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Will Oursler Papers

An inventory of his papers at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Oursler, Will, 1913-1985.
Title: Will Oursler Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1925-1985
Quantity: 43.0 linear ft.
Abstract: Papers of the American author, journalist, novelist; pseudonyms Gale Gallagher, Nick Marino. Correspondence, research material, manuscript drafts and revisions for essays, plays, stories, novels; and published material, including articles by and about Oursler.
Language: Bulk is in English, with a few foreign editions of his books in Chinese, Marathi, Punjabi, and Spanish.
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

Will Oursler (1913-1985) was an American author, lecturer and radio commentator. He was the son of noted novelist Fulton Oursler, and is best known for his novel N.Y. N.Y. (1954) and for his non-fiction Father Flanagan of Boys' Town (1949), which was made into a movie starring Spencer Tracy.

Oursler was born July 12, 1913, in Baltimore, Maryland, but grew up and attended schools in New York City. At first Oursler wanted to become an artist, and to that end he attended the Art Students' League in New York City. However, he decided to complete college and graduated cum laude from Harvard in 1937. After graduation, Oursler worked on the staffs of various Boston newspapers and began writing mystery novels. His first book, The Trial of Vincent Doon, was published in 1941, followed by Folio on Florence White in 1942. He also wrote under the names Gale Gallagher and Nick Marino.

World War II interrupted Oursler's career as a novelist, and he spent three years in the Pacific as a war correspondent for Fawcett Publications. He returned to writing after the war, penning numerous mystery novels and contributing articles and short stories to such well-known magazines as Collier's and Reader's Digest. Oursler also wrote non-fiction, including Father Flanagan of Boys' Town (1949, co-written with his father), Narcotics: America's Peril (1952, with Laurence Dwight Smith), The Boy Scout Story (1955), The Road to Faith (1960), The Murderers (1961, with Harry Anslinger), and Marijuana: The Facts, The Truth (1970).

Over the course of his career Oursler wrote more than 45 books including 12 mystery novels. He was vice-president of the Mystery Writers of America, a founding commodore of the Overseas Yacht Club, and president of the Overseas Press Club from 1970 to 1972. His autobiography, Family Story, was published in 1963.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Will Oursler Papers consist of three separate accessions which have not been integrated. Biographical data is filed at the beginning of the collection.

Please note that box numbers are not unique, as each series in the original accession begins again with Box 1 and both later accessions also begin again with Box 1. Please specify accession, series, and box number when requesting material to ensure retrieval of the correct items.

Original accession

This is by far the largest of the three sets of material, and contains correspondence, subject files, manuscripts, and published material.

Correspondence includes letters written to and letters written by Oursler, as well as letters of others. Much of this material was originally filed by Oursler within folders of his other materials. Where there was some quantity of these letters, they were removed with their original location on them, and placed in alphabetical order by author or recipient (if Oursler himself was the author). Where there were only one or two letters and they pertained directly to the folder of manuscripts or other material in which they were originally located, they were allowed to remain there. Thus some letters may be found in series other than the correspondence series.

Subject files contains miscellaneous personal material of Oursler's and Dr. John Myers' as well as Oursler's research materials for articles and books which he either wrote or edited. The material is filed alphabetically by type. Research materials for articles and books are filed alphabetically by the title of the work. More general research follows and is filed alphabetically by subject.

Manuscripts consists of articles, books, plays, a poem, radio and television scripts and short stories. The manuscripts are arranged alphabetically by type. Within each type the materials are arranged alphabetically by title. In cases where several titles are apparent, the manuscript was filed under what appeared to be the final or published title, and other titles for the same work were noted on the folder. Oursler had originally filed much of this material in folders. Information on these original folders was either noted on the new folder or clipped and inserted in the new folder with the manuscript. Within each work, what seemed to be the final draft was filed first, followed by earlier drafts, revisions, outlines and notes. Manuscripts of others are filed at the end of the series.

Published material includes articles about and by Oursler, published books by him (foreign editions of his works) and others, magazines and newspapers, newspaper columns by Oursler, pamphlets and reports. The materials are arranged alphabetically by type.

1967 accession

The five boxes of the 1967 accession also contain correspondence, subject files, manuscripts, and published material. Correspondence includes some with radio personality John "Long John" Nebel. Subject files consists of reference material related to various of Oursler's writing projects. Manuscripts contains articles, books, pamphlets, plays, poetry, and short stories. Published material consists of articles and newspaper clippings.

1974 accession

The 1974 accession (added to the finding aid in 1978) contains correspondence and writings. Correspondence covers 1964-1974. Writings consists of articles, research material, outlines, drafts, typescripts, galleys, page proofs, and other formats. This material has received minimal processing.

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Arrangement of the Collection

See Scope and Contents above. Note that the box numbers restart at Box 1 for each series in the original accession, and for each later accession; when requesting a box be sure to specify the accession and/or series to ensure retrieval of desired material.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Subject Headings


Gallagher, Gale -- Archives.
Marino, Nick, 1913-1985 -- Archives.
Oursler, Will (William Charles), 1913-1985-- Archives.


Authors, American.
Journalists -- United States.
Novelists -- American.

Genres and Forms

Clippings (information artifacts)
Drafts (documents)
Galley proofs.
Manuscripts for publication.



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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Will Oursler Papers,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Finding Aid Information

Created by: --
Date: 1967
Revision history: 1967 - additions (--); 1978 - additions from '74 (MK); 21 Jul 2008 - converted to EAD (MRC)

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Correspondence (original accession)
Box 1 Anslinger, Harry
Box 1 B
Box 1 Balaber, Helen Oursler
Box 1 C, E-F
Fan Mail
Box 1 1955-1956
Box 1 1957 Jan-May, Oct-Nov
Box 1 1958 Feb, Mar, Jul
Box 1 1963-1964
Box 1 1965
Box 2 1966 January-August
Box 2 Undated
Box 2 Unidentified
Box 2 G-H
Box 11 Hardenbergh, Georgia, (Mrs. Leonard)
Box 2 J-K
Box 2 Kodinsky, Harry
Box 2 L-M
Box 2 Myers, Dr. John
Box 2 Oursler, Fulton and Grace Perkins Oursler (parents)
Box 2 Oursler, Mrs. Rose
Box 2 Oursler, Tony
Box 2 P, R
Box 2 Permission letters
Box 2 S-T, V-W
Box 2 Worrell, Ambrose and Olga
Box 2 Unidentified
To and from others
Box 2 Miscellaneous
Subject files (original accession)
Box 1 Admission Ticket, New York Preparatory School 1928
Box 1 Broadcast Material
Box 1 Genealogical papers
Box 1 Material from manuscript, N.Y., N.Y.
Box 1 Myers, Dr. John
Box 1 Photograph
Research material
Box 2 "Boston's 'Boy Cops' Join the War on Crime"
Box 2 "Conversion is a Two Way Street"
Box 2 Dale Carnegie, about, unknown title
Box 2 "Harvard-Government Incubator
Box 2 "I Smashed California's Dope Mobsters"
Box 2 Juvenile Delinquency, about, unknown title
Box 2 "The New 'Evangelism'- Blessing or Blight?"
Box 2 "Operation 25"
Box 2 "Our Voiceless Laity"
Box 3 "The Pact"
Box 3 Roscoe B. Johnson Memorial Laboratory, about
Box 3 "Share Our Substance!"
Box 3 "Sherlock Holmes - Dead or Alive?"
Box 3 "Suckers Never Learn"
Box 3 UMT: Experiment in Democracy"
Box 3 "The Week New York Was Poisoned"
Box 4 Family Story
Box 4 Father Flanagan of Boys' Town
Box 4 The Gift of Healing
Light in the Jungle
Box 4 Halliwell Notes and Tape
Box 4 Miscellaneous
The Murderers
Box 4 Chapters 2-5 (5 folders)
Box 4 Chapters 7-8 (2 folders)
Box 5 Chapter 9 (2 folders)
Box 5 Chapters 11-13 (4 folders)
Box 5 Chapters 16-18 (3 folders)
Box 5 Chapters 20-21 (2 folders)
Box 5 Chapters 24-26 (3 folders)
Box 5 Transcripts of tapes
Borg-Warner Corporation
Box 6 Banker's Analysis November 15, 1958
Box 6 Central Office Organization Survey
Box 6 Ingersoll letters (published)
Box 6 Inter-Office Memo on Farm Equipment
Box 6 Industry
Box 6 Miscellaneous
Box 6 News Reports of Ingersoll Speech on January 19, 1942and materials on S.A. Ingersoll
Box 6 Record of 60th Anniversary, Ingersoll Steel and Disc Division
Box 6 "Hunter Story" (Oursler to write preface)
Box 6 Oral Roberts book, material for
World War II
Box 6 General
Box 6 Notebooks
Manuscripts (original accession)
Box 1 "America's Lost Women" or "America's Lone Women"
Box 1 "And Barrymore Said to Me"
Box 1 "Are You a Revolutionary Genius?"
Box 1 "Boston's 'Boy Cops' Join the War on Crime"
Box 1 "The Boy Who Never Was a Scout"
Box 1 "Conversion is a Two-Way Street" or "Who Said Conversion Was a One-Way Street?" or "Conversion: A Two-Way Street to God"
Box 1 "Credo of a Middle Roader"
Box 1 "Crime in American Cities: Los Angeles — Mr. Violence"
Box 1 "Crime in American Cities: Miami — Holiday in Paradise" or "Syndicate Bonanza"
Box 1 "Crime in American Cities: New Orleans — Operation Shame" or "Salesmen of Shame" or "Shame Syndicate"
Box 1 "Crime in American Cities: New York — King of New York's Stolen Cars"
Box 1 "Does Father Always Know Best?"
Box 1 "Do Miracles Happen to You?"
Box 1 "Erie's 7000 Angels"
Box 1 "Faces of Faith"
Box 1 "Friendship" or "Balance Your Friends" or "Do You Have the Right Friends?"
Box 1 "Global Highway Hi-Signs" or "Global Road Signs Are Saving Lives"
Box 1 "God Heard Me" or "He Heard My Prayer in the Depths of the Sea"
Box 1 "Handicap"
Box 1 "Harvard — Government Incubator" or "Harvard — Presidential Incubator"
Box 1 "He Makes Paper Out of Anything"
Box 1 "How Modern Are Your Manners?"
Box 2 "I Smashed California's Dope Mobsters" or "I Smashed California's Dope-Car Gang"
Box 2 "Kid's Country"
Box 2 "Latin-World Fuehrer" or "Hitler-Castro: A Parallel" or "Cuban Red Fuehrer" or "Fuehrer Fidel"
Box 2 "Magic Carpet Across International Skies"
Box 2 "The Marriage Contract" or "Marriage"
Box 2 "The Meaning of a Smile"
Box 2 ("Murder And Two Mothers") or "Two Mothers" or "Two Mothers And a Murdered Boy" or "Two Boys, Two Mothers And a Mob"
Box 2 "My Most Inspiring Moment" or "Cross in the Sand" or "Moment of Light"
Box 2 "Narcotics Cartel"
Box 2 "The New 'Evangelism' - Blessing or Blight?"
Box 2 "New York's Flying Police"
Box 2 "Operation 25"
Box 2 "The Other Road" or "The Story of the Other Road" or "Why I Wrote the Boy Scout Story"
Box 2 "Our Voiceless Laity"
Box 3 "The Pact" or "The Sign"
Box 3 "Personalities in Law Enforcement: Colonel Joseph F. Timilty"
Box 3 "The Power of Silent Prayer"
Box 3 "Red Sabotage" or "Anti-Sabotage Blueprint"
Box 3 "Religious Therapy — Miracle or myth?"
Box 3 "A Serious Report"
Box 3 "Seven Secrets of Prayer"
Box 3 "Share Our Substance!"
Box 3 "Sherlock Holmes — Dead or Alive?"
Box 3 "Ship Quiz" or "Forty Questions on Ships, The Sea, and Men Who Sail"
Box 3 "So You Want to Become a Newspaperman"
Box 3 "Spiritual Healing in America's Churches"
Box 3 "The Strange Culture of the Hoods" or "The Mob" - outlines and ideas
Box 3 "Suckers Never Learn"
Box 4 "They Make You Like It"
Box 4 "They Preach What They Practice"
Box 4 "They Sentenced Me to Die"
Box 4 "This Thing Called Luck"
Box 4 "Tips on a Lady's Income Tax"
Box 4 "Trade Secrets of the President's Secretary"
Box 4 "UNT: Experiment in Democracy"
Box 4 "Village Blacksmith, 1955 Style" or "Fill 'Er Up — With Gold"
Box 4 "The Week New York Was Poisoned"
Box 4 "We Felt the Presence of God"
Box 4 "What Do You Know About Marriage?"
Box 4 "What Do You Know About Nursery Rhymes?"
Box 4 "What Do You Know About Pets?"
Box 4 "What Is Your Easter I.Q.?"
Box 4 "What Is Your Spiritual I.Q.?"
Box 4 "What Is Your Superstition I.Q.?"
Box 4 "What's Your Mother Goose I.Q.?"
Box 4 "Word Detective"
World War II
Box 4 "Back Here From There"
Box 4 "Battle at Point X"
Box 4 "Battle of the Inkpot Generals"
Box 4 "Behind Our South Pacific Lines"
Box 4 "Feed 'Em While They Fight"
Box 4 "For Valor Beyond Duty"
Box 4 "Is War Wrecking G.I. Homes?"
Box 4 "Japan Has Lost Her War"
Box 4 "Jottings From A Correspondent's Notebook"
Box 4 "Jungle Junkmen"
Box 4 "The Last Princess"
Box 5 "Philippine Return Trip"
Box 5 "Report From the Pacific"
Box 5 "Star Sapphire"
Box 5 "Strategy of Suicide"
Box 5 "These Are Our Men"
Box 5 "The Wounded Are my Job"
Box 5 "You Can't Go Wrong Working For Liberty"
Box 5 "You're Never Shut In"
The Apartment House
Box 5 pp. 4-76
Box 5 Carbon copies of pp. 1-87
Box 5 Outline and preliminary material
Box 5 Theme I
Box 5 Theme II
Box 5 Theme III
Box 5 Theme IV
Box 5 Theme V
Box 5 Theme VI
Box 5 "Minor Themes, additional people involved in the story"
Box 5 As Tough As They Come (Oursler, ed.) - Table of Contents, and drafts of preface
The Atheist
Box 6 Final, pp. 1-302 (5 folders)
Box 6 Carbon I, pp. 1-229 B (4 folders)
Box 6 Carbon II, pp. 28-285 ( 4 folders)
Box 7 Original Draft: pp. 27-263 (5 folders)
Box 7 Miscellaneous pages and notes
Box 8 Drafts (4 folders)
Box 8 Notes
Box 8 Outlines
Box 8 Galley Proof
The Boy Scout Story
Box 9 Final Draft opening pages, pp. 1-363 and chronology (6 folders)
Box 9 Carbon, pp. 1-360 and bibliography (5 folders)
Box 10 Draft Chapters 1-25 (12 folders)
Box 10 Galley Proofs, All Chapters (3 folders)
Caroline or The Swelling Tide (Oursler, ed.)
Box 11 Final Draft, pp. 1-257 (4 folders)
Box 11 Incomplete Draft
Box 11 Opening Chapters
Box 11 Middle and Final Chapters
Box 11 Outline
Charity or Brookhauser and God or The Tender Give
Box 12 Incomplete Drafts I and II (2 folders)
Box 12 Outlines and Notes
Family Story
Box 12 Final Draft pp. 1-368 (6 folders)
Box 13 Bibliography
Box 13 Carbon, incomplete (pp. 177-368) (2 folders)
Box 13 Incomplete Drafts pp. 1-405 (3 folders)
Box 13 "Items for special re-check in Galleys"
Box 13 Miscellaneous pages and notes
Box 13 Outlines
Father Flanagan of Boys' Town (with Fulton Oursler)
Box 14 Book One (pp. 1-45) (4 folders)
Box 14 Book Two (pp. 243-291) (2 folders)
Box 14 Book Three (pp. 292-376) (2 folders)
Box 14 Book Four (pp. 377-477)
Box 14 Notes
Box 14 Outline, pp. 1-110 (2 folders)
Folio On Florence White
Box 14 Final Draft pp. 1-247 ( 5 folders)
Duplicate or extra pages
Box 15 Drafts, pp. 1-199 (4 folders)
Box 16 Drafts, pp. 200-246
Box 16 Drafts, miscellaneous pages
Box 16 Notes
Box 16 Outline
The Gift of Healing (Oursler, ed.)
Box 16 Final Draft, pp. 1-261 and Chapters 17-20 (7 folders)
Box 16 Incomplete Draft
Box 17 Extra Re-typed Pages, etc.
Box 17 Miscellaneous Notes
Notes by Chapter
Box 17 Preface
Box 17 Chapters I-XX (20 folders)
Box 17 Appendices and outline
The Greatest Gift on Earth (Oursler, ed.)
Final Drafts
Box 18 Opening pages and Chapter I
Box 18 Chapters II-XII (11 folders)
Box 19 Chapters XIII-XIX (6 folders)
Drafts by Chapter
Box 19 Preface and Chapter I
Box 19 Chapters II-IX (4 folders)
Box 20 Chapters XI-XXI (3 folders)
Miscellaneous pages and revisions
Box 20 I
Box 20 II
Box 20 Corrections by Dr. Myers
Box 20 Outlines and notes
The Healing Power of Faith
Box 21 Final pp. 1-445 (5 folders)
Box 21 Incomplete Draft pp. 1-387 (4 folders)
Box 22 Drafts, Chapters I-XXX (13 folders)
Box 22 Miscellaneous pages of drafts and notes
Light in the Jungle (Oursler, ed.)
Box 22 Forward
Box 22 Drafts pp. 10-126
Box 23 Drafts pp. 94-325
Box 23 Drafts pp. 173-322
Box 23 Miscellaneous pages
Box 23 Outlines and Notes
Tape Transcripts
Box 23 Preceding Pages, Reels I and II
Box 23 Reels III and IV (incomplete) and Reels V-VII
Box 23 Reels VIII, unnumbered Reel, and pages 1-151
The Murderers (with Harry Anslinger)
Box 24 Final Draft by Chapter - preface, chapters 1-28 (8 folders)
Box 24 Outline
Box 24 Preface
Box 24 Chapter 1, "Scope of Evil"
Box 24 Chapter 2, "Case in Point"
Box 24 Chapter 3, "Tenacles" and Chapter 3 A, "Tenacles"
Box 24 Chapter 4, "Barons — or Butchers?"
Box 24 Chapter 5 A, "Roots"
Box 24 Chapter 6, "Stars in Their Eyes"
Box 24 Chapter 7, "A Girl Who Died"
Box 24 Chapter 8, "Lucky Likes Nice Things"
Box 24 Chapter 9, "From the Mafia File"
Box 24 Chapter 9 A, "The Lepke Story"
Box 24 Chapter 11, "The White House Calling"
Box 25 Chapter 11 A, "Hemp Around Their Necks"
Box 25 Chapter 11 AA, "A Lady to Her Fingertips"
Box 25 Chapter 12, "Red Chinese Lullaby"
Box 25 Chapter 13, "Oozy"
Box 25 Chapter 14, "A Man Named X"
Box 25 Chapter 15, "A Game at Monte Carlo"
Box 25 Chapter 16 A, The Addison Affair"
Box 25 Chapter 17, "Dr. Jackal"
Box 25 Chapter 18, "Incident at the U.N."
Box 25 Chapter 20, " Mother Out-Law"
Box 25 Chapter 22, "H is for Horse"
Box 25 Chapter 23, "A Dog Named Kip"
Box 25 Chapter 24, "For the Defense"
Box 25 Chapter 25, "Pirates, Derelicts and Con-Men"
Box 25 Chapter 26, "Philosophy on A Flunk"
Narcotics: America's Peril (with Lawrence Dwight Smith)
Box 25 Final pp. 1-71, 75-295 (4 folders)
Box 25 Chapters I-V (3 folders)
Box 25 Chapters XIII-XVI
Box 26 Corrected Final Carbon pp. 1-422 (9 folders)
Box 26 Final Draft (6 folders)
Box 27 Drafts, pp. 1-285 (8 folders)
Box 28 Drafts, pp. 286-351
Box 28 Miscellaneous pages and revision (2 folders)
Box 28 Notes
Box 28 1. "Excerpts — Midafternoon"
Box 28 2. "Cocktail Party"
Box 28 3. "Quarrel in Beekman Place"
Box 28 4. "Crippled Boy Delivers Dress"
Box 28 5. "Maria- Polide- Basement"
Box 28 6. "Poker Game at Gottleibs"
Box 28 7. "Lights"
Box 28 8. "Episode with Girl Across Hall"
Box 28 9. "Art Student's Dance"
Box 28 10. "Excerpt- Mid-Morning"
Box 28 11. "Glendenning At Office"
Box 28 12. "Ten Seconds to Ground Floor"
Box 28 13a. "Dinner in Washington Heights"
Box 28 13. "Dinner With the Senator"
Box 28 14. "Al Burwitz In Office and After"
Box 28 15. "Signs"
Box 28 16. "Maria and Michael"
Box 28 17. "Glory and Russolinis"
Box 28 18. "Al Arranging Loan with Maurice"
Box 28 19. "Mrs. James Calding's Photographic Exhibit"
Box 28 20. "Borrowed Prostitute"
Box 28 21. "Pulpit"
Box 28 21 A. "Shopping Tour of Blanche, (Elaine) and., Selma
Box 28 22. "Ted — Theatre — Valerie"
Box 28 23. "Quarrel in Studio Apartment"
Box 28 24. "Modern Museum — V.I.P.'s"
Box 29 25. "Glendenning — Secretary-Mistress Scene"
Box 29 26. "Maurice, Sr. — In Bed With Sheila"
Box 29 26A. "Excerpts — Mid-Evening"
Box 29 27. "Taxi Ride in Park"
Box 29 28. "Ads" (empty folder)
Box 29 29. "Meeting Italian Boy and Girl"
Box 29 30. "Breakfast With the Enzio Diciddis"
Box 29 31. "Ted-Valerie — Sullivan Home"
Box 29 32. "Ten Seconds to the Lobby"
Box 29 33. "Maurice, Sr. and Lawyer in Office Downtown"
Box 29 34. "Iola and Pregnancy"
Box 29 35. "Preacher — Enzio — Family"
Box 29 36. "Zoo — Dinner — Moonlight Love Scene"
Box 29 37. "Office Luncheon"
Box 29 38. "Excerpts — Lunch"
Box 29 39. "Dinner at Lindy's and Fight in Garden"
Box 29 40. "All Night Drunk — Girl Across Hall — Calling Elaine"
Box 29 41. "Statistics"
Box 29 42. "Mrs. Silverman Attacked"
Box 29 43. "Ted — Valerie — Elopment"
Box 29 44. "Iola — Birth of the Little Girl"
Box 29 45. "Lawyer's Office Downtown"
Box 29 46. "Times Square"
Box 29 47. "Mr. and Mrs. DiCiddi, Party Prostitute"
Box 29 48. "Glory's Report"
Box 29 49. "Breakfast at the Glendennings"
Box 29 50. "Dinner at Henri's"
Box 29 51. "Windowlook"
Box 29 52. "Brief Scene in Apartment"
Box 29 53. "Maurice Raises Dough — Mama Conscious-Improving"
Box 29 54. "Ten Seconds to the Phone"
Box 29 55. "Signs Coming and Going"
Box 29 56. "The Wedding"
Box 29 Draft Outlines
One Way Street
Box 29 Draft, pp. 1-197 (5 folders)
The Prudential (with Earl Chapin May)
Final Draft
Box 29 Preliminary pages, proofs
Box 29 pp. 1-301 (4 folders)
Box 30 pp. 302-490 (3 folders)
Box 30 Carbon, pp. 1-490 and appendix (4 folders)
Box 30 Opening chapters and notes
Box 30 I
Box 30 II
Box 31 Middle chapters and notes
Box 31 I
Box 31 II
Box 31 Final chapters and notes, and miscellaneous pages
Box 31 Tentative outlines
The Road to Faith
Box 31 Final Draft pp. 1-198 (4 folders)
Box 32 Draft pp. 1-198 (4 folders)
Box 32 Incomplete preliminary draft with revisions (2 folders)
To The Commissioner: Confidential
Box 32 Original pages and papers, pp. 1-77
Box 32 Carbon (typescript) pp. 1-237 (4 folders)
The Trial of Vincent Doon or Beyond Reasonable Doubt
Box 33 Final Draft pp. 1-224 (4 folders)
Box 33 Drafts pp. 1-225 and unnumbered pages (5 folders)
Box 33 Miscellaneous Outlines for Books
The Blessed Damozel or Cloud of Glory or The Lady Weeps
Box 34 Incomplete drafts and notes
Neighborhood House
Box 34 Incomplete Draft
Box 34 Drafts by Acts
Box 34 Carbon
Box 34 Notes
Box 34 Outlines
Queen Bee
Box 35 Drafts and Notes (2 folders)
Box 35 Carbon Copies (4 copies)
Box 35 Mimeographed Copy
Box 36 "Baker Street Fever"
Box 36 Radio
Box 36 International Police Series (Oursler, ed.) - untitled pilot
Box 36 "The Case of the Happy Jewel Robbers"
Box 36 "Private Eye" - ideas for presentation
Box 36 "Stanza"
Box 36 "Terror" or "Center Street" - notes and plans
Box 36 Miscellaneous ideas
Short Stories
Box 37 "Bigamy Trial of the Bogus Prince"
Box 37 "A Case of Unwritten Law"
Box 37 "Chinese Riddle"
Box 37 "Corpse in the Berkshire and the Jig-Saw Puzzle Clue"
Box 37 "The Crash"
Box 37 "The Cuffs"
Box 37 "The Curse of the Kingsway"
Box 37 "The Draw"
Box 37 "Hula Homicide" or "Shadow in Paradise"
Box 37 "The Ladies in Black" and "Deed Without A Name"
Box 37 "Last Word" or "No Tickee"
Box 37 "Murder Without a Corpse" or "The Case Without a Corpse" or "The Crime Without a Corpse" or "Vanished Lady"
Box 37 "Payoff"
Box 37 "Portrait of a Hood"
Box 37 "The Shadow and the Shadowed" or "The Perfect Out" or "Alias Eve"
Box 37 "The Shining Limosine" [sic]
Box 37 "Special Treatment"
Box 37 "Still of the Night" or "Quiet Moment"
Box 38 "The Untold Story of Martha"
Box 38 "The Vanishing Hands of Mrs. Davenport" (with Fulton Oursler, pseud. Anthony Abbot)
Box 38 "The Waiter, the Song, and the Girl"
Box 38 "Winston Churchill's Strange Case"
Unidentified pages and notes
Box 38 Miscellaneous
Manuscripts of others
Box 38 "True Life Dramas" by Victor Boesen
Published material (original accession)
Box 1 Article about
Box 1 Articles by
Books by
Box 1 Father Flanagan of Boy's Town - Punjabi, Chinese and Marathi language editions
Box 1 Folio on Florence White - Spanish (Latin American) edition
Box 1 Books by others
Box 1 Magazines
Box 1 Newspapers
Box 1 Newspaper Clippings by
Box 1 Pamphlets
Box 1 Reports
Correspondence (1967 accession)
Box 1 A-W 1965-1967, undated
Box 1 Correspondence of others undated - Nebel, John "Long John"
Box 1 Unidentified undated
Subject files (1967 accession)
Reference material
Box 1 for "Automation" article 1964-1965, undated
Box 1 Crime - juvenile (Star-Commonwealth) 1949-1951, undated
Box 1 Crime - Royal Canadian 1949-1950, undated
Box 1 for Dr. Robert F. Thomas article 1956, undated
Box 1 for The Gift of Healing undated
Box 1 Scandinavian stories 1964, undated
Box 2 Teamster story 1957-1958, undated
Box 2 Traffic and parking story 1964, undated
Box 2 Witchcraft 1966, undated
Box 2 World political picture, post-World War II, radio liberation 1955, undated
Scrapbook material
Box 2 1955
Box 2 Undated
Manuscripts (1967 accession)
Box 2 Belgrade backwash 1962, undated - typescript and carbon copies
Box 2 Check up on your checks undated - typescript
Box 2 Courage with common sense 1951 - typescript
Box 2 Dryden, John Fairfield 1958 - typescript and carbon copies
Box 2 Ferment in suburban faith undated - carbon copy
Box 2 Is heaven a myth? 1967, undated - holograph, typescript, carbon copies, and first proof
Box 2 Million dollar fence undated - typescript and carbon copies
Box 2 Miracle on Elm Street undated - typescript
Box 2 My message to America (Billy Graham story) 1953, undated - holograph, typescript, carbon copies
Box 3 Mr. Hoover's magic trunk undated - typescript and carbon copies
Box 3 Otto Bettmann, archivist of the world undated - typescript and carbon copies
Box 3 Revival on the campus: the 'God-Is-Dead' boomerang 1966, undated - typescript and carbon copies
Box 3 Rugged road to adventure (Lowell Thomas story) 1964-1965, undated - typescript and carbon copies
Box 3 Shopping for courtesy 1956 - typescript copies
Box 3 Should we celebrate Christmas in our public schools? 1966, undated - holograph, typescript, carbon copies, first proof
Box 4 Sidewalk savagery must end 1960 - typescript, carbon, and xerox copies
Box 4 Sidewalk savagery must end 1960 - notes, correspondence, research material
Box 4 So you want to buy a boat undated - holograph, typescript, carbon copies
Box 5 Stained glass country club, or house of God? undated - xerox copy
Box 5 The star above these hills undated - typescript and carbon copies
Box 5 We gave our youth a chore 1940 - typescript and carbon copies
World War II
Box 5 We capture an island 1945 - typescript copy
Box 5 We kissed her goodbye twice undated - carbon copy
Box 5 Murder Memo 1950, undated - photographs and printed material
Box 5 for Academy of Religion and Mental Health undated - holograph and typescript copies
Box 5 Players Club bulletin (published) 1967 - typescript copy
Box 5 Clouds of Glory undated - original draft; holograph, typescript, carbon copies
Box 5 Revue, N.Y.N.Y. undated - typescript copy
Box 5 "Men of might" undated - holograph copy
Box 5 "Ode to the River Charles" undated - typescript copy
Box 5 Sonnet 1936 - typescript copy
Short stories
Box 5 "The girl, the waiter, and the song" undated - typescript copy
Box 5 "The amateur" undated - typescript and copies
Box 5 Fragments
Published material (1967 accession)
Box 5 About
Box 5 By others, "Twenty Questions" 1940-1942
Newspaper clippings
Box 5 About
Correspondence (1974 accession)
Box 1 1964-1974
Writings (1974 accession)
Box 1 Research material (10 folders)
Box 2 Research material (12 folders)
Box 3 Outlines
Box 3 Rough drafts (9 folders)
Box 4 Rough drafts (12 folders)
Box 5 Rough drafts (4 folders)
Box 5 Typescripts (6 folders)
Box 5 Galleys (2 folders)
Box 6 Galleys (4 folders)
Box 6 Page proofs
Box 6 Paste-ups
Box 6 Stories (11 folders)
Box 7 Book

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