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Robert S. Phillips Papers

An inventory of his papers at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Phillips, Robert, 1938-
Title: Robert S. Phillips Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1964-1989
Quantity: 33 linear ft.
Abstract: Papers of the American poet, author, editor of the Letters of Delmore Schwartz. Collection includes correspondence, manuscripts, and published material. Writings comprise a large assortment of manuscripts and production records for Phillips' books, as well as holograph and typescript manuscripts for essays, poems, reviews, stories, and interviews with William Goyen, Philip Larkin, Joyce Carol Oates, Karl Shapiro, Elizabeth Spencer, and Marya Zaturenska.
Language: English
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

Robert S. Phillips (1938- ) is an American poet, author, and editor, with more than 30 volumes of poetry, fiction, criticism, and belles lettres to his name.

Born in 1938 in Milford, Delaware, Phillips graduated from Syracuse University's creative writing program. He is currently (May 2007) a professor of English at the University of Houston; he was also director of the Creative Writing Program there from 1991 to 1996. His honors include a 1996 Enron Teaching Excellence Award, a Pushcart Prize, an American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters Award in Literature, a New York State Council on the Arts CAPS Grant in Poetry, MacDowell Colony and Yaddo Fellowships, a National Public Radio Syndicated Fiction Project Award, a Syracuse University Arents Pioneer Medal, and Texas Institute of Letters membership. In 1998 he was named a John and Rebecca Moore Scholar at the University of Houston.

[Portions of biographical sketch taken from Mr. Phillips' faculty home page at the University of Houston,, retrieved 11 May 2007.]

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Robert S. Phillips Papers contains correspondence, writings and memorabilia. Correspondence contains that of both individuals and organizations, and includes poets (John Ashbery, Mitchell Cullin, Sybil Pittman Estess, William Heyen, Denise Levertov, Delmore Schwartz, Elizabeth Spencer, Daniel Stern), writers (Edward Albee, Donald Barthelme, Saul Bellow, Harold Bloom, Paul Bowles, William S. Burroughs, Raymond Carver, Jules Feiffer, Horace Gregory, Granville Hicks, Shirely Jackson, Erica Jong, Norman Mailer, Joyce Carol Oates, Marya Zaturenska), artists (Paul Cadmus), publishers (E.P. Dutton, Farrar Straus & Giroux, David R. Godine, Harper Collins, Johns Hopkins University Press, Gibbs Smith, University of Houston Press), literary magazines (Chelsea, Commonweal, Dark Horse Literary Review, Hudson Review, Manhattan Poetry Review, Ontario Review, Paris Review, Shenandoah) and professional societies and organizations (Gulf Coast Association of Creative Writing Teachers, National Endowment for the Arts, Poetry Society of America, Yaddo).

Writings comprises typescripts, production records, and other material relating to Phillips' writing -- books, essays, interviews, novels, poetry, reviews, scripts, speeches, and short stories. At the end is a small section of miscellaneous material which includes audio and video cassettes with interviews and readings, biographical sketches of authors, and assorted other writings.

Memorabilia contains printed material -- there are a few programs and announcements but the bulk consists of issues of various periodicals in which Phillip's work appears.

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Arrangement of the Collection

Correspondence is alphabetized by name of correspondent. Writings are subdivided by type (books, essays, interviews, novels, poetry, reviews, scripts, speeches, and short stories) and within that arranged alphabetically by title. Memorabilia periodicals are arranged alphabetically by title of publication.

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Access Restrictions

July 29, 1988 - C. Davis: The following letters are completely restricted: Joyce Carol Oates, Elizabeth Spencer, Erica Jong

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Subject Headings


Goyen, William.
Gregory, Horace, 1898-1982.
Heyen, William, 1940-
Jong, Erica.
Larkin, Philip.
Laughlin, James, 1914-1997.
Mazzaro, Jerome.
Oates, Joyce Carol, 1938-
Philbrick, Stephen.
Phillips, Robert, 1938-
Poulin, A., Jr., 1938-1996.
Schwartz, Delmore, 1913-1966.
Shapiro, Karl, 1913-2000.
Spencer, Elizabeth, 1921-
Zaturenska, Marya, 1902-1982.


American literature -- 20th century.
American poetry -- 20th century.
Critics -- United States.
Novelists, American.
Poets, American.

Genres and Forms

Manuscripts for publication.



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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Robert S Phillips Papers,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Finding Aid Information

Created by: -
Date: unknown
Revision history: Jan 2002 - rev (KM); 8 Apr 2007 - converted to EAD (AMCon); 1 May 2009 - updated restrictions (MRC)

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Correspondence-subject files
Box 1 Aaron, Jonathan
Box 1 Abse, Dannie
Box 1 Academy of American Poets
Box 1 Ackart, Robert C.
Box 1 Ackerman, Diane
Box 1 Adams, Alice
Box 1 Adams, Barbara Block
Box 1 Adcock, Betty
Box 1 Albee, Edward
Box 1 Alexander, Michael
Box 1 Allen, Dick
Box 1 American Academy of Arts and Letters
American Center for Artists
See White, James
Box 1 Andrews, Duncan
Box 1 Aplon, Roger
Appleman, Philip
Box 1 "Apes and Angels" - ms.
Box 1 Archibald, Andrew
Ashbery, John
Box 1 "Can You Hear, Bird" (1995 National Book Awards entry) - page proofs
Box 1 Ashmore, Helen
Box 1 Atlas, James
Box 1 Auchincloss, Louis Stanton
Box 1 Auden, Wystan Hugh
Box 1 Axinn, Donald E.
Box 1 Bachardy, Don
Box 1 Bacon, Ellen (Mrs. Ernst)
Box 1 Baker, Dorothy Zayatz
Baker, Thomas Warren
Box 1 "Paperwhite Narcissus" - ms.
Box 1 "Robert Phillips: a Supplementary Checklist" 1981-1991 - ms.
Box 1 Bakken, Christopher
Box 1 Balakian, Anna
Box 1 Balakian, Peter
Barber, David
Box 1 "The Spirit Level" (1995 National Book Awards entry) - page proofs
Box 1 Barney, William D.
Barresi, Dorothy
Box 1 "The Post-Rapture Diner" (1995 National Book Awards entry) - page proofs
Box 1 Barrett, William
Box 1 Barson, Frederick
Box 1 Barthelme, Donald
Box 1 Baskin, Leonard
Box 1 Bass, Rick
Bawer, Bruce
Box 1 "Coast to Coast" - page proofs
Box 1 "The Middle Generation" - ms.
Bawer, Theodore Bruce
See Bawer, Bruce
Box 1A Beattie, Ann
Bedell, Jack B.
Box 1A "What Passes for Love" - production records
Box 1A Bedford Books
Box 1A Bell, Madison Smartt
Box 1A Bellow, Saul
Box 1A Benedikt, Michael
Benitez, Armando
Box 1A "Rhyme of the Fall of Berlin" / by Henry Firebaugh - ms.
Box 1A Berger, Arthur
Box 1A Bernard, Artis
Box 1A Berns, Walter
Box 1A Berryhill, Michael
Box 1A Bingham, Sallie
Birstein, Ann
Box 1A "Apple Pie and Coffee" - ms.
Bissell, Trim
Box 1A "Getting There" - ms.
Blake, Glenn
Box 1A "How Far From the Water?" - ms.
Box 1A Bloom, Amy
Box 1A Bloom, Harold
Box 1A BOA Editions Ltd.
Box 1A Boll, Heinrich
Box 1A Bond, Bruce
Bonnard, Robert Andrew
Box 1A "At Auden's Tomb and Other Sights" - ms.
Box 1A "The Jassack He Is William Carlos Williams - ms.
Box 1A Booth, Martin
Box 1A Booth, Philip E.
Box 1A Boulevard
Box 1A Bowles, Paul
Bowman, Sylvia E.
See Twayne Publishers, Inc.
Box 1A Boyle, Kay
Box 1A Branch, Edgar Marquess
Box 1A Braybrooke, Neville
Box 1A Brazos Bookstore
Bricuth, John
See Irwin, John T.
Brind, Stephen and Diana
Box 1A "The Havana Clipper" - ms.
Box 1A Brinnin, John Malcolm
Box 1A British Broadcasting Corporation
Brock-Broido, Lucie
Box 1A "The Master Letters" (1995 National Book Awards entry) - page proofs
Brogger, Erik
Box 1A "A Normal Life" - ms.
Box 1A Brown, Eric L.
Box 1A Brown, Rosellen
Box 1A Bruchac, Joseph
Box 1A Bryan, Sharon
Box 1A Bryant, Deyonne
Box 1A Brynteson, Susan
Box 1A Buckman, Gertrude (Mrs. Delmore Schwartz)
Box 1A Bucknell, Katherine
Box 1A Buechner, Frederick
Burgin, Richard
See Boulevard
Box 1A Burnshaw, Stanley
Box 1A Burroughs, William S.
Box 1A Burton, Philip Ward
Box 1A Busa, Christopher
Box 1A Busby, Mark
Box 1A Busch, Frederick
Box 1A Butscher, Edward
Box 2 Cadmus, Paul
Box 2 Calisher, Hortense
Box 2 Cambor, Kathleen
Box 2 Campbell, Joseph
Box 2 CAPS
Box 2 Caram, Eve La Salle
Box 2 Carlile, D. J.
Box 2 Carr, Virginia Spencer
Box 2 Carrier, Constance
Box 2 Carroll & Graf Publishers
Box 2 Carruth, Hayden
Box 2 Carter, James Earl
Box 2 Carter, Robert A.
Cartwright, Jon
Box 2 "The Mirror" - ms.
Box 2 Carver, Raymond
Box 2 Carver, Wayne
Box 2 Cassells, Cyrus
Chaney, Dolph L.
Box 2 "Project Z" - ms.
Chappell, Fred
Box 2 "Spring Garden" (1995 National Book Awards entry) - page proofs
Chartier, David
Box 2 "Burning Valleys" - ms.
Box 2 Chelsea
See also Foerster, Richard
Box 2 Cheuse, Alan
Chewning, Emily Blair
Box 2 "Good Faith" - ms.
Box 2 "Heart Roots" - ms.
Box 2 Christopher, Nicholas
Box 2 Ciardi, John
Civetta, Michele
See Schwartz, Delmore: "In Dreams Begin Responsibilities" (film)
Box 2 Clampitt, Amy
Box 2 Clark, Eleanor
Box 2 Clemente, Vince
Cobb, William
Box 2 "Blue Souvenirs" - ms.
Cole, Henri
See Academy of American Poets
Box 2 Cole, William
Collins, Billy
Box 2 "The Art of Drowning" - ms.
Box 2 Columbia University Libraries
Box 2 Commonweal
See Tucker, Martin
Conlon, Christopher
Box 2 "'Fox-Teeth in Your Heart': Inscriptions of Sexuality in the Poetry of Tennessee Williams" - ms.
Box 2 Connecticut Review
See also Shipley, Vivian
Box 2 Contemporary Authors
Box 2 Contemporary Literary Criticism
Box 2 Contoski, Victor
Box 2 Cooley, John R.
Box 2 Copland, Aaron
Box 2 Corsaro, Frank
Cortez, Sarah
Box 2 "How To Undress a Cop" - ms.
Box 2 Corva, Dominic
Box 2 Costanzo, Gerald
Box 2 Coursen, Herbert R.
Box 2 Cowley, Malcolm
Craven, Jerry
Box 2A "Artist at the Jungle's Edge" (Chapter 1) - ms.
Box 2A "Shooting a Monkey" - ms.
Box 2A "Snake Mountain" - ms.
Creative Artists Public Service Program
Box 2A Creeley, Robert
Cremins, Melanie Danburg
See Danburg, Melanie A.
Box 2A Cremins, Robert
Box 2A Crossley-Holland, Kevin
Crouch, Robin N.
Box 2A "Primitivism and Urbanity: T. S. Eliot" - ms.
Cubbage, Elinor P.
Box 2A "Interview with Robert Francis" - ms.
Box 2A "Robert Francis: a Critical Biography" - ms.
Cullin, Mitchell
Box 2A "Afternoon Misdemeanors" - ms.
Box 2A "Branches" - ms.
Box 2A "The House of Special Purpose" - ms.
Box 2A "6 Poems" - ms.
Box 2A "Tideland" (excerpt) - ms.
Box 2A "Totem" - ms.
Box 2A "Wormwood" - ms.
Danburg, Melanie A.
Box 2A "Addictionary" - ms.
Box 2A "The Right Star" - ms.
Box 2A Daniels, Sally
Box 2A Dark Horse Literary Review
Box 2A Davis, Hope
Box 2A Davis, Robert Gorham
Box 2A Davis, William Virgil
Box 2A Dawkins, Cecil
Box 2A Delta Upsilon Fraternity
Box 2A Deming, Richard
Box 2A DeMott, Benjamin
Box 2A DePietro, Thomas
Box 2A Desaulneiers, Janet
Box 2A Diamond, David
Diaz, Tony
Box 2A "Jester's Apprentice" - ms. (fragment)
Box 2A "Jester's Apprentice" - ms.
Box 2A Dickey, James
Box 2A Dickson, Rose
Box 2A Dickstein, Morris
Box 2A Dictionary of American Biography
Box 2A Dictionary of Literary Biography
Digges, Deborah
Box 2A "Rough Music" (1995 National Book Awards entry) - page proofs
Dikaia Foundation, Inc.
See Delta Upsilon Fraternity
Box 2A Dike, Donald A.
Dike, Sally Daniels
See Daniels, Sally
Di Piero, W. S.
Box 2A "Shadows Burning" (1995 National Book Awards entry) - page proofs
Box 2A Djerassi, Carl
Doolittle, Hilda
See H. D.
Box 2A Doubleday
Box 2A Dulany, Harris
Box 2A Duncan, Erika
Box 2A Duncan, Robert
Box 2A Dunn, Stephen
Box 2A Dupee, Barbara (Mrs. Frederick)
Box 2A [E. P.] Dutton, Inc.
Box 2A Eaton, Charles Edward
Box 2A Eberhart, Richard
Box 2A Eberts, Max
Box 2A Economou, George
Box 2A Edel, Leon
Box 2A Eliot, Valerie (Mrs. T. S.)
Box 2A Elledge, Jim
Box 2A Ellis, Elinor S.
Box 2A Enright, Dennis Joseph
Box 2A Epstein, Daniel Mark
Box 2A Erlanger, David Michael
Box 2A [Willard R.] Espy Literary Foundation
Estess, Sybil Pittman
Box 2A "Almost Nothing One Way" - poetry collection ms.
Box 2A Eyle, Alexandra
Box 3 Fagles, Robert
Box 3 Fairchild, B. H.
Box 3 Farrar, Straus & Giroux, Inc.
Box 3 Farrell, James Thomas
Box 3 Federman, Raymond
Box 3 Feiffer, Jules
Feirstein, Frederick
Box 3 "The End of the Twentieth Century" - ms.
Box 3 "Family History" - ms.
Box 3 "Melting the Glacier" - ms.
Box 3 "The Psychiatrist at the Cocktail Party" - ms.
Box 3 Ferraro, Mary
Box 3 Field, Edward
Box 3 Finch, Annie
Box 3 Fink, Robert Adon
Firebaugh, Henry. "Rhyme of the Fall of Berlin"
See Benitez, Armando
Box 3 Flanders, Jane
Fleshler, Daniel
Box 3 "Holes in the Roster" - ms.
Fletcher, David
Box 3 "Expect a Miracle" - ms.
Box 3 Untitled novel (excerpts) - ms.
Box 3 Floyd, Carlisle
Box 3 Flynn, Robert
Foerster, Richard
Box 3 "Cutting Losses" - ms.
Box 3 "Elegy" - ms.
Box 3 "Patterns of Descent" - ms.
Box 3 "Ringing the Changes" - ms.
Box 3 "Toward Amber" - ms.
Box 3 Ford, Richard
Foreman, Laura
Box 3 Poems - ms.
Francis, Robert
Box 3 "Like Ghosts of Eagles" - ms.
Box 3 Poems - ms.
Fraser, Gregory A.
Box 3 "Ars Poetica" - ms.
Box 3 "Terata" - ms.
Box 3 dissertation draft on William Wordsworth
Box 3 French, Warren
Freund, Gerald
See [Mrs. Giles] Whiting Foundation
Fried, Philip
Box 3A "Scientist of the Strange: Peter Redgrove" - ms.
Box 3A Frisbie, Amy Jones
Box 3A Fulton, Alice
Box 3A Gaitskill, Mary
Box 3A Gallagher, Tess
Box 3A Gallaher, Edwin
Box 3A Gardner, Isabella
Box 3A Gates, Mary Ellen
Box 3A Gerberick, Marlene
Box 3A Gibbons, Reginald
Gioia, Dana
Box 3A "The Difficult Case of Howard Moss - ms.
Box 3A "Journeys in Sunlight" - ms.
Box 3A "The Man in the Open Doorway" - ms.
Box 3A "A Public Hearing for a Private Signal" - ms.
Box 3A "Studying with Miss Bishop" - ms.
Box 3A Poems (ms.)
Box 3A Gioseffi, Daniela
Giroux, Robert
See Farrar, Straus & Giroux, Inc.
Box 3A Giuliano, Edward
Box 3A Givner, Joan
Box 3A Gluck, Louise
Box 3A [David R.] Godine
Goedicke, Patricia
Box 3A "Invisible Horses" - ms.
Box 3A "The Trail That Turns on Itself" - ms.
Box 3A Poems - ms.
Goff, Eleanor
Box 3A "Remembrances of Delmore" - ms.
Box 3A Goldbarth, Albert
Box 3A The Golden Quill Press
Box 3A Gordon, Giles
Box 3A Gordon, Jan. B.
Box 3A Gottron, Robert
Box 3A Gould, Glenn
Goyen, William
Box 3B "Another Man's Son" - ms.
Box 3B "Arcadio" - ms.
Box 3B "Autobiography in Fiction" - ms.
Box 3B "The Collected Stories of William Goyen" (fragment) - ms.
Box 3B "The Coming of Firedevil Prescott" from 'Another Man's Son'" - ms.
Box 3B "The Fallen Aerialist: Marvello's Story" - ms.
Box 3B "Had I a Hundred Mouths" - ms.
Box 3B "Half a Look of Cain" - ms.
Box 3B "In the Icebound Hothouse" - ms.
Box 3B "Leander"- ms.
Box 3B "Precious Door" - ms.
Box 3B "Simon's Castle" - ms.
Box 3B "While You Were Away" - ms.
Box 3B "Wonderful Plant" - ms.
See also Writings: Interviews; Writings: Miscellaneous: Tapes (Box 29)
Box 3B Grau, Shirley Ann
Box 3B Green, George
Box 3B Green, Roger Lancelyn
Greene, Merril
Box 3B "The Camelot" - ms. screenplay
Box 3B Gregor, Arthur
Box 3B Gregory, Blanche
Gregory, Horace
Box 3B "Another Look" - production records
Box 3B "Spirit of Time and Place" - production records
Box 3B Gregory, Patrick
Box 4 Grennan, Eamon
Box 4 Grosholz, Emily
Box 4 Gubernat, Susan
Guiton, Jacques E.
Box 4 "A Life in Three Lands" - ms.
Guiton, Margaret
Box 4 "What is Diagonalism?" - ms.
Box 4 Gulf Coast Association of Creative Writing Teachers (GCACWT)
Box 4 Gurganus, Allan
Box 4 Gwynn, R. S.
H. D. (Hilda Doolittle)
Box 4 "Aegina" - ms.
Box 4 Hacker, Marilyn
Box 4 Hadas, Rachel
Box 4 Hahn, Stephen
Box 4 Haines, John
Box 4 Haislip, John
Box 4 Hall, Donald
Box 4 [G. K.] Hall & Co.
Box 4 Halpern, Daniel
Box 4 Handley, Helen
Box 4 Hardwick, Elizabeth
Box 4 Harnack, Curtis
Box 4 Harper, Michael S.
Box 4 Harper Collins Publishers
Box 4 Harr, Barbara J.
Box 4 Hartley, Margaret L.
Haven, Stephen Harcourt
Box 4 "Goschen" - ms.
Box 4 "Homework in the Rectory" - ms.
Box 4 "The Misty School and After: Five Contemporary Chinese Poets" - ms.
Box 4 "Post-Christian Poetics: Five American Poets" - prospectus for dissertation
Box 4 "Temple of Heaven" - ms.
Box 4 "Wonders of the Heart" - ms.
Box 4 Hazzard, Shirley
Box 4 Heany, Seamus
Box 4 Hecht, Anthony
Box 4 Hecht, Roger
Box 4 Hedren, Tippi
Hemschemeyer, Judith
Box 4 "The Ride Home" - ms.
Box 4 Henderson, Bill
Box 4 Herlihy, James Leo
Heyen, William
Box 4A Correspondence 1968-1997, n.d.
Box 4A "Aspiraling" - ms.
Box 4A "The Chestnut Rain" - ms.
Box 4A "The Exact Location of the Soul" - ms.
Box 4A "Noise in the Trees: Poems and a Memoir" - ms.
Box 4A "Noise in the Trees: Poems of Long Island" - ms.
Box 4A "The Swastika Poems" - ms.
Box 4A Hicks, Granville
Box 4A Hill, Billy Bob
Box 4A Hilles, Rick
Hirsch, Edward
Box 4A "Earthly Measures" - ms.
Box 4A Hivnor, Robert Hanks
Box 4A Hochstein, Peter
Box 4A Hoffman, Arthur
Box 4A Hoffman, Daniel
Hoggard, James
Box 4A "Blue Paints" - ms.
Holland, Tom
Box 4A "Concert Line" - ms.
Box 4A Hollander, John
Box 4A Hollinghurst, Alan
Box 4A Holmes, Roger W.
Holt, Robert C.
Box 5 "American Pie" - ms.
Honig, Edwin
Box 5 "Over Time" - ms.
Box 5 Hopkins, Lilian B.
Box 5 Horgan, Paul
Box 5 Hornack, Ian
Box 5 Horton, Philip
Box 5 House, Rob
Box 5 Houston Chronicle
Howard, Richard
Box 5 Poems - ms.
Box 5 "The Age of Anxiety" / W. H. Auden (directed by R. Howard)
Box 5 Howe, Irving
Howes, Barbara
Box 5 "Collected Poems 1945-1990" - ms.
Box 5 Interview - ms.
Box 5 Poems - ms.
Box 5 Hoyle, Arthur
Box 5 Hudder, Cliff
Box 5 Hudson, Derek
Box 5 The Hudson Review
Huggins, Peter
Box 5 "Blue Angels" - ms.
Box 5 Hughes, Olwyn
Huntington, Cynthia
Box 5 "A Foot on the Earth" - ms.
Box 5 The Huntington
Box 5 Hyde, Louis
Box 5 Hyman, Stanley Edgar
Box 5 Ignatow, David
Box 5 Inez, Colette
Box 5 Inprint, Inc.
Box 5 Irion, Mary Jean
Box 5 Irwin, John T.
Box 5 Jackson, Shirley
Box 5 Jacobsen, Josephine
James, Stewart
Box 5 "Disturbances" - ms.
Box 5 Janos, John J. J.
Box 5 Janssen, Marian
Box 5 Jarrell, Mary (Mrs. Randall)
Jeffreys, M. E.
Box 6 "The Lock-Step Limp" - ms.
Box 6 Poems - ms.
Box 6 Johns Hopkins University Press
Box 6 Johnson, Greg
Box 6 Johnson, Harold Leland
Box 6 Johnson, Kate Knapp
Box 6 Johnson, Rob
Box 6 Jones, Gloria (Mrs. James)
Jong, Erica
RESTRICTED: All Jong correspondence restricted.
Box 6 "Dearest Man-in-the-Moon" - ms.
Box 6 "Fear of Flying" - ms.
Box 6 "Half Lives" - page proofs
Box 6 "The Long Tunnel of Wanting You" - ms.
Box 6 "Loveroot" - page proofs
Box 6 "Success - the Great American Institution" - ms.
Box 6 Junkins, Donald
Box 6 Jurist, Janet
Box 6 Justice, Donald Rodney
Kane, Katherine
Box 6 "The Clock and the Cradle" - ms.
Box 6 Katonah Village Library
Box 6 Kazin, Alfred
Box 6 Kean, Ellen S.
Box 6 Keating, Kenneth B.
Box 6 Kelly, Richard
Kennedy, Joseph Charles
See Kennedy, X. J.
Box 6 Kennedy, X. J.
Box 6 Kermode, Frank
Box 6 Kilroy, James
Box 6 Kingsbury, Pam
Box 6 Kinnell, Galway
Box 6 Kirn, Walter
Kizer, Carolyn
Box 6 "Yin" - page proofs
Kline, Peter
See Schwartz, Delmore: "In Dreams Begin Responsibilities"
Box 6 Kooser, Ted
Korvin, Andre de.
Box 6 "The Day Clocks Spoke Russian" - ms.
Box 6 Poems - ms.
Kramer, Hilton
See The New Criterion
Box 6 Kramer, Victor A.
Box 6 Krapf, Norbert
Box 6 Kumin, Maxine
Box 6 Kunitz, Stanley
Box 6 Kuzma, Greg
Box 6 Lander, Paul
Box 6 Landon, Michael
Box 6 Langland, Joseph
Lanham, Fritz
See Houston Chronicle
Box 6 Lanning, George
Box 6 Larkin, Philip
See also Writings: Interviews
Lathbury, Roger
See Orchises Press
Laughlin, James
See New Directions; See also Writings: Interviews; Writings: Miscellaneous: Tapes (Box 29)
Lawner, Lynne
Box 6 "Self-Portrait as Landscape" - ms.
Box 6 Lea, Sydney
See also New England Review
Box 6 Lehman, David
Box 6 Lehmann, John
Box 6 Lehmann-Haupt, Christopher
Box 6 Leibowitz, Herbert
Leising, Jared
Box 6 "A Catechism" - ms. (2 versions in 2 folders)
Box 6 "In the Hole" - ms. (2 versions in 2 folders)
Box 6 Lennon, Florence Becker
Box 6 Lenz, Siegfried
Box 6 Leonard, John
Box 6 Leslie, Shane (Mrs.)
Levenberg, Diane
Box 6 "Out of the Desert" - page proofs
Box 6 Leverich, Lyle
Box 6 Levertov, Denise
Box 6 Levin, Harry
Levin, Phillis
Box 6 "The Afterimage" (1995 National Book Awards entry) - page proofs
Levine, Anne-Marie
Box 6 "Bus Line to a Blue Movie" - ms.
Box 6 The Library of Congress
Box 6 Lieberman, Laurence
Box 6 Lieberman, Michael
Box 6 Lifshin, Lyn
Box 6 Lindsay, John V.
Linney, Romulus
Box 6 "Klonsky and Schwartz" - ms.
Lipsitz, Lou
Box 6A "The Forest in the Palm of My Hands Is Burning" - ms.
Lish, Gordon
Box 6A "First Appearance of the Prodigal Son" - ms.
Little, Geraldine C.
Box 6A "Molded Out of Faults" - ms.
Liu, Timothy
Box 6A "Vox Angelica" - page proofs
Logan, John
Box 6A "Manhattan Movements" - mss.
Box 6A "Uncollected Poems" - mss.
Box 6A Logan, William
Box 6A Long, Robert Emmet
Box 6A Louisiana State University Press
Luhn, David
Box 6A "The Judith Poems" - ms.
Lunday, Robert
Box 6A "Two Cannibals" - ms.
Lust, Herbert
Box 6A "Letter to Frederick" - ms.
Box 6A Luttinger, Abigail
Box 6A Lyman, Henry
Lyons, Steve
Box 6A "The Bandit" - ms.
Box 6A "Erin and the Black Widow" - ms.
Box 6A "The Gift of Tongues" - ms.
Box 6A "Modernday Wrecks" - ms.
Box 6A "On Top of the World" - ms.
Box 6A "The Perfect Falls" - ms.
Box 6A Macdonald, Cynthia
Box 6A Macdonald, Dwight
Box 6A Macdonald, Nancy
Box 6A Mack, Maynard
Box 6A Madden, David
Box 6A Mailer, Norman
Box 6A Makuck, Peter
Box 6A Malamud, Bernard
Box 6A Malanga, Gerard
Box 6A Malin, Irving
Box 6A Malzberg, Barry N.
Box 6A Manhattan Poetry Review
The Manhattan Review
See Fried, Philip
Box 6A Manley, Seon
Marcus, Lawrence B.
Box 6A "The Stunt Man" - ms.
Box 6A Marks, Corey
Martin, Alastair B.
Box 7 "In Happy Holmes He Saw the Light, or the Fishing Poll" - ms.
Martin, Charles
Box 7 "The Poems of Catullus" - photocopy of published translation
Box 7 Martz, William J.
Box 7 Mason, Bobbie Ann
Mason, David
Box 7 "The Country I Remember: a Narrative" - ms.
Box 7 "The Day When Night Stays On" - ms.
Mathis, Cleopatra
Box 7 "Guardian" (1995 National Book Awards entry) - page proofs
Box 7 Maxwell, William
Mazzaro, Jerome
Box 7 "The Caves of Love" - ms.
Box 7 "Figurations of Jerome" - ms.
Box 7 Interview of Robert Phillips
Box 7 McCarthy, Mary
Box 7 McCullers, Carson
Box 7 McDonald, Walter
Box 7 McDowell, Robert
Box 7 McFee, Michael
Box 7 McGraw, DeLoss
McGuire, Jerry
Box 7 McKenna, Rosalie Thorne "Rollie"
Box 7 McKinley, Georgia
Box 7 McMahon, Lynne
Box 7 McNamara, Peter L.
Box 7 McPherson, Bruce
McPherson, James Alan
Box 7 "Elbow Room" - page proofs
Box 7 McPherson, Sandra
McPhillips, Robert T.
Box 7 "The Mother and the Emergence of the Female Voice in Oates' Fiction" - ms.
Box 7 "Robert Phillips" - Dictionary of Literary Biography - ms.
Box 8 Mendelson, Edward
Box 8 Meredith, William
Box 8 Merrill, James Ingram
Box 8 Merwin, William Stanley
Box 8 Miles, Barbara
Box 8 Miles, Sylvia
Box 8 Miller, Henry
Miller, Jennifer
Box 8 "Just an Old-Fashioned Girl" - ms.
Box 8 Miller, Jim Wayne
Box 8 Miller, Merle
Miller, Wayne
Box 8 "Only the Senses Sleep" - ms.
Box 8 Mills, Ralph J.
Miner, Katy
Box 8 "Dog Park" - ms.
Box 8 Mizener, Rosemary (Mrs. Arthur)
Box 8 Monitor Book Company, Inc.
Box 8 Moore, Marianne
Morgan, Frederick
Box 8 "Northbook" - page proofs
See also The Hudson Review
Box 8 Morley, Hilda
Box 8 Morris, Robert K.
Morris, Wright
Box 8 "Words and Photographs" - ms.
Box 8 Morrison, Theodore
Box 8 Mosel, Tad
Moss, Howard
See The New Yorker
Box 8 Mueller, Lisel
Muirhead, Eric
Box 8 "Songs of Prince Vogelfrei" - ms.
Box 8 Stories - ms. (2 folders)
Mullen, Laura
Box 8 "The Surface" - ms.
Box 8 Murr, Naeem
Murray, G. E.
Box 8 "Oils of Evening" (1995 National Book Awards entry) - page proofs
Nagle, Christian
Box 8 Poems - ms.
Nathaniel, Isabel
Box 8 "The Dominion of Lights" - ms.
Box 8 The Nation
Box 8 National Book Awards 1995
Box 8 National Book Foundation
Box 8 National Endowment for the Arts
Box 8A Negative Capability
Box 8A Nelson, Marie Coleman
Box 8A The New Criterion
Box 8A New Directions
Box 8A New England Review
Box 8A New York Public Library
Box 8A The New Yorker
Box 8A Nichols, Jeannette
Box 8A Nims, John Frederick
Box 8A Nobles, Edward
Box 8A Norman, Dorothy
Box 8A [W. W.] Norton & Company, Inc.
Box 8A Nye, Naomi Shihab
Oates, Joyce Carol
RESTRICTED: All Oates correspondence restricted.
Box 8A "The Doll" - ms.
Box 8A "Gulf War" - ms.
Box 8A "I Lock the Door Upon Myself" - galleys
Box 8A "The Interview" - ms.
Box 8A "Pseudonymous Selves" - ms.
Box 8A "The Rehearsal" - ms.
Box 8A "The Sacrifice" - ms.
See also Writings: Interviews
Box 8A Ochester, Ed
O'Connor, Mark
Box 8A "This Way to the Egress" - ms.
Box 8A O'Connor, Mary
Box 8A O'Connor, William Van
Box 8A O'Dwyer, Caley
Box 8A Offit, Sidney
Ohannessian, Griselda
See New Directions
Box 8A Olds, Sharon
The Ontario Review
See Smith, Raymond J.
Box 8A Orchises Press
Box 8A Orsini, Georgianna
Osborne, James Barney
Box 8A "Holy Smokes" - ms.
Box 8A "What Lips My Lips Have Kissed" - ms.
Box 8A Ostriker, Alicia
Box 8A Oxford University Press
Box 8A Ozick, Cynthia
Box 8A Pacernick, Gary
Padgett, Ron
Box 8A "New & Selected Poems" (1995 National Book Awards entry) - page proofs
Palmer, Phoebe
Box 8A George Anthony [Palmer]/Charles Crowell correspondence
Box 8A Papp, Joseph
Box 8A The Paris Review
Parisi, Joseph
See Poetry
Box 8A Parker, Alan Michael
Box 8A Parsons, Dave
Box 8A Partisan Review
Box 8A Patten, Robert L.
Patterson, Leslie Jill
See Dark Horse Literary Review
Peacock, Molly
Box 8A "Raw Heaven" - ms.
Box 8A Pearson, Norman Holmes
Box 8A Peich, Michael
Box 8A Pen American Center
Box 8A Pennoyer, Robert M.
See also [Mrs. Giles] Whiting Foundation
Pennoyer, Victoria
Box 8A "Field Magic" - ms.
Box 8A "Poems" - ms.
Box 8A "Third Floor" - ms.
Box 8A "A View Through the Window" - ms.
Perilo, Lucia Maria
Box 8A "The Body Mutinies" - ms.
Box 8A Perkins, David
Box 8A Perry, Paul
Box 8A Peter, Harry W.
Philbrick, Stephen
Box 9 "Half Ain't Been Told" - ms.
Box 9 "Half Ain't Been Told and Fourteen Short Poems" - ms.
Box 9 "My Bones Believe" - ms.
Box 9 "Poems" - ms.
Box 9 "Up to the Elbow" (6 versions) - ms.
Box 9 Poems - ms.
Phillips, Carl
Box 9 "Cortege" (1995 National Book Awards entry) - page proofs
Box 9 Phillips, Louis
Box 9 Phillips, T. A. and Mrs. (parents) 1968-1972
Phillips, William
See Partisan Review
Box 9 Piskor, Frank
Plimpton, George
See The Paris Review
Box 9 Plouffe, Fran Vincent
Plouffe, Paul
Box 9 "T Sector" - ms.
Box 9 Plumly, Stanley
Box 9 Poetry
Box 9 Poetry Society of America
Box 9 Poets & Writers
Box 9 Poets House
Polito, Robert
Box 9 "Doubles" (1995 National Book Awards entry) - page proofs
Pollet, Elizabeth
Box 9 "April Fool's Day" - ms.
Box 9 "A Cold-Water Flat" - ms.
Box 9 "Darius Alexander Amenhotep" - ms.
Box 9 Introduction to Portrait of Delmore - ms.
Box 9 [Murray] Pollinger (literary agency)
Poulin, A.
Box 9 "Letters from the Tower" - ms.
Box 9 "A Momentary Order" - page proofs
Box 9 Writings (ms.)
Box 10 Prairie Schooner
Box 10 Prenshaw, Peggy Whitman
Box 10 Price, Reynolds
Box 10 Princeton University Library
Box 10 Prospere, Susan
Box 10 Raab, Lawrence
Box 10 Rackin, Donald
Box 10 Rainer, Dachine
Box 10 Rainsford, Christina
Box 10 Raisor, Philip
Raiziss, Sonia
See Chelsea
Box 10 Ramke, Bin
Box 10 Random House, Inc.
Box 10 Read, Herbert Edward
Reeves, Rosser
Box 10 "Popo" - page proofs
Regan, Jennifer
Box 10 "Futures" - ms.
Box 10 Reid, Jan
Box 10 Reiter, Thomas
Box 10 Repusseau, Patrice
Rice, Stan
Box 10 "Fear Itself" (1995 National Book Awards entry) - page proofs
Box 10 Rich, Adrienne
Rifenburgh, Daniel
Box 10 "Skip Tracer" - ms.
Box 10 Roberts, Doris
Box 10 Robinson, Roxana
Box 10 Robison, James
Box 10 Robison, Mary
Box 10 Root, William Pitt
Box 10 Rorem, Ned
Box 10 Rosen, Michael A.
Box 10 Rosenthal, Macha Louis
Box 10 Ross, Jamie
Roy, Cody
Box 10 "Striped Regret" - ms.
Box 10 Rubenstein, Carol
Box 10 Rubin, Louis Decimus
Rubin, Mark
Box 10 "Errors on the Side of Justice" (excerpts) - ms.
Box 10 "Should the Moons Come Over" - ms.
Box 10 Rudat, Wolfgang E. H.
Rudman, Mark
Box 10 "The Nowhere Steps" - ms.
Box 10 Rudnik, Raphael
Box 10 Ruffin, Paul
Russell, Howard Lewis
Box 10 "Iced Tea and Ignorance" - ms.
Box 10 "Indifference" - ms.
Box 10 "Rickety Red Wagon" - ms.
Box 10 "The Wedding Cake Couple" - ms.
Box 10 Untitled - ms. (3 versions)
Box 10 Salzman, Jack
Box 10 Samaras, Nicholas
Box 10 Sanders, Tony
Box 10 Sandoe, James
Box 10 Sauter, Edwin
Box 10 Scagliotta, Denise
Box 10 Schapiro, Meyer
Box 10 Schechter, Ruth Lisa
Schneberger, Kevin
Box 10 "The Breaking of Surilan" - ms.
Box 10 "Gilran and Myra" - ms.
Box 10 "Kajalim's Constructs" - ms.
Box 10 Schneider, Nina
Box 10 Schucker, Charles
Schulman, Grace
Box 10 "Hemispheres" - ms.
Box 10 Schulz, Gavin
Schwartz, Delmore
Box 10 "The Heights of Joy" - ms. (copy)
Box 10 "In Dreams Begin Responsibilities" - a film treatment by Peter Kline and Michele Civetta
Box 10 Essays - incomplete ms. (copies)
Box 10 Poems - ms. copies
Box 10 Schwartz, Kenneth
Box 10 Schwartz, Lillian
Box 10 Schwartz, Lynne Sharon
Box 10 Schwartz, Rebecca Spears
Scott, Martin
Box 10 "Blues at Sunrise" - ms.
Box 10 "Deals with the Devil" - ms. (2 versions)
Box 10 Poems - ms.
Box 10 The Scribner Encyclopedia of American Lives
Seidman, Hugh
Box 10A "People Live, They Have Lives" - ms.
Selden, Lawrence E.
Box 10A "New Losses Arrive Daily" - ms.
Serpas, Martha
Box 10A "Cote Blanche" - ms.
Box 10A Sewell, Elizabeth
Box 10A Seyburn, Patty
Shah, Jacquelyn
Box 10A "Finding Paradise" - ms.
Shapiro, Karl Jay and Sophie Wilkins
Box 10A "Notes on Raising a Poet" - ms.
Box 10A "The Old Horsefly" (formerly: "No Funeral") - ms.
Box 10A "The Wild Card" (2 versions of ms. in 2 folders)
Box 10A "The Wild Card" - production records
Box 10A The Wild Card (Urbana: University of Illinois Press) c1998
See also Writings: Interviews; Writings: Miscellaneous: Tapes (Box 29)
Box 10A Shaw, Robert Burns
Box 10A Shenandoah
Shepherd, Reginald
Box 10A "Some Are Drowning" - ms.
Box 10A Sher, Ira
Box 10A Sherwin, Judith Johnson
Box 10A Shinder, Jason
Shipley, Vivian
Box 10A "A Cormorant in the Tree" - ms.
Short, Roberta Harris
Box 10A "Mariana" - ms.
Shrifte, Evelyn
See Vanguard Press, Inc.
Box 10B Sidhwa, Bapsi
Box 10B Siegel, George
Box 10B Silbert, Layle
Silex, Edgar Gabriel
Box 10B "Through All the Displacements" (1995 National Book Awards entry) - page proofs
Silverton, Michael
Box 10B "The Enchanted Kielbasa" - ms.
Box 10B Simon, John
Box 10B Simpson, Eileen B.
Box 10B Simpson, Louis
Box 10B Sissman, L. E.
Slaughter, Adele
Box 10B "The Book of Denial" - ms.
Smith, Charlie
Box 10B "Segunda Segundo" - ms.
Box 10B Untitled poetry collection - ms.
Box 10B Smith, David Jeddie
See also The Southern Review
Box 10B Smith, Franc
Box 10B Smith, Lee
Box 10B Smith, Oliver
Box 10B Smith, Raymond J.
Smith, William Jay
Box 10B "The Cherokee Lottery" - ms.
Box 10B "Collected Poems " 1938-1998 - ms.
Box 10B "The World Below the Window" - ms.
See also Writings: Miscellaneous: Tapes (Box 29)
Box 10B Smith, Winn and Lawrence Beall
Box 10B [Gibbs] Smith, Publisher
Snodgrass, William De Witt
Box 10B Writings
Box 10B Snow, Edward A.
Snyder, Thomas
Box 11 "True Poems" - ms.
Box 11 Ms. essays (miscellaneous)
Box 11 Ms. poems (miscellaneous)
Box 11 Miscellany
Box 11 Sofranko, Michael
Box 11 Sontag, Susan
Box 11 Southern Illinois University Press
Box 11 The Southern Review
Box 11 Southwell, Samuel B. and Mary
Box 11 Southwest Review
Box 11 Spanfeller, James J.
Box 11 Spence, June
Spencer, Elizabeth
RESTRICTED: All Spencer correspondence restricted.
Box 11 "The Boy in the Tree" - ms.
Box 11 "The Cousins" - ms.
Box 11 "For Lease or Sale" - ms.
Box 11 "How It All Was" (alternate title: "Touching Bases") - ms.
Box 11 "Indian Summer" - ms.
Box 11 "Jack of Diamonds" - ms.
Box 11 "Jean-Pierre" - ms..
Box 11 "Lake George" - ms.
Box 11 "The Lost Children" - ms.
Box 11 "Madame Delida" - ms.
Box 11 "Madonna" - ms.
Box 11 "Mr. Busby" - ms.
Box 11 "The Night Travellers" - ms.
Box 11 "Ocean Isle" - ms.
Box 11 "On Pinehurst Street" - ms.
Box 11 "Owl" - ms.
Box 11 "The Puzzle Poem" - ms.
Box 11 "Shadow Play" - ms.
Box 11 "Shongalo" - ms.
Box 11 "The Stud" - ms.
Box 11 "Touching Bases" (alternate title: "How It All Was") - ms.
Box 11 "Tryptich" - ms.
Box 11 "Two By Moonlight" - ms.
Box 11 "The Weekend Travellers" - ms.
See also Writings: Interviews
Box 11 Spender, Stephen
Box 11 Stackpole, Scott
Stark, Stephen
Box 11 "Positive" - ms.
Box 11 "Virgin" - ms.
Box 11 Stefanik, Ernest C.
Box 11 Steingut, Stanley
Box 11 Steloff, Frances
Box 11 Stepanchev, Stephen
Stern, Daniel
Box 11 "The Altman Sonata" - ms.
Box 11 "Apraxia" - ms.
Box 11 "Chaos" - ms..
Box 11 "Comfort" - ms.
Box 11 "The Exchange" - ms.
Box 11 "The Fellowship" - ms.
Box 11 "The Found and Lost" - ms. (2 versions)
Box 11 "Foxx Hunting" - ms.
Box 11 "Grievances and Griefs" - ms.
Box 11 "Hallucinosis" - ms.
Box 11 "Imperato Placeless" - ms.
Box 11 "In the Country of the Young" - ms.
Box 11 "A Little Street Music" - ms.
Box 11 "Lunch with Gottlieb" (Part 1) - ms.
Box 11 "The Man on the Dump By Wallace Stevens: a Story" - ms.
Box 11 "The Man Who Would Not" - ms.
Box 11 "Messenger" - ms.
Box 11 "The One Thing She Would Not Do" - ms.
Box 11 "The Oven Bird By Robert Frost" - ms.
Box 11 "The Road Not Taken By Robert Frost: a Story" - ms.
Box 11 "The Second Coming By W. B. Yeats" - ms.
Box 11 "Time Will Tell" - ms.
Box 11 "Visions and Revisions" - ms.
Stern, Joan
Box 11 "Fractured Light" - ms.
Box 11 Sternburg, Janet
Stever, Margo
Box 11A "Reading the Night Sky" - ms.
Stewart, Susan
Box 11A "The Forest" (1995 National Book Awards entry) - page proofs
Box 11A Stoehr, Taylor
Box 11A Stokes, Terry
Box 11A Stokesbury, Leon
Stolzenberg, Jonathan
Box 11A "The Won Back Heart" - ms.
Box 11A Stone, Lewis H.
Box 11A Storey, Gail Donohue
Story Line Press
See McDowell, Robert
Box 11A Strand, Mark
Box 11A Strandberg, Victor
Box 11A Stuart, Dabney
See also Shenandoah
Box 11A Styron, William
Box 11A Suarez, Virgil
Box 11A Sullivan, Margaret
Box 11A Sutton, Walter
Box 11A Swenson, Karen
Box 11A Swenson, May
Box 11A Symons, Julian
Box 11A Syracuse University
Box 11A Syracuse University Press
Box 11A Tate, Allen
Box 11A Tatham, David
Box 11A Taylor, A. L.
Box 11A Taylor, Henry
Box 11A Taylor, Peter
Taylor, Ross
See Taylor, A. L.
Box 11A Ten Eyck, Drew
Box 11A Terris, Virginia
Box 11A Terry-Thomas
Box 11A Texas Book Festival
Box 11A Texas Institute of Letters
Box 11A Thomas, James
Box 11A Thomas, Larry D.
Box 11A Thompson, Phyllis
Box 11A Thwaite, Anthony
Box 11A Tillinghast, Richard
Box 11A Tolley, William Pearson
Box 11A Trachtman, Paula
Box 11A Trevor, William
Box 11A Trilling, Diana
See Gibbons, Reginald
Box 11A Truesdale, Calvin William
Box 11A Tucker, Martin
Box 11A Turco, Lewis
Box 11A Twayne Publishers, Inc.
Box 11B University of Houston
Box 11B University of Illinois Press
Box 11B University of Michigan Press
Box 11B University of Texas
Box 11B University of Texas Press
Box 11B Unterberg Poetry Center (New York, N.Y.)
Box 11B Untermeyer, Louis
Box 11B Updike, John
Box 11B Urdang, Constance
Box 11B Valentine, Jean
Box 11B Vanguard Press, Inc.
Vellani, Robert
Box 11B "The Driving Test" - ms.
Box 11B "The Family Show\Red" - ms.
Vendler, Helen Hennessy
Box 11B "Poems, Poets, and Poetry" - ms.
Box 11B Vidal, Gore
Viereck, Peter
Box 11B re: "Applewood"
Villatoro, Marcos McPeek
Box 11B They Say That I Am Two - page proofs
Box 12 Wagner, Charles A.
Wagner, Linda W.
See Wagner-Martin, Linda
Box 12 Wagner-Martin, Linda
Box 12 Walker, Isaac
Box 12 Walker, Jeanne Murray
Walker, Sue
See Negative Capability
Box 12 Wallace, Robert
Box 12 Ward, Aileen
Box 12 Warren, Robert Penn
Box 12 Waters, Michael
Box 12 Watson, George
Box 12 Webb, Paula J.
Box 12 Weidman, Bette S.
Box 12 Weiss, Theodore Russell
Box 12 Wellesley College Library
Box 12 Wells, Lester G.
Box 12 Wesleyan Writers Conference
Box 12 Wetzsteon, Rachel
Box 12 White, James
Whitebird, Joanie
See Wings Press (Houston, Texas)
Whitehead, William
See E. P. Dutton, Inc.
Box 12 Whiteside, George
Box 12 [Mrs. Giles] Whiting Foundation
Box 12 Whittemore, Reed
Box 12 Wier, Allen
Box 12 Wieser & Wieser, Inc.
Box 12 Wilbur, Richard
Box 12 Wilentz, Theodore
Wilkins Sophie
See Shapiro, Karl Jay and Sophie Wilkins
Box 12 Willard, Charles H.
Box 12 Willhardt, Mark
Williams, George
Box 12A "Before I Wake" - ms.
Box 12A "Under a Green Sun" - ms.
Williams, John A.
Box 12A Safari West - page proofs
Box 12A Williams, Miller
Williamson, Alan
Box 12A "Love and the Soul" (1995 National Book Awards entry) - page proofs
Box 12A Williamson, Eleanor
Williamson, Eric Miles
Box 12A "Another New Father" - ms.
Box 12A "Blue Note" - ms.
Box 12A "Blue Train" - ms.
"Cyrano Is Dead" - ms.
Box 12A "East Bay Grease" - ms. (3 versions)
Box 12A "First and Last Chance" - ms.
Box 12A "Food for Powder" (excerpt) - ms.
Box 12A "Four Fictional Positions" - ms.
Box 12A "The Girl Haters Club" - ms.
Box 12A "Hope, Among Other Vices and Virtues" - ms..
Box 12A "In Defense of James Fennimore Cooper" - ms..
Box 13 "Mr. Murphy's Wedding" - ms.
Box 13 "Music Maker" - ms.
Box 13 "New Blood" - ms.
Box 13 "Oakland, Jack London, and Me" - ms.
Box 13 "Scow" - ms.
Box 13 "The Search for the Pleasing Sound: an Interview with Robert Phillips" - ms.
Box 13 "Sleep Is for the Day" (excerpt) - ms.
Box 13 "The Teachings of Don B."
Box 13 "Thirteen Fictional Positions" - ms.
Box 13 "Trading Nights" - ms.
Box 13 "Two-up" - ms.
Box 13 "Urban Renewal" - ms.
Williamson, Melissa Studdard
Box 13 "Home Health Maintenance Organization: Instructions for Care of Patient" - ms.
Box 13 "Noah's Ark" - ms.
Box 13 "Old Romeo" - ms.
Box 13 "Witch Doctor" - ms.
Box 13 Wilson, Edmund
Wilson, Michael
Box 13 "The Kiddie Pool" - ms.
Box 13 Wilson, Sandy
Box 13 Wings Press (Houston, Texas)
Winniford, Lee
Box 13 "Quails" - ms.
Wissot, Lauren
Box 13 "Deviants 'R' Us" - ms.
Box 13 "Eternal Happiness and the Nightclub Conspiracy" - ms.
Box 13 Woll, Bernice S.
See also Vanguard Press, Inc.
Box 13 Woll, Thomas
Box 13 Wright, Annie (Mrs. James)
Box 13 Wright, Jay
Box 13 Wrigley, Robert
Wubs, Annemarieke.
Box 13 "Delmore Schwartz: Deconstructing the Legend" - ms.
Box 13 Yaddo
Box 13 Yale University Library
Box 13 Yates, Richard
Yevtushenko, Yevgeny (autograph)
Box 13 Young, Thomas Daniel/Core, George - "Selected Letters of John Crowe Ransom" - page proofs
Box 13 Zagajewski, Adam
Zamora, Lois Parkinson
Box 13 "American Books of the Dead" - ms.
Zaturenska, Marya
Box 13 "The Hidden Waterfall" - ms.
See also Writings: Interviews
Box 13 Zinnes, Harriet
Box 13 Zolotow, Maurice
Zucker, David
Box 13 "An Unsafe Distance" - ms.
Box 13 Autobiography (untitled)
Box 13 Zweig, Paul
Box 14 Miscellaneous A-Z
Aspects of Alice (Vanguard) 1971
Box 15 Permissions, miscellany
Box 15 Foreword - holograph ms.
Box 15 Foreword - typescript ms.
Box 15 Manuscript (9 folders)
Box 15 Appendix - typescript ms. with corrections
Box 15 Manuscript - miscellany
Box 15 Dust jacket copy
Production records
Box 15 Art work
Box 15 Miscellaneous
Box 15 Galleys (2 folders)
Aspects of Alice (Vintage Books) 1977
Box 15 Holograph additions, notes
Breakdown Lane (Johns Hopkins University Press) 1994
Box 15 Manuscript
Box 15 Manuscript, copyedited
Production records
Box 15 Page proofs
Box 15 Page proofs, copyedited
The Confessional Poets (Southern Illinois University Press) 1973
Box 15 Introduction - holograph ms.
Box 15 "Notes on the Confessional Mode in Modern American Poetry" - Chapter 1
Box 15 Manuscript (3 folders)
Box 15 Index - manuscript
Production records
Box 15 Book cover
Box 15 Galleys
Box 15 Unused material
Coward, Noel. The Collected Stories of Noel Coward / uncredited ed., R. Phillips (Dutton, ) 1983
Box 16 Preface - typescript ms.
Box 16 Manuscript (6 folders)
Denton Welch (Twayne) 1974
Box 16 Typescript ms. (3 folders)
Box 16 Typescript ms. (2 folders)
Box 16 Typescript ms. (3 folders)
Box 16 Miscellaneous pages, notes
Box 16 Related documentation
Box 16 Production records (3 folders)
Face to Face (Wings Press) 1993
Production records
Box 16 Page proofs
Goyen, William. William Goyen: Selected Letters from a Writer's Life (working title: "Selected Letters of William Goyen") (University of Texas Press, ) 1995
Box 16 Introduction - draft, revisions (2 folders)
Box 16 Manuscript (8 folders)
Box 16A Manuscript with Reginald Gibbons' queries (4 folders)
Box 16A Manuscript "revised 6/93" (4 folders)
Box 16A Manuscript "corrected 12/93" (4 folders)
Box 16A Manuscript on disk (2)
Production records
Box 16A Page proofs, with R. Phillips' corrections (3 folders)
Box 17 Manuscript (5 folders)
Production records
Box 17 Page proofs (5 folders)
Inner Weather (Golden Quill Press) 1966
Production records
Box 17 Galleys
The Land of Lost Content (Vanguard Press) 1970
Box 17 Typescript ms. (3 folders)
Literary New York (Peregrine Smith Books) 1991
Box 17 Research material (4 folders)
Box 17 Outlines
Box 17 Manuscript (holograph)
Box 17 Manuscript "early version"
Box 17 Manuscript "revised"
Box 17 Introduction - production records (with revisions)
Louis L'Amour: His Life and Trails (Paperjacks) 1989
Box 18 Research material (3 folders)
Box 18 Ms. draft (2 folders)
Box 18 Manuscript (3 folders)
Box 18 Production records - dust jacket
Moonstruck (Vanguard Press) 1974
Box 18 Early draft, deletions, various pagings
Box 18 Introduction - ms.
Box 18 Manuscript (3 folders)
Production records
Box 18 Galleys (5 folders)
The Passionate Few
Box 18 Manuscript draft (3 folders)
Box 18 Manuscript (Selections, revised) (2 folders)
Box 18A Manuscript (3 folders)
Personal Accounts (Ontario Review Press) 1986
Box 18A Typescript ms. (2 folders)
Box 18A Manuscript
Box 18A Typescript ms. (2 folders)
Box 18A Typescript ms. (3 versions)
Box 18A Typescript ms. with Dana Gioia commentary
Box 18A Production records
The Pregnant Man (Doubleday) 1978
Box 19 Typescript ms. of its predecessor "Sea Changes"
Box 19 Typescript ms. (2 folders)
Box 19 Typescript ms. (2 folders)
Box 19 Typescript ms. (photocopy)
Production records
Box 19 Setting copy
Box 19 Galleys (3 folders)
Box 19 Miscellaneous
Public Landing Revisited (Story Line Press) 1992
Box 19 Prologue - ms. draft
Box 19 Manuscript (partial)
Box 19 Typescript ms. (2 folders)
Box 19 Manuscript (disk printout)
Box 19 Manuscript (disk printout, revised)
Running on Empty (Doubleday) 1981
Box 19 Typescript ms. (2 folders)
Box 19 Ms. with printer's marks
Production records
Box 19 Galleys (2 folders)
Box 19 Page proofs
Box 19 Dust jacket photograph
Schwartz, Delmore. Delmore Schwartz and James Laughlin: Selected Letters / edited by R. Phillips (Norton, ) 1993
Box 19 Transcripts (7 folders)
Box 20 Manuscript (3 folders)
Box 20 Manuscript (5 folders)
Box 20 Manuscript (photocopy) (5 folders)
Box 20 Manuscript - setting copy (5 folders)
Box 20 Index - manuscript, page proofs
Production records
Box 20 Galley proofs (2 folders)
Box 20 Page proofs (2 folders)
Schwartz, Delmore. The Ego Is Always at the Wheel: Bagatelles / edited by R. Phillips (New Directions, ) 1986
Box 20 Manuscript (2 folders)
Box 20 Manuscript (2 folders)
Box 20 Manuscript (partial)
Box 20 Production records - Galleys
Schwartz, Delmore. Last and Lost Poems of Delmore Schwartz / edited by R. Phillips (Vanguard Press, ) 1979
Box 21 Foreword - typescript ms.
Box 21 Manuscript (2 folders)
Box 21 Manuscript (2 folders)
Box 21 Manuscript (2 folders)
Production records
Box 21 Galleys
Box 21 Page proofs
Schwartz, Delmore. Last & Lost Poems / edited by R. Phillips (New Directions, ) 1989
Box 21 Manuscript (2 folders)
Schwartz, Delmore. Letters of Delmore Schwartz / edited by R. Phillips (Ontario Review Press, ) 1984
Box 21 Schwartz/ Aiken, Conrad
Box 21 Schwartz/ Ames, Elizabeth
Box 21 Schwartz/ Arrowsmith, William
Box 21 Schwartz/ Auden, W. H.
Box 21 Schwartz/Barrett, William
Box 21 Schwartz/Bellow, Saul
Box 21 Schwartz/Berger, Arthur
Box 21 Schwartz/Berryman, John
Box 21 Schwartz/Blackmur, R. P.
Box 21 Schwartz/Buckman, Gertrude
Box 21 Schwartz/Cole, William
Box 21 Schwartz/Covici, Pascal
Box 21 Schwartz/Dike, Donald
Box 21 Schwartz/Dillon, George
Box 21 Schwartz/Dupee, F. W.
Box 21 Schwartz/Goodman, Paul
Box 21 Schwartz/Hivnor, Robert
Box 21 Schwartz/Horton, Philip
Box 21 Schwartz/Jarrell, Randall
Box 21 Schwartz/Johnson, Norman
Box 21 Schwartz/Langland, Joseph
Box 21 Schwartz/Laughlin, James
Box 21 Schwartz/Lowell, Robert
Box 21 Schwartz/Macdonald, Dwight and Nancy (2 folders)
Box 21 Schwartz/Maxwell, William
Box 21 Schwartz/Mizener, Arthur
Box 21 Schwartz/Moss, Howard
Box 21 Schwartz/New Republic
Box 21 Schwartz/Norman, Dorothy
Box 21 Schwartz/Palmer, George
Box 21 Schwartz/Partisan Review (miscellaneous)
Box 21 Schwartz/Pearson, Norman Holmes
Box 21 Schwartz/Pollet, Elizabeth
Box 21 Schwartz/Pound, Ezra
Box 21 Schwartz/Rago, Henry
Box 21 Schwartz/Rahv, Philip
Box 21 Schwartz/Ransom, John Crowe
Box 21 Schwartz/Rice, Philip Blair
Box 21 Schwartz/Sawyer, Julian
Box 21 Schwartz/Schapiro, Meyer
Box 21 Schwartz/Shapiro, Karl Jay
Box 21 Schwartz/Stafford, Jean
Box 21 Schwartz/Steloff, Frances
Box 21 Schwartz/Stevens, Wallace
Box 21 Schwartz/Symons, Julian
Box 21 Schwartz/Tate, Allen
Box 21 Schwartz/Van Doren, Mark
Box 21 Schwartz/Williams, Oscar
Box 21 Schwartz/Williams, William Carlos
Box 21 Schwartz/Zolotow, Maurice
Box 21 Schwartz/miscellaneous
Box 21 Deletions 1931-1962 (3 folders)
Box 22 Typescript ms. (10 folders)
Box 22 Notes
Box 22 Typescript ms. (8 folders)
Box 22 Footnotes
Production records
Box 22 Galleys (4 folders)
Box 22 Miscellany
Schwartz, Delmore. Shenandoah and Other Verse Plays / edited by R. Phillips (BOA Editions, ) 1992
Box 22 Introduction
Box 22 Holograph ms.
Box 22 Typescript ms.
Box 22 Typescript ms., page proofs; Notes - holograph ms.
Box 22 Notes for early version of Introduction
Box 22 Typescript, copyedited (3 folders)
Production records
Box 22 Page proofs, corrected (2 folders)
Box 22 Page proofs, corrected (2 folders)
Triumph of the Night (Carroll & Graf) 1989
Box 23 Introduction - typescript ms.
Welch, Denton. The Stories of Denton Welch / edited by R. Phillips (Dutton, ) 1985
Box 23 Table of Contents, Preface - typescript ms.
Box 23 Typescript ms. of unpublished stories (2 folders)
William Goyen (Twayne) 1979
Box 23 Chronology - typescript ms.
Box 23 Appendix: Interview with W. Goyen - typescript ms.
Box 23 Typescript ms. (3 folders)
Box 23 Typescript ms. (3 folders)
Production records
Box 23 Galleys (with Goyen additions, substitutions, corrections)
Box 23 Galleys
Zaturenska, Marya. New Selected Poems by Marya Zaturenska, edited by R. Phillips (Syracuse University Press, ) 2002
Box 23A "Marya Zaturenska's Depression Diary" 1933-1935 - ms. by Mary Beth Hinton, copyedited by R. Phillips
Box 23A "For Bob Phillips from MBH " 7/12/99
Box 23A Personal note and Introduction by Patrick Gregory
Box 23A Front matter, Introduction - ms., copyedited
Box 23A Front matter, Introduction - ms., corrected
Box 23A Manuscript
Box 23A Production records
Box 24 "A+ for C- Owen" - typescript ms.
Box 24 "Academics: a Rant" - typescript ms.
Box 24 "Amherst Poets" - typescript ms.
Box 24 "Amy Jones, Artist, Meets Marianne Moore, Poet" - typescript ms.
Box 24 "Are Those Real Poems, or Did You Write Them Yourself?" - typescript ms., galleys
See also "Some Readings on Readings"
Box 24 "The Artist and the Introvert: Nigel Dennis' A House in Order" - typescript ms.
Box 24 "Beauty Out of Anxiety: Memories of John Logan" - ms. revisions
See also "Remembering John Logan"
"The Bleeding Rose and the Blooming Mouth: the Love Poems of Anne
Box 24 Holograph ms.
Box 24 Typescript ms.
Box 24 "The Bookman Inside the Gates" - holograph, typescript ms.
Box 24 "Brave and Cruel: the Short Stories of Denton Welch" - Studies in Short Fiction
Box 24 "Breaking Down 'Breakdown Lane'" - typescript ms.
Box 24 "The Burning Ground" (collection) - typescript ms. (2 folders)
"Cal & Jean, Randall & Oranges: Some Letters of Delmore Schwartz"
Box 24 Typescript ms.
Box 24 Production records
Box 24 "Carson McCullers: a Selected Checklist" 1956-1964 - typescript ms.
Box 24 "Celebration with Signatures" - typescript draft, revisions
Box 24 "The Curtains Look Too Jewish, or My Years in Advertising" - holograph, typescript ms.
"The Dark Funnel: a Reading of Sylvia Plath"
Box 24 Typescript ms.
Box 24 Modern Poetry Studies, v. 3, no. 2, 1972
Box 24 "Death and Resurrection: Tradition in Thomas' 'After the Funeral'" - McNeese Review
Box 24 "Delmore Schwartz: Letters to Allen Tate" - typescript ms.
Box 24 "Delmore Schwartz: Toward Reassessment" - holograph and typescript mss.
Box 24 "DeLoss & the Found" - holograph, typescript ms.
"The Democracy of Universal Vulnerability: the Poetry of Isabella Gardner"
Box 24 Holograph ms.
Box 24 Typescript ms.
Box 24 "Dinesen's 'Monkey' and McCuller's 'Ballad': a Study in Literary Affinity" - Studies in Short Fiction
Box 24 "'Eliot's Anti-Semitism' by Delmore Schwartz, notes by Robert Phillips" - holograph, typescript ms.
"An Encyclopedia of My Dead"
Box 24 Holograph ms.
Box 24 Typescript ms. (4 folders)
Box 24 "Even Here ... : Notes on Robert Francis" - holograph, typescript ms.
Box 24 "Exalted Times: William Goyen's Poems" - typescript mss.
Box 24 "Farrell's Progress: Innovation in the Later Fiction" - typescript ms.
"Featured Poet: Horace Gregory"
Box 24 Holograph ms.
Box 24 Typescript ms.
Box 24 Poetry Pilot Apr. 1991
"Finding, Losing, Expressing, Reclaiming, Turning: an Afterword on Why I Write Poems"
Box 24 Holograph ms.
Box 24 Typescript ms.
Box 24 "Fitzgerald and West's Day of the Locust - typescript ms.
Box 24 "For George Plimpton's Oral History of Truman Capote" - typescript ms.
Box 24 "Freaking Out: the Short Stories of Carson McCullers" - typescript ms.
"A Game of Catch"
Box 24 Typescript ms. draft
Box 24 Typescript ms.
Box 24 "Goodbye to the Bow Tie" - holograph ms.
Box 24 "Gore Vidal's Greek Revival: 'The Ladies in the Library'" - typescript ms.
Box 24 "The Gothic Architecture of The Member of the Wedding" winter 1964 - Renascence
Box 24 "In Youth Is Pleasure: Symbol and Symbolic Acts" - typescript ms.
Box 24 "Introduction to 'Portrait of a City: Syracuse, the Old Home Town'" / by John A. Williams - holograph, typescript mss.
Box 24 "James T. Farrell at Seventy" - typescript ms.
Box 24 "The Joy of Texts" - holograph, typescript ms.
Box 24 "Jump-Starting Poetry" - typescript ms.
Box 24 "Karl Shapiro and His Latest Poems" - typescript ms.
Box 24 "Larger Than Life: Mythology and Carolyn Kizer" - typescript ms.
Box 24 "Letters to a Young Writer - Delmore Schwartz" - typescript draft
Box 24 "Letters to R. P. Blackmur, - Delmore Schwartz" (began as: Delmore Schwartz: Letters to R. P. Blackmur) 1936-1946 - typescript ms. (2 folders)
Box 24 "Mask and Symbol in Set This House on Fire - typescript ms.
Box 24 "Monomyth in Denton Welch's Maiden Voyage" - typescript ms.
Box 24 "Nathanael West's Derivative Genius: The Day of the Locust and Sherwood Anderson" - typescript ms.
Box 24 "Note on 'An Argument in 1934' - holograph, typescript ms.
Box 24 "Notes on Branches" (by Mitch Cullin) - holograph, typescript ms.
Box 24 On Not Being (Particularly) Well-Hung" - typescript ms.
"On Not Knowing What One Has Written"
Box 24 Holograph ms.
Box 24 Typescript ms.
Box 24 "On Signing Books & Book Signing" - holograph, typescript ms.
Box 24 "An Open Letter to James Dickey" - holograph, typescript mss.
[Philip Booth's] "Death Sentences"
Box 24 Holograph ms.
Box 24 Typescript ms.
Box 24 "Philosophical and Aesthetic Implications of the Imagist Creed" - typescript ms.
"Poetry Chronicle: Some Versions of the Pastoral"
Box 24 Holograph ms.
Box 24 Typescript ms.
Box 24 "Poetry, Prosody, and Meta-Poetics: Karl Shapiro's Self-Reflexive Poetry" - holograph, typescript mss.
See also Writings: Miscellaneous: Tapes (Box 29)
Box 24 "The Quest for the Unattainable: John Logan's Anonymous Lovers" - typescript ms.
Box 24 "The Quick-Change Artist: Notes on Horace Gregory's Poetic Imagery" - typescript ms.
Box 24A "Remembering John Logan" - holograph ms.
See also "Beauty Out of Anxiety: Memories of John Logan"
"The Romance of Prophecy: Goyen's In a Farther Country"
Box 24A Typescript ms.
Box 24A Southwest Review
Box 24A "Samuels and Samson: Theme and Legend in 'The White Rooster'" - typescript ms.
"Selected Letters of Delmore Schwartz and James Laughlin" (selected and edited by R. Phillips for The Paris Review article)
Box 24A Typescript ms.
Box 24A Production records
Box 24A Production records, with Laughlin's annotations
Shapiro, Karl. Essay on Rhyme Afterword
Box 24A "First version" - holograph, typescript ms.
Box 24A "Revisions" - holograph, typescript ms.
Box 24A "Shirley Jackson" - typescript ms.
"Some Notes on Painting-Poems"
Box 24A Holograph ms.
Box 24A Typescript ms.
Box 24A "Some Readings on Readings" - holograph, typescript mss.
See also: "Are Those Real Poems, or Did You Write Them Yourself?"
Box 24A "Sweet Potato Memories" - holograph, typescript ms.
Box 24A "Symbols and Burlesque in Carson McCullers' The Ballad of the Sad Cafe" - typescript ms.
Box 24A "The Theme of Spiritual Isolation in Farrell's 'Danny O'Neill Petalogy'" - typescript ms.
Box 24A "The Third Biggest Observance" - typescript ms.
Box 24A "To Be Oneself: Some Letters by William Goyen" (selected and annotated by R. Phillips) - typescript ms.
"Visiting the Gregorys"
Box 24A Notes on Marya Zaturenska - holograph ms.
Box 24A Holograph ms.
Box 24A Typescript ms.
"A Voice Through a Cloud: Denton Welch's Ultimate Voyage"
Box 24A Typescript ms.
Box 24A The Centennial Review spring 1971
"A Way of Life: Some Letters by William Goyen" (selected and annotated by R. Phillips)
Box 24A Typescript mss. (2 folders)
Box 24A "Why I Write" - typescript ms. (2 folders)
"William Goyen: Selected Letters" (proposal submitted to The Paris Review)
Box 24A Typescript ms.
Box 24A Holograph ms.
Box 24A "The Writings of William Van O'Connor, 1937-1965" - typescript ms.
Box 24A "You're Not Getting Older, You're Getting Better: Notes on Aging and Writing" - typescript ms.
Box 24A Untitled (re: Shirley Jackson)
Box 24A Goyen, William - typescript ms. (2 folders)
See also Writings: Miscellaneous: Tapes (Box 29)
Box 24A Larkin, Philip - typescript ms. (2 folders)
Box 24A Laughlin, James
See also Writings: Miscellaneous: Tapes (Box 29)
Box 24A Oates, Joyce Carol - typescript ms.
Box 24A Shapiro, Karl Jay - typescript ms. (3 folders)
See also Writings: Miscellaneous: Tapes (Box 29)
Box 24A Smith, William Jay (5 folders)
See also Writings: Miscellaneous: Tapes (Box 29)
Box 25 Spencer, Elizabeth - typescript ms. (5 folders)
Box 25 Styron, William - typescript ms. (3 folders)
Box 25 Zaturenska, Marya - typescript ms. (3 folders)
Box 25 "Below the Line" - typescript ms. (4 folders)
Box 25 "Fallick: a Fiction" - typescript ms.
"The Glass Garden"
Box 25 Typescript ms. (3 folders)
Box 25 Epilogue - typescript ms.
Box 25 Typescript ms. (3 folders)
Box 25 Typescript ms. (4 folders)
Box 26 "Her Father's House" - typescript ms. (5 folders)
Box 26 "Home Movies" - typescript ms. (3 folders)
Box 26 "Rite of Spring" - typescript ms. (2 folders)
Box 26 By title (A-K) (12 folders)
Box 26A By title (L-Z) (5 folders)
Box 26A "Eight Pages of Poetry in Support of an Application to Read in the Winter/Spring 1987 'Open Voice Awards'" - typescript ms.
Box 26A "Eight Poems from Personal Effects" - typescript ms.
Box 26A "Hard Labor" (collection) - typescript ms.
Box 26A "Miss Crustacean" (collection) - typescript ms.
Box 26A "Nine Poems, 1981-1986" - typescript ms.
Box 26A "Ten Poems, 1989-91" - typescript ms.
Box 26A "Thirteen Poems, 1989-90" - typescript ms.
Box 27 By author A-Z (7 folders)
Box 27 Multiple authors (4 folders)
Box 27 "Bobby Shaftoe" - typescript ms.
Box 27 "Circumstances" - typescript ms.
Box 27 "A House on Plum Street" - typescript ms.
Box 27 "I Have Played a Trick on You" - typescript ms.
Box 27 "Let's Do It" (alternate title: "The Joc Doc") - holograph ms.
Box 27 "Raymond Carver Play Adaptations" - manuscript
Box 27 "A Sentimental Education" (alternate title: "The Secret Cover") - holograph ms.
Box 27 "A Teacher's Reward" - typescript ms.
Box 27 Introductions (7 folders)
Box 27 "Andy Jenkins, R.I.P." [eulogy] Dec. 1994 - holograph, typescript mss.
Box 27 "Beating the Bushes: Karl Shapiro and the Prairie Schooner" - holograph, typescript ms.
Box 27 "Creative Writing in the English Department" - typescript ms.
Box 27 "D[elta] U[psilon] Initiation, University of Houston, Jan. 9, 1995" - typescript ms.
Box 27 "How Poets Earn a Living" - Wesleyan Writers' Conference - typescript mss.
Box 27 "How to Read Fiction, Or the Story-teller's Art" - The Menil Collection Oct. 26, 1995 - ms.
Box 27 "In a Farther Country: Goyen's Novel of Ecology & Magical Realism" -American Studies Association of Texas Nov. 1998 - typescript ms.
Box 27 "The Magic of Manuscripts" - Syracuse University Library Associates Sept. 2000 - holograph, typescript
Box 27 "The Ming Vase of Poetry Reading Series': 25 Years at the Katonah Village Library" - holograph ms.
See also Writings: Miscellaneous: Tapes (Box 29)
Box 27 "National Book Award presentation" - Plaza Hotel, New York City Nov. 15, 1995 - holograph, typescript ms.
Box 27 "Notes of a Native Son in Prose & Poetry" - typescript ms.
Box 27 "The Poets' Prize" Mar. 7, 1997 - typescript ms.
Box 27 "The Poets' Prize" May 18, 2000 - typescript ms.
Box 27 "Richard M. Nixon, Billy Graham, & Mr. Whipple" Oct. 2000 - Whiting Foundation address
Box 27 "Serendipity and [Delmore] Schwartz" - Syracuse University Library Associates Nov. 13, 1986 - typescript ms.
Box 27 "Stages in Writing & Publishing" - Houston Women's Writers' Group June 1994
Box 27 "The State of American Poetry Today" - typescript and holograph mss.
Box 27 "A Swarm of Bees: Personal Experiences Behind Aspects of Alice" - Lewis Carroll Society of North America May 8, 1999 - holograph, typescript ms.
Box 27 "Toast" to William Pearson Tolley on the occasion of his 90th birthday celebration - ms.
Box 27 "The Value of Poetry Readings" - holograph, typescript ms.
Box 27 "What's Happening in American Fiction?" - typescript ms.
Box 27 "Why I Write" - TICW Conference Feb. 1, 1996 - holograph, typescript ms.
Box 27 Untitled
Box 27A "Adam and Steve" - holograph, typescript ms.
Box 27A "After the Train" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "Afternoon of the Summer" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "All Day the Mountain" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "And This Little Piggy Had None" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "The Angel of the Church" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "Ashes to Ashes" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "Auslanders" - holograph, typescript ms.
Box 27A "The Back of the Bus" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "Barry Peckerman" - holograph ms.
Box 27A "Bashing in the 'Burbs" - holograph ms.
Box 27A "Bashing in the 'Burbs" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "A Biological Accident" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "The Birthday Tree" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "The Bonding" - holograph and typescript ms.
Box 27A "A Brief Encounter" - holograph ms.
Box 27A "A Brilliant Career" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "The Capitals of the World" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "The Cat Who Practiced Yoga" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "Children of Old Booger" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "Chrysanthemums in the Fall" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "Cold Blood" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "The Cutting" - typescript ms. (3 folders)
Box 27A "Dandelions and Goldenrod" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "The Daughter" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "A Day in the Life" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "Dead Ringer" - typescript ms. (4 folders)
Box 27A "The Death of a Good Man" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "The Ding Wing" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "Dome of Many-Colored Glass" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "Dress Code" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "Ed McMahon, Dick Clark, the Camera Man, and the Balloon Man" - holograph, typescript ms.
Box 27A "Failures" - holograph ms.
Box 27A "Fallick" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "Fallick: a Fragment" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "Fallick: Two Fragments" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "Fallick Ascends to Heaven" - holograph, typescript ms.
Box 27A "Fallick Blacks Out" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "Fallick Rides Again" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "False Blue" - typescript ms.
"The Fay Wray Memorial Day Party"
Box 27A Holograph ms.
Box 27A Typescript ms. with holograph corrections (3 folders)
Box 27A "Figure in a Chair" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "First Prelude to Nothing" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "The Girl with the Beautiful Clothes" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "Granny Falk's Planting Time" - typescript ms.
See also "The Planting Time of Granny Falk"
Box 27A "The Hateful Word" - holograph ms.
Box 27A "The Hateful Word" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "Help" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "Holiday Letter" - holograph, typescript ms.
Box 27A "Hot Dogs and Baked Beans" - typescript ms.
"The Imperfect Heart" (collection)
Box 27A Typescript ms.
Box 27A Typescript ms. (3 folders)
Box 27A "In a Country of Strangers" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "In the New World" - typescript ms. (2 folders)
Box 27A "Incident in the Young Life of George Oliver Weatherbee" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "Is Celeste There?" - holograph, typescript ms.
Box 27A "Isabella's Time" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "Jackhammer" - holograph, typescript ms.
Box 27A Holograph ms.
Box 27A Typescript ms.
Box 27A "The Jones Boy" - typescript ms. (2 folders)
Box 27A "The Kill-Joy" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "A Lady of Fashion" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "The Land of Lost Content" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "The Last Straw" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "Lessons Learned" - holograph ms.
Box 27A "A Little Night Music" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "The Loss" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "The Lost and the Found" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "The Lost Child" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "Magic, Parsimony, Witch & Wheels: Links in a Chain" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "The Man Who Read Proust" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "The Man with the Wooden Legs" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "The Mark" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "The Mask" - typescript ms.
Box 27A "May Day" - holograph, typescript ms. (2 folders)
"Mealy Marshall and the Whore of Babylon"
Box 28 Typescript ms.
Box 28 The Southern Humanities Review
Box 28 "Messages" - typescript ms.
Box 28 "Mistaken Rapture" - holograph, typescript ms.
Box 28 "Mr. Brown" - typescript ms.
Box 28 "Mister Mercedes" - typescript ms.
Box 28 "Mister Mercury" - typescript ms.
"Moon Pictures"
Box 28 Holograph ms.
Box 28 Typescript ms.
Box 28 "News About People You Know" - holograph and typescript ms.
Box 28 "Night Flowers" - typescript ms.
Box 28 "Note Found in a Country Church" - typescript ms.
Box 28 "On the Way Home" - typescript ms.
Box 28 "An Orange from Mrs. Julian" - typescript ms. (2 folders)
Box 28 "The Outsider" - holograph, typescript ms.
Box 28 "[The] Paper Bag" - typescript ms. (2 folders)
Box 28 "A Period Piece" - typescript ms.
Box 28 "Piano Lessons" - holograph ms.
Box 28 "The Planting Time of Granny Falk" - typescript ms. (2 folders)
See also "Granny Falk's Planting Time"
Box 28 "The Presentation" - typescript ms.
Box 28 "The Projectile" - typescript ms.
Box 28 "The Red Notebook" - typescript ms.
Box 28 "Rejections" - typescript ms.
Box 28 "Requiem for a Cat" - typescript ms.
Box 28 "Revenge" - typescript ms.
Box 28 "Rise Up Singing" - holograph ms.
Box 28 "Rose Hill" - typescript ms.
Box 28 "Sandra's Day" - typescript ms.
"Sensitivity Training"
Box 28 Holograph ms.
Box 28 Typescript ms.
Box 28 "The Shoes" - typescript ms. (2 folders)
Box 28 "So Long the Summer" - typescript ms.
Box 28 "Soliloquy of a Bench Sitter" - typescript ms.
Box 28 "Something Miraculous" - holograph ms.
Box 28 "Songs of Four Seasons" - typescript ms. (2 folders)
Box 28 "The Soul of Discretion" - typescript ms.
Box 28 "Subscriptions, Salve, Grand Margaret and Ted Mack" - typescript ms.
Box 28 "Sunday Morning" - typescript ms.
Box 28 "Sundays" - typescript ms.
Box 28 "Surprise" - typescript ms.
Box 28 "The Tale of a Tail" - typescript ms.
Box 28 "Ten Letters" - typescript ms.
Box 28 "There Are Hospitals in New Jersey" - typescript ms.
Box 28 "Three Encounters and a Postscript" - typescript ms. (2 folders)
"Three Voices"
Box 28 Holograph ms.
Box 28 Typescript ms. (2 folders)
Box 28 "To Teddy" - typescript ms.
Box 28 "Trepidation" - typescript ms.
Box 28 "Two Encounters" - typescript ms.
Box 28 "The Very Same Spring" - typescript ms. (2 folders)
Box 28 "The Visitation" - typescript ms.
Box 28 "The Visitation" - holograph ms.
Box 28 "Wednesday Morning" - typescript ms.
Box 28 Holograph ms.
Box 28 Typescript ms.
Box 28 "Willard" - typescript ms.
Box 28 "Wolfey" - holograph ms.
Box 28 "The Wounded Angel" - holograph ms.
Box 28 "Wunderkind" - typescript ms.
Box 28 "Untitled ("Even in appearance, Priscilla Potter ...") - typescript ms.
Box 28 "Untitled ("Fallick is opening his mail ...") - holograph ms.
Box 28 Untitled ("My name is Harry Simmons") - typescript ms.
Box 28 Untitled ("We're returning home now, Minerva ...") - typescript ms.
Audio and video cassettes
Interviews by R. Phillips
Box 29 William Goyen (2 cassettes)
Box 29 James Laughlin (2 cassettes)
Box 29 Karl Jay Shapiro (2 cassettes)
Box 29 William Jay Smith (2 cassettes)
Box 29 "Bob Phillips at Mausoleum 9-20-00"
Box 29 "Bonding" / by R. Phillips (with "Can You Ever Forgive Me?" / by Molly Giles) The Sound of Writing XI no. 122
Box 29 "Robert Phillips at Book Stop 1-22-99"
Box 29 "Robert Phillips at Rudolph ? Gallery May 1999"
Box 29 "San Miguel Poetry Week 1-5-00"
Box 29 "The Ming Vase of Poetry Reading Series': 25 Years at the Katonah Village Library"
Box 29 "Phillips on Karl Shapiro Blauberin (Germany) 1994"
Biographical profiles for Dictionary of American Biography
Box 29 Maxwell Geismar - research material, ms.
Box 29 John Hall Wheelock - research material, typescript ms.
Box 29 Biographical profiles for The Oxford Companion to 20th Century Poetry in English - typescript ms.
Box 29 Biographical sketches for The Scribner's Encyclopedia of American Lives - holograph, typescript ms.
Box 29 Biographical sketches for Who's Who in Twentieth Century World Poetry (Routledge) - holograph, typescript ms.
Contemporary Authors Autobiography Series - autobiographical essay
Box 29 Holograph ms.
Box 29 Typescript ms.
Box 29 Typescript ms., copyedited
Box 29 Galleys
Box 29 Debbie McIntosh ms. (unpublished)
Box 29 Introduction to The Light in the Piazza and Other Italian Tales / by Elizabeth Spencer
Box 29 "A Memorial Tribute to Karl Shapiro" - program ms., and text of Introduction
Box 29 Modern Poetry Studies special Horace Gregory issues (edited by R. Phillips) - typescript ms. (2 folders)
Box 29 Panel discussion on first novels - Wesleyan Writers' Conference 1991 - holograph notes
Printed material
Box 30 Programs, announcements, miscellaneous
Periodicals (issues of various publications in which R. Phillips' work has appeared)
Box 31 By title A-B
Box 32 By title Ca-Ch
Box 33 By title Ci-E
Box 34 By title F-H
Box 35 By title I-M
Box 36 By title N
Box 37 By title O-P
Box 38 By title R-Sn
Box 39 By title So-Sz
Box 40 By title T-Z

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