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Norman Corwin Papers

An inventory of his papers at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Corwin, Norman, 1910-2011.
Title: Norman Corwin Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1928-1973
Quantity: 21 linear ft.
Abstract: Papers of the American author, screenwriter, radio and stage dramatist, director, producer. Collection includes production material, including scripts and phonograph recordings relating to Corwin's work as a writer for stage, screen, and radio (1937-1967); correspondence (1937-1965); articles and speeches.
Language: Majority is in English, a few items in French, Czechoslovakian, Russian.
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

Norman Corwin (1910-2011) was an American writer, screenwriter, producer, essayist and teacher of journalism and writing. His early radio programs included love stories, satire, biography, fantasy, mystery, Bible stories, travelogues, history, media analyses, philosophy, and current events. He has been called America's "poet laureate of radio." On May 8, 1945, his one-hour live broadcast on the occasion of the end of World War II, On A Note of Triumph, drew 60 million listeners; poet Carl Sandburg praised it as "one of the all-time great American poems."

Corwin is also the author of several books, including Holes In A Stained Glass Window (1978) and Trivializing America (1983), and his script for the movie Lust For Life (1957) was nominated for an Oscar. His television credits include his 1971 series "Norman Corwin Presents." In the 1990s he began a new series of radio program for National Public Radio, whose casts have included William Shatner, Jack Lemmon, Charles Kuralt, Martin Landau, Hume Cronyn, and Charles Durning.

As of 2008 Corwin was still very active in his field, writing a monthly column on media, chairing two award committees for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, and serving as a Writer in Residence at the University of Southern California's Annenberg School for Communication.

Corwin was recognized many times over his career for his achievements; his awards include a Peabody (1941, the first year they were awarded), the One World Award (1946), a duPont-Columbia Award, and an Honorary Doctorate from Lincoln College (1990). He was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 1993, and in 2006 a documentary film on his life ( A Note of Triumph: The Golden Age of Norman Corwin) won an Academy Award for Best Documentary (Short Feature).

"I have no apology to make for the affirmative tone of these scripts. I am convinced we will get where we want to go. It will be grim en route, but I think there is nothing to be said for cynicism and despair, and everything to be said for getting out and working toward a better world."
-- from the foreword to Untitled and Other Radio Dramas

[Portions of this biographical sketch adapted from Norman Corwin's official website and his USC Annenberg Faculty Page.]

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Norman Corwin Papers includes correspondence, manuscripts, printed material, published material, photographs, and more than one hundred and forty recordings, mostly phono discs with a few reel tapes.

As originally donated, many of the packets of material were in numbered envelopes with lengthy typed notes affixed to the front (the author of the notes is unknown). The notes often reference other envelopes by number. For this reason the numbering has been retained in the folder titles of the inventory. So for example,"Guthrie, Woody (463)" indicates that the original envelope was numbered "463" by the donor. The typed descriptions have also been retained and filed in the folder, with the rest of the contents. The donor also assigned numbers to the phono disc recordings, for example LP-1, LP-2, and so on. These numbers have also been retained in the inventory. Recordings have also been assigned a unique identification number (corwin_0001, corwin_0002). Items may be requested using either number.

Correspondence consists of incoming and outgoing correspondence. Much of the outgoing is in the form of carbons. Correspondents include actors and actresses who appeared in Corwin's productions (Joan Crawford, Helen Hayes, Charles Laughton), friends (Elizabeth McCausland, Dorothy Norman), other writers (Stephen Vincent Benet, Dorothy Parker), agents (Cook Brothers, Leah Salisbury), and fans/admirers of his work.

Memorabilia contains of a range of items representing Corwin's career. These include programs from Corwin productions, announcements of his appearances, clippings spanning nearly thirty years, a certificate from Pan American Airways for crossing the International Date Line during his One World Flight, a large scrapbook of Christmas cards received over several years, a few photographs, and more.

Productions of Corwin encompasses all media -- print, radio and film -- and therefore includes addresses, articles and books, operas, poetry, radio programs, stage plays, and much more. Types of material for each production may include correspondence (both internal, related to production issues, and external, such as congratulatory/admiring letters and telegrams), manuscripts, final scripts, photographs, publicity, and recordings. Not all types of material are present for every production.

Productions of others consists of scholarly or artistic output of others that is related to Corwin in some fashion. Included here are interviews of Corwin; papers, dissertations, theses and articles about Corwin and his work; productions by others of Corwin's programs; musical or choral arrangements of his work; and more.

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Arrangement of the Collection

Material is divided into series, as described above. Productions by Corwin are subdivided by type and arranged alphabetically by title within each type. Material in each of the remaining series is arranged alphabetically by name or title.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Related Material

The collection originally contained more than 60 issues of 20th Century Fox Broadcasting News, a weekly newsletter in the form of a script that could be read on the air by movie news commentators or radio station announcers. and numerous issues of the Journal of the Producers Guild of America. These have been transferred to Rare Books for cataloging. Please refer to the Classic Catalog to locate these items

A majority of the recordings in the collection have been digitized. A few, due to condition or minor importance, have not.

Special Collections Research Center holds the papers of numerous radio and television personalities. Please refer to the SCRC Subject Index for a complete listing.

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Subject Headings


Corwin, Norman, 1910-2011.


Authors, American.
Dramatists, American.
Radio authorship.
Radio plays, American.
Radio producers and directors -- United States.
Screenwriters -- United States.

Genres and Forms

Clippings (information artifacts)
Phonograph records.
Radio scripts.
Scripts (documents)
Sound recordings.
Speeches (documents)
Tape reels.


Radio producers and directors.

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Norman Corwin Papers,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

Gift of Norman Corwin, 1966-1970.

Tapes, gift of Barry Best 1971.

Gambill collection of photocopies, gift of Norman Gambill 1973.

Bound volumes of radio scripts, purchased 2014.

Lief correspondence, gift of Donald Lief, 2017.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: --
Date: circa 1965
Revision history: 12 Mar 2007 - converted to EAD (MRC); 12 Mar 2010 - renumbered to remove series (MRC); 13 Aug 2012 - fixed Poetic License LP #; moved "How the West was Won" to "Cinema films" (MRC); 26 Sep 2013 - "Seems Radio..." Australia sript (MRC); 31 Mar 2014 - additions processed; published material interfiled (MRC); 9 Oct 2017 - Lief correspondence added (MRC); 16 Apr 2019 - date in Box 16 corrected (MRC)

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Note on alternate formats:

A majority of the recordings in the collection have been digitized. A few, due to condition or minor importance, have not.

Box 1 Abrams, J.J. (233) 1933, 1939, 1945-1983 - family physician
Box 1 Ackerman, Bill circa 1945
Box 1 Adler, Edna (451) 1940
Box 1 Adler, Herbert 1966 - signed and inscribed copy of Adler's play, "Mozart and Mushroom Barley"
Aldem, Iris
See J. Walter Thompson Company.
Box 1 Alswang, Ralph (437) 1961, 1965-1966 - stage designer and producer
Box 1 Amble, Kjell (231) 1966-1968 - professor at San Diego State College
Box 1 American Jewish Congress (425) 1946, 1948, 1968
Box 1 Armed Forces, miscellaneous (113) 1942, 1944-1947, 1955, 1966, undated
Box 1 Army Air Force 1942 - handwritten pencilled note by unknown person says, "invitation to be major in U.S. Air Force"
Box 1 Ashworth, Lou Sawyer 1945-1946, undated - Corwin's assistant
Box 1 Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies 1957
Box 1 Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies 1962-1965
Box 1 Australia (157) 1946 - listener responses to Corwin's broadcasts during visit in September of that year
Box 1 A, miscellaneous
Box 1 Bahn, Chester (341) 1939
Box 2 Baker, Paul (232) 1961-1962 - related to the play "Naked to Mine Enemies"; includes printed material from Dallas Theater Center
Box 2 Baner, Skulda (234) 1941-1947
Box 2 Bardin, Shlomo (230) 1954-1966
Box 2 Bartok, Peter (235) 1955 - son of composer Bela Bartok; relates to project, "Gerald McBoing Boing"
Box 2 Becker, I.S. "Zac" (237) 1940-1948
Box 2 Ben-Ari, Raikin (236) 1962, 1968
Box 2 Benet, Stephen Vincent (454) 1942, 1945
Box 2 Berenberg, Samuel and Fredericka (238) 1941-1944, 1951, 1957, 1959
Box 2 Boroff, George (239) 1956-1959
Box 2 Boszormenyi-Nagy, Bela 1955
Box 2 Bowles, Chester (256) 1960 - congressman; includes typescript for Democratic party platform for convention of 1960, written by Corwin
Box 2 Brandeis Camp Institute (257) 1954-1966, undated - correspondence, photographs, newsletters; includes typescript and published version of poem by Corwin; see also
See also Bardin, Shlomo; Ben-Ari, Raikin; Broidy, Steve
Box 2 Bridson, Geoffrey (258) 1963-1969 - correspondence, printed material relating to BBC
Box 2 Broidy, Steve (455) 1959
Box 2 Brooklyn Eagle 1940, 1942, 1945
Box 2 Brown, Edmund G. "Pat" 1963-1966 - Governor of California
Box 2 Buchbinder, Hazel and J.R. (260) 1943-1946, 1965-1968, undated - friends of Carl Sandburg
Box 2 B, miscellaneous
Box 2 Caesar, Irving (261) 1939, 1947
Box 2 Cheirel, Micheline (262) 1946
Box 2 Child Study Association of America 1942 - regarding children's radio
Box 2 "Children of Vienna" (448) 1951 - regarding film adaptation of novel by Robert Neumann
Box 2 Clune, Frank (344) 1946
Box 2 Coffin, Tris (263) 1944-1945, 1947
Box 2 Cohan, James S. (264) 1964, 1969
Box 3 College Association for Public Events and Services (CAPES) 1967-1969 - relates to four lectures Corwin gave at four California colleges
Box 3 Columbia Management of California 1940
Box 3 Conkling, Grace Hazard (345) circa 1932? - typescript of poem
Box 3 Conway, Jack (456) 1957, 1960 - includes photographs
Box 3 Cooper, Bill and Frank (265) 1965-1968 - agents
Box 3 Cooper, Jackie 1964
Box 3 Coronet magazine 1945
Box 3 Corwin, Samuel 1945
Box 3 Cousins, Norman 1946
Box 3 Cowan, Tony (266) 1967
Box 3 Crawford, Joan (268) 1951-1954, undated
Box 3 Crook, J.W. (267) 1928-1931
Box 3 Croy, Homer (270) 1959, undated
Box 3 Crum, Bartley C. (271) 1944-1948
Box 3 Curtiz, Michael (484) 1950
Box 3 Cutting, Dick 1946-1947
Box 3 C, miscellaneous
Box 3 Daniel, Oliver (483) 1959
Box 3 Dawson, Ronald 1947-1948
Box 3 Delta Kappa Alpha (221) 1968 - national honorary cinema fraternity
Box 3 Donohue, Vincent (343) 1958
Box 3 Dryer, Sherman H. 1939-1943 - radio director, University of Chicago
Box 3 D, miscellaneous
Box 3 Eames, Owen Whitman (346) 1933
Box 3 Eichhorn, David Max (272) 1933-1936, 1955-1956, 1959-1960, 1967-1968 - Rabbi; some relates to "The Story of Ruth"
Box 3 Eleanor Roosevelt Diamond Jubilee Dinner 1959
Box 3 Endore, Guy (457) 1965
Box 3 Engel, Sam (442) 1958-1962, 1968 - includes photographs
Box 3 Ernst, Connie (273) 1940-1941, undated
Box 3 E, miscellaneous
Box 3 Fabricant, Noah D. (274) 1960-1963 - see also Hughes, Alice
Box 3 Feiner, Ben (275) 1945, 1960, 1962
Box 3 Feldman, Charles K. (276) 1944-1950, 1968 - much relates to Corwin's "Mary and the Fairy"
Box 3 Ferguson, Charles W. (277) 1945, 1947, 1958-1966 - much relates to "Naked to Mine Enemies"
Box 4 Fineshriber, William H. (278) 1942-1959
Box 4 Finney, Marie 1942
Box 4 Forster, Ralph (339) 1943, 1945, 1951, 1955-1958 - Major, U.S. Army
Box 4 Forsyth, James (449) 1959 - most relates to Joshua
Box 4 The Forum 1946-1948
Box 4 Frank, Yasha (279) 1940, 1942, undated
Box 4 Franklin. Sidney A. (280) 1944-1947, 1950
Box 4 Frederick, John T. 1942
Box 4 F, miscellaneous
Box 4 Garcia-Palacios, Carlos (462) 1949, 1955-1958, 1962 - Deputy Director of United Nations Radio Division
Box 4 Garson, Greer 1952 - letter from Corwin to Garson about H.G. Wells story
Box 4 Goldstone, Nat C. (466) 1958
Box 4 Golub, Selma 1938, undated
Box 4 Gordon, Ruth 1941-1942, 1945, undated
Gordon, William "Bill" - Director of Public Relations for Universal-International Pictures
Box 4 Correspondence (240) 1953-1954, 1958
Box 4 Eulogy, by Corwin (297) 1962
Box 4 Papers of (241) 1948-1958 - small packet of Gordon's personal papers which he gave to Corwin; includes material related to political-based firing of doctors at Cedars of Lebanon and a visit of Russian journalists to Hollywood
Box 4 Graff, Bob and Ginna, Robert (242) 1962-1964, 1968 - Sextant, Inc.
Green, Abel
See Variety.
Box 4 Griffin, Lloyd (243) 1938-1942, 1959, undated
Box 4 Gruber, Ruth (244) 1943-1948
Box 4 Guthrie, Woody (463) 1940
Box 4 Guggenheim Foundation 1948
Box 4 G, miscellaneous
Box 4 Hadassah 1942, 1961-1962
Box 4 Hammer, Armand (439) 1963 - relates to Corwin's interview of Hammer
Box 4 Harris, Edwin "Ted" and Sandy (347) 1938, 1947, undated
Box 4 Harwood, Flyn 1946
Box 4 Hayes, Helen 1946 - regarding script by Giuliana Taberna
Box 4 Heilner, Irwin 1963-1965
Box 4 Hinton, Marilynn circa 1945-1950 - typed information accompanying has incorrect name
Box 5 Holahan, Anne Kerr (248) 1939-1947, undated - includes professional head shot
Box 5 Holloway, Jeanne (381) 1939-1940
Hollywood Museum
See Lesser, Sol.
Box 5 "Homecoming" workshop 1946
Box 5 Hotchner, A.E. (249) 1956-1957
Box 5 Hughes, Alice (250) 1945, 1947, 1954, 1959-1960, undated - columnist for King Features Syndicate
Box 5 H, miscellaneous
Box 5 Ivens, Joris (468) 1946
Box 5 I, miscellaneous
Box 5 J. Walter Thompson Company 1945-1946
Box 5 Johnston, Ralph Wardell 1945 - sculptor
Box 5 J, miscellaneous
Box 5 Kaufman, Elkin (441) 1943, 1946-1947, 1956
Box 5 Kelleher, Anne (460) 1946-1948 - Corwin's secretary
Box 5 Kent, Elaine (459) 1938-1942
Box 5 Kröller Müller Stichting (465) 1955 - relating to film version of Lust for Life, about VIncent van Gogh; see also van Gogh, Vincent Willem
Box 5 K, miscellaneous
Box 5 Lafferty, Perry (438) 1939-1945, 1965 - includes photographs
Box 5 Lambert, Jeanne (252) 1935-1936
Box 5 Lang, Herry H. 1945
Box 5 "Lassie" series producers (461) 1957 - relates to lawsuit over their use of Corwin's "The Odyssey of Runyon Jones" for the episode "The Tooth"; includes synopsis, script, etc.
Laszlo, Alexander
See Crawford, Joan.
Box 5 Laughton, Charles (348) circa 1939
Box 5 Lee, Lawrence 1947
Box 5 Lesser, Sol (440) 1961, 1963 - relating to Hollywood Museum
Box 5 Lewin, Chuck 1945, undated
Box 5 Lewis, Henry (447) 1958-1960 - agent
Box 5 Lewis, Jerry 1959
Box 5 Lewis, Mort Reis - signed and inscribed program from a performance of Lewis' "The Civil War Horse: An Equine Saga"
Box 5 Lieberman, Elias (Mr. and Mrs.) 1937-1938, 1942
See also Poetry Society of America.
Box 5 Lief, Donald 1944
Gift of Donald Lief, 2017.
Box 5 Lounsberry, Fred 1947
Box 6 L, miscellaneous
Box 6 MacLeish, Archibald (349) 1942 - relating to Dorothy Parker
Box 6 Massey, Raymond and Dorothy (350) 1942, 1954, 1957-1958 - relating to Corwin's "The Rivalry"
Box 6 McCausland, Elizabeth (351) 1942, 1946-1947, 1950 - includes copy of poem written by Corwin for her, and printed on her own press; telegram with Corwin's remarks for testimonial dinner
Box 6 McKelway, St. Clair (352) 1963-1965
Box 6 Meredeith, Jean 1946, undated
Box 6 Merriam, Eve (253) 1943 - includes signed and inscribed copy of poem
Box 6 Monahan, Richard (353) 1932
Box 6 Moorehead, Agnes (354) 1957-1958, 1963, 1966-1967, undated
Box 6 Moross, Jerome (355) 1958 - much relates to "Gentlemen, Be Seated"
Box 6 Moses, Charles 1946-1948, 1955, undated - most relates to "One World Flight" trip
Box 6 M, miscellaneous
Box 6 National Broadcasting Company (NBC) 1939-1946, 1963
Box 6 National Council of Teachers of English 1939-1942, 1945
Box 6 New York Times 1945, 1950
Box 6 Norman, Dorothy 1946
Box 6 Nowicki, Matthew 1945 - Polish architect
Box 6 N, miscellaneous
Box 6 O'Flaherty, Maggie undated
Box 6 Oldfield, Barney (356) 1960-1961 - relating to Oldfield's assistance with "White Alice"
Box 6 Osborne, Maybelle Hinton undated - originally misfiled with Marilynn Hinton (see above)
Box 6 O, miscellaneous
Box 6 Pacific Coast Writers Conference (321, 358) 1969 - correspondence, printed material
Box 6 Paramount Pictures 1940, 1945
Box 6 Parker, Charles (254) 1959-1960 - Senior Features Producer for the BBC
Box 6 Parker, Dorothy (360, 360-A) 1939, 1947 - includes original typescript of speech for use in Corwin's "Words Without Music"
Box 6 Plummer, Gail (340) 1959-1960
Box 6 Poetry Society of America (361) 1938 - January newsletter
Box 6 Povenmire, E. Kingsley (362) 1966-1967 - includes typescript of paper, "Forty-six varieties of choric speech," signed and inscribed to Corwin
Box 6 Protestant Radio Commission 1950
Box 6 Purdy, Ken (487) 1940
Box 6 P, miscellaneous
Box 7 Reis, Irving (365) 1939-1942
Box 7 Rewald, Jack (464) 1955-1969
Box 7 Rice, Leon 1945
Box 7 "Rights and Riots" panels (224) 1968
Box 7 Riveline, Maurice (335) 1931-1942
Box 7 Rivkin, Allen 1961
Box 7 Robinson, Selma (366) 1930-1933
Box 7 Rome, Harold (367) 1949, 1957
Box 7 Rosza, Miklos (368) 1956, 1959-1960, undated
Box 7 Rotha, Paul (369) 1961-1963, 1966, undated
Box 7 Ruby. Harry (370) 1960-1963
Box 7 R, miscellaneous
Box 7 San Diego State College (225) 1966-1968 - Fine Arts Festival
Box 7 Schoenfeld, Bernard 1940, undated
Box 7 Schreiber, Flora Rheta (363, 372) 1966
Box 7 Schuster, M. Lincoln 1942 - founder of Simon and Schuster
Box 7 "Sexual Revolution" seminars (217, 373) 1967-1969
Box 7 Siegelaub, Sophie 1940, 1943
Box 7 Smart, Stan 1945-1946
Box 7 Southern California Choral Music Association (319) 1965
Box 7 Stevens, George (469) 1948, 1963, undated
Box 7 Stevenson, Mrs. William (485) 1957-1959
Box 7 S, miscellaneous
Box 7 Taggard, Jenny (472) 1937-1939
Box 7 Turner, Justin G. (480) 1956-1960, 1964-1965
Box 7 Tyler, Keith 1940-1945, 1948
Box 7 T, miscellaneous
Box 8 University of Chicago 1947-1848
Box 8 Unobskey, William (473) 1940, 1946
Box 8 U, miscellaneous
Box 8 Van Gogh, Vincent Willem (474) 1955 - includes others as well
Box 8 Variety 1945 - Abel Green
Box 8 V, miscellaneous
Box 8 W[xxx] (various radio stations) 1939-1948, 1960-1962 - includes humorous "memo" from staff at WNEC, typescript of Corwin's tribute for WBZ's 25th birthday
Box 8 Wald, Jerry (475) 1943, 1950-1961
Box 8 Wander, Roy (334) 1953, 1956
Box 8 Wershba, Joe (476) 1954-1958
Box 8 Wesley, Marie Hansen (255) 1959, 1969, undated - includes text of Corwin's speech at her memorial service
See also Productions : Speeches " Marie Hansen Wesley eulogy.
Box 8 W, miscellaneous
Box 8 Y, miscellaneous
Box 8 Zachary, George (251) 1940-1942
Box 8 Zerbe, Marion (477) 1930 - includes typescripts of numerous poems
Box 8 de Zirkoff, Bori
See also Cutting, Dick.
Box 8 Unidentified
Box 8 Biographical sketch undated - 7pp, author unknown
Box 8 CBS Annual Report (320) 1945 - makes special mention of Corwin's programs and awards
Oversize 1 Certificate for crossing international date line (338) 1946 - from Pan Am Airways
Box 8 Clippings 1939-1963, undated - clippings about Corwin from newspapers, magazines, etc.
Box 8 "Columbia Presents Corwin" publicity 1944
Box 8 "Corwin Presents" proposal package undated
Box 8 "Four by Corwin" proposal package undated
Box 9 Interview, Writer's Guild of America, West (199, 211) 1967 - Corwin interviewed by Kjell Amble, Roy Madsen, Robert Lee
Box 9 List of episodes for unidentified project undated - includes titles, stars, rights, production costs
Oversize 1 Nelson Glueck testimonial dinner (213) 1968
Box 9 Photographs undated
Box 9 Reading by Corwin (364) 1969 - announcement, review
Oversize 1 Scrapbook of Christmas cards (191) 1940s
Box 9 Trips to Panama, London (219) 1962 - ticket stubs, receipts, etc.
Box 9 WAIF Whisper Ball program (39) 1955
Box 9 Miscellaneous (93, 359, 378, more) 1939, 1962, 1965 - poster from University of California-Santa Barbara, for Corwin lecture seriesprinted material
Productions of Corwin
Box 9 Footnote on One World Flight 1946 - printed pamphlet with text of address given by Corwin at Sydney Town Hall in Australia
Belfer LP-16 Footnote on One World Flight 1946 - recording of address given by Corwin at Sydney Town Hall in Australia (4 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0092, corwin_0093, corwin_0094, corwin_0095)
Box 9 Needed But Not Wanted (193) 1965 - article by Corwin
Belfer LP-209 Nobel Committee dinner 10 Dec 1945 (5 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0328 through corwin_0332)
Donor information: "Address to dinner of the Nobel Committee at Hotel Astor, New York City. Corwin was introduced by Senator William J. Fulbright. Also on the speaking program were Albert Einstein, Dr. A. H. Atkinson, Richard de Rochemont, and Senator Fulbright. Speeches of all five are contained on these discs."
Box 9 Sticks, Stones and Critics (197) 1966 - article by Corwin
Box 9 Untitled, for President Franklin D. Roosevelt (58) undated - notes written at request of Morris Ernst for use in an address by FDR; not known if it was ever used
Box 9 Untitled, on The New Biology (192) 1966 - manuscript by Corwin; draft, typescript, original and handwritten notes
Oversize 1 Christmas: Atomic Age, Collier's (317) 1945 - drafts; published version; correspondence
Box 9 The Grand Evasion (482) circa 1968 - never published, intended as newspaper article on the negelct of public service by radio and television in Southern California; research material, notes, drafts
Box 9 Feature articles for Springfield [Massachusetts] Reporter (178) 1939-1945 - written while Corwin was on city staff
Box 9 Life and Times of "26 by Corwin," New York Times (300) 1941 - fragments of typescript
Box 9 New York vs Los Angeles: De-escalation in 1969? Los Angeles Times (316) - draft, published version, letters to editor regarding
Box 9 Sandburg in Glendora (228) 1966-1968 - speech at dedication of Sandburg School in Glendora, Illinois, published in special edition of Lincoln Herald; drafts, final text, published version of speech as well as correspondence with Lincoln Herald and principal of school
Box 9 Speculation on Speculation (436) 1969 - article written for KCET; draft, published version
Box 9 Miscellaneous, A-M 1939-1961
  • Both of and out of this world Perfect Home, Nov 1961
  • Careers in screen and radio Theatre Arts, Jul 1941
  • Conscience doth make tigers Mademoiselle, Oct 1944
  • Frankenstein phobia world's greatest peril The A.B.C. Weekly, 23 Feb 1947
  • I can be had Theatre Arts, Jun [no year]
  • Looking for art, bub! Theatre Arts, May 1947
  • Mind you, I love radio Stage, Feb 1941
  • Miss Hogan, take a poem TAC Magazine, Dec 1939
Box 9 Miscellaneous, O-S, untitled 1939-1961
  • O tempora! O mores! O Shapiro! Script, Sep 1947
  • Of life and lenses U.S. Camera, Apr 1949
  • On a note of triumph (condensation) Coronet, Aug 1945
  • On a note of triumph (excerpt) Ammunition, Jun 1945
  • On a note of triumph Senior Scholastic, 17 Sep 1945
  • One world or none New Zealand Listener, 25 Oct 1946
  • Radio drama: Samson Theatre Arts, Sep 1942
  • Radio writing, USA The Writer, Feb 1951
  • Script of Norman Corwin's 'Untitled' PM Daily, 31 May 1944
  • Set your clock at U235 New York Herald Tribune, 4 Nov 1945
  • The sovereign word: Some notes on radio drama Theatre Arts, Feb 1940
  • [poem, untitled] Ohio State University Monthly, Mar 1946
Challenge of Hate, by A. R. Lerner - foreword by Corwin
Box 10 Published edition (220) 1946
Dog in the Sky - based on radio play The Odyssey of Runyon Jones
Box 10 Original typescript with annotations (207)
Box 10 Publisher's typescript with annotations (208)
More By Corwin: Sixteen Radio Dramas (80)
Published edition, Henry Holt 1944 - introduction by Clifton Fadiman
Transferred to Rare Books for cataloging. Please refer to the Classic Catalog to locate this item.
On a Note of Triumph -
Swedish translation by Erik Lindgren [missing 3/24/13] 1945
The Plot to Overthrow Christmas: A Holiday Play
Published edition, Peter Pauper (29) 1940 - privately published, only 150 copies printed
Transferred to Rare Books for cataloging. Please refer to the Classic Catalog to locate this item.
Published edition, Henry Holt 1952
Transferred to Rare Books for cataloging. Please refer to the Classic Catalog to locate this item.
They Fly Through the Air
Published edition (79) 1939 - drawings by Hungarian artist Laszlo Matulay; published by Vrest Orton, Weston, Vermont
Transferred to Rare Books for cataloging. Please refer to the Classic Catalog to locate this item.
Box 10 Typescript, galleys (333) 1939
Thirteen By Corwin
See Radio programs : Thirteen by Corwin.
Untitled and Other Radio Dramas (81)
Published edition (81) 1945, 1947
Transferred to Rare Books for cataloging. Please refer to the Classic Catalog to locate this item.
The World of Carl Sandburg
Box 10 Part I (2, 4) 1960-1961 - incomplete original typescript, galleys
Box 11 Part II (2) 1960-1961 - incomplete typescript with handwritten annotations by author
Box 11 Book reviews (11) 1961 - photocopies
Box 11 Correspondence regarding Harcourt, Brace and World Edition (3) 1961
Box 11 Correspondence regarding Samuel French Acting Edition (5) 1960-1961
Cinema films
Hedda Gabler
Box 11 Typescript (109) 1953 - final original typescript
How the West Was Won
Box 11 Script, partial (72) 1962 - memorandum; carbon of script (narration only)
The Human Family 1950
Box 12 Screenplay, first draft
Box 12 Research material 1948-1950 (3 folders)
The King Must Die
Box 11 Script (136) 1961 - screenplay; first draft, 2 copies (2 folders)
The Last Days of James Dean
Box 11 Typescript (63) before 1963 - original typescript
Lust for Life (includes 42, 43, 44, 45, 47, 48)
Box 13 Congratulations 1956-1957
Box 13 Outline, early drafts (42) 1955 (2 folders)
Box 13 Internal memos 1955-1956
Box 13 Lists of artwork 1955
Box 13 Reviews 1956-1957 - newspaper and magazine; also includes ticket stub from opening night, press preview, and published "thank you" notice from Corwin
Box 13 Shooting script (43) 1955 (2 folders)
Raquel - based on novel by Lion Feuchtwanger
Box 13 Published copy of book, with Corwin's annotations (110-A) 1954-1956 - working copy
Box 14 Script (110) 1956 - incomplete typescript, carbon; includes some internal memos
Scandal at Scourie - working title: "My Mother and Mr. McChesney"
Box 14 Correspondence (111) 1952 - internal memos, legal correspondence about names, etc.
Box 14 Script (111) 1952 - final typescript
The Story of Ruth
Box 14 Correspondence 1960
Box 14 Original screenplay (325) 1959
Box 14 Publicity (185, 326) 1960 - press clippings, studio publicity, advertisements, reviews, etc. (2 folders)
They Ran for Their Lives
Box 14 Scripts 1957 - screenplay, second draft
Belfer LP-145 Celebration of First Anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Carnegie Hall 1949 (4 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0277, corwin_0278, corwin_0279, corwin_0280)
Box 14 "Susan's Evening" 1964 - typed notes; printed program; correspondence; photographs
Box 14 by Erik Barnouw (189) 1966 - transcript of recorded interview of Corwin by Barnouw, for OHRO at Columbia University
Box 14 of David Ben-Gurion (342) 1967 - printed material, newspaper clippings with photographs relating to Corwin's television interview of Ben-Gurion
by Harry Kersey (204) 1967 - recording of interview of Corwin by Harry Kersey of KCAL in Santa Barbara (1 reel tape) (ID#: corwin_0369)
Box 15 of Norman Thomas (375) 1932 - typescript of Corwin's interview of Norman Thomas
Box 15 Cantata, "The Golden Door" (187) 1955 - final original typescript, press clippings (photocopies)
Box 15 Oratorio, "The Miracle," music by Lyn Murray (216) 1964 - published vocal score
Box 15 Oratorio, "Sleep Now on Thy Natal Day," music by Lyn Murray (179) undated - sheet music;
Box 15 Cantata, "The Young Wrestler," music by Roy Harris (302) 1965 - typescript text of verse, two printed announcements of concert dedicated to Lincoln
Box 15 Oratorio, "The Christmas Story," music by R. Nelson (190) 1965 - marked copy of text; associated announcements
Oratorio, "Joshua," music by Franz Waxman
Box 15 Publicity (149, 450) 1961 - programs, announcements, press reviews,
Box 15 Score (377) - published score, signed and inscribed by Waxman; printed program from world premier in Dallas
Esther - music by Lyn Murray
See also Radio programs : Esther.
Box 15 Correspondence 1941, 1945-1947
Box 15 Lyrics to "Love" (291) 1943 - handwritten page; published sheet music
Box 15 Manuscript (293) 1941
Box 15 Typescript with composer's notes (292) 1941
The Warrior
Belfer LP-100 Recording 1947 (3 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0215, corwin_0216, corwin_0217)
Libretto by Corwin, music by Bernard Rogers. This one-act opera was presented by the Metropolitan Opera Company at the Metropolitan Opera House on January 11, 1947. Max Rudolf conducted,; Mack Harell sang the role of Samson, and Regina Resnik sang Delilah. Herbert Graf was in charge of stage direction and the set was designed and lit by Samuel Leve.
Oversize 1 Home for the fourth (328) 6 Jul 1946 - published in Collier's magazine, featured on cover; no relation to later broadcast with same title
Oversize 1 Village verse (218) 5 Feb 1967 - five limericks published in West magazine, part of the Los Angeles Times; includes published version and several typescripts
Radio programs, bound compilations
Box 16 Columbia Presents Corwin 1944, Mar-Aug - bound volume containing typescripts for 22 episodes of the show, many with annotations, corrections, notes, etc.
See also specific show titles under Radio programs, individual for related material (correspondence, scripts, recordings, etc.)
Purchased, 2014.
  • Movie Primer, originally aired March 7, 1944, 35pp.
  • The Long Name None Could Spell, originally aired March 14, 1944, 27pp; published in More by Corwin: 18 Radio Dramas, Henry Holt 1944
  • The Lonesome Train, written by Millard Lampell and Earl Robinson, originally aired March 21, 1944, 11pp.
  • Savage Encounter, originally aired March 28, 1944, 30pp; published in Untitled and other Radio Dramas, Henry Holt 1945
  • The Odyssey of Runyon Jones, originally aired April 4, 1944, 32pp., "No corrections."; published in Thirteen by Corwin, Henry Holt 1942
  • You Can Dream, Inc., originally aired April 11, 1944, 29pp.; published in Untitled and other Radio Dramas, Henry Holt 1945
  • Untitled, originally aired April 18, 1944, 21pp.; published in Untitled and other Radio Dramas, Henry Holt 1945
  • Dorie Got a Medal, originally aired April 25, 1944, 16pp.
  • The Cliché expert, originally aired May 2, 1944, 39pp., "Few corrections"
  • Cromer, originally aired May 9, 1944, 30pp; published in More by Corwin: 18 Radio Dramas, Henry Holt 1944
  • New York: A Tapestry for Radio, originally aired May 16, 1944, 23pp "Few corrections"; published in Untitled and other Radio Dramas, Henry Holt 1945
  • Tel Aviv, originally aired May 23, 1944, 33pp, "With many rewritten passages in pencil in Corwin's hand"; published in Untitled and other Radio Dramas, Henry Holt 1945
  • Untitled [rebroadcast], originally aired May 30, 1944, 26pp "Few corrections"; published in Untitled and other Radio Dramas, Henry Holt 1945
  • An American Trilogy - Sandburg, originally aired June 6, 1944, 31pp.
  • An American Trilogy - Thomas Wolfe, originally aired June 13, 1944, 19pp.
  • An American Trilogy - Walt Whitman, originally aired June 20, 1944, 25pp.
  • Home for the Fourth, originally aired July 4, 1944, 28pp.
  • The Moat Farm Murders, originally aired July 18, 1944, 32pp; published in Untitled and other Radio Dramas, Henry Holt 1945
  • El Capitan and the Corporal, originally aired July 25, 1944, 34pp; published in Untitled and other Radio Dramas, Henry Holt 1945
  • A Pitch to Reluctant Buyers, written by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee, originally aired August 1, 1944, 29pp.
  • A Very Fine Type Girl, originally aired August 8, 1944, 38pp.
  • There Will Be Time Later, originally aired August 15, 1944, 34pp; published in Untitled and other Radio Dramas, Henry Holt 1945
Box 16 Columbia Presents Corwin 1945, Jul-Aug - bound volume containing typescripts for 7 episodes of the show, many with annotations, corrections, notes, etc.
Purchased, 2014.
See also specific show titles under Radio programs, individual for related material (correspondence, scripts, recordings, etc.)
  • Unity Fair, originally aired July 3, 1945, 23pp.
  • Daybreak [originally in the series 26 by Corwin], originally aired July 10, 1945, 22pp.; published in Thirteen by Corwin, Henry Holt 1942
  • The Undecided Molecule, originally aired July 17, 1945, 36pp.; published in Untitled and other Radio Dramas, Henry Holt 1945
  • New York: A Tapestry for Radio [from 1944 series], originally aired July 24, 1945, 24pp.; published in Untitled and other Radio Dramas, Henry Holt 1945
  • A Walk with Nick, originally aired July 31, 1945, 31pp.
  • Savage Encounter [from 1944 series], originally aired August 7, 1945, 22pp; published in Untitled and other Radio Dramas, Henry Holt 1945
  • L'affaire Gumpert, originally aired August 21, 1945, 32pp.
Box 16 Two for Everybody, Everywhere 1945 - bound volume containing typescripts for two Corwin productions, with numerous annotations, corrections, notes, etc.
See also specific show titles under Radio programs, individual for related material (correspondence, scripts, recordings, etc.)
Purchased, 2014.
  • On a note of triumph, originally aired May 8, 1945, 58pp., "chock full of corrections with not a single page devoid of edits or additions"; published in Untitled and other Radio Dramas, Henry Holt 1945
  • Word from the people, originally aired April 24, 1945, 84pp, "includes scattered pencil, pen, and typed editsalong with portions crossed out, running times, and revised pages inserted throughout"
Radio programs, individual
L'Affaire Gumpert (57?) - written for Charles Laughton and Elsa Lanchester
Box 17 Script 1945 - final mimeo; also includes correspondence
Belfer LP-69 Recording 1945 (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0181, corwin_0182)
An American in England - radio series transmitted live from England via shortwave
Box 17 Correspondence, clippings, miniature reproductions of scripts (51) 1943
Belfer LP-52-A Episode 5: The Yanks are Here 1942 (4 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0146, corwin_0147, corwin_0148, corwin_0149)
Belfer LP-51 Episode 6: An Anglo-American Angle 1942 (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0142, corwin_0143)
Belfer LP-41 Episode 7: Cromer 1942 - also aired later as Columbia Presents Corwin #10 (2 glass phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0122, corwin_0123)
Belfer LP-93 Episode 7: Cromer 1942 (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0213, corwin_0214)
Belfer LP-50 Episode 8: Home is Where You Hang Your Helmet 1942 (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0140, corwin_0142)
Belfer LP-52 Episode 10: Clipper Home 1942 (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0144, corwin_0145)
The Anatomy of Sound
Box 17 Correspondence, notes, photographs (284) 1941, 1955, 1965-1966, undated
Belfer LP-83 Recording 1941 (1 phono disc) (ID#: corwin_0206)
Anne Rutledge
Box 17 Correspondence (133, 283) 1942-1946, 1951, 1957, 1961, 1964-1968
Box 17 Manuscript fragment (283)
Box 17 Publicity (283) 1950
Box 17 Typescript (56)
Box 17 Correspondence (285) 1941
Box 17 Manuscript (285) - original typescript
Belfer LP-36 Recording 1941 (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0112, corwin_0113)
Between Americans
Box 17 Correspondence (286) 1941-1967 (gaps)
Box 17 Manuscripts, incomplete (56, 286) undated
Box 17 Publicity (286) 1941, 1951
The Charter in the Saucer
Belfer  Recording (203) 1955 (2 reel tapes) (ID#: corwin_0365, corwin _0366)
Box 17 Script 1955
Citizen of the World
Box 17 Promotional packet (70) 1949 - printed material; photographs
The Cliché Expert - Columbia Presents Corwin #9
Belfer LP-61 Recording 1944 (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0165, corwin_0166)
My Client Curley
Belfer LP-58 Recording 1940 (1 phono disc) (ID#: corwin_0159)
Could Be
Belfer LP-130 Recording 1949 (3 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0249, corwin_0250, corwin_0251)
Belfer  Recording (200) 1949 (3 reel tapes) (ID#: corwin_0359, corwin_0367, corwin_0368)
Box 17 Script (61) 1949-1951 - typescript original; carbon of German translation; galley proofs; one published article not by Corwin
Box 17 Translation, German ("Es koennte sein") 1950
Box 17 Translation, Norwegian ("Kan Hende--?") 1951
Box 17 Miscellaneous - correspondence, clippings, galleys for printed version
Box 18 Correspondence (62, 289) 1941, 1945 1955
Box 18 Manuscript and notes (289)
Belfer LP-68 Recording 1941 (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0179, corwin_0180)
Box 18 Script (62) - mimeo; correspondence
Descent of the Gods
Box 18 Correspondence (288) 1941, 1946-1648, 1956, 1958, 1963, 1966, undated - also includes a few clippings
Box 18 Manuscript and notes (287)
Document A/777 - alternate title: Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Box 18 Correspondence 1950
Belfer LP-138 Recording 1950 (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0273, corwin_0274)
Belfer  Recording (201) 1950 (2 reel tapes) (ID#: corwin_0361, corwin_0362)
Box 18 Translation, Dutch 1951 - mimeo; letter
Box 18 Translation, Spanish - mimeo
Box 18 Typescript (64) 1951 - includes marked-up copy of United Nations published text
Belfer LP-49 Work cuts (4 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0136, corwin_0137, corwin_0138, corwin_0139)
Dorie Got A Medal - Columbia Presents Corwin #8
Belfer LP-44 Recording 1944 (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0126, corwin_0127)
Double Concerto
Box 18 Correspondence (290) 1941-1965 (gaps)
Box 18 Manuscript (290)
Belfer LP-60 Recording 1941 (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0163, corwin_0164)
El Capitan and the Corporal - Columbia Presents Corwin #19
Box 18 Correspondence (65) 1944, 1946, undated
Belfer LP-40 Recording 1944 (2 phono records) (ID#: corwin_0120, corwin_0121)
Box 18 Script (65) 1944
See also Operas : Esther.
Belfer LP-55 Recording 1941 (1 phono disc) (ID#: corwin_0154)
Fear Itself
Belfer LP-132 Recording 1950 (6 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0255 through corwin _0260)
Box 18 Translation, Spanish undated - manuscript; mimeo
For the Planting of Trees at Brandeis
Box 18 Manuscript, "This Ground Shall Remember" (99) 1954-1956 - typescript wth annotations; printed broadside
See also Correspondence : Brandeis Camp Institute.
14 August - alternate title: God and Uranium were on our side
Box 18 Correspondence (66) 1945
Box 18 Scripts (66) 1945 - includes original teletype of first broadcast, two later broadcast scripts
Fragments from a Lost Cause
Box 18 Correspondence (295) 1941
Box 18 Manuscript (295) 1941
Good Heavens
Box 18 Correspondence (296) 1941, 1948
Box 18 Manuscript (296) 1950
Greetings With Variations
Box 18 Typescript (89) 1950
Home for the Fourth - Columbia Presents Corwin #17
Belfer LP-31 Recording 1944 - Dane Clark, Wally Maher, Betsy Kelly (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0281, corwin_0282)
Box 18 Miscellany (298) - correspondence, review
The Human Angle
Box 18 Manuscript 1941
John Brown's Body
Belfer LP-112 Recording 1939 (4 phono records) (ID#: corwin_0228, corwin_0229, corwin_0230, corwin_231)
Lip Service
Box 19 Clipping about Adler (301) undated
Box 19 Manuscript (301) 1941
Box 19 Script (301) 1941 - final broadcast script
Log of the R-77
Box 19 Correspondence (302) 1941 - heavily annotated
Box 19 Script, final (86) 1941
Box 19 Typescript (302) 1941
The Lonesome Train - Columbia Presents Corwin #3
Belfer LP-47 Recording 1944 (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0134, corwin_0135)
The Long Name None Could Spell - Columbia Presents Corwin #2
Belfer LP-57 Recording 1943 (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0157, corwin_0158)
A Man with a Platform
Box 19 Correspondence (303) 1941, 1946, 1965
Box 19 Script (303) 1941 - working script; includes casting sheet
Mary and the Fairy
Belfer LP-45 Recording 1941 (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0130, corwin_0131)
Mary Had a Little Lamb
Box 19 Correspondence and press material (127) 1938 - includes items relating to Corwin's appearance with actress Peggy Burt
Million Dollar Club
Box 19 Script (92) 1944 - photocopy
The Moat Farm Murder - Columbia Presents Corwin #18
Belfer LP-34 Recording 1944 - Charles Laughton, Elsa Lanchester (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0110, corwin_0111)
Box 19 Script (87) 1944 - final broadcast script; includes two permissions requests
Movie Primer - Columbia Presents Corwin #1
Belfer LP-46 Recording 1944 - Everett Sloane, Minerva Pious, Peter Donald, Tony Marvin, Ted Di Corsia, Frank Gallop (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0132, corwin_0133)
Box 19 Script (84) - includes one letter
Murder in Studio One
Box 19 Correspondence (318) 1948, 1956, 1960, 1964, 1967-1968 - mostly permissions
Box 19 Manuscript (318) 1941
My Client Curly
Box 19 Script (322) 1946?
New York: A Tapestry for Radio - Columbia Presents Corwin #11
Box 19 Correspondence (71) 1944-1945 - fan mail; production notes
Box 19 Manuscript (304) - original, combination of typed and handwritten
Belfer LP-28 Recording, French translation 1941 (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0100, corwin_0101)
Belfer LP-54 Recording, second version 1944 - narrated by Martin Gabel (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0152, corwin_0153)
Belfer LP-91 Recording, second version 1945 - narrated by Orson Welles (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0209, corwin_0210)
Box 19 Script (71) 1944 - second production, starring Orson Welles
The Odyssey of Runyon Jones - Columbia Presents Corwin #5
Box 19 Correspondence (76) 1941-1942, 1963-1964
Belfer LP-43 Recording 1944 - Michael Artist (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0124, corwin_0125)
Box 19 Script (76) 1941 - final broadcast script
Old Salt
Box 19 Correspondence (306) 1945, 1948, 1956, 1961, 1964-1965, 1967
Box 19 Manuscript (306) 1941
Box 19 Script (88) 1941 - final broadcast script
On A Note of Triumph
Belfer LP-210 Recording, Czechoslovakian undated (9 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0333 through corwin_0341)
Belfer LP-119 Recording, German 1945 - produced by the Overseas Branch of the U.S. Office of War Information (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0236, corwin_0237)
Box 19 Translation, French undated - mimeograph copy of typescript
Box 19 Translation, Russian 1945 - carbon copy of typescript
One World Flight 1947
Information from donor: "Recordings for this program contain material recorded in various countries during Corwin's journey in 1946 as winner of the One World Flight Award established in memory of Wendell Willkie. Excerpts from these cuts (already excerpted from hundreds of hours of interviews) were used in a preview type of introductory program, the first of a series of 13 broadcasts written and narrated by Corwin over CBS in 1947.
There were several work-cut discs for each program. They represented a third stage in the transmittal of original voices and sounds to the radio audience. The initial recording in the field was made on a wire recorder, the precursor to the tape system that shortly afterward came into general use. As a second step, the entire intake of wire recording was dubbed to tape for editing facility. The third step was to select salient material from hours of tape on each program, and dub these onto 16-inch acetate discs such as the enclosed. Finally, from these work-cut discs ( and not from tape, as is the standard practice today) the recorded material went out on the air, integrated with Corwin's “live” narration, and music The work cuts are in the almost every instance longer than the excerpts heard on the air. In cases where the final selection of the text to be broadcast came within on of the bands on the disc, an engineer in the control room of the broadcasting studio simply had to locate the spot and place the pickup needle on it, ready to go on cue.
Material on these discs was recorded in Egypt, England, India, Italy, the U.S.S.R., Norway, Australia, Poland, and the Philippine Republic. Most of the material on these discs, including interviews with figures of world renown, has never been broadcast or published in full in any form, and exists on these platters alone."
Belfer LP-1 Recording, No. 1 Introduction (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0001, corwin_0002)
Belfer LP-14F Recording, No. 1 Introduction - work cuts (3 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0068, corwin_0069, corwin_0070)
Box 20 Script, No. 1 Introduction (330) 1947 - as published in Hollywood Quarterly, with introduction by Jerome Lawrence
Belfer LP-2 Recording, No. 2 England (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0003, corwin_0004)
Belfer LP-14H Recording, No. 2 England and takeoff - work cuts (4 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0075 through corwin_0078)
Includes excerpts from interview with J. B. Priestley, Philip Noel-Baker, Prime Minister Clement Attlee, and others.
Belfer LP-3 Recording, No. 3 France, Denmark, Norway (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0005, corwin_0006)
Belfer LP-14K Recording, No. 3 France, Denmark, Norway - work cuts 3 phono discs (ID#: corwin_0089, corwin_0090, corwin_0091)
Includes excerpts from interviews with Chou En Lai; Mayor of Shanghai; Mayor of Nanking; Hu Shih; American, National and Communist Commissioners at Executive Headquarters in Peiping; and many others.
Belfer LP-222 Band concert, Copenhagen, Denmark 26 Jun 1946 - recorded in Tivoli during One World Flight; includes voice of Lee Bland (1 phono disc) (ID#: corwin_0350)
Belfer LP-4 Recording, No. 4 Sweden and Poland (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0007, corwin_0008)
Belfer  Recording, No. 4 Sweden and Poland - rehearsal (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0050, corwin_0051)
Belfer LP-14B Recording, No. 4 Sweden and Poland - work cuts (5 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0039 through corwin_0043)
Swedish material includes excerpts from interviews with Swedish MP, Prince Bertil, newspaperwoman, housewife and others. Polish material includes excerpts from interview with President Beirut, professors, scientists, pianist Madam Rabecwicz, workers in powerhouse, etc
Belfer LP-152 Recording, No. 4 Sweden and Poland - unedited recordings of interviews done in Sweden (15 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0301 through corwin_0315)
Belfer LP-5 Recording, No. 5 U.S.S.R. (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0009, corwin_0010)
Belfer LP-14 Recording, No. 14 U.S.S.R. - work cuts (5 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0028 through corwin_0033)
Includes interviews with Serge Prokofieff, Peter Kapitza, Sergie Eisenstein, David Zaslavsky, a statement by Michael Borodin, uncut music played by Aram Khatchaturian and his wife in Khatchaturian's home; interviews with children, farmers, etc.
Belfer LP-6 Recording, No. 6 Czechoslovakia (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0011, corwin_0012)
Belfer LP-14A Recording, No. 6 Czechoslovakia - work cuts (6 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0034 through corwin_0038)
Includes excerpts from interview with President Eduard Benes, miners, lawyers, a professor, resident writers at a Syndicate Palace in Dobris.
Belfer LP-7 Recording, No. 7 Italy (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0013, corwin_0014)
Belfer LP-14I Recording, No. 7 Italy - work cuts 4 phono discs (ID#: corwin_0079 through corwin_0082)
Includes street interviews in Rome and village of Lanuvio. Also meetings between Corwin and Prime Minister Alcide DeGasperi, Sergio Amidei, Palmiro Tagliatti, Ugo La Malfa, and others.
Belfer LP-8 Recording, No. 8 Egypt and India (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0015, corwin_0016)
Belfer LP-14G Recording, No. 8 Egypt and India - work cuts (4 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0071 through corwin_0074)
Includes excerpts of an interview with Pandit Nehru in New Delhi (of which relatively little was actually used on the broadcast); and a number of interviews in Cairo. In the latter, George Polk, CBS correspondent who was assassinated in Salonika the following year, served as interpreter, and his voice is heard frequently.
Belfer LP-9 Recording, No. 9 China (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0017, corwin_0018)
Belfer LP-14J Recording, No. 9 China - work cuts 6 phono discs (ID#: corwin_0083 through corwin_0088)
Includes excerpts from interviews with Chou En Lai; Mayor of Shanghai; Mayor of Nanking; Hu Shih; American, National and Communist Commissioners at Executive Headquarters in Peiping; and many others.
Belfer LP-287 Shanghai, China radio address 2 Sep 1946 (1 phono disc) (ID#: corwin_0286)
Donor information: "Address over radio station XMHA in Shanghai, China on September 2, 1946, on the eve of Corwin’s departure from China for Japan, on his One World Flight journey. Corwin was invited to record an extemporaneous preface to a playing of his program "On a Note of triumph" from discs. Corwin’s comments, and the playback of the program, were the principal feature of the final day of the station’s existence. XMHA was operated by the United States Army, through a unit in Shanghai, and it was closed down when this unit was phased out."
Belfer LP-10 Recording, No. 10 The Philippines (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0019, corwin_0020)
Belfer LP-14E Recording, No. 10 The Philippines - work cuts (5 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0061 through corwin_0065)
Includes interviews with President Manuel Roxas, whom Corwin visited in the Malcanan Palace; and Paul V. McNutt, first United States Ambassador to the Philippines. Also Dr. Vincente Lavam [?], scientist, and people on the streets of Manila.
Belfer LP-11 Recording, No. 11 Australia (3 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0021, corwin_0022, corwin_0023)
Belfer LP-14D Recording, No. 11 Australia - work cuts (10 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0052 through corwin_0060)
Includes interviews with dockhands, factory workers, industrialist, sheep herder, election workers, Premier of South Wales J. B. McKell, later to become Governor General of Australia.
Belfer LP-222 Departure From Australia 4 Oct 1946 - statement by Corwin on leaving Australia for New Zealand (1 phono disc) (ID#: corwin_0351)
Belfer LP-12 Recording, No. 12 New Zealand (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0024, corwin_0025)
Belfer  Recording, No. 12 New Zealand - rehearsal (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0066, corwin_0067)
Belfer LP-14C Recording, No. 12 New Zealand - work cuts (6 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0044 through corwin_0049)
Includes excerpts of interviews with Prime Minister Peter Fraser, Maori Minister of Native Affairs Tirikatene, housewives, doctors, schoolchildren; also selections by Maori chorus.
Belfer LP-13 Recording, No. 13 Conclusion (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0026, corwin_0027)
Passport For Adams
Box 20 Correspondence (75) 1943 - includes letters to Robert Young, who starred in it (3 folders)
Belfer LP-144 Recording, Opening program 1943 - Robert Young, Paul Stewart, Ray Collins (3 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0298, corwin_0299, corwin_0300)
Belfer LP-153 Recording, Program No. 7 Moscow 1943 - Robert Young, Dane Clark (3 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0316, corwin_0317, corwin_0318)
The People, Yes
Box 20 Correspondence (74) 1941
Box 20 Manuscript (307) 1941
Belfer LP-30-A Recording 1941 - Everett Sloane, Burl Ives (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0104, corwin_0105)
Pitch to Reluctant Buyers - Columbia Presents Corwin #20
Belfer LP-22 Recording 1944 - written by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee; narrated by Martin Gabel; cast included Herbert Berghoff, Robert Dryden, Nick Dennis, Paul Mann, Theo Getz, Kermit Murdock, Hester Soundergaard, Lisle Falke, Jack Ayers, Mitzi Gould, Michael Ingram, Kyveli Aliki, Mary Cummings, and Jack Ayers; music composed and conducted by Alexander Semmler (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0098, corwin_0099)
The Plot to Overthrow Christmas
Box 20 Correspondence (77) 1938, 1945, 1962
Belfer LP-219 Recording 1938 - Eric Burroughs, Arnold Moss, Wil Geer, Don Costello, Lucille Meredith (4 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0346, corwin_0347, corwin_0348, corwin_0349)
Belfer LP-67 Recording 1942 - Benny Rubin (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0177, corwin_0178)
Belfer LP-101 Recording 1944 - Orson Welles (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0218, corwin_0219)
Box 20 Scripts (77) 1942, 1945 - typescript with corrections; final broadcast script
Poetic License
Box 20 Correspondence (126) 1937-1938, 1949, undated
Belfer LP-63 Recording 1938 - George C. Coulouris, Arnold Moss, Don Costello, Luis Van Rooten, Adelaide Klein (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0169, corwin_0170)
Psalm for a Dark Year
Box 21 Correspondence (131, 327) 1941-1942, 1946, 1948
Box 21 Manuscript (327) 1945 - mix of typed and handwritten, with correction
Belfer LP-84 Recording 1941 - Corwin as principal voice (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0207, corwin_0208)
Belfer  Recording, "October" by Edwin Gerschefski 1969 - women's chorus and organ (1 reel tape) (ID#: corwin_0370)
Box 21 Sheet music, "October" by Edwin Gerschefski 1969 - includes letter from composer
Pursuit of Happiness
Box 21 Correspondence (141) 1939
Belfer LP-143 Recording, "Ballad for Americans" 1939 (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0296, corwin_0297)
Donor information: "Original performance of Ballad for Americans on the Pursuit of Happiness series over CBS, November 5, 1939. Starring Paul Robeson with the Lyn Murray chorus and orchestra conducted by Mark Warnow. Music by Earl Robinson, lyrics by John LaTouche. Corwin directed. The Ballad was adopted by the Republican party as the musical keynote of its national convention in Philadelphia the following year."
Radio Primer
Box 21 Correspondence (78, 308) 1941, 1945, 1957, 1962
Box 21 Manuscript (308) 1941 - mix of typed and handwritten, with corrections
Belfer LP-146 Recording 1941 - Frank Gallop, Everett Sloane, Beatrice Kaye, John Brown, Jeanette Nolan, Jack Smart, Hester Sondergaard, and Peter Donald (1 phono disc) (ID#: corwin_0283)
Box 21 Script (78) 1941 - final broadcast script
Belfer  "A Valentine Song" 1969 - phono record; label reads, "Song sent by fan, name unknown, set to Soporific Song from "Radio Primer" (1 phono disc) (ID#: corwin_0371)
Box 21 Correspondence (323) 1941, 1957
Box 21 Manuscript (309)
Box 21 Published, in Theater Arts (309) 1942 - first time the magazine ever published a radio script
Belfer LP-35 Recording 1941 - Martin Gabel, Mady Christians; basis of opera The Warrior (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0114, corwin_115)
See also Operas : The Warrior.
Sandburg - An American Trilogy #1; Columbia Presents Corwin #14
Belfer LP-64 Recording 1944 - Charles Laughton (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0171, corwin_172)
Box 21 Script (85) - final broadcast script
Savage Encounter - Columbia Presents Corwin #4
Box 21 Correspondence (82) 1944-1945, undated
Box 21 Publicity (82) 1945
Belfer LP-33 Recording 1944 - Carl Frank, Joan Alexander, Arnold Moss, Norman Corwin (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0108, corwin_109)
Box 21 Script (82) 1944 - final broadcast script
Seems Radio is Here to Stay
Box 21 Published edition 1939 - privately printed and distributed by CBS; includes numerous woodcut(?) illustrations
Belfer LP-18 Recording, Australia production 1939 - phono record; produced by Radio Station 2UE in Sydney (1 phono disc) (ID#: corwin_0096)
Belfer LP-217 Recording, original production 1939 (3 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0342, corwin_0343, corwin_0344)
Martin Gabel and House Jameson were principal narrators; others in the cast included Arnold Moss, Luis Van Rooten, Alan Devitt, Martin Wolfson, Eric Burroughs, Santos Ortega, Juliana Taberna, Adelaide Klein, Gladys Thornton, Vicki Vola, Sidney Weissman
Belfer LP-110 Recording 1940 - narrated by Sir Cedric Hardwicke [?] (4 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0292, corwin_0293, corwin_0294, corwin_0295)
Belfer LP-110-111-A Recording 1941 - narrated by Sir Cedric Hardwicke [?] (3 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0289, corwin_290, corwin_0291)
Box 21 Script, Australia production (36, 37, 337) 1946 - includes cast list, foreword, music royalty information (2 folders)
Set Your Clock at U-235
Box 21 Reprints (102) 1945
So This is Radio
Box 21 Correspondence (108) 1939-1940, undated - includes copy of station emergency plan ("Plan Z") with telephone numbers and instructions
Box 21 Program summaries (108) - typed summaries or notes for each program
Belfer LP-205 Recording, Program Nos. 1 and 6 1939 (5 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0319, corwin_0320, corwin_0321, corwin_0322, corwin_0323, corwin_0324)
Belfer LP-121 Recording, Program No. 4 Education 1939 (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0238, corwin_0239)
Belfer LP-122 Recording, Program No. 5 Music 1939 (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0240, corwin_0241)
Soliloquy to Balance the Budget
Box 22 Correspondence (107) 1941
Box 22 Manuscript (311) 1941
Box 22 Script (107) 1941 - production script; sound cue sheet
Stars in the Afternoon
Box 22 Correspondence (124) 1945 - includes two clippings
Belfer LP-123 Recording 1945 - Helen Hayes, Jan Pearce, Artur Rodzinski, Andre Kostelanetz, James Melton, Phil Baker, Bess Myerson, Kate Smith, House Jameson, Patrice Munsel, Edward R. Murrow, Jr., Tom Howard and Earl Wrightson (3 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0242, corwin_0243, corwin_0244)
Tel Aviv - Columbia Presents Corwin #12
Belfer LP-56 Recording 1944 - Myron McCormick, Paul Mann (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0155, corwin_0156)
There Will be Time Later - Columbia Presents Corwin #22
Box 22 Correspondence (106) 1944-1945, undated
Box 22 Manuscript (312) 1944 - mix of typed and handwritten, with annotations and corrections
Box 22 Scripts (106) 1944-1945 - final U.S. broadcast script; heavily annotated broadcast script marked as "Canadian master"
They Fly Through The Air
Box 22 Correspondence (310) 1939, 1967, undated - includes original prospectus, photograph of CBS studio audience
Box 22 Manuscript (310) 1939 - handwritten, with annotations and corrections
Belfer LP-59 Recording 1939 - narrated by House Jameson (3 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0160, corwin_0161, corwin_0162)
Box 22 Script (310) 1939 - final broadcast script, with annotations and corrections
Thirteen By Corwin - as prepared for publication in book form by Henry Holt
Box 22 Typescripts of front and back matter (374) 1941 - mockup of title page; typescripts of foreword, glossary
Box 22 Typescripts of programs (1) 1941 - typescripts, photocopies, many with extensive annotations and edits (2 folders)
This is War
Box 23 Correspondence (101, 128) 1942-1946, undated (2 folders)
Box 23 Correspondence, internal 1942 - memos to/from Robert Heller; lists of episode titles; summary of results of interview with New York residents about what they'd like to know about the war effort,
Belfer LP-70 Recording, Introductory program 1942 - narrated by Robert Montgomery (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0183, corwin_0184)
Belfer LP-71 Recording, Program #2: The White House and the War 1942 - written by William Robson and John Driscoll; narrated by Paul Muni (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0188, corwin_0189)
Belfer LP-72 Recording, Program #3: Your Navy 1942 - written by Maxwell Anderson; narrated by Fredric March, Douglas Fairbanks Jr. (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0190, corwin_0191)
Belfer LP-73 Recording, Program #4: Your Army 1942 - written by Stephen Vincent Benet; narrated by Tyrone Power (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0192, corwin_0193)
Belfer LP-74 Recording, Program #5: The United Nations 1942 - written by George Faulkner; narrated by Thomas Mitchell (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0194, corwin_0195)
Belfer LP-75 Recording, Program #6: You're On Your Own 1942 - written by Philip Wylie; narrated by Ezra Stone, Claude Raines (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0196, corwin_0197)
Belfer LP-70-A Recording, Program #7: It's In the Works 1942 - John Garfield, Katherine Locke, John Carradine (1 phono disc) (ID#: corwin_0185)
Belfer LP-77 Recording, Program #8: Your Air Force 1942 - written by Ranald MacDougall; voices include Jimmy Stewart and Frank Albertson (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0198, corwin_0199)
Belfer LP-70-B Recording, Program #9: The Enemy 1942 - narrated by Clifton Fadiman (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0186, corwin_0187)
Belfer LP-80 Recording, Program #11: Smith Against the Axis 1942 - written by Ranald MacDougall; narrated by James Cagney (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0200, corwin_0201)
Belfer LP-81 Recording, Program #12: To The Young 1942 (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0202, corwin_0203)
Belfer LP-82 Recording, Program #13: Yours Received and Contents Noted 1942 - narrated by Raymond Massey (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0204, corwin_0205)
Box 23 Script, Program #12: To The Young (101) 1942 - final broadcast script, with annotations and corrections
Belfer LP-129 Recording 1948 - written by Jerome Lawrence, narrated by Corwin (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0247, corwin_0248)
Transatlantic Call
Belfer LP-114 Program #2 Washington, D.C., recording 1943 - cast included Art Carney, Karl Swenson, Jackson Beck, Joseph Julian, Barry Kroeger, Arnold Moss, Maurice Tarplin, Olive Deering, Kermit Murdock, and Elspeth Eric (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0234, corwin_0235)
Box 23 Program #2 Washington, D.C., script 1943 - typescript
Box 23 Program #3 The Midwest, publicity 1943
Belfer LP-113 Program #3 The Midwest, recording 1943 - Carl Sandburg, Wendell Willkie (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0232, corwin_0233)
The Undecided Molecule
Belfer LP-65 Recording 1945 - Groucho Marx, Robert Benchley, Vincent Price, Norman Lloyd, Sylvia Sidney, Keenan Wynn, Elliott Lewis (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0173, corwin_0174)
Box 23 Translation, Italian undated
Unity Fair
Box 23 Correspondence (122) 1945
Belfer LP-66 Recording 1944 - Alfred Drake, Groucho Marx, Burgess Meredith, June Richmond (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0175, corwin_0176)
Belfer LP-165 Recording 1945 - Alfred Drake, Groucho Marx, Burgess Meredith (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0284, corwin_0285)
Box 23 Script (122) 1945 - mimeo, incomplete
Untitled - Columbia Presents Corwin #7; rebroadcast later as Columbia Presents Corwin #13
Belfer LP-53 Recording 1944 - Fredric March (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0150, corwin_0151)
Belfer LP-92 Recording 1944 - Frederic March, Allan Devitt, Donna Keith, Joseph Julian, Paul Mann, Hester Sondergaard, Charme Allen, Michael Ingram (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0211, corwin_0212)
A Very Fine Type Girl - Columbia Presents Corwin #21
Belfer LP-38 Recording 1944 - Robert Dryden, Kermit Murdock, Joe Julian, Paul Mann, Larry Haines, Eleanor Sherman, Hester Sondergaard, Walter Burke, Minerva Pious and Adelaide Klein (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0116, corwin_0117)
A Walk With Nick - Columbia Presents Corwin #5
Box 23 Correspondence (120) 1945 - includes some production memoranda
Belfer LP-144-A Recording 1945 (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0275, corwin_0276)
We Hold These Truths
Box 23 Correspondence, printed edition (55) 1942, 1961 - Howell, Soskin edition which includes unauthorized changes to the text
Belfer LP-103 Recording 1941 - Edward Arnold, Lionel Barrymore, Walter Brennan, Bob Burns, Walter Huston, Marjorie Main, Edward G. Robinson, James Stewart, Rudy Vallee, Orson Welles (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0222, corwin_0223)
Belfer LP-125 Recording 1941 - Edward Arnold, Lionel Barrymore, Walter Brennan, Bob Burns, Walter Huston, Marjorie Main, Edward G. Robinson, James Stewart, Rudy Vallee, Orson Welles (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0245, corwin_0246)
Whitman - An American Trilogy #3; Columbia Presents Corwin #16
Belfer LP-32 Recording 1944 - Charles Laughton, featured John Dehner, Peggy Miller, Wally Maher (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0106, corwin_0107)
Windows on the World
Box 23 Correspondence (123) 1951
Box 23 Publicity (123) 1951-1952
Belfer LP-131 Recording 1951 (3 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0252, corwin_0253, corwin_0254)
Recording (202) 1951 - narrated by Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. (2 audiocassettes) (ID#: corwin_0372, corwin_0373)
Recording (202) 1951 - narrated by Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. (2 reel tapes) (ID#: corwin_0363, corwin_0364)
Box 23 Research notes and memoranda (123) 1951
Box 23 Script (123) 1951
Wolfe - An American Trilogy #2; Columbia Presents Corwin #15
Belfer LP-39 Recording 1944 - Charles Laughton, Hans Conreid, Elliott Lewis, Janet Scott, Franklin Parker, Alfred Ryder, Joseph Forte, Peter Leeds (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0118, corwin_0119)
Word From the People
Box 23 Correspondence (132) 1945 - correspondence, internal memoranda
Box 23 Scripts (132) 1945 - typescripts, probably incomplete
Words Without Music - Corwin's first series
Box 24 Correspondence (119) 1938-1946, undated (2 folders)
See also The Plot to Overthrow Christmas and They Fly Through the Air, which were part of this series.
Belfer LP-62 Recording, "Broadway Document" 1938 - features Eddie Mayehoff/Mayhoff; phono record (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0167, corwin_0168)
You Can Dream, Inc. - Columbia Presents Corwin #6
Box 24 Correspondence (121) 1944, undated
Belfer LP-44-A Recording 1944 - John Griggs, Ralph Bell, Minerva Pious, Samuel Raskyn, Joseph Julian, Ruth Gilbert, Robert Trout, Harry Marble (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0128, corwin_0129)
Box 24 Script (121) 1944 - final broadcast script
[no title]
Belfer LP-29 Recording, "Corwin Show For AVO" 1946 - label reads "Office of International Information and Cultural Affairs. The show is in French. Probably On a Note of Triumph" (2 phonodiscs) (ID#: corwin_0102, corwin_0103)
Belfer LP-218 The Fust Banjo / Go Down Death 1939 - composed by Corwin, sung by Golden Gate Quartet (1 phono disc) (ID#: corwin_0345)
Box 24 Brandeis Institute stag dinner 1961
Transferred from Franz Waxman Papers, 1968
Box 24 for Alan Cranston (247) 1968 - campaign speech for U.S. Senate; typescript draft with corrections
Belfer LP-213 Campaign of Canadian Red Cross 14 Mar 1945 - recorded in Toronto (1 phono record) (ID#: corwin_0358)
Box 24 Control your thoughts, mister? (209) 1947 - keynote address at conference on thought control; typescript draft with corrections, printed conference announcement
Box 24 for Edward G. Robinson (154) 1965 - luncheon at Robinson's home on behalf of United Jewish Welfare Fund; includes two letters and printed program
Box 24 Explanation marks on "The Hyphen" (198) 1966 -
Remarks delivered by Corwin at a luncheon given in his honor by the University of Utah, as published in The Utah Alumnus. Also included is a printed program from a performance of the play directe by Corwin and starring William Shatner (the program notes, "Mr. Shatner will star in the new television series Star Trek, which will be released on NBC in the fall").
Box 24 Franz Waxman Memorial Concert (227) 1968 - typescript draft with corrections; thank-you letter; printed program
Box 24 for Lewis Milestone (179) 1955 - for San Francisco Film Festival; carbon copy of typescript
Box 24 Marie Hanson Wesley eulogy (314) 1969 - typescript with corrections
See also Correspondence : Wesley, Marie Hanson.
Box 24 One world revisited (105) 1946 - notes; typescript; reprint of published text
Box 24 Public image of music (182) 1965 - for Chamber Symphony Society of California; typescript with corrections (photocopy); also includes a few letters and two printed programs
Box 24 Set your clock at U-235 (324) 1945 - for New York Herald Tribune Forum, read by Paul Robeson; typescript draft with corrections
Box 17 Tribute to Aaron Rosenberg (186) - read by Bill Gordon; photocopy of draft
Stage plays
The Chinese Wall
Box 24 Correspondence (68, 245) 1962, undated - includes contract
Box 24 Publicity (68, 245) 1962 - program (2 copies), clippings, reviews
Box 24 Script (68) 1962 - includes budget, music cue sheets, interview list, cast list (with extras), original typescript
Citizen of the World
Box 24 Script (60) 1962 - adaptation by Robert Preswell; photocopy of typescript; includes brief note from Preswell
Eleanor Roosevelt Memorial Program
Box 24 Correspondence (35) - includes printed invitation set from Adlai Stevenson and program
Box 25 Script elements (35) 1963 - various elements from show, including lighting cue sheet, biographical notes about participants, typed and handwritten notes, etc.
The Lincoln-Douglas Debates
See also The Rivalry; Tonight! Lincoln vs Douglas.
Box 25 Correspondence (13) 1954-1956 - George Jessel, Dan Goldberg, Irving Harris, also Corwin's agent Leah Salisbury; regarding options on the play
Box 25 Extracts from original debates (12) undated - typed extracts from the 21 hours of the original debates, used as raw material for dramatization
Memorandum to Jeremiah - starred Carl Sandburg as Jeremiah, the only time Sandburg ever appeared as an actor
Box 25 Correspondence (73) 1961 - includes abridged version of play created by Hadassah, the women's Zionist organization; text of Ambassador Harman's remarks to Sandburg; review from Heritage Southwest Jewish Press
Box 25 Script (73) 1961 - includes large-print sheets for Sandburg's use
Odyssey of Runyon Jones
Box 25 Manuscript (305) 1941
Box 25 Script (76) 1941 - typescript with corrections
Overkill and Megalove
Box 25 Program and syllabus (329) 1956 - published as Festival Theatre Student Study Series Syllabus IV, signed by Corwin; booklet includes remarks by Corwin, analysis and discussion of plays, etc.
Box 25 Script (150) 1956 - original typescript with corrections
The Rivalry
See also The Lincoln-Douglas Debates; Tonight! Lincoln vs Douglas.
Box 25 Correspondence 1954-1964, undated - Leah Salisbury, Corwin's agent; Cheryl Crawford and Joel Schencker, directors of Broadway production; others (2 folders)
Box 25 Correspondence, Paul Gregory 1956-1959 - relating to national tour; Leah Salisbury, Corwin's agent; others
Box 26 Notes, research material - analysis of debate text, notes about what was actually worn during the debates, drafts of script fragments, more
Box 26 Publicity, Broadway production (28) 1958-1959 - reviews, advertisements, program (2 folders)
Box 26 Publicity, national tour (19) 1957-1958 - reviews, advertisements, programs from performances around the country (2 folders)
Box 26 Script (31) undated - small typed label says "Broadway version"
Box 26 Script (31) Aug 1958 - "Master" handwritten on front
Box 26 Script (31) Sep 1958 - incomplete; front page says "master pages removed[...]when sent to Dick Boone"
Box 26 Script (27) 1960 - published version, Dramatists Play Service
Box 26 Script (31) 1959 - "stage manager's copy" written and crossed out; numerous edits, corrections, annotations
Box 26 Script (31) - includes notes to Martin Gabel, who played Douglas, on yellow insert sheets
Box 27 Statements (20, 26) 1957-1959 - box office and royalty
Tonight! Lincoln versus Douglas
See also The Lincoln-Douglas Debates; The Rivalry.
Box 27 Publicity (14) 1956-1957 - reviews in Los Angeles area; press on play
Box 27 Scripts (31) 1956 - three different versions, with notes, corrections, additions, etc. (2 folders)
Tribute to Carl Sandburg
Box 27 Correspondence (8) 1958
Box 27 Publicity (8) 1958
Box 27 Script (8) 1958 - master script with corrections; also includes cast list, rehearsal schedule
White Alice - Corwin's production of play by James Clavell
Box 27 Correspondence (380) 1960 - includes copy of contract
Box 27 Scripts (379) circa 1960 - two versions, both with annotations, edits, corrections, notes (2 folders)
Box 27 Set designs (379) circa 1960 - drawings and sketches
Box 27 Miscellaneous (379) circa 1960 - interview list; research material and notes
The World of Carl Sandburg
Box 28 Correspondence (6) 1958-1961 - includes typed list of Sandburg works from which the performance was drawn (2 folders)
Box 28 Publicity (7) 1959-1960 - clippings, reviews, theater programs
Box 28 Script, published (9) 1961 - Samuel French edition
Television programs
America at Work - Corwin's first network broadcast
Box 28 Script on railroading 1938
Boomerang - written under Corwin's pseudonym Donald Cormorant
Box 28 Script 1949
The FDR Series
Box 28 Correspondence (32) 1960-1962 - includes transcripts of speeches, photograph list, episode breakdown, more
Box 28 Research material and notes (33) 1956-1962
Box 28 The Roosevelt Years (33) undated - transcript of lengthy interview with Mrs Roosevelt about FDR, original source unknown; Corwin's notes on front
Box 28 Typescripts (34) undated - some incomplete, some annotated
The Human Angle
Box 28 Script (83) 1950 - carbon copy with corrections, edits, etc.
On a Note of Triumph - television version of radio program orginally broadcase on VE Day, 1945
Box 29 Photographs (229) undated - images used in production, some very graphic; a few original photos but most are clipped from print sources and folded with crop-mark overlays
Box 29 Publicity (229) 1966
Pursuit of Happiness
Box 29 Typescript fragment (371) - carbon copy with corrections, edits, etc.; written by William Saroyan with notes by Corwin
The Seven Seas (Sette Mari)
Box 29 Scripts (488) circa 1968 - seven scripts; includes notes on introductory scenes, etc. (2 folders)
Box 29 Case for clemency 1960 - statement on Caryl Chessman case published in the Los Angeles Times; Corwin is one of 127 signers/sponsors
Box 29 Confidential report on the BBC 1942 - written at request of William S. Paley
Box 29 Flight to the Moon (294) 1969 - narration for documentary about Apollo 11 moon landing; manuscript drafts, typescript drafts, final
Box 29 The Gagster and the Poet (226, 332) 1947 (2 folders)
This was a meeting at Corwin's home with Corwin, Carl Sandburg and television producer Hal Kanter. The meeting was tape recorded and later published as an article. Material includes a transcript of the recording with notes, galleys of the article and clippings of the article as published in WEST Magazine, part of the Los Angeles Times.
Box 29 The Golden Web (331) 1969 - Corwin's review of book by Erik Barnouw
Belfer LP-286 The Grand Alliance 24 Oct 1953 - for broadcast on United Nations Day (1 phono disc) (ID#: corwin_0286)
Box 29 Vietnam War statement (376) 1967 - manuscript, typescript
Box 29 Watts Towers (118) 1959 - efforts to save Watts Towers in Los Angeles; clippings of pieces by Corwin and Sandburg; photographs
Belfer LP-208 United Nations First Aniversary Dinner 25 Apr 1946 (3 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0325, corwin_0326, corwin_0327)
Donor information: "On April 25, 1946, the first anniversary of the founding of the United Nations was celebrated at a dinner in the grand ballroom of the Hotel Astor in New York City. The host organization was the Independent Citizens Committee of the Arts, Sciences and Professions, of which Harold Ickes was chairman, and Corwin one of the national vice-presidents. Corwin served as chairman of the dinner, and introduced Ickes, and four members of the U. N.'s Security Council: Sir Alexander Cadogan, Henri Bonnet of France, Quo Ti Chi of Nationalist China, and Andrei Gromyko of the U.S.S.R. Also Trygve Lie, Secretary General of the UN, as well as Charles Collingwood, Theodore White, William L. Shirer, Bill Downs, and Joseph C. Harsh. Corwin conceived the components and structure of the program, at the invitation of the Arts and Sciences Committee."
Productions of others
Belfer LP-102 Allen, Fred / radio program, untitled, Corwin as guest 1944 (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0220, corwin_0221)
Belfer LP-411 British Broadcasting Corporation / Sounds of War - actual recordings of combat, made by the BBC and presented to Corwin for use in his London-based series, An American in England (5 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0353 through corwin_0357)
Belfer LP-20 Carmichael, Alan / interviewing Corwin 23 Sep 1946 - interview of Corwin upon his arrival in Australia (1 phono disc) (ID#: corwin_0097)
Box 29 Gambill, Norman / essay on Corwin 11 Jun 1973 - producer of Corwin Re-Recording Project at Syracuse University; "Early Radio Drama of Norman Corwin" plus photocopied research material
Gift of Norman Gambill, 1973
Box 29 Klein, Philip / term paper on Corwin (212) 1969 - sent to Corwin by the author; includes letter from Klein
Box 30 Lennart, Isobel / script, "Design for Sharing," read by Corwin 1969
Box 30 Madsen, Roy / master's thesis on biographical movies (142 or 148) 1968 - thesis on biographical movies; only those chapters dealing with the movie Lust for Life are included, along with two letters from Madsen
Box 30 Malloy, Carolyne / master's thesis on Corwin's radio dramas (223) 1968
Box 30 McNett, Richard J. / term paper on Corwin (184) 1949 - includes correspondence bewteen Corwin and the author
Box 30 Munson, Ona / radio program, CBS Open House, Corwin as guest (93) 1944 - script
O'Brien, Joel / radio programs originally by Corwin - directed by O'Brien and broadcast over Station WNYC in New York City in the summer of 1942; Corwin had no direct connection with the productions
Belfer LP-135 Anne Rutledge 1942 - on same disc as two other programs (1 phono disc) (ID#: corwin_0266)
Belfer LP-135 Appointment 1942 - on same disc as two other programs (1 phono disc) (ID#: corwin_0265)
Belfer LP-136 Between Americans 1942 - on same disc as two other programs (1 phono disc) (ID#: corwin_0267)
Belfer LP-137 Day Break 1942 - on same disc as two other programs (1 phono disc) (ID#: corwin_0271)
Belfer LP-136 Descent of the Gods 1942 - on same disc as two other programs (1 phono disc) (ID#: corwin_0268)
Belfer LP-135 Fragment of a Lost Cause 1942 - on same disc as two other programs (1 phono disc) (ID#: corwin_0264)
Belfer LP-134 Good Heavens 1942 - on same disc as two other programs (1 phono disc) (ID#: corwin_0263)
Belfer LP-136 Murder in Studio One 1942 - on same disc as two other programs (1 phono disc) (ID#: corwin_0269)
Belfer LP-137 My Client Curley 1942 - on same disc as two other programs (1 phono disc) (ID#: corwin_0271)
Belfer LP-137 Old Salt 1942 - on same disc as two other programs (1 phono disc) (ID#: corwin_0270)
Belfer LP-134 Radio Primer 1942 - on same disc as two other programs (1 phono disc) (ID#: corwin_0261)
Belfer LP-107 To Him at Twenty 1942 (1 phono disc) (ID#: corwin_0227)
Belfer LP-134 Wolfeiana 1942 - on same disc as two other programs (1 phono disc) (ID#: corwin_0262)
Belfer LP-104 O'Neill, Eugene and Gassner, John / radio program, Author Meets Critic, discussing Corwin's Untitled 1947 - Corwin and John T.M. McCaffery also appear on show; phono disc (2 phono discs) (ID#: corwin_0224, corwin_0225)
Box 30 Rennie[?], Hedley / painting of Corwin (179) 1945 - photocopy of oil portrait
Box 30 Rewald, John / research paper, "Van Gogh in Paris" (46) 1955 - research material compiled by John Rewald, possibly for use with Lust for Life
Belfer LP-223 Robinson, Earl / song to promote Columbia Presents Corwin 1944 (1 phono disc) (ID#: corwin_0352)
Belfer  Ryan, Robert / radio program, Set Your Clock at U-235, by Corwin (205) 1960 (1 reel tape) (ID#: corwin_0360)
Belfer  San Diego Verse Choir / radio program, excerpts from The Plot to Overthrow Christmas 1966 (1 reel tape) (ID#: corwin_0374)
Box 30 Schoenstein, Ralph / book, Time Lurches On, dedicated to Corwin (196) 1965
Box 30 Sherman, Richard / screenplay, "Message for Uncle Billy," connection to Corwin unknown (41) - alternate title, "Escape from Andersonville"; rough first draft
Box 30 Van Doren, Carl / foreword to special edition of Thirteen by Corwin 1942 - limited print edition, distributed by CBS; manuscript, galleys
Belfer LP-106 Waldo, Janet / readings of excerpts from Corwin's shows, accompanied by organ 1942 - recording was presented to Corwin later as a gift (1 reel tape) (ID#: corwin_0226)
Weintraub, William Hobart / proposed radio program Studio One, to be produced by Corwin
Box 30 Proposal package (30) circa 1944 - includes blurbs about Corwin, summary of what the show would be about, etc.
Belfer  Recording, "Studio One" circa 1944 - promotional recording featuring Joseph Julian (ID#: corwin_0288)

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