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Padraic Colum Papers

An inventory of his papers at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Colum, Padraic, 1881-1972.
Title: Padraic Colum Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1891-1983
Quantity: 5 linear ft.
Abstract: Correspondence, manuscripts, legal and financial material of the Irish-American writer.
Language: Majority is in English, a few items in Irish and French.
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

Padraic Colum (1881-1972) was an Irish poet, novelist, playwright, author and collector of folklore.

Born in County Longford in Ireland, Colum was the oldest of eight children. He began to write in his early twenties, quickly establishing a reputation in Irish literary circles. In 1912 he married Mary Gunning Maguire (1884-1957), a fellow student at University College Dublin. Mary, raised by her grandmother Catherine Gunning and educated at St. Louis' Convent in Monaghan, was a noted author and critic in her own right. The couple was friends with many notable figures in Irish national and cultural circles, including poet W. B. Yeats, folkorist Lady Gregory, novelist James Joyce, and political activist Patrick Pearse, who with his brother Willie was executed for his leading role in the 1916 Easter Rising. Prior to her marriage Mary taught at Patrick Pearse's St. Ita's School.

Beginning in 1914 Padraic and Mary spent a great deal of time in the United States, particularly in Woods Hole, Massachusetts and in New York City, where both taught at Columbia University. Mary herself was also an author and critic (see for example "Declaration of Independence: Mary Colum as Autobiographer" by Sandy Sternlicht, in The Courier, Volume XXXII, 1997). Padraic became a U.S. citizen in 1945. Mary died in 1957. Mary's nephew Emmet Greene, son of her sister Bridget, was for many years a close friend of the couple; he eventually took over management of Padraic's schedule and finances, particularly after Padraic suffered a stroke in his late eighties, and served as executor of Padraic's literary estate until his own death in 1983.

Colum's wide-ranging literary output included poems and poem cycles ( The Poet's Circuits), plays ( Thomas Muskerry), song lyrics ("She Moved Through the Fair"), essays, novels ( The Flying Swans), biographies ( Our Friend James Joyce, written with his wife Mary), children's stories and much more.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Padraic Colum Papers consists of material relating directly to Padraic and his wife Mary, writings, and material relating to Padraic Colum's estate after his death in 1972.

Padraic and Mary Colum material consists of correspondence, financial and legal material, and memorabilia. Most of the correspondence is incoming, and encompasses friends, family, and literary colleagues. Family includes Susie Colum Ruth, Padraic's sister; Bridget Greene, Mary's sister (known to her family and friends as Bid, Bidelia, and Delia), including letters to her from their father Charles Maguire; Emmet Greene, Bridget's son and Mary's nephew; and assorted members of the Colum, Maguire, Greene and Gunning families. Notable literary correspondents include editor Louise Seaman Bechtel and authors William Rose Benet, Cyril Clemens, Archibald Macleish and Thornton Wilder. Important political figures include French peace activist Maria Jolas, outspoken anti-Nazi Hubertus Prinz zu Löwenstein, and Irish nationalist Patrick Pearse. The James Joyce folders include a letter from C. G. Jung to Joyce, in which Jung comments on Joyce's Ulysses. Filed under Mary Colum's name are letters to her alone from Van Wyck Brooks, W. Somerset Maugham, and Maxwell Perkins among others; there are also a few fragments of her writings. A small amount of legal and financial material includes taxes, leases, passports and citizenship documents, and a copy of Padraic's will. Memorabilia includes both personal items, such as photographs and address books, as well as items related to Irish history, such as a black ribbon commemorating Irish Parliamentary Party founder Charles Stewart Parnell and a memorial card for Michael O'Callaghan, first Republican mayor of Limerick.

Writings consists primarily of items by Padraic, although there are a small number of items by others. Included here are articles, book reviews, essays, lyrics, novels and stories, plays, poetry, and assorted other pieces.

The bulk of the Padraic Colum Estate material is correspondence between Emmet Greene, Colum's literary executor, and authors or publishers wishing permission to reprint or rebroadcast items of Colum's work. In some cases, such as Macmillan who was one of Colum's primary publishers, files may include contracts and royalty statements. There is also some correspondence related to Padraic's funeral and burial. Financial material includes photocopies of bank statements and lists of bank accounts and a few compiled royalty lists. Legal material contains correspondenec with attorneys on various topics; the Cahill, Stone and Driscoll folder includes a personal letter from Gerald Cahill to Emmet and clippings about Cahill's conviction for embezzlement.

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Arrangement of the Collection

Writings is subdivided by type (e.g., articles, book reviews); within each type, items are filed alphabetically by title. Within the other two series, material is filed alphabetically by correspondent or topic.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Related Material

Several published examples of Colum's work have been transferred to Rare Books for cataloging. Please refer to the Classic Catalog to locate these items.

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Subject Headings


Anderson, Sherwood, 1876-1941.
Belitt, Ben, 1911-2003.
Brooks, Van Wyck, 1886-1963.
Clemens, Cyril, 1902-1999.
Colum, Mary.
Colum, Padraic, 1881-1972.
Delamain, Jacques.
Denson, Alan.
Deutsch, Babette, 1895-1982.
Hillyer, Robert, 1895-1961.
Jolas, M.
Joyce, James, 1882-1941.
Jung, C. G. (Carl Gustav), 1875-1961.
Kennelly, Brendan.
Löwenstein, Hubertus, Prinz zu, 1906-1984.
MacDowell, Marian, 1857-1956.
Maritain, Raïssa.
Maugham, W. Somerset (William Somerset), 1874-1965.
McAleer, Edward C.
Nicholl, Louise Townsend.
Oshima, Shotaro, 1899-
Pearse, Padraic, 1879-1916.
Pearse, William, 1881-1916.
Perkins, Maxwell E. (Maxwell Evarts), 1884-1947.
Powys, John Cowper, 1872-1963.
Raja Rao.
Robinson, Lennox, 1886-1958.
Russell, George William, 1867-1935.
Saul, George Brandon, 1901-1986.
Toksvig, Signe, 1891-1983.
Trilling, Lionel, 1905-1975.
Wescott, Glenway, 1901-1987.
Wilder, Thornton, 1897-1975.
Wolfe, Thomas, 1900-1938.
Yeats, Jack B. (Jack Butler), 1871-1957.

Corporate Bodies

Dolmen Press.
Lantern Theatre.
Macmillan & Co.
McGraw-Hill Book Company.


Authors, Irish -- 20th century.
Children's literature, Irish.
Folklore -- Ireland.
Irish literature -- 20th century.
Poets, Irish.


Ireland -- History.
Ireland -- Intellectual life -- 20th century.

Genres and Forms

Bank statements.
Clippings (information artifacts)
Manuscripts (document genre)
Manuscripts for publication.
Memorial cards.
Negatives (photographs)
Research notes.
Royalty statements.
Slides (photographs)



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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Padraic Colum Papers,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

Gift of Eric Sherman, 2014.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: MRC
Date: 9 Jul 2014
Revision history: 5 Nov 2015 - letter to Perkins, 1931, identified and foldered (MRC)

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Padraic and Mary Colum
Box 1 Abbey Theatre 1962, 1964 - letters from Ernest Blythe; program
Box 1 Allen, Annette (Mrs. Hervey Allen) 1950 - outgoing, regarding her husband Hervey's death
Box 1 American Irish Association 1946-1947, 1950 - newsletter, drafts of position statements
Box 1 Anderson, Sherwood 1935
Box 1 Australia trip 1967 - summary of trip by Padraic; reservation information; letter from Irish Ambassador in Canberra; more
Box 1 A, miscellaneous
Box 1 Bechtel, Louise 1957, 1964-1965
Box 1 Belitt, Ben 1957
Box 1 Benet, William Rose 1928? - about the death of his wife, Elinor Wylie
Box 1 B, miscellaneous
Box 1 Clemens, Cyril 1962, 1969, undated
Colum, Mary (wife, also known as Mollie)
Box 1 to Padraic undated - many written on letterhead from St. Ita's School
Box 1 Brooks, Van Wyck 1923-1925, 1948, 1954, undated - includes one letter from wife, ESB
Box 1 Columbia University 1937, 1941, 1944-1945, 1947, 1951, 1953
Box 1 De la Mare, Walter undated - written by his daughter Florence Thompson at his request expressing his sentiments
Box 1 Hillyer, Robert S. 1947
Box 1 Howard, William Guild 1942
Box 1 Maugham, W. Somerset undated
Box 1 Neff, Emery undated
Box 1 Perkins, Maxwell undated - p. 3 only
Box 1 Washburn, Richard K. 1947
Box 1 Miscellaneous incoming, A-Z - majority are letters from readers of her autobiography, Life and the Dream
Box 1 Miscellaneous incoming, unidentified
Box 1 Miscellaneous outgoing - includes fragments of some of her book reviews, addressed to editors
Box 1 Funeral, memorial 1957, 1960-1961 - Michael Biggs; Niall Montgomery; sympathy cards
Box 1 Writings 1921-1922, 1938, undated - letters to the editor, book reviews, partial essay
Box 1 Colum, Mary 1961, undated
Colum, Susie
See Ruth, Susie Colum.
Box 1 Colum family, miscellaneous - brother Dick and wife Rose; brother[?] Donal; sister Eileen; cousin Mary
Box 1 Cowell, Sidney (Mrs. Henry Cowell) 1966
Box 1 C, miscellaneous
Box 1 Davies, Betty 1967-1972 - most to Padraic, later to Emmet
Box 1 Delamain, Jacques 1933
Box 1 Deutsch, Babette 1957
Box 1 The Dial 1923, undated - Gilbert Seldes; Schofield Thayer
Box 1 Digges, Dudley 1928, 1946 - actor; letters are to "Dear Alice" and "Dear Theodore"
Box 1 Dolmen Press 1957, 1965, 1970, 1972, 1975 - Liam Miller; includes prospectuses for some projects of the press and typescript entitled "Liam Miller Scandal by Emmet"
Box 1 D, miscellaneous
Box 1 E, miscellaneous
Box 1 F, miscellaneous - includes envelope from Robert Frost but no letter
Box 1 Greene, Bridget Maguire (Bid, Bidelia, Delia) 1923, 1931-1937, 1942, 1949, 1951, undated - Mary Colum's sister and Emmet Greene's mother; includes letters from Bridget and Mary's father, Charles Maguire, as well as from Padraic and Mary; earliest letter (1923) is from an unidentified "Annie" in Kilmainham Prison to "Dear Mrs Green"
Greene, Emmet
Box 1 to/from Padraic 1935, 1955, 1958-1971, undated
Box 1 Family, miscellaneous (Greene, Maguire, Gunning) 1951-1980 (gaps) - Bridie (cousin); Catherine Greene (aunt?); Clare Maguire (aunt); Eileen Colum (aunt); Geraldine Gunning; Sr. Maureen Maguire; Nora (cousin); Theresa Green (aunt)
See also Ruth, Susie Colum.
Box 1 Medical, miscellaneous 1973-1974
Box 1 Incoming, miscellaneous 1951, 1966-1976, 1981 - Monsignor Michael Kelliher, others
Box 1 Outgoing, miscellaneous
Box 1 G, miscellaneous
Box 1 Hayes, Michael 1952 - Irish policeman; much of the letter is about Sinn Féin founder Arthur Griffith (Art Ó Gríobhtha)
Box 1 H, miscellaneous
Box 2 Irish Tourist Board (Bord Fáilte Eireann) 1965 - includes proof of invitation to opening of Thoor Ballylee, home of W. B. Yeats
Box 2 I, miscellaneous
Box 2 Jolas, Maria 1941, 1951, 1965
Box 2 Joyce, James 1941, 1947, undated - letter from Carl Jung to Joyce regarding Ulysses; typescript carbon of letter from an E. Cotton to a Mr. Kastor regarding Mrs. Joyce, with note to Molly (Mary) from "Bob" added in pen at the bottom; photocopy of letter from Joyce to "Dear Ogden" with transcription in pen on reverse; photocopy of Joyce's Swiss death certificate
Box 2 Joyce-related 1958, 1963, 1972, undated - Joyce seminar at Hunter College; clippings; transcripts of Joyce's obituary from microfilm
Box 2 J, miscellaneous
Box 2 Kennedy, Mary (poet) 1960, 1963
Box 2 Kirby, Robert 1971 - letters asking Colum for assistance finding a job
These letters were unopened when the collection was received, and were opened by staff during processing.
Box 2 K, miscellaneous - includes prospectus from Kennikat Press for their "Series on Irish History and Culture"
Box 2 Leeson, Cathy/Kathleen 1957-1961
Box 2 de Lima, Agnes 1957
Box 2 Löwenstein, Hubertus, Prinz zu 1944
Box 2 L, miscellaneous
Box 2 MacDonagh, Thomas 1910
Box 2 MacDowell, Marian 1948-1949, 1951, 1954, 1972 - letters from Marian as well as some material about her and about the MacDowell Colony
Box 2 MacLeish, Archibald 1935, 1941, 1957[?], 1969
Box 2 Macmillan 1931, 1965-1966, 1970
See also Padraic Colum Estate : Correspondence : Macmillan.
Maguire, Mary Gunning
See Colum, Mary (wife).
Box 2 Maritain, Raïssa 1955 - in French
Box 2 McGraw-Hill 1967, 1969
See also Padraic Colum Estate : Correspondence : McGraw-Hill.
Miller, Liam
See Dolmen Press.
Box 2 Murphy, Ann 1969-1970, 1978-1979
Box 2 M, miscellaneous
Box 2 National Theatre Society 1967 - contract for Thomas Muskerry
Box 2 Nicholl, Louise Townsend 1957, 1970
Box 2 Noble and Noble 1968
Box 2 N, miscellaneous
Box 2 O'Sullivan, Maisie (Maire) 1970
See also Padraic Colum Estate : Correspondence : O'Sullivan, Maisie (Maire).
Box 2 Oshima, Shotaro 1965
Box 2 O, miscellaneous
Box 2 Pearse, Patrick (Pádraig Anraí Mac Piarais) 1910-1911 - includes petition regarding the establishment of St. Ita's school for girls, as a companion to St. Enda's school for boys
Box 2 Pearse, Willie (Liam Mac Piarais) 1908 - in French to unknown recipient
Box 2 Perkins, Maxwell 1931 - from Padraig, about Mary's writing and Perkins' treatment of her
Box 2 Powys, John Cowper 1957
Box 2 P, miscellaneous
Box 2 Rao, Raja 1970
Robinson, Henry Morton 1955
Box 2 Robinson, Lennox 1957
Box 2 Russell, George W. ("Æ") 1920, 1932
Ruth, Susie Colum - Padraic's sister
Box 2 to/from Emmet 1970-1975, undated
Box 2 to/from Padraic circa 1960-1970, most undated - includes a poem, "Limestone Landscape," by an unknown author
Box 2 to/from others 1924, 1973 - one, very affectionate, from "Sherman"
Box 2 R, miscellaneous - includes postcard in Gaelic with "Raheen Rural Industries" letterhead
Box 2 Salkeld, Blánaid 1955
Box 2 Sandkühler, Konrad 1956, 1959, 1970
Box 2 Saul, George Brandon 1953
Box 2 S, miscellaneous
Box 2 Taft, William Howard III 1953
Box 2 Toksvig, Signe 1963
Box 2 Trausil, Hans 1947
Box 2 Wilder, Thornton 1944, 1948, undated - letter; reprint of Wilder's essay on Joyce; typescript of essay, "Giordano Bruno's last meal in Finnegan's Wake"
Box 2 Wilson, Edmund 1947, 1952, 1957, 1973
Box 2 Wolfe, Thomas 1938 - to Maxwell Perkins
Box 2 W, miscellaneous
Box 2 Yeats, Jack B. 1939, 1941-1942, 1947-1948 - includes copies of transcripts of letters from Colum to W. B. Yeats in 1905-1906; program from W. B. Yeat's memorial service
Box 2 Unidentified, A-Z by first name
Box 2 Unidentified - includes letter on Cuala Industries Ltd. letterhead (Yeats family) as well as a lengthy but incomplete letter discussing Irish "scholar-patriots" and Irish literature
Box 2 Taxes 1966-1967, 1969 - W-2 forms, correspondence
Box 3 Lease for 415 Central Park West 1964-1965
Box 3 Passports, citizenship papers
Box 3 Power of attorney for Emmet Greene 1970
Box 3 Will, Padraic Colum 1969
Box 3 Address books
Box 3 Awards and honors 1952, 1958
Oversize 1 Banner with design from Book of Kells undated
Box 3 "A Bridge of Poetry with Padraic Colum" - script for short 20-minute film about and featuring Colum; accompanied by letter from Emmet Greene
Box 3 About Mary 1957-1958, undated
Box 3 About Padraic 1936, 1947, 1957-1972, undated
Box 3 Obituaries 1972
Box 3 Reviews of Padraic's work 1937, 1953-1967 - alphabetical by work title
Box 3 Miscellaneous
Box 3 G. S. Parnell, Irish National League 1891 - black ribbon printed with Parnell's last words, accompanied by note on letterhead of Irish National League
Box 3 Lantern Theatre programs 1964-1966 - productions of Colum's work
Box 3 Michael O'Callaghan 1921 - commemorative/memorial card for first Republican mayor of Limerick
Box 3 Mr. Colum's Greeks, by Lionel Trilling 1956 - reprint
Box 3 Padraic Colum, 1881-1972, by Alan Denson 1972 - inscribed by the author to Emmet Greene
Box 3 Padraic Colum, 1881-1972, by Glenway Wescott 1973 - photocopy from Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Letters
Oversize 1 of Mary - portrait photograph in academic garb, damaged; several slides in small box
Box 3 of Padraic
Box 3 Unidentified
Box 3 Roger D. Casement letter 1916 - photocopy; Casement was the purported author of The Black Diaries circulated after his arrest in 1916 and published in 1959 by Grove Press
Box 3 "To Padraic Colum" undated - poem by unidentified author
Box 3 "Where Honor is Due: A New York Letter" by Vivian Mercier 1954 - account of the presentation to Padraic of the medal of the Irish Academy of Arts and Letters; typescript
[untitled, by Edmund Krochalis] undated - recollections of Padraic's visits and their friendship
Box 4 Miscellaneous, about Padraic
Box 4 Miscellaneous, about others - memorial cards, clippings, catalogs, etc.
Box 4 Miscellaneous - clippings and photocopies of clippings; recollections of childhood,etc.
Book reviews
Box 4 Book of Living Verse, by Louis Untermeyer circa 1932 - typescript
Box 4 Gerard Manley Hopkins: A Life, by Eleanor Ruggles circa 1944 - typescript
Box 4 I Knock at the Door, by Sean O'Casey circa 1939 - typescript
Box 4 J. B. Yeats: Letters to His Son, by Joseph Hone (ed.) circa 1945 - typescript
Box 4 Journals of Kierkegaard, by Alexander Dru (ed.) circa 1958 - typescript
Box 4 Kierkegaard Anthology, by Robert Bretall (ed.) circa 1947 - typescript
Box 4 Kiltartan History Book, by Lady Gregory (transl., ed.) circa 1910 - typescript; page 1 missing
Box 4 My Last Seventy Years, by Henry Goddard Leach circa 1956 - typescript
Box 4 Scholars and Gypsies, by Walter Starkie circa 1963 - typescript
Box 4 Seventy Years a Showman, by George Sanger circa 1926 - typescript
Box 4 The People, Yes, by Carl Sandburg circa 1936 - typescript
Box 4 Three Great Irishman, by Arland Ussher circa 1953 - typescript
Box 4 Twenty Years A'Growing, by Maurice O'Sullivan 1933 - partial photocopy of clipping
Box 4 [unidentified collection], by Liam O'Flaherty - typescript
Box 4 Arthur Lynch: A portrait - typescript
Box 4 The Battle of Dublin, 1014 1965 - reprint from Scandinavian Studies
Box 4 Edwin Arlington Robinson's poetry - typescript, incomplete
Box 4 Fred Higgins - typescript, incomplete
Box 4 George Moore, Esquire - typescript
Box 4 George Santayana - typescript, several drafts, some incomplete
Box 4 It is not wisdom to be only wise 1933 - galleys from The Dublin Magazine
Box 4 John Butler Yeats - typescripts for two different articles
Box 4 John O'Leary - typescript
Box 4 Jonathan Swift - typescript; although the second page has "SWIFT" handwritten at the top, only the first page appears to actually be about Swift
Box 4 Joyce first and last - typescript; original title "Early Joyce" crossed out
Box 4 Kierkegaard - typescripts for several different pieces, one possibly a lecture; some are incomplete
Box 4 The leadership of W. B. Yeats 1968 - longhand draft, may be incomplete
Box 4 My short and simple recollections of George Bernard Shaw - typescript, incomplete
Box 4 Portrait of James Joyce 1932 - typescript
Box 4 St. Augustine and the literature of remembrance - typescript, incomplete
Box 4 Schopenhauer and the cult of the will - typescripts
Box 4 Seamus O'Kelly - typescript, multiple drafts of some pages
Box 4 Sheridan [Richard B. Sheridan] - typescripts; multiple drafts of more than one essay
Box 4 Spinoza - typescripts, one incomplete
Box 4 The state vs. the nation - typescript and clipping, same title but different content; clipping is annotated "Excellent JBC"
Box 4 Stephen Phillips - typescript and carbon copy
Box 4 Street song - typescript
Box 4 Theodore Spicer-Simson - blue carbon of typescript
Box 4 Tom Kettle, a memoir - typescript, galleys from The Dublin Magazine, incomplete clipping of published version
Box 4 Whitley Stokes and another - typescripts and blue carbon of different version
Box 4 William James - typescript
Letters to the editor
Box 5 Miscellaneous 1948, 1957, 1958
Box 5 Miscellaneous - mixture of published sheet music, handwritten drafts, etc.; titles include "Cradle Song" and "Old Woman of the Roads"
Notebooks have no titles; first few words of each are given below.
Box 5 "attaches me..." - blue Columbia notebook, approximately 73 handwritten pages which appear to be drafts of a long poem
Box 5 "is attributed to unusually well-informed circles..." - brown Paper King spiral notebook, approximately 32 handwritten pages
Box 5 "It is rather a pity..." - brown Capital Standard notebook, approximately 48 handwritten pages
Box 5 "Notes for Roman portrait Jan 1968" - brown Paper King spiral notebook, approximately 67 handwritten pages on various people and events of Roman history
Novels and stories
Box 5 The boy apprenticed to an enchanter: Introduction - typescript carbon
Box 5 The flying swans - scattered fragments, approximately 100 pages total
Box 5 The naming of the land - typescript carbon
Box 5 In Pilver Park there walks a deer 1969 - typescripts, galleys from The New Yorker
Box 5 Julia - typescript, carbon of different version
Box 5 The stone of victory - layout/setting copy for several stories
Box 5 The tradition that existed in my grandmother's house 1967 - typescript carbon
Box 5 Tristan and Iseult - incomplete typescripts of several drafts
Box 5 The voyages - galleys
Box 5 [untitled] - typescript carbon; features character named Judy Pat
Box 5 Balloon - typescript carbon in blue binder
Box 5 Cloughoughter - photocopy of typed pages, incomplete
Box 5 Mogu the Wanderer - typescript carbon, incomplete
Box 5 Monasterboice - typescript carbon, one page
Box 5 Thomas Muskerry - typescript, incomplete
Box 5 Ulysses in Night-Town - typescript carbon, one page
Box 5 A poet's circuits - typescripts, typescript carbons, photocopies of pages with typesetting markup, etc.
Box 6 Images of departure - proofs from Dolmen Press
Box 6 Story of Lowry Maen - typescripts, typescript carbons, handwritten sheets; includes glossary of "people and situations"
Box 6 To Ireland with love
Box 6 Miscellaneous poems - single poems, fragments, etc., including drafts of poems from various collections; mix of typescript, typescript carbon, handwritten
Box 6 City of St. Martin - typescript
Box 6 From coast to coast: An Irish lecturer's tour - typescript; covers several U.S. cities
Box 6 Nassau 1962 - clipping from Vogue magazine
Box 6 Tour in Australia 1967 - mix of typescript and typescript carbons; includes two sheets of expenses
Box 6 By an Irish fireside 1935 - script for episode of radio show; story is "The Hen Wife's Son and Princess Bright Brow"
Box 6 Cabell letters - photocopies of letters to and from James Branch Cabell, noted as "kept to refer back to in case of questions"
Box 6 Gulliver's Travels: Introduction - galleys with corrections
Box 6 Irish Arts and Literary Society bulletin article 1950 - summary of year's activity
Box 6 Lynch law notes - photocopies of typed notes
Box 6 Lysippus - single typed sheet with lengthy quote from E. A. Gardner
Box 6 Preface to Stephen McKenna by E. R. Dodds - galleys
Box 6 Speech to Academy of Irish Letters 1954 - acceptance speech upon bestowing of Society's medal; photocopy of typescript
Box 6 Tales of Thimble Castle - Episode 2, "The King of the Cats"; script, probably for radio show
Box 6 Unidentified autobiographical - fragments; mix of typescript and typescript carbon
Box 6 Unidentified introduction
Box 6 Unidentified, begins "Les romanciers..." - small sheets, handwritten in pencil; in French
Box 6 Photocopies of published work - pages from The Vegetable Kingdom, A Poet's Circuits, etc.
By others
Box 6 Casto, Robert Clayton / Attis - typescript of poem
Box 6 Gordan, John D. / A legend revisited: Elinor Wylie - reprint
Box 6 Jordan, Philip / A tale to make your hair stand on end 1963 - small chapbook printed by Overbrook Press
Box 6 Kennelly, Brendan / A drinking cup: Poems from the Irish 1970 - printed by Allen Figgis, Dublin; signed and inscribed by the author to Padraic
Box 6 MacEntee, Marie / A heart full of thoughts: Translations from the Irish 1959 - printed by Dolmen Press
Box 6 McAleer, Edward C. / The ignorance of Bloom 1961 - reprint; signed and inscribed by the author
Box 6 O'Kelly, M. / The Parnellites - typescript crabon of preface
Box 6 Postgate, H. W. / The Reverend Nicholas Sheehy 1931 - typescript, dated at the end
Box 6 Raine, Kathleen / The responsibility of the poet 1961 - typescript
Box 6 Miscellaneous - prose, poetry and music fragments, author undetermined; mix of typescript, typescript carbons, a few handwritten items
Padraic Colum Estate
Box 7 Allen Figgis & Co. 1972, 1975-1976 - correspondence
Box 7 ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) 1970-1978, 1982-1983 - correspondence, royalty statement, copies of checks, etc.
Box 7 Australian Broadcasting Commission 1971, 1979, 1982 - permissions
Box 7 Boosey & Hawkes 1909, 1913, 1969-1976, 1981-1982 - two earliest items are photocopies, not originals
Box 7 British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) 1978, 1980, 1983 - permissions
Box 7 Browne & Nolan 1958 - photocopy of contract for Life of Arthur Griffith
Box 7 Caedmon 1970, 1977-1978 - royalty statements
Cahill, Gerald
See Legal : Cahill, Stone and Driscoll.
Box 7 Campbell, Joseph undated - photocopy of letter from Emmet to Campbell
Box 7 Charles E. Merrill 1971 - permissions
Box 7 Claddagh Records Ltd. 1970 - includes photocopies of unsigned recording contracts
Box 7 Clarendon Press 1972-1974 - permissions
Box 7 Colin Smythe Ltd. 1977-1978, 1981 - includes unsigned draft of contract
Box 7 Collier Books 1968-1970 - royalty statements
Box 7 Colum Foundation 1973, undated - includes photocopy of letter from Gerald Cahill to Frances Steloff of Gotham Book Mart
Box 7 Crowell-Collier 1961 - photocopy of contract for Poetry of Jonathan Swift
Box 7 Crown Publishers 1949, 1969-1977 - correspondence, contracts, royalty statements
Box 7 Devin Adair 1953, 1959-1977 - contract for Collected Poems, royalty statements
Box 7 Evans Brothers Ltd. 1973-1974 - permissions
Box 7 Faber & Faber 1976 - permissions
Box 7 Folkways 1967-1970 - correspondence, royalty statements
Box 7 Funeral arrangements 1972
Box 7 Grosset & Dunlap 1958, 1969-1982 - photocopies of contract for Myths of the World, correspondence, royalty statements
Box 7 Harcourt Brace Jovanovich (also includes earlier firm names) 1969-1972, 1983 - permissions
Box 7 Holt, Rinehart & Winston 1971 - permissions
Box 7 Houghton Mifflin 1971, 1976-1977 - permissions
Box 7 Indiana University Press 1953 - memorandum of agreement for The Vegetable Kingdom
Box 7 Irish Arts Council 1976 - correspondence with Mary Lavin, Colm O'Briain
Box 7 Irish Tourist Board (Bord Fáilte Eireann) 1972 - correspondence with Elizabeth Healy, permissions, photocopy of material relating to exhibit "Padraic Colum at 87"
Box 7 Krochalis, Edmund 1972 - letter detailing the Krochalis' assistance to Padraic in his later years
See also Padraic and Mary Colum : Correspondence : Macmillan
Box 7 Contracts 1931, 1961, 1964-1965, 1967 - contracts for Poems, The King of Ireland's Son, Roofs of Gold, The Boy Apprenticed to the Enchanter, The Girl Who Sat by the Ashes, Storytelling Old and New
Box 7 Correspondence 1967, 1970-1983
Box 7 Royalties 1967-1982 - statements, copies of checks, etc.
Box 7 Magnus, Freda 1955, 1963-1965, 1970, 1972-1975 - Ms. Magnus was Emmet's assistant for a period of time and Emmet was apparently later her executor as well; unclear whether the financial material in this folder relates to her or to Padraic
See also Padraic Colum : Correspondence : McGraw-Hill.
Box 8 Contracts 1965, 1969 - photocopies of contract for Stone of Victory, The White Sparrow, Anthology of Folk Tales
Box 8 Correspondence 1971-1977
Box 8 Royalties 1969-1971, 1976
Box 8 New York Times 1972
Box 8 O'Sullivan, Maisie (Maire) 1971-1981
See also Padraic Colum : Correspondence : O'Sullivan, Maisie
Box 8 Oxford University Press 1970, 1983 - contract for The Poet's Circuit, correspondence, permissions, royalties
Box 8 Publishers, miscellaneous 1970-1982 - correspondence, permissions
Box 8 Radio Telefís Éireann 1971-1972, 1975 - correspondence, permissions
Box 8 Rights and permissions, miscellaneous 1968-1982
Box 8 St. Fintan's Graveyard 1972-1974 - correspondence with Niall Montgomery, attorneys about Padraic's gravestone, maintenance of grave, etc.
Box 8 Samuel French 1970 - royalty statements
Box 8 Sound Seminars 1970 - memorandum of agreement for tape recordings
Box 8 South African Broadcasting Corporation 1971-1976 - permissions
Box 8 Spoken Arts 1956, 1969-1970 - photocopy of contract for Irish verse recordings, royalty statements
Box 8 University College, Dublin 1972
Box 8 Vaugh, Helen 1976-1983
Box 8 Yale University Press 1969-1977 - correspondence, royalty statements
Box 8 Miscellaneous A-Z and unidentified 1967-1977
Box 8 Bank accounts 1969-1983 - lists, statements, etc.
Box 8 Royalty lists undated - handwritten and typed lists of publishers and amounts
Box 8 Taxes 1962-1983
Box 8 Miscellaneous - assorted bills and finance-related correspondence
Box 8 Cahill, Stone and Driscoll 1972-1976 - includes personal letter from Gerald Cahill, clippings about his conviction for embezzlement
Box 8 Charles T. Rice 1969-1971 - includes list of next-of-kin
Box 8 Inventory of books
Box 8 Miscellaneous 1969-1982 - attorneys and law firms, including Bolton-Jones & Co. and Vittoria, King and Parker

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