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Harriet Whitney Frishmuth Papers

An inventory of her papers at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Frishmuth, Harriet Whitney, 1880-1980
Title: Harriet Whitney Frishmuth Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1924-1977
Quantity: 27.5 linear ft.
Abstract: Papers of the American sculptor. Business correspondence (1924-1974), including that with Allied Architects of Los Angeles, Grand Central Art Galleries, National Academy of Design, National Sculpture Society, and the 1939 New York World's Fair; financial material; printed material; memorabilia; photographs, glass and copper negatives of works; and five sculptures.
Language: English
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

Harriet W. Frishmuth (1880-1980) was an American sculptor. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on September 17, 1880, she studied art in Paris under Rodin and Injalbert, in Berlin under Euchteitz and at the Art Students' League under Borglum and McNeil, where she was awarded the St. Gaudens first prize. Her work has been exhibited at the National Academy of Design, the Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia, the Salon in Paris, the San Francisco Exposition (1939-1940) and the National Association of Women Painters and Sculptors.

Frishmuth received several awards from the National Academy of Design, a prize from the Grand Central Art Galleries, an honorable mention from the San Francisco Exposition and the Joan of Arc Silver Medal from the National Association of Women Painters and Sculptors.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Harriet Whitney Frishmuth Papers consists of three major accessions and several later additions which have not been integrated.

The main part of the collection comprises correspondence; photographs, blueprints, and sketches of her work; personal mementos; albums and tapes; scrapbooks; and publications. Correspondence includes that of galleries (Corcoran Gallery of Art, Little Gallery, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Milch Galleries, Park Gallery, Sheldon Swope Art Gallery); professional organizations (National Academy of Design, National Sculpture Society, Municipal Art Society, Society of Medalists); and individuals including her agent, William Drake. Works comprises photographs, blueprints, and sketches of a number of Frsihmuth's pieces, while additional photographs can be found in Albums and tapes. Personal mementos awards, certificates, photographs, maps, and studio plans. Scrapbooks contains two scrapbooks, one with newspaper clippings and the other of various personal mementos. Publications concerning Miss Frishmuth contains various books that discuss Miss Frishmuth and her work (some of these have been transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging; see Publications concerning Miss Frishmuth below for details).

The 1979 accession consists of General files (correspondence and financial), Photographs (prints and slides), Printed matter (clippings, books and periodicals), Memorabilia (awards, passport, Red Cross uniform), Negatives (celluloid, copper and glass) and Art pieces (2 sculptures, 5 reliefs, and a sketch). This accession added 5-1/2 linear feet (10 boxes, 2 oversized packages) to the collection.

The 1980 accession consists of Artwork (glass plates, paintings, sculptures, and photographs of Frishmuth work); Biographical material (books with small sections on her life); Correspondence (business and personal; Financial material (1 vol.); Memorabilia (medals and miscellaneous photographs) and Printed material (books and pamphlets). This accession added 8 square feet (4 boxes, 10 oversized packages) to the collection.

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Arrangement of the Collection

Later accessions have not been integrated. Note that box numbering begins again with Box 1. Please specify accession and box number when requesting items to ensure retrieval of correct boxes.

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Access Restrictions

CLOSED: The entire collection is closed until October 2018 for processing of additions and rehousing.

Nothing three-dimensional may be reproduced.

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Related Material

A few books have been removed from the collection and transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging. See Publications concerning Miss Frishmuth below for details.

Special Collections Research Center has the papers of more than 60 sculptors, including Anna Hyatt Huntington, James Earle Fraser and his wife Laura Gardin Fraser, and Brenda Putnam. Please see the SCRC Subject Index for a complete listing.

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Subject Headings


Frishmuth, Harriet Whitney, 1880-1980.

Corporate Bodies

Allied Architects of Los Angeles.
Grand Central Art Galleries.
National Academy of Design (U.S.)
National Sculpture Society (U.S.)
New York World's Fair (1939-1940 : New York, N.Y.)


Art, American -- 20th century.
Art, American.
Sculptors -- United States.
Sculpture, American -- 20th century.
Sculpture, American.
Women artists -- United States.
Women sculptors -- United States.

Genres and Forms

Bank statements.
Bills of sale.
Blueprints (reprographic copies)
Clippings (information artifacts)
Receipts (financial records)



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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Harriet Whitney Frishmuth Papers,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

Majority of collection gift of Harriet Frishmuth, 1967-1980.

Some memorabilia gift of Ruth Talcott, 1985.

"Dorothea" bronze relief and plaster relief, and plaster bust of infant gift of Bettina Huffman, 2010.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: -
Date: Aug 1967
Revision history: 14 Sep 1979 - accession (CAK); 14 Apr 1980 - accession (DW); 23 May 1980 - added Huntington Award (-); 29 Sep 2006 - converted to EAD (AMCon); 18 Dec 2007 - added transcript (MRC); 12 Jul 2010 - artwork added (MRC); 14 Jul 2014 - corrected audiotape information (MRC); 18 Oct 2016 - audiorecording inventory added (PJM)

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RESTRICTED: CLOSED: The entire collection is closed until October 2018 for processing of additions and rehousing.
Box 1 Allied Architects of Los Angeles 1924, undated - re: "The Vine"
Box 1 American Red Cross 1945 - correspondence, photos, receipts, certificates
Box 1 Arkell, Bartlett and Barbour, F. E. 1930-1931
Box 1 Auto Radiator Emblem 1927, undated
Box 1 Belt, Benjamin L. 1927-1939 - re: "The Bubble"
Box 1 Brookgreen Gardens 1936-1942 - correspondence, pamphlet
Box 1 Brooklyn Botanical Gardens 1938
Box 1 [W. S.] Budworth and Son 1949
Box 1 Cahn, Joshua Binion 1949-1950 - correspondence, sales slips, agreements
Box 1 "Call of the Sea" 1936-1939 - includes sketch
Box 1 Corcoran Gallery of Art 1931 - re: "Desha"
Box 1 Craig, Dr. Frank R. 1935-1937, undated - re: "Peter Pan" also agreement, invoice
Box 1 "Crest of the Wave" 1935 - correspondence, receipts
Box 1 "Dancing Group" 1933
Box 1 Davey, Mildred 1942, undated
Box 1 Dill, Colby and Elsie De Lamarter 1929-1935, undated - re: "Dill Memorial," also photos, essay
Box 1 Drake, William J. 1945-1960, undated - includes lists of works, holographic notesalso list of works (15 folders)
Drake, William J.-sales files - Drake was Ms. Frishmuth's agent
Box 2 [Loring] Andrews Company 1947
Box 2 [Webb C.] Ball Company 1947-1953
Box 2 [Felix] Bendann, Jr. 1947-1958
Box 2 Black, Starr and Gorham, Inc. 1945-1955
Box 2 Black, Starr and Gorham, Inc. 1947-1955
Box 2 [F. H.] Bresler Company 1947-1954
Box 2 [J. E.] Caldwell Company 1947-1955
Box 2 "Change over" 1947-1957
Box 2 "Closed accounts" 1947-1951
Box 2 Erkins Studios, Inc. 1953-1959, undated
Box 2 W. F. Fischer Company 1947
Box 2 [Harriet W.] Frishmuth 1948-1959 - includes "Casting orders, shipments-list bronzes"
Box 2 [James] Graham and Son, Inc. 1947-1959, undated (2 folders)
Box 2 Grogan Company 1947
Box 2 Hammaker, Frank 1949-1954
Box 2 [John] Hanna, Inc. 1950-1955
Box 2 [J. B.] Hudson Company 1947-1952, undated
Box 2 Morris, V. C. 1951 - includes brochure
Box 2 O'Briens Emporium 1958-1959
Box 2 Painters and Sculptors Gallery 1947-1957, undated
Box 2 Presbrey-Leland, Inc. 1950
Box 2 Rawcliffe Foundry Company 1953-1958, undated
Box 2 Shabby Shoppe, Inc. 1947-1958, undated
Box 2 W. W. Wattles and Sons, Company 1947-1957, undated
Box 2 "Miscellaneous" 1945-1951, - includes list of works
Box 3 Election to societies and awards - Architectural League of New York -Zonta Club of New York
Box 3 Election to societies and awards - blueprints, brochures, photos, etc.
Fan mail
Box 3 1900-1925
Box 3 1926-1934
Box 3 1935-1954
Box 3 1955-1964
Box 3 undated
Box 3 Miscellaneous - brochures, programs, souvenirs, etc.
Box 3 Foshay, Wilbur B. 1926-1930, undated - re: "Papillion"
Box 3 Foshay, Wilbur B. 1928-1933, undated - re: "Scherzo" for the Foshay Tower, newspaper clipping
Box 3 French, Daniel C. (missing as of 10/99) 1930
Box 3 Fry, Homer 1949, undated - re: "Humoresque"
Box 3 Gaskill, C. W. 1930
Box 3 "Goddard Memorial" 1929
Gorham Company
Box 4 Correspondence 1923-1952 (29 folders)
Box 4 Financial matters 1929-1959, undated - bank statements, bills, receipts, etc. (4 folders)
Box 5 [James] Graham and Son 1948-1949
Box 5 Grand Central Art Galleries 1930-1946, undated
Box 5 Gump's 1949 - re: "Dancing Group"
Box 5 Hall of Fame 1950-1951 - re: Woodrow Wilson Bust, also holographic explanation
Box 5 Hammaker, Frank Ensor 1946 - re: "Roses of Yesterday"
Box 5 Hammond, Mrs John Hays 1928-1929, undated - re: "The Trio" (Frogs and Lily Pad), also notices
Box 5 Harkness, Mrs. Mary Stillman 1934-1935, undated - re: "Bull Dog," also notices, receipts
Box 5 Inquiries 1927-1948 (5 folders)
Box 5 Invitations 1928-1937, undated (3 folders)
Box 5 Jones, Francis Arthur 1924-1934
Box 5 "Joy of the Waters" 1938-1940, undated
Box 5 "Dirck Keyser Monument" 1943, undated
Box 5 Keystone View Company 1927-1928, undated - includes brochure
Box 5 Knickerbocker, Mrs. William H. 1938-1940, undated - re: "William Knickerbocker Bust"
Box 5 Landon, Hugh McK. 1931-1932, undated - re: "James Whitcomb Riley Memorial"
Box 5 Little Gallery 1931
Box 5 Liturgical Arts Society, Inc. 1941-1942, undated - includes notices, receipts, brochures, clippings, etc.
Box 5 Louis, Alexander W. 1937
Box 5 Lowry, James H. 1940
Box 6 Mayo Clinic 1927
Box 6 Medallic Art Company 1928-1929 - includes brochure
Box 6 Meier, Mrs. George Philip 1930-1935 - re: "Palm of My Hand"
Box 6 Mercersburg Academy (missing as of 10/99) 1935, undated - includes manuscript poem
Box 6 Metropolitan Museum of Art (Kent, Henry W.) (missing as of 10/99) 1927 - re: "The Vine"
Box 6 Milch Galleries 1926-1928, undated - includes brochure
Box 6 Model Miscellaneous - addresses
Box 6 Morice, Mrs. William 1930-1941, undated - re: "Play Days"
Box 6 "Morning, Noon and Night" 1936, undated
Box 6 Morton, Mrs. Willie T. 1926-1928, undated - re: "Morton Memorial," also agreements, certificates
Box 6 Mullen, John K. 1926-1928, undated - also agreements, miscellaneousre: "The Christ"
Box 6 Municipal Art Society 1930-1949
Box 6 "Murphree Memorial", University of Florida 1928
Box 6 Murray, Harry - holographic notes
Box 6 Murray Hill Association 1934
Box 6 National Academy of Design 1929-1939, undated - includes brochures, bulletins
Box 6 National Arts Club 1928-1936
Box 6 National Institutes of Social Sciences 1926-1929 - includes receipts, bulletins
National Sculpture Society
Box 6 Loan fund 1939 - includes applications, reports
Box 6 Harriet Frishmuth 1927-1951
Box 6 Harriet Frishmuth (Secretary of N. S. S.) 1928-1933, undated
Box 6 National Sculpture Society 1925-1952, undated
Box 6 Minutes of meetings
Box 6 Miscellaneous lists, notices, receipts, etc. 1927-1934, undated
Box 6 National Small Sculpture Committee 1928-1929 - includes brochures
Box 6 Newall, Joseph 1940 - re: "Walden Memorial"
Box 6 New York Academy of Medicine Medal 1930-1931
Box 6 New York World's Fair, 1939 1938-1940, undated - includes brochure
Box 6 Olympic Games: Los Angeles 1932 - includes application, brochure
Box 6 Norfolk Tribute 1951-1952 - includes bills, clippingsre: "Memorial"
Box 7 Pack, Mrs Rudolph 1950-1952, undated - re: " Play Days"
Box 7 Park Gallery 1931
Box 7 Pen and Brush Club (missing as of 10/99) 1948
Box 7 Plummer, A. Newton 1947 - re: "Sundials"
Box 7 Presbrey-Leland Studios 1927-1954, undated
Box 7 Presbrey-Leland Studios 1933-1935 - re: " Aspiration"
Box 7 Publicity 1942-1946 - includes brochure
Box 7 Requests for photographs 1943, undated
Box 7 Reul, Alexander 1930-1942 - includes income tax items, bills
Box 7 Robinson, George B. 1930-1931 - re: "Reflections"-Bronze Fountain
Box 7 Roman Bronze Works, Inc. 1948-1950
Box 7 Ruskin, Sophia 1939
Box 7 Sesquicentennial International Exposition 1926-1927 - re: "The Vine"
Box 7 Sloane, Mrs. William 1931, 1948-1951, undated - re: "Norfolk Memorial," re "Bell Irvine Memorial," also clippings, picture postcards (3 folders)
[J. H.] Small and Sons
Box 7 re: " Dream Days" 1926
Box 7 re: "Mrs. J. L. Harriman" 1921-1929, undated
Box 7 re: "Hogan Statue" 1925-1930, undated
Box 7 re: "Small Fountains" 1924-1927
Box 7 re: One Man Exhibit 1929-1950 - includes bills and receipts
Box 7 Miscellaneous 1925-1932
Box 7 Miscellaneous 1924-1938 - includes clipping
Box 7 Society of Medalists 1930 - includes brochures
Box 7 Sheldon Swope Art Gallery undated
Box 7 Taggart, Lucy 1929-1934, undated - includes sketch
Box 7 T. C. Tanke, Inc. 1931-1932, undated - re: "Henry D. Knox"-Bronze Fountain, also agreement
Box 7 Thank you 1933-1934
Box 7 Treasury Department of the U. S. 1935, undated - includes bulletin
Box 7 Turner, Helen M. 1931 - list of paintings
Box 7 United Galvano Art Company 1938
Box 7 [Lila Meade] Valentine Memorial Association 1928-1936 - re:"Lila Meade Valentine Memorial"
Lila Meade Valentine Memorial Association
Box 7 Outgoing 1928-1936 - re: "Lila Meade Valentine Memorial"
Box 7 Incoming 1931-1933 - re: "Lila Meade Valentine Memorial"
Box 7 Miscellaneous - agreements, notices, receipts, etc.
Box 8 Wagel, Mrs. 1940 - re: "Peter Pan Memorial"
Box 8 Walden, Eleanor B. 1935-1947, undated
Box 8 Walden, Madeleine 1923-1938, undated - re: "Roses of Yesterday"
Box 8 Ward, deWitt 1936, undated
Box 8 Watson, Thomas J. undated
Box 8 Welling, Richard 1937
Box 8 West Laurel Hill Cemetery Company 1936-1937, undated
Box 8 White, James T. 1927-1937, undated - re: Miss Frishmuth Biography
Box 8 [Louise Collier] Wilcox Memorial for Norfolk Museum of Arts and Sciences 1934-1935, undated - includes agreement
Box 8 Wilson, Mrs. Woodrow 1931-1935, undated - re: "Woodrow Wilson Bust," also miscellaneous agreements, notices, receipts, reports (4 folders)
Box 8 "Woodrow Wilson Bust": 1931 - Commemoratur programs of unveiling
Box 8 Woman's International Exposition 1929
Box 8 Zeier, John 1946
Box 8 Zork, David 1949 - includes sketch
Box 8 Miscellaneous 1927-1945, undated
The following folders may include photographs, blueprints, sketches, and/or clippings.
Box 8 "Angels of Consolation"
Box 8 "Aspiration"
Box 8 "Jella K. Baker"
Box 8 "William E. Benjamin, Esq. Memorial"
Box 8 "T. Passmore Berens"
Box 8 "Boy with Urn"
Box 8 "Bull Dog"
Box 8 "Campbell Memorial"
Box 8 "Caprice"
Box 8 "Cath alene Crane"
Box 8 "Dorothea Cooper"
Box 8 "Rev. Frederick Courtney"
Box 8 "Cupid Visits Nepture"
Box 8 "Day Dreams"
Box 8 "Desha" Head Portrait
Box 8 "Dill Memorial"
Box 8 "Dreams"
Box 8 "Eagle Radiator Cap"
Box 8 "Flower Holder"
Box 8 "Janet Gay"
Box 8 "Globe Sun Dial"
Box 8 "Goddard Memorial"
Box 8 "Greek Vases"
Box 8 "Hogan Staute"
Box 8 "Bell Irvine Memorial"
Box 8 "Joy of the Waters"
Box 9 "William H. Knickerbocker Bust"
Box 9 "Henry D. Knox" Bronze Fountain
Box 9 "Laughing Waters"
Box 9 "Longing"
Box 9 "McCullough Memorial"
Box 9 "Morton Memorial"
Box 9 "New York Academy of Medicine Medal"
Box 9 "Norfolk Tribute"
Box 9 "Papillion"
Box 9 "Playdays"
Box 9 "Mr. Reul's Fountains"
Box 9 "James Whitcomb Riley Memorial"
Box 9 "Roses of Yesterday"
Box 9 "Saki Sundial" Memorial
Box 9 Unveiling of "Scherzo" for the Foshay Tower
Box 9 "Slavonic Dancer"
Box 9 "Sweet Grapes"
Box 9 "Grace Helen Talbot"
Box 9 "The Bubble"
Box 9 "The Christ"
Box 9 "The Dancers"
Box 9 "The Garden Club of America Medal"
Box 9 "The Hunt"
Box 9 "The Pioneer Mother"
Box 9 "The Trio" Frogs and Lily Pads
Box 9 "Lila Meade Valentine Memorial"
Box 9 "Wilcox Memorial"
Box 9 "Woodrow Wilson Bust"
Box 9 Miscellaneous - memorials, statues, etc.
Box 9 Miscellaneous - sketches, fountains, sundials
Box 9 Miscellaneous - Grand Central Art Gallery-One Man Shows (many works)
Box 9 Etchings-sketches copper plates of etchings
Personal mementos of Miss Frishmuth
Box 10 Awards, certificates, medals 1923-1963, undated
Box 10 Map of Paris with holographic notes
Box 10 Movie: Sniffen Court, New York City 1935
Box 10 Holograph notebook of accounts with students
Box 10 Photographs of Miss Frishmuth
Box 10 Swiss Cottage 1929, 1937 - includes studio plans, correspondence, invitational announcement, holograph explanation
Box 10 Swiss Cottage: Lancaster Avenue
Albums and tapes
Box 11 Photograph album of works
Box  14 Childhood and Education 1/4 inch audio tape (ID#: frishmuth_001 )
Box  14 Education ; Early Studies ; Rodin Class 1/4 inch audio tape (ID#: frishmuth_002 )
Box  14 Borglum, Biter ; Purchase Sniffen Court ; First Commissions ; Meeting Desha 1/4 inch audio tape (ID#: frishmuth_003 )
Box  14 Desha ; Philadelphia ; Moved to New York 1/4 inch audio tape (ID#: frishmuth_004 )
Box  14 New York ; [Reminiscences] ; Silver Mine ; Syracuse 1/4 inch audio tape (ID#: frishmuth_005 )
Box  14 Large Bronzes ; Notes on Works ; Vine 1/4 inch audio tape (ID#: frishmuth_006 )
Box  14 Vine ; Call of Sea ; Crest of Wave ; Play Days ; Goddess of Happiness ; Papillon 1/4 inch audio tape (ID#: frishmuth_007 )
Box  14 Papillon to Peter Pan to Poo-Poo 1/4 inch audio tape (ID#: frishmuth_008 )
Box  14 Portraits and Memorials 1/4 inch audio tape (ID#: frishmuth_009 )
Box  14 Portraits and Memorials ; President Wilson ; The Christ 1/4 inch audio tape (ID#: frishmuth_010 )
Box  14 Aspiration ; Beyond ; Garden Club Medal 1/4 inch audio tape (ID#: frishmuth_011 )
Box  14 Plaster Casts 1/4 inch audio tape (ID#: frishmuth_012 )
Box 11 Transcripts of tapes
Box 12 Scrapbook of magazine and newspaper clippings 1902-1927, undated
Box 12 Scrapbook of personal mementos 1927-1963, undated (3 folders)
3 oversize scrapbooks, with copies of works
Now part of 1980 finding aid: See 1980 Accession: Artwork: Photographs (oversize 3) and 1980 Accession: Artwork: Photographs (oversize 4)
Publications concerning Frishmuth
Proske, Beatrice Gilman. Brookgreen Gardens: Sculpture (Brookgreen, S. C.) 1943 - see pp. xxx, 235-237, 239.
Transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging; please refer to the Classic Catalog
Box 13 Commemoration: The Book of Presbrey-Leland Memorials (Presbrey-Leland Studios) 1932
Box 13 Famous Bronze Statues: A Representative Exhibit Selected From the Works of Notes Contemporary Sculptors (Bronze Division of Gorham Company, New York) 1928 - Miss Frishmuth is well represented in this volume.
Pinchot, Ben. Female Form (New York: Bridgman Publishers, Inc.) 1935 - includes 2 photographs of Desha, the model who posed for the sketches in this volume.
Transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging; please refer to the Classic Catalog
Grand Central Art Galleries: Yearbook 1929
Transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging; please refer to the Classic Catalog
John Singer Sargent (New York: Grand Central Art Galleries) 1924
Transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging; please refer to the Classic Catalog
Lawrie, Lee. Sculpture (Ohio: J. H. Jansen) 1936
Transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging; please refer to the Classic Catalog
The American Academy in Rome 1939 - At The New York World's Fair and the Golden Gate Exposition
Transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging; please refer to the Classic Catalog
Box 13 The Art Gallery Magazine vol. 1, no. 1.. (New York: Grand Central Art Galleries: November) 1925
Box 13 The Dance Magazine January, 1927 - see p. 20.
Dodd, Loring Holmes. The Golden Age of American Sculpture (Boston: Chapman and Grimes) - see pp. 53-54
Transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging; please refer to the Classic Catalog
The Works of Emil Fuchs (New York) 1921
Transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging; please refer to the Classic Catalog
Aronson, Charles N. Sculptured Hyacinths (Vantage Press, New York) 1973
Transferred to Rare Books for separate cataloging; please refer to the Classic Catalog
Box 13 Sketchbook
1979 Accession
10 boxes, 2 oversized packages (5 1/2 linear feet)
The 1979 accession consists of six series: General files, Photographs, Printed matter, Memorabilia, Negatives and Art pieces.
General files contains correspondence and financial papers. There are extensive photographs of Miss Frishmuth's sculptures as well as several pictures of Miss Frishmuth and her home. Printed matter consists of newsclippings, periodicals, and also several volumes of books. Memorabilia includes mementos of Miss Frishmuth's as well as patent and copyright papers. There are many photographic Negatives, most of them glass, which provide views of most of Miss Frishmuth's works. Also included in this collection are several Art pieces: two pieces of sculpture and several reliefs.
General files
Box 1 Correspondence (15 folders)
Box 1 Financial (1 folder, 2 notebooks)
Box 1, 2 Prints (27 folders)
Box 2 Slides
Printed matter
Box 2 News clippings (3 folders)
Box 2 Periodicals (7 folders)
Box 2, 3 Books (8 volumes)
Box 4 Award certificates
Box 4 Card file
Box 4 Fortune telling cards
Box 4 Life-time membership card, Festival of the Arts
Box 4 Memorandum note book
Box 4 Passports
Box 4 Patent and copyright papers
Box 4 Red Cross Uniform, W.W.I
Box 4 Souvenir coins
Box 5 Celluloid
Box 5 Copper
Box 6, 7, 8, 9 Glass
Art pieces
Box 10 "Dorothea" (Harriet's sister) - bronze, oval, 5" x 2-3/4"; also includes plaster relief used to cast it
Gift of Bettina Huffman, Dorothea Jones' daughter, 2010
Box 10 Bust of infant (Harriet's niece, Dorothea Jones Hardies/Cooper/Curry) - plaster, approx. 7-1/2" x 8"
Gift of Bettina Huffman, Dorothea Jones' daughter, 2010
Box 10 "Jack" - bronze, 3 1/2" diameter
Box 10 "Mrs. Frishmuth" - bronze, 1" diameter
Box 10 "Maison Beaufait Abbott Children's Home" - bronze, 1" diameter
Box 10 Wax, 6" diameter
Box 10 Plaster Cast, 9" diameter
Box 10 Sketch
Box 10 Woman (Desha?) - Plaster bust, 6"
Oversize 1 "Day Dreams" - Plaster, 18"
Oversize 2 Award certificates
Oversize 2 Oversized photographs
Oversize 2 Sketches
1980 Accession
4 boxes, 10 oversized packages (8 square feet)
The 1980 accession consists of six series: Art Works; Biographical Material; Correspondence; Financial Material; Memorabilia and Printed Material. Art Works consists of photographs of Frishmuth work. Biographical material has books with small sections on her life. Correspondence is composed of business and personal letters from 1948 to 1975. Of special interest is Miss Frishmuth's very negative response to the publication of Sculptured Hyacinths, a discussion of her work by a patron. Financial has one volume, detailing purchases of her art objects. Memorabilia contains miscellaneous items and Printed Material contains a few art books.
Art works
Box 1 Photographs and negatives
Box 1 Assorted (2 folders)
Box 1 Photo negatives on a block
Oversize 1 Paintings
Oversize 2 Photographic glass plates
Oversize 3 Photographs
Oversize 4 Photographs (2 vols.)
Oversize 5 Photographs
Oversize 6 Photographs (1 vol.)
Oversize 7 Sculpture
Box 1 The National Cyclopaedia of American Biography
Box 1 Who's Who in America
Box 1 Who's Who of American Women with World Notables
Box 2 American Sculpture
Box 2 Women Artists in America
Box 2 Business 1948-1975 (7 folders)
Box 2 Personal 1967-1974
Box 2 [1 vol.]
Oversize 10 Anna Hyatt Huntington Award - This addition to the Frishmuth Inventory was made 5-23-80.
Oversize 8 Awards
Box 2, 3 Medals
Box 3 Photographs, miscellaneous
Oversize 9 Sculpture of Miss Frishmuth
Printed material
Box 3 History of the National Academy of Design 1825-1953
Box 3 Art in Public Places in the United States
Box 3 Plasfisch-Anatomischer Handatlas
Box 4 Miscellaneous
Box 4 Pamphlets

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