu
See Kuo, Helena.
Box 31 Kuo, Helena
Box 31 L
Box 31 Labor Research Association
Box 31 LaFlamme, Gladys
Box 31 Lahey, Edwin A.
Box 31 LaHood, Marvin J.
Box 31 Lamb, Edward
Box 31 Lamb, Robert K. (2 folders)
Box 32 Lamont, Corliss 1934-1965, undated (3 folders)
Box 32 Lancaster, Elizabeth G.
See also Wheelock, Elizabeth.
Box 32 Landis, James McCauley
Box 32 Lane, Alfred Church
Lang, Harry
See Lang, Lucy Robins.
Box 32 Lang, Lucy Robins 1911-1958, undated (3 folders)
Box 32 Langer, Elinor
Box 32 Langford, Richard E.
Box 32 Langley, Christopher
Box 32 Lania, Leo
Box 32 Lanier, Henry W.
Box 32 Lankes, Julius J.
Box 32 Lanning, George
Box 32 Lape, Fred
Box 32 Larkin, Oliver W.
Box 32 Larremore, Thomas
Box 32 Lash, Joseph P.
Box 32 Lasker, Bruno
Box 32 Laski, Harold J.
Box 32 Lasky, Melvin J.
See also Der Monat.
Box 32 Lasky, Victor
Box 32 Latham, Harold
See also Macmillan Co..
Box 32 Laughlin, James
Box 32 Lauterbach, Albert T.
Box 32 Lawrence, David Herbert
Box 32 Lawrence, James Cooper
Box 32 Lawrence, Seymour
Box 32 Lawson, John Howard
Box 32 Lawson, Robert Wilde
Box 32 Layton, Roland Vanderbilt
Box 32 Lazo, Hector
Box 32 Lea, James W.
Box 32 Leach, Henry Goddard
Box 32 League for American Ideals
Box 32 League for Industrial Democracy
Box 33 League of American Writers (2 folders)
Box 33 League of Women Voters of Albany County
Box 33 Leary, Lewis Gaston
Box 33 Lechlitner, Ruth
Box 33 Lee, Audrey
Box 33 Lee, Charles
Box 33 Lee, Clarence Pendleton
Box 33 Lee, Harry 0.
Box 33 Leeds, Barry H.
Box 33 Leekley, Richard
Box 33 Left Front
Box 33 Left Review
Box 33 Lehan, Richard Daniel
Box 33 Lehr, Wilson
Box 33 Leites, Nathan. "Trends in Moral Temper" 1947
Box 33 Lemon, Lee T.
Box 33 Lentin, Albert Paul
Box 33 Leonard, Dorothy
Box 33 Lermond, Norman Wallace
Box 33 Lerner, Max
Box 33 Lerner, Tillie
Box 33 Lester, Bernard
Box 33 Levenson, Leah 1938-1966, undated (2 folders)
Box 33 Levenson, Samuel 1932-1970, undated (3 folders)
Box 33 Levine, Paul
Box 33 Levinson, Burton E.
Box 33 Levitas, Sol
Box 33 Levitov, Aleksandr Ivanovich
Box 33 Levoy, Myron
Box 33 Levy, Melvin P.
Box 33 Lewis, Alfred Henry
Box 33 Lewis, H.H.
Box 33 Lewis, Harold M.J.
Box 33 Lewis, James Franklin
Box 33 Lewis, Joseph
See also Freethinkers of America.
Box 33 Lewis, Leon
Box 34 Lewis, Richard J.
Box 34 Lewis, Richard Warrington Baldwin
Box 34 Lewis, Sinclair
Box 34 Lewisohn, Ludwig
Box 34 Liberation
Box 34 Liberty Presbyterian Church forum
Box 34 Library of Congress
Box 34 Lid, Richard Wald
Box 34 Lieber, Maxim
Box 34 Lieder, Paul Robert
Box 34 Life
Lilienthal, David E.
See Tennessee Valley Authority.
Box 34 Lillibridge, George D. (Don) 1950-1966 (2 folders)
Box 34 Limited Editions Club
Box 34 Lindell, Richard Leonard
Box 34 Linet, Henry A.
Box 34 Linney, Romulus
Box 34 J. B. Lippincott Company
Box 34 Lippmann, Walter
Box 34 Literary Guild of America, Inc.
Box 34 Literary Horizons, pre-publication miscellany
Box 34 Literature
Box 34 Littell, Robert
Box 34 Little, Bertram K.
Box 34 Little, Brown & Company
Box 34 Liveright
Box 34 The Living Novel 1956-1957, undated (3 folders)
Box 34 Lloyd, William Bross
Box 35 Locke, Octavia 1956-1971, undated (4 folders)
Box 35 Loeb, Harold
Box 35 London, Jack
Box 35 Long Island University. Southampton College
Box 35 Longmans, Green & Company
Box 35 Loomis, Edward
Box 35 Loomis, Mildred Jensen
Box 35 Lorimer, George Horace
Box 35 Lothar, Ernst
Box 35 Lott, Milton (Mrs.)
Box 35 Louisiana State University Press
Box 35 Louisville, University of
Box 35 Loveland, Constance
Box 35 Lovestone, Jay
Box 35 Lovett, Robert Morss
Box 35 Loving, Pierre
Box 35 Lowe, Robert Liddell
See also Yaddo.
Box 35 Lowell, James Russell
Box 35 Lowell, Robert
Box 35 Lowenfels, Walter
Box 35 Lowenthal, Leo
Box 35 Lowry, Margerie
Box 35 Lowry, Malcolm
See also Lowry, Margerie.
Box 35 Luce, Henry
Box 35 Luhan, Mabel Dodge
Box 35 Lund, Herbert F.
Box 35 Lundahl, Gene
Box 35 Lurie, David
Box 35 Lutz, Alma
Box 35 Lydenburg, John 1939-1968, undated (3 folders)
Box 35 Lynd, Helen (Merrell)
Box 35 Lynes, Russell
Box 35 Lynn, Kenneth S. "Authors in Search of the Businessman." Harvard Business Review undated
Box 36 Lyon, Don W. (and Dot)
Box 36 Lyon, Peter
Box 36 Lyons, Eugene
Box 36 Lyons, Louis Martin
Box 36 M
Box 36 MacAlpine, Eadmonn
Box 36 Macaulay, Thomas Babington
Box 36 Robert M. McBride & Company
Box 36 MacCampbell, Donald
Box 36 McCarthy, Mary
Box 36 McConkey, James
Box 36 McConnell, William C.
Box 36 McCormick, Kenneth Dale
Box 36 McCoy, Samuel Duff
Box 36 McCullers, Carson
Box 36 McCullough, Dan H.
Box 36 McCurtin, Peter
Box 36 McDaniel, Thomas R.
Box 36 Macdonald, Dwight
Box 36 MacDougall, William R.
Box 36 McDowell, Tremaine
Box 36 McGee, Alan vol.
Box 36 MacGillivray, Arthur
Box 36 McGraw-Hill Book Company
Box 36 McGuane, Thomas
Box 36 McHugh, Vincent
Box 36 Macias, Anna
Box 36 MacInnes, Helen
Box 36 McIntire, Marguerite (Pearman)
Box 36 Mack, Tom
Box 36 David McKay Company, Inc.
Box 36 MacKaye, Percy
Box 36 McKinley, Georgia (2 folders)
Box 36 McKinney, Laurence
Box 36 Macklin, F.A.
Box 36 McLaughlin, David
Box 36 MacLeish, Archibald
Box 36 MacLennan, Hugh
Box 36 Macmillan Company 1926-1933 (3 folders)
Box 37 Macmillan Company 1934-1947 (12 folders)
Box 38 Macmillan Company 1948-1967 (12 folders)
Box 38 McMurry, Donald L.
Box 38 McNamara, Edward T.
Box 38 McNamee, Lawrence Francis
Box 38 McNerney, Eugene A.
Box 38 McNutt, Paul vol.
Box 38 MacShane, Frank
Box 38 McWilliams, Carey
Box 38 Macy, Helen
Box 38 Madden, David (3 folders)
Box 39 Madison, Charles Allan
Box 39 Magil, Abraham Bernard
Maher, Constance Loveland
See Loveland, Constance.
Box 39 Mailer, Norman
Box 39 Malamud, Bernard (3 folders)
Box 39 Mallock, William Hurrell
Box 39 Malone, Dumas
See also Dictionary of American Biography.
Box 39 Maltz, Albert
Box 39 Malzberg, Barry N.
Box 39 Manchester, William Raymond
Box 39 Manfred, Ernest Fred
Box 39 Manfred, Frederick
Box 39 Manfred, Freya
Box 39 Mangione, Jerre Gerlando
Box 39 The Manitoban
Box 39 Manneslied, Claire
Box 39 Manning, Stanley
Box 39 Mannix, Edward
Box 39 Manny, Frank A.
Box 39 Mansfield, Luther Stearns
Box 39 Mantle, Burns
Marberry, Virginia Gardner
See Gardner, Virginia.
Box 39 March, William
Box 39 Marcosson, Isaac Frederick
Box 39 Marcus, Alan
Box 39 Margolies, Edward
Box 39 Marquand, John P.
Box 39 Marquette University
Box 39 Martin, Edward Sanford
Box 39 Martin, Jay
Box 39 Martineau, Harriet
Box 39 Marvin, Dwight
Box 39 Marx, Leo
Box 39 Marxist study group
Box 39 Marxist Symposium, study of American culture
Box 39 Mary Ethel, Sister
Box 39 Masefield, John
Box 39 Mason, Daniel Gregory
Box 39 Mason, Ruth
Box 39 Massachusetts Review
Box 39 Masses - Contempo April 5, 1933
Box 39 Massing, Hede
Box 39 Massing, Paul W.
Box 39 Masters, Dexter
Box 39 Masters, Hilary
Box 40 Matthews, Jack
Box 40 Matthiessen, Francis Otto
Box 40 Maugham, W. Somerset
Box 40 Maule, Harry Edward
Box 40 Maxwell, William
Box 40 May, Elizabeth Stoffregen
Box 40 Mayberry, George
Box 40 Mayfield, Sara
Box 40 Meanjin
Box 40 Meck, John Foster
Box 40 Meech, Sanford B.
Box 40 Meller, Sidney
Box 40 Mellquist, Jerome
Box 40 Meltzer, Francoise Claire
Box 40 Meltzer, Milton
Box 40 Melville, Herman
Box 40 Memoirs
Box 40 Mencken, H.L.
Box 40 Mendelson, Harry G.
Box 40 Meredith, George
Box 40 Meridian Books
Box 40 Merriam, Eve
Box 40 Merton, Robert K.
Box 40 Metcalfe, John
Box 40 Meyer, Andrew
Box 40 Meyer, Frank S.
Box 40 Meyer, Karl Ernest
Box 40 Michelson, Herman
Box 40 Michener, James A.
Box 40 Middlebury College
Box 40 Middlebury Conference
Box 40 Middleton, William Vernon
Box 40 Midstream
Box 40 Milano, Paolo
Box 40 Miles, Mildred Lynn
Box 40 Milgram, Morris
Box 40 Mill, John Stuart
Box 40 Millay, Edna St. Vincent
Box 40 Miller, Arthur
Box 40 Miller, Fred R.
Box 40 Miller, Harlan
Box 40 Miller, James Edwin
Box 40 Miller, Merle
Box 40 Miller, Nolan
Box 40 Miller, Perry
Box 40 Miller, Russ
Box 40 Mills, C. Wright
Box 40 Mills, Ralph J.
Box 40 Milwaukee Journal
Box 40 Mims, Helen (Sullivan)
Box 40 Minnesota, University of. University Press
Box 40 Minor, Lydia Gibson
Box 40 Mirabelli, Eugene
Box 40 Mishory, Mark
Box 40 Mitchell, Broadus
Box 40 Mitchell, Louise Pearson
Box 40 Mitchell, Margaret
Box 40 Mitchell, Robert A.
Box 40 Mitchison, Naomi (Haldane)
Box 41 Modern Age Books 1937-1942, undated (5 folders)
Box 41 Modern Age Books - Reader's reports
Box 41 Modern Language Association
Box 41 Modern Review
Box 41 Modern Socialism
Box 41 Moffett, Judith
Box 41 Mok, Paul P.
Box 41 Der Monat
Box 41 Monsarrat, Nicholas
Box 41 Montague, Charles Edward
Montana Study
See Brownell, Baker.
Box 41 Montgomery, Richard Gill
Box 41 Mood, Fulmer 1930-1965 (4 folders)
Box 41 Moody, William Vaughan
Box 41 Moon, Bucklin
Box 41 Moore, Brian
Box 41 Moore, George
Box 41 Moore, Harry Thornton
Box 41 Moore, John G.
Box 41 Moores, Richard Gordon
Box 41 Mordell, Albert
Box 41 Morgan, Arthur Ernest
Box 41 Morgan, Griscom. Vitality and Civilization 1947
Box 41 Morgan, Carole
Box 41 Morgan, Frederick
Box 41 Morgan, Maud
Box 41 Morressy, John
Box 41 Morrill, George
Box 41 Morris, Benjamin Wistar
Box 41 Morris, Dorothy (and Charles)
Box 42 Morris, Walter Ripton 1936-1971, undated (4 folders)
Box 42 Morris, William
Morris (William) Agency
See William Morris Agency.
Box 42 Morris, Wright (8 folders)
Box 43 Morrison, Arthur
Box 43 Morrison, Theodore
Box 43 Morrow, Donald
Box 43 Morrow, Felix
Box 43 William Morrow & Co., Inc.
Box 43 Morse, Josiah Mitchell
Box 43 Morse, Stearns
Box 43 Mote, Carl Henry
Box 43 Mottram, Ralph Hale
Box 43 Mowrer, Paul Scott
Box 43 Moynahan, James H.S.
Box 43 Mumford, Lewis
Box 43 Mundus Artium
Box 43 Munroe, James Phinney
Box 43 Munson, Gorham Bert
Box 43 Murdoch, Iris
Box 43 Murdock, Kenneth Ballard
Box 43 Mussey, June Barrows
Box 43 Muste, Abraham John
Box 43 N
Box 43 Nabokov, Vladimir
Box 43 Nadig, Henry Davis
Box 43 Nagel, James
Box 43 Nahm, Milton Charles
Box 43 Nankivell, Frank Arthur
Box 43 Nason, Leonard
Box 43 Nathan, Paul S.
Box 43 Nathan, Robert Louis
Box 43 The Nation
Box 43 The National Book Award 1951-1959
Box 43 The National Book Committee 1965-1973, undated (2 folders)
Box 43 National Broadcasting Company. NBC University Theatre
Box 43 National Committee for People's Rights
Box 43 National Committee for the Defense of Political Prisoners
Box 44 National Conference on the Community
Box 44 National Council of Teachers of English
Box 44 National Education Association
Box 44 National Endowment for the Humanities
Box 44 National Writers Club
Box 44 Nearing, Helen K.
Box 44 Nearing, Scott
Box 44 Nebraska Library Association
Box 44 Neider, Charles
Box 44 Neiman, Gilbert
Box 44 Nelson, John Truman
Box 44 Neufeld, John
Box 44 Neumann, Henry
Box 44 Nevins, Allan
Box 44 Nevius, Blake
Box 44 New America
Box 44 New American Library
Box 44 New Directions (publisher)
Box 44 New England Historic Genealogical Society
Box 44 New England Town Hall, Inc.
Box 44 The New Freeman
Box 44 New Frontier
Box 44 New Hampshire (State)
New International Year Book
See Funk and Wagnalls Company.
Box 44 The New Leader 1942-1972, undated (2 folders)
Box 44 The New Leader, New Yorker book reviews article
Box 44 New Letters in America
Box 44 New Masses 1932-1939, undated (3 folders)
Box 44 New Masses - Reviewers
Box 45 The New Republic 1925-1975, undated (2 folders)
Box 45 New School for Social Research 1955-1964, undated (7 folders)
Box 45 The New South
Box 45 New Writing
Box 45 The New York Evening Post
Box 45 New York Herald Tribune
Box 45 New York Post
Box 45 New York Public Library
Box 45 New York State Education
Box 45 New York State history
Box 45 New York Times Book Review
Box 45 New York University
Box 45 New York University Press
Box 46 The New Yorker
Box 46 Newcomb, Theodore
Box 46 Newdick, Robert S.
Box 46 Newhouse, Edward
Box 46 Newland Press
Box 46 Newman, Albert M.
Box 46 Newsday
Box 46 Nichols, Acosta
See also Yaddo.
Box 46 Niemeyer, Carl Anthony
Box 46 Nock, Albert Jay
Box 46 Nomad, Max
Box 46 Norman, Charles
Box 46 Norris, Frank
Box 46 North, Joseph
Box 46 North Carolina State College
Box 46 Northshield, Jane
Box 46 Northwest Review
Box 46 Northwestern University
Box 46 Norton, Clement A.
Box 46 W.W. Norton & Company, Inc.
Norway, Nevil Shute
See Shute, Nevil.
Box 46 Norwick, Braham 1935-1965, undated (4 folders)
Box 46 Noth, Ernst Erich
Box 46 Notre Dame, University of
Box 46 Nuhn, Ferner
Box 46 Nyren, Dorothy
Box 46 O
Box 46 Oak, Liston M.
Box 46 Oates, Joyce Carol (2 folders)
Box 46 Obscenity
Box 46 O'Casey, Sean
Box 46 O'Connell, Thomas Edward
Box 47 O'Connor, Flannery (4 folders)
Box 47 O'Connor, Harvey
Box 47 O'Connor, William Van
Box 47 Odets, Clifford
Box 47 Odum, Howard Washington
Box 47 Odyssey Press, Inc.
Box 47 O'Hara, John
Box 47 Ohio University
Box 47 Ohio Valley Writers' Conference
Box 47 Olivet College
Box 47 O'Neill, Eugene
Box 47 Only One Storm Feb. 1942-1949, undated (3 folders)
Box 47 Onward
Box 47 Orton, William Aylott
Box 47 Orwell, George
Box 47 O'Sullivan, Vincent. The Good Girl
Box 47 Otis, Brooks
Box 47 Otto Rank Association
Box 47 Overstreet, Harry Allen
Box 47 Overton, Richard Cleghorn
Box 47 Owen, Bert B.
Box 47 Owen, Guy
Box 47 Oxford University Press
Box 47 P
Box 48 Pacific Northwest Writers Conference
Box 48 Padgette, Paul
Box 48 Page, Charles Hunt
Box 48 Page, Dorothy Myra
Page, Myra
See Page, Dorothy Myra.
Box 48 Page, Thomas Nelson
Box 48 Painter, Charlotte
Box 48 Palamountain, Joseph C.
Box 48 Paperback Review
Box 48 Parker, Hershel
Box 48 Parrington, Vernon Louis
Box 48 Parry, Albert
Box 48 "The Parsons and the War" (2 folders)
Box 48 Part of the Truth 1965-1968, undated (2 folders)
Box 48 Partisan Review
Box 48 Patchen, Kenneth
Box 48 Pathfinder
Box 48 Patmore, Coventry
Box 48 Patton, Julia
Box 48 Payne, Lucile Vaughan
Box 48 Pearl, Jeannette D.
Box 48 Pearson, Norman Holmes
Box 48 Pearson, Ralph Emerson
Box 48 Peck, Gustav
Box 48 Peden, William
Box 48 Peirce, Waldo
Box 48 P. E. N.
Box 48 Pendrell, Ernest
Box 48 Pennington, Leslie T.
Box 48 Pennycock, Andrew
Box 48 Pennsylvania State University
Box 48 Pennsylvania, University of
Box 48 People's Institute of Applied Religion
Box 48 Percy, Walker
Box 48 Perky, Cheves West
Box 48 Perry, Kathleen R.
Box 48 Perry, Ralph Barton
See also Dennison job - summer 1923 (II).
Box 48 Peterson, Don
Box 48 Peterson, Edwin Lewis
Box 48 Petrakis, Harry Mark
Box 48 Pew, Marlen Edwin
Box 48 Pfeiffer, Karl G.
Box 48 Phelps, Wallace
Box 48 Philadelphia Art Alliance
Box 48 Philipson, Morris
Box 48 Philipson, Morris. Paradoxes 1968
Box 49 Phillips, David Graham (2 folders)
Box 49 Phillips, John Sanburn
Box 49 Phillips, Robert S.
Box 49 Picard, Jacob
Box 49 Pilat, Oliver Ramsay
Box 49 Pinchon, Edgcumb
Box 49 Pinchot, Amos R.E.
Box 49 Pino, Austin L.
Box 49 Pinska, Stanley
Box 49 Plain Talk
Box 49 Podhoretz, Norman
Box 49 Poetry
Box 49 Politics
Box 49 Polk, Noel Earl
Box 49 Pollans, Bertrand E.
Box 49 Poller, Rebekah (2 folders)
Box 49 Poole, Ernest
Box 49 Pooley, Robert Cecil
Box 49 Porter, William Sydney
Box 49 Portner, Stuart
Box 49 Potter, Grace Elizabeth
Box 49 Potter, Nancy A.J.
Box 49 Pound, Ezra
Box 49 Powell, Adam Clayton
Box 49 Powell, Anthony
Box 49 Pressly, Thomas J.
Box 49 Preston, John Hyde
Box 49 Price, Don K. "Purists and Politicians" 1969
Price, Ellen
See Mary Ethel, Sister.
Box 49 Price, Lucien
Box 49 Price, Reynolds
Box 49 Priestley, John Boynton
Box 49 Princeton University
Box 49 Princeton University Press
Box 49 Princetonian
Box 49 Pritchard, Katharine Susannah
Box 49 Progressive Book Club
Box 49 Prokosch, Frederic
Box 49 Proletarian Literature in the United States 1935
Box 49 Pross, Helge
Box 49 Proust, Marcel
Box 49 Psychology
Box 49 Puerto Rico, University of
Box 49 Purdy, James
Box 49 Putnam, Emily James (Smith)
Box 49 Putnam, James
See also Macmillan Company.
Box 49 [G. P.] Putnam's (3 folders)
Box 49 [G. P.] Putnam's 1939-1973 - reader's reports
Box 50 Putney School
Box 50 Q
Box 50 Quadrangle Books
Box 50 Quinn, John J.
Box 50 R
Box 50 RPI General correspondence
Box 50 RPI Convocation, Church and Work Congress 1955
Box 50 RPI dismissal, American Association of University Professors
Box 50 RPI dismissal, American Civil Liberties Union
Box 50 RPI dismissal, National Committee for the Defense of Political Prisoners
Box 50 RPI dismissal, clippings
Box 50 RPI dismissal, letters of support
Box 50 RPI dismissal, miscellany
Box 50 Radio
Box 50 Radley, Virginia L.
Box 50 Rahv, Philip
Box 50 Raible, Robert
Box 50 Raines, Halsey
Box 50 Rame, David
Box 50 Random House, Inc.
Box 50 Random House Dictionary of the English Language
Box 50 Ransome, Arthur
Box 50 Rathburn, Robert Charles
Box 50 Read, Opie Percival
Box 50 Reade, Leslie
Box 50 Reagan, Michael D.
Box 50 Recht, Charles
Box 50 Rechy, John
Box 51 Record, Wilson
Box 51 Red Sparks
Box 51 Redding, Jay Saunders
Box 51 Redford, Grant H.
Box 51 Redpath Bureau
Box 51 John Reed Club
Box 51 Regent, Albert
Box 51 Regier, Cornelius C. The Era of the Muckrackers.
Box 51 Regional planning
Box 51 Regionalism
Box 51 Reinstein, Herman
Box 51 Reissig, Herman Frederick
Box 51 Renault, Mary
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
See RPI.
Box 51 The Reporter
Box 51 Resignation from Communist Party (3 folders)
Box 51 Reuben, William A.
Box 51 Rexroth, Kenneth
Box 51 Rezneck, Samuel
Box 51 Rich, Louis
Box 51 Richards, Ivor Armstrong
Box 51 Richardson, Henry Handel
Box 51 Richler, Mordecai
Box 51 Richter, Conrad
Box 51 Rickword, Edgell
Box 51 Rideout, Walter Bates
Box 51 Riemer, Svend
Box 51 Riesman, David
Box 51 Riess, Curt
Box 51 Riggs, Strafford
Box 51 Rinehart and Company, Inc.
Box 51 Ritchey, R.H.
Box 51 Ritt, Martin
Box 52 Robbins, Jack Alan 1967-1978, undated (15 folders)
Box 52 Robbins, Jack Alan "Marxism and Literature in the 1930s"
Box 52 Robbins, Jack Alan
See also "The Past Recaptured" and "Ripples in the American Stream" in Arvin, Newton.
Box 53 Roberts, Holland
Box 53 Roberts, Lester
Box 53 Robinson, Boardman
See also Oversize material: Metropolitan selections.
Box 53 Robinson, Bradley
Box 53 Robinson, Earl
Box 53 Robinson, Edwin Arlington
Box 53 Robinson, Elmo A.
Box 53 Rochester, Anna
Box 53 Rockefeller Foundation 1942-1969, undated (2 folders)
Box 53 Rodehaver, Myles W.
Box 53 Rodgers, Paul Cochrane
Box 53 Rodman, Selden
Box 53 Rofheart, Martha
Box 53 Rohlfs, Anna Katharine (Green)
Rokotov, T.
See International Literature.
Box 53 Rollins, Alfred Brooks
Box 53 Romaine, Paul
Box 53 Ronald, James
Box 53 Ronald Press Company
Box 53 Roop, Wendell P.
Box 53 Roper, Elmo
Box 53 Rorem, Ned
Box 53 Rorty, James
Box 53 Rose, Alice
Box 53 Rose, Thomas
Box 53 Rose, William
Box 53 Rosen, Aaron Tani
Box 53 Rosenberg, Emily S.
Box 53 Rosenberg, Marvin
Box 53 Rosenfield, Leonora Cohen
Box 53 Rosenhaupt, Hans
Box 53 Rosenstone, Robert A.
Box 53 Rosenthal, Raymond
Box 53 Roskolenko, Harry
Box 53 Ross, Edward Alsworth
Box 53 Ross, Irwin
Box 53 Rosset, Barney
Box 53 Rossiter, Clinton Lawrence
Box 53 Roth, Henry
Box 53 Roth, Philip
Box 53 Rothermel, Bertha M.
Box 53 Rouillard, Henri
Box 53 Rovere, Richard 1936-1955, 1965 (3 folders)
Box 54 Rovere, Richard undated (6 folders)
Box 54 Rowlingson, Donald T.
Box 54 Rubin, Jacob H.
Box 54 Rueckert, William H.
Box 54 Rukeyser, Muriel
Box 54 Ruskin, John
Box 54 Russak, Martin
Box 54 Russell, Charles Edward
Russell, Diarmuid
See Volkening, Henry.
Box 54 Russell and Russell, Inc.
Russell and Volkening, Inc.
See Volkening, Henry.
Box 54 SA - SH
Box 54 SI - SZ
Box 54 Saal, Rollene
Box 54 Salinger, J.D. (2 folders)
Box 54 Saltus, Edgar
Box 54 Salzman, Jack
Box 54 Salzmann, Jerome
Box 54 Sammons, Wheeler
Box 54 Sanders, David Scott
Box 54 Sangster, Ellen
Box 54 Sapieha, Nicholas
Box 54 Sargent, Porter
Box 54 Sarlos, Robert Karoly
Box 54 Sarton, May
Box 55 Sartre, John Paul
Box 55 Satterthwaite, Sheafe
Saturday Review
"Mail-Order Creativity" April 29, 1961
See "Mail-Order Creativity" response in Famous Writers School.
Box 55 "The Right Word to Write" July 17, 1965
Box 55 "To Him Who Would a Writer Be" Jan. 1, 1966
Box 55 "The Wrong Word For It" May 7, 1966 (2 folders)
Box 55 "A Problem of Definition" Oct. 22, 1966
Box 55 "A Man of Many Words" Jan. 28, 1967
Box 55 "Each Generation Has Its Own Dream" Mar. 25, 1967
Box 55 "The Media Crisis in the Classroom" Apr. 15, 1967
Box 55 "Art Lost in Analysis" May 13, 1967
Box 55 "Dull For Bright Young Brains" July 8, 1967
Box 55 "Is English Getting Too Wordy" Oct. 28, 1967
Box 55 "More on Words" Dec. 23, 1967
Box 55 "Philology for Fun" Oct. 12, 1968 (2 folders)
Box 55 Saturday Review (of Literature)
Box 55 Saunders, Marion
Box 55 Savage, George
Box 55 Saveth, Edward Norman
Box 55 Saxton, Mark
Box 55 Sayre, Robert F.
Box 55 Schachner, Eugene
Box 55 Schacht, Marshall
Box 55 Schapiro, Meyer
Box 55 Schappes, Morris Urman
Box 55 Schick, Frank Leopold
Box 55 Schlatter, Richard Bulger
Box 55 Schlauch, Margaret
Box 56 Schlesinger, Arthur M.
Box 56 Schlesinger, Arthur M. (Jr.)
Box 56 Schlichtkrull, Thomas W.
Box 56 Schmelzer, Richard W. 1959-1962, undated (2 folders)
Box 56 Schmidt, James Norman
Box 56 Schmitt, Gladys
Box 56 Schneider, Harold W.
Box 56 Schneider, Isidor
Box 56 Schneider, Robert W.
Box 56 Schneiderman, Rose
Box 56 Schorer, Mark
Box 56 Schroeter, James
Box 56 Schulte, Rainer
Box 56 Schuman, Frederick Lewis
Box 56 Schwab, Arnold T.
Box 56 Schwartz, Daniel Herbert
Box 56 Schwartz, Delmore
Box 56 Schwartzman, Ephraim
Box 56 Science and Society 1936-1939, undated
Box 56 Scott, Arthur Lincoln
Box 56 Scott, Evelyn
Box 56 Scott, James
Box 56 Scott, Leroy
Box 56 Scott, Foresman and Co.
Box 56 Charles Scribner's Sons
Box 56 Seattle Repertory Playhouse
Box 56 Seaver, Edwin
Box 56 Seid, Ruth
Box 56 Seidlin, Oskar
Box 56 Seitz, Don Carlos
Box 56 Serebnick, Judith
Box 56 Sessions, Jack A.
Box 56 Setian, Ralph
Box 56 Settle, Mary Lee
Box 56 Sewanee Review
Box 56 Seward, William Ward
Box 56 Shafer, Margaret
Box 56 Shaffer, Thomas L.
Box 56 Shannon, David A.
Box 56 Shapiro, Charles
Box 56 Shapiro, Herbert
Box 56 Shapiro, Lionel S.B.
Box 56 Shapley, Rufus Edmonds Solid For Mulhooly
Box 56 Shaw, George Bernard
See also Oversize material: Metropolitan selections.
Box 56 Shaw, Irwin
Box 56 Shay, Frank
Box 56 Sheaffer, Louis
Box 57 Sheffeld, Marion
Box 57 Shelley, Percy Bysshe
Box 57 Shenandoah
Box 57 Shepard, Odell
Box 57 Sherman, Stuart
Box 57 Shover, Michele
Box 57 Shute, Nevil
Box 57 Sichel, Pierre
Box 57 Sickels, Dorothy Judd
Box 57 Siena College
Silberstein, Joan
See Arnold, Joan.
Siler, Ruth
See Kaswan, Ruth Siler.
Box 57 Sillars, Robertson
Box 57 Sillen, Samuel
Box 57 Simmons, Charles
Box 57 Simmons, Ernest Joseph
Box 57 Simon, Rita James
Box 57 Simon and Schuster, Inc.
Box 57 Simonson, Harold Peter
Box 57 Simonson, Lee
Box 57 Simpson, Claude Mitchell
Box 57 Simpson, Herman
Sinclair, Jo
See Seid, Ruth.
Box 57 Sinclair, Upton
Box 57 Sipprell, Clara
Box 57 Skidmore College
Box 57 Sklar, Robert
Box 57 Slade, Caroline (Beach)
Box 57 Slade, John A.
See also Yaddo.
Box 57 Slatoff, Walter Jacob (and Jimmy)
Box 57 Slawsky, Zaka
Box 57 William Sloane Associates
Box 57 Slochower, Harry
Box 57 Small Town 1946-1972, undated (4 folders)
Box 57 Smedley, Agnes
Box 57 Smith, Bernard
Box 57 Smith, Bradford
Box 57 Smith, Chard Powers (and Eunice) 1960-1981, undated (2 folders)
Smith, Datus Clifford
See Princeton University Press.
Box 58 Smith, Francis Hopkinson
Box 58 Smith, Glanville
Box 58 Smith, Harrison
Box 58 Smith, Henry Nash
Box 58 Smith, Lillian
Box 58 Smith, College
Box 58 Snow, C.P.
Box 58 Snow, Sinclair
Box 58 Snow, Walter
Box 58 Socialism bibliographies
Box 58 Socialism - Book proposal and outline
Box 58 Socialist Call
Box 58 Society, Analysis of
Box 58 Society of American Historians
Box 58 Sosin, Gene
Box 58 South Atlantic Quarterly
Box 58 Southern Illinois University Press
Box 58 Southern Review
Box 58 Spadea Syndicate
Box 58 Spaeth, Sigmund
Box 58 Spanish Refugee Aid, Inc.
Box 58 Spark, Muriel
Box 58 Spark
Box 58 "Speak for Yourself"
Box 58 "Speaking of Books" (3 folders)
Box 58 Speight, Harold Edwin Balme
Box 58 Spencer, Elizabeth
Box 58 Spencer, Theodore
Box 59 Spender, Stephen
Box 59 Sperber, Manes
Box 59 Spero, Sterling Denhard
Box 59 Sperry, Willard Learoyd
Box 59 Spinoza Institute of America
Box 59 Springfield Museum of Fine Arts
Box 59 Squires, James Duane
Box 59 Stacton, David
Box 59 Stafford, Jean
Box 59 Stallings, Lawrence. Plumes
Box 59 Standish, Robert
Box 59 Starbuck, Kathryn H.
See also Yaddo.
Box 59 Starobin, Joseph Robert
Starr, Harris Elwood
See Dictionary of American Biography.
Box 59 Startsev, Abel Isaakovich
Box 59 State University College at Brockport
Box 59 Stavis, Barrie
Box 59 Stebel, S.L.
Box 59 Steckmesser, Kent Ladd
Box 59 Steel, Ronald
Box 59 Steele, Mary Q.
Box 59 Steep, Thomas
Box 59 Steffens, Lincoln (3 folders)
Box 59 Steffens, Lincoln. CBS Invitation to Learning, "Autobiography of Lincoln Steffens" Aug. 5, 1945
Box 59 Stegner, Wallace Earle
Box 59 Stein, Sol
Stein and Day (publishers)
See Stein, Sol.
Box 59 Steinbeck, John
Box 59 Steinberg, Julien
Steinman, (Miss)
See Watkins, Shirley.
Box 59 Stephen, Leslie
Box 59 Stephenson, Howard
Box 59 Stern, Bernhard Joseph
Box 59 Stern, Madeleine Bettina
Box 59 Stern, Richard G.
Box 59 Stevens, A. Wilber
Box 59 Stevens, Clarence Davis
Box 59 Stevens, Doris
Box 59 Stevens, James
Box 59 Stevenson, Robert Louis
Box 59 Steward, Donald Ogden
Box 59 Stiver, Mary Weeden
Stone, Grace Zaring
See Vance, Ethel.
Box 59 Stone, Robert
Box 59 Stonequist, Everett vol.
See also Yaddo.
Box 59 Stonesifer, Richard James
Box 59 Stott, William
Box 59 Stowe, Harriet Beecher
Box 59 Strachey, John
Box 60 Strasburger, Victor C.
Box 60 Strauss, Patricia (O'Flynn)
Box 60 Stribling, Thomas Sigismund
Box 60 Stromberg, Roland N.
Box 60 Strong, Anna Louise
Box 60 Struther, Jan
Box 60 Stuart, Jesse
Stuart, John
See Writings: Books: Stuart manuscript (Box 83)
Box 60 Stubbs, Thomas
Box 60 Stubing, Charles Harry
Student Federation of Religious Liberals
See Writings: Miscellany: Published: The Student Liberal.
Box 60 Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee
Box 60 Studies in Short Fiction
Box 60 Styron, William
Box 60 Suckow, Ruth
Box 60 Sudermann, Hermann
Box 60 Sulkin, Sidney
Box 60 Sullivan, Frank
Box 60 Summers, Hollis Spurgeon
Box 60 Swados, Harvey
Box 60 Swallow, Alan
Box 60 Swanson, Walter
Box 60 Sweeney, Frances
Box 60 Sweezy, Paul Marlor
Box 60 Swinburne, Algernon Charles
Box 60 Switalski, John
Box 60 Swope, Herbert Bayard
Box 60 Sykes, Gerald
Box 60 Symes, Lillian
Box 60 Syracuse 10
Box 60 Syracuse University
Box 60 Syracuse University Library
Box 60 Syracuse University Press
Box 60 Szogyi, Alex
Box 60 T
Box 60 Taggard, Genevieve
Box 60 Talmadge, Irving
Box 60 Tamarack Review
Box 60 Tamas, Istvan
Box 60 Tarbell, Ida
Box 60 Targ, William
Box 60 Taylor, Frank
Box 61 Taylor, Graham Romeyn
Box 61 Taylor, Karl K.
Box 61 Taylor, Sarah Wingate
Box 61 Tax, E.H.
Box 61 Tead, Ordway
Box 61 Tennessee Valley Authority
Box 61 Terzian, Lawrence
Box 61 Thanet, Octave
Box 61 There Was a Man in Our Town
Box 61 Thibadeau, Arthur Thomas
Box 61 Thirlwall, John Connop
Box 61 Thomas, Margaret Loring
Box 61 Thomas, Norman
Box 61 Thompson, Dorothy
Box 61 Thompson, Lawrence
Box 61 Thoreau, Henry David
Box 61 Thornton, M.B.
Box 61 Thorp, Willard
Box 61 Thurber, James
Box 61 Thurman, Wallace
Box 61 Tomorrow (magazine)
Box 61 Tonks, Lewi
Box 61 Tourgee, Albion W.
Box 61 Toy, Eckard Vance
Box 61 Toynbee, Arnold J. (2 folders)
Box 61 Toynbee, Arnold J.
See also RPI Convocation, Church and Work Congress.
Tractenberg, Alexander
See International Publishers.
Box 61 Trade unions
Box 61 Tresca, Carlo
Box 61 Trilling, Lionel
Box 61 Trollope, Anthony
Box 61 Trounstine, John J.
Box 61 Troy, William
Box 61 Troy Record
See also Marvin, Dwight.
Box 61 Trueblood, David Elton
Box 61 Tsiang, H.T.
Box 61 Tsugawa, Albert. The Idea of Criticism.
Box 61 Turner, John Kenneth
Box 61 Tuttleton, James W.
Box 61 Twain, Mark (2 folders)
Box 61 Twentieth Century Authors
Box 61 Twersky, Jacob
Box 61 U
Box 61 Udmark, John Andersen
Box 61 Ullman, Victor
Box 61 Uman, Uta
Box 61 Frederick Ungar Publishing Co.
Box 61 Union College
Box 62 Union for Democratic Action
Box 62 United States. Department of Justice
Box 62 United States. Treasury Department
Box 62 United States - Economic conditions-19th century
Box 62 United States - Economic conditions 1918-1945 (4 folders)
Box 62 United States - History
Box 62 United States - Intellectual life - Book proposals (2 folders)
Box 62 United States Information Agency 1950-1967 (2 folders)
Box 62 United States Steel Corporation. "Ten Years of Steel"
Box 62 Unity
Box 62 Universal Pictures Company, Inc.
Box 62 University Microfilms
Box 62 Unterecker, John Eugene
Box 63 Updike, John
Box 63 Utopias
Box 63 V
Box 63 Vagabond
Box 63 Valles, Jules
Box 63 Vance, Ethel
Box 63 Vance, Louis Joseph
Box 63 Vandenberg, T.F.
Box 63 Van Doren, Mark
Box 63 Van Dyke, Henry, b.1852 - d.1933
Box 63 Van Dyke, Henry
Box 63 Vanguard Press, Inc.
Box 63 Van Gundy, Justine
Box 63 Van Neil, Eloise
Box 63 Van Rensselaer, Philip
Box 63 Van Schaick, John
Box 63 Vaughan, Wayland Farries
Box 63 Veblen, Thorstein
Box 63 Vermilyea (Roy) case
Box 63 Vickers, George Edward. The Fall of Bossism.
Box 63 Vidal, Gore
Box 63 Viereck, Peter Robert Edwin
Box 63 Viking Press, Inc. 1933-1965, undated (2 folders)
Box 63 Villa, Jose Garcia
Box 63 Villard, Oswald Garrison
Box 63 Vinal, Harold
Box 63 Vinson, James
Box 63 Vintage Books, Inc.
Box 63 Virginia Quarterly Review
Box 63 Vivante, Arturo
Box 63 Vizetelly, Henry E.
Box 63 Vogel, Joseph
Box 63 Volkening, Henry 1950-1963 (5 folders)
Box 64 Volkening, Henry 1964-1975 (4 folders)
Box 64 Vonnegut, Kurt
Box 64 Vorse, Mary Heaton
Box 64 Vrettos, Theodore
Box 64 W (2 folders)
Box 64 WABY radio station (2 folders)
Box 64 WAST (Channel 13)
Box 64 WGY (radio station)
See also "Speaking of Books".
Box 64 WNDC (radio station) Radio review for Behold Trouble
Box 64 Wackerbarth, Doris H.
Box 64 Wade, John Donald
Box 64 Wager, Walter
Box 64 Waggoner, Walter H.
Box 64 Wagner, Geoffrey
Box 64 Wait, Newman E.
See also Yaddo.
Box 64 "Wake Up, America!" Text of debate between Hicks and Ely Culbertson
Box 64 Wald, Alan
Waldo, Octavia
See Locke, Octavia.
Box 64 Walker, Dale
Box 64 Walker, Ursula Genung 1938-1946 (2 folders)
Box 65 Walker, Ursula Genung 1947-1969 (4 folders)
Box 65 Walker, Ursula Genung. "Structural Features of Negro English in Natchitoches Parish" - thesis
Box 65 Wall, Edward (and Geraldine)
Box 65 Wallant, Edward Lewis
Box 65 Wallis, Wilson Dallam
Box 65 Walsh, Chad
Box 65 Walsh, Richard John
Box 65 Walter, Erich Albert
Box 65 Walther, Margot
Box 65 Walton, Eda Lou
Box 65 Walton, Edith (Mrs. Lombard C. Jones) 1928-1967, undated (3 folders)
Box 65 Walton, Edith (Mrs. Lombard C. Jones)
See also Jones, Lombard C..
Box 65 Walts, Robert Warren
Box 65 War books
Box 65 War propaganda
Box 65 Ward, Elizabeth Stuart (Phelps). The Silent Partner
Box 65 Ward, Lynd
Box 65 Ward, Moira M.
Box 65 Warfel, Harry Redcay
Box 65 Warren, Austin
Box 65 Warren, Robert Penn
Box 66 Warshow, Robert Irving
Box 66 Washburn, Owen R.
Box 66 University of Washington Press
Box 66 Wasser, Henry Hirsch
Box 66 Wasserstrom, William
Box 66 Watkins, Shirley
Box 66 Watson, Goodwin Barbour
Box 66 A.P. Watt & Son
Box 66 Waugh, Evelyn
Box 66 Wayne State University
Box 66 Weaver, Gordon
Box 66 Webb, Eleanor 1937-1976, undated (4 folders)
Box 66 Weber, Brom
Box 66 Weber, Jean M.
Box 66 Weber, Richard B.
Box 66 Weber, Tom
Box 66 Webster, Harvey Curtis 1936-1963 (5 folders)
Box 67 Webster, Harvey Curtis 1964-1974, undated (6 folders)
Box 67 Webster, Sheridan
Box 67 Wechsler, James Arthur
Box 67 Weeks, Edward
Box 67 Weiner, Albert B.
Box 67 Weintraub, Stanley
Box 67 Weisenburger, Walter B. Feb.17, 1942 - Address
Box 67 Weiss, Paul
Box 67 Weller, Charles Frederick
Wells, Arvin R.
See Ohio University.
Box 67 Wells, Carlton Frank
Box 67 Wells, H.G.
Box 67 Wells College
Box 67 Welty, Eudora
Box 67 Wenning, Henry 1964-1971, undated (2 folders)
Box 67 Wescott, Glenway
Box 67 Wesleyan University Press
Box 67 West, Anthony
Box 67 West, Elliot
Box 67 West, Jessamyn
Box 67 West, Nathanael
Box 67 West Chester State College
Box 67 Westbrook, Adele
Western American literature
Box 68 Critique, vol. 2, no. 3 winter 1959
Box 68 Western American Literature, vol. 3, no. 3 fall 1968
Box 68 South Dakota Review, vol. 2, no. 1 autumn 1964
Box 68 Western Review
Box 68 Western Writers of America
Box 68 Westervelt, Virginia Veeder
Box 68 Weston, Christine (Goutiere)
Box 68 Wetzel, Donald
Box 68 Wharton, Edith
Box 68 Wheelock, Elizabeth
See also Lancaster, Elizabeth G..
Box 68 Wheelwright, John
Box 68 Whelen, Christopher
Box 68 Where We Came Out
Box 68 Whipple, Charles L.
Box 68 Whipple, Thomas King
Box 68 Whisnant, Charleen
Box 68 Whitbread, Thomas F.
Box 68 Whitcomb, Robert
Box 68 White, David Manning
Box 68 White, Kenneth
Box 68 White, Victor Francis
Box 68 White, William
Box 68 White, William Allen
Box 68 Whiteing, Richard
Box 68 Whitlock, Brand
Box 68 Whitman, Walt
Box 68 Wilcox, Ella Wheeler
Box 68 Wilcox, Leonard I.
Box 68 Wilde, Isabel Carleton
Box 68 Wilde, Oscar
Box 68 Wilder, Thornton
Box 68 Wilgus, Asa 1934-1940 (1 folder)
Box 69 Wilgus, Asa 1941-1959, undated (2 folders)
Box 69 Wilkinson, Louis Umfreville, A Chaste Man
Box 69 Willeford, Charles Ray
Box 69 William Morris Agency
Box 69 Williams, Albert Rhys
Box 69 Williams, Gil
Box 69 William, Gluyas
Box 69 Williams, Henry Lionel
Box 69 Williams, Joan
Box 69 Williams, Joy
Box 69 Williams, Nathan Boone
Box 69 Williams, Wirt
Box 69 Williams College
Box 69 Williams College Man, Land 1968
Box 69 Williams College Man, Land 1969
Box 69 Williams College The Williams Advocate
Box 69 Willison, George Findlay
Box 69 Willson, Frank C.
Box 69 Wilner, Herbert
Box 69 Wilson, Edmund (3 folders)
Wilson, T.C.
See New Letters in America.
Box 69 Wilson, Tal G.
Box 69 Wilson, Walter
Box 69 Wingfield-Stratford, Esme
Box 69 Winslow, Henry F.
Box 69 Winter, Ella 1934-1949, undated (2 folders)
Box 69 Winther, Sophus Keith
Box 69 Wisconsin Magazine of History
Box 69 Wise, James Waterman
Box 69 Withers, Carl
Box 69 Wodehouse, Pelham Grenville
Box 69 Wolfe, Bertram David
Box 69 Wolfe, Don Marion
Box 69 Wolfert, Ira
Box 69 Wolseley, Roland E.
Box 69 Woltman, Frederick Enos
Box 70 Woman's Home Companion - article on small towns
Box 70 Wood, Charles Erskine Scott
Box 70 Woods, Ralph Louis
Box 70 Woolf, Virginia
Box 70 Work, John McClelland
Box 70 Work Camps for America
Box 70 Workers' Educational Society (Troy, NY)
Box 70 World
Box 70 The World (New York)
Box 70 World Scope Encyclopedia
Box 70 Wortis, Joseph. "Freudianism and the Psychoanalytic Tradition" 1945
Box 70 Wortis, Joseph. "How Psychology Can Help" 1946
Box 70 Wouk, Herman
Box 70 Wreszin, Michael
Box 70 Wright, David Rolland
Box 70 Wright, George B.
Box 70 Wright, John
Box 70 Wright, Richard
Box 70 Wright, Thomas H.
Box 70 Wrought, Alexander Voros
Box 70 Wulsin, Lucien
Box 70 Wyllie, Irvin G.
Box 70 Wyoming, University of
Box 70 Y
Box 71 Ames, Elizabeth 1931-1970, undated (5 folders)
Box 71 Hanson, Pauline 1952-1975, undated (2 folders)
Box 71 Executive Director search 1969-1970 1969-1970
Box 71 Guests 1970-1971, undated (2 folders)
Box 71 Miscellaneous correspondence 1949-1975, undated (6 folders)
Box 72 Yaddo investigation 1949 (2 folders)
Box 72 Yaddo Study Committee 1949-1950 (2 folders)
Box 72 Yaddo - Reports 1964-1975 (13 folders)
Box 73 Applications/Admissions 1966-1974 - lacks 1968 (5 folders)
Box 73 Yaddo library (2 folders)
Box 73 Yaddo memoranda
Box 73 Rockefeller Foundation
Box 73 Miscellaneous
Box 74 Yoken, Melvin B.
Box 74 Young, Arthur Henry
Box 74 Young, Brad
Box 74 Young, Eugene Jared
Box 74 Young, Philip
Box 74 Young, Stanley
Box 74 Young Communist League of the USA
Young People's Religious Union
See Writings: The Student Liberal.
Box 74 Youngquist, Albin
Yust, Walter
See Encyclopedia Britannica.
Box 74 Z
Box 74 Zacharoff, Lucien
Box 74 Zeigerman, Gerald
Box 74 Ziegler, Abraham
Box 74 Zimmerman, Michael P.
Box 74 Zola, Emile
Box 74 Zuelzer, Wolf W.
Box 74 Zugsmith, Leane
Box 74 Zuver, Dudley
Box 74 Unidentified
See also Literary Horizons column, below.
Box 75 "Aging Sean O'Casey's Latest Memoirs Are Lively, Peevish and Provocative." The New Leader Nov. 29, 1954
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Box 75 American Way book review: "The American Novel" Jan. 1975
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Box 75 American Way book review: Between Friends.
Box 75 American Way book review: "Books for Christmas" Nov. 1973
Box 75 American Way book review: "Books to Travel With"
Box 75 American Way book review: "'Breakfast of Champions,' and Other Madness" Aug. 1973
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Box 77 "Lincoln Steffens: He Covered the Future." Commentary Feb. 1952 - notes
Box 77 "Lincoln Steffens: He Covered the Future." Commentary Feb. 1952 - draft I
Box 77 "Lincoln Steffens: He Covered the Future." Commentary Feb. 1952 - draft II
Box 77 "Lincoln Steffens: He Covered the Future." Commentary Feb. 1952
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Box 77 "Marquand of Newburyport." Harper's Magazine Apr. 1950 - draft II
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Box 77 New York Times Book Review: Hersey, John. My Petition for More Space Sep 22, 1974
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Box 77 New York Times Book Review: Rosskam, Edwin. Roosevelt, New Jersey Jul 30, 1972
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Box 78 "'The Sandcastle,' 'The Legacy' and Two Other, Less Memorable Novels." The New Leader May 27, 1957
Box 78 "Search For Meaning." The New Leader June 16, 1952
Box 78 "Second Judgement: Reflections of a Reviewer." Contempo Jan. 1, 1932
See also Oversize material: Contempo: a Review of Books and Personalities Jan. 1, 1932 - vol. 1, no. 15.
Box 78 "Setting the Record Straight on an Episode in the Red Decade." The New Leader June 15, 1953
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Box 78 "That's Their Story." The New Masses column written by Granville Hicks under the pseudonym Margaret Wright Mather.
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Box 78 "Three New Historical Books Discuss Traitors, Tycoons and Vermonters." The New Leader Dec. 28, 1953
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Box 78 "Three Novels on Connecticut Living, Juvenile Murder, Menhaden Fishing." The New Leader Sept. 6, 1954
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Box 79 "Two Serious Novels on the Old West by Jackson Burgess, Conrad Richter." The New Leader July 29, 1957
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Box 79 "When Dickens Met Channing." The Christian Register July 18, 1929
Box 79 "When Lyman Beecher Attacked Boston Unitarians." The Christian Register Aug. 8, 1929
Box 79 "White Collar or Straitjacket?" The New Leader Jan. 28, 1952
Box 79 "Whittaker Chambers's Testament." The New Leader May 26, 1952
Box 79 "Why We Want the World to Have Universalism." Onward 1918?
Box 79 "Women Novelists Describe the Effects of a Trial and of Old Love Letters." The New Leader Feb. 14, 1955
Box 79 "A Work to Live With - The Letters of Justice Holmes and Harold Laski." The New Leader Mar. 23, 1953
Box 79 "The World of Hemingway." The New Freeman Mar. 22, 1930
Box 79 "Would You Rather Live in a Small Town or a Big City?" Town Meeting Dec. 26, 1946
Box 79 "Wright Morris's New Novel Contrasts the World of the '20s and the '50s." The New Leader Oct. 4, 1954
Box 79 "Writers and Teaching." Tomorrow 1947?
Box 79 "Wyndham Lewis and Lin Yutang Mix Politics and Literature - Unsuccessfully." The New Leader May 30, 1955
Figures of Transition
Box 79 Acknowledgments
Box 79 Index of names
Box 79 Miscellany
Granville Hicks in the New Masses
Box 79 Editor's Introduction - draft I
Box 79 Editor's Introduction - draft II
Box 79 Statement by Granville Hicks in 1973 - draft
Box 79 Editor's notes Chapters I-X - draft
Box 79 Editor's notes Chapter I-X
Box 79 Table of contents - draft I
Box 79 Table of contents - draft II
Box 79 Index
Box 79 Miscellany
The Great Tradition (Quadrangle Books) 1969
Box 79 Foreword - drafts
Box 79 Afterword - drafts
John Reed: the Making of a Revolutionary
Louise Bryant
"Christmas in Petrograd 1917"
Box 80 Research copy
Box 80 Extra photocopy
Box 80 Chapter I
Box 80 Chapter II pp.1-5
Box 80 Chapter II pp.6-10
Box 80 Chapter II pp.11-20 -
Box 80 Chapter II pp.21-30
Box 80 Chapter II pp.31-40
Box 80 Chapter II pp.41-48
Box 80 Catalog of Louise Bryant Collection
Box 80 Correspondence 1932-1935 undated - notes
Box 80 Reed letters to friends
Box 80 Lincoln Steffens letters to John Reed
Box 80 Margaret Green Reed letter to Lincoln Steffens Apr. 24, 1932
Box 80 Miscellaneous letters to John Reed
Box 80 Speeches delivered by Reed, Williams and Reinstein at Third All-Soviet Congress Jan. 1918
Box 80 "Across the War World"
Box 80 "Almost Thirty" The New Republic Apr. 15, 1936
Box 80 "Aspects of the Russian Revolution" The Revolutionary Age July 12, 1919
Box 80 "The Background of Bolshevism" The Revolutionary Age Jan. 25, 1919
Box 80 "Bolshevism in America" The Revolutionary Age Dec. 18, 1918
Box 80 "The Case for the Bolsheviki" The Independent July 13, 1918
Box 80 "The Causes Behind Mexico's Revolution" The New York Times Apr. 27, 1914
Box 80 "The Constituent Assembly in Russia" The Revolutionary Age Nov. 30, 1918
Box 80 "Doctor Rakovsky" The Revolutionary Age Jan. 25, 1919
Box 80 "El Paso"
Box 80 "Germany Has Shot Her Bolt; War to End in 1916, Says Reed" The World Dec. 26, 1915
Box 80 "Hooray for the Constitution" The Voice of Labor Sept. 15, 1919
Box 80 "The I.W.W. and Bolshevism" The New York Communist May 31, 1919
Box 80 "In Short"
Box 80 "The Jews on the Eastern Front" Book of the Exile Mar. 1916
Box 80 "Karl Liebknecht's Words" The Revolutionary Age Feb. 1, 1919
Box 80 "Labor is Not a Commodity" The Revolutionary Age July 5, 1919
Box 80 "Liar or Just Doesn't Know?" The Revolutionary Age Aug. 9, 1919
Box 80 "Liebknecht Dead" The Liberator Mar. 1919
Box 80 "A New Appeal" The Revolutionary Age Jan. 18, 1919
Box 80 "On Bolshevism, Russian and American" The Revolutionary Age Apr. 12, 1919
Box 80 "The Origins of Worker's Control of Industry in Russia" The Revolutionary Age Nov. 23, 1918
Box 80 "Red Russia - Entrance"
Box 80 "Rule Britannia!" The Virginia Quarterly
Box 80 "The Russian Peace" The Masses 1917
Box 80 "Scandinavia in Wartime"
Box 80 "Scratch a Russian"
Box 80 "They Are Still There" The Revolutionary Age Dec. 11, 1918
Box 80 "What About Mexico?" The Masses June 1914
Box 80 "What's the Trouble With America?" The Voice of Labor Oct. 15, 1919
Box 80 "A White New Year" The Revolutionary Age Jan. 4, 1919
Box 80 "Why Political Democracy Must Go" The New York Communist May 8, 1919 - June 14, 1919
Box 80 "Worker's Control in America" The Revolutionary Age Mar. 15, 1919
Box 80 "The World Congress of the Communist International" The Communist, no. 10
See also Oversize material: The Communist, no. 10.
Box 80 Insurgent Mexico - Reviews
Box 80 Ten Days That Shook the World - Reviews
Box 80 Ten Days That Shook the World 1935 - Introduction by Granville Hicks for first Modern Library edition
Box 80 Ten Days That Shook the World 1967 - Introduction by Granville Hicks to New American edition
The War in Eastern Europe 1916 - Reviews
Box 81 Letters from John Reed to various publications
Russia - Liberator pamphlet no. 4
Transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging; please refer to the Classic Catalog
The Sisson Documents - Liberator pamphlet no. 2
Transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging; please refer to the Classic Catalog
Box 81 Bercovici, Konrad. The Crimes of Charity. 1917 - Introduction by John Reed
Box 81 John Reed - clippings about
Box 81 Photographs
Box 81 Reed, John. Freedom. - G. Hicks notes
Box 81 Reed genealogy
Box 81 Reed boyhood 1904-1906
Box 81 Reed at Harvard College 1906-1910
Box 81 Chronology of events of Mexico's revolution Nov. 1913 - Apr. 1914
Box 81 John Reed - Book notes on Mexico
Box 81 List of John Reed articles in Metropolitan
See also Oversize material: Metropolitan selections.
Box 81 Chronology of World War I June 1914 - Feb. 1915
Box 81 Chronology of events in Russia during Reed's stay Sept. 1917 - April 1918
Box 81 Extracts from Bessie Beatty's The Red Heart of Russia - background notes on Russian Revolution
Box 81 President Wilson's War Address to Congress and Proclamation 1917
Box 81 The Masses conspiracy trial - John Reed indictment The New York Times April 29-30, 1918
Box 81 The Masses conspiracy trial 1918 - Testimony of John Silas Reed
Box 81 The Masses conspiracy trial - Account from Charles Recht's autobiography
Box 81 Philadelphia trial 1919 - Testimony of John Reed
The Red Album - May Day 1921 1921
Transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging; please refer to the Classic Catalog
Box 81 Reed obituaries, eulogies, tributes 1920-1921
Box 81 Rubin, Jacob H. I Live to Tell - John Reed's disillusionment
Box 81 Articles about John Reed
Box 81 Russian articles about John Reed
Box 81 Moscow Daily News (Charniak)
John Reed - Interviews
Box 81 with Bessie Beatty
Box 81 with Fred Sumner Boyd
Box 81 with M. Eleanor Fitzgerald Jan. 14, 1935
Box 81 with Waldo Frank Jan. 16, 1935
Box 81 with John Kelley April 16, 1935
Box 81 with Nicholas Kelley Jan. 8, 1935
Box 81 John Reed - Interview with Dr. Herman Lorber June 10, 1935
Box 81 with Jeannette D. Pearl Jan. 18, 1935
Box 81 with Ernest Poole Jan. 7, 1935
Box 81 with Frank Shay May 16, 1935
Box 81 with Thomas Steep
Box 81 with Ida Tarbell
Box 81 with Mary Heaton Vorse
Box 81 with Mrs. Marie Page Tomsett May 15, 1935
Box 81 John Reed - Talk between Corliss Lamont and Alex Gumberg Nov. 13, 1934
Box 81 Reminiscences about Reed A - P
Box 81 Reminiscences about Reed R - Z
Box 81 John Reed chronology - notes
Box 81 References to John Reed in books - notes
Box 82 Pre-publication correspondence Jan. 1933 - Mar. 1936, undated (9 folders)
Box 82 Post-publication correspondence 1936-1974 (4 folders)
Box 83 Stuart manuscript Chapter III
Box 83 Stuart manuscript Chapter IV
Box 83 Stuart manuscript Chapter V?
Box 83 Stuart manuscript Chapter VI (fragment)
Box 83 Granville Hicks - John Stuart correspondence 1934
Box 83 Granville Hicks - John Stuart correspondence 1935
Box 83 Granville Hicks - John Stuart correspondence 1936-1939
Box 83 Granville Hicks - John Stuart correspondence undated
Box 83 John Reed - Stuart comments on Hicks manuscript
Box 83 John Reed dramatization (author unknown)
Box 83 John Reed miscellany
The Education of John Reed: selected writings
Box 83 Introduction (draft)
Box 83 Chapter I (draft)
Box 83 Chapter II (draft)
Box 83 Chapter III (draft)
Box 83 Chapter IV (draft)
Box 83 Chapter V (draft)
Box 83 Chapter VI (draft)
Box 83 Chapter VII (draft)
Box 83 Chapter VIII (draft)
Box 83 Chapter IX (draft)
Box 83 Chapter X (draft)
Box 83 Chapter XI (draft)
Box 83 Chapter XII (draft)
John Reed memorabilia
Box 84 Address book - photocopy
Box 84 Address book (fragment) - photocopy
Box 84 Armband "Keep out of War" - photocopy
Box 84 Bank transactions - miscellaneous - photocopy
Box 84 Bankbook - First National Bank Croton-on-Hudson - photocopy
Box 84 Behind a Watteau Picture by Robert Emmon Rogers Presentation copy - photocopy
Box 84 Bookmark designed for John Reed by Louise Bryant - photocopy
Box 84 Calling cards - John Reed's - photocopy
Box 84 Calling cards (various) - photocopy
Box 84 Caricatures, drawings (unsigned) found in presentation folder as souvenir of Dutch Treat Club - photocopy
Box 84 Checkbook - Fifth Avenue Bank of New York 1918 - Photocopy
Box 84 Checkbooks; (1), (2) 1916-1917 1919 - photocopy
Box 84 Delegate's button, Communist International Party - photocopy
Box 84 Drawing by John Reed - age 8 - photocopy
Box 84 George's Mother by Stephen Crane (incomplete) annotated by John Reed - photocopy
Box 84 Inscription copied from Bermuda tomb - photocopy
Box 84 Itinerary - English trip - photocopy
Box 84 Letter of credit, Equitable Trust Company of New York Aug. 1917 - photocopy
Box 84 Manuscript submission records - photocopy
Box 84 Maps of France and Russia - photocopy
Box 84 Presentation mount to Boris Reinstein from John Reed 1920 - photocopy
Box 84 Press pass for Louise Bryant for entrance into Duma - photocopy
Box 84 Press passes for Reed and Art Young, Women's Party Convention - photocopy
Box 84 Proposed seal for Communist Labor Party of America - photocopy
Box 84 Roumanian bank certificate - photocopy
Box 84 Russian railway ticket - photocopy
Box 84 Sketch by Boardman Robinson "Porters - Saloniki" - photocopy
Box 84 Stationery of Bureau of Revolutionary Propaganda - photocopy
Box 84 Swedish official document - photocopy
Box 84 Theatre ticket - photocopy
Box 84 Ticket stubs (transportation), admission tickets - photocopy
Box 84 Wallet (snakeskin) marked C.J.R. (photocopy); 1892 - 2nd unmarked wallet black leather (not shown)
John Reed printed material
See also various items in Oversize 1.
Box 84 Upton Sinclair's vol. 1, no. 4 Aug. 1918
The Voice of Labor, volume 1, no's 2, 4 and 6
Transferred to Rare Books for cataloging. Please refer to the Classic Catalog to locate these items.
Box 84 Startsev, Abel Isaakovich. Russkie bloknoty Dzhona Rida 1977
Zurier, Rebecca. Art for The Masses: a Radical Magazine and Its Graphics 1985
Transferred to Rare Books for cataloging. Please refer to the Classic Catalog to locate these items.
Box 84 "Art for The Masses" exhibition announcements - postcards
See also Oversize material: Poster for exhibit "Art for The Masses".
Box 84 The Complete Poetry of John Reed, edited by Jack Alan Robbins, introduction by Granville Hicks, memoir and sonnet by Max Eastman - typescript in two parts (2 folders)
Box 84 The Complete Poetry of John Reed 1983
Box 85 The Letters of Lincoln Steffens - Introductory notes Chapters I - XI
Literary Horizons: a Quarter Century of American Fiction
See also Correspondence-Subject files: Literary Horizons, pre-publication miscellany; Printed material : Book review, books by Hicks : Literary Horizons; Unrevised galleys, proofs and review copies : Hicks, Granville. Literary horizons.
Box 85 Introduction
Box 85 Wright Morris
Box 85 Saul Bellow
Box 85 Bernard Malamud
Box 85 James Baldwin
Box 85 John Updike
Box 85 Flannery O'Connor
Box 85 Herbert Gold
Box 85 Kurt Vonnegut
Box 85 Louis Auchincloss
Box 85 Vladimir Nabokov
Box 85 Joseph Heller
Box 85 Reynolds Price
Box 85 Philip Roth
Box 85 John Barth
Box 85 Norman Mailer
Box 85 original manuscript (16 folders)
The Living Novel
Box 86 Foreword - draft
Box 86 Notes on the contributors - draft
Box 86 Afterword: The Enemies of the Novel - draft
Part of the Truth
Box 86 Chapters I - XVIII - draft
Box 86 Chapters I - XVIII - first revision
Box 87 Chapters I - XVIII - second revision
Box 87 Chapters I - VIII - final revision
Box 88 Chapters IX - XVIII - final revision
Box 88 Index of Names
Box 88 Deletions Chapters I - III
Box 88 Deletions Chapters XVII - XVIII
Study of William Ellery Channing
Oversize 3 Notes - card catalog, 1 box
Where We Came Out
Partial draft
Box 88 Prologue
Box 88 Chapters I - XI, XVI
Box 88 "What I Don't Believe"
Box 88 "The Way We Live Now"
Box 88 "The End of an Era"
Box 88 "A Note for the Neighbors"
[Christmas messages]
Box 89 [General] 1944-1964 undated (2 folders)
Grafton Defender
Box 89 Grafton Defender, volumes 1-15 Mar. 1942 - Mar. 1957 (15 folders)
Transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging; please refer to the Classic Catalog
Box 90 Aug. 15, 1942 - July 8, 1965 - pp. 1-1478 (18 folders)
Box 91 July 12, 1965 - Jan. 21, 1973 - pp. 1479-1663 and 5 un-numbered diaries (7 folders)
Box 92 Jan. 22, 1973 - Apr. 23, 1973 (1 folder)
Box 92 undated fragments undated (2 folders)
Box 92 miscellany (1 folder)
Box 93 "American Literature and American Life" Aug. 12, 1957 - Bennington College
Box 93 "The Anatomy of the Best Seller"
Box 93 "A Bad Time" 1968 - University of Notre Dame symposium
Box 93 "The Burden on the Schools"
Box 93 "The Changing Novel" Oct. 25, 1969 - Otto Rank Association
Box 93 "Communism: The God That Failed"
Box 93 "Contemporary Fiction in High School English" Oct. 7, 1966 - Albany
Box 93 "The Contemporary Novel and the Contemporary Scene"
Box 93 "The Cult of Violence"
Box 93 "Freedom and Fear"
Box 93 "Hemingway In Our Time"
Box 93 "The Hiss Case"
Box 93 "Jewish Writers and Contemporary Fiction"
Box 93 "Karl Marx"
Box 93 "Liberalism, Radicalism and the Future"
Box 93 "Life and Literature"
Box 93 "Lincoln Steffens and John Reed"
Box 93 "Men, Machines, and the Meaning of Literature"
Box 93 "The New Left"
Box 93 "New Voices" Oct. 9, 1938 - Community Church of Boston
Box 93 "The Novel in America"
Box 93 "The Novel in America Since 1945"
Box 93 "The Novelist in Contemporary America"
Box 93 "Our Greatest Living Novelist"
Box 93 "Our Searching Novelists" March 5, 1961 - Unitarian Church of Princeton
Box 93 Pacific Northwest Writers' Conference - outline of lectures
Box 93 Pacific Northwest Writers' Conference - lecture no. 1
Box 93 Pacific Northwest Writers' Conference - lecture no. 2
Box 93 Pacific Northwest Writers' Conference - lecture no. 3
Box 93 Pacific Northwest Writers' Conference - lecture no. 4
Box 93 Pacific Northwest Writers' Conference - lecture no. 5
Box 93 Part of the Truth - lecture before Friends of the Albany Library October 19, 1965
Box 93 "Patterns of Contemporary Fiction" July 13, 1959 - Middlebury College
Box 93 "Patterns of Modern Fiction"
Box 93 "Problems of the Contemporary Novelist" Aug. 26, 1957 - Antioch College
Box 93 "Publishing Business" May 2, 1957 - Vassar College
Box 93 "Recollections of the Thirties"
Box 93 "Regional Literature"
Box 93 "The Responsibilities of a Literary Critic"
Box 93 "The Responsibilities of a Literary Journalist"
Box 93 "The Return of Henry James"
Box 93 Siena College Symposium on Ezra Pound and William Carlos Williams
Box 93 "Small Town" - Williams College
Box 93 "The Small Town in a Big World"
Box 93 "The Small Town in Fact and Fiction"
Box 93 "Social Reforms in Russia"
Box 93 "The State of the Novel"
Box 93 "Student Behavior at the College Level"
Box 93 "The Thirties"
Box 93 "Thoughts on the Best-Seller List"
Box 93 "Three Americans: Dos Passos, Faulkner, Hemingway"
Box 93 "Three Romantics"
Box 93 "What Are Our Novelists Looking For?"
Box 93 "What is an American?"
Box 93 "What Writers Are Like"
Box 93 "Witness" (by Whittaker Chambers)
Box 93 "Writers in a Revolutionary Age"
Box 93 "Writers in the Thirties"
Box 93 "Yes and No"
Untitled, alphabetical by subject
Box 94 American fiction [I]
Box 94 American fiction [II]
Box 94 Arnold Toynbee
Box 94 Censorship in libraries
Box 94 Communist Party
Box 94 Decline of English novel - debate with Stanley Hyman
Box 94 Fascism
Box 94 Grafton
Box 94 Literary criticism
Box 94 Marxism course
Box 94 Small towns
"Literary Horizons" columns, published in Saturday Review
Articles are in alphabetical order by title, followed by a small number of dated but untitled items. At the end is a set of file cards with an alphabetical list of articles; this index was not donated as part of the collection, but was compiled by Special Collections Research Center staff.
Box 134 By title, A - D
Box 135 By title, Ea - I
Box 136 By title, J - O
Box 137 By title, P - Sou
Box 138 By title, Sp - Y
Box 138 By date 1958-1969
Box 139 File cards, alphabetical listing of articles
Macmillan Company reader's reports
Box 94 A - Ar (2 folders)
Box 95 As - Cary (15 folders)
Box 96 Cass - Dug (14 folders)
Box 97 Duh - Gw (14 folders)
Box 98 Ha - Ko (15 folders)
Box 99 Kr - Mor (14 folders)
Box 100 Morg - Ri (15 folders)
Box 101 Ro - Sty (13 folders)
Box 102 Ta - Z (15 folders)
Box 103 4-H Clubs of Rensselaer County: The First Twenty-five Years 1920-1945
Box 103 "Hicks Takes Anti-FDR Reviewer To Task" Feb. 4, 1952 - Letter to the Editor The New Leader
Box 103 The Inter-Racial Forum Opportunity May 1923
Box 103 "Is Understanding With Russia Indispensable to World Peace?" Wake Up, America! undated
Box 103 Isabel Carleton Wilde Collection of Early American Sculpture exhibit catalog Foreword 1933
Box 103 "A Letter to Robert Hillyer" The New Republic Oct. 20, 1937
Box 103 "The New Light: an Easter Cantata" - text by G. Hicks
Box 103 "On Leaving the Communist Party" - drafts
Box 103 "On Leaving the Communist Party" Oct. 4, 1939 - Letter to the Editor The New Republic
Box 103 Plekhanov, George vol. Art and Society: a Marxist Analysis 1936 - Introduction by G. Hicks
Box 103 Proletarian Literature in the United States - Preface to section on literary criticism
Box 103 Reed, John. Ten Days That Shook the World 1935 - Introduction by G. Hicks to first Modern Library edition
Box 103 Reed, John. Ten Days That Shook the World 1967 - Introduction by G. Hicks to New American Library edition
Box 103 The Student Liberal
Box 103 Wells, H.G. Marxism vs. Liberalism: an interview (with Joseph Stalin) 1935 - Introduction by G. Hicks
Box 103 Wilder, Thornton. The Bridge of San Luis Rey 1962 - Introduction by G. Hicks
Box 103 Wright Morris: a Reader - Introduction by G. Hicks (draft)
Box 103 Wright Morris: a Reader - Introduction by G. Hicks (draft) with annotations by Wright Morris
Unpublished non-fiction
Box 103 "Abishag"
Box 103 "The American Magazine Since 1900"
Box 103 "The American Story"
Box 103 "Annals of Crime: the Friends of Beany"
Box 103 [Autobiographical fragments]
Box 103 "The British Novel Since 1930"
Box 103 Brown, Lloyd L. Iron City 1951 - review
Box 103 "The Camp Log" June 28 - Sept. 7, 1925 - autobiographical
Box 103 "A Country Worth Seeing: Confessions of an Ex-Stay-at-Home"
Box 103 Dorothy and Granville Hicks' courtship chronology - incomplete; authorship ambiguous
Box 103 [Dreams] April 1968 - July 1969
Box 103 "The Evangelical Mind"
Box 103 "Farewell to Academe"
Box 103 "For Dorothy"
Box 103 [Granville Hicks' 50th anniversary report of his graduation from Harvard] - autobiographical
Box 89 "History is Made" - drafts I - III
Box 89 "History is Made" - clippings
Box 89 "History is Made" - Hicks' defense
Box 103 "Is the Small Town Doomed?" - Woman's Home Companion
Box 103 [Journal] June 19 - Aug. 26, 1922 - Dennison Manufacturing Co. summer job (autobiographical)
Box 103 "Max Lerner and the New Liberalism"
Box 103 "Max Lerner's Kind of Liberalism"
Box 103 "Miss Godson, Jim Moriarty, and My Bloody Nose" - autobiographical
Box 103 [Narrative poetry project]
Box 104 "New Masses"
Box 104 "Nothing But the Truth" - autobiographical
Box 104 "On a Steam Shovel Seen at Night"
Box 104 "A Place in the Country" - autobiographical
Box 104 [Proletarian literature pamphlet] 1933-34 - notes, outline
Box 104 [Proletarian literature pamphlet] - drafts 1 - 5 (5 folders)
Box 104 [Proletarian literature pamphlet] - fragment by Robert Gorham Davis
Box 104 [Proletarian literature pamphlet] - fragment (3 folders)
Box 104 "The Rococo Romanticists"
Box 104 "The Side Show"
Box 104 "Some of My Best Friends"
Box 104 "Sonnet for a Mood"
Box 104 "Sonnet in a Library"
Box 104 [Soviet-German Pact fortnight] - autobiographical
Box 104 "Varieties of Fellow-Traveling"
Box 104 "Wedding Belles" (American Cancer Society fund-raiser) 1955 - script
Box 104 "When the Mountain Fell"
Unpublished fiction
Box 104 "Chuck"
Box 104 "Dog and Cat"
Box 104 "Green Leaves on the Apple Trees"
Box 104 "Old Man French"
Box 104 "Solid as Gilbraltar"
Box 104 "Take Care of Yourself"
Box 104 Short story [untitled] (2 foldes)
Box 104 Short story fragments [untitled
Box 104 Untitled - may be autobiographical
Box 104 Untitled fragment
Box 105 Address list
Box 105 Awkward usage examples
Box 105 Book lists
Box 105 Caricatures - artist unknown
Box 105 Chronology May - Dec. 1957
College course notes
Box 105 Astronomy 1921-1922
Box 105 English 1921-1922 (2 folders)
Box 105 English 1928-1929 (2 folders)
Box 105 English undated (4 folders)
Box 105 History 1922
Box 105 New Testament 1923-1924
Box 105 Old Testament 1924-1925
Box 105 Principles of Economics 1923
Box 105/106 Religion undated (9 folders)
Box 106 Social ethics 1922-1925 (6 folders)
College course writings
Box 107 "A Brief Criticism of the Plays of Christopher Marlowe"
Box 107 "The Influence of the Bible on the Miracle Plays"
Box 107 "John Webster, Poet and Dramatist"
Box 107 "Michael Servetus"
Box 107 "A Monologue with Interruptions"
Box 107 "The Root and Cure of Sin" (Orphism and Plato)
Box 107 Cross-country trip, Dorothy Hicks' journals 1948
Box 107 Cross-country trip , G. Hicks' expense notations 1948
Box 107 Cross-country trip, maps 1948
Box 107 Cross-country trip, pamphlets 1948
Box 107 Cross-country trip, miscellany 1948
Box 107 Financial miscellany
Box 107 Grade school report cards
Box 107 Handwritten notes - miscellaneous
Box 107 Joint Legislative Fact-Finding Committee on Un-American Activities in the State of Washington - Subpoena July 13, 1948
Box 107 Kiwanis Club of Wynantskill, New York. Certificate of Appreciation
Box 107 National War Fund Campaign Citation 1943
Box 107 Pacific Northwest Writers' Conference 1948 - agenda and name tag
Box 107 Photographs
Box 107 Poetry, authors unknown
Box 107 Prophecy of Lincoln School Class of 1915
Box 107 RPI grade books (3 folders)
Box 107 "Serendipity on Flight 576" for Granville Hicks by George Riddle
Box 107 Syracuse University Library Associates membership cards
Box 107 Miscellany
Printed material
Book reviews, books by Hicks
Box 110 Behold Trouble
Box 110 Figures of Transition
Box 110 The First to Awaken
Box 110 Granville Hicks in the New Masses
Box 110 The Great Tradition
Box 110 I Like America
Box 110 John Reed: the Making of a Revolutionary
Box 110 The Letters of Lincoln Steffens
Box 110 Literary Horizons
Box 110 The Living Novel
Box 110 Only One Storm (A - N)
Box 110 Only One Storm (O - Z and unidentified)
Box 110 Part of the Truth (A - M)
Box 110 Part of the Truth (N - Z and unidentified)
Box 110 Small Town (A - M)
Box 110 Small Town (N - Z and unidentified)
Box 110 There Was a Man In Our Town
Box 110 Where We Came Out
Articles about
Box 111 [General] to 1937
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute dismissal
See Correspondence - Subject files: RPI dismissal.
Box 111 Miscellany 1938
Box 111 Hicks' Harvard appointment 1938
Box 111 Miscellany 1939
Box 111 Resignation from Communist Party 1939
Box 111 [General] 1940-1952
Box 111 House Committee on Un-American activities 1953
Box 111 Miscellany 1954-1982
Miscellaneous clippings
Box 111 Dorothy Yankouski trial
Box 111 Environment and technology
Box 111 Literature
Box 111 Mass culture and society 1960s-1970s
Box 111 [Miscellaneous] to 1950
Box 111 Troy Record clippings
Box 108 Corning Glass Center tour guidebook
Box 108 Drew University Newark Conference Annual Convocation program 1947
Box 108 Fine art prints - British, French, Spanish
Box 108 Fine arts prints - Dutch, Flemish, American; miscellaneous
Box 108 Fine arts prints - Italian
Box 108 "The First Forty Years of the Book-of-the-Month Club"
Box 110 Framingham High School Graduation program 1919
Box 108 French's Budget Plays, Ten Dollar Royalty Plays and Entertainment
Box 108 Garson, Barbara. Macbird 1966
Box 108 Hampshire County Progressive Club Forum programs
Box 108 Harvard Club of Boston. Bulletin Jan. 1939
Box 108 Harvard Commencement 1923
Box 108 "In Memorium Late Spanish 'Reds'"
Box 108 John Burroughs in Roxbury
Box 108 John Simon Guggenheim Foundation 1939-1940 - Reports of the Secretary and the Treasurer
Box 108 The Little Magazines - catalog of Kraus Reprint titles
Box 108 Modern Authors Henry W. Wenning. Modern Rare Books catalog no. 9
Box 108 The Modern Library and Vintage Books: a Complete Catalogue and Subject Guide
Box 108 New Masses editorial announcement - flyer
Box 108 New York State topographical maps (2 folders)
Box 109 Ohio University, Athens. Faculty-Staff Directory 1967-1968
Air power. Washington, D.C., Aeronautical Chamber of Commerce of America, Inc. 1944?
Transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging; please refer to the Classic Catalog
Alberti, Rafael. A Spectre is haunting Europe: poems of revolutionary Spain. New York, Critics Group 1936
Transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging; please refer to the Classic Catalog
Box 112 America speaks for Earl Browder. New York, Citizens' Committee to Free Earl Browder 1941
Arsenal of facts, prepared by Labor Research Association. New York, International Publishers 1938
Transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging; please refer to the Classic Catalog
Ault, Leslie. Challenge to fear. Woodstock, New York, Branch Publishers 1937
Transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging; please refer to the Classic Catalog
Barnes, Harry Elmer. The Chickens of the interventionist liberals have come home to roost. Chicago, American Renaissance Book Club undated
Transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging; please refer to the Classic Catalog
Box 112 Barton, Ann.Mother Bloor Feb 1935
Box 112 Bittelman, Alex.The Communist Party in Action. New York, Workers Library Publishers Sep 1932
Box 112 Bittelman, Alex.From Left-Socialism to Communism. New York, Workers Library Publishers Sep 1933
Box 112 Bittelman, Alex.Milestones in the History of the Communist Party. International Labor Defense Aug 1937
Box 112 Blache, Robert.Spain's October. International Labor Defense 1935
Box 112 Boorstin, Daniel [et al.] Anti-Semitism: a threat to democracy - no imprint
Box 112 Browder, Earl. Civil War in Nationalist China. Chicago, Labor Unity Publishing Association 1927
Box 112 Browder, Earl. The Democratic front for jobs, security, democracy and peace. New York, Workers Library Publishers 1938
Box 112 Browder, Earl. The 1940 elections: how the people can win. New York, Workers Library Publishers, Inc. 1939
Box 112 Browder, Earl. The Road ahead to victory and lasting peace. New York, Workers Library Publishers, Inc. 1944
Box 112 Browder, Earl. Social and national security. New York, Workers Library Publishers, Inc. 1938
Box 112 Browder, Earl. Unity for peace and democracy. New York, Workers Library Publishers 1939
Box 112 Buckharin, N.. Culture in Two Worlds. New York, Union Labor 1934
The Case of the 16 Poles. New York, National Council of American-Soviet Friendship, Inc. undated
Transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging; please refer to the Classic Catalog
Box 112 Citizen in name only. Richmond, Virginia, Southern Electoral Reform League undated
Box 112 Coleman, Jerry. A Square Deal for the Farmer. New York, Workers Library Publishers Oct 1938
Box 112 Communist International. 7th Congress, Moscow, 1935. Resolutions, including also the closing speech of Georgi Dimitroff. New York, Workers Library Publishers. 1935
Box 112 Communist political education. London, Communist Party of Great Britain 1933
Box 112 Confession of Faith. Communist Party of Massachusetts undated,
Box 112 The Constitution of the United States with the Amendments also the Declaration of Independence. Introduction by Earl Browder. New York, International Publishers 1938, c1937
Box 112 Contempt of Congress: the trial of Earl Browder. Yonkers, Earl Browder 1951?
Box 112 Culture and the Crisis. New York, Workers Library Publishers Oct 1932
Box 112 Declaration of Principles and Constitution of the Communist Party of Massachusetts. Boston, The Communist Party of Massachusetts Sep 1937
Box 112 Dennis, Eugene. America at the crossroads: postwar problems and Communist policy. New York, New Century Publishers 1945
Box 112 Dimitroff, Georgi. Working class unity: bulwark against fascism. New York, Workers Library Publishers 1935 - 2 copies
Box 112 Duclos, Jacques. Communism, science and culture. New York, International Publishers 1939
Box 112 Engels, Frederick. Socialism - utopian and scientific. Chicago, Charles H. Kerr and Company 1908?
Box 112 Engels, Frederick. Socialism - utopian and scientific. New York, International Publishers 1935
Box 112 Fairness of the air: a case history from the operations of the Columbia Broadcasting System. [N.Y.] Columbia Broadcasting System 1944
Box 112 Flynn, Elizabeth Gurley. Earl Browder: the man from Kansas. New York, Workers Library Publishers, Inc. 1941
Box 112 Flynn, Elizabeth Gurley. Questions and answers on the Browder case. New York, Citizens' Committee to Free Earl Browder 1942?
Box 112 Forsythe, Robert. The World Gone Mad. New York, New Masses 1935 and 1936
Box 112 Foster, William Z. The Menace of American imperialism/ Dennis, Eugene. America needs the Communist Party. New York, New Century Publishers 1945
Box 112 Foster, William Z. [et al.] Marxism-Leninism vs. revisionism. New York, New Century Publishers 1946
Box 112 Foster, William Z. Soviet democracy and the war. New York, Workers Library Publishers, Inc. 1943
Box 112 Frankfield, Phil. The Intelligent Voter's Guide in Massachusetts.Boston, The Communist Party of Massachusetts 1943
Gaer, Joseph and Lamb, Robert K. The Answer is full employment. New York, CIO Political Action Committee undated
Transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging; please refer to the Classic Catalog
Garlin, Sender. Enemies of the peace: profile of the 'Hate-Russia' gang. New York, New Century Publishers 1945
Transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging; please refer to the Classic Catalog
Garlin, Sender. The Real Huey P. Long. New York, Workers Library Publishers 1945
Transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging; please refer to the Classic Catalog
Geddes, Virgil. The Melodramadness of Eugene O'Neill. Brookfield, Conn., Brookfield Players, Inc. 1934
Transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging; please refer to the Classic Catalog
Geddes, Virgil. The Theatre of dreadful nights. Brookfield, Conn., Brookfield Players, Inc. 1934
Transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging; please refer to the Classic Catalog
Geddes, Virgil. Towards revolution in the theatre. Brookfield, Conn., Brookfield Mayers, Inc. 1933
Transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging; please refer to the Classic Catalog
Box 112 Gitlow, Benjamin. Some Plain Words on Communist Unity. New York, Workers Age Publishing. undated
Box 112 Gorky, Maxim. Days with Lenin. New York, International Publishers, 1932. 1932
Half a million forgotten people: the story of the cotton textile workers. New York Textile Workers Union of America, CIO. 1944 - 2 copies
Transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging; please refer to the Classic Catalog
Box 113 Hamilton, Franklin W. Thoreau on the art of writing. Flint, Michigan, Walden Press 1967
Box 113 Jobs, Security, Democracy and Peace. Communist Party of Massachusetts undated
Hauser, Jacob. Dark metropolis. Holt, Minn., Hagglund 1932
Transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging; please refer to the Classic Catalog
Box 113 Ibsen. New York, Critics Group 1937
Jarrboe, George. The Unknown soldier speaks. Holt, Minn., Hagglund 1932
Transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging; please refer to the Classic Catalog
Box 113 Klingender, F.J. Marxism and modern art. New York, International Publishers 1945
Box 113 Krupskaya, N. How Lenin studied Marx. London, Labour Monthly undated
Box 113 Herberg, Will. The Heritage of the Civil War. New York, Workers Age Publishing undated
Box 113 Holcombe, Arthur N. et alii. Official Report of the Committee on the Investigation of Police Tactics in Charlestown on May 17, 1934. undated
Box 113 Lawson, John Howard. A Southern Welcome. New York, The National Committee for the Defense of Political Prisoners Nov 1934
Box 113 Lenin, vol. I. A Letter to American workers. New York, International Publishers 1934
Box 113 Lenin on the Jewish question. New York, International Publishers 1934, reprinted 1936 - 2 copies
Box 113 Let's make it "Guild First". Committee for Guild Democracy. undated
Box 113 Letter of an Old Bolshevik. New York, Rand School Press. 1937
Lewis, H.H. Red renaissance: a group of poems. Holt, Minn., Hagglund 1930
Transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging; please refer to the Classic Catalog
Lewis, H.H. Salvation. Holt, Minn., Hagglund 1934
Transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging; please refer to the Classic Catalog
Lewis, H.H. Thinking of Russia. Holt, Minn., Hagglund 1932
Transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging; please refer to the Classic Catalog
Box 113 Lifshitz, Mikhail. The Philosophy of art of Karl Marx. New York, Critics Group 1938 - 2 copies
Box 113 Magil, A. B.. The Real Father Coughlin. New York, Workers Library Publishers May 1939
Box 113 Mao Tse-tung. China's new democracy. New York, New Century Publishers 1945
Box 113 Mao Tse-Tung. The Fight for a new China. New York, New Century Publishers 1945
Box 113 Marti, Jose. Poemes choisis. Paris, Emile-Paul Freres 1929
Box 113 Marx, Karl and Engels, Frederick. Manifesto of the Communist Party. Chicago, Charles H. Kerr and Co., (inscribed D.D.H. [Dorothy Hicks] from N.A. [Newton Arvin] with affectionate regard. 23 July 1931) undated
Box 113 Marx, Karl and Engels, Friedrich. Manifesto of the Communist Party. New York, International Publishers 1932, reprinted 1935 - 2 copies
Marxist study courses: History of the working class. Lesson I: the Great French Revolution. New York, International Publishers 1931
Transferred to Rare Books for cataloging. Please refer to the Classic Catalog to locate this item.
Marxist study courses: History of the working class. Lesson II: the English Industrial Revolution and Chartism. New York, International Publishers 1932
Transferred to Rare Books for cataloging. Please refer to the Classic Catalog to locate this item.
Marxist study courses: History of the working class. Lesson III: the Revolution of 1848 in France and Germany. New York, International Publishers undated
Transferred to Rare Books for cataloging. Please refer to the Classic Catalog to locate this item.
Marxist study courses: History of the working class. Lesson IV: the First International and the Paris Commune. New York, International Publishers undated
Transferred to Rare Books for cataloging. Please refer to the Classic Catalog to locate this item.
Marxist study courses: Political economy. Lesson I: Marxist theory of value. New York, International Publishers undated
Transferred to Rare Books for cataloging. Please refer to the Classic Catalog to locate this item.
Box 113 Miff, P.. Heroic China New York, Workers Library Publishers Jan 1937 Apr 1937
Box 113 Ming, Wang. The Revolutionary Movement in the Colonial Counties New York, Workers Library Publishers Dec 1935
Box 113 Minor, Robert. Free Earl Browder! New York, Workers Library Publishers, Inc. 1941
Box 113 Mr. President: free Earl Browder! New York, Citizens Committee to Free Earl Browder 1942
Box 113 Naft, Stephen. 100 Questions to the Communists. New York, Rand School Press 1939
Box 113 Nearing, Scott. Europe-West and East. New York, Vanguard Press undated
Box 113 Nearing, Scott. The Rise and Decline of Christian Civilization. undated
including a flyer announcing the informal lecture of Harry Elmer Barnes on "Let's Keep out of the European Mess this TIme!"
Box 113 North, Joseph. The Case of Earl Browder: Why he should be freed. New York, Citizens' Committee to Free Earl Browder 1942
Novitsky, Pavel I. Cervantes and Don Quixote: a Socio-historical interpretation. New York, Critics' Group 1936
Transferred to Rare Books for cataloging. Please refer to the Classic Catalog to locate this item.
O'Connor, Harvey. How Mellon got rich. New York, International Pamphlets 1933
Transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging; please refer to the Classic Catalog
Box 113 Olgin, M.J. That man Browder. New York, Workers Library Publishers, Inc. 1936
Box 113 Olgin, M.J. Why Communism? New York, Workers Library Publishers 1935
Box 113 Oneal, James. Some Pages of Party History. New York, Workers Library Publishers 1935
Box 113 Parker, Quentin. We are weaving! Philadelphia 1934 - inscribed by author
Box 113 Petersen, Arnold. Karl Marx and Marxism. New York, New York Labor News Company 1933
Box 113 Petersen, Arnold. Proletarian Democracy vs. Dictatorship and Despotism. New York, New York Labor News Company 1932
Box 113 Petersen, Arnold. W.Z. Foster - Renegade or Spy?. New York, New York Labor News Company 1932
Box 113A Plan E. undated
Box 113 Plekhanov, George vol. Art and society: a Marxist analysis. Introduction by Granville Hicks. New York, Critics Group 1936 - (with annotations by Hicks)
Box 113 Plekhanov, George vol. Henrik Ibsen. Stuttgart, P. Singer 1908
Box 113 Political economy in the Soviet Union. New York, International Publishers 1944
Box 113 Political education: Part 1, the two worlds. New York, International Publishers 1935
Box 113 Poll tax facts. New York, Workers Defense League, undated
The Present situation and the next tasks. New York, New Century Publishers 1945
Transferred to Rare Books for cataloging. Please refer to the Classic Catalog to locate this item.
A Primer of economics. New York, Social Action and Association Press, undated
Transferred to Rare Books for cataloging. Please refer to the Classic Catalog to locate this item.
Radek, Karl. Proletarian dictatorship and terrorism. Detroit, Marxian Educational Society undated
Transferred to Rare Books for cataloging. Please refer to the Classic Catalog to locate this item.
Box 113A Roy, Manabendra Nath. I Accuse! New York, Roy Defense Committee of India 1932
Shipkov, Michael. Breakdown. New York, National Committee for Free Europe, Inc. 1950? - with promotional sheet for the National Committee for Free Europe, Inc.
Transferred to Rare Books for cataloging. Please refer to the Classic Catalog to locate this item.
Silverman, Harriet. The People's health. New York People's National Health Committee 1938
Transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging; please refer to the Classic Catalog
Sinclair, Upton. What can be done about America's economic troubles? New York, Pasadena, Upton Sinclair 1939
Transferred to Rare Books for cataloging. Please refer to the Classic Catalog to locate this item.
Box 113A Sinclair, Upton and Eugene Lyons. Terror in Russia? New York, Rand School Press 1938
Smirnov, A.A. Shakespeare: a Marxist interpretation. New York, Critics' Group 1936
Transferred to Rare Books for cataloging. Please refer to the Classic Catalog to locate this item.
Box 113A Sprenger, Rudolf. Bolshevism. New York, International Review undated
Box 113 Stalin, Joseph. Foundations of Leninism. New York, International Publishers 1934 - 10th anniversary edition
Stalin, Joseph. The Lenin heritage. New York, International Publishers 1934
Transferred to Rare Books for cataloging. Please refer to the Classic Catalog to locate this item.
Box 113 Stalin, Joseph. Stalin's Speeches on the American Communist Party. New York, Workers Library Publishers 6 May 1929 14 May 1929
Steinbeck, John. "Their blood is strong." San Francisco, Simon J. Lubin Society of California, Inc. 1938
Transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging; please refer to the Classic Catalog
Box 113 Stevens, Bennett. The Church and the Workers. New York, Union Labor 1932
The Supreme Court on the Bridges case New York, American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born 1945
Transferred to Rare Books for cataloging. Please refer to the Classic Catalog to locate this item.
Box 113 Symes, Lillian. Communism - World Revolution to Red Imperialism. Chicago undated
Box 113 Thompson, Robert. The Path of a renegade: why Earl Browder was expelled from the Communist Party. New York, New Century Publishers 1946
Box 113 Thorez, Maurice. Catholics and Communists. New York, Workers Library Publishers Oct 1938
Box 113A Toward an American Revolutionary Labor Movement. New York, Provisional Organizing Committee of the American Workers Party 1934
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Trumbo, Dalton. The Time of the toad: a study of inquisition in America by one of the Hollywood Ten. Hollywood, Hollywood Ten, undated
Transferred to Rare Books for cataloging. Please refer to the Classic Catalog to locate this item.
Two speeches by Karl Marx: Address to the Communist League, 1850; and The Inaugural address of the International Workingmen's Association. Vancouver, Historical Research Bureau undated
Transferred to Rare Books for cataloging. Please refer to the Classic Catalog to locate this item.
Wells, H.G. Marxism vs. liberalism: an interview (with Joseph Stalin). Introduction by Granville Hicks. New York, International Publishers 1935
Transferred to Rare Books for cataloging. Please refer to the Classic Catalog to locate this item.
Wilgus, Asa. The Size of our family. New York, Profile Press 1948
Transferred to Rare Books for cataloging. Please refer to the Classic Catalog to locate this item.
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Debate, vol. 1, no. 2 Mar. 1934
Transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging; please refer to the Classic Catalog
Dialectics, numbers 1, 6, and 9 1937-1938
Transferred to Rare Books for cataloging; please refer to the Classic Catalog
Box 114 Dialogue, vol. 1, no. 1 1968
Box 114 Educational Trends, vol. 5, no. 1 Dec. 1936
Good Morning, vol. 3, no. 1 Jan. 1, 1921
Transferred to Rare Books for cataloging; please refer to the Classic Catalog
Box 114 The Harvard Monthly, volume 65, numbers 1, 3 Mar. 1937, June 1937
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International Literature 1932-1939
Transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging; please refer to the Classic Catalog
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Box 114 The Labour Monthly, vol. 15, no. 3-4; vol. 28, no. 9 Mar. - Apr. 1933, Sept. 1946
Left Front, vol. 1, no. 2, vol. 1, no. 3-4 1933-1934
Transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging; please refer to the Classic Catalog
The Left News , no. 11 Mar. 1937
Transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging; please refer to the Classic Catalog
Left Review, vol. 1, no. 3, vol. 3, no. 13
Transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging; please refer to the Classic Catalog
The Literary Workshop, vol. 1, no. 2 and 3 1934
Transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging; please refer to the Classic Catalog
Literature of the World Revolution, numbers 1, 4 and 5 as well as Special Issue 1931
Transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging; please refer to the Classic Catalog
Box 114 Literature of the World Revolution, number 2 1931 - in German
The Magazine: a Literary Review, vol. 1, no. 1 Dec. 1933
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Midwest: a Review, vol. 1, no. 3 1937
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Modern Socialism Fall, 1941
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The Monthly Review, vol. 1, no. 1 1934
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Box 115 Mundus Artium, vol. 1, no. 1-2 1967-1968
New Frontier, vol. 1, no. 2 1936
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Box 115 The New Leader, vol. 33, no. 18 - no. 51 May 6, 1950 - Dec. 25, 1950 (4 folders)
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Box 118 The New Leader, vol. 36, no. 18 - vol. 37, no. 39 May 4, 1953 - Dec. 27, 1954 - lacks May 30, 1954 - Aug. 30, 1954 (8 folders)
Box 119 The New Leader, vol. 38, no. 1 - vol. 39, no. 18 Jan. 3, 1955 - Apr. 30, 1956 - lacks July 3, Aug. 29, 1955 (7 folders)
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Box 121 The New Leader, vol. 40, no. 26 - vol. 43, no. 26 Jul. 1, 1957 - Jun. 27, 1960 - lacks Aug. - Dec. 1957 and all of 1958 until Dec. 15, and July 13, 1959 (7 folders)
Box 122 The New Leader, vol. 43, no. 27/28- vol. 45, no. 13 Jul. 4, 1960 - June 25, 1962 - lacks Sept. 26, 1960, Mar. 6, 1961 (7 folders)
The New Quarterly, vol. 1, no. 1-2 1934
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New Theatre Feb. 1934 - Apr. 1936
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Box 123 New Times Sept. 15 - Oct. 1, 1945; Jan. 15 - Feb. 1, 1946; Aug. 15, 1946 (2 folders)
Box 123 Nieman Reports, vol. 1, no. 1 Feb. 1947
Partisan Review 1934-1938 (11 items)
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Box 123 Playboy, "The Decent Society" Jan. 1969
The Plebs, vol. 25, no. 3-4 Mar. - Apr. 1933
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Box 123 Political Affairs, vol. 24, no. 11 and vol. 25, no. 3 Nov. 1945; Mar. 1946 (2 items)
Box 123 The Quest, vol. 1, no. 1 1965-1966
Science and Society: a Marxian Quarterly, vol. 1, no. 4 1937
Transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging; please refer to the Classic Catalog
The Social Frontier, vol. 1, no's 3 and 7; vol. 2, no. 6 Dec. 1934, Apr. 1935, Mar. 1936
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Box 123 SparkMarch issue, vol. 1, no. 1 Mar 1937
Story, no. 4-11 1931-1933
Transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging; please refer to the Classic Catalog
Le Surrealisme au Service de la Revolution , no. 3, 4 1931
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The Symposium, vol. 3, no's 1-4; vol. 3, no. 3-4; vol. 4, no. 2 1932, 1933
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Box 123 Transition, numbers 3, 6 and 8 June 1927, Sept. 1927, Nov. 1927
Box 124 Transition, number 19/20 June 1930
Vanguard, vol. 4, no. 1 Nov. 1937
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The Windsor Quarterly, vol. 2, no. 3-4 1935
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Box 109 Philomath, Framingham High School Graduation number
Box 109 Reach, James. The Darktown Jamboree
Box 109 Saturday Review, Chronology of popular music for authors 1908-1941 Jan. 30, 1943
Box 109 "The Second Battle of Concord"
Box 109 Siena College Greyfriar Series program 1966-1967
Box 109 Skidmore College Founder's Week Program April 21 - 28, 1968
Box 109 "Some Speed" (play by Hicks) program 1922
"Walled in This Tomb"
See Correspondence: subject files: Harvard-Sacco-Vanzetti Committee.
Box 109 War ration book
Box 109 Young People's Christian Union. Program of the Thirty-first Annual Convocation 1920
Box 109 The Young Writer at Chapel Hill 1968
Box 109 Miscellany
Unrevised galleys, proofs and review copies
Box 125 Authors Guild, Inc. The Writer's world, edited by Elizabeth Janeway. New York, McGraw-Hill Book Company 1969
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Box 127 Horgan, Paul. Everything to live for. New York, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, Inc. 1968
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Box 128 North, Sterling. The Wolfling. - documentary notes by the author
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Box 128 Oates, Joyce Carol. With shuddering fall. New York, Vanguard Press 1964
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Box 129 Owen, Guy. The Ballad of the flim-flam man. New York, Macmillan 1965 - separately annotated
Box 129 Rosskam, Edwin. The Alien. New York, Grossman Publishers 1964
Box 131 Scott, Paul. The Corrida at San Feliu. New York, William Morrow 1964
Box 129 Seitlin, Percy. Is anything all right? New York, Grossman Publishers 1969
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Box 131 Steffens, Joseph Lincoln. The Letters of Lincoln Steffens, edited with introductory notes by Ella Winter and Granville Hicks. New York, Harcourt, Brace and Company 1938 (3 folders)
Box 131 Swanberg, W.A. Dreiser. New York, Charles Scribner's Sons 1965
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Box 132 Volponi, Paolo. My troubles began. New York, Grossman Publishers 1964
Box 132 West, Anthony C. The Ferret fancier. New York, Simon and Schuster 1965
Box 132 Five unidentified titles
Box 133 Five unidentified titles (cont.)
Manuscripts and published material about Granville Hicks
Box 124 Harrington, Michael. "Granville Hicks' Small Town" from Taking Sides 1985 - originally from Dissent, 1957.
Box 124 Levenson, Leah and Natterstad, Jerry. "Granville Hicks and the Small Town." Syracuse University Library Associates Courier Fall 1985
Box 124 Robbins, Jack Alan. "Marxism and Literature in the 1930s"
Box 124 Trathen, Marcia. "The Search for Certainty: America in the 1930's"
Miscellaneous material
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Oversize 3 The Hicks Library undated - card catalog, 3 boxes
Metropolitan selections
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Oversize 1 Drawing by Boardman Robinson [MISSING 23 May 2016] undated
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Oversize 1 Der Völkerfriede 1917 Dec-1918 Jan
Oversize 1 Miscellaneous, Harvard Lampoon 40th anniversary celebration 1916
Oversize 1 Miscellaneous, bullfighting (2 items)
Oversize 1 Miscellaneous drawings (4 items)
Oversize 2 Poster for exhibit "Art for The Masses (1911-1917): a Radical Magazine and its Graphics" (2 items)