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Stuart Gerry Brown Papers

An inventory of his papers at Syracuse University

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Date: Apr 1969

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Overview of the Collection

Creator: Brown, Stuart Gerry, 1912-1991
Title: Stuart Gerry Brown Papers
Dates: 1934-1967
Quantity: 10.0 linear ft.
Abstract: Papers of the American author, educator, specialist in American studies, political consultant. Collection includes correspondence, writings, and papers relating to the "Draft Stevenson" movement of the 1960 U.S. Presidential campaign. Correspondents include Averell Harriman, Clinton Rossiter, Arthur Schlesinger Jr., and Adlai Stevenson. Writings include addresses, radio speeches, and short pieces for and about Stevenson. Also three scrapbooks of clippings on Stevenson.
Language: English
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

Stuart Gerry Brown (1912- ) was an American author, educator, and political consultant. He taught at Syracuse University for nearly twenty years.

Born April 13, 1912, in Buffalo, New York, to Charles H., Jr. and Edith (Brown) Brown, he received his A.B. degree from Amherst College in 1934 and his Ph.D. from Princeton University in 1937. In 1937 he became an English instructor at the University of Wisconsin. In 1940, he went to Grinnell College as an associate professor of English and was a full professor of English when he left Grinnell in 1947 to become a professor of Citizenship and American Culture at the Maxwell Graduate School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University. During 1961-1962 and 1964-1965, he was visiting professor at the East-West Cultural Center at the University of Hawaii. In August of 1965, Mr. Brown resigned from Syracuse University to become graduate professor of American Studies at the East-West Center.

Brown was a Democratic state committeeman in Iowa, vice president of Americans for Democratic Action in New York State, a campaign aide to Adlai. E. Stevenson and founder of the Stevenson for President Movement in Onondaga County (N.Y.).

He is the author of The First Republicans (1954), Conscience in Politics (1961), Jefferson (1963); and (with C. Peltier) Government in Our Republic (1960). He is the editor of We Hold These Truths, 2nd edition (1948), Great Issues (1948), The Social Philosophy of Josiah Royce (1950), The Religious Philosophy of Josiah Royce (1952), The Autobiography of James Monroe (1959). With Wright Thomas he edited Reading Poems (1941) and Reading Prose (1952), and with H. Bragdon and S. McCutcheon he edited Frame of Government (1962). He also has contributed articles and book reviews to many educational reviews and journals.

Brown had one daughter, Antoinette Franchot, by his first marriage to Katharine Franchot, and two sons, Stuart Gerry and Thomas Stuart, by his second marriage to Mildred Kraus.

Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Stuart Gerry Brown Papers consist of two accessions which have not been integrated.

Main accession

The main accession is divided into five groups: correspondence, memorabilia, student records, writings, and Adlai E. Stevenson Papers on the 1960 Stevenson draft Movement.

Correspondence, 1934-1967, consisting of letters to and from friends, colleagues, publishers and students, The letters are concerned with the editing and publication of his writings and with politics, education, job offers, students' problems and personal matters. Significant correspondents include the Chautauqua Institution, Henry Steele Commager, Felix Frankfurter, Averill Harriman, Lyndon Johnson, John F. Kennedy, Archibald MacLeish, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Frank Piskor, George Santayana, Arthur Schlesinger, Adlai Stevenson, and Harry S. Truman. For a complete list, please refer to the Index to correspondence at the end of this finding aid.

There is additional correspondence of significance in the Adlai E. Stevenson Papers on the 1960 Stevenson draft Movement.

Memorabilia, 1947-1963, includes Aden and Middle East material, biographical material, brochures and catalogues, committees, course descriptions, expense accounts, miscellaneous printed material, photographs, dinner and round table programs, Adlai E. Stevenson mimeographed addresses and statements and news clippings about Adlai E. Stevenson, arranged in that order.

Student records, 1958-1963 include individual student programs, papers written by students and covering letters.

Writings, 1941-1965, include addresses, articles, book reviews, books, a citation, a course description, a course outline, essays, lectures, letters to the editor, notes, a radio discussion, radio speeches, reports, short pieces about Adlai E. Stevenson, writings for Adlai E. Stevenson and writings of others. Most of the writings are in manuscript form. Research material is included for the book Conscience in Politics and for speeches of Adlai E. Stevenson. Among the writings by others, an untitled article on the 1960 campaign by Gerald W. Johnson, and Theodore Sands' article, "The Unfinished Business of the '52 Campaign: Foreign Policy" should be mentioned.

The Adlai E. Stevenson Papers on the 1960 Stevenson draft Movement include three folders of chronologically arranged correspondence and two folders of writings by Stuart Gerry Brown. The remaining material, in consecutively numbered folders, consists of transcripts of interviews, reports and correspondence. The first of the numbered folders contains a descriptive calendar of the contents of the numbered series.

1971 additions

Additions to the Stuart Gerry Brown Papers consist of correspondence, memorabilia and writings.

Correspondence, which consists of just over one box, is arranged chronologically. The bulk of it dates from the years 1966 to 1968. There is one Eleanor Roosevelt letter, dated 1961. Also of interest is Brown's correspondence in 1967-1968 with Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. with regard to the 1968 presidential campaign and the candidacy of Robert Kennedy. For a list of significant correspondents, please refer to the Index to correspondence at the end of this finding aid.

There are a few news clippings about Brown's speeches in Memorabilia.

Brown's Writings consists of addresses, articles and book reviews. One speech that Brown wrote for Robert Kennedy's use in the spring of 1968 is included in the addresses. The articles deal with both historical topics and contemporary political issues. There are seven book reviews, including reviews of biographies of Adlai Stevenson and Robert Kennedy. There is also one item by another author, S.C. Hsieh.

Arrangement of the Collection

Correspondence is arranged chronologically, and an index is included with this inventory. Student records are arranged alphabetically by student name. Writings are subdivided by type, with material relating to Adlai Stevenson filed separately at the end. Within each group, the writings are arranged alphabetically by title. Writings of others are arranged alphabetically by author.


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Subject Headings


Brown, Stuart Gerry, 1912-1991.
Harriman, W. Averell (William Averell), 1891-1986.
Rossiter, Clinton, 1917-1970.
Schlesinger, Arthur M. (Arthur Meier), 1917-
Stevenson, Adlai E. (Adlai Ewing), 1900-1965.

Corporate Bodies

Democratic Party (U.S.)


Authors, American.
Educators -- United States.
Political campaigns.
Political consultants -- United States.

Genres and Forms

Book reviews.
Clippings (information artifacts)
Manuscripts for publication.


Political consultants.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Stuart Gerry Brown Papers,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

Gift of Stuart Gerry Brown, 1967-68.

Table of Contents



Student records


Adlai E. Stevenson material

Correspondence (1971 additions)

Memorabilia (1971 additions)

Writings (1971 additions)

Selected index to correspondence


See also Correspondence (1971 additions).
Box 1 [General] 1934-May 1950 (9 folders)
Box 2 [General] Jun 1950-Mar 1954 (7 folders)
Box 3 [General] Apr 1954-1956 (6 folders)
Box 4 [General] 1957-1960 (6 folders)
Box 5 [General] 1961-1962 (6 folders)
Box 6 [General] 1963-Aug 1964 (5 folders)
Box 7 [General] Sep 1964-1967 (4 folders)
Box 7 [General] undated
Box 7 Aden and the Middle East 1962
Box 7 Application forms, U.S. Senate guest card
Box 7 Biographical material 1948-1960
Box 8 Biographies of others
Box 8 Brochures and catalogues 1948-1959
Box 8 Committees, Board of Graudate Studies 1947-1951
Box 8 Course descriptions and teaching schedules 1947-1961
Box 8 Expense accounts 1950-1961
Box 8 Miscellaneous printed material 1953-1961
Box 8 National Farmer's Union 1950
Box 8 Photographs, S.G. Brown, A.E. Stevenson and others 1952-1963
Box 8 Programs, Dinner and Round Table 1953-1958
Box 8 Questions from the audience - holograph
Adlai E. Stevenson
Box 8 Addresses and statements 1961, 1962 - reproduction, typescript (2 folders)
Box 8 News clippings 1959-1962
Student records
Box 8 Amirthanayagam, Guy 1962-1963 - includes correspondence (1962 only)
Box 8 Bain, Harry 1961
Box 8 Baker, Donald 1958 - correspondence
Box 8 Bartle, Harrison Frederick 1960
Box 8 Bodkin, Robert 1959 - correspondence
Box 8 Clarke, Robert
Box 8 Cohn, Morton 1959-1960
Box 8 Cooke, Robert 1961
Box 8 Cord, Robert L. 1960-1961 - correspondence
Box 8 Farnen, Russell F., Jr. 1958-1960 - correspondence
Box 8 Gibson, Frank F. 1960
Box 8 Goodwin, Paul 1959 - correspondence
Box 8 Lorenz, Robert A. 1960
Box 8 Mushkat, Jerome
Box 8 Pickett, Robert S. 1963 - correspondence
Box 8 Riley, William A. 1961 - correspondence
Box 8 Roberts, Kenneth E., Jr. 1961
Box 8 Wise, Ralph Eugene
Box 9 American Civilization and the Overseas Americans, CIA Training Program Sep 21, 1960 - holograph
Box 9 The Citizen as Individual in American Society - typescript copy
Box 9 The Citizen in Modern Society - typescript copy
Box 9 Current Aspects of American Culture May 22, 1948 - original typescript
Box 9 The Idea of a College Apr 22, 1948 - draft A, typescript copy; draft B, original typescript rev.,
Box 9 On the Limits of Democracy, University of Akron 1959-1960 - holograph
Box 9 Original Development of Democratic Political Philosophy, Air War College Sep 15 1958
Box 9 Saved From Loneliness, Saved For Fellowship, Chapel Nov 19 1947 - origingal typescript
Box 9 Some Observations on Stimulating Students to Greater Academic Achievment Sep 12, 1957 - typescript reproduction
Box 9 Upstate vs. Downstate in New York Politics - outline, original typescript
Box 9 The World and the Citizen - typescript reproduction
Box 9 The World and the Individual - draft A, typescript revised; draft B, original typescript
Box 9 Council on the Humanities, University of Hawaii Oct 21, 1965 - typescript reproduction
Box 9 League of Women Voters broadcast Dec 5, 1947; Nov 19, 1948; undated - original typescript
Box 9 Addresses for W. Averell Harriman, holo. 1955 - original and carbon typescript, includes research material
Box 9 "Civil Rights and National Leadership: Eisenhower and Stevenson in the 1950's," reprint from Ethics, Jan. 1960
Box 9 "Considerations for an International Conference on the Ethics of Mutual Involvement" 1961 - typescript reproduction
Box 9 "Democracy, The New Conservatism and the Liberal Tradition in America," reprint from Ethics, Oct 1955 - also draft A, original typescript rev.; draft B, typescript copy
Box 9 "Did the Conservatives 'Regain' Control of 'their' Republican Party" 1964 - original typescript
See also Correspondence, Jul 27, 1964 (Box 6)
Box 9 "Dr. Johnson, Poetry and Imagination," reprint from Neophilologus
Box 9 "Dr. Johnson and the Religious Problem," offprint from English Studies by R.W. Zandvoort
Box 9 "Eisenhower and Stevenson in the McCarthy Era: A Study in Leadership," reprint Ethics, Jul 1959
Box 9 "Emerson," University of Kansas City Review, Autumn 1948 - also typescript revised
Box 9 "Emerson 1803-1953," reprint from Ethics, Apr 1954
Box 9 "Emerson in 1950" - typescript copy
Box 9 "Emerson's Platonism," reprint from New England Quarterly, Sep 1945 - also typescript copy
Box 9 "From Provincialism to the Great Community: the Social Philosophy of Josiah Royce," Ethics, Oct 1948
Box 9 "From Sword to Schoolbook," The University of Kansas City Review, Summer 1944
Box 9 "James Monroe," American-Oxford Encyclopedia - typescript copy
Box 9 "John Jay Chapman and the Emersonian Gospel," New England Quarterly, Jun 1952 - also draft A, typescript copy; draft B, typescript copy
Box 9 "Legal and Political Philosophy" 1957 - typescript reproduction
Box 9 "The Mind of Thomas Jefferson," Ethics, Jan 1963
Box 9 "A Note on Poetry and Prophecy," Sewanee Review, Jan 1941
Box 9 "A Note on C. Ritter's Reading of Timaeus", reprint from Classical Philology, Apr 1941
Box 9 "Observations and Hume's Theory of Taste," offprint from English Studies by R.W. Zandvoort
Box 9 "Organization, Strategy and Tactics of American Communists" - outline, holo.; draft A, original typescript rev.; draft B typescript
Box 9 "Plural Values and the Neutral State: The American Doctrine of the Free Conscience," reprint, Syracuse Law Review, Fall 1953 - also typescript copy
Box 9 "Poetry and Tradition," Sewanee Review, Oct 1940
Box 9 "The Poetry of A.E. Housman"
Box 9 "Politics and Mr. Crosskey's Constitution I," reprint, Syracuse Law Review, Spring 1955 - also draft A, original typescript rev.; draft B, typescript copy
Box 9 "Problems in Democratic Citizenship, with Michael O. Sawyer, reprint from Journal of Higher Education, Feb 1952
Box 9 "Some Poems of Louis MacNeice," Sewanee Review, Winter 1943
Box 9 "Teaching the Documents of American Democracy," Social Education, May 1948
Box 10 "Thoughts on the Present State of Liberalism in America" - draft A, holo.; draft B, typescript revised; draft C, typescript
Box 10 "Toward an American Tradition; Paul Elmer More as Critic"
Box 10 "Two American Platonists: Santayana and P.E. More" - typescript
Box 10 "Ford Foundation Guides for Group Leaders" 1953-1954 - holograph, original and typescript copy
Box 10 Articles and definitions for Grolier Society Encyclopedia - originals and typescript copy revised
Book reviews
Box 10 American Constitutional Custom: A Forgotten Factor in the Founding, by Burleigh Cushing Rodick - draft A, typescript rev.; draft B typescript copy
Box 10 Americans and Chinese: Two Ways of Life, by Francis L. K. Hay - draft A, typescript rev.; draft B typescript copy
Box 10 Democratic Foundations: Classic or Pragmatic, re: The Moral Foundation of Democracy, by John H. Hallowell and Civil Liberties and the Vinson Court, by C. Herman Pritchell - typescript copy
Box 10 Essay in Politics, by Scott Buchanan and The Conservative Mind: From Burke to Santayana, by Russell Kirk - typescript copy rev.
Box 10 Freedom Limited: An Essay on Democracy by Marten Ten Hoor ; The Individual and the New World, by John M. Anderson and The Liberal Tradition in America, by Louis Hartz - typescript copy
Box 10 The Genius of American Politics, by Daniel Boorstin - draft A, typescript rev.; draft B typescript copy
Box 10 The Papers of James Madison, Vol. III, ed. by W.T. Hutchinson and William M.E. Rachal - typescript copy
See also Correspondence, Feb 17 1964 (Box 6)
Box 10 The Papers of James Madison, Vol. IV, ed. by W.T. Hutchinson and William M.E. Rachal - typescript copy
See also Correspondence, Aug 25 1965 (Box 7)
Box 10 Roger Williams: His Contribution to the American Tradition - draft A, typescript rev.; draft B typescript copy
Box 10 Seedtime of the Republic: The Origin of the American Tradition of Political Liberty, by Clinton Rossiter - draft A, typescript rev.; draft B typescript copy
Alexander Hamilton
Box 10 Draft A, typescript copy rev.
Box 10 Draft B, typescript rev.
Box 10 Aspects of American Democracy and Culture, with Ralph Henry Gabriel and Alpheus Thomas Mason
Box 11 The Bonnie Prince - Chapters I-VI, VIII, typescript rev.
Conscience in Politics
Research material
Box 11 Eisenhower Administration 1956
Box 11 Foreign policy 1956 - includes notes on Brown conversation with Morris Bernstein
Box 11 Formosa 1958 - includes typescript copy and typescript reproduction of. A.E. Stevenson speeches
Box 11 McCarthyism - inclides typescript of Stevenson press conferences, typescript repro, of Stevenson's 1952-1953 speeches
Box 11 Middle East - Suez
Box 11 1956 Stevenson primary campaign - includes typescript copy transcript of speech and interview (Stevenson)
Box 11 Eleanor Roosevelt letters 1948-1956 - typescript reproduction
Box 11 A.E. Stevenson, articles by 1958-1959
Box 11 Stevenson for president, 1960? 1958-1960
Box 11 Stevenson for President Committee 1956
Stevenson speeches
Box 11 1952-1958New York Times
Box 11 1957-1959 - typescript copy; typescript reproduction
Box 12 Sep 1960 - typescript reproduction
Box 12 Oct-Dec 1960 - typescript reproduction
Box 12 Chapter VII 1958 - includes typescript reproduction of radio symposium with A.E. Stevenson and typescript reproduction of Stevenson speeches
Box 12 Chapter VIII 1959 - includes typescript reproduction, Stevenson speech
Box 12 Chapter IX 1960 - includes typescript reproduction, Stevenson speeches, correspondence
Box 12 Draft A 1961 - typescript reproduction with penciled holograph annotations by Adlai E. Stevenson (2 folders)
Box 12 Draft B - typescript copy
Box 13 Draft C - typescript rev. (2 folders)
Box 13 Afterword - typescript rev.
Box 13 The Frame of Government, with H. Bragdon and S. McCutcheon - preface, holograph and typescript
Internationalism and Democracy, ed. by S.G. Brown
Box 13 Typescript copy, incomplete 1949
Box 13 Bills and receipts 1950-1951
Box 13 Book reviews 1950
Box 13 James Monroe, proposal only - typescript copy
Box 13 Draft A - typescript rev.
Box 13 Draft B - typescript copy rev.
John Jay Chapman and Other Essays on Individualism in America
Box 13 Draft A - typescript and typescript copy
Box 13 Draft B - typescript rev.
Box 13 Draft C - typescript copy
The Limits of Democratic Compromise
Box 14 Draft A - typescript rev.
Box 14 Draft B - typescript copy
Box 14 Major American Philosophies, ed. by S.G. Brown - incomplete, typescript and typescript copy
Box 14 Masters of American Literature, prospectus only - typescript copy
Box 14 On Being Civilized 1946 - draft A, typescript rev.; draft B typescript copy
Box 14 re: Precinct workers, outline only 1952 - typescript copy
Box 14 The Religious Philosophy of Josiah Royce, ed. By S.G. Brown 1953 - introduction, draft A, holo; draft B, typescript rev.; draft C, typescript copy; book reviews
Box 14 The Social Philosophy of Josiah Royce, ed. By S.G. Brown - preface and chapter only, draft A, holo.; draft B, typescript copy; book review
Box 14 We Hold These Truths, table of contents only Jan 1949 - typescript copy; also book reviews
Box 14 Citation "William Averell Harriman"
Box 14 Course description, Social Science 300 - typescript copy
Box 14 Course outline - typescript copy
Box 14 Lucretius and Modern Materialism - typescript copy
Box 14 A New Era for Publius: T.V. Smith and the Art of Politics - draft A, typescript rev.; draft B typescript copy
Box 14 On Being Free - draft A, typescript revs; draft B typescript copy
Box 14 Communism, Democracy and Education - draft A, holo.; draft B, typescript rev.; draft C typescript copy
Box 14 Democratic Manifesto I - typescript
Box 14 Democratic Manifesto II - draft A, holo.; draft B, typescript copy; draft C, typescript rev.; draft D typescript copy
Box 14 Memo to Americans, University of Hawaii ca. 1962 - phonograph records
Box 14 The Role of Communication in Citizenship Oct 5 1948 - typescript
Box 14 Lectures for Citizenship IA 1947-1948 - typescript
Box 14 Letters to the Editor 1952-1958 - holograph, typescript and typescript copy rev.
Box 14 Notes 1947-1963 - holograph, typescript
Radio discussion
Box 14 Who Are Today's Conservatives?, University of Chicago Round Table, Feb 27, 1955
Radio speeches for Adlai E. Stevenson
Box 14 Station WAGE, Nov 1952 - draft A, typescript rev.; draft B, typescript
Box 15 Station WOLF, Nov 1952 - draft A, typescript rev.; draft B, typescript
Box 15 Conference on Constitutional Rights and Liberties Oct 11-12, 1960 - typescript reproduction
Box 15 The Kennedy Campaign's Final Week: The Need For Fresh Emphasis - typescript reproduction
Box 15 of Committee on Research - The Political Career of James Monroe, Year Book of the American Philosophical Society 1959
Box 15 of Special Joint Committee of Syracuse University, LeMoyne College and the Onondaga County American Legion, S.G. Brown with others - typescript reproduction
Box 15 Short pieces re: Adlai E. Stevenson - typescript and typescript copy
for Adlai E. Stevenson
Box 15 Report on Democratic Record on Corruption & Integrity in Government 1952 - draft A, holo.; draft B, typescript copy; correspondence
Box 15 Research material - includes holograph notes and typescript suggestions
Box 15 Drafts and suggestions 1956-1963 - typescript and typescript copy
Box 15 I - Local and State Governments - draft A, holo.; draft B typescript copy
Box 15 II - On Integrity in Government - draft A, holo.; draft B, typescript rev.; draft C, typescript rev.; draft D typescript copy
Box 15 III - On Corruption 1952 - holograph notes; draft A, holo.; draft B, typescript; correspondence
Box 15 IV - On the Liberal Tradition 1952 - draft A, holo.; draft B, typescript rev.; draft C, typescript copy; correspondence
Box 15 V - Paragraphs on Economic Prosperity 1952 - draft A, typescript rev.; draft B, typescript copy; correspondence
Box 15 VI - Program to Promote Integrity in Government 1952 - draft A, holo.; draft B, typescript copy; correspondence
Box 15 Reply to Eisenhower Speech of Oct 20, 1952, Bridgeport, Conn. - draft A, typescript rev.; draft B, typescript copy
Box 15 Reply to Eisenhower Speech of Oct 21, 1952, Boston, Mass. - draft A, typescript rev.; draft B, typescript copy
Box 15 Reply to Eisenhower Speech of Oct 21, 1952, Boston, Mass. - typescript copy, notes, research material
Box 15 Untitled, New Haven, Conn. Oct 25 1952 - draft A, holo.; draft B, typescript copy
Writings of others
Box 15 Bailey, Stephen K. / "Harlan Cleveland, Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs," reprint, American Oxonian, Apr 1962
Box 15 Cope, Alfred H. / "Discussion questions in Democratic Citizenship," copyright registration only 1951, 1953
Box 15 Foerster, Norman / "Should the Humanities Be Made Human?" Humanities Review, Feb 1947
Box 15 Johnson, Gerald W. / Untitled article on the 1960 campaign
Box 15 Keohane, Robert E. / "Historical Method and Primary Sources," reprint, 17th Yearbook of National Council for Social Studies, 1946
Box 15 "Use of Primary Sources in United States History for High School Pupils," School Review
Box 15 Kulski, W.W. / Foreword to unnamed book
Box 15 Levy, Leonard W. / "Jefferson and Civil Liberties: the Darker Side" - repro of typescript rev.
See also Correspondence, Aug 30, 1963 (Box 6)
Box 15 Moynihan, Daniel P. / draft for John F. Kennedy Speech for Smith Dinner, ; See - typescript copy
See also Correspondence, Oct 12, 1960 (Box 4)
Box 15 Payne, Ina Chatterton / "My Greek History Class" - typescript
Box 15 Sands, Theodore / "The Unfinished Business of the '52 Campaign: Foreign Policy" - typescript copy
Box 15 Whicher, George F. / "Sons of Goliath," American Scholar
Adlai E. Stevenson material
Box 16 Correspondence, Stuart Gerry Brown 1955-1964 (3 folders)
Writings by S.G. Brown
Box 16 Speech for Sen. Mike Monroney Jun 1960 - typescript reproduction
Box 16 re Adlai E. Stevenson 1960 - typescript and typescript copy, repro.
Box 16, Folder 1 Calendar of Collection
Box 16, Folder 2 Interviews with A.E. Stevenson 1960-1961 - typescript and typescript copy, by S.G. Brown
Box 16, Folder 3 Interviews with Political Leaders, Washington, Pennsylvania, New York 1960-1961 - incl holo. typescript and typescript copy by S.G. Brown, correspondence
Box 16, Folder 4 Interviews with Political Leaders, Mid-West 1960-1961 - incl. typescript and typescript copy by S.G. Brown and Robert Lewis Piper
Box 16, Folder 5 Interviews with Political Leaders, California 1961 - holo. typescript and typescript copy by S.G. Brown
Box 16, Folder 6 Confidential reports by Time political writers - typescript reproduction
Box 16, Folder 7 Incoming letters to Stevenson supporting his U-2 Speech May 1960 - repro.
Box 16, Folder 8 Incoming letters to Stevenson opposed to his U-2 Speech - repro.
Box 16, Folder 9 Stevenson fan mail, "Run Again"
Box 17, Folder 10 Stevenson letters, offers of help - repro.
Box 17, Folder 11 New York Politics, repro. of correspondence 1959-1960
Box 17, Folder 12 Pennsylvania Politics, repro. of correspondence 1960
Box 17, Folder 12A California Politics, incl. repro. of correspondence 1960-1962
Box 17, Folder 13 Incoming letters to Stevenson regretting his failure to be nominated, repro. 1960
Box 17, Folder 13A Brown - Stevenson correspondence 1958-1960
Box 17, Folder 14 Russell D. Hemenway, New York Office
Box 17, Folder 15 Russell D. Hemenway, correspondence, A-K 1960 - repro.
Box 17, Folder 16 Russell D. Hemenway, correspondence, L-A 1960 - repro.
Box 17, Folder 17 Stuart Gerry Brown Papers 1960 - incl. draft of speech for Sen. Mike Monroney, typescript rev.; Brown-Monroney conversation, holo.; Brown correspondence
Box 18, Folder 18 John J.B. Shea Papers 1959-1960 - correspondence, repro.
Box 18, Folder 19 John J.B. Shea Papers, Bean and Roper Surveys 1960 - correspondence, repro.
Box 18, Folder 20 Russell D. Hemenway - Washington office
Box 18, Folder 21 Mike Monroney Jr. Papers 1960 - correspondence, repro.
Box 18, Folder 22 John H. Sharon Papers Jan-Jun 1960 - incl. correspondence, repro.
Box 18, Folder 23 John H. Sharon Papers Jul-Nov 1960 - inc. correspondence, repro.
Box 18, Folder 24 James E. Doyle Papers 1959-1960 - typescript copies of memoranda and letters; Brown-Doyle interview, holo.
Box 18, Folder 25 New York draft Group - incl. typescript of interviews by Robert Lewis Piper
Box 18, Folder 26 Missouri draft Groups 1960-1961 - inc. typescript interviews by Robert Lewis Piper, correspondence
Box 18, Folder 27 Miscellaneous draft Groups 1960-1961 - incl. typescript copy interviews; Dictabelt interview; correspondence
Box 18, Folder 28 Los Angeles Convention - incl. typescript copy by Thomas L. Collins
Oversize 1 Scrapbooks of news clippings about Adlai E. Stevenson 3 volumes 1961-1962
Oversize 1 Printed copy of President John F. Kennedy's picture and of his Inaugural Address
Correspondence (1971 additions)
Box 19 [General] 1961, 1965-Sep 1968 (10 folders)
Box 20 [General] 1968, Oct-Dec
Memorabilia (1971 additions)
Box 20 News clippings 1967
Writings (1971 additions)
Box 20 Commencement Address at Lanai High School 1968 - draft A, typescript rev.; draft B, typescript rev.
Box 20 "Dissent in a Time of Tension" 1967 - draft A, typescript rev.; draft B typescript copy
Box 20 [Untitled], Council on the Humanities, University of Hawaii 1965 - draft A, typescript rev.; draft B, typescript rev.; draft C, repro.
Box 20 [Untitled], addresses for Robert F. Kennedy 1968 - draft A, typescript rev.; draft B, typescript reproduction
Box 20 "Civil Disobedience" - draft A, typescript rev.; draft B, typescript reproduction
Box 20 "Is a Kennedy draft Possible?" 1968 - typescript rev.
Box 20 "James Monroe" - draft A, typescript rev.; draft B, typescript reproduction rev.
Box 20 "Success for a Lame Duck" 1968 - draft A, typescript rev,; draft B, repro.
Book reviews
Box 20 The Heir Apparent: Robert Kennedy and the Struggle for Power, by William V. Shannon - typescript rev.
Box 20 The Papers of James Madison, Vol V, ed. by W.T. Hutchinson and William M.E. Rachal - draft A, typescript rev.; draft B typescript copy
Box 20 The Politics of Honor: A Biography of Adlai E. Stevenson, by Kenneth Davis and Adlai Stevenson: A Study in Values, by Herbert J. Muller - draft A, typescript rev.; draft B typescript copy
Box 20 The Radical Papers, ed. by Irving Howe, repro. from Ethics, vol. 77 - also typescript rev.
Box 20 The Spirit of 'Seventy-Six, ed. by Henry Steele Commager and Richard B. Morris - draft A, typescript rev.; draft B typescript copy
Box 20 The Uncommon Defense and Congress, 1945-1963, by Edward Kolodziej - draft A, typescript rev.; draft B typescript copy
Box 20 The United States and Canada, by Gerald M. Craig, repro. from Annals, vol. 378 - also typescript rev.
Writings of others (1971 additions)
Box 20 Hsieh, S.C.: "Problems of Agricultural Development in Asia," outline of a speech before a conference of Peace Corps workers 1966 - typescript

Selected index to correspondence

Items without an asterisk are from the original donation Correspondence. Items with an asterisk (*) are from Correspondence (1971 additions).