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Ewing Galloway Collection of Photographs

An inventory of the collection at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Galloway, Ewing
Title: Ewing Galloway Collection of Photographs
Inclusive Dates: 1900-1930(?)
Quantity: 18 linear ft.
Abstract: Reproduction of early 20th century photographs from the Ewing Galloway Agency. Urban street scenes (New York, Chicago, Detroit), Asia and Europe, Native Americans, human interest.
Language: English
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

Ewing Galloway (1881-1953) was an American journalist and photo editor, and ran the Ewing Galloway Agency in New York City. He began his working life as a lawyer in Henderson County, Kentucky working in his spare time for The Gleaner, a county newspaper. Gradually journalism drew more and more of his interest, and after a journalism course at Columbia University in New York he took a series of newspaper jobs that led him to the Midwest, to California, and eventually to Hawaii before he returned home to Kentucky to work again for The Gleaner. After completing his internship there, he returned to New York where he worked as assistant editor for Literary Digest and freelanced on the side. He became photo editor for Collier's and then worked for Underwood and Underwood.

In 1920 he opened his own photographic agency on 28th St. in New York. Although he had relatively few photographs at first, he soon expanded his stock and in 1925 purchased a collection of 8000 images of Africa and Asia. By 1928 the agency was successful enough to expand; in the following years Ewing Galloway branches opened in Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Boston, London, Berlin, and Amsterdam. By handling only general topics as opposed to time-sensitive news photographs, Galloway established a profitable market niche while pioneering the photographic interpretation of industry, transportation, and commerce. He also provided trained photographers for hire for studio or location work. One of these was Maclean Dameron, a respected photographer from Henderson County, Kentucky whom Galloway hired as a full-time associate in 1941.

The "Ewing Galloway" byline that appears under many photographs reproduced in books, magazines, schoolbooks, and encyclopedias, refers to the agency and not to Galloway himself, who learned to operate a camera only later in life. The caption was an advertising device: it could be left off, but the photograph would cost more without it. The lack of records from the company makes it impossible to identify the actual photographers. Nevertheless, the images that survive from the early years of Galloway's agency preserve striking historical glimpses into everyday life, familiar locations, and means of employment. Though produced for journalistic purposes, their fine qualities of composition and execution suggest that a skilled photographer with an artistic eye was standing behind the lens. Though the men -- and perhaps women -- who clicked the shutter remain anonymous, we enter easily into what they saw, at the moment they saw it.

The agency's holdings amounted to some four hundred thousand images by the time of Galloway's death. Today, Ewing Galloway, Inc. manages and markets a portion of the photographic assets of the original agency.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Ewing Galloway Collection of Photographs consists of more than 150 large-format photographs taken by the American photographer. The collection is divided topically. Galloway's own identification number is given in parentheses following each item title.

City scenes includes photographs from New York, Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Little Rock and other urban areas. Most are street scenes (Michigan Boulevard in Chicago, Bagley Avenue in Detroit) though there are a few river and skyline shots. Industry comprises images of American business, including manufacturing, mining, railroad, dairy, refining and steel, among others.

Native American contains individual and group photographs, primarily from the Southwest and Alaska, while Asia contains images from China, Formosa (Taiwan), Japan, Korea, Siam (Thailand), and the Philippines. Foreign covers most of Europe (Austria, Belgium, England, France, Germany, Holland, Russia, Spain and Tunis) and Central/South America (Argentina and Mexico).

The most varied selection is found in Human interest: from a superstitious aviatrix with her two dolls to a horse-drawn wagon in Brooklyn, from a prison tower at Sing Sing Correctional Facility to a chemist in his laboratory.

There is also a small series of nine Unnumbered photographs, smaller in dimension and acquired separately at a later date. These represent a variety of the above topics, including New York Harbor, a full-rigger tall ship, a Philippine Islander in traditional dress, St. Gudula's Cathedral in Brussels, and more.

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Arrangement of the Collection

Divided topically. The topics, and the photographs within each topic, are in no particular order.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Subject Headings


Galloway, Ewing


Indians of North America -- Photographs.
Street life -- Photographs.


Germany -- Pictorial works.
Japan -- Pictorial works.
Korea -- Pictorial works.
New York (N.Y.) -- History and culture.
New York (N.Y.) -- Pictorial works.

Genres and Forms




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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Ewing Galloway Collection of Photographs,
Special Collections Research Center

Acquisition Information

Gift of Mark Jacobson, 1997.

Unnumbered photographs, gift of Ricker Library of Architecture and Art, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2010; Margaret Fox, 2015.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: -
Date: unknown
Revision history: 25 Sep 2006 - converted to EAD (AMCon); 8 May 2007 - added creator (MRC); 12 Jan 2012 - box numbers revised (MBD); 15 Mar 2012 - adds (MRC); 26 Oct 2012 - extent revised (MBD); 25 Sep 2015 - Fox gift (MRC)

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City scenes
Galloway's own identification numbers appear in parentheses following each item title.
Oversize 1 Trolley on Trolley Track Going Down Main Street (54)
Oversize 1 Alaska: A Village and River Front Located in Alaska (172)
Oversize 1 Buffalo, New York: Main Street Located in Buffalo, New York (166)
Oversize 1 Chicago, Illinois: Michigan Boulevard During 1920 Located in Chicago, Illinois (83)
Oversize 1 Cleveland, Ohio: Public Square Located in Cleveland, Ohio (95)
Oversize 1 Cleveland, Ohio: Cleveland Car System in the Public Square Looking Towards Euclid Avenue (111)
Oversize 1 Cleveland, Ohio: A Municipal Center in Cuyahoga County Court House and City All in Cleveland (177)
Oversize 1 Dayton, Ohio: Looking Down 4th Street in Dayton, Ohio (69)
Oversize 1 Detroit, Michigan: Sight Seeing Boats Along the Detroit Water Front (122)
Oversize 1 Detroit, Michigan: Parking Autos on Bagley Avenue in Detroit, Michigan (156)
Oversize 1 Detroit, Michigan: Along the Detroit River Front Reflecting Pleasure and Passenger Boats (170)
Oversize 1 Hot Springs, Arkansas: Central Avenue and Bath House Row in Hot Springs, Arkansas (76)
Oversize 1 Indianapolis, Indiana: A Typical Street scene in Indianapolis, Indiana During the Early 10th Century (15)
Oversize 1 Little Rock, Arkansas: Capital Avenue Viewed From Main Street Located in Little Rock, Arkansas (75)
Oversize 1 New York City: Night View of Times Square in New York City During the 1930's (two copies) (6)
Oversize 2 New York City: Looking East Over 42nd Street From 6th Avenue, New York City. An Early Version Showing the Trolley in Motion (9)
Oversize 2 New York City: A Photo Reflecting Orchard Street in New York City Viewed From Grand Street. It Shows The Atypical Shoppers and the Push Carts(two copies) (21) ca. 1930
Oversize 2 New York City: Skyline of New York City Taken From the Brooklyn Bridge in the Early Part of the 20th Century (two copies) (33)
Oversize 2 New York City: The Soldiers Monument in the Center of Midtown (70)
Oversize 2 New York City: Hotel Madison in New York City Located on Madison Avenue (88)
Oversize 2 New York City: New York City Skyline Viewed From a Ferry (two copies) (120)
Oversize 2 New York City: New York City Skyline Viewed from Brooklyn, New York (127)
Oversize 2 New York City: View of 5th Avenue and 42nd Street Reflecting Heavy Pedestrian Traffic (157)
Oversize 2 New York City: Hoisting of a Bell to the Tower in the Riverside Church Located in New York City (161)
Oversize 2 New York City: A Ship Coaling at the Dock in Brooklyn with the New York Skyline in the Background (175)
Oversize 2 New York City: The New York Skyline Seen From The Manhattan Bridge (195)
Oversize 2 Toledo, Ohio: Lucas County Court House on Adams Street Located in Toledo, Ohio (84)
Oversize 3 Borroughs Adding Machine Company: Switchboard in Engine Room of Borroughs Adding Machine Company (51)
Oversize 3 Borroughs Adding Machine Company: Safety Device on a Joiner Machine at the Borroughs Adding Machine Company (117)
Oversize 3 Borroughs Adding Machine Company: Employment Office of the Bourroughs Company in Detroit (145)
Oversize 3 Mine, Calumet Hecla: A Michigan Mine Reflecting Securing Loose Ground at the Calumet Hecla Mine (22)
Oversize 3 Calumet Hecla Mines: Forging Molten Copper Into Molds at Calumet Hecla Mines (146)
Oversize 3 Coal: Vessel Being Loaded With Coal in Toledo, Ohio (118)
Oversize 3 Cobbler: A Cobbler Sewing Shoes with a Shoe Machine (28)
Oversize 3 Corn Harvest: Corn Harvest Utilizing Modern Corn Cutting Machinery (27)
Oversize 3 Curtis Oriole Airplane: Assembling a Wing of a Curtis Oriole Airplane 1920 Model (176)
Oversize 3 Curtis Oriole Airplane: Grinding the Cam Shaft of a Curtis Motor for the 1920 Model of an Oriole Airplane (185)
Oversize 3 Curtis Oriole Airplane: Installing Motors in the Curtis Oriole Airplane 1920 Model (192)
Oversize 3 Erie Railroad: Erie Railroad Camps, Depicting One of the Largest Passenger Engines (125)
Oversize 3 Erie Railroad: Largest Freight Engines on the Euro Erie Railroad Lines (181)
Oversize 3 Factory - Hats: Interior of a Hat and Cap Factory (48)
Oversize 3 Factory - Hats: Manufacturing Soft and Stiff Fur Hats (81)
Oversize 3 Factory - Hats: Manufacturing Hats Using Hard Wood Blocks and Electric Iron (184)
Oversize 3 Gravel Tug: Unloading a Gravel Tug, Docked at Toledo, Ohio (82)
Oversize 3 Hydraulic Press Steel Company: Press Room of the Hydraulic Press Steel Company at Cleveland, Ohio (85)
Oversize 3 Hydraulic Press Steel Company: Oil Burning Furnace at the Hydraulic Press Steel Company in Cleveland, Ohio (110)
Oversize 3 Libby Glass Works: Forming A The Stand For Use At Libby Glass Works (36)
Oversize 4 Locomotive: Locomotive Early Train Twenty Four Wheel Drive (41)
Oversize 4 Locomotive: An Engineer Oiling the Locomotive Before a Run in the Railroad Yard in Baltimore, Maryland (72)
Oversize 4 Machine Company Employees: A Pastry Kitchen Being Utilized For Borroughs Adding Machine Company Employees (126)
Oversize 4 Milk: A New York City Inspector Checking Tag on Milk Cans (35)
Oversize 4 Milk: New York Department of Health Inspector Examining for Bacteria in Milk Before Being Sent to Dealers for Consumption (47)
Oversize 4 Milk: Taking samples of Milk From a Tank for Bacteria Testing (49)
Oversize 4 Milk: Taking the Temperature of Bottles of Milk in New York City (53)
Oversize 4 Milk: Inspecting Milk Before Delivery in a Borden Horse Drawn Milk wagon in New York City (56)
Oversize 4 Milk: Inspecting a Milk Tanker Truck, Being Unloaded at a Bottling Plant in New York City (113)
Oversize 4 Milk: Reading Milk Tags on the Tank Car to Establish Origin of the Milk (114)
Oversize 4 Mine, Copper: Copper Mine and Crushing Plant in Miami, Arizona (55)
Oversize 4 Mine, Copper: A View of the Rails in a Copper Mine in Michigan (187)
Oversize 4 Mine, Klondike Gold: Gold Mining in Klondike, Yukon Territory. This scene in the district where gold was discovered in 1896, two years before the gold rush of 1888. (20)
Oversize 4 Mine, Klondike Gold: Men Mining For Gold in Klondike Region in Canada (141)
Oversize 4 Mine, Salt: A Salt Mine Located 960 Feet Deep (164)
Oversize 4 Mine, US Bureau: Rescue Crew Employed by the United States Bureau of Mines (162)
Oversize 4 Mine, Wilkes-Barre Coal: Starting Early as a Mascot of Coal Miners in Wilkes-Barre, PA (1)
Oversize 4 Mosquitoes: A Power Pump Attached to the Moret of an Oil Truck Utilized by the New York City Health Department to Destroy Mosquitoes (13)
Oversize 4 Mosquitoes: New York Inspector From Board of Health Collecting Mosquito Larvae for Examination (39)
Oversize 4 Mosquitoes: War on Mosquitoes with Crude Oil in Marshes Located in New York City (180)
Oversize 4 New York Globe Newspaper: The Telegraph Room At The New York Globe Newspaper in New York City (148)
Oversize 5 New York Globe Newspaper: Make Up Alley in the Newspaper (152)
Oversize 5 New York Globe Newspaper: Stereotype Room Showing Plates Being Made (154)
Oversize 5 Niagra Falls, New York: Building Underwater in Niagra Falls, New York in Eleven Mile Current (150)
Oversize 5 Packard Motor Car Company: Packard Motor Car Company Drilling the Crank Case 65 Holes at One Time. Factory Located in Detroit, Michigan (74)
Oversize 5 Packard Motor Car Company: Packard Motor Car Company Located in Detroit, Michigan (97)
Oversize 5 Packard Motor Car Company: Another Picture of the Packard Motor Car Company of Detroit, Michigan (98)
Oversize 5 Packard Motor Car Company: Testing A Motor with a stethoscope for the Packard Motor Car Company (104)
Oversize 5 Packard Motor Car Company: Automatic Screw Machine Department at the Packard Motor Car Company (108)
Oversize 5 Packard Motor Car Company: A Roller Conveyor at the Packard Motor Car Company Used for Handling Heavy Parts (109)
Oversize 5 Packard Motor Car Company: Aluminum Melting Furnace At the Packard Motor Car Company (128)
Oversize 5 Packard Motor Car Company: Oil Burning Furnace at the Packard Motor Car Company in Detroit, Michigan (147)
Oversize 5 Pneumatic Tool Company: Chipping With a Compressed Air Tool, Built By the Chicago Pneumatic Tool Company of Cleveland, Ohio (16)
Oversize 5 Pneumatic Tool Company: Grinding Gear Housing For Auto truck With Pneumatic Tool Company (151)
Oversize 5 Railroad Grain Elevators: Ten Railroad Grain Elevators in Baltimore, Maryland (190)
Oversize 5 Railroad Lamps: Blowing Lamp Cylinders for Railroad Lamps (37)
Oversize 5 Railroad Yard: A Car Shop and Railroad Yard Located in Toledo, Ohio (73)
Oversize 5 S.S. Brennan: A Wireless Radio Operation Aboard the S.S. Brennan (46)
Oversize 5 Sheet Copper: Stripping and Straightening Sheet Copper in Hubble, Michigan (198)
Oversize 5 Shredded Wheat Company: A Female Restroom at the Shredded Wheat Company of Niagra Falls, New York State in the Early 20th Century (3)
Oversize 6 Shredded Wheat Company: A Production Line of the Shredded Wheat Company of Niagra Falls in New York State (10)
Oversize 6 Shredded Wheat Company: Packing Shredded Wheat in Niagra Falls, New York (183)
Oversize 6 Sinclair Refinery: Rear View of Stills Showing Piping at Sinclair Refinery in East Chicago (57)
Oversize 6 Sinclair Refinery: Light Oil Receiving House at the Sinclair Refinery in east Chicago, Illinois (94)
Oversize 6 Sinclair Refinery: Loading Rack of the Sinclair Refinery in East Chicago, Illinois (106)
Oversize 6 Sinclair Refinery: A Close up of the Loading Rack at the Sinclair Refinery (107)
Oversize 6 Steel Beams: Loading Steel Beams on a Vessel in Cleveland Harbor For Canada (87)
Oversize 6 Tank Gasoline Station: A Converted Railroad Tank Car into an Office for the Gasoline Filling Station Reflecting Autos Getting Gas Located in Charlottesville, Virginia (17)
Oversize 6 Tank Gasoline Station: Another View of the Converted Railroad Tank Car in Charlottesville, Virginia (18)
Oversize 6 The Glen L. Martin Company: Adjusting the Motor and Checking Parts after a Final Test is Made on an Airplane (2)
Oversize 6 The Glen L. Martin Company: Drafting Room of the Engineering Department of the Glen L. Martin Company of Cleveland, Ohio (5)
Oversize 6 The Glen L. Martin Company: Assembling Wings for Martin Planes Located at the Glen L. Martin Company in Cleveland, Ohio (96)
Oversize 6 The Glen L. Martin Company: Covering an Airplane Wing With Linen Cloth. Located at the Glen L. Martin Company in Cleveland, Ohio (105)
Oversize 6 The Glen L. Martin Company: A Side View of a Martin Naval Plane (112)
Oversize 6 The Glen L. Martin Company: Assembling Rib For the Martin Plane at The Glen L. Martin Company of Cleveland, Ohio (196)
Oversize 6 Train, Commuter: A Commuter Train and It's Occupants Leaving to go to Their Daily Jobs in Chicago, Illinois (64)
Oversize 6 Tripping Device: Two Handle tripping Device To Curb Accidents in Detroit (124)
Oversize 6 Upson Steel Mills: Upson Steel Mills Located in Cleveland, Ohio (178)
Oversize 6 Van Tassel Tanning Comp.: Soaking Hides in the Van Tassel Tanning Company of Stoneham, Massachusetts (66)
Oversize 6 Van Tassel Tanning Comp.: Photographing Story of Leather Making Taken in Van Tassel Tannery (153)
Oversize 6 Van Tassel Tanning Comp.: Van Tassel Tanning Company Hides are Stored in Respective Bins According to Kind, Grade, and Weight (155)
Oversize 6 Van Tassel Tanning Comp.: A Leather Tanning Plant in Stoneham, Massachusetts (197)
Oversize 6 Whaling: Whalers at Work, Notice Whale in Shallow Waters (90)
Native American
Oversize 7 Indians Making Ceramics (77)
Oversize 7 An Indian Mother Nursing Her Baby (80)
Oversize 7 Albuquerque, New Mexico: Exhibition at the Indian Buildings in Albuquerque, New Mexico (101)
Oversize 7 Albuquerque, New Mexico: Basket Weaving By Indian Child In Albuquerque, New Mexico (189)
Oversize 7 Blackfeet Tribe, Montana: American Indian Close Up Photo. This is the photo of the man appearing on the Nickel Coin. This Indian is a member of the Blackfeet tribe of Montana. (19)
Oversize 7 Blackfoot Indians: Blackfoot Indians in Montana (168)
Oversize 7 Dawson, Alaska: Indian Women Hanging Up Salmon to Dry in Mosse Head Village Near Dawson, Alaska (121)
Oversize 7 Juger: Juger Women Weaving (135)
Oversize 7 Mexico: Making Tortillas In Mexico (179)
Oversize 7 Navajo of New Mexico: A 10 Year Old Navajo Indian Child of New Mexico, Weaving and Simultaneously Attempting to reflect Stories of Their Tribe in the Weave (11)
Oversize 7 New Mexico: Two Indians From New Mexico (133)
Oversize 7 Point Oak, Alaska: Eskimo Mother and Her Baby From Point Oak, Alaska (92)
Oversize 7 Pueblo Indians: Pueblo Indians of Islets, New Mexico (4)
Oversize 7 Pueblo Indians: A Group of Pueblo Indians on a Roof Top in Isleta, New Mexico (8)
Oversize 7 Pueblo Indians: Pueblo Indians Crossing a Stream in New Mexico (143)
Oversize 7 Pueblo, Laguna, New Mexico: A Scene From Pueblo, Laguna of New Mexico (100)
Oversize 7 Pueblo, New Mexico: An Indian Wrapped in a Blanket in Pueblo, New Mexico (99)
Oversize 8 Children Being Prepared to Have Photos Taken of Themselves (134)
Oversize 8 China: Chinese Oriental Fishing From a Small Boat (40)
Oversize 8 Formosa: A Group of Formosan Girls Dressed in Colorful Costumes Taken During 1951 (12)
Oversize 8 Formosa: A Group of Aborigines Parading In Formosa (167)
Oversize 8 Japan: A Bus made By the Ford Motor Company Utilized For Passenger Service In Tokyo, Japan (30)
Oversize 8 Japan: A Japanese Girl Taking a Bath in a Barrel With a Wood Burning Heating Device (32)
Oversize 8 Japan: Japanese Lady With a Little Girl Riding in a Rickshaw (132)
Oversize 8 Japan: Crater Of A Volcano In Northern Japan (163)
Oversize 8 Korea: A Korean Carrying a Load of Baskets, Brooms, etc. in a Gigi Used By Thousands of Porters For Toting Burdens in Korea (29)
Oversize 8 Korea: A Gentleman Pulling a Rickshaw in Korea (131)
Oversize 8 Korea: Farmers Children on the Road in Seoul, Korea (136)
Oversize 8 Korea: Salvation Army Van in Seoul, Korea (138)
Oversize 8 Korea: Koreans In Seoul In Their Homes With Children (144)
Oversize 8 Philippines: A Scene Of Nipa Shacks Located in the Philippines (139)
Oversize 8 Philippines: A Women In The Philippines Selling Fruits and Vegetables (142)
Oversize 8 Siam: A Woman Working In A Rice Field In Siam (199)
Oversize 9 Small Boys Twisting Cotton With Hands and Toes (137)
Oversize 9 Argentina: Shipping at the Docks of Buenos Aires, Argentina (171)
Oversize 9 Argentina: Storage Bins and Warehouse for Cotton and Wheat in Buenos Aires, Argentina (200)
Oversize 9 Austria: A Portrait of an Austrian Mother and Child (63)
Oversize 9 Belgium: A Busy Market Scene in a Locale in Belgium (45)
Oversize 9 England: A Fishing Village in Clovelly, England (169)
Oversize 9 France: German Prisoners of War Located in France (188)
Oversize 9 Germany: The Wreck of a Tank Captured by the Germans and Used by Them Against the French (34)
Oversize 9 Germany: A View of a Medieval Town in Germany (79)
Oversize 9 Germany: A Cathedral in Nuremberg, Germany (129)
Oversize 9 Holland: Scenic View of Several Windmills in Holland Within the City of Zaandyke (67)
Oversize 9 Holland: A Typical Farm Cart Traveling on a Cobble Stone Road in Holland (173)
Oversize 9 Mexico: A Scene Depicting Men Being Executed By a Firing Squad in Mexico. One of the Men is a Priest. (182)
Oversize 9 Russia: A Russian Church Located in Moscow Called "Vassely Blajenni" (159)
Oversize 9 Spain: Date Gatherers In Hide Palms in Alicante, Spain (165)
Oversize 9 Tunis: Musicians in Tunis (193)
Human interest
Oversize 10 An Early Photograph of a Typical Patrolman in His Rain Gear Accompanied by a Crying Child (two copies) (7)
Oversize 10 A Fire During the 1920's at the Edmonds' Elevator Company, Note the Spectators in Their Summer Straws (two copies) (14)
Oversize 10 Spectator Viewing the Springs at Hot Springs, Arkansas (23)
Oversize 10 A Scene Reflecting Destitute Children Picking Up Coal From Waste Piles to Insure Coal Supply for Their Respective Homes in Anticipation of Winter (24)
Oversize 10 Tractor Moving a House on Rollers (25)
Oversize 10 Two Circus elephants Getting Ready to Leave Town Via Locomotive (31)
Oversize 10 Modern Sanitation Truck During the Early 1930's (38)
Oversize 10 Two Hobo's on Top of a Caboose (42)
Oversize 10 A Hobo Catching A Ride on a Caboose (43)
Oversize 10 Newark, New Jersey Public Library (Interior) (44)
Oversize 10 Hobo Walking the Railroad Track (50)
Oversize 11 A Photo of a Grandma Madonna and Two Young Children (52)
Oversize 11 Chaos in the Financial District At the Height of the Depression (58)
Oversize 11 Two Little Boys Playing in a Gutter Located in New York City (59)
Oversize 11 A Baby Giving a Piece of His Chocolate Bar to His Family's Pet Dog (60)
Oversize 11 A Portrait of an Immigrant Mother and Her Baby Daughter (61)
Oversize 11 A Group of Immigrants Applying For Their First papers in Quest of United States Citizenship (62)
Oversize 11 A View of a Prisoner Listening to His Radio (Note Earphones) to Stifle Noise (65)
Oversize 11 A Horse Drawn Wagon of Scrap Metal in Brooklyn, New York (68)
Oversize 11 An Auto Wreck Being Observed By a Group of New York Onlookers (71)
Oversize 10 Superstitious Aviatrix Accompanied By Two Little Dolls When Flying (78)
Oversize 11 A Portrait of a Musician Holding His Bow and Violin (86)
Oversize 11 Children Getting Inoculated Against Scarlet Fever (89)
Oversize 11 A Hobo Sewing Warm Clothes in His Woodland Home (91)
Oversize 11 A Chemist in His Washington, D.C. Laboratory (93)
Oversize 11 Father, Mother and Child (Family Pose Early 20th Century) (102)
Oversize 11 Application For Naturalization Taken Under Oath (103)
Oversize 12 Man Getting Oysters Out of the Water at the Oyster Beds in New Jersey (115)
Oversize 12 Orphan Children's Outing Given by the Cleveland Automobile Club (116)
Oversize 12 A Portrait of Mr. Munson Havens the Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce of Cleveland, Ohio (119)
Oversize 12 An Employees Cooperative Store in Detroit, Michigan (123)
Oversize 12 A Group of Veteran Gold Miners (130)
Oversize 12 A Cardiac Class For Women Suffering From Cardiac Disease in New York City (140)
Oversize 12 Postman Delivering Mail, His Uniform of Fifty Years or More Are Still Being Utilized (149)
Oversize 12 Free Public Tennis Courts Located in Cleveland, Ohio (158)
Oversize 12 A Protest Against Non-Employment and Discrimination Against Minorities (160)
Oversize 12 A Concrete Bridge Over a Niagra River Above Niagra Falls, New York (174)
Oversize 12 The Old Style, Free Delivery Postman with Horse and Buggy (186)
Oversize 12 Excavating in Quest of Archeological Finds (191)
Oversize 12 A View of a Guard Manning the Tower Overlooking the Sing Sing Prison in New York State (194)
Unnumbered later additions
Oversize 1 Postcard with photograph of City Hall in New York
Gift of Margaret Fox, 2015.
Oversize 1 Miscellaneous (9 items)
Gift of the Ricker Library of Architecture and Art, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2010.
Places and subjects include New York City, Kansas City, St. Gudula Cathedral in Brussels, Niagara Falls, New York Harbor, a full-rigger "tall ship," turtle fishing in Abyssinia, and a Bagobo youth in the Philippines. Dates are unknown. All photos are 8x10" black and white originals.

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