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Robert A. Jacobs Photographs

An inventory of his papers at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Jacobs, Robert Allan.
Title: Robert A. Jacobs Photographs
Inclusive Dates: 1918-1949
Quantity: 5 linear ft.
Abstract: Papers of the American architect, partner in New York City architectural firm, Kahn and Jacobs. Photograph folios of architectural projects; preliminary sketches.
Language: English
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

Robert A. Jacobs (1905-1993) was an American architect. Jacobs graduated from Amherst College and Columbia University's School of Architecture and spent his early years working for Le Corbusier in Paris and Wallace K. Harrison in New York. In 1940, he partnered with Ely Jacques Kahn to form Kahn & Jacobs (later in 1972 the firm merged with Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum). For forty years the firm designed and built numerous structures in New York City, including the American Airlines terminal at Kennedy International Airport, the office building One Astor Plaza, and the Municipal Asphalt Plant at 90th Street and East River Drive, named by the Museum of Modern Art as one of the best designs of the 1930s and 1940s.

Jacobs was a fellow of the American Institute of Architects and a member of the Architectural League of New York.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Robert A. Jacobs Photographs consist of photographs of Jacobs' architectural projects.

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Arrangement of the Collection

Photographs are in no particular order.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Related Material

Special Collections Research Center holds the papers of many notable architects. Please refer to the SCRC Subject Index for a complete listing.

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Subject Headings


Jacobs, Robert Allan.

Corporate Bodies

Kahn and Jacobs (New York, N.Y.)


Architects -- United States.
Architectural drawing.
Architecture -- United States -- 20th century.
Architecture -- United States.
Architecture, American.
Architecture, Domestic.
Architecture, Industrial.
Photography, Architectural.

Genres and Forms




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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Robert A. Jacobs Photographs,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Finding Aid Information

Created by: DMB
Date: 7 Jul 1978
Revision history: 19 Feb 2008 - converted to EAD (MRC); 14 Oct 2009 - corrections to OS1/A6, added index (MRC)

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Oversize 1, Folder A2 550 7th Ave 1925
Oversize 1, Folder A2 N.Y. Furniture Exchange 1926
Oversize 1, Folder A2 Lefcourt Madison Building 1925
Oversize 1, Folder A2 Lefcourt Empire Building 1925-1926
Oversize 1, Folder A3 79 Madison Ave. 1925
Oversize 1, Folder A3 24-26 W. 40th St 1924-1925
Oversize 1, Folder A3 247-251 W. 35th St. 1924-1925
Oversize 1, Folder A3 30 E. 42nd St
Oversize 1, Folder A3 Ruben building
Oversize 1, Folder A3 Cusack building 1918
Oversize 1, Folder A4 Armion building 1921
Oversize 1, Folder A4 Banco Construction Corp. building 1925
Oversize 1, Folder A4 Bomzon building 1925
Oversize 1, Folder A4 Borden building 1923
Oversize 1, Folder A4 Federation building 1927-1930
Oversize 1, Folder A4 15-19 W. 39th St. building 1925-1926
Oversize 1, Folder A4 269 Madison Ave 1926-1927
Oversize 1, Folder A4a 2 Park Ave. building 1926-1931
Oversize 1, Folder A5 Jay-Thorpe, Inc. 1919-1935
Oversize 1, Folder A5 Collins Oppenheim and Co. 1921-1924
Oversize 1, Folder A5 A. Simonson, Inc.
Oversize 1, Folder A5 Steiger-Vedder Co,
Oversize 1, Folder A5 Shop of Hazel Kolman, Inc. 1926
Oversize 1, Folder A6 Eagle Pencil Co. 1923-1934
Oversize 1, Folder A6 Kahn and Feldman 1919-1921
Oversize 1, Folder A6 Lehn and Fink 1918
Oversize 1, Folder A6 Pinaud building 1926-1930
Oversize 1, Folder A6 Merit Hosiery Co. 1926-1929
Oversize 2, Folder A7 Insurance Center building 1926-1927
Oversize 2, Folder A7 Northwest corner of 37th St. and 6th Ave 1925-1926
Oversize 2, Folder A7 Court Square building 1926-1927
Oversize 2, Folder A7 42-44 W. 39th St. 1937
Oversize 2, Folder A8 Southwest corner of Madison Ave. and 49th St 1925-1926
Oversize 2, Folder A8 1 W. 57th St (Bergdorf-Goodman building) 1927-1928
Oversize 2, Folder A8 U.S. Appraisers Stores 1927-1929
Oversize 2, Folder A8 International Telephone building (Broad and Beaver Streets) 1928
Oversize 2, Folder A8 Lefcourt State building 1927
Oversize 2, Folder A9 334-336 7th Ave 1927-1930
Oversize 2, Folder A9 Lefcourt Clothing Center 1928
Oversize 2, Folder A9 Southeast corner of 29th St. and 5th Ave. 1928-1930
Oversize 2, Folder A9 Film center 1928-1930
Oversize 2, Folder A9 23 W. 45th St. 1928
Oversize 2, Folder C4 Eisig residence (Tuckahoe, NY)
Oversize 2, Folder C4 Karpen residence (New Rochelle, NY) 1925
Oversize 2, Folder C4 Plaut residence (Elmsford, NY)
Oversize 2, Folder C6 Tishman residence 1927
Oversize 2, Folder C6 Liebman residence 1927
Oversize 2, Folder C7 Benjamin residence (New York, NY) 1930
Oversize 2, Folder C7 Equitable Trust Co. 1929-1931
Oversize 2, Folder C7 Kolman residence (New York, NY)
Oversize 2, Folder C7 Dr. Marcus A. Rothschild office
Oversize 3, Folder C12 Andrews residence (Connecticut) 1940
Oversize 3, Folder C12 Coigne log cabin (New Jersey) 1941
Oversize 3, Folder C12 Ettinger residence (Connecticut) 1942
Oversize 3, Folder C12 Club house, Smullens, New Jersey 1941
Oversize 3, Folder C12 Garfunkel residence (New York)
Oversize 3, Folder C12 Rose residence (New York) 1947
Oversize 3, Folder C12 General Transportation Casualty and Surety Co.
Oversize 3, Folder D1 Hospital for Joint Diseases 1922-1928
Oversize 3, Folder D1 U.G.S. Project
Oversize 3, Folder D1 New York City Garage and Air Raid Shelter 1941
Oversize 3, Folder D1 National Urban League
Oversize 3, Folder D1 USO buildings 1941
Oversize 3, Folder D1 Schiff Pavilion, Montefiore home 1925
Oversize 3, Folder D1 Montefiore home 1925
Oversize 3, Folder E1 Davidow residence (New York) 1927
Oversize 3, Folder E1 Harris residence (New York) 1924-1925
Oversize 3, Folder E1 Kahn residence (New York) 1919-1931
Oversize 3, Folder E1 Kahn residence (Elmsford, NY) 1919-1931
Oversize 3, Folder E1 Herman Younker residence (Elmsford, NY)
Oversize 3, Folder E1 Ira Younker residence (Elmsford, NY)
Oversize 3, Folder E1 A. Schweizer residence (New York) 1923
Oversize 3, Folder E1 Riesenfeld residence (New York) 1923
Oversize 3, Folder E2 Maillard's (Chicago) 1924-1925
Oversize 3, Folder E2 Cincinnati Mayflower Shop 1941
Oversize 4, Folder E3 Kridel residence (New York)
Oversize 4, Folder E3 Hellman residence (New York)
Oversize 4, Folder E4 Van Cleef and Arpels, Inc. 1929-1931
Oversize 4, Folder E4 Leron, Inc. 1931
Oversize 4, Folder E4 Voice of America building
Oversize 4, Folder E4 120 Wall St. 1930
Oversize 4, Folder E4 Glen Oaks Golf and Country Club 1929
Oversize 4, Folder E4 Bricken building 1929-1930
Oversize 4, Folder E5 Bonwit Teller 1940
Oversize 4, Folder E5 Quaker Ridge Golf Club 1926
Oversize 4, Folder E5 Fairview Country Club 1925-1926
Oversize 4, Folder E5 Broadmoor Country Club 1925-1926
Oversize 4, Folder E5 Calumet Club 1925
Oversize 4, Folder E5 Scholle residence 1948
Oversize 4, Folder E5 Reynolds Bar (Georgia) 1948
Oversize 4, Folder E6 Richard Hudnut 1930-1935
Oversize 4, Folder E6 Huyler's (Chicago) 1936
Oversize 4, Folder E6 Huyler's (Buffalo) 1937
Oversize 4, Folder E6 Burlington Mills Hosiery Factory
Oversize 4, Folder E6 Shearith-Israel Synagogue
Oversize 4, Folder E6 Carnegie Hall
Oversize 4, Folder E6 Continental building
Oversize 4, Folder E6 530 7th Ave.
Oversize 4, Folder E6 Holland Plaza building 1929-1930
Oversize 4, Folder E6 111 John St. building 1929
Oversize 4, Folder E6 Allied Arts building 1929
Oversize 5, Folder E7 Greenebaum apartment (New York)
Oversize 5, Folder E7 Jacob Ruppert Distributing Plant 1942
Oversize 5, Folder E7 Jacobs residence 1940
Oversize 5, Folder E7 Southeast corner of Broadway and 39th St. 1930-1931
Oversize 5, Folder E7 Northeast corner of Broadway and 38th St. 1930-1931
Oversize 5, Folder E7 Satenstein residence (New York) 1946
Oversize 5, Folder E7 Fort Greene houses (Brooklyn, NY)
Oversize 5, Folder E7 War housing project (Rome, NY)
Oversize 5, Folder E7 Housing projet (Mineville, NY)
Oversize 5, Folder E7 Lexington Park Project 1942
Oversize 5, Folder E7 Gowanus houses
Oversize 5, Folder E7 Carver houses
Oversize 5, Folder E9 Arsenal building (New York) 1925
Oversize 5, Folder E9 Millinery Center building (New York) 1925
Oversize 5, Folder E9 Park-Murray Corporation
Oversize 5, Folder E9 Parents' Magazine office 1940
Oversize 5, Folder E10 American Iron and Steel Exhibit
Oversize 5, Folder E10 30 E. 42nd St.
Oversize 5, Folder E10 Mausoleums
Oversize 5, Folder E10 Morgenthau residence (New Jersey)
Oversize 5, Folder E10 Northeast corner of 5th Ave. and 31st St.
Oversize 5, Folder E10 Morgenthau residence (New York)
Oversize 5, Folder E10 Charles Kaye buildings
Oversize 5, Folder E10 L. P. Hollander and Co.
Oversize 5, Folder E10 Longchamps Restaurant 1949
Oversize 5, Folder E10 498 7th Ave. (before alteration)
Oversize 5, Folder E10 500 7th Ave. (before alteration)
Oversize 5, Folder E10 Pix Theatre (Longchamps) 1939
Oversize 5, Folder E10 Stauffer Chemical
Oversize 5, Folder E10 Southeast corner of Lexington Ave. and 57th St. 1930
Oversize 5, Folder E10 Paramount Annex 1930
Oversize 5, Folder E10 Northwest corner of 3rd Ave. and 44th St. 1930
Oversize 5, Folder E10 16 Desbrosses St. 1938
Oversize 5, Folder E10 119-121 Watts St. 1938
Oversize 5, Folder E10 Cullman residence (New York) 1941
Oversize 5, Folder E10 Hoffman residence (New York) 1942
Oversize 5, Folder E10 Marshall residence (New York) 1941
Oversize 5, Folder E10 Spiegelberg residence (New York)
Oversize 6, Folder F2 American Institute of Architects Exhibition 1936
Oversize 6, Folder F3 General Cigar building, New York World's Fair 1939
Oversize 6, Folder F3 Design for service station
Oversize 6, Folder F3 Design for department store
Oversize 6, Folder F3 Shelton Looms showroom 1928-1929
Oversize 6, Folder F3 Yardley and Co., Ltd. showroom 1933-1934
Oversize 6, Folder F3 E. R. Squibb and Sons executive offices 1929-1933
Oversize 6, Folder F3 E. R. Squibb and Sons sales office 1929-1933
Oversize 6, Folder F3 Kohler Company building 1932-1933
Oversize 6, Folder F3 Johns-Manville building 1933
Oversize 6, Folder F3 Sidney Blumenthal and Company
Oversize 6, Folder F3 Strauss Mausoleum 1929-1930
Oversize 6, Folder F3 Borden building executive offices 1920-1923
Oversize 6, Folder F3 New York City Department of Sanitation 1937
Oversize 7 Preliminary sketches (3 folios)

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Alphabetical index of projects

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