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Joyce Carol Oates Papers

An inventory of her papers at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Oates, Joyce Carol, 1938-
Title: Joyce Carol Oates Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1956-2006
Quantity: 69 linear ft.
Abstract: The papers of the American novelist, playwright, poet, short story writer, and author span 1956-1998 and include correspondence; a journal; typescript and holograph manuscripts for essays, novels, plays, and poems; periodicals; photographs; publicity; and reviews.
Language: Majority in English but includes translations of Oates' work into numerous languages.
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

As the winner of the National Book Award for her 1970 novel Them and the recipient of four O. Henry awards and numerous other literary prizes, Joyce Carol Oates is among the most distinguished writers in the United States. In her considerable body of work, she has created an array of male and female protagonists from a diversity of regional, economic, and occupational backgrounds. In the four decades since her first book, the short-story collection By the North Gate, appeared to critical acclaim in 1963, Oates has published more than thirty novels, more than twenty-five books of short fiction, several volumes of poetry, a number of plays, and more than a half-dozen collections of essays and literary criticism [Adapted from Current Biography (1994)].

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

Spanning 1956 to 1998, the Joyce Carol Oates Papers comprises Family correspondence, Correspondence-subject files, Writings, Memorabilia, and Book translations of the American novelist, poet, playwright, essayist and Princeton University professor (b. 1938).

A single box of Family correspondence, which includes incoming and outgoing letters (1968-1997) of Oates and her parents, letters of Oates' paternal grandmother, Blanche Woodside, and an assortment of greeting cards from her husband, Raymond Smith, precedes the Correspondence-subject files (Boxes 2-12).

Arranged alphabetically, the Correspondence-subject files contain any combination of incoming letters, photocopies of Ms. Oates' outgoing typescript carbons, and manuscript and/or printed material by or about the correspondent. Correspondents include agents (Gersh Agency, Blanche Gregory, John Hawkins & Associates, Inc., William Morris Agency); artists (R.B. Kitaj, Barry Moser, David Shapiro); composers (John Duffy, Ned Rorem); critics (Stephen Koch, Elaine Showalter); directors (Frank Corsaro, Emily Mann, Tom Palumbo, Al Rossi); editors (William Abrahams, Barry Callaghan, Ellen Datlow, Reginald Gibbons, Laurence Goldstein, Daniel Halpern, Frederick Morgan, Bradford Morrow, Henry Robbins, Evelyn Shrifte); educators (Henry S. Bienen, John Ditsky, Lois Smedick); journalists (Marj Jackson Levin, Lucinda Franks); novelists (Russell Banks, Richard Ford, Gail Godwin, Paul Theroux, Anne Tyler, John Updike, Gloria Whelan); poets (Chase Twichell, William Heyen, Josephine Jacobsen, Maxine Kumin, Alicia Ostriker, Robert Phillips, John Robert Reed); and translators (Robert Fagles, Edmund Keeley). Correspondence of particular depth and duration includes that of biographer Greg Johnson.

Constituting the largest portion of the collection, Writings (Boxes 13-77) include any combination of notes, drafts, manuscripts, production records, and published material for Oates' Books, Essays, Libretto, Poetry, Reviews, Scripts, Stories, and Miscellany. Begun in 1973, Oates' Journal records family visits, writing projects, play productions, social engagements, teaching-related activities, travel itineraries, and philosophical musings. From the mid-1980s, the Journal consists mostly of copies of Oates' outgoing correspondence.

Arranged by type, Memorabilia (Boxes 78-94) encompasses Awards, Boxing-related materials, Criticism and interpretation, Financial and Legal materials, Photographs, Printed Publicity and Reviews for books and plays, and a large assortment of Audio- and Videocassettes and Tapes. Awards include certificates and plaques presented in recognition of Oates' literary achievements and honorary degrees from several institutions. Arranged by author, Criticism and interpretation includes both offprints of articles and unpublished essays by Eileen T. Bender, Gavin Cologne-Brookes, Gary Couzens, Joanne Creighton, Gerald F. Manning, Martha Nussbaum, Sally Robinson, and Victor Strandberg, among others. Financial and Legal materials include royalty statements (1974-1997) and contracts (1968-1997). Clippings about Oates (1965-1998); book publicity (by title); publicity and programs relating to conferences (1973-1997), lectures and readings (1975-1996), and plays and film adaptations (by title); and reviews (by title) constitute Printed material. Audio- and Videocassettes and Tapes include radio and television interviews, productions of plays, and recorded books.

Book translations consist of translations of Oates' works into nearly two dozen languages.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Restrictions taken from AGREEMENT OF SALE dated 1/19/1990:

1. SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY shall not give access to Ms. Oates's unpublished writings during the lifetime of Joyce Carol Oates without her written permission. On the death of Joyce Carol Oates, access to these writings will be open to qualified scholars as determined by SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY.

Since material is sometimes published after it has been received and marked as "Unpublished," care should be taken in determining what is restricted under Item 1. To request permission for the use of restricted materials, please contact the Curator of Manuscripts and Archives.

2. SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY shall not give access to the writings of others (incoming correspondence) without the written permission of both Joyce Carol Oates/Ontario Review Inc. and the individual author(s) until January 1, 2025 or during Joyce Carol Oates's lifetime, whichever is shorter.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Subject Headings


Adams, Alice, 1926-1999.
Atwood, Margaret Eleanor, 1939-
Banks, Russell, 1940-
Barth, John, 1930-
Barthelme, Donald.
Bellamy, Joe David.
Bender, Eileen Teper, 1935-
Bienen, Leigh B.
Bitker, Marjorie.
Boland, Eavan.
Boyers, Robert.
Buell, Frederick, 1942-
Butscher, Edward.
Calisher, Hortense.
Callaghan, Barry, 1937-
Carruth, Hayden, 1921-2008.
Coover, Robert.
Corsaro, Frank.
Creighton, Joanne V., 1942-
Curzon, Daniel.
Delbanco, Nicholas.
Didion, Joan.
Ditsky, John.
Ewert, William B.
Fagles, Robert.
Ford, Richard, 1944-
Franks, Lucinda.
Fromm, Harold.
Gardner, John, 1933-1982.
Garrett, George, 1929-2008.
Gibbons, Reginald.
Godwin, Gail.
Goldstein, Laurence, 1943-
Goyen, William.
Gray, Francine du Plessix.
Gregory, Blanche.
Halpern, Daniel, 1945-
Harpprecht, Klaus.
Harris, Jana.
Heyen, William, 1940-
Jacobsen, Josephine.
Johnson, Greg, 1953-
Keeley, Edmund.
King, Stephen, 1947-
Koch, Stephen, 1941-
Kumin, Maxine, 1925-2014.
Kunitz, Stanley, 1905-2006.
L'Heureux, John.
Lehman, David, 1948-
Levao, Ronald.
Levine, Philip, 1928-
Lindberg, Stanley W.
MacLeod, Alistair.
Mailer, Norman.
Malzberg, Barry N.
Marshall, Tom, 1938-1993.
Mazzaro, Jerome.
McBride, Mekeel, 1950-
McNamara, Eugene.
McPhillips, Robert.
Meisel, Perry.
Milazzo, Lee.
Morris, Mary, 1947-
Moser, Barry.
Nemerov, Howard.
Newman, Charles, 1938-2006.
Oates, Joyce Carol, 1938-
Ostriker, Alicia.
Ozick, Cynthia.
Parini, Jay.
Phillips, Robert S.
Pinsker, Sanford.
Ranard, John.
Reed, John Robert, 1938-
Robertson, Mary Elsie, 1937-
Rosenblatt, Roger.
Roth, Philip.
Rudenstine, Angelica Zander.
Rudenstine, Neil L.
Shapiro, David, 1947-
Showalter, Elaine.
Smith, Raymond J.
Sontag, Susan, 1933-2004.
Stanford, Donald E. (Donald Elwin), 1913-1998.
Stiles, Martha Bennett.
Theroux, Paul.
Trenner, Richard.
Tyler, Anne.
Updike, John.
Wakoski, Diane.
Weiss, Theodore Russell, 1916-2003.
Whelan, Gloria.
Wilson, Colin, 1931-2013.

Corporate Bodies

Ontario Review Press.


American fiction -- Women authors.
American literature -- Women authors.
American poetry -- Women authors.
Dramatists, American.
Novelists, American -- 20th century.
Poetry, Modern -- 20th century.
Poets, American -- 20th century.
Women authors -- 20th century.
Women dramatists, American.
Women novelists, American.
Women poets -- United States.
Women poets, American.

Genres and Forms

Book reviews.
Manuscripts for publication.
Scripts (documents)



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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Joyce Carol Oates Papers,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

Gift of / purchase from Joyce Carol Oates, 1972-

Finding Aid Information

Created by: KM
Date: Aug 1999
Revision history: 1 Mar 2007 - converted to EAD (AMCon); 20 Apr 2009 - restrictions placed in body of inventory (MRC); 25 Sep 2012 - inventory for boxes 1-13C updated (PRB)

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Family correspondence
RESTRICTED: All family correspondence is restricted. Written permission of the donor is required to access these items.
Box 1 Biographical material
Box 1 Oates, Frederic and Carolina (parents) (16 folders)
Box 1 Oates, Fred and Nancy
Box 1 Smith, Raymond (husband) (3 folders)
Box 1 Woodside, Blanche (grandmother)
Correspondence-subject files
RESTRICTED: All incoming correspondence is restricted. Written permission of the donor is required to access these items.
Box 1 A (2 folders)
Box 1 Abbott, Lee K.
Box 1 Abrahams, William
Box 1 Ackerman, Diane
Box 1 Actors Theatre of Louisville
Box 1 Adamo, Mark
Box 1 Adams, Alice
Box 1 Adams, Jeff
Box 1 Adler, Stephen L.
Box 1 Agni
Box 1 Agoos, Julie
Box 1 AIDS Crisis Trust
Box 1 Aitken, Maria
Box 1 Akiba, David
Box 1 Albee, Edward
Box 1 Albrezzi, Steve
Box 1 Aldridge, John W.
Box 1 Ali, Muhammad
Box 1 Allen, Bruce
Box 1 Allen, Dick
Box 1 Allen, Michael
Box 1 Allison, Dorothy
Box 1 Almond, Steve
Box 1 American Academy of Achievement
Box 1 American Academy of Arts and Letters
Box 1 American Art
Box 1 American Association of University Women
Box 1 American Music Theater Festival
Box 1 American Place Theater
Box 1 The American Poetry Review
Box 1 American Repertory Theatre
Box 1 "The American Short Story"
Box 1 Ames, Jonathan
Box 1 Ammons, Archie
Box 1 Anders, Jaroslaw
Box 2 Anderson, Eric
Box 2 Anderson, Jane
Box 2 Anisfield-Wolf Book Awards
Box 2 Ansell, Jack
Box 2 Araujo, Susana
Box 2 Aronson, Steven M. L.
Box 2 Art & Antiques
Box 2 Arteseros, Sally
See also Doubleday.
Box 2 Ashbery, John
Box 2 Atchity, Kenneth John
Box 2 The Atlantic
Box 2 Atlas, James
Box 2 Atwan, Robert
See also Houghton Mifflin Company
Box 2 Atwood, Margaret
Box 2 Auchincloss, Louis S.
Box 2 Auel, Jean M.
Box 2 Auerbach, Nina
Augustsson, Lars Åke
See Ordfront Magasin.
Box 2 Austin, Lyn
Box 2 Ayres, Ian
Box 2 Ayvazian, Leslie
Box 2 B (2 folders)
Box 2 BBC
Box 2 Bacon, Crystal V.
Box 2 Bailey, Tom
Box 2 Baker, Houston A.
Box 2 Balakian, Anna Elizabeth
Box 2 Balakian, Nona
Box 2 Balakian, Peter
Box 2 Balbert, Peter
Box 2 Banks, Russell (5 folders)
Box 2 Barnes & Noble, Inc
Box 2 Barnet, Sylvan
Box 2 Barrie & Jenkins, Ltd
Box 2 Barth, John
Box 2 Barthelme, Donald
Box 2 Bartlett, Elizabeth
Box 2 Barzun, Jacques
Box 2 Bascove
Box 2 Battle, Kemp P.
Box 2 Bauer, Jerry
Box 2 Bausch, Richard
Box 2 Bawden, Nina
Box 2 Bawer, Bruce
Box 2 Bayles, Martha
Box 2 Baym, Nina
Box 2 Bean, Carl
Box 2 Beattie, Ann
Beatty, Jack
See The New Republic.
Box 2 Beck, Jeremy
Box 2 Bedell, Sheree Zinszer
Box 2 Beer, Colin
Box 2 Begley, Adam
Box 2 Beha, Christopher R.
Box 2 Behar, Ruth
Box 2 Bell, Madison, Smartt
Box 2 Bellamy, Joe David
Box 2 Bellis, Peter Damian
Box 2 Bellow, Saul
Box 2 Benchley, Peter
Box 2 Bender, Eileen Teper
Box 2 Benedict, Elizabeth
Box 2 Benedict, Pinckney (2 folders)
Box 2 Benedikt, Michael
Box 2 Benitez, Sandra
Berg, Stephen
See The American Poetry Review.
Box 2 Berger, Phil
Box 2 Bergman, Susan
Box 2 Bergstein, Eleanor
Box 2 Berkow, Ira
Box 2 Berlind, Roger S.
Box 2 Berliner, Janet
Box 2 Bernhardt, William
Box 2 Bernheimer, Kate
Bernstein, Ron
See The Gersh Agency, Inc.
Box 2 Berrigan, Daniel
Box 2 Bertholf, Robert J.
Box 2 Betts, Doris
Box 2 Betts, Glynne Robinson
Box 2 Bider, Djemma
Box 2 Bienen, Henry and Leigh (7 folders)
Box 3 Birkerts, Sven
Box 3 Birney, Earle
Box 3 Birstein, Ann
Box 3 Bitker Marjorie
Box 3 Björkman, Stig
Black Sparrow Press
See Martin, John.
Box 3 Blackstaff Press
Box 3 Blaise, Clark
Box 3 Blaustein, Arthur I.
Box 3 Blew, Mary Clearman
Box 3 Blind Spot
Box 3 Bloch, Robert
Box 3 Block, Lawrence
Box 3 Blood & Aphorisms
Box 3 Bloom, Harold
Box 3 Bloom, Jonathan
Box 3 Bloomsbury
Box 3 Blotner, Joseph Leo
Box 3 Blount, Roy
Box 3 Bly, Carol
Box 3 Bly, Robert
Box 3 Bochco, Steven
Box 3 Boeckh, Sherry
Box 3 Boenders, Frans
Box 3 Boesky, Dale
Box 3 Boland, Eavan
Box 3 Bonner, Gay
Box 3 Book-of-the-Month Club, Inc.
Box 3 Booth, Philip
Box 3 Bosco, Antoinette
Box 3 The Boston Book Review
Box 3 Bosworth, Patricia
Box 3 Botts, Gregory
See Burgin, Richard.
Box 3 Bowen, William G.
Box 3 Bowers, Michael
Box 3 Bowles, Paul
Boyers, Marion
See Marion Boyars Publishers Ltd..
Box 3 Boyers, Robert
Box 3 Boyle, T. Coraghessan
Box 3 Bradley, Ben
Box 3 Bradley, Bill and Ernestine
Box 3 Bragg, Rebecca
Box 3 Braziller, Karen
See also E. P. Dutton.
Box 3 Brennan, Mary K.
Box 3 Brewster, Elizabeth
Box 3 Brigham, Besmilr
Box 3 Britton, Burt
Box 3 Brombert, Beth Archer
Box 3 Brombert, Victor H.
Box 3 Brook, Laura
Brown, Andreas
See Gotham Book Mart & Gallery, Inc..
Brown, Daniel R.
See Curzon, Daniel.
Brown, Roselle
See Tikkun.
Box 3 Brown, Wesley
Box 3 Brownmiller, Susan
Brustein, Robert
See American Repertory Theatre.
Box 3 Bryer, Jackson R.
Box 3 Buchanan, Edna
Box 3 Buckley, Christopher
Box 3 Buckley, William F.
Box 3 Buell, Frederick
Box 3 Burghardt, John
Box 3 Burgin, Richard W.
Box 3 Burke, Jim
Box 3 Burland, Brian
Box 3 Burleson, Donald R.
Box 3 Burnett, D. Graham
Box 3 Burnett, Patricia
Box 3 Burnham, Bruce
Box 3 Burroway, Janet
Box 3 Burt, Nathaniel
Box 3 Busch, Frederick
Box 3 Butler, Robert Olen
Box 3 Butscher, Edward
Box 3 Byatt, Antonia S.
Box 3 Byers, N. Alicia
Box 3 C (2 folders)
Box 3 Cady, Jack
Box 3 Calisher, Hortense
Box 3 Callaghan, Barry
Box 3 Callaghan, Morley Edward
Box 3 Campbell, Bonnie Jo
Box 3 Campbell, Joseph
Box 3 [Jonathan] Cape Limited
Box 3 Capote, Truman
Box 3 Carey, Peter
Box 3 Carlie, Henry
Box 3 Carpenter, Anne Nicodemus
Box 3 Carr, Virginia Spencer
Box 3 Carroll & Graf Publishers, Inc.
Box 3 Carruth, Hayden
Box 3 Carver, Raymond
Box 3 Case, Franklin D.
Box 3 Casey, John
Box 3 Casey, Kevin
Box 3 Casteel, Sean
Box 3 Chabon, Michael
Box 3 Champlin, Charles
Box 3 Chaney, Bev
Box 3 Charyn, Jerome
Box 3 Chase, Joan
Box 3 Cheever, Benjamin H.
Box 3 Cheever, Susan
Box 3 Chester, Laura
Box 3 Cheuse, Alan
Box 3 Children's Defense Fund
Box 3 Chowder, Ken
Box 3 Christopher, Nicholas
Box 3 Ciccarelli, Louis
Box 3 Cicellis, Kay
Box 3 Circle Repertory Company (New York, NY)
Box 3 Ciuraru, Carmela
Box 3 Clark, Marisa P.
Box 3 Clark, Naomi
Box 3 Clark, Robert
Box 3 Coale, Samuel
Box 3 Cohen, Garnett Kilberg
Box 3 Cohen, Mark
Box 3 Cohen, Morton Norton
Box 3 Coles, Robert
Box 3 Collier, Zena
Box 3 Collins, Billy
Box 3 Collins Publishers
Box 3 Cologne-Brooks, Gavin
Box 3 Colville, Alex
Box 3 Conarroe, Joel
See also John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation.
Box 3 Cone, Edward T.
Box 3 Conference on Literature and the Urban Experience
Box 3 Confoy, Kevin
See Morrow, Bradford.
Box 3 Connelly, Michael
Box 3 Conroy, Frank
Box 3 Conroy, Pat
Box 3 Constable Publishers
Box 3 Contemporary American Theater Festival (Shepherdstown, WV)
Box 3 Conti, Christine
Box 4 Cooley, John R.
Box 4 Coolidge, Martha
Box 4 Cooman, Carson P.
Box 4 Coover, Robert
Box 4 Cope, Jackson I.
Copperfield, David
See Berliner, Janet.
Box 4 Cordier, Robert
Box 4 Corn, Alfred
Box 4 Corsaro, Frank
Box 4 Cortazar, Julio
Cosby, Janet L.
See Speakers Worldwide, Inc..
Box 4 Cosmos Club Foundation
Box 4 Cousins, Norman
Box 4 Cowley, Malcolm
Box 4 Craine, Clyde P.
Box 4 Creeley, Robert
Box 4 Creighton, Joanne V.
Box 4 Crewdson, Gregory
Box 4 Critical Inquiry
Box 4 Crocker, Chester A.
Cross, Mary
See Cross, Theodore L. and Mary.
Box 4 Cross, Theodore L. and Mary
Box 4 Crosscurrents
Box 4 Crouch, Stanley
Box 4 Crowley, John
Box 4 Cummings, Betty Sue
Box 4 Cunningham, Michael
Box 4 Cuomo, Joe
Box 4 Curran, Ronald
Box 4 Curzon, Daniel (2 folders)
Box 4 Cuyler, Margery
Box 4 Czuchlewski, David
Box 4 D (2 folders)
Box 4 D'Agata, John
Box 4 Daly, Brenda O.
Box 4 Danson, Lawrence
Box 4 Dark, Alice Elliott
Box 4 Dark, Larry
Dark Horse Comics, Inc.
See Chabon, Michael.
Box 4 Datlow, Ellen
Box 4 Daub, Matthew F.
Box 4 Daugharty, Janice
Box 4 Daum, Raymond W.
Box 4 Davidson, Cathy N.
Box 4 Davidson, Jenny
Box 4 Davies, Robertson
Box 4 Davis, Alan
Box 4 Davis, Lydia
Box 4 Davis, Olivia
Davison, Peter H.
See The Atlantic.
Box 4 Dawson, Fielding
Box 4 De Bellis, Jack
Box 4 Delbanco, Nicholas
Box 4 DeLillo, Don
Box 4 Dempster, Curt
Box 4 Denver Quarterly
Box 4 Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt
Box 4 Devet, Rebecca McClanahan
Devlin, Joyce
See Mount Holyoke College.
Box 4 Dexter, Pete
Box 4 Diamond, David
Box 4 Dickey, James
Box 4 Dickinson, Donald C.
Box 4 Didion, Joan
Dietz, Paula
See The Hudson Review.
Box 4 Digges, Deborah
Box 4 Dike, Donald
Box 4 Dillard, Annie
Box 4 Dillon, Millicent
Box 4 Dinnerstein, Simon
Box 4 Ditsky, John (8 folders)
Box 4 Dixon, Carol North
Dixon, Michael Bigelow
See Actors' Theatre of Louisville.
Box 4 Dixon, Stephen
Box 4 Djerassi, Carl
Box 4 Doctorow, E.L.
Box 4 Doig, Ivan
Box 4 Donahower, Linnea
Box 4 Donosa, Jose
Box 4 Dorfman, Ariel
Box 4 Double Take
Box 4 Doubleday
Box 4 Douglas, Ann
Box 4 Dove, Rita
Box 4 Drabble, Margaret
Box 4 Dudley, Ebert
Box 4 Duffy, John
Box 4 Dunne, John Gregory
Box 4 Durbin, Martina
Box 4 [E. P.] Dutton (4 folders)
Box 4 Dybeck, Stuart
Dziemianowicz, Stefan
See Necronomicon Press.
Box 4 E
Box 4 Early, Gerald Lyn
Box 4 Ecco Press (2 folders)
Box 5 Edel, Leon
Box 5 Edelman, Marian Wright
Box 5 Edelstein, Gordon
Box 5 Edfelt, Johannes
Box 5 Edgarian, Carol
Box 5 Editions Stock
Box 5 Edwards, Paul
Box 5 Edwards, Thomas R.
Box 5 Egyedi, Bela
Box 5 Ekstrom, Linda
Box 5 Ekstrom, Margareta
Box 5 Eliason, Joyce - Blonde adaptation for television (2 folders)
Box 5 Elie, Paul
Box 5 Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine
Box 5 Elliott, Emory
Box 5 Ellis, Jack
Box 5 Ellison, Harlan
Box 5 Ellmann, Richard
Box 5 Ellroy, James
Box 5 Emmerich, Michael
Box 5 Engle, Marian
Box 5 The Ensemble Studio Theatre (New York, NY)
Epstein, Barbara
See The New York Review of Books.
Box 5 Erhard, Werner
Box 5 Esquire
Box 5 Etchison, Dennis
Box 5 Eugenides, Jeffrey
Box 5 Evans, Scott
Box 5 Everson, William
Box 5 Ewert, William B.
Box 5 F
Box 5 Fadiman, Clifton
Box 5 Fagles, Robert
Box 5 Fainlight, Ruth
Box 5 Falco, Edward
Falco, Patrick
See Provincetown Theatre Co..
Box 5 Falk, Richard
Box 5 Fanger, Donald
Box 5 Farrell, Frank
Box 5 Feeney, Joseph J.
Box 5 Feirstein, Frederick
Box 5 Ferris, Timothy
Box 5 Fiction
Box 5 Fiedler, Leslie A.
Box 5 Fincke, Gary
Box 5 Finkel, Donald
Box 5 Finkle, Derek
Finnegan, Edward F.
See The Tamarack Press.
Box 5 Fitch, Janet
Box 5 Fitzgerald, Lara
Five Points
See Clark, Marisa P..
Box 5 Flanagan, Fionnuala
Box 5 Flanagan, Michael
Box 5 Flanders, Jane
Box 5 Fleming, John
Box 5 Flynn, Robert
Box 5 Foer, Jonathan
Box 5 Fondamenta Venezia
Box 5 Ford, Michael Thomas
Box 5 Ford, Richard (4 folders)
Box 5 Fossum, Rrobert H.
Box 5 Fourth Estate (2 folders)
Box 5 Fowles, John
Box 5 Fox, James A.
Box 5 Fox, Robin
Box 5 Foxfire ban in Ontario school
Box 5 Francis, Herbert E.
Box 5 Frank, Joseph
Franklin, Peter
See William Morris Agency, Inc..
Box 5 Franklin Library
Box 5 The Franklin Mint
Box 5 Franks, Lucinda
Box 5 Franzen, Jonathan
Box 5 Fraser, Russell A.
Box 5 Freeman, Castle
Box 5 Freeman, Jan
Box 5 Friebert, Stuart
Box 5 Friedman, Ellen G.
Box 5 Friedman, Sharon
See also John Hawkins & Associates, Inc..
Box 5 Fromm, Harold
Box 5 Frucht, Abby
Box 5 Frye, Nancy
Box 5 Fuentes, Carlos
Box 5 Fulton, Alice
Box 5 Funkhouser, Erica
Box 5 Fussell, Betty Harper
Box 5 Fussell, Paul
Box 5 G
Box 5 Gabbert, Laura
Box 5 Gaitskill, Mary
Box 5 Galassi, Jonathan
Box 5 Galbraith, John Kenneth
Box 5 Galef, David
Box 5 Gallagher, Tess
Box 5 Gardner, John and Joan
Box 5 Gardner, Leonard
Box 5 Garrett, George
Box 5 Gass, William H.
Box 5 Gatenby, Greg
Box 5 Gates, Henry Louis
Box 6 Geddes, Anna
Box 6 Gelb, Jeff
Box 6 George, Diana Hume
Georgia Repertory Thatre
See University of Georgia.
Box 6 The Georgia Review
Box 6 Gerber, Merrill Joan
Box 6 Gerber, Philip L.
Box 6 Gersh Agency, Inc. (2 folders)
Box 6 The Gettysburg Review
Box 6 Gibbons, Reginald
Box 6 Gibson, Gail
Box 6 Gibson, Graeme
Box 6 Gilbert, Sandra M.
Box 6 Gill, Stephen
Box 6 Gilmore, Mikal
Box 6 Gilson, William
Box 6 Gioia, Dana
Box 6 Giovanni, Nikki
Box 6 Glamour
Box 6 Gleason, Robert Herman
Box 6 Gleick, James
Box 6 Glendinning, Victoria
Box 6 Gluck, Louise
Box 6 Gober, Robert
Box 6 Goodwin, Gail (6 folders)
Box 6 Gold, Herbert
Box 6 Goldbarth, Albert
Box 6 Goldman, Michael
Box 6 Goldsmith, Barbara
Box 6 Goldstein, Laurence (2 folders)
Box 6 Goldstein, Rebecca
Box 6 Goldstein, Sydney
Box 6 [Victor] Gollancz, Ltd.
Box 6 Gom, Leona
Box 6 Gongaware, Hartford
Box 6 Goodman, Sallie
Box 6 Gordon, Mary
Box 6 Goreau, Angeline
Box 6 Gornick, Vivian
Box 6 Gotham Book Mart & Gallery, Inc.
Box 6 Gottlieb, Robert
Box 6 Goyen, William
Box 6 Graham, Elizabeth
Box 6 Graham, Mark
Box 6 Grand Street
Box 6 Granta
Box 6 Grass, Gunter
Box 6 Gray, Francine
Box 6 Greco, Loretta
Box 6 Greeley, Andrew M.
Box 6 Greenberg, Georgia Shreve
Box 6 Greenberg, Martin H.
Box 6 Greenblatt, Ellen
Box 6 [Robert] Greenwald Productions, Inc.
Box 6 Greer, Germaine
Box 6 [Blanche C.] Gregory, Inc.
Box 6 Grimsley, Jim
Box 6 Grissom, Colleen
Box 6 Grobel, Larry
Box 6 Guare, John
Box 6 Gubar, Susan
Box 6 Gruen, Arno
Box 6 Guerard, Albert J.
Box 6 [John Simon] Guggenheim Memorial Foundation
Box 6 Guilhamet, Leon
Box 6 Guiliano, Edward
Box 6 Gupta, Sunetra
Box 6 Guterson, David
Box 6 Gutkind, Lee
Box 6 Gutmann, Amy
Box 6 Guttfreund, Andre
Box 6 Gwinn, Beth
Box 6 H (2 folders)
Box 6 Haba, James
Box 6 Hadas, Pamela White
Box 6 Hall, Donald
Box 6 Halpern, Daniel
Box 6 Halpert, Sam
Box 6 Hamid, Mohsin
Box 6 Hancock, Geoff
Handman, Wynn
See American Place Theatre.
Box 6 Hansell, Betsey
Box 6 Hansen, Ron
Hansen, Stig
See Ordfront Magasin.
Box 6 Hanson, David T.
Box 6 Harbourfront Reading Series (Toronto)
Box 6 Hardison, O. B.
Box 6 Hardwich, Elizabeth
Box 6 Harlow, Enid
Box 7 Harper Collins (4 folders)
Box 7 Harper's Magazine
Box 7 Harpprecht, Klaus
Box 7 Harris, Jana
Box 7 Harvard Review
Box 7 Harvey, Charles W.
Box 7 Havazelet, Ehud
Box 7 Havel, Vaclav
Box 7 Hawkes, John
Hawkins, John
See John Hawkins & Associates, Inc..
Box 7 Hayfield, Nancy
Box 7 Hazzard, Shirley
Box 7 Heath, William
Box 7 Heavenridge, Cecily Smith (daughter of Catherine "Kay" Smith)
Box 7 Hecht, Anthony
Box 7 Heffernan, William
Hefner, Christie
See Playboy.
Box 7 Hegi, Ursula
Box 7 Heilbrun, Carolyn G.
Box 7 Heim, Kathleen
Box 7 Heller, Erich
Box 7 Heller, Joseph
Box 7 Hellman, Lillian
Box 7 Helprin, Mark
Box 7 Hempel, Amy
Henderson, Bill
See Pushcart Press.
Box 7 Henry, DeWitt
Box 7 Henslee, Helen
Herendeen, Ed
See Contemporary American Theatre Festival.
Box 7 Hess, Edward
Box 7 Heyen, William (5 folders)
Box 7 Higgins, Judith
Box 7 [David] Higham Associates
Box 7 Hilberry, Conrad
Box 7 Hill, Lawrence
Hills, Rust
See Esquire.
Box 7 Hirsch, Edward
Box 7 Hoagland, Ted
Box 7 Hoch, Edward D.
Box 7 Hoffman, Arthur W.
Box 7 Hoffman, Daniel
Box 7 Hollander, John
Hollis, Leo
See Fourth Estate.
Box 7 Holloway, Julia Bolton
Box 7 Holmes, Charlotte
Box 7 Holt, Rinehart and Winston
Box 7 Holub, Miroslav
Box 7 Homes, A. M.
Box 7 Honig, Lucy
Box 7 Hood, Ann
Box 7 Hopler, Jay
Box 7 Horgan, Paul
Box 7 Horne, Lewis
Box 7 Hornsey, Richard
Box 7 Horowitz, Irving Louis
Box 7 Horror Writers Association
Box 7 Hortin, David
Box 7 Houghton Mifflin Company
Box 7 House, Gordon (see: BBC)
Box 7 Houston, Julie
Box 7 Howard, Ben
Box 7 Howard, Maureen
Box 7 Howard, Richard
Box 7 Howarth, William
Box 7 Howe, Irving
Box 7 Hudgins, Andrew
Box 7 The Hudson Review
Box 7 Hughes, Daniel
Box 7 Hughes, Katherine Nouri
Box 7 Hughes, Ted
Box 7 Hunt, Gordon
Box 7 Hunter, Evan
Box 7 Hynes, Samuel Lynn
Box 7 Hyperion
Box 7 I
Box 7 Ignatow, David
Box 7 Ignatow, Rose Graubart
Box 7 International Creative Management, Inc.
Box 7 International eBook Award Foundation
Box 7 International Institute of Modern Letters
Box 7 Israel, Calvin
Box 7 Iverson, Brad
Box 7 Izvestia (Известия)
Box 7 J
Box 7 Jackson, Nagle
Box 7 Jackson, Thomas F.
Box 7 Jackson, Thomas F., "The Triumph of the Spider Monkey" - screenplay
Box 7 Jacobs, Loraine and Jim
Box 7 Jacobsen, Josephine
Box 7 Jaffee, Annette Williams
Box 7 Jakes, John
Box 7 Janowitz, Tama
Box 7 Jenks, Tom
Box 7 Jennings, Dana Andrew
Box 7 John Hawkins & Associates, Inc. (4 folders)
Box 8 Johnson, Charles
Box 8 Johnson, Diane
Box 8 Johnson, Greg (21 folders)
Box 8 Johnson, Jef
Box 8 Johnson, Joyce and J. Seward (2 folders)
Box 8 Jones, Edward P.
Box 8 Jones, Landon Y.
Box 8 Jones, Neal T.
Box 8 Jones, Robert
Box 8 Jones, Thom
Box 8 Jong, Erica
Box 8 Jordan, Shirley M.
Box 8 Joseph, Lawrence and Nancy Van Goethem
Box 8 Junker, Howard
Box 8 Jurik, Lubos
Box 8 K
Box 8 Kadish, Rachel
Box 8 Kahn, Wolf
Box 8 Kakutani, Michiko
Box 8 Kalman, Judith
Box 8 Kalpakian, Laura
Kaminsky, Stuart M.
See Mystery Writers of America.
Box 8 Kane, Katherine
Box 8 Kaniecki, Michael
Box 8 Karl, Frederick Robert
Box 8 Karlin, Wayne
Box 8 Karr, Mary
Box 8 Kauffmann, Stanley
Box 8 Kaufman, Bel
Box 8 Kaufmann, Myron S.
Box 8 Kaufmann, Walter
Box 8 Kazin, Alfred
Box 8 Keeley, Edmund (3 folders)
Box 9 Keenan, Deborah
Box 9 Keithley, George
Box 9 Kelly, M. T.
Box 9 Kenedi, Aaron
Box 9 Kennedy, William
Box 9 Kennedy, X. J.
Box 9 Kenney, Susan
Box 9 The Kenyon Review
Box 9 Kercheval, Jesse Lee
Box 9 Kesselman, Wendy Ann
Box 9 Kessler, Joan C.
Kilberg, Garnett
See Cohen, Garnett Kilberg.
Box 9 King, Stephen
Box 9 Kinsella, W. P.
Box 9 Kitaj, R. B.
Box 9 Kizer, Carolyn
Box 9 Klopp, Karyl
Box 9 Knebel, Fletcher
Box 9 Knowlton, Grace
Box 9 Koch, Stephen
Box 9 Koepp, Donald W.
Box 9 Koestenbaum, Phyllis
Box 9 Koestenbaum, Wayne
Box 9 Kohler, Sheila
Box 9 Kollek, Teddy
Box 9 Komunyakaa, Yusef
Box 9 Koplas, John S.
Box 9 Korelitz, Jean Hanff
Box 9 Kossman, Nina
Box 9 Kotker, Zane
Box 9 Kramer, Peter D.
Box 9 Krapf, Norbert
Box 9 Krementz, Jill
Box 9 Kricorian, Nancy
Box 9 Krois, Erich
Box 9 Kulka, John
Box 9 Kumin, Maxine
Box 9 Kunitz, Stanley and Eise
Box 9 Kuryluk, Ewa
Box 9 L (2 folders)
Box 9 L. A. Theatre Works
Box 9 Lapautre, Michelle
Box 9 LaRiche, William
Larriere, Claire
See Paris Transcontinental.
Box 9 LaSalle, Peter
Box 9 Laskin, David
Box 9 Laughlin, James
Box 9 Laurence, Margaret
Box 9 Lauterbach, Ann
Box 9 Lavin, Irving and Marilyn
Box 9 Lawford, Patricia Kennedy
Box 9 Layton, Aviva
Box 9 Layton, Irving
Box 9 Lazar, Liliane
Box 9 Lea, Sydney
Box 9 Leavitt, Alan J.
Box 9 Leavitt, David
Box 9 Lee, Chang-rae
Box 9 Leebron, Fred
Box 9 Lefanu, Sarah
Box 9 LeGuin, Ursula K.
Box 9 Lehman, David
Leigh, Lona
See McManus, Lona Leigh.
Box 9 Leithauser, Brad
Box 9 Leland, Christopher T.
Box 9 Lempert, Peter
Box 9 Lentricchia, Frank
Box 9 Leonard, Elmore
Box 9 Leonard, George B.
Lerner, Michael
See Tikkun.
Box 9 Lesley, Craig
Box 9 Lessing, Doris
Box 9 Letizia, Claudia V.
Box 9 Levao, Ronald
Box 9 Levertov, Denise
Box 9 Levi, Jonathan
Box 9 Levin, Gail
Box 9 Levin, Marj Jackson
Box 9 Levine, Philip
Box 9 Levinson, Jerrold
Box 9 Lewis, Reginald Sinclair
Box 9 Lewis, Stephen
Box 9 L'Heureux, John
Box 9 The Library of America
Box 9 Lietz, Robert
Box 9 Lightman, Alan P.
Box 9 Ligotti, Thomas
Box 9 Liman, Claude
Lindberg, Stanley W.
See The Georgia Review.
Box 9 Linney, Romulus
Box 9 Lipson, Brian
Box 9 Lisle, Laurie
Box 9 Literaturen
Box 9 Little, Brown
Box 9 Litz, A. Walton
Box 9 Litzinger, Boyd
Box 9 Locher-Lawrence, Werner
Box 9 Lodge, David
Box 9 Loeb, Monica
Lowenberg, Susan Albert
See L. A. Theatre Works.
Box 9 Logan, Fritz
Box 9 Logan, John
Box 9 Long, David
Box 9 Long Wharf Theatre (New Haven, CT)
Box 9 Lopate, Phillip
Box 9 Lopez, Barry Holstun
Lord John Press
See Yellin, Herb.
Los Angeles Theatre Academy
See Rossi, Al.
Box 9 Los Angeles Times
Box 9 Louisiana State University Press
Box 9 Lowy, Bernard
Box 9 Ludwig, Richard M.
Box 9 Lundkvist, Arthur
Box 9 Lurie, Alison
Box 9 Luvaas, William
Box 9 Lyden, Jacki
Box 9 M (3 folders)
Box 10 Malzberg, Barry
Box 10 Mandelbaum, Paul
Box 10 Manhattan Theatre Club
Mann, Emily
See McCarter Theatre.
Box 10 Mano, D. Keith
Box 10 Manoa
Box 10 Marion Boyars Publishers Ltd.
Box 10 Marshall, James M.
Box 10 Marshall, Tom
Box 10 Martin, Charles
Box 10 Martin, John
Box 10 Martin, Steve
Box 10 [Elisabeth] Marton Agency
Box 10 Mason, Bobbie Ann
Box 10 Mason, David
Box 10 Masterson, Dan
Box 10 Matera, Lia
Box 10 Matthews, William
Box 10 Maxwell, William
Box 10 Mazzaro, Jerome
Box 10 McAuliffe, Jody
Box 10 McBride, Mekeel
Box 10 McCaffrey, Larry
Box 10 McCann, Colum
Box 10 McCarter Theatre (Princeton, NJ)
Box 10 McCarthy, Cormac
Box 10 McCarthy, Eugene J.
Box 10 McClain, Rick
Box 10 McClatchy, J. D.
Box 10 McDaniels, Drucie
Box 10 McEnroe, Colin
Box 10 McGee, Lynn
Box 10 McKeown, Tom
Box 10 McLaughlin, Ruth
Box 10 McManus, Lona Leigh
Box 10 McMillan, Terry
Box 10 McMillen, Sheila
Box 10 McNamara, Eugene
Box 10 McPherson, William
Box 10 McPhillips, Robert
Meadow, Lynne
See Manhattan Theatre Club.
Box 10 Means, David
Box 10 Meek, Jay
Box 10 Meeropol, Michael
Box 10 Mehlman, Jeffrey
Box 10 Meisel, Perry
Box 10 Mellen, Joan
Melnyczuk, Arnold
See Agni.
Box 10 Menguc, Sara
See also [David] Higham Associates.
Box 10 Menz, Katherine
Box 10 Merchant Ivory Productions
Box 10 Merwin, William Stanley
Box 10 Metcalf, John
Michael Siegel & Associates
See Siegel, Michael.
Box 10 Michaels, Leonard
Michaud, Marc A.
See Necronomicon Press.
Michigan Quarterly Review
See Goldstein, Laurence.
Micklin Silver, Joan
See Silver, Joan Micklin.
Box 10 Middlebrook, Diane Wood
Box 10 Milazzo, Lee
Miles, Julia
See Women's Project.
Box 10 Miller, Arthur
Box 10 Miller, John
Box 10 Millett, Kate
Box 10 Miner, Earl Roy
Box 10 Minkoff, George Robert
Box 10 Miranda, Gary
Mirsky, Mark
See Fiction.
Box 10 The Missouri Review
Box 10 Mitchell, Lee Clark
Box 10 Mitgang, Esther
Box 10 Mizejewski, Linda
Box 10 Moch, Cheryl
Modern Library
See Random House.
Box 10 Mogan, Jewel
Box 10 Molesworth, Charles
Box 10 Molinaro, Elaine
Box 10 Montague, John
Box 10 Monteiro, George
Box 10 Moore, Jack B.
Box 10 Moore, Lorrie
Box 10 Moore, Richard
Box 10 Moorhead, Richard S.
Box 10 Moreau, Jeanne
Morgan, Frederick
See The Hudson Review.
Box 10 Morgan, James
Box 10 Morgenthau, Robert M.
Box 10 Morri, Brian
Box 10 Morris, David B.
Box 10 Morris, Mary
Box 10 Morris, Mary McGarry
Box 10 Morris, William
Box 10 Morrison, Toni
Box 10 Morrow, Bradford
Box 10 Mort, John
Box 10 Moser, Barry
Box 10 Mosley, Walter
Box 10 Mount Holyoke College
Box 10 Mukand, Jon
Box 10 Mukherjee, Bharati
Box 10 Muldoon, Paul
Box 10 Murray, Joan
Box 10 Muske, Carol
Muzio, Gloria
See Circle Repertory Company.
Box 10 Myers, Robert
Box 10 Myerson, Julie
Box 10 Mystery Writers of America
Box 10 N
Box 10 Nasar, Sylvia
Box 10 The Nation
Box 10 National Book Awards
Box 10 Naylor, Gloria
Box 10 Necronomicon Press
Box 10 Nelson, Betty Palmer
Box 10 Nemerov, Howard
Box 11 Nemett, Adam
Box 11 Nerve
Box 11 New Directions
Box 11 New Letters (University of Missouri - Kansas City)
Box 11 The New Republic
Box 11 New York Public Library
Box 11 The New York Quarterly
Box 11 The New York Review of Books
Box 11 The New York Times
Box 11 The New Yorker
Box 11 Newhouse, Susan and Donald
Box 11 Newman, Charles
Box 11 Newman, Paul S.
Box 11 Nikitas, Derek
Box 11 Norman, Howard
Box 11 Northwestern University Department of Theatre
Box 11 [W. W.] Norton & Company
Box 11 Nowlan, Alden
Box 11 Nussbaum, Martha
Box 11 O
Box 11 O'Brien, Tim
Box 11 Ochester, Ed
Box 11 O'Connor, Philip F.
Box 11 Odom, Mel
Box 11 Offult, Chris
Box 11 The Ohio Review
Box 11 Olcott, Nick
Box 11 Olds, Sharon
Box 11 Oliver, Mary
Box 11 Olsen, Sondra Spatt
Box 11 Olsen, Tillie
See Datlow, Ellen.
Box 11 O'Nan, Stewart
Onassis, Jacqueline Kennedy
See Doubleday.
Box 11 Ondaatje, Michael
Box 11 Ontario Arts Council
Box 11 Opera Festival of New Jersey
Box 11 Oppenheimer, judy
Box 11 Ordfront Magasin
Orr, Greg
See Virginia Quarterly Review.
Box 11 Ostriker, Alicia
Box 11 Osztovits, Levente
Box 11 Oxford University Press
Box 11 Oz, Amos
Box 11 Ozick, Cynthia
Box 11 P (2 folders)
Box 11 Pacernik, Gary
Box 11 Pagels, Elaine H.
Box 11 Painter, Nell Irvin
Box 11 Palumbo, Tom
Box 11 Parcerisas, Francesc
Box 11 Parini, Jay
Box 11 The Paris Review
Box 11 Paris Transcontinental
Box 11 Park, Christine
Box 11 Parker, Alan Michael
Box 11 Partisan Review
Box 11 Parva, Michael
Box 11 Paschval, Dean
Box 11 Patten, Robert L.
Box 11 Payne, John R.
Box 11 Peacock, Molly
Box 11 Pearlman, Mickey
Box 11 PEN American Center
Box 11 PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction
Box 11 PEN Syndicated Fiction Project
Box 11 Penguin Putnam, Inc.
Box 11 Penlight Theater (Minneapolis, MN)
Box 11 Penn, Barbara Allison
Box 11 Penner, Jonathan
Box 11 Penney, Charles Rand
Box 11 Penzler, Otto (3 folders)
Box 11 Pepper, James
Box 11 Percy, Walker
Box 11 Perkins, John
Box 11 Perloff, Marjorie
Box 11 Perlongo, Robert A.
Box 11 Petesch, Natalie L. M.
Box 11 Petrie, Graham
Box 11 Petrie, Paul James
Box 11 Pett, Stephen
Box 11 Pezzotta, Alberto
Box 12 Philadelphia Festival Theatre for New Plays
Box 12 Phillips, Jayne Ann
Box 12 Phillips, Mark
Box 12 Phillips, Matt
Box 12 Phillips, Robert S. (23 folders)
Box 12 Piel, Gerard
Box 12 Pinckney, Darryl
Box 12 Pinsker, Sanford
Box 12 Pinsky, Robert
Box 12 Piotrowski, Dallas
Box 12 Piper, Adrian
Box 12 Playboy
Box 12 Pleşea, Gabriel
Plimpton, George
See The Paris Review.
Box 12 Ploughshares
See Penguin Putnam, Inc..
Box 12 Plumly, Stanley
Box 12 Plummer, William
Box 12 Poetry
Poetry Center (New York, NY)
See Unterberg Poetry Center.
Box 12 Poets & Writers
Poirier, Richard
See Raritan.
Box 12 Pollinger, Murray
Box 12 Pollitt, Katha
Box 12 Porter, Alex
Box 12 Porter, Joseph Ashby
Box 12 Porter, Melinda Camby
Box 12 Portmann, John
Box 12 Pounds, Wayne
Box 12 Poverman, C. E.
Box 12 Prairie Schooner
Box 12 Prescott, Peter S.
Box 12 Press
Box 12 Price, Reynolds
Box 12 Princeton University (2 folders)
Box 12 Princeton University Press
Box 12 Prior, Amy
Box 12 Pritchard, Melissa
Box 12 Pritchard, William H.
Box 12 Proffer, Carl R.
Box 12 Provincetown Theater Company
Box 12 Prytz, Carl Frederick
Box 12 Pulitzer Prize
Box 12 Punch
Box 12 Pushcart Press
Box 12 Pynn, Nelia A.
Box 12 Q
Box 12 Qualls, Barry
Box 12 Quintana, Ricardo
Box 12 R (2 folders)
Box 12 Rabin, Arnold
Box 12 Raine, Barry
Box 12 Ramke, Bin
Box 12 Ramsey Jarold
Box 12 Ramsland, Katherine
Box 12 Ranard, John
Box 12 Random House (2 folders)
Box 13 Raritan
Box 13 Rattner, Ruth
Box 13 Ratzan, Richard M.
Box 13 Ray, David
Box 13 Rea Award
Box 13 Reddy, Maureen T.
Box 13 Redmon, Anne
Box 13 Reed, John Robert (2 folders)
Box 13 Reed, Kit
Box 13 Reibetanz, John
Box 13 Reich, Charles
Box 13 Reisman, Nancy
Box 13 Rendell, Ruth
Box 13 Renfield, Elinor
Box 13 Revell, Donald
Box 13 Rhodes, Richard
Box 13 Ribalow, Harold Uriel
Box 13 Ricci, Claudia
Box 13 Richardson, James
Box 13 Richman, Steven M.
Robbins, Henry
See [E. P.] Dutton.
Box 13 Robbins, Mary Susannah
Roberts, Daniel
See Press.
Box 13 Robertson, Mary Elsie
Box 13 Robinson, Sally
Box 13 Rocamora, Carol
Box 13 Rodriguez, Miguel
Box 13 Roger, Bruce Holland
Box 13 Roper, Robert
Box 13 Rorem, Ned
Box 13 Rosen, Norman
Box 13 Rosen, Richard Dean
Box 13 Rosenberg, David
Box 13 Rosenblatt, Roger
Box 13 Rosenbluth, Sally
Box 13 Rosenstone / Wender
Rosenthal, Lois
See Story.
Box 13 Rosenthal, Macha Louis
Box 13 Rossi, Al
Box 13 Rossiter, Sarah
Box 13 Rossner, Judith
Box 13 Roszak, Theodore
Box 13 Roth, Philip
Box 13 Royle, Nicholas
Box 13 Rozan, S. J.
Box 13 Rubin, Gay
Box 13 Rudenstine, Angelica Zander
Box 13 Rudenstine, Neil L.
Box 13 Rudman, Mark
Box 13 Rumaker, Michael
Box 13 Running Press
Box 13 Ruth, Anne
Box 13 S (4 folders)
Box 13 Sacks, Peter
Box 13 Safire, William
Box 13 Said, Edward K.
Box 13 St. Just, Maria
Box 13 Saiter, Susan Sullivan
Box 13 Salter, James
Box 13 Samuel French, Inc.
Box 13 Sanders, Nancy Dalton
Box 13 Saner, Reg
Box 13 Sanford J. Greenburger Associates, Inc.
Sapienza, Anthony
See The Spook Magazine.
Box 13 Sarrantonio, Al
Box 13 Saroyan, William
Box 13 Sayre, Robert F.
Box 13 Scanlan, Dick
Box 13 Schaeffner, Susan Fromberg
Box 13 Schaller, Barry R.
Box 13 Scher, William
Box 13 Schiller, Lawrence
Box 13 Schinto, Jeanne
Box 13 Schlimm, John E.
Box 13 Schnabel, William
Box 13 Schnack, Elisbeth
Box 13 Schneider, Nina
Box 13 Schneider, Ursula W.
Box 13 Schulman, Grace
Box 13 Schwartz, Lynn Sharon
Schwartz, Rhoda
See The American Poetry Review.
Box 13 Scorsese, Martin
Box 13 Scott, Joanna
Box 13 Scruton, Roger
Box 13 Seabrook, John
Box 13 Searle, Elizabeth
Box 13 Seattle Mime Theatre
Box 13 Seban, Claude
Box 13 See, Carolyn
Box 13 Seebolm, Caroline
Box 13 Selby, David
Box 13 Sertner, Robert M.
Box 13 Settle, Mary Lee
Box 13 Sexton, Anne
Box 13 Shaffron, Robert
Box 13 Shankar, Radhika R.
Box 13 Shapard, Robert
Box 13 Shapiro, Dani
Box 13 Shapiro, David
Box 13 Shapiro, Harold T.
Box 13 Shapiro, Jane
Box 13 Shapiro, Karl Jay
Box 13 Shapiro, Michael
Box 13 Share Our Strength
Box 13 Sharma, Akhil
Box 13 Sharon Stage (Sharon, CT)
Box 13 Sharp, Jan
Sharp, Ronald A.
See The Kenyon Review.
Box 13 Sheck, Laurie
Box 13 Shepard, Jim
Box 13 Sher, Jena
Box 13 Sherry, Norman
Box 13 Sherwood, Madeline
Box 13A Showalter, Elaine and English (4 folders)
Box 13A Showalter, Jean
Box 13A Shreve, Elizabeth
Box 13A Shreve, Susan Richards
Shrifte, Evelyn
See Vanguard Press, Inc..
Box 13A Shulman, Alex Kates
Box 13A Shuttleworth, Paul
Box 13A Shwartz, Ronald B.
Sidel, Elly
See John Hawkins & Associates, Inc..
Box 13A Siegel, Michael
Box 13A Siegel, Rosalie
Box 13A Silesky, Barry
Box 13A Silet, Loring
Box 13A Silver, Joan Micklin
Box 13A Silver, Nicky
Box 13A Silvis, Randall
Box 13A Simic, Charles
Box 13A Simon, Rachel
Box 13A Simpson, Eileen
Box 13A Singer, Peter
Box 13A Sipper, Ralph B.
Box 13A Sjoberg, Leif
Box 13A Sjöstrand, Östen
Box 13A Skyler, Lisanne
Box 13A Skyler, Lisanne and Tristine - Getting to Know All About You, screen adaptation
Box 13A Slate
Box 13A Slavitt, David R.
Box 13A Sluckis, Mykolas
Box 13A Smedick, Lois K. (2 folders)
Box 13A Smith, Ali
Box 13A Smith, Catherine "Kay" (2 folders)
Box 13A Smith, Charlie
Box 13A Smith, Dave
Box 13A Smith, Leonora
Box 13A Smith, Mark
Box 13A Smith, Martha Nell
Box 13A Smith, Mary-Ann Tirone
Box 13A Smith, Michael A.
Box 13A Smith, William Jay
Box 13A Smith and Kraus, Inc.
Box 13A Smith College
Box 13A Snake Nation Press
Box 13A Snider, Norman
Box 13A Sobczak, John
Box 13A Sobel, Richard
Box 13A Sokolov, Raymond
Box 13A Sontag, Susan
Box 13A The South Bank Centre (London, Eng.)
Box 13A Souther, Randy
Box 13A The Southern Review
Box 13A Southwest Review
Box 13A Spacks, Barry
Box 13A Speakers Worldwide, Inc.
Box 13A Speer, Laurel
Box 13A Spencer, Elizabeth
Box 13A Spencer, Stuart
Box 13A The Spencer Library
Spender, Stephen
See AIDS Crisis Trust.
Box 13A Spilka, Mark
Box 13A The Spook Magazine
Box 13A Sreelakshmi, P.
Box 13A Stafford, William
Box 13A Stallworth, Anne Nall
Box 13A Stand
Stanford, Donald E.
See The Southern Review.
Box 13A Stanlis, Peter James
Box 13A Stansberry, Domenic
Box 13A Stansell, Christine
Box 13A Stansky, Peter
Box 13A Starer, Robert
Box 13A Starn, Frances
Staub, Augustus W.
See University of Georgia.
Box 13A Stearns, Gordon W.
Box 13A Steele, Jadrien Ford
Box 13A Stegmuller, Francis
Box 13A Steinbach, Alice
Box 13A Steinberg, Rafael
Box 13A Steiner, George
Box 13A Stephens, Michael
Box 13A Stern, Daniel
Box 13A Stern, Gerald
Box 13A Stern, Richard
Box 13A Sterneck, Wolfgang
Box 13A Stevens, Holly
Box 13A Stewart, Lucretia
Box 13A Stewart, Ronald S.
Box 13A Stickney, Brandon M.
Box 13A Stiles, Martha Bennett
Box 13A Still, James
Stitt, Peter
See The Gettysburg Review.
Box 13A Stollman, Aryeh Lev
Box 13A Stone, Clifford
Box 13A Stone, Robert
Box 13A Stony Brook- Millstone Watershed Association (Pennington, NJ)
Box 13A Story
Box 13A Storylines America
Box 13A Straight, Susan
Box 13A Strand, Mark
Box 13A Strandberg, Victor
Box 13A Strassburger, John
Box 13A Straub, Peter
Box 13A Strauss, Darin
Box 13A Strout, Elizabeth
Box 13A Studer, Stefan
Box 13A Stull, William L.
Box 13A Styron, William
Box 13A Suarez, Virgil
Box 13A Sulieman, Ezra N.
Box 13A Sutton, Walter
Box 13A Swados, Harvey
Box 13A Swenson, May
Box 13A Sylvester, Janet
Box 13A Sylvester & Orphanos
Box 13A Syracuse University (2 folders)
Box 13A Szeman, Sherri
Box 13A Szuch, Yolanda Danyi
Box 13B T
Box 13B Talbots
Box 13B Talese, Gay
Box 13B Talese, Nan
Box 13B The Tamarack Press
Box 13B Tammaro, Thom
Box 13B Tannen, Deborah
Box 13B Tanner, Ron
Box 13B Tanner, Tony
Box 13B Tapon, Philippe
Box 13B Taylor, Robert
Box 13B Tegtmeyer, Ute
Box 13B Tenner, Edward
Box 13B Tenneson, Joyce
Box 13B Terrill, Kathryn
Box 13B Terry, Philip
Box 13B Theatre Quorum (Dallas, TX)
Box 13B Theroux, Alexander
Box 13B Theroux, Paul
Box 13B Thomas, James
Box 13B Thomas, Lewis
Box 13B Thon, Melanie Rae
Ticknor & Fields
See Houghton Mifflin Company.
Box 13B Tikkun
Box 13B Tilghman, Shirley M.
Box 13B Time Inc. Magazines
Box 13B The Times Literary Supplement
Box 13B Todd, David Y.
Box 13B Tomlinson, Charles
Box 13B Tompkins, Jane P.
Box 13B Toole, F. X.
Box 13B Torgovnick, Marianna
Box 13B Townley, Roderick
Box 13B Tracy, David
Box 13B Treat, Jessica
Box 13B Tremayne, Russell
Box 13B Trenner, Richard
Box 13B Trevor, Douglas
Box 13B Tribe, Laurence H.
Tri Quarterly
See Gibbons, Reginald.
Box 13B Tuchman, Barbara W.
Box 13B Turco, Lewis
Box 13B Turner, Frederick
See also The Kenyon Review.
Box 13B Tuttle, Lisa
Box 13B Tuttleton, James W.
Box 13B Twichell, Chase
Box 13B 2 Plus 2
Box 13B Tyler, Anne
Box 13B U
Box 13B Unger, Douglas
Box 13B Union League Club (New York, NY)
Box 13B University of Georgia
Box 13B University of Pittsburgh Press
Box 13B Unterberg Poetry Center (New York, NY)
Box 13B Upchurch, Michael
Box 13B Updike, John (7 folders)
Box 13B Urdang, Constance
Box 13B V
Box 13B Vanderbilt, Arthur
Box 13B Vanderbilt, Gloria (5 folders of 9)
Box 13C Vanderbilt, Gloria (4 folders of 9)
Van Goethen, Nancy
See Joseph, Lawrence and Nancy Van Goethen.
Box 13C Vanguard Press, Inc.
Box 13C Van Otteren, Juliet
Box 13C Vassar College
Box 13C Vecsey, George
Box 13C Verdelle, A. J.
Box 13C Vidal, Gore
Box 13C The Virginia Quarterly Review
Box 13C Visionaire Publishing (Christopher Bollen)
Box 13C Vitale, Tom
Box 13C Vonnegut, Kurt
Box 13C W (2 folders)
Box 13C Waage, Frederick O.
Box 13C Wadsworth, Stephen
Box 13C Wagner-Martin, Linda
Box 13C Wakefield, Dan
Box 13C Wakoski, Diane
Box 13C Waldman, Mark Robert
Box 13C Waldron, Ann
Box 13C Walker, Alice
Box 13C Wallace, Marilyn
Box 13C Wallace, Ron
Box 13C Waller, Gary Fredric
Box 13C Wambaugh, Joseph
Box 13C Waren, Mark
Box 13C Warloe, Constance
Box 13C The Washington Post
Box 13C Watanabe, Nancy Ann
Box 13C Wayman, Tom
Box 13C Weaver, Will
Box 13C Weber, Katharine
Box 13C Weinberger, Eliot
Box 13C Weiss, Theodore Russell
Box 13C Weissman, Judith
Box 13C Wellman, Marc
Box 13C Welty, Eudora
Box 13C Wesley, Marilyn C.
Box 13C West, Paul
Box 13C Westdeutscher Rundfunk
Box 13C Westerfield, Nancy G.
Box 13C [Louise] Westergaard Productions, Inc.
Box 13C Western Humanities Review
Box 13C Whelan, Gloria (6 folders)
Box 13C Wheeler, Susan
Box 13C White, Edmund
Box 13C White, Linda
Box 13C White, Michael C.
Box 13C White, Milton
Box 13C Whitney Museum of American Art
Box 13C Whittlesey, Faith Ryan
Box 13C Wideman, John
Box 13C Wier, Allen
Box 13C Wiesenfarth, Joseph
Box 13C Wiggins, Marianne
Box 13C Wilbur, Ellen
Box 13C Wilkie, Brian
Box 13C William Morris Agency, Inc.
Box 13C Williams, Charles Kenneth
Box 13C Williams, Joy
Box 13C Williamsville South High School (Williamsville, NY)
Box 13C Wills, Gary
Box 13C Wilson, Colin
Box 13C Windnagle, Jean
Box 13C Winner, Robert
Box 13C Witness
Box 13C Witte, John
Box 13C Wolf, Leonard
Box 13C Wolfe, Peter
Box 13C Wolfe, Tom
Box 13C Wolff, Tobias
Box 13C Women's Ensemble Theatre Company (Philadelphia, PA)
Box 13C Women's Expressive Theatre , Inc. (New York, NY)
Box 13C The Women's Press, Ltd.
Box 13C Women's Project (New York, NY)
Women's Project and Productions
See Women's Project.
Box 13C Woodcock, George
Box 13C Woodruff, Jay
Box 13C Worh, Irene
Box 13C Wright, Charles
Box 13C Wright, Doug
Box 13C Wright, Holly
Box 13C Wright, Stephen
Box 13C Wright, Tom
Box 13C Wright, William
Box 13C Writers Guild of America
Box 13C Wynand, Derk
Box 13C Wynn, Judith
Box 13C-2 Y
Box 13C-2 The Yale Review
Box 13C-2 Yamamoto, Satoshi
Box 13C-2 Yardley, Jonathan
Box 13C-2 Yates, J. Michael
Box 13C-2 Yellin, Herb
Box 13C-2 Yoshioka, Yoko
Box 13C-2 Young, Gary
Box 13C-2 Z
Box 13C-2 Zacharias, Lee
Box 13C-2 Zeiler, Gail
Box 13C-2 Zinober, Richard
Box 13C-2 Zins, Daniel L.
Box 13C-2 Ziolkowski, Theodore
Box 13C-2 Zwart Water
Box 13C-2 First name only (2 folders)
Box 13C-2 Anonymous
American Appetites
Box 13D Early draft, notes (4 folders)
Box 13D Original ms. (3 folders)
Box 13D Intermediate draft (8 folders)
Box 13D Setting copy (5 folders)
Box 13D Production records
Galley proofs
Box 13D Author's set (5 folders)
Master set
Box 13D 1st pass (3 folders)
Box 13D, 14 2nd pass (5 folders)
Box 14 Page proofs (bound)
Box 14 Angel Fire: Poems - Setting copy
Angel of Light
Box 14 Original ms. (8 folders)
Box 14 Setting copy (9 folders)
Production records
Box 14 Galley proofs (8 folders)
The Assassins: a Book of Hours
Box 14, 15 Intermediate draft (9 folders)
The Assignation: Stories
Box 15 Intermediate draft (4 folders)
Because It Is Bitter, and Because It Is My Heart
Box 15 Work sheets (14 folders)
Box 15 Intermediate draft (8 folders)
Box 15 Setting copy (4 folders)
Production records
Galley proofs
Box 16 Author's set (3 folders)
Master set
Box 16 1st pass (4 folders)
Box 16 2nd pass (3 folders)
Box 16 Work sheets / original ms. (8 folders)
Intermediate draft
Box 16, 17 Carbon typescript (13 folders)
Box 17 Photocopy of typescript (11 folders)
Production records
Box 17 Dust jacket (mounted)
Black Water
Box 17 Work sheets
Box 17 Intermediate draft (3 folders)
Box 17 Setting copy
A Bloodsmoor Romance
Box 17 Work sheets
Box 17 Early draft (5 folders)
Box 17 Intermediate draft (4 folders)
Box 17, 18 Setting copy (11 folders)
Production records: (Dutton) 1982
Box 18 Galley proofs (9 folders)
Box 18 Dust jacket
Production records: (Cape) 1983
Box 18 Page proofs (9 folders)
Broke Heart Blues
Box 18, 19 Work sheets (8 folders)
By the North Gate
Box 19 Setting copy (4 folders)
Box 19 Intermediate draft (5 folders)
Box 19 Come Meet Muffin! - Ms. draft
Box 19 Intermediate draft (3 folders)
Crossing the Border
Box 19 Setting copy (4 folders)
The Crosswicks Horror
Box 19, 20 Original ms. (5 folders)
Box 20 Intermediate draft "2nd draft" (6 folders)
Box 20 Intermediate draft "3rd draft" (4 folders)
Box 20 Carbon typescript (2 folders)
Box 20 Demon and Other Tales - Production records; Page proofs
Do With Me What You Will
Box 20, 21 Setting copy (11 folders)
Production records
Box 21 Front matter
Double Delight [Rosamond Smith title]
Box 21 Work sheets (4 folders)
Box 21 Intermediate draft (partial)
Box 21 Typescript ms. "ribbon copy" (6 folders)
The Edge of Impossibility: Forms of Tragic Literature
Box 21 Setting copy (bound)
Expensive People
Box 21 Setting copy (4 folders)
First Love
Box 21 Work sheets
Box 21 Intermediate draft
Box 21 Typescript ms.
Box 21 Page proofs
Box 21, 22 Work sheets (6 folders)
Box 22 Typescript ms. "ribbon copy" (5 folders)
A Garden of Earthly Delights
Box 22 Intermediate draft (6 folders)
Box 22 Intermediate draft (photocopy) (6 folders)
Box 22 George Bellows: American Artist - Work sheets; typescript ms.
The Goddess and Other Women: Stories
Box 22 Intermediate draft (6 folders)
Haunted: Tales of the Grotesque
Box 23 Typescript ms. (3 folders)
Box 23 Typescript ms. (4 folders)
Box 23 Setting copy (2 folders)
Heat and Other Stories
Box 23 Typescript ms. (7 folders)
Box 23 Setting copy "final draft" (7 folders)
I Lock My Door Upon Myself
Box 23 Work sheets (4 folders)
Box 24 Typescript ms. (2 folders)
Box 24 Typescript ms. "final"
In Darkest America
See Writings: Scripts
Last Days: Stories
Box 24 Setting copy (5 folders)
Lives of the Twins [Rosamond Smith title]
Box 24 Intermediate draft (4 folders)
Box 24 Setting copy (4 folders)
Man Crazy
Box 24 Work sheets (3 folders)
Box 24 Typescript ms. Jan. 2, 1996 (5 folders)
Box 24 Marriages and Infidelities - Intermediate draft (bound)
Marya: a Life
Box 24, 25 Early draft (8 folders)
Box 25 Intermediate draft (4 folders)
Box 25 Setting copy (5 folders)
Production records
Galley proofs
Box 25 Master set - 1st pass (6 folders)
Box 25 Master set - 2nd pass (4 folders)
Box 25 Author's set (5 folders)
My Heart Laid Bare
Box 25, 26 Work sheets (15 folders)
Mysteries of Winterthurn
Box 26 Typescript ms. / work sheets (24 folders)
Box 27 Setting copy (10 folders)
The Negro-Lover
Box 27 Work sheets (3 folders)
Nemesis [Rosamond Smith title]
Box 27 Typescript ms. / work sheets (10 folders)
Box 27 Intermediate draft (6 folders)
Box 27, 28 Setting copy (5 folders)
New Heaven, New Earth: the Visionary Experience in Literature
Box 28 Setting copy (3 folders)
Night-Side: Short Stories
Box 28 Intermediate draft (5 folders)
On Boxing
Box 28 Setting copy (2 folders)
Production records
Box 28 Page proofs
The Poisoned Kiss and Other Stories
Box 28 Setting copy (2 folders)
The Profane Art: Essays and Reviews
Box 28 Setting copy (4 folders)
Production records
Box 28 Galley proofs
Raven's Wing and Other Stories
Box 28 Work sheets (3 folders)
Box 28 Intermediate draft (4 folders)
The Rise of Life on Earth
Box 28 Work sheets (3 folders)
Box 28 Typescript ms. (2 folders)
Box 28 Typescript ms. "final"
A Sentimental Education
Box 29 Setting copy (3 folders)
Production records
Box 29 Page proofs (2 folders)
Snake Eyes [Rosamond Smith title]
Box 29 Work sheets (4 folders)
Box 29 Typescript ms. "final" (4 folders)
Box 29 Typescript ms., copyedited (4 folders)
Box 29 Setting copy (photocopy) (4 folders)
Box 29 Work sheets (4 folders)
Box 30 Intermediate draft (5 folders)
Box 30 Setting copy (3 folders)
Production records
Box 30 Galley proofs - author's set (4 folders)
Son of the Morning
Box 30 Intermediate draft (6 folders)
Soul/Mate [Rosamond Smith title]
Box 30 Work sheets (6 folders)
Box 30 Intermediate draft (6 folders)
Box 30, 31 Typescript ms. "final" (7 folders)
Box 31 Setting copy (3 folders)
Production records
Galley proofs
Box 31 "Author's set"
Box 31 "Marked set"
Box 31 "Master set"
Box 31 "1st revised master set"
Starr Bright Will Be With You Soon [Rosamond Smith title]
Box 31 Work sheets (3 folders)
Box 31 them - Setting copy (bound)
The Time Traveler
Box 31 Typescript ms., copyedited (2 folders)
Production records
Box 31 Galley proofs
Box 31 Galley proofs - author's set
Box 31 Page proofs (2 folders)
Box 31 The Triumph of the Spider Monkey: Play - Intermediate draft; Playscript; Additional pages
Twelve Plays
Box 32 Setting copy (5 folders)
Unholy Loves
Box 32 Setting copy (5 folders)
Upon the Sweeping Flood
Box 32 Typescript ms. (4 folders)
Box 32 Galleys (bound)
We Were the Mulvaneys
Box 32 Work sheets (9 folders)
Box 33 Typescript ms. "ribbon copy" (10 folders)
Box 33 Setting copy (9 folders)
What I Lived For
Box 33, 34 Work sheets (11 folders)
Box 34 Typescript ms. "ribbon copy" (8 folders)
Box 34 Setting copy (8 folders)
Where Is Here?
Box 35 Typescript ms. "ribbon copy" (4 folders)
Will You Always Love Me?
Box 35 Typescript ms. "July 1995" (6 folders)
With Shuddering Fall
Box 35 Typescript ms. (4 folders)
(Woman) Writer: Occasions and Opportunities
Box 35 Setting copy (6 folders)
Production records
Galley proofs
Author's set
Box 35 1st pass (5 folders)
Box 35, 36 2nd pass (6 folders)
Box 36 Galley proofs (6 folders)
Box 36 Women Whose Lives Are Food: Men Whose Lives Are Money: Poems - Setting copy
Box 36 Setting copy (9 folders)
You Can't Catch Me [Rosamond Smith title]
Box 36 Work sheets (2 folders)
Box 36 Typescript ms. (4 folders)
Box 36 Setting copy (3 folders)
You Must Remember This
Box 36, 37 Work sheets (31 folders)
Box 37, 38 Intermediate draft (11 folders)
Box 38 Replaced and deleted pages (5 folders)
Box 38 Setting copy (9 folders)
Production records
Galley proofs
Box 38 Author's set (7 folders)
Box 38 Master set - 1st pass (7 folders)
Box 38 Master set - 2nd pass (6 folders)
Box 39 Work sheets
Box 39 Typescript ms. "ribbon copy" (3 folders)
Box 39 Setting copy (2 folders)
Production records
Box 39 Page proofs (2 folders)
Box 40 "After Amnesia" - Work sheets; Typescript ms.; The New Yorker - galleys
Afterwords by Joyce Carol Oates
Box 40 The Assignation - Typescript ms.
Box 40 Expensive People (Ontario Review Press, 1990: "Expensive People: The Confessions of a 'Minor Character'") - Work sheets; Photocopy of published essay
Box 40 Haunted: Tales of the Grotesque ("Afterword: Reflections on the Grotesque") - Work sheets; Typescript ms.; Photocopy of published essay
Box 40 Twelve Plays - Work sheets; Typescript ms.; Photocopy of published essay
Box 40 Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? - Work sheets; Photocopy of published essay
Box 40 Wonderland (Ontario Review Press, 1992: "Wonderland Revisited") - Work sheets; Photocopy of published essay
Box 40 "The Alchemy of Antony and Cleopatra" Bucknell Review Mar. 1964 - signed "J. Oates Smith"
Box 40 "The Ambiguity of Troilus and Cressida" Shakespeare Quarterly Spring 1966 - signed "author's copy"
Box 40 "American Gothic" The New Yorker May 8, 1995 - Typescript ms.
Box 40 "An American Tragedy" The New York Times Book Review Jan. 24, 1971
Box 40 "And God Saw That It Was Good" - Work sheets; Typescript ms.
Box 40 "Anne Sexton: 'The Almost Unnameable Lust'" - Typescript ms.
Box 40 "Art and Ethics? - the (F)utility of Art" - Work sheets; Salmagundi, Summer 1996
Box 40 "The Art of Being No One" - Typescript ms.; The New York Times, July 22, 1996
Box 40 "The Art of Matt Phillips" - Typescript ms.
Box 40 "The Art of Suicide" [n.p.] undated
Box 40 "Art: Therapy and Magic" - Typescript ms.
Box 40 "Aspects of the Self" The American Poetry Review Jan./Feb. 1974
Box 40 "Behind the Wheel of the Miami Device" Quality Winter [no year]
Box 40 "Caption: What's in a Picture?" - Work sheets; Typescript ms.; Civilization, Feb./Mar. 1997
Box 40 "Cherished Moments" Life Fall 1988
Box 40 "The Comedy of Metamorphosis in The Revenger's Tragedy" Bucknell Review undated - photocopy
Box 40 "Coming Home" - Work sheets; Typescript ms.; USAir Magazine, May 1995
Box 40 "Confronting Head On the Face of the Afflicted" - Work sheets (working title: "Art and 'Victim Art'"); Typescript ms.; The New York Times, Feb. 19, 1995
Box 40 "Conrad's Youth" - Typescript ms.
Box 40 "A Conversation with Margaret Atwood" - Typescript ms.
Box 40 "A Corner to Write In" - Work sheets (working title: "Sacred, Sentimental Places"); Typescript ms. (working title: "Turn Clock Forward, Never Backward"); Elle Décor, Oct. 1991
Box 40 "David Hanson's Colstrip, Montana Series" - Typescript ms.; American Art, Spring 1992
Box 40 "Delirium and Detachment" (journal excerpt) - The New Yorker - galleys; The New Yorker, July 3, 1995
Box 40 "The Diceman Numbeth" - Typescript ms. (working title: "Andrew Dice Clay: Guaranteed to Offend"); Entertainment Weekly, July 27, 1990
Box 40 "Does the Writer Exist?" The New York Times Book Review Apr. 22, 1984
Box 40 "Dracula (Tod Browning, 1931): The Vampire's Secret" - Work sheets
Box 41 "The Essential Emily Dickinson" The Boston Book Review Sept. 1996
Box 41 "Failure in the Desert" The Village Voice Mar. 24, 1987
Box 41 "Fall From Grace" The New York Times Book Review Dec. 17, 1995
Box 41 "Female Sexuality / Female Spirituality" - Typescript ms.; Mademoiselle, July 1971
Box 41 "The 'Fifth Act' and the Chorus in the English and Scottish Ballads" The Dalhousie Review v. 42, no. 3 - signed "author's copy"
Box 41 "Floyd Patterson: the Essence of a Competitor" - Work sheets
Box 41 "Advertisement" [n.p.] undated
Box 41 "Food Mysteries" - Work sheets
Forewords by Joyce Carol Oates
Box 41 Metaphysical Tales / by Eugene K. Garber - typescript carbon with corrections
Box 41 Saving Graces: the Images of Women in European Cemeteries by David Robinson - Work sheets; Typescript ms.
Box 41 "The Formidable W. B. Yeats" The New York Times Book Review Sept. 7, 1969
Box 41 "Franz Kafka's In the Penal Colony" for You've Got to Read This - Typescript mss.
Box 41 "From The Life of the Writer and the Life of the Career: First Principles and 'Transformations of Play'" - Work sheets; New Literary History, Spring 1996
Box 41 "The Greatest of Gifts" - Work sheets; Typescript ms.; Life, Dec. 1990
Box 41 "Home Away from Home" Syracuse Herald-Journal May 16, 1995
Box 41 "Hunter's Harvest" - Work sheets; Typescript ms.; Playboy [n.d.]
Box 41 "I Had No Other Thrill or Happiness" - Work sheets; Typescript ms.; The New York Review of Books, Mar. 24, 1994
Box 41 "I, the Juror" - Work sheets; Typescript ms.; Witness, v. 5,no. 2, 1991 (photocopy)
Box 41 "An Illusory and Hopeful Celebration" Monthly Detroit Dec. 1981
Box 41 "I'm Caught Up in the Novel" [n.p.] undated
Box 41 "In Olden Times, When Wishing Was Having...." - Work sheets
Box 41 "Intellectual Seduction: Meeting with Gorbachev" - Intermediate draft (working title: "Meeting the Gorbachevs"); The New York Times Magazine, Jan. 3, 1988
Introductions by Joyce Carol Oates
Box 41 American Gothic Tales / edited by Joyce Carol Oates - Work sheets; Photocopy of published essay
Box 41 The Best American Essays 1991/ edited by Joyce Carol Oates - Work sheets; Photocopy of published essay
Box 41 The Best American Short Stories 1979/ selected and edited by Joyce Carol Oates - Typescript carbon (with corrections)
Box 41 The Essential Dickinson / selected by Joyce Carol Oates - Work sheets; Photocopy of published essay
Box 41 The Philosopher's Stone / by Colin Wilson - Typescript ms.
Box 41 Tales of H.P. Lovecraft / selected and introduced by Joyce Carol Oates - Typescript ms.; Photocopy of published essay
Box 41 "The Introduction to Wurthering Heights" c1988 - New York: Time Warner Libraries
Box 41 "Ionesco's Dances of Death" Thought Autumn 1965 - offprint, signed "author's copy"
Box 41 "Is This the Promised End?: the Tragedy of King Lear' The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism Fall 1974 - signed "author's copy"
Box 41 "'JCO' and I" - Work sheets; Typescript ms.; Antaeus - page proofs; Concord, N.H.: William B. Ewert, c1994
Box 41 "Jocoserious Joyce" - Typescript ms.; Critical Inquiry, Summer 1976 - offprints (2), one signed "author's copy"
Box 41 "Kid Dynamite" Life Mar. 1987
Box 42 "A Letter to My Mother, Carolina Oates, On Her 78th Birthday" - Work sheets; Typescript ms.; The New York Times Magazine, May 12, 1996
Box 42 "'Lewis Carroll' and Alice in Wonderland" - Typescript ms.
Box 42 "Lightning Bolt" - Typescript ms.
Box 42 "A Lockport Memoir" The Buffalo News Apr. 2, 1989
Box 42 "Love on Film" McCall's Oct. 1970
Box 42 "The Love She Searched For" Time Sept. 15, 1997
Box 42 "The Madness of Art" The Newsletter of the HWA, Inc. July/Aug. 1994
Box 42 "The Madness of Art: Henry James's The Middle Years" - Work sheets; New Literary History, Spring 1996
Box 42 "The Making of a Writer" - Typescript ms.; The New York Times Book Review, July 11, 1982
Box 42 "Melville and the Manichean Illusion"; Studies in Literature and Language Spring 1962 - two signed copies, one designated "author's copy"
Box 42 "The Motive for Writing" - Typescript ms.
Box 42 "The Motives of Poetry" - Typescript ms.
Box 42 "My Fascination with Boxing" Princeton Alumni Weekly Apr. 8, 1987
Box 42 "My Father, My Fiction" - Work sheets (working title: "Family Mysteries"); Typescript ms.; The New York Times Magazine, Mar. 19, 1989
Box 42 "The Mysterious Mr. Thoreau" The New York Times Book Review May 1, 1988
Box 42 "The Mythos of the 'Killer Instinct'" - Ms. drafts
Box 42 "Nostalgia: Dream, Memory, Poetry" - Typescript ms.; Selection from Night Errands: How Poets Use Dreams / by Roderick Townley
Box 42 "A Novelist Finds the Bare Bones of a Play" The New York Times Nov. 18, 1990
Box 42 "On Boxing" The New York Times Magazine Apr. 14, 1996
Box 42 "On Editing The Ontario Review" - Typescript ms.
Box 42 "On 'German Magic'" - Typescript ms.
Box 42 "On Original Works and Screen Adaptations" - Typescript ms.
Box 42 "On Suicide" - Typescript ms.
Box 42 "On the Art of the Short Story" - Typescript ms.
Box 42 "The One Unforgivable Sin" - Work sheets; The New York Times Book Review, July 25, 1993
Box 42 "A Personal View of Nabokov" - Typescript ms.; Saturday Review [n.d.]
Box 42 "Phone Hex" - Work sheets; Typescript ms.; The New Yorker - page proof; The New Yorker, Sept. 4, 1995
Box 42 "Plays as Literature" - Typescript mss.
Box 42 "The Powerful Allure of Mike Tyson" The New York Times Oct. 25, 1987
Prefaces by Joyce Carol Oates
Box 42 On Boxing (Ecco Press) 1994 - Typescript ms.
Box 42 The Sophisticated Cat / chosen by Joyce Carol Oates and Daniel Halpern - Work sheets
Box 42 "Rape and the Boxing Ring" - Work sheets; Typescript ms.; Newsweek, Feb. 24, 1992
Box 42 "Rewriting The Scarlet Letter: Hawthorne Heroine Goes Hollywood" - Typescript ms.; The New York Times, Oct. 15, 1995
Box 42 "Richard Wishnetsky: Joyce Oates Supplies a Missing View" The Detroit Free Press Magazine Mar. 6, 1966
Box 42 "A Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery Inside an Enigma" - Work sheets, page proof; The New Yorker, Dec. 12, 1994 (photocopy)
Box 42 "The Romance of the Delaware Valley" - Typescript ms. (working title: "The Delaware Valley: the Enchantment of the Counter-World"); Ford Times, July 1989
Box 42 "The Short Story" - Typescript ms.
Box 42 "Speaking the Same Language" - Typescript ms.; The Buffalo News, Mar. 2, 1997
Box 42 "Speculations on the Novel" - Typescript ms.
Box 42 "The Style of the 70's: the Novel" - Typescript ms.(working title: "The Novel in the 70's"); The New York Times Book Review, June 5, 1977
Box 42 "Success and the Pseudonymous Writer: Turning Over a New Self" - Intermediate draft (working title: "Pseudonymous Selves"); The New York Times Book Review, Dec. 6, 1987
Box 42 "Sunday Drive 1948" - Work sheets; Typescript ms.; Traditional Home, Mar. 1995 (photocopy)
Box 42 "The Teleology of the Unconscious: the Art of Norman Mailer" The Critic Nov./Dec. 1973
Box 42 "A Terrible Beauty is Born. How?" The New York Times Book Review Aug. 11, 1985
Box 42 "There's No Place Like Home - Even If It's Impermanent" [n.p.] (reprinted from USAir Magazine) undated
Box 43 "They All Just Went Away" - Work sheets; typescript ms.; The New Yorker - galleys
Box 43 "Thoreau As Psychologist" - Typescript ms.
Box 43 "The Tragic Vision of The Possessed" - Typescript ms.
Box 43 "Trespassing" - Work sheets; The New York Times Magazine, Oct. 8, 1995
Box 43 "Unless We Share, We Are Not Fully Human" - Typescript ms. (working title: "Community in America Now"); Galley; Life, Apr. 1991 ("Rediscover America" special advertising section: Community)
Box 43 "An Unsolved Mystery" - Typescript ms.; Between Friends / edited by Mickey Pearlman (photocopy)
Box 43 "Updike's American Comedies" Modern Fiction Studies Autumn 1975 - signed "author's copy"
Box 43 "The Vampire's Secret" - Typescript ms.
Box 43 "A Visit with Doris Lessing" - Typescript ms.
Box 43 "When Characters from the Page Are Made Flesh on the Screen" The New York Times Mar. 23, 1986
Box 43 "Whose Side Are You On?" The New York Times Book Review June 4, 1972
Box 43 "Why Is Your Writing So Violent?" - Typescript ms.; The New York Times Book Review, Mar. 29, 1981
Box 43 "The Works of Charles Sheeler" - Work sheets; American Artist, May 1998
Box 43 "The World's Worst Critics" The New York Times Book Review Jan. 18, 1987
Box 43 "The Writer as Reviewer" - Typescript ms.
Box 43 "The Writer in Residence: Princeton Pastoral" - Work sheets (working title: "At Home"); Intermediate drafts; House & Garden, June 1990
Box 43 "Writing in America" St. Louis Post-Dispatch, (incomplete) Dec. 7, 1969
Box 43 "The Writing Life: Tales Out of School" - Work sheets (working title: District School #7, Niagara County, New York); The Washington Post Book World, Mar. 16, 1997
RESTRICTED: Ms. Oates journals are restricted. Written permission of the donor is required to access these items.
Box 44 1973-1978, July (14 folders)
Box 45 1978, Aug.-1979, Oct. (13 folders)
Box 46 1979, Nov.-1980, Apr./May (12 folders)
Box 47 1980, May/June-1981 (14 folders)
Box 48 1982-1985 (17 folders)
Box 49 1986-1991, Apr. (14 folders)
Box 50 1991, May-1993 (14 folders)
Box 51 1994-1996, May (12 folders)
Box 52 1996, June-1997, Aug. (6 folders)
Box 53 "Black Water" - Work sheets
Box 53 "Black Water: an American Opera" ([Philadelphia]: American Music Theater Festival) 1997 - souvenir libretto distributed during the World Premier, Apr. 24-May 4, 1997, Philadelphia, PA
Box 53 "$" - Work sheets
Box 53 "The Abandoned" - Work sheets
Box 53 "American Holiday" - Work sheets
Box 53 "The American Literary Magazine: an Artifact" - Work sheets
Box 53 "American Merchandise" (working title: "Merchandise") - Work sheets
Box 53 "Autistic Child Twenty Years After, Scraping His Shoes" undated - Photocopy [n.p.]
Box 53 "Ballad of Ashfield Avenue" - Work sheets
Box 53 "Benediction" The New York Times Magazine, Pt. 2 Oct. 9, 1983
Box 53 "The Black Glove: a Rapture" - Work sheets
Box 53 "The Bullfrogs" - Work sheets
Box 53 "Compost" (working title: "Rinds, Husks, Leaves About to Fall") - Work sheets
Box 53 "The Consolation of Animals" - Work sheets
Box 53 "Dakota Mystery, 10 May 1994" - Work sheets
Box 53 "Dead Friends" - Work sheets
Box 53 "Delayed Tryst, American Heartland" - Work sheets
Box 53 "Delusion" - Work sheets
Box 53 "Don't Bare Your Soul!" - Work sheets
Box 53 "Double Portrait" - Work sheets
Box 53 "Dream After Bergen-Belsen" (working title: "Codeine Dreams") - Work sheets
Box 53 "Edward Hopper's Nighthawks, 1942" - Work sheets; Chicago Tribune Magazine, Sept. 25, 1994
Box 53 "Elegy: the Ancestors" - Work sheets
Box 53 "Emergency Room" - Work sheets
Box 53 "The Eve of Your Death" - Work sheet
Box 53 "Falling Asleep at the Wheel, Route 98 North" - Work sheets
Box 53 "Fish" (working title: "Pond, Radiant with Gold") - Work sheets
Box 53 "Five Poems" The Texas Quarterly Spring 1978 - signed "author's copy"
Box 53 "Flirtation, July 1953" - Work sheets
Box 53 "The Floating Birches" - Work sheets
Box 53 "Frequent Flier I" (working title: "Terror of Flying") - Work sheets
Box 53 "Frequent Flier II" (working title: "The Adventure") - Work sheets
Box 53 "Gay Stand-Up Comic, Paramus, New Jersey" - Work sheets
Box 53 "George Bellows' Mrs. T. in Cream Silk No. 1 (1919-1923)" (working title: "Catechism") - Work sheets
Box 53 "Glimpsed from a Car, Passing Quickly" - Work sheets
Box 53 "Hands, Prints, Time: a Collage" (working title: Being Fingerprinted") - Work sheets
Box 53 "He Was Talking About His Friend" - Work sheets
Box 53 "The Heir" (working title: "Final Visit") - Work sheet; The Massachusetts Review, Winter 1985
Box 53 "Honeymoon: Forty Years" - Work sheets
Box 53 "The House of Mystery" - Work sheets
Box 53 "How Delicately . . ." - Work sheets
Box 53 "I Am Krishna, Destroyer of Worlds" - Work sheets
Box 53 "'I Don't Want to Alarm You'" (working title: "Counsel") - Work sheets
Box 53 "I Stand Before You Naked" - Work sheets
Box 53 "Immobility Defense" - Work sheets
Box 53 "In Blue Nantucket" - Work sheets
Box 53 "In Jana's Garden" (working title" "Harvest") - Work sheets
Box 53 "In Memoriam" - Work sheets
Box 53 "(In Parenthesis)" - Typescript ms.
Box 53 "In the Country of the Blue" - Work sheets
Box 53 "The Infant's Wake" - Work sheets
Box 53 "Insomnia" - Work sheets
Box 53 "The Insomniac" - Work sheets
Box 53 "Intensive" - Work sheets
Box 53 "Island, 1949" - Work sheets; The Virginia Quarterly Review, Spring 1987 (photocopy)
See also "Lost Creek"
Box 53 "Last Exit Before the Bridge" - Work sheets
Box 53 "Like Walking to the Drugstore, When I Get Out" (working title: "Hate Mail") - Work sheets
Box 53 "Lines in Substitution for a Eulogy for a Dead Elder" - Work sheets
Box 53 "Locking Through" - Holograph, typescript mss.
Box 53 "The Lord Is My Shepherd, I Shall Not Want" (working title: "Anti-Poem, Upstate New York") - Work sheets
Box 53 "Lost Creek" - Work sheets; The Virginia Quarterly Review, Spring 1987 (photocopy)
See also "Island, 1949"
Box 53 "Love and Terror" - selections from The Fabulous Beasts - Canadian Forum Jan. 1975
Box 53 "Loves of the Parrots" - Work sheets
Box 53 "Makeup Artist" - Work sheets
Box 53 "Le Mal du Pays" - Work sheets
Box 53 "Mania: Early Phase" (working title: "Rinds, Husks, Leaves About to Fall") - Work sheets
Box 53 "Marooned in Dallas" - Work sheets
Box 53 "Marrow" - Work sheets
Box 54 "The Miraculous Birth" The New York Times Magazine Dec. 23, 1984
Box 54 "The Morning's First Futile Good Deed" - Work sheets
Box 54 "Nightmare, So Sweet" (working title: "Nightmare, Mid-summer 1985") - Work sheets
Box 54 "Nostalgia" - Work sheets
Box 54 "Off-Season" - Work sheets
Box 54 "Old Concord Cemetery" - Work sheets
Box 54 "On This Morning of Grief" - Work sheets
Box 54 "Once Upon a Time" Prairie Schooner (photocopy) Fall 1987
Box 54 "Orion" - Work sheets
Box 54 "Peaches, Pineapples, Hazelnuts..." - Work sheets
Box 54 "Photography Session" (working title: "Mystery") - Work sheets
Box 54 "Piano Tuner" - Work sheets
Box 54 "Playground" - Work sheets
Box 54 "Prenatal" - Work sheets
Box 54 "Recollection, In Tranquility" - Work sheets; The New Yorker - page proof
Box 54 "Recurring Dream of Childhood" (working title: "Dream, July") - Work sheets
Box 54 "The Riddle" - Work sheets, "final revision"
Box 54 "Rise Up, O Men of God" - Work sheets
Box 54 "Roller Rink, 1954" - Work sheet
Box 54 "Routine/Horror" - Work sheets
Box 54 "Season of Waiting" McCall's Dec. 1991
Box 54 "Sexy" - Work sheets
Box 54 "The Shattered Mirror" - Work sheets
Box 54 "The Silence" - Work sheets
Box 54 "Skyscape" The New Republic Feb. 5. 1977
Box 54 "Sleepless in Heidelberg" - Work sheets
Box 54 "Snapshot Album" - Work sheets
Box 54 "The Stone Well" - Work sheets
Box 54 "Strait of Magellan" (working title: "Effigy") - Work sheets
Box 54 "Summer Squall, Monhegan Island" - Work sheets
Box 54 "Tenderness" - Work sheets
Box 54 "There Was a Shot" - Work sheets
Box 54 "The Thin Rain" (working title: "Penance") - Work sheets
Box 54 "This Morning. . . " Prairie Schooner (photocopy) Fall 1987
Box 54 "The Triumph of Gravity" - Work sheets
Box 54 "Undefeated Heavyweight, 20 Years Old (I)" - Work sheets; Prairie Schooner, Fall 1987
Box 54 "Undefeated Heavyweight, 20 Years Old (II)" - Work sheets; Prairie Schooner, Fall 1987
Box 54 "Welcome to Dallas!" - Work sheets
Box 54 "What Is Most American Is Most in Motion" (working title: "Resume Normal Speed") - Work sheets
Box 54 "White Piano" - Work sheets
Box 54 "Winslow Homer's The Gulf Stream, 1902" - Work sheets
Box 54 "Wooded Forms" Albondocani Press c1972
Box 54 Book (by author) A-C (5 folders of 24)
Box 55 Book (by author) D-Md (9 folders of 24)
Box 56 Book (by author) Me-Z (10 folders of 24)
Box 56 Miscellaneous
Box 57 "The Adoption" - Work sheets
Box 57 "American Appetites" (screenplay) - Typescript ms. and "plans for revision 2/27/91"
"American Holiday"
Box 57 "American Holiday I" - work sheets
Box 57 "$" - work sheets
Box 57 "Procedure" - work sheets
Box 57 "Imperial Presidency" - work sheets
Box 57 "Whispering Glades" - work sheets
Box 57 "The Pact" - work sheets
Box 57 "I'm Waiting" - work sheets
Box 57 "Social Life; or, The Cannibals" - work sheets
Box 57 "The Suicide" - work sheets
Box 57 "American Holiday II" - work sheets
Box 57 "Bad Girls" - Work sheets; Typescript ms. "revision" 1995
Box 57 "The Ballad of Love Canal" - Work sheets
Box 57, 58 "Because It Is Bitter, and Because It Is My Heart" (screenplay) - Work sheets; "Third draft 10/11/90"; "Final draft 10/29/90"; Typescript ms. "5-10-91"; May 1991 revisions
Box 58 "Black" - Work sheets; "Revision" - undated
"Black Water" - libretto
See Writings: Libretto
Box 58 "Dawn" - Intermediate draft
Box 58 "Duet" - Work sheets
Box 58 "[The] Eclipse" - Work sheets; "Production draft 3/9/90"
Box 58 "Family" (screenplay) - Work sheets; Typescript ms.
Box 58 "Friday Night" - Work sheets
Box 58 "Good To Know You" - Work sheets
Box 58 "Greensleeves" - Work sheets
Box 58 "Gulf War" - Work sheets
Box 59 "Here She Is!" - Work sheets
Box 59 "Homesick" - Work sheets; Intermediate draft
Box 59 "How Do You Like Your Meat?" - Intermediate draft (partial); Typescript ms.
"How Do You Like Your Meat?" - Long Wharf Theatre production scripts
Box 59 Mar. 1991 - (sub-title: "Short Plays by Joyce Carol Oates") with re-write pages
Box 59 May 1991 - update (sub-title: "an Evening of Four Short Plays by Joyce Carol Oates")
"I Stand Before You Naked"
Box 59 "The Boy" - intermediate draft
Box 59 "Wife of . . . " - work sheets
Box 59 "The Orange" - work sheets
Box 59 "Darling I'm Telling You" - work sheets
Box 59 "Wealthy Lady" - work sheets
Box 59 "Good Morning! Good Afternoon!" - work sheets
Box 59 "Pregnant" - intermediate draft
"In Darkest America"
Box 59 "Tone Clusters"
Box 59 "Eclipse"
Box 59 "In the Region of Ice" July 23, 1975 - Screenplay adaptation by Peter Werner, based on the story of JCO - typescript ms. (bound)
Box 59 "The Interview" - Work sheets
Box 59 "The Key" - Work sheets
Box 59 "Negative" - Work sheets
Box 59 "No Next of Kin" - Work sheets
Box 59 "The Passion of Henry David Thoreau" - Work sheets (2 folders)
Box 60 "The Perfectionist" - Work sheets; "Early draft"; Typescript ms. draft
Box 60 "Psychiatric Services" - Typescript ms.; Typescript ms. (carbon)
Box 60 "The Rehearsal" - Work sheets
Box 60 "The Sacrifice" - Work sheets
"The Secret Mirror"
Box 60 "The Human Fly" - work sheets
Box 60 "Secret" - work sheets
Box 60 "The Anatomy Lesson" - work sheet
Box 60 "I Don't Want to Alarm You" - work sheets
Box 60 "I Got Something for You" - work sheets
Box 60 "A Report to an Academy" - work sheets
Box 60 "The Psychic" - work sheets
Box 60 "The Secret Mirror" - work sheets
"Snake Eyes" (screenplay)
Box 60 Work sheets
Box 60 Original first draft remnants
Box 60 Synopsis of story and characters
Box 60 Re-write Sept.-Oct. 1992
Box 60 Draft
Box 60 Typescript ms.
Box 60 Ribbon copy (p. 63-106)
Box 61 "Solstice" (screenplay) - Work sheets; "2nd draft"
Box 61 "Starr Bright Will Be With You Soon!" - Work sheets; Intermediate draft
Box 61 "Sunday Dinner: a Play" - Early draft; Intermediate draft
Box 61 "Tone Clusters" - Work sheets; Early draft; Intermediate draft; Typescript ms. "3/7/90"
Box 61 "The Truth-Teller" - Work sheets
Box 61 "Under/Ground" - Work sheets
Box 61 "Where Is Here?" - Work sheets; Ms. draft
"Who Has Come to My Door?"
See "Where Is Here?"
"The Woman Who Laughed"
Box 62 Work sheets (2 folders)
Box 62 Ms. draft "July 1994"
"You Must Remember This" (screenplay)
Box 62 Work sheets
Typescript mss.
Box 62 "Revision 12/22/88"
Box 62 "Winter 1988-9" (3 folders)
Box 62 undated
Box 62 "______" (working title: "Grosse Pointe Shores Mystery, 1979") - Work sheets
Box 62 "Abandoned" (working title: "The Park") - Work sheets
Box 62 "The Abduction" Seventeen Nov. 1987
Box 62 "Acapulco Gold" - Work sheets
Box 62 "Accident" - Work sheets
Box 62 "Accursed" - Work sheets; The Threepenny Review, Spring 1995
Box 62 "Accursed Inhabitants of the House of Bly" - Work sheets
Box 62 "Ace" - Intermediate draft
Box 62 "Act of Solitude" (working title: "How I Lost My Soul") - Work sheets
Box 63 "Actress" - Work sheets, intermediate draft
Box 63 "Adultery" The Critic Apr./May 1968
Box 63 "Adultress" - Work sheets; New Woman, Jan. 1986 ("Adulteress" [sic])
Box 63 "The Affliction" - Work sheets
Box 63 "All the Beautiful Women" (working title: "Fashion") - Carbon typescript; The Saturday Evening Post, June 29, 1968
Box 63 "American, Abroad" (working title: "Distance") - Work sheets
Box 63 "Anatomical Studies" Woman's Journal May 1982
Box 63 "Angel Eyes" (working title: "Dancer") - Work sheets; Carbon typescript
Box 63 "April" - Work sheets
Box 63 "Area Man Found Crucified" - Work sheets
Box 63 "The Artist" - Work sheets
"At the Paradise Motel, Sparks, Nevada"
Box 63 Work sheets (2 folders)
Box 63 Typescript ms.
Box 63 "August Evening" - Typescript ms.
Box 63 "Bad Girls" - Work sheets
Box 63 "Bad Habits" (working title: "My Honey") - Work sheets
Box 63 "Bad Touch" - Work sheets
Box 63 "Ballad" - Work sheets
Box 63 "Bare Legs" - Work sheets
Box 63 "Beauty Salon" (working title: "Unisex") - Work sheets
Box 63 "The Betrayal" - Work sheets
Box 63 "The Bingo Master" - Intermediate draft
Box 63 "Biopsy" - Work sheets
Box 63 "Black" - Work sheets
Box 64 "Black Water" - Work sheets; Typescript ms.
Box 64 "The Blessing" Sparrow 45
Box 64 "Blind" - Work sheets
Box 64 "Bloodstains" Harper's Magazine Aug. 1971
Box 64 "Blue Skies" - Work sheets; Intermediate draft
Box 64 "Bodies" Harper's Bazaar Feb. 1970 - incomplete
Box 64 "The Box Artist" Conjunctions Spring 1999
Box 64 "The Boy" Playgirl Dec. 1984
Box 64 "The Boyfriend" - Intermediate draft
Box 64 "The Brothers" - Work sheets
Box 64 "The Buck" - Work sheets
Box 64 "The Buried Self" - Carbon typescript, with revisions; The Western Humanities Review, Summer 1997 - offprint, "author's copy" bearing signatures "Rae Jolene Smith," "Joyce Carol Oates"
Box 64 "Capital Punishment" (working title: "Rapture") - Work sheets, intermediate draft
Box 64 "Casualties" Chatelaine July 1978
Box 64 "The Ceremony" - Work sheets; The Southern California Anthology, Vol. XIII
Box 64 "The Changeling" - Carbon typescript
Box 64 "The Child-Martyr" Fiction Midwest undated
Box 64 "Christmas Night 1962" - Work sheets
Box 64 "Color Blind" - Work sheets
Box 64 "Concerning the Case of Bobby G." The Atlantic undated
Box 64 "Conquistador" - Punch, Nov. 8, 1978; Weekend Magazine, June 17, 1978
See also "Eine Frau von Format"
Box 64 "County Detention" (working title: "Detention Center") - Work sheets
Box 64 "The Crossing" - Work sheets
Box 64 "Crossing the Border" The New York Times Magazine Dec. 1, 1974
Box 64 "The Crying Baby" - Work sheets
Box 64 "The Damnation of A-- K--" Fantasy & Science Fiction, (photocopy) Aug. 1989
Box 64 "The Date" - Work sheets, intermediate draft
Box 64 "Dawn, Dusk" - Carbon typescript, with revisions
Box 65 "Death Astride Bicycle" - Work sheets
Box 65 "Death Cup" - Work sheets
Box 65 "Death, etc." - Work sheets, intermediate draft
Box 65 "Death Mother" - Work sheets (2 folders)
Box 65 "The Death of Dreams" McCalls, (incomplete) July 1971
Box 65 "The Death of the Kenyon Review" - Carbon typescript, with revisions
Box 65 "Death Valley" - Esquire, July 1988; She, Feb. 1989
Box 65 "Death Watch" - Work sheets; Intermediate draft
Box 65 "December" - Work sheets; Carbon typescript
Box 65 "Deja Vu" - Carbon typescript, with revisions
Box 65 "Delia's Adventures" - Work sheets; Carbon typescript
Box 65 "Demon" - Work sheets
Box 65 "Depot" - Work sheets (3 folders)
Box 65 "Did You Ever Slip on Red Blood?" Harper's Magazine Apr. 1972
Box 65 "Dies Irae" - Carbon typescript, with revisions
Box 65 "The Disappearance" - Carbon typescript, with revisions
Box 65 "Do With Me What You Will" Playboy (incomplete) undated
Box 65 "Don't You Trust Me?" (working title: "Dr. Night") - Work sheets
Box 65 "The Double-Edged Knife" (alternate title: "The Knife") - Work sheets; Typescript ms.; Redbook, May 1987; She, June 1988
Box 66 "The Dream-Catcher" - Work sheets
Box 66 "Early Winter" - Beacon, Jan. 27, 1985; Sunday Journal Magazine, Sept. 30, 1984
Box 66 "Eleutheria" - Typescript ms.
Box 66 "Elvis Is Dead: Why Are You Alive?" - Work sheets
Box 66 "Embrace" - Intermediate draft; Typescript ms.
Box 66 "Emergency" - Work sheets
Box 66 "The Enchanted Piano" [n.p.] June 1971
Box 66 "The Escape" - Work sheets
Box 66 "The Evening and the Morning" - Carbon typescript, with revisions
Box 66 "Extenuating Circumstances" - Work sheets
Box 66 "Faithless" - Work sheets; Intermediate draft
Box 66 "The False Mirror" - Work sheets
Box 66 "Family" - Work sheets; Typescript ms. (with revisions)
Box 66 "A Far Countree" - Carbon typescript, with revisions
Box 66 "Fever" - Work sheets
Box 66 "Fever Blisters" - Work sheets
Box 66 "Fin de Siecle" - Work sheets; Esquire (German ed.) [n.d.]
Box 66 "First Death" - Carbon typescript; Mademoiselle, June 1978
Box 66 "The Floating Hospital" - Work sheets; The Southern California Anthology, Vol. XIII
Box 66 "The Footbridge" - Carbon typescript
Box 66 "Forgive Me!" - Work sheets, intermediate draft
Box 66 "Foster Home" - Typescript ms.
Box 66 "The Four Seasons" - carbon typescript, with revisions
Box 66 "Eine Frau von Format" Fur Sie, (translation of "Conquistador") Sept. 28, 1988
Box 66 "Friday Night" - Work sheets
Box 66 "From The Life of. . ." - Work sheets
Box 66 "Fugitive" - Work sheets
Box 66 "Fugue" - Carbon typescript, with revisions
Box 66 "The Funeral" The Miami Herald Tropic June 19, 1983
Box 66 "Gay" Playboy (incomplete) undated
Box 66 "Getting To Know All About You" - Intermediate draft
Box 66 "The Girl Who Was To Die" (working titles: "The Store"; "No Pity") - Work sheets
Box 66 "A Girl Worth Two Million" Cosmopolitan Feb. 1969
Box 67 "Golden Gloves" - Work sheets; Intermediate draft
Box 67 "Good To Know You" - Work sheets
Box 67 "The Goose-Girl" - Work sheets
Box 67 "Growing Seasons and Killing Frosts" - Carbon typescript
Box 67 "The Guilty Party" - Work sheets
Box 67 "Gulf War" - Work sheets
Box 67 "The Hair" - Work sheets, intermediate draft
Box 67 "Hammerklavier" - Work sheets
Box 67 "The Hand-Puppet" - Work sheets
Box 67 "The Handclasp" - Work sheets
Box 67 "The Hands" - Work sheets
Box 67 "Heartland" The Sacramento Bee Magazine July 26, 1987
Box 67 "Heat" - Work sheets
Box 67 "The Heir" - Work sheets
Box 67 "Home" - Work sheets; Ladies' Home Journal, Jan. 1989 (incomplete)
Box 67 "Honeybit" Honey & Vanity Fair June 1975
Box 67 "Honeymoon" - Carbon typescript
Box 67 "Hostage" - Work sheets, intermediate draft; Carbon typescript; Page proofs
Box 67 "House Hunting" - Work sheets
Box 67 "How Do You Like Your Meat?" - Work sheets; Typescript ms.
Box 68 "Hull and the Motions of Grace" - Carbon typescript
Box 68 "The Ice Pick" (working titles: "There Was a Man"; "There Was No Weather) - Work sheets
Box 68 "Immortal Longings" - Carbon typescript, with revisions
Box 68 "Imperial Presidency" - Work sheets
Box 68 "Improvisation" - Carbon typescript
Box 68 "In Parenthesis" - Manuscripts
Box 68 "In the Autumn of the Year" - Setting copy
Box 68 "In the Insomniac Night" - Work sheets
Box 68 "In Traction" - Work sheets; The Baltimore Sun Magazine, Mar. 24, 1985; Buffalo Magazine, May 5, 1985; The Commercial Appeal Mid-South Magazine, Jan. 27, 1985; The Milwaukee Journal Magazine, Mar. 17, 1985; Providence Journal Magazine, June 9, 1985; Upstate Magazine, Nov. 24, 1985
Box 68 "Insomnia" - Work sheets
Box 68 "Intensive" - Work sheets
Box 68 "An Interior Monologue" Esquire (incomplete) Feb. 1969
Box 68 "Is Laughter Contagious?" - Work sheets
Box 68 "The Jesuit" (working title: "The Umbrella") Aug. 24, 1987 - Work sheets; Carbon typescript; The Irish Times
Box 68 "Johanna" Chatelaine (incomplete) Feb. 1978
Box 68 "The Journey" - Work sheets
Box 68 "June Birthing" - Work sheets
Box 68 "Kindness" (working title: "The Senator's Wife") - Work sheets
"The Knife"
See "The Double-Edged Knife"
Box 68 "Labor Day" - Work sheets
Box 68 "Ladies and Gentlemen" - Work sheets
Box 68 "The Lady with Pet Dog" - Typescript ms. (partial, with corrections)
Box 68 "The Last Man of Letters" - Work sheets
Box 68 "Leave Me Alone God Damn You" - Work sheets
Box 68 "A Lecture Upon the Shadow" - Carbon typescript, with revisions
Box 68 "Leila Lee" - Intermediate draft
Box 68 "Letter, Lover" - Work sheets, intermediate draft
Box 68 "Life After High School" - Work sheets; Typescript ms.; The Atlantic Monthly - page proofs
Box 69 "Little Blood-Button" (working title: "Blood-Button") - Work sheets
Box 69 "Little Moses / The Society for the Reclamation and Restoration of 'E. Auguste Napoleon Bonaparte'" The New Black Mask, no. 7 c1986
Box 69 "Little Wife" - Work sheets
Box 69 "The Lost Child" - Work sheets
Box 69 "Love and Death" The Atlantic June 1970
Box 69 "Love, Careless Love" - Carbon typescript, with revisions
Box 69 "Love. Friendship" Chatelaine Jan. 1975 - incomplete
Box 69 "Love, Forever" (working title: "Demon Mom") - Work sheets
Box 69 "A Love Story" - Carbon typescript; Cosmopolitan, July 1967
Box 69 "Lover" - Work sheets
Box 69 "Magic" - Carbon typescript
Box 69 "The Maker of Parables" (working title: "The Writer of Parables") - Intermediate draft
Box 69 "The Man Who Wasn't There" (working title: "The Ledge") - Work sheets
Box 69 "Mara" - Carbon typescript, with revisions
Box 69 "Mark of Satan" - Work sheets
Box 69 "Martyrdom" - Work sheets
Box 69 "Master Race" - Work sheets
Box 69 "Maximum Security" (working title: "Correctional") - Work sheets; Typescript ms.
Box 69 "The Mirror" - Typescript ms.
Box 69 "Mistaken Identity" - Work sheets
Box 69 "The Missing Person" - Work sheets
Box 69 "The Model" (working title: "Traumerei') - Work sheets
Box 69 "Morning" - Work sheets
Box 69 "The Mother" - Work sheets
Box 69 "Mule" Apr. 1987 - Work sheets; Boston Review
Box 70 "Murder-Two" - Work sheets; Intermediate draft
Box 70 "Naked" - Work sheets
Box 70 "New Year" - Carbon typescript, with revisions
Box 70 "The Night Nurse" - Work sheets
Box 70 "Nightmusic" - Carbon typescript, with revisions
Box 70 "Old Dog" - Work sheets
Box 70 "An Old-Fashioned Love Story" - Carbon typescript
Box 70 "The Omen" - Work sheets
Box 70 "Only Son" - Work sheets
Box 70 "Our Time" - Typescript ms.; Chicago Tribune Book World, May 13, 1984
Box 70 "The Pact" - Work sheets
Box 70 "Party" - Intermediate draft
Box 70 "Passion" - Work sheets
Box 70 "The Passion of Rydcie Mather" (working title: "The Detour") - Work sheets (2 folders)
Box 70 "The Penitent" - Work sheets
Box 70 "Phase Change" - Work sheets
Box 70 "The Photographer" - Work sheets; Carbon typescript (photocopy)
Box 70 "The Photographer's Model" (working title: "The Model") - Work sheets; Confrontation, Spring/Summer 1986
Box 70 "Physical" - Work sheets
Box 70 "Picnic" - Work sheets
Box 70 "Plagiarized Material by Fernandes" Sparrow 19
Box 70 "Poetics 105" - Carbon typescript, with revisions
Box 70 "Politics" - Work sheets
Box 71 "Poor Lizzie" - Carbon typescript
Box 71 "Poor Thing" (later re-titled: "Poor Bibi") - Work sheets
Box 71 "Posthumous" - Work sheets
Box 71 "The Premonition" - Work sheets
Box 71 "Private Life" - Carbon typescript, with revisions
Box 71 "Prose and Poetry" - Carbon typescript (fragment)
Box 71 "The Psychoanalytical Love Affair" Cosmopolitan Sept. 1964
Box 71 "Puppies" - Carbon typescript
Box 71 "Puzzle" Redbook Magazine Nov. 1970
Box 71 "Quarrel" - Work sheets
Box 71 "Questions" - Intermediate draft; Playboy, Jan. 1987
Box 71 "The Radio Astronomer" (working title: "Lookback Time") - Work sheets
Box 71 "The Reliquary" - Carbon typescript
Box 71 "The Revenge of the Foot, 1970" - Work sheets; Salmagundi, Fall 1995 (photocopy)
Box 71 "Romance" - Work sheets
Box 71 "Running" (working titles: "Hunger"; "The Trap") - Work sheets
Box 71 "Satan's Children" (chapter from Man Crazy) - Typescript ms.
Box 71 "Scars" - Work sheets; Intermediate draft
Box 71 "Schroeder's Stepfather" - Work sheets
Box 71 "Secrets" Mademoiselle Nov. 1986
Box 71 "Señorita" - Work sheets
Box 71 "A Sentimental Encounter" - Work sheets
Box 71 "The Sepulchre" - Work sheets; DoubleTake, Spring 1996 (photocopy)
Box 71 "Shadows of the Evening" - Work sheets
Box 71 "Shame" The Atlantic Monthly June 1968
Box 71 "Shelter" - Work sheets
Box 71 "Shopping" - Work sheets
Box 71 "Shot" June 1990 - Work sheets; Seventeen
Box 72 "Silver Storm" - Carbon typescript (photocopy)
Box 72 "Sisters" - Carbon typescript, with revisions
Box 72 "The Sky-Blue Ball" - Work sheets; Typescript ms. "early version"
Box 72 "The Soldier" - Work sheets; Confrontation, Spring/Summer 1986
Box 72 "Sonata" - Carbon typescript
Box 72 "Sonata Quasi Una Fantasia" - Carbon typescript
Box 72 "The Stalker" - Work sheets
Box 72 "Stroke" - Work sheets
Box 72 "Sunday Dinner" - Carbon typescript, with revisions
Box 72 "Sundays in Summer" - Work sheets
Box 72 "Superstitious" - Work sheets
Box 72 "Surf City" - Work sheets
Box 72 "Sweet!" - Work sheets; Typescript ms.
Box 72 "The Sweet Enemy" - Typescript (photocopy)
Box 72 "The Swimmers" - Work sheets; Playboy - uncorrected proof
Box 72 "The Tattoo" Mademoiselle July 1977
Box 72 "The Temple" - Work sheets
Box 72 "Testimony" - Work sheets
Box 72 "Thanksgiving" (working title: "The Store") - Work sheets
Box 72 "Thieves" - Carbon typescript, with revisions
Box 72 "Tick" - Work sheets
Box 72 "A Touch of the Flu" - Intermediate draft
Box 72 "The Track" - Work sheets; Gentleman's Quarterly, Sept. 1988
Box 73 "Transfigured Night" - Work sheets; The Boston Globe Magazine, Nov. 27, 1988
Box 73 "Turquoise" - Work sheets
Box 73 "Twins" - Work sheets
Box 73 "Two Doors" - Work sheets
Box 73 "Ugly" - Work sheets
Box 73 "The Undesirable Table" - Work sheets
Box 73 "Unprintable" - Work sheets
Box 73 "An Unsolved Crime" - Carbon typescript
Box 73 "An Urban Paradox" - Work sheets
Box 73 "Valentine" - Work sheets; Intermediate draft
Box 73 "The Victim" - Work sheets; Carbon typescript
Box 73 "The Vision" - Work sheets
Box 73 "Visitation Rights" (working title: "My Sister's Son") - Work sheets
Box 73 "The Wake" - Work sheets
Box 73 "The Way Back In From Out There" - Carbon typescript, with revisions
Box 73 "The Way We Live" - Carbon typescript, with revisions
Box 74 "We Were Worried About You" (working title: "Sunday Drive") - Work sheets
Box 74 "The Wedding Party" - Carbon typescript, with revisions
Box 74 "Wednesday" Esquire Aug. 1970
Box 74 "The Welsh Girl" The Boston Globe Magazine Mar. 23, 1986
Box 74 "What Herbert Breuer and I Did to Each Other" McCall's Apr. 1970
Box 74 "What Is the Connection Between Men and Women" Mademoiselle Feb. 1970
Box 74 "Where Are You Going? Where Have You Been?" Ny Selecta Oct. 1975
Box 74 "Where Is Here" (working titles: "Strange Attractor" ; "Visit") - Work sheets; Chicago Tribune Magazine, April 1, 1990 (partial)
Box 74 "Where the Continent Ends" - Carbon typescript, with revisions
Box 74 "The White Cat" - Work sheets
Box 74 "White Trash" - Intermediate draft
Box 74 "Why Did You Cry for Me?" Cosmopolitan July 1964
Box 74 "Why Don't You Come Live With Me It's Time" (working title: "The Bridge") - Work sheets; Carbon typescript
Box 74 "The Wig" - Intermediate draft
Box 74 "Will You Always Love Me?" (working title: "The Hearing") - Work sheets
Box 74 "The Woman Who Disappeared" - Carbon typescript, with revisions
Box 74 "Yarrow" - Intermediate draft
Box 74 "You" Cosmopolitan Feb. 1970
Box 74 "You Petted Me and I Followed You Home" - Work sheets; Intermediate draft
Box 74 "Zombie" - Work sheets; Typescript draft; Typescript ms.; The New Yorker (page proofs, with note from Alice Quinn)
Unpublished stories, tentative titles
Box 75 "The Adulterer" (alternate title: "I Could Be Wrong") - Work sheets
Box 75 "Assault" - Work sheets
Box 75 "Boy Looking Into Infinity" - Work sheets
Box 75 "Fire" - Intermediate draft
Box 75 "The Girl Without Hands" (alternate titles: "A Manhattan Romance"; "The New York Romance") - Work sheets
Box 75 "The Gorge" - Work sheets
Box 75 "Grief" - Intermediate draft
Box 75 "A Letter of Love to One Who Has Abandoned Me" - Carbon typescript, with revisions
Box 75 "Lovers" - Carbon typescript
Box 75 "No Pity" - Work sheets
Box 75 "Pregnant" - Intermediate draft
Box 75 "Semester" - Work sheets
Box 75 "There Was Once, Many Years Ago" - Typescript, with revisions
Box 75 "The Thief of Breath" (alternate titles: "Catastrophe"; "Poor Puss") - Work sheets
Box 75 "The Thing-Without-a Face" - Work sheets
Box 75 "train" - Intermediate draft
Box 75 "Why Can't I Share Your Grief?" - Work sheets
Box 76 Course plans for English seminars at University of Windsor and Princeton
Box 76 Cybele - "Matchen" (Chapter 7 "Game") [n.p.] undated
Box 76 Lives of the Twins [n.p.] (fragment) undated
Box 76 them [n.p.] undated
Box 76 Letters to Editors
Box 76 Report - AWP Short Story Competition 1980
Unpublished novels/novellas
Box 76 "Constantine" - Intermediate draft (6 folders)
"The Evening and the Morning"
Box 76 Intermediate draft (3 folders)
Box 76 Intermediate draft (carbon) (3 folders)
"Graywolf: Life and Times"
Box 77 Intermediate draft (5 folders)
Box 77 Intermediate draft (carbon) (5 folders)
"How Lucien Florey Died, and Was Born"
See Writings: Miscellany: "How Lucien Florey Died, and Was Born" (Box 77A)
Box 77 "Jigsaw" - Intermediate draft (3 folders)
Box 77A "How Lucien Florey Died, and Was Born" - Typescript ms. (partial); Readers' reports
See Memorabilia: Audiocassettes (Box 93)
See Memorabilia: Audiotape (Box 93)
Box 78 American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters certificate of election to membership 1978
Box 78 American Academy of Arts and Sciences certificate of election as Fellow of the Society 1992
Box 78 American Association of University Women. New York City Branch Woman of Achievement identification badge and plaque 1990
Box 78 Arts Council of Princeton certificate 1992
Box 78 [Elmer H.] Bobst Award in Arts and Letters 1990 - Certificate, program; Medal
Box 78 The Boston Book Review Lilla Fisk Rand Fiction Prize certificate 1995
Box 78 Honorary Citizen of Louisville certificate 1995
Honorary degrees
Box 78 Bethany College 1993
Box 78 Drexel University 1994
Box 78 Georgian Court College 1988
Box 78 Gettysburg College 1988
Box 78 Rutgers University 1997
Box 79 Skidmore College 1989
Box 79 Trenton State College 1990
Box 79 University of Michigan 1992 (2 folders)
Box 79 Ursinius College 1996
Box 79 Lutheran Settlement House Women's Program International Women's Day Award of Honor plaque 1995
Box 79 [John P.] McGovern Award medal
Box 80 Mystery Writers of America Edgar Allan Poe Award for Do With Me What You Will
Box 80 National Society of Literature and the Arts certificate of membership
Box 80 New Jersey Women of Achievement certificate of recognition 1989
Box 80 New York Women in Communications, Inc. Matrix Award in Books plaque 1982
Box 80 [Richard and Hinda] Rosenthal Foundation Award for the Novel 1968
Box 80 Saint Louis Literary Award 1988
Box 80 Tickets, press passes, slides
Criticism and interpretation (by author)
Box 80 Bender, Eileen T.
Box 80 Berman, Harry J.
Box 80 Burleson, Donald R.
Box 80 Chi, Yuan-Wen
Box 80 Cologne-Brookes, Gavin
Box 80 Couzens, Gary
Box 80 Creighton, Joanne V.
Box 80 Eagan, James
Box 80 Fossum, Robert H.
Box 80 Gaffney, Karen
Box 80 Hobgood, Jennifer
Box 80 Inage, Ritsuko
Box 80 Johnson, Greg - includes correspondence from Johnson
Box 80 Labrie, Ross
Box 80 Malin, Irving
Box 80 Manning, Gerald F.
Box 80 Nussbaum, Martha
Box 80 Pease, Roland
Box 80 Rammohan, Dheepa
Box 80 Robinson, Sally
Box 80 Robson, Mark
Box 80 Ross, Steven Paul
Box 80 Rudell, Lioba
Box 80 Strandberg, Victor
Box 80 Waller, G. F.
Box 80 Woodall, Chris
Box 80 Xin, Chen
Box 80 Zins, Daniel L.
Box 80 Royalty statements 1974-1994 (3 folders of 4)
Box 81 Royalty statements 1995-1997 (1 folder of 4)
Box 81 Assignments of copyright (4 folders)
Box 81 Contracts 1968-1982 (13 folders of 34)
Box 82 Contracts 1983-1991 (12 folders of 34)
Box 83 Contracts 1992-1997, no year (9 folders of 34)
Box 83 Copyright certificates
Box 83 Photographs (3 folders)
Printed Material
Box 84 Clippings 1965-1993 (27 folders of 33)
Box 85 Clippings 1994-1998, undated (6 folders of 33)
Box 85 American Appetites
Box 85 Angel of Light
Box 85 Anonymous Sins and Other Poems
Box 85 The Assassins
Box 85 The Assignation
Box 85 Because It Is Bitter, and Because It Is My Heart
Box 85 Bellefleur
Box 85 Black Water
Box 85 A Bloodsmoor Romance
Box 85 Childwold
Box 85 Contraries: Essays
Box 85 Crossing the Border
Box 85 Do With Me What You Will
Box 85 The Edge of Impossibility
Box 85 Expensive People
Box 85 The Fabulous Beasts
Box 85 First Love
Box 85 First Person Singular: Writers on Their Craft
Box 85 Foxfire
Box 85 A Garden of Earthly Delights
Box 85 George Bellows: American Artist
Box 85 The Goddess and Other Women
Box 85 Haunted: Tales of the Grotesque
Box 85 Heat and Other Stories
Box 85 I Lock My Door Upon Myself
Box 85 Last Days: Stories
Box 85 Lives of the Twins
Box 85 Love and Its Derangements
Box 85 Marriages and Infidelities
Box 85 Marya: a Life
Box 85 Mysteries of Winterthurn
Box 85 Nemesis
Box 85 Night-Side: Eighteen Tales
Box 85 On Boxing
Box 85 The Oxford Book of American Short Stories
Box 85 The Poisoned Kiss and Other Stories
Box 85 Raven's Wing
Box 85 The Rise of Life on Earth
Box 85 A Sentimental Education
Box 85 Snake Eyes
Box 85 Solstice
Box 85 Son of the Morning
Box 85 The Sophisticated Cat
Box 86 Soul/Mate
Box 86 them
Box 86 The Time Traveler
Box 86 Twelve Plays
Box 86 Unholy Loves
Box 86 Upon the Sweeping Flood
Box 86 We Were the Mulvaneys
Box 86 What I Lived For
Box 86 The Wheel of Love
Box 86 Will You Always Love Me?
Box 86 With Shuddering Fall
Box 86 Wonderland
Box 86 You Must Remember This
Box 86 Zombie
Box 86 Miscellaneous
Publicity and programs
Box 86 Conferences 1973-1997 (2 folders)
Box 86 Lectures, readings 1975-1996, undated (4 folders)
Plays, film adaptations (by title)
Box 86 "The Adoption" - Ensemble Studio Theatre, New York, NY
Box 86 "American Holiday" - Ensemble Studio Theatre, New York, NY; Los Angeles Theatre Academy
Box 86 "An American Triptych" - Long Wharf Theatre, New Haven, CT)
Box 86 "Bad Girls" - Contemporary American Theater Festival, Shepherdstown, WV; Georgia Repertory Theatre
Box 86 "Black" - Contemporary American Theater Festival, Shepherdstown, WV; Williamstown Theatre Festival, Williamstown, MA; Women's Project and Productions, New York, NY
Box 86 "Black Water" - American Music Theater Festival, Philadelphia, PA
Box 86 "The Changeling" - Rider College
Box 86 "Cry Me a River" - Cambridge Theatre Company
Box 86 "Darling I'm Telling You" - Risley Theatre, Cornell University
Box 86 "Dramatic Shorts by Joyce Carol Oates" - Manhattan Theatre Club
Box 86 "The Eclipse" - Ensemble Studio Theatre, New York, NY
Box 86 "Foxfire" - film adaptation
Box 86 "Friday Night/The Rehearsal" - Voltaire, Chicago
Box 86 "Friday Night/The Secret Mirror" - University of Pennsylvania Theatre Arts Program
Box 87 "Greensleeves" - Actors Studio, New York, NY; John Drew Theater, Guild Hall, East Hampton, NY
Box 87 "Gulf War" - Burning House Group, Minneapolis; Ensemble Studio Theatre, New York, NY
Box 87 "Gulf War/Black" - McCarter Theatre, Princeton, NJ
Box 87 "Heat" - Penlight Theatre, Minneapolis
Box 87 "Here She Is!" - New Directions Theater, New York, NY; Philadelphia Festival Theatre; Turnip Theatre Company, New York, NY
Box 87 "Homesick" - McCarter Theatre, Princeton, NJ
Box 87 "How Do You Like Your Meat?" - Long Wharf Theatre, New Haven, CT
Box 87 "I Stand Before You Naked" - American Place Theatre, New York, NY; Attic Theatre Ensemble, Los Angeles; British production: Cakes and Ale Theatre; French production: Robert Cordier; Mount Holyoke College; The Schoolhouse, Croton Falls, NY; West Coast Ensemble, Hollywood; The Wooden-O, Los Angeles
Box 87 "In Darkest America" - Actors Theatre of Louisville
Box 87 "The Interview" - McCarter Theatre, Princeton, NJ
Box 87 "The Interview/Homesick" - Ensemble Studio Theatre, New York, NY
Box 87 "Joyce Carol Oates: Stories" - Northwestern University
Box 87 "The Key/Tone Clusters" - McCarter Theatre, Princeton, NJ
Box 87 "Ontological Proof of My Existence" - Cubiculo Theatre, New York, NY; Ernie Martin Theatre, New York, NY; Swedish production: "Hur Jag Undrar Vem Jag Ar"; Thunder Road Ensemble, Chicago
Box 87 "The Passion of Henry David Thoreau" - New Dramatists, New York, NY
Box 87 "The Perfectionist" - McCarter Theatre, Princeton, NJ
Box 87 "Presque Isle" - Theater of the Open Eye, New York, NY
Box 87 "Procedure" - Action Theatre, Louisville, KY; Actors Theatre of Louisville: 1991; Actors Theatre of Louisville: 1992
Box 87 "The Rehearsal" - Ensemble Studio Theatre, New York, NY
Box 87 "The Secret Mirror" - Attic Theatre Ensemble, Los Angeles
Box 87 "Smooth Talk" - film adaptation
Box 87 "Spoils" - German production: "Die Beute"
Box 87 "Sunday Dinner" - American Place Theatre, New York, NY; The Body Politic, Chicago
Box 87 "The Sweet Enemy" - Actors Studio Workshop Production
Box 87 "Tone Clusters" - Manbites Dog Theater Company, Duke University; Theatre du Rond-Point, Paris; Women's Ensemble Theatre Company, Philadelphia
Box 87 "The Triumph of the Spider Monkey" - various productions
Box 87 "The Truth-Teller" - Circle Repertory Company
Box 87 "Where Is Here?" - Berkshire Theatre Festival
Box 87 "Wild Oates" - Central Michigan University Theatre
Box 87 "The Woman Who Laughed" - Sharon Stage, Sharon, CT
Box 87 Miscellaneous A-Z
Reviews (by title)
Box 88 "The Adoption" - Ensemble Studio Theatre, New York, NY
Box 88 All the Good People I've Left Behind
Box 88 American Appetites (2 folders)
Box 88 American Gothic Tales
Box 88 "American Holiday" - Camino Theatre, City College of New York
Box 88 Angel Fire: Poems
Box 88 Angel of Light (2 folders)
Box 88 Anonymous Sins and Other Poems
Box 88 The Assassins: A Book of Hours
Box 88 The Assignation
Box 88 "Bad Girls" - Contemporary American Theatre Festival, Shepherdstown, WV; Georgia Repertory Theatre
Box 88 Because It Is Bitter, and Because It Is My Heart (2 folders)
Box 88 Bellefleur (3 folders)
Box 88 The Best American Essays 1991
Box 88 The Best American Short Stories - various years
Box 88 "Black" - Contemporary American Theater Festival, Shepherdstown, WV; Williamstown Theater Festival, Williamstown, MA; Women's Project and Productions, New York, NY
Box 88 Black Water (2 folders)
Box 89 "Black Water" - opera
Box 89 A Bloodsmoor Romance (2 folders)
Box 89 By the North Gate
Box 89 Childwold (2 folders)
Box 89 Contemporary Short Fiction / edited by Joyce Carol Oates
Box 89 Contraries: Essays
Box 89 Crossing the Border (2 folders)
Box 89 "Cry Me a River" - Cambridge Theatre Company
Box 89 Cybele
Box 89 "Daisy" - film adaptation
Box 89 "Darling I'm Telling You" - Raven Theater, Chicago; Risley Theatre, Cornell University
Box 89 Do With Me What You Will
Box 89 Double Delight
Box 89 "The Eclipse" - Ensemble Studio Theatre, New York, NY
Box 89 The Edge of Impossibility
Box 89 Expensive People
Box 89 The Fabulous Beasts
Box 89 First Love
Box 89 First Person Singular: Writers on Their Craft
Box 89 Foxfire (2 folders)
Box 89 "Foxfire" - film adaptation
Box 89 A Garden of Earthly Delights
Box 89 George Bellows: American Artist
Box 89 The Goddess and Other Women
Box 89 "Greensleeves" - Drew University
Box 89 "Gulf War" - Burning House Group, Minneapolis; Ensemble Studio Theatre, New York, NY
Box 90 Haunted: Tales of the Grotesque
Box 90 "Heat" - Penlight Theatre, Minneapolis
Box 90 Heat and Other Stories
Box 90 "Here She Is!" - Philadelphia Theatre for New Plays
Box 90 "How Do You Like Your Meat?" - Long Wharf Theatre, New Haven, CT
Box 90 The Hungry Ghosts
Box 90 I Lock My Door Upon Myself
Box 90 "I Stand Before You Naked"
  • American Place Theater, New York, NY
  • American Renegade Theatre, North Hollywood
  • Attic Theatre Ensemble, Los Angeles
  • French production: Robert Cordier
  • Mount Holyoke College; Powertap Productions, Chicago
  • The Schoolhouse, Croton Falls, NY
  • Slightly Askew Players, Santa Barbara
  • The Wooden-O, Los Angeles
Box 90 "In Darkest America" - Actors Theater of Louisville
Box 90 "In the Region of Ice" - film adaptation
Box 90 Invisible Woman
Box 90 Kindred Passions
Box 90 Last Days
Box 90 Lives of the Twins
Box 90 Love and Its Derangements
Box 90 Man Crazy
Box 90 Marriages and Infidelities (3 folders)
Box 90 Marya: a Life
Box 90 "Miracle Play" - New Phoenix Repertory Company, New York, NY
Box 90 My Heart Laid Bare
Box 90 Mysteries of Winterthurn
Box 90 Nemesis
Box 90 New Heaven, New Earth
Box 90 Night-Side: Eighteen Tales
Box 90 Night Walks
Box 91 On Boxing (2 folders)
Box 91 "Ontological Proof of My Existence" - Cubiculo Theatre, New York, NY; Swedish production; Thunder Road Ensemble, Chicago; 24th Street Experiment, San Antonio; West-Mon Repertory, Houston
Box 91 The Oxford Book of American Short Stories
Box 91 "The Perfectionist" - McCarter Theatre, Princeton, NJ
Box 91 The Poisoned Kiss and Other Stories
Box 91 Prize Stories: the O'Henry Awards - various years
Box 91 "Procedure" - Action Theatre, Louisville, KY; Actors Theatre of Louisville: 1992
Box 91 The Profane Art: Essays and Reviews
Box 91 Raven's Wing
Box 91 Reading the Fights
Box 91 "The Rehearsal" - Ensemble Studio Theatre, New York, NY
Box 91 The Rise of Life on Earth
Box 91 "The Sacrifice"/"The Key" - Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Ridgefield, CT
Box 91 The Seduction and Other Stories
Box 91 A Sentimental Education
Box 91 "Smooth Talk" - film adaptation
Box 91 Snake Eyes
Box 91 Solstice
Box 91 Son of the Morning
Box 91 The Sophisticated Cat
Box 91 Soul/Mate
Box 91 "Sunday Dinner" - American Place Theatre, New York, NY
Box 91 "The Sweet Enemy"
Box 91 Tenderness
Box 91 them
Box 91 Three Plays
Box 91 The Time Traveler
Box 91 "Tone Clusters" - Firehouse Theatre Project, Richmond, VA; Guthrie on First, Minneapolis; Manbites Dog Theatre Company, Duke University; SoHo Rep; Theatre du Rond-Point, Paris
Box 92 The Triumph of the Spider Monkey
Box 92 "The Triumph of the Spider Monkey" - Classical Theatre Ensemble, Cubiculo Theater, New York, NY; Curtains Theatre, Houston; Los Angeles Theatre Center
Box 92 "The Truth-Teller" - Circle Repertory Company
Box 92 Unholy Loves
Box 92 Upon the Sweeping Flood
Box 92 We Were the Mulvaneys
Box 92 What I Lived For (2 folders)
Box 92 The Wheel of Love and Other Stories (2 folders)
Box 92 Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?
Box 92 Where Is Here?
Box 92 Will You Always Love Me?
Box 92 With Shuddering Fall
Box 92 "The Woman Who Laughed" - Playwrights Theatre of East Hampton; Sharon Stage, Sharon, CT
Box 92 (Woman) Writer: Occasions and Opportunities
Box 92 Women Whose Lives Are Food, Men Whose Lives Are Money
Box 92 Wonderland
Box 92 You Can't Catch Me
Box 92 You Must Remember This (2 folders)
Box 92 Zombie
Box 93 "American Appetites (excerpts)/Glass"
Box 93 "A Bloodsmoor Romance radio features NPR12/29/82 / Angel of Light AMF 1/83"
Box 93 "Black Water Duffy / Oates 9/28/93"
Box 93 "Black Water based on the novel by Joyce Carol Oates, music by Jeremy Beck, Russell Hall, University of Northern Iowa, March 29, 1995"
Box 93 "Bookshelf 31.01.93 Joyce Carol Oates interviewed by Chris Bigsby"
Box 93 "Bookworm recorded 8/16/93" KCRW, producer and host Michael Silverblatt
Box 93 "Bookworm recorded 11/3/95" KCRW, producer and host Michael Silverblatt
Box 93 "Centerlines WUGA-FM April 25, 1991 Joyce Carol Oates"
Box 93 "Diane Rehm 11/19/96 Hour 2: Joyce Carol Oates We Were the Mulvaneys"
Box 93 "For: Joyce Carol Oates Nedra's Song, Happy Opening Night! 10/1/93 Lucia Hwong"
Box 93 "French interview Oct. 1992"
Box 93 "Joyce and Jonathan [Schwartz] 9/1/96"
Box 93 "Joyce Carol Oates, Ann Arbor, Michigan Mar. 29, 1978 / Joyce Carol Oates them prior to January, 1970; Anais Nin - date undetermined"
Box 93 "Joyce Carol Oates, Emory Elliott USIS Bangkok 2[1?]/1/88"
Box 93 "Joyce Carol Oates on 'The Green Room with Dorian' WFMU (E. Orange, NJ) 9/23/96"
Box 93 "Joyce Carole [sic] Oates 'Thomas Mann's Dr. Faustus as a Portrait of an Artist'"
Box 93 "Julianne Malveaux Show 10/19/94" (2 cassettes)
Box 93 "The Key Take One 1/10/91"
Box 93 "L.A. Theatre Works: Black by Joyce Carol Oates"
Box 93 "L.A. Theatre Works: Gulf War by Joyce Carol Oates"
Box 93 "L.A. Theatre Works: The Perfectionist by Joyce Carol Oates" (2 cassettes)
Box 93 "L.A. Theatre Works: The Truth-Teller by Joyce Carol Oates"
Box 93 "Larry King Show 5/14/90 JCO Washington, D.C."
Box 93 "Meet the Playwright - Sharon Stage ("The Woman Who Laughed") 8/26/95 (aired 10/8/95)" / Randy Milroy's interview with Luci Arnaz (8/18/95) 'This W[ee]k in Litchfield Co.[nnecticut]'-'WWL' opening night 8/15/95"
Box 93 "NPR feature Solstice 6/20/85"
Box 93 "New Letters on the Air Joyce Carol Oates American Appetites 5/89"
Box 93 "New York State Writers Institute, Humanities 355, the University at Albany, SUNY, Albany, NY 12222 Joyce Carol Oates 9/12/91 Book Show"
Box 93 "Oates/Seton Hall Spring '86"
Box 93 "PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction Tenth Anniversary Celebration" (2 cassettes)
Box 93 "The Perfectionist Sept. 11th, '93" - selections
Box 93 Princeton University Alumni Day "2/91"
Box 93 "Public radio book show #39: Joyce Carol Oates"
Box 93 "Shopping read by Blair Brown, Symphony Space"
Box 93 "Sunday Morning: On the Ropes January 23rd, " 1994
Box 93 "Swedish Network Radio Aug. 5 & 6 1979"
Box 93 "Tone Clusters Take Two 1/10/91"
Box 93 "Two Gardens - Ed Cone" ("'The Stone Orchard/In Jana's Garden', songs composed by Ed Cone")
Box 93 "Transformations of Play U[niversity] of Virginia 3/31/95"
Box 93 "WAMC Book Show #339: Joyce Carol Oates"
Box 93 "WNYC Joyce Carol Oates Summer Stage 9/13/90" - "Central Park poetry & prose with Russell Banks"
Box 93 "WNYC Leonard Lopate 20 Aug. 1996"
Box 93 "Where Are You Going? Where Have You Been? / by Joyce Carol Oates. Read by Christine Baranski at 'Selected Shorts' Symphony Space, NYC" 2/25/87
Box 93 "Where Is Here? BBC Radio 3: Xmas '91"
Box 93 "Will You Always Love Me?: a Selection"
Box 93 "The Woman Who Laughed"
Box 93 "Hendrick's Chapel 10/22/82"
Recorded books
Box 94 American Appetites c1990 - New York: Caedmon
Box 94 Because It Is Bitter, and Because It Is My Heart undated - Studio City, Calif.: Dove Books on Tape, Inc.
Box 94 Black Water undated - Beverly Hills, Calif.: Dove Audio
"The Bloodstained Bridal Gown"
See Memorabilia: Recorded books: The Mysteries of Winterthurn Part III
"The Devil's Half Acre"
See Memorabilia: Recorded books: The Mysteries of Winterthurn Part II
Box 94 Foxfire c1994 - St. Paul, Minn.: Penguin-Highbridge Audio
Box 94 Murder for Love: Murder for Women - story collection includes Oates' "At the Paradise Motel, Sparks, Nevada" undated - Beverly Hills, CA: Dove Audio
The Mysteries of Winterthurn (in three parts) c1996 - New York, NY: Recorded Books, Inc.
Box 94 Part I: "The Virgin in the Rose Bower"
Box 94 Part II: "The Devil's Half Acre"
Box 94 Part III: "The Bloodstained Bridal Gown"
Box 94 Night-Side (with Different Kinds of Dead by Ed Gorman) c1996 - Grand Haven, Mich.: Brilliance Corp.
"The Virgin in the Rose Bower"
See Memorabilia: Recorded books: The Mysteries of Winterthurn Part I
Box 94 "The Yellow Wallpaper" / Charlotte Perkins Gilman, introd. by Joyce Carol Oates undated - Princeton, NJ: The Spencer Library
Box 94 Zombie c1995 - New York, N.Y.: Penguin Audiobooks
Box 94 "American Masters: Edgar Allan Poe"
Box 94 "The Assignation [adapted from the story of Joyce Carol Oates]" c1995 - PaNDa Films, Inc.
Box 94 "Bookmark #214: Because It Is Bitter, and Because It Is My Heart 3.5.90"
Box 94 "Centerstage IV: Underground" - rough cut
Box 94 "Charlie Rose 9/16/96"
Box 94 "Electronic Dialogue - Joyce Carol Oates on Contemporary American Literature"
Box 94 "Emory Elliott - Princeton: Black Water / Foxfire / What I Lived For"
Box 94 "George Sand Conference Interlude and Tea with Joyce Carol Oates," (Hofstra University) November 16, 1996
Box 94 "Heat" - reading of Joyce Carol Oates story; producer/director Elizabeth Anderman
Box 94 "I Stand Before You Naked Mount Holyoke College" 12/27/96
Box 94 "In the Region of Ice"
Box 94 "Joyce Carol Oates NTSC"
Box 94 "Lies (sic) of the Twins (1991)"
Box 94 "Milwaukee interview Summer '78"
Box 94 "A Moveable Feast: Profiles of Contemporary American Authors Joyce Carol Oates American Appetites" c1990 - In Our Time Arts Media, Inc. (2 copies)
Box 94 "Nightwatch: Joyce Carol Oates"
Box 94 "Norman the Killer"
Box 94 "The Originals: Joyce Carol Oates 1989"
Box 94 "Part 1: Poetry by E. Dickinson / Part 2: Poetry by J.C. Oates"
Box 94 "Readers Theater JCO taped 3/19/88"
Box 94 Ring [magazine] Anniversary 1997/July 1988 horse race at Meadowlands, NJ - pacer filly owned by Oates
Box 94 "Sci-Fi Buzz #154: Women Horror Writers" (The Sci-Fi Channel) c1996
Box 94 "State of the Arts 1307: Oates/Musica Antiqua/Artes Magnus 12/05/94"
Box 94 "Today [Show] 4/29/92 Black Water"
Box 94 "A Word on Words: Oates What I Lived For WDCN/Nashville"
Box 94 "Writers Forum: Joyce Oates 10-30-80"
Book translations
Box 1P Author's copies
Box 2P Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish
Box 3P Finnish, French
Box 4P French, German
Box 5P German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian
Box 6P Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish
Box 6AP Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

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