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Cobb Family Papers

A description of the collection at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Cobb family.
Title: Cobb Family Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1823-1968
Quantity: 22.5 linear ft.
Abstract: Several generations of an important New England family. Clippings, correspondence, subject file, manuscripts, printed material, journals, photos, scrapbooks, books, artifacts, sermons, articles, correspondence, diaries, calendars, notebooks, more.
Language: Most in English, scattered items in French and Spanish
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

The Cobb family was a large and important New England clan (see Philip Cobb's A History of the Cobb Family, Cleveland:1907). The main branch of the Cobb family descended from Ebenezer and Elizabeth Cobb, both of whom were descended from Elder Henry Cobb who arrived in America on the second voyage of the Mayflower. One of their eight children, Sylvanus, was born in 1798 and grew up in Norway, Maine, and it is his branch of the family that is represented in this collection.

As a young man Sylvanus showed an aptitude for journalism, and wrote poetry and prose for the Republican war party of 1812. At sixteen he converted to the Universalist faith and a few years later studied for the ministry under Sebastian Streeter. After his ordination he traveled across Maine, preaching the Universalist doctrine. Because his views opposed the Calvinist doctrine of predestination, he met with considerable hostility and was attacked in the press. He was also active in politics and served two terms in the state legislature.

In 1828, amid controversy and protest, Sylvanus became pastor of the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Malden, Massachusetts. Shortly after his installment he was elected to the Massachusetts legislature where he made the acquaintance of many important politicians, including Leverett Saltonstall. This did not prevent him from pursuing his primary calling as a clergyman, and his influence within the Universalist movement continued to grow. As his reputation expanded he developed friendships with most of the major figures in the movement, especially Hosea Ballou. He attended, and was one of the leaders of, the Universalist General Conventions, speaking out vigorously in many of the debates. In 1839, while living in East Boston, he founded the newspaper Christian Freeman and Family Visitor, which under his editorship supported such causes as abolition, temperance, and of course the Universalist movement. Some of the greatest debates of the era between orthodox Calvinists and Universalists were carried on in the pages of the Freeman. Sylvanus also wrote several books, of which Compend Divinity and New Testament of Our Lord and Savior were the most significant.

Sylvanus Cobb Jr. was the eldest son of Sylvanus and his wife, Eunice Hale Waite, born in 1823. As a young man he joined the Navy, and during his service he traveled throughout Europe, building a storehouse of knowledge that would serve him well in his later career as a novelist. Soon after his marriage in 1845, he began to write short stories for his own newspaper, Rechabile, which was notable for its attacks (in the name of temperance) on President Polk, Daniel Webster and others. Later he wrote for Robert Bonner's New York Ledger. He became one of the most prolific fiction writers of his time.

On August 6, 1834, twin boys were born to Sylvanus and Eunice. Darius and Cyrus grew up in the family home near Boston and studied art, music and literature, becoming skilled enough artists that they eventually started their own portrait business. After brief service during the Civil War with the 44th Massachusetts regiment, the two men returned home and married sisters Laura and Emma Lillie. The two men took up art again, Darius concentrating on painting and Cyrus on sculpture. In time Cyrus became a lawyer with the intention of supporting his brother's artistic endeavors. After ten years as an attorney Cyrus again took up art but, although he achieved some success (most notably with his design and execution of the Cambridge Soldiers' Monument), Darius became far better known. John Greenleaf Whitter judged his painting "Christ Before Pilate" to be "the best ideal of Divine Humanity I have ever seen" and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow -- a personal friend -- headed a list of subscribers for steel plate engravings of the work. Darius also became known for his portraiture and historical pieces, particularly "Washington at Dorchester Heights."

Both twins had large families and several of their children became famous. Ernest Cobb, son of Cyrus, was a well-known educator and the author of a number of children's books, as well as One Foot on the Ground, a plea for reconsideration of the Progressive Education method. Stanwood, son of Darius, was valedictorian of his class at Dartmouth and studied at Harvard Divinity School. As a young man he traveled in Europe with Porter Sargent's Travel School for Boys, and taught at Robet College in Constantinople. Out of his experiences in Turkey grew a lifelong interest in the Near East, particularly in the Baha'i religion, which he espoused. In 1919 he founded the Chevy Chase Country Day School in Maryland and the Progressive Education Association; he became editor of a major Baha'i publication and the author of numerous books on Baha'i, mysticism, the Near East, and education.

A family tree of the Cobb family is available here (if online) or at the end of this inventory (if in hard copy). Names given in capital letters signify individuals with related material in the collection.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Cobb Family Papers consist of materials created by various members of one small branch of a very large and important New England family, and offer a window into both their careers and private lives. The papers provide valuable information on Universalism, Progressive Education, Baha'i, and the cultural history of Boston during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Span dates for the collection are 1823-1968, with the heaviest concentration in the period 1850-1955, when the main branch of the family resided in Massachusetts.

The majority of the papers relate to Stanwood Cobb and his activities as author and educator. There are also substantial sections associated with Stanwood's father Darius Cobb, a popular Boston artist, and his grandfather Sylvanus Cobb Sr., Universalist clergyman, author, and editor-publisher of his own newspaper, Christian Freeman and Family Visitor. The extensive diaries kept by Sylvanus Cobb Sr. and Darius Cobb are perhaps the most important part of the collection, of interest to cultural historians of Boston as well as to students of the history of education or religion. Other Cobb family members represented include Sylvanus Jr., Ernest, Eunice Hale Waite, and Percival B. Cobb.

The papers are divided into five sections, as follows.

The six boxes of Correspondence span more than 140 years and a wide range of topics from family matters to religion and politics.

Drawings and related material contains original artwork and sketches by Darius Cobb and his twin brother Cyrus.

Financial and legal records consists of account books, lists of subscribers for Darius' paintings, several books belonging to Stanwood Cobb recording college and other expenses, and a variety of legal documents such as mortgages and agreements.

Memorabilia, subdivided by individual, encompasses a vast range of material including clippings, Bahai material, college catalogs, diaries, drawings, genealogies, invitations, lecture notes, obituaries, photographs, and a small group of French periodicals and pamphlets.

Writings, also subdivided by individual, includes articles, books, essays, sermons, speeches and more. The bulk of this section is comprised of Stanwood Cobb's writings on Progressive Education, Bahai, social criticism, and literary subjects. Other significant items include Darius Cobb's diaries, which span more than sixty years, and his fiction and non-fiction writings.

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Arrangement of the Collection

Correspondence is in chronological order. For the other series, other than their alphabetical subdivision by individual family member, there is no discernible order.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Subject Headings


Cobb family.
Cobb, Cora, 1868-1960.
Cobb, Cyrus, 1834-1903.
Cobb, Darius, 1834-1919.
Cobb, Eunice Hale, 1803-1880.
Cobb, Laura Lillie, 1846-1919.
Cobb, Stanwood, 1881-1982.
Cobb, Sylvanus, 1798-1866.
Cobb, Sylvanus, 1823-1887.

Corporate Bodies

Grand Army of the Republic.
Progressive Education Association (U.S.)
Unitarian Universalist churches -- Clergy.

Associated Titles

Christian freeman and family visiter.


Antislavery movements -- United States.
Artists -- United States -- 19th century.
Bahai Faith -- History -- 19th century.
Capital punishment -- United States.
Clergy as authors.
Painting, American -- 19th century.
Progressive education.
Temperance -- Addresses, essays, lectures.


Boston (Mass.) -- History.

Genres and Forms

Account books.
Clippings (information artifacts)
Manuscripts for publication.
Speeches (documents)



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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Cobb Family Papers,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

Gift of Stanwood Cobb, 1964-1969.

Additions, unspecified, 1971-1972.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: MRC
Date: 3 May 2010
Revision history: 16 Aug 2013 - Box 15 correction (MRC) ; 28 Jan 2014 - fixed clippings, box 9 (MRC)

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Box 1 Miscellaneous undated
Box 1 Fragments 1903-1927
Box 1 General Jan 1823-Sep 1901 (18 folders)
Box 2 General Oct 1901-Dec 1907 (11 folders)
Box 3 General 1908-1913 (11 folders)
Box 4 General 1914-1924 (15 folders)
Box 5 General 1925-1963 (18 folders)
Box 6 General 1964-1968 (4 folders)
Box 41 Dreiser, Theodore 1922
RESTRICTED: Restricted due to condition. Use photocopy filed in the appropriate location in Box 4.
Drawings and related material
Cyrus Cobb
Box 7 Original drawing
Box 7 Reproduction of original 1899
Box 7 Sculptures and paintings in which Cyrus and Darius shared
Box 7 Critiques of paintings by Darius 1880-1900
Darius Cobb
Box 7 Original drawings 1854-1916, undated (4 folders)
Box 7 Reproductions of originals 1890-1914 (2 folders)
Box 7 Sketchbooks 1882-1883 (6 volumes)
Financial and legal records
Box 7 Financial records, miscellaneous 1896-1912
Box 7 Account books, miscellaneous 1905-1919 (3 volumes)
Box 7 List of subscriptions for paintings by Darius
Stanwood Cobb
Box 7 Financial records, miscellaneous 1923-1937
Box 7 Account books of college expenses 1900-1903 (2 volumes)
Box 8 Account book of minor expenses 1903
Box 8 Account books of summer earnings and expenses 1899 (2 volumes)
Box 8 Order forms 1932
Box 8 Cobb, C. vs Buchleg, D.A. 1890 - lawsuit, dismissed
Box 8 Cobb, C. and Cobb, A. 1902 - agreement
Box 8 Cobb, C. and Cobb, D. 1895 - mortgage
Box 8 Cobb, C. and Recchia, F. 1900 - agreement
Box 8 Cobb, C. and Cobb, D. 1894 - agreement
Box 8 Cobb, Stanwood 1910 - safe conduct for travel in Turkey
Box 8 Cobb, Stanwood - unidentifed document in Arabic
Box 8 Marcy, H.O. and Cobb, Cyrus 1895 - agreement
Box 8 Mills, S.A. and Cobb, Cyrus 1899 - agreement
Box 8 Wilcox, J. and Cobb, C. and D. 1879 - agreement
Cobb, Cora
Box 9 Clippings 1909-1959
Box 9 Darius and Cyrus biography
Box 9 Darius and Cyrus biography, clippings 1899-1951
Box 9 Biography of D., told by Cora C. 1960
Cobb, Darius
Box 9 Invitation to White House reception
Box 9 Obituary 1919
Box 9 Tributes to an artist and his work 1913
Cobb, Ida
Box 9 Obituary 1919
Cobb, Laura Lillie
Box 9 Drawings and exercise books 1860 (4 volumes)
Cobb, Lillie
Box 9 Clippings 1906
Cobb, Percival B.
Box 9 Program, "Re-ordination of Percival B. Cobb" 1914
Cobb, Stanwood
Box 9 Cartoon original by C.K. Berryman, to S.C. 1940
Box 9 Summaries of books by S.C. 1899
Box 9 Translation of Arabic poem
Box 9 Plan for a daily calendar
Box 9 Copy of illuminated manuscript 1908
Box 9 Numerological chart for life of S.C. 1924
Box 9 Spirit messages
Box 9 Harvard knitting mill 1905
Box 9 Appointment notebook 1905 (2 volumes)
Box 9 Biography association with McCall family 1967
Box 9 Biography association with Potter Sargent and Elihu Vedder, S.C. 1967
Box 9 Biography clippings 1903-1968
Box 9 Letters of recommendation, 1967
Box 9 Marriage certificate 1919
Box 9 Medical records 1929
Box 9 Notebooks 1907
Box 10 Notebook for teaching English Comp., Hobart College 1908
Box 10 Lecture notes
Box 10 Discussion of style 1904
Box 10 Philosophy, Dartmouth 1903
Box 10 History of Religion, Harvard 1906 (4 folders)
Box 10 Newton High School 1898-1899
Box 10 Notebooks, miscellaneous 1902 (2 volumes)
Box 11 Notebooks, college 1902-1903 (3 volumes)
Box 11 Report card, Newton High 1898-1899
Box 11 Scrapbook of Europe trip, annotated 1910-1913
Box 11 Unidentified silhouette
Cobb, Sylvanus Jr.
Box 11 "Uncle Seth and the Modern Novel Poem" 1913
Box 11 Genealogies for family of Sylvanus and Eunice Cobb
Box 11 History and lists re: formation of the Washington Authors Club 1936-1965
Box 11 Unidentified children 1880-1920 (2 folders)
Box 11 Cobb, Cora 1895-1900
Box 11 Cobb, Darius and Cyrus 1850-1870
Box 12 Cobb, Darius and Cyrus 1883
Box 12 Cobb, Darius 1850, 1860-1919 (2 folders)
Box 12 Cobb, Darius 1914 - group family photo
Box 12 Cobb, Edith 1890-1905
Box 12 Cobb, Ernest 1910
Box 12 Cobb, Estella 1900
Box 12 Cobb, Eunice Waile 1860-1870
Box 12 Cobb, Fredrich W. 1905
Box 12 Cobb, Ida 1910-1930
Box 12 Cobb, Laura Lillie 1860-1916
Box 12 Cobb, Lillie 1890-1960
Box 12 Cobb, Percival B. 1885-1938
Box 12 Cobb, Stanwood 1898-1968 (3 folders)
Box 12 Cobb, Stanwood 1912 - album
Box 13 Cobb, Stanwood 1910-1912 - trips to Europe
Box 13 Cobb, Stanwood - Chevy Chase and Newtown, Mass.
Box 13 Cobb, Stanwood - Greece
Box 13 Cobb, Stanwood 1912 - reproduction of Turkey
Box 13 Cobb, Sylvanus 1854
Box 13 Cobb, Sylvanus 1850 - group family photo
Box 13 Cobb, Sylvanus Jr. 1885
Box 13 Cobb, Walter 1890
Box 13 Cobb, assorted distant relatives 1920-1957
Box 13 Frost, Robert 1932
Box 13 Lillie, Harriet M. 1880
Box 13 Meyers, Robert 1928
Box 13 Powell, John 1914 - autographed
Box 13 Richardson, Captain Spencer 1863
Cobb family, miscellaneous
Box 13 Articles and booklets, miscellaneous 1923
Box 13 Clippings, miscellaneous 1919-1961
Box 13 Baha-i material 1908-1933 - pamphlets, booklets, etc.
Box 13 Chevy Chase school 1919 - announcements, brochures, programs
Box 13 Chevy Chase school 1903 - commencement booklets
Box 13 Brochures, advertisements in books by Stanwood C.
Box 13 Coonley, Queene and Charlotte Drum, Great Thoughts 1954 - book
Box 13 DeCroly and Boon, "Veis l'ecole renovee" 1921
Box 13 Dalhem, Louis, Contribution a l'introduction de la Methode DeCroly 1923
Box 13 Fowler, O.S., Synopsis of Phrenology and Phrenological Developments 1838
Box 13 The Female Institute, Oaksville 1828
Box 13 Progressive Education Association 1919-1923
Box 13 The Norway Institute 1849
Box 13 Hobart College 1912
Box 13 Hobart College 1924
Box 14 St. John's College 1913-1914
Box 14 Columbia University 1934 - report of the Secretary of Appointment
Box 14 Class bulletin 1903
Box 14 Class of 1903 reunion 1938
Box 14 "The Daily Dartmouth" 1903
Box 14 Clippings, Dr. Tuchor 1903
Box 14 Educational material 1928-1935
Box 14 Miscellaneous
Box 14 Grand Army of the Republic 1907-1910 - rosters and booklets
Box 14 Lecture by Darius C. 1915
Box 14 Lecture by Stanwood C.
Box 14 Literary Society 1954
French periodicals and pamphlets
Box 14 L'experience de l'ecole des roches et la reforme de l'education en France
Box 14 "Methode DeCroly" 1922
Box 14 "La nouvelle education" 1927-1932
Box 14 "Pour l'etre nouvelle" 1928
Box 14 "Les problemes de la psychologique genetique" 1923
Box 14 "Le reform de l'education nationale et l'ecole de roches" 1920
Box 14 The Baha'i Magazine 1926
Box 14 The Layman's Movement 1962-1963
Box 14 The Revolation, Stanwood C. 1898
Box 14 The Newton High School Review 1898-1899 (11 folders)
Behenna, K. Arthur
Box 15 Mystic Songs of Flame and Fire 1921
Carrel, Alexis
Box 15 "Dragon is Power"
Cobb, Cora
Box 15 God's Wonder World 1918
Cobb, Cyrus
Box 15 Diary 1877-1880
Box 15 "Adventure with Robber Ghost-Makers" 1860
Box 15 "Night Adventure in a Hermit's Cavern" 1885
Box 15 "By Penobscot Bay" - poem
Cobb, Darius
Box 15 "Art as study" 1895
Box 15 "Experience with savage dogs" 1905
Box 15 "Reminiscences of George Innes" 1963 - reprint
Box 15 Untitled
Box 15 Autobiography inputs 1912, 1917 (2 volumes)
Box 15A "Adeline Desmond or the Spy of Newbern" 1863
Box 15A Unidentified novel (2 folders)
Box 15A Diaries 1852-1854
Box 16 Diaries 1854-1865 (6 volumes)
Box 17 Diaries 1866-1881 (4 volumes)
Box 18 Diaries 1881-1907 (4 volumes)
Box 19 Diaries 1907-1919 (2 volumes)
Box 19 Diary notes 1879
Box 19 Hymn lyrics 1900
Box 19 Song lyrics, Darius and Cyrus reunion, 44th Mass. Volunteers 1890
Box 19 Pamphlets, "The Master" and "The Mission of the Master" 1914
Box 19 "The Story of the Picture at the Tuileries Painted by Darius Cobb" 1900
Speeches (sermons)
Box 19 "The Kingdom of God is Within You" 1877
Box 19 "The Vitalizing Power of the Sacred Element in Art" 1877
Speeches (lectures)
Box 19 "Colonial" 1877
Box 19 "How Shall Boston Keep Her Art?" 1877
Box 19 "The Growth of American Art under Rushin's Influence" 1877
Box 19 "Israel Putnam" 1877
Box 19 Untitled 1857
Box 19 Miscellaneous 1905-1917
Box 19 "Choralcelo"
Box 19 "Forty Fourth"
Box 19 "Our Infant's Death"
Box 19 "Temperance Poem"
Box 19 "Transition" 1848
Box 19 Untitled 1850-1910
Cobb, Emma Lillie
Box 20 Poem on the birth of her niece 1879
Box 20 One Foot on the Ground 1932 - reviews
Cobb, Eunice Waite
Box 20 Speech 1853
Box 20 Poems 1870
Cobb, Laura Lillie
Box 20 "Bustings Island" 1912
Box 20 "When the Cat's Away the Mice will Play"
Box 20 "A Memory" - poem
Box 20 Valentine and miscellaneous poems 1866-1900
Cobb, Percival B.
Box 20 The Son of Man 1916
Box 20 Miscellaneous research material and notes 1910-1955
Box 20 On creating mass culture
Box 20 On education and culture in America
Box 20 On growing home culture
Box 20 Ideas for editorials
Cobb, Stanwood
Box 20 Notes from interview with Abdul Baha 1908
Box 20 On reading and culture - notes, research material
Box 20 On religion - notes, research material
Box 20 On Sylvanus C. (Jr. and Sr.) - notes, research material
Box 20 Youth group studying Baha'i 1935 - notes, research material
Box 20 Arguments, miscellaneous (2 folders)
Articles,preliminary plays, outlines
Box 20 Untitled -
Box 20 "Abdul Baha in America" 1963 - articles, preliminary plays, outlines
Box 20 "Advice to Parents" - articles, preliminary plays, outlines
Box 20 Aims and organization of the Progressive Education Association - miscellaneous fragments
Box 20 "America's Lofty Nesting" 1938 - article
Box 20 "Art and Morality" 1905 - article
Box 21 "Bahai Education" - article
Box 21 "Bahai Education in the Future World" 1962
Box 21 "Bahai Ideals of Education" - unpublished
Box 21 "The Bahai Magazine" 1932
Box 21 "The Biological Aspects of Education"
Box 21 "The Brotherhood of East and West" 1912
Box 21 "Canoeing on the Charles River" - includes untitled fragments
Box 21 "A Chance for Every Child" 1928
Box 21 "Character in Handwriting"
Box 21 "The Chevy Chase Country Day School" 1926
Box 21 "Christ in the Early Church" 1908
Box 21 "Civilization of the Celestial Empire"
Box 21 "The Civilization that is America" 1925 - unpublished
Box 21 "The Classroom Opens a Market" 1930
Box 21 "A Coaching Town in Devan and Cornwall"
Box 21 "The Continuity of Religion" 1936
Box 21 "On Creating World Peace and Unity"
Box 21 "Creative Expression in the Arts"
Box 21 "The Decision of Fabe" 1900
Box 21 "Defects of the American novel" 1904-1907
Box 21 "The Difficulties of the Young Party" 1912
Box 21 "The Early History of the Progressive Education Association" 1920
Box 21 "Educating for Tomorrow" 1920
Box 21 "On Education"
Box 21 "The Education System if the Bahai World State"
Box 21 "On Education's Role in Character Development"
Box 21 "An Eskimo Artist" 1936 - unpublished
Box 21 "The Eternal Battle Between the Romanticists and the Classicists"
Box 21 "On Europe" 1912-1913 - for the Newton Times (2 folders)
Box 22 "On Europe" 1912-1913 - for the Newton Times, unpublished
Box 22 "On Travels in Europe" 1912-1913 - for the Newton Times, unpublished
Box 22 "The Founding and Early Organization of the Progressive Education Association"
Box 22 "The Future of Education"
Box 22 "The Future of World Civilization" - in Spanish
Box 22 "The Gift of the Fairies" - unpublished
Box 22 "Goals to be Reached"
Box 22 "The Growth of the Short Story" 1906
Box 22 "High School" 1920 - rough outline
Box 22 "History of the Progressive Movement in the U.S." 1920
Box 22 "Homoculture"
Box 22 "How to Loaf and Succeed" - unpublished
Box 22 "How to Think" - notes, research material
Box 22 "The Inferiority Complex: Its Causes and Cure"
Box 22 "Influence of Bahai Movement in East Bahais, and the New Woman Movement: Social and Economic Aspects of the Bahai Movement" 1912
Box 22 "Intuition"
Box 22 "Is Your Child a Genius?" - unpublished
Box 22 "Knowledge is my Audience" - unpublished
Box 22 "A Land Debarred to Women" - in Harper's Bazaar
Box 22 "The Law of Change" - unpublished
Box 22 "Life and Death"
Box 22 "Life and its Problems"
Box 22 "Life of Bret Harte" 1902
Box 22 "Life is Interesting" - proposed column
Box 22 "The Lord's Prayer" 1906
Box 22 "Man's Illuminatable Progress" 1936
Box 22 "Mardi-Gras for Turks" 1908
Box 22 "The Meaning of Evil" - unpublished
Box 22 "Men, Don't Be Ashamed to Weep" - unpublished
Box 22 "The Miracle of Shakespeare" - unpublished
Box 22 "The New Education Fellowship" 1920
Box 22 "A New Movement in Education" 1921
Box 22 "The New Patriotism" - unpublished
Box 22 "Newspapers" 1905
Box 22 "Our Faults" - unpublished
Box 22 "Our Friends Over There" - unpublished
Box 22 "The Philosophic Background of China"
Box 22 "Learning to Teach"
Box 23 "The Place of Bret Harte in American Literature" 1902
Box 23 "Poor Billionaires"
Box 23 "Preparing for an Education" 1923
Box 23 "Progressive Education"
Box 23 "On Progressive Education" 1932
Box 23 "The Progressive Education Association" 1919-1921
Box 23 "Progressive Education as it is Today" 1931
Box 23 "Quality Education"
Box 23 "Religion and Science"
Box 23 "Religiosity versus Spirituality - unpublished
Box 23 "The Sayings of Brother Aloysius" - unpublished
Box 23 "Science to Serve Man"
Box 23 "Science Thinking" - unpublished
Box 23 "The Simple Life in the Orient" 1912
Box 23 "Some Thoughts on Culture"
Box 23 "The Spirit of Joy" - unpublished
Box 23 "The Spirituality of East and West"
Box 23 "The Story of the Progressive Schools"
Box 23 "Superficial Americans"
Box 23 "Teaching Composition"
Box 23 "Theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven" - unpublished
Box 23 "Those Center-Stage Children" - unpublished
Box 23 "Those Remarkable Twins"
Box 23 "Tramps About Constantinople" 1910 - includes photographs; unpublished
Box 23 "Traveling for an Education" 1913
Box 23 "Travel Schools for the American Boy" 1912 - unpublished
Box 23 "A Tribute to Sara Farmer"
Box 23 On Turkey and Europe 1907-1912
Box 23 On Turkey, untitled 1910
Box 24 "The Unexplored Regions of the Mind" - unpublished
Box 24 "The Unspeakable Turk" 1908
Box 24 "A Vicarious Sacrifice" - unpublished
Box 24 "The Way of America" 1944
Box 24 "The Way to Progress and Happiness" 1933
Box 24 "Well Living at Vassar"
Box 24 "What is Bahai?"
Box 24 "What is the Matter with Our Schools?" - unpublished
Box 24 "What is Progressive Education"
Box 24 "What Makes a Person Creative?" - unpublished
Box 24 "What Our Middies Read" 1917 - clipping
Box 24 "What Should We Do Without CO2?"
Box 24 "What the World Wants"
Box 24 "Why Do Children Balk at Study?"
Box 24 "Women and Genius"
Box 24 Book reviews, Boston Evening Transcript 1905-1907 (2 folders)
Box 24 Novel on education and religion - notes, research material
Box 24 Novel outlines
Box 24 Drafts 1917 (2 folders)
Box 25 Draft 1919
Box 25 Reviews 1919
Box 25 Book(s) on science - notes, research material
Box 25 Fragments
Box 25 Preliminary plan, unfinished
Box 25 The Achievement of Living - outline
Box 25 America's Quest - unpublished
Box 25 Creative Man 1934 - notes, research material
Box 25 Creative Man - reviews
Box 25 Spiritual Psychology - outline and preface
Box 25 Spiritual Psychology for Human Development 1935
Box 25 Character: A Sequence in Spiritual Psychology 1938
Box 26 Character: A Sequence in Spiritual Psychology 1939 - reviews
Box 26 Contributions of Islamic Science to World Civilization 1963
Box 26 "The Cultural Awakening of America"
Box 26 Discovering the Genius Within You
Box 26 Reviews
Box 26 Research material
Box 26 Summary
Box 26 Clippings 1925-1936 (3 folders)
Box 26 Introduction
Box 26 Preliminary outline
Box 26 Chapter XII
Box 27 pp. 1-125 1931
Box 27 The Donkey or the Elephant 1951
Box 27 On education - notes, research material
Box 28 On education - preliminary plans, research material
Box 28 On education - unpublished draft
Box 28 The Essential Mysticism 1918
Box 28 The Essential Mysticism 1919 - reviews
Box 28 Harmony - preliminary plans
Box 28 "A History of Progressive Education in the U.S." - appendix
Box 29 On homoculture - preliminary plan for book
Box 29 On Islam - notes, research material
Box 29 Islamic Contributions to Civilization 1962 - drafts (4 folders)
Box 29 Islamic Contributions to Civilization 1963
Box 30 The Loves of Shelly - unpublished (5 folders)
Box 31 The Loves of Shelly - unpublished (1 folder)
Box 31 The Magnificent Partnership 1954
Man in the Universe
Box 31 Drafts (3 folders)
Box 31 Research
Box 31 Unused fragments 1962-1963
Box 32 Preface 1962-1963
Box 32 Introduction
Box 32 Chapters - topics include Schweitzer, Tolstoy, Jewish mysticism, intuition, spiritual healing, etc. (23 folders)
Box 32 Drafts
Box 33 Drafts (4 folders)
Box 33 Man's Search for God 1954
Box 33 On mass culture
Box 33 The Meaning of Life 1932
Box 33 New Horizons for the Child 1934
Box 33 New Horizons for the Child 1934 - reviews
Box 33 New Leaven - appendices; unpublished
Box 33 On mass culture 1940
Box 34 New Leaven 1928
Box 34 "The Power of Prayer" - unpublished
Box 34 The Real Turk 1914
Box 34 The Sage of the Sacred Mountain 1953
Box 34 Security in a Failing World 1934
Box 35 Security in a Failing World 1935 - reviews
Box 35 Symbols of America 1946
Box 35 Symbols of America 1947 - reviews, publisher's description
Box 35 Tomorrow and Tomorrow 1952
Box 35 "Use Your Mind" - preliminary plan
Box 35 "What is Wrong with our Schools?" 1921
Box 35 The Jade Necklace of Lin San Kwei 1958
Box 35 What is Love? 1957 - early draft
Box 35 What is God? 1955
Box 35 What is Man? 1952
Wu Ming Fu series
Box 36 Drafts, notes 1942
Box 36 Quotations
Box 36 Patters in Jade of Wu Ming Fu 1934 - drafts
Box 36 The Way of Life of Wu Ming Fu 1942
Box 36 The Wisdom of Wu Ming Fu 1931
Box 36 The Wisdom of Wu Ming Fu 1935 - reviews
Box 36 Diaries 1893-1897 (6 volumes)
Box 37 Diaries 1898-1910 (12 volumes)
Box 38 Diaries 1911
Box 38 Notebooks 1898-1899, 1905 - prose and verse (2 volumes)
Box 38 Miscellaneous - plot outlines
Box 38 Hospital Scene
Box 38 The Runaway - plot outline
Box 38 Untitled, written for children at Chevy Chase school to perform - unpublished
Box 38 Untitled 1905-1907
Research papers
Box 38 "Aesthetics" 1903 - outline
Box 38 "The Development of Poetic Style" 1904
Box 38 "History of Communism" 1907
Box 38 "Marcus Aurelius" 1906 - Harvard
Box 38 "Modern Types of Mysticism" 1907
Box 38 "Nietzsche" 1906
Box 38 "The World Order of Marcus Aurelius" 1906
Box 38 Miscellaneous notes
Box 38 "Cease from anger and forsake wrath" 1906
Box 38 "The end of desire" 1906
Box 38 "The God we worship" 1906
Box 38 "The joy of religion" 1906
Box 38 "The liberty of the Sons of God" 1906
Box 38 "The motives for conduct" 1906
Box 38 "Religion" 1906
Box 38 "The religion of feelings and the religion of action" 1906
Box 38 "Should a minister be first of all a citizen?" 1906
Box 39 Untitled
Short stories
Box 39 "Arillo's Ring" 1904-1907
Box 39 "The Burning of Old Dartmouth Hall" 1904
Box 39 "The Charm of Bad Gastein" - unpublished
Box 39 "A Country Wedding" 1904-1907
Box 39 "The Death of a Nurse"
Box 39 "Fame and Immortality" 1904-1907
Box 39 "The Fortunes of Haroun"
Box 39 "Judartha" 1904-1907
Box 39 "The Project of Mr. Ashley" 1904-1907
Box 39 "The Valley of Children" - unpublished
Box 39 "Virful Cu Dor" 1904-1907
Box 39 Untitled 1904-1907
Speeches and lectures
Box 39 "Beginning of Life" 1935
Box 39 On college 1930
Box 39 "The coming world civilization"
Box 39 On education 1929 - at Penn State
Box 39 On genius
Box 39 On Islam 1936
Box 39 "Learning to think" 1938
Box 39 "Man's spiritual life"
Box 39 "The philosophy of leadership"
Box 39 "The place of sound in poetry and literature"
Box 39 On primitive religion
Box 39 On progressive education
Box 39 "The Green Acre Story"
Box 39 Salutatory address, Newton High
Box 39 On schools
Box 39 "Where is America's bourgeois culture leading to?"
Box 39 "Universal free education"
Box 39 Miscellaneous, early
Box 39 Miscellaneous 1907-1915
Box 39 "The decision of faith"
Box 39 "To Mabel"
Box 39 "Newton: a poetic appreciation"
Box 40 "Pilgrimage of the soul" - drafts (2 folders)
Box 40 "Reassurance"
Box 40 "Sunset" 1899
Box 40 "The word"
See also oversize #1
Cobb, Sylvanus
Box 40 Articles
Box 40 Book, Compend of Divinity 1846
Box 40 Diaries 1825-1839 (3 volumes)
Box 40 Poem, "For Laura Dear" - marriage proposal in verse
Box 40 Speeches 1862
Cobb family, miscellaneous
Box 40 Poem, Cyrus C., "American Union"
Box 40 Poem, Cyrus C., "Banner of Light" 1847
Box 40 Poem, Cyrus C., "Banner of Light" 1850
Articles published in The Christian Freeman and Family Visiter [sic]
Box 40 Miscellaneous fragments 1862
Box 40 Untitled, Sylvanus C. and Cyrus C. 4 Nov 1859
Box 40 Untitled, Sylvanus C. and Darius C. 11 Nov 1859 - includes poem
Box 40 Untitled, Sylvanus C. and Cyrus C. 26 Nov 1859
Box 41 Untitled, Cyrus C. 18 May 1860
Box 41 Untitled, Sylvanus C. and Cyrus C. 25 May 1860
Box 41 "East Boston Ledger" 7 Nov 1861
Box 41 "Flag of our Union," Cyrus C. 1862
Box 41 "National Merchant," Darius C. 1861
Box 41 "The New York Ledger" 1861
Box 41 "Trumpet and Christian Freemen" - fragments
Box 41 "The Union League and National Educator," Cyrus C. 1855
Box 41 "The Wide World," Darius C. Aug 1862
Box 41 Poem, Mildred Cram, "The Perfect Gift for Understanding"
Box 41 Lecture, Mary Baker Eddy
Box 41 Poem, Mary Lofgren, inspired by Darius Cobb painting; poem, Robert Sanborn, "A Warning from the Heart" 1915
Box 41 Book, Elihu Vedder, Doubt and Other Things 1922

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