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Ernst Bacon Papers

An inventory of his papers at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Bacon, Ernst, 1898-1990.
Title: Ernst Bacon Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1917-1991
Quantity: 27 linear ft.
Abstract: Papers of the American composer, pianist, and conductor; Director of School of Music, Syracuse University and professor (1945-1963). Manuscripts, notebooks, sketchbooks, photographs, printed music, and essays. Notable correspondents in the collection inlude Ansel Adams, Carlisle Floyd, John Alden Carpenter, Kay Boyle, Aaron Copland, Witter Bynner, and Van Wyck Brooks.
Language: Most in English, some in German
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

Ernst Bacon (1898-1990) was an American composer, pianist, conductor, chamber musician, and teacher. For much of his teaching career he was Director of the School of Music at Syracuse University.

Born in Chicago, May 26, 1898, the son of Dr. Charles S. and Maria von Rosthorn Bacon, he attended Northwestern University and the University of Chicago, but obtained his master's degree from the University of California in 1935. He studied in Vienna for a time. After his return, He was associated with the Rochester Opera Company. Later he became conductor of the San Francisco Orchestra of the Federal Music Project, 1935-1937.

His first academic appointment was as acting professor of music at Hamilton College, in New York. Later he became Dean of the School of Music at Converse College, Spartanburg, South Carolina, 1938-1945. Mr. Bacon was appointed Director of the School of Music at Syracuse University in 1945, where he also taught piano and composition. In 1947 he became composer-in-residence. In Sept. 1964, he became composer-in-residence at the University of California at Berkley.

Mr. Bacon's major compositions were a musical play, A Drumlin Legend, commissioned by the Ditson Fund and premiered at the Columbia University Festival of Contemporary Music; his orchestral suite, From These States, in eleven movements, performed by the NBC Symphony; and his folk opera, A Tree on the Plains, commissioned originally by the League of Composers in 1940, had its premier at the Spartanburg, S.C., Festival, and which received the David Bispham Award for Contemporary Opera, Chicago 1946.

Mr. Bacon was awarded the Pulitzer Fellowship in 1932; Guggenheim Fellowship in 1939, 1942, Campion Citation; Grant-Citation National Institute of Arts and Letters; and he wrote musical criticism for the New York Times as well as musical commentary for the Syracuse Post-Standard and the Berkley Gazette. He is the author of the book Words on Music.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Ernst Bacon Papers consists of three separate accessions. The researcher is advised to explore the entire inventory to ensure locating all relevant material.

Main collection

The main collection consists of four series: correspondence, musical manuscripts, literary manuscripts, and published material.

Correspondence is arranged chronologically, apart from a few notable correspondents foldered separately. Notable correspondents in the chronological material inlude John Alden Carpenter, Kay Boyle, Aaron Copland, Witter Bynner, and Van Wyck Brooks.

Manuscripts is subdivided into material relating to Songs from Emily Dickinson, material relating to A Tree on the Plains, and general music scores. Material relating to Songs from Emily Dickinson and A Tree on the Plains is further subdivided into bound and unbound manuscripts; this in turn is further broken down into the types of manuscripts, such as orchestral, piano, songs, et cetera. General music scores is arranged by type or instrument for which the music was written (Cello & piano, choral, contrapuntal studies, opera, orchestral, piano, sketch books, sketches, and songs) and within that, alphabetically by title. When several scores were bound together or appeared in folio form, the title of the first piece was used for an alphabetical arrangement.

Literary manuscripts consists of addresses (radio), articles, books and plays, arranged alphabetically by title. All but one are typescript, although Bacon's handwritten corrections appear on many of the typescripts.

Published materials consists of articles, booklets, clippings and so on about and by Ernst Bacon. Material is subdivided by type.

Additions: University Archives

Two separate groupings of material were transferred from University Archives in 1991. The first grouping consists of Compositions and Writings. The second grouping consists of Artwork, Compositions, Writings, and Memorabilia (awards and photographs).

The bulk of this material remains in original order as received, and therefore is not consistently arranged. Some of this material duplicates items in other parts of the collection.

Additions: Don Siebert

A small amount of material, consisting of various scores and one essay, was donated to the collection in 1993 by Don Siebert, who was for more than forty years the Music Librarian for Syracuse University Libraries. Some of this material duplicates items in other parts of the collection.

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Arrangement of the Collection

See Scope and content note above.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Related Material

Special Collections Research Center has the papers of several important composers and musicians, including Franz Waxman and Miklos Rozsa. Please refer to the SCRC Subject Index for a complete listing.

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Subject Headings


Bacon, Ernst, 1898-1990.


Composers -- United States.
Conductors (Music) -- United States.
Music -- 20th century.
Musicians -- United States.
Orchestral music -- Scores and parts.
Pianists -- United States.
Songs with orchestra -- Vocal scores with piano.

Genres and Forms

Clippings (information artifacts)
Manuscripts for publication.
Musical scores.


Conductors (Music).

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Ernst Bacon Papers,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Finding Aid Information

Created by: --
Date: Apr 1966
Revision history: Jan 1992 - Faculty/staff papers added (JOD); 1993 - additions (--); Sep 2008 - converted to EAD (MRC); Jan 2010 - oversize 3 update (MRC); 15 May 2012 - 1993 Additions inventory updated (MBD); 9 Feb 2017 - inventory verified, extensive corrections made (MS)

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Box 1 Adams, Ansel 1937-1938, undated
Box 1 Floyd, Carlisle 1946-1967
Box 1 Letters to editors 1940-1949, undated
Box 1 Miscellaneous 1925-1991 - some notable
Manuscripts, musical
Songs from Emily Dickinson
Oversize 1 Bound copy of Songs, Second Series
Contains the following:
"As If Some Little Artic Flower" (original), 3 pages
"Come Slowly, Eden!" (original), 3 pages
"How Happy Is the Little Stone" (original), 2 pages
"So Well That I Can Live Without" (original), 1 page
"Oh, Shadow on the Grass" (original), 2 pages
"It's All I Have" (original), 2 pages
"Poor Little Heart" (original), 2 pages
"Today or This Noon" (original), 1 page
"The Cricket Sang" (original), 4 pages
"And This of All My Hopes" (original), 2 pages
"There Came a Wind Like a Bugle" (original), 5 pages
"I Felt a Funeral in My Brain" (original), 4 pages
"The Grass" (revised), 3 pages
"So Set Its Sun in Thee" (original), 2 pages
"So Bashful When I Spied Her" original), 2 pages
"There Is a Solitude of Space" (original), 2 pages
Bound with this is a copy of Songs From Emily Dickinson, 36 pages, which contains 12 songs (As if the sea should part, From blank to blank, Savior, How still the bells, The grass has so little to do, She went as quiet as the dew, My river runs to thee, I'm nobody, Let down the bars, It's coming the postponeless creature, The sun went down, Wild nights, The heart asks pleasure first)
Oversize 1 Unbound copies
Folio, containing "It's All I Have to Bring Today" et al. (original), 3 pages; The Sun Went Down" et al. (original), 4 pages
Single copies of the following:
"Alter?" (original), 2 pages
"And This of All My Hopes" (original), 1 page
"As If the Sea Should Part" (original), 1 page
"From Blank to Blank" (original), 1 page
"The Grass So Little Has to Do" (original), 3 pages
"The Heart Asks Pleasure First" (original), 3 pages
"How Still the Bells" (original), 2 pages
"I Felt a Funeral in My Brain" (original), 4 pages
"It's Coming - The Postponeless Creature" (original and revised), 5 pages
"It's Such a Little Thing (original)
"Savior" 1930 (original), 3 pages
"Savior" III (original), 3 pages
"Savior" May 1930 (original), 2 pages
"She Went As Quiet As the Dew" (original) (Seite/95), 2 pages
"She Went As Quiet As the Dew" Oct. 1930 (original), 2 pages
"So Set Its Sun in Thee" (original), 2 pages
"A Spider" (original), 1 page
"The Sun Went Down" (original), 2 pages
"Today or This Noon" (original), 2 pages
"With the First Arbutus" (original)
"A Word" (reproduction), 1 page
Sketch: "For Emily's Diary" (published by G. Schirmer) (original), 36 pages
A Tree on the Plains
Box 1 Bound copy, dialogue and stage directions (reproduction) (5 copies)
Oversize 2 Full Score (2 volumes)
Volume I (reproduction), 138 pages
Volume II (reproduction), 120 pages
Box 2 Parts, orchestral
Bass I (reproduction), 48 pages
Bass II (reproduction), 48 pages
Celesta (reproduction), typescript, 8 pages
Cello (reproduction), 53 pages, 2 copies
Clarinet I (reproduction), 39 pages
Clarinet II (reproduction), 27 pages
Fagott (reproduction), 32 pages
Flute Alternating with Piccolo, 35 pages
Harp (reproduction), 28 pages
Horn I in F (reproduction), 29 pages
Horn II in F (reproduction), 25 pages
Oboe- Alternate with English Horn (reproduction), 31 pages
Percussion - Bells and Xylophone (reproduction), 41 pages
Percussion - Vibbs (reproduction), 41 pages, 2 copies
Piano (reproduction), 45 pages
Box 3 Parts, orchestral (cont.)
Timpani (reproduction), 13 pages
Trombone I (reproduction), 20 pages
Trombone II (reproduction), 19 pages
Trumpet I (reproduction), 28 pages
Trumpet II (reproduction), 20 pages
Tuba (reproduction), 20 pages
Viola (reproduction), 49 pages, 2 copies
Violin I (reproduction), 53 pages, 4 copies
Violin II (reproduction) some original, 41 pages, 2 copies
Oversize 2 Parts, orchestral (cont.)
Piano and Voice (reproduction), 159 pages
Unbound copies
Oversize 3 Orchestral, full score, folio, original version
"Lou" (original and rep.), 9 pages
"Love O'Clock" (original and rep.), 14 pages
"Pop's Greeting" (original and rep.), 5 pages
"The Jeremiah and Pop's Sermon" (original and rep.), 35 pages
"The Last Train" (original and rep.), 13 pages
"Just Let It Be" (original and rep.), 20 pages
"Heat of the Plains" (original and rep.), 4 pages
"Tough Cookie" (original and rep.), 11 pages
"The Flower Patch" (original and rep.), 2 pages
"Conversation Before a Storm" (original and rep.), 2 pages
"Chewing Gum Island" (original and rep.), 13 pages
"Night-time Music" (original and rep.), 10 pages
"Buddy", 4 pages
"Hey" (original and rep.), 11 pages
"The Coming of Rain" (original and rep.), 17 pages
"Frog Went A Courtin'" (original and rep.), 19 pages
"Hymn to Evening" (original and rep.), 6 pages
"Lou and Corrie" (original and rep.), 27 pages
"Stars and Moon" (original and rep.), 21 pages
"The Vamoose" (original and rep.), 8 pages
"Pop's Song" (original and rep.), 12 pages
"The Philosopher" (original and rep.), 7 pages
"The Colorado Trail" (original and rep.), 20 pages
Oversize 2 Piano, first version, folio
"Stirrings of Air" (original), 1 page
"A Pantomime of the Returning Neighbors" (original), 5 pages
"Lou" (original), 2 pages
"Lou and Corrie" (original), 6 pages
"Love O'Clock" (original), 6 pages
"Twenty Miles" (original) 4 pages
"Pop's Greeting" (original) 4 pages
"The Jeremiah and Pop's Sermon" (original), 25 pages
"Mom" (original), 13 pages
"The Last Train" (original), 8 pages
"Just Let It Be" (original), 11 pages
"Heat of the Plains" (original), 6 pages
"Buddy" (original), 1 page
"Tough Cookie" (original), 19 pages
"Chewing Gum Island" (original), 13 pages
"The Fight" (original), 22 pages
"The Rain Pours Down Nightly" (original), 14 pages
"Transport Plane" (original), 12 pages
"Vamp for Froggie" (original), 1 page
"Froggie" (original), 25 pages
"Hymn to Evening" (original), 9 pages
"Corrie's Song" (original), 7 pages
"Duet- Lou and Corrie" (original), 19 pages
"The Reverend" (original), 1 page
"Of Stars and the Moon" (original), 15 pages
"The Vamoose" (original), 11 pages
"Moonset" (original), 35 pages
"Corrie's Song" (original), 6 pages
Oversize 2 Piano, incomplete version, folio
"Fit To Be Tied" (original), 10 pages
"Song of the Little Tree" (original), 2 pages
"Twenty Miles" (original), 2 pages
"The Jeremiah and Sermon" (original), 14 pages
"The Progress of Streams" (original), 10 pages
"Dialogue: Lou & Corrie" (original), 1 page
"The Jeremiah and Pop's Sermon" (original), 10 pages
"Let It Be" (original), 3 pages
"Let It Be" (original), 5 pages
"The Way It Is In Town" (original), 1 page
"Heat of the Plains" (original), 4 pages
"Night-time Music" (original), 4 pages
"Conversation Before a Storm" (original), 5 pages
"Chewing Gum Island" (original), 2 pages
"The Coming of Rain" (original), 6 pages
"Buddy" (original), 2 pages
"Hymn to Evening"(original), 2 pages
"Sequel to Hymn" (original), 1 page
"Recitative, Blues, and Arioso" (original), 12 pages
"Forever" (original), 8 pages
"The Philosopher" (original)
Oversize 4 Songs, folio bound copies
"Frog A Courtin'" et al. (reproduction), 11 pages
"Heat of the Plains" (reproduction), 4 pages
"The Last Train" (reproduction), 5 pages, 2 copies
"Lou" et al. (reproduction), 40 pages, 2 copies
"Lou" (reproduction), 3 pages
"Lou's Discourse" (reproduction), 1 page
"Lou's Song" (reproduction), 4 pages
"Mom" (reproduction), 3 pages
"Mom and Corrie" (reproduction), 3 pages
"Mom and Pop" (reproduction), 3 pages
"Morning After the Rain" (reproduction), 4 pages
"Pop's Greeting" (reproduction), 4 pages
"Pop's Sermon" (reproduction), 5 pages
"Prelude" et al. (reproduction), 3 pages
"Rain Jubilation" (reproduction), 3 pages
"Tough Cookie" et al. (reproduction), 20 pages
"Twenty Miles" et al. (original and reproduction), 13 pages, 3 copies
"Wind Before the Rain" et al. (original and reproduction), 4 pages
Oversize 4 Songs, single copies
"About Mom" (reproduction), 4 pages
"About Mom" (original), 3 pages
"About Mom" (reproduction), 1 page
"Amen Chorus" (reproduction), 2 pages, 10 copies
"Amen Chorus" (original and reproduction), 2 pages
"Before the Rain" (original), 2 pages
"Buddy's Nocturne" (reproduction), 2 pages
"Chewing Gum Island" (reproduction), 5 pages, 2 copies
"Chewing Gum Island" (reproduction), 2 pages
"The Coming of Rain" (original), 2 pages
"Corrie" (reproduction), 2 pages
"Corrie" (reproduction), 1 page
"The Fight" (reproduction), 1 page, 12 copies
"Finale" (rep,.), 1 page
"Frog A Courtin" (reproduction), 10 pages, 4 copies
"Greeting of the Dawn" (reproduction), 2 pages, 12 copies
"Greeting of the Dawn" (reproduction), 1 page, 2 copies
Oversize 5 Songs, single copies (cont.)

"Heat of the Plains" (reproduction), 4 pages, 2 copies
"Hymn to Evening" (reproduction), 2 pages, 13 copies
"Hymn to Evening" (reproduction), 1 page
"Interlude" (reproduction), 1 page
"Jeremiah" (reproduction), 5 pages, 3 copies
"Jeremiah" (reproduction), 3 pages, 3 copies
"Jeremiah" (reproduction), 1 page
"The Last Train" (reproduction), 8 pages, 12 copies
"The Last Train" (reproduction), 4 pages
"The Last Train" (reproduction), 3 pages
"Lou" (reproduction), 8 pages
"Lou" (reproduction), 6 pages
"Lou" (reproduction), 4 pages, 2 copies
"Lou" (reproduction), 1 page, 3 copies
"Lou" (reproduction), 1 page, 2 copies
"Lou" (reproduction), 2 pages, 3 copies
"Lou and Corrie" (reproduction), 12 pages
"Lou and Corrie" (reproduction), 1 page
"Lou's Discourse" (reproduction), 2 pages, 2 copies
"Lou's Song" (reproduction), 4 pages
"Lou's Song" (reproduction), 2 pages
"Lou's Song" (reproduction), 1 page
"Love O'Clock" (reproduction), 2 pages
"Love O'Clock" (reproduction), 1 page, 2 copies
"Mom" (reproduction), 3 pages
"Mom" (reproduction), 1 page, 4 copies
"Mom and Corrie", 3 pages
"Mom and Pop" (reproduction), 3 pages, 4 copies
"Mom's Rebuke" (reproduction), 3 pages, 2 copies
"Morning After the Rain" (reproduction), 4 pages, 2 copies
"Neighbor Man" (reproduction), 3 pages, 2 copies
"Night-time Music" (reproduction), 4 pages, 2 copies
"Noon Heat" (reproduction), 1 page, 16 copies
Oversize 6 Songs, single copies (cont.)

"Pop's Greeting" (reproduction), 3 pages, 4 copies
"Pop's Greeting" (reproduction), 2 pages
"Pop's Sermon" (reproduction), 5 pages, 3 copies
"Pop's Sermon" (reproduction), 9 pages
"Pop's Sermon" (reproduction), 4 pages, 5 copies
"Pop's Sermon" (reproduction), 3 pages, 4 copies
"Pop's Sermon" (reproduction), 1 page, 13 copies
"Pop's Sermon" (reproduction), 1 page, 6 copies
"Prelude to the Fight" (reproduction), 3 pages, 4 copies
"Rain Jubilation" (reproduction), 3 pages, 13 copies
"Rain Jubilee" (reproduction), 3 pages, 3 copies
"The Reverind" (reproduction), 2 pages, 2 copies
"Return of the Neighbors" (reproduction), 1 page
"Sequel to Hymn" (reproduction), 1 page
"Shirley's Tap Dance" (reproduction), 4 pages
"Song of Flowers" (reproduction), 4 pages
"Song of Flowers" (reproduction), 1 page, 3 copies
"Summing Up" (reproduction), 3 pages, 12 copies
"Summing Up" (reproduction), 2 pages
"Tough Cookie" (reproduction), 8 pages, 3 copies
"Tough Cookie" (reproduction), 5 pages
"Tough Cookie" (reproduction), 2 pages
"Tree Song" (reproduction), 2 pages
"Twenty Miles" (original & reproduction), 2 pages, 3 copies
"Twenty Miles" (reproduction), 1 page, 6 copies
"The Way It Is In Town" (reproduction), 3 pages, 2 copies
"With the Mockingbird" (reproduction), 1 page
"Wizard Oil" (original), 2 pages
Oversize 7 Scores
1 p. Lyric, "Tree" Notes, no score 1 p. (holograph), 2 pages
3 miscellaneous sheets (original), 3 pages
IV "Pop's Greeting" (original), 2 pages
"Mom" (original ), 2 pages
XI "Various People" (original), 3 pages
XXI Duet, "Lou and Corrie" (original), 1 page
IX "Heat of the Plains" (original), 4 pages
XIII "Night-time Music" (original), 4 pages
"XXVIIa" (original), 1 page
XXII "The Revrind" (original), 7 pages
X "Tough Cookie" (original), 14 pages
XV "The Rain After the Drought" (original), 3 pages
XXIII "Of the Stars and the Moon" (original), 2 pages
1 Miscellaneous Half-sheet (original), 1 page
XX "Transport Plane" (original), 4 pages
"Transport Plane" (original), 3 pages
"Lou and Corrie" (original), 2 pages
"The Idling Windmill" (original), 2 pages
"Lou and Corrie" (original), 9 pages
"Mom and Pop" (original), 10 pages
"The Jeremiah" (original), 1 page
2 Miscellaneous Sheets (original), 2 pages
I "Lou and Corrie" (original), 1 page
V "The Jeremiah and Pop's Sermon" (original), 7 pages
XIV "The Fight" (original), 9 pages
"Prelude" (original), 1 page
"Mom and Corrie/ (original), 1 page
Misc. unrecorded
Oversize 7 Old manuscripts
I "Lou" (original), 3 pages
"Love O'Clock" (original), 3 pages
"Twenty Miles" No. It (original), 3 pages
"Pop's Greeting" (original), 4 pages
"Mom" 1 (original), 5 pages
"The Last Train" (original), 6 pages
"Let It Be" (original), 5 pages
"Various People" (original), 4 pages
"Tough People" (original, "Tough Cookie"), 2 pages
"Jeremiah" (original), 1 pages
"Stand By Thee..." 10 A, B, C, D (original), 7 pages
XIV "The Fight"'(original), 2 pages
"Chewing Gum Island" (original), 3 pages
"16a-3" (original), 1 pages
"Chorus" (original), 1 pages
"Pop" (original), 1 pages
"Windmill" (original), 9 pages
"Transport Plane" (original), 5 pages
"Vamp for Froggie" (original), 1 pages
"Frog Went A Courtin'" (original), 8 pages
XVIIIa "Sequel to Hymn" (original), 2 pages
"Recitative Blues and Arioso" (original), 9 pages
XX "The Reverind" (original), 4 pages
"The Vamoose" (original), 3 pages
XXIII "An Easy Trot" (original), 4 pages
"Rain After the Drought" (original), 4 pages
4 "Twenty Miles"(original)8 pages
B "Chewing Gum Island" (original), 4 pages
Oversize 7 Old manuscripts (cont.)
"Pop's Greeting" et al. (original), 20 pages
Oversize 7 Sketches
"Night-time Music" et al. (original), 73 pages
Oversize 7 Sketches (cont.)
"Notes to a Lamp on the Plains" (original), 149 pages
General music scores
Cello and piano
Oversize 7 "Sonata for Cello and Piano" parts 2-4 (original) (16 pages)
Oversize 7 The Animals' Christmas Oratorio, to a text by Manuel Komroff, folio
"The Butterfly and the Ant" et al. (reproduction), 21 pages
"The Skunk" et al. (reproduction), 14 pages
Overture (reproduction), 18 pages
Oversize 7 The Animals' Christmas Oratorio, to a text by Manuel Komroff, single songs
"The Butterfly and the Ant" (reproduction), 2 pages
"The Butterfly and the Ant" (reproduction), 6 pages
"Conclusion" (reproduction), 2 pages
"The Cow and the Dogs" (reproduction), 2 pages
"The Cozy Pig" (reproduction), 2 pages, 2 copies
"Digging the Well" (reproduction), 1 page
"The Hyena and the Cricket" (reproduction), 2 pages, 3 copies
"The Lark and the Jay" (reproduction), 6 pages
"The Lark and the Jay" (reproduction), 3 pages, 2 copies
"The Lark and the Jay" (reproduction), 1 page, 2 copies
"The Lion and the Sheep" (reproduction), 6 pages
"The Lion and the Sheep" (reproduction), 2 pages
"Pilgrim Hymn" (reproduction), 2 pages
"The Praying Mantis" (reproduction), 6 pages, 2 copies
"Preface" (reproduction), 2 pages, 2 copies
"The Robin and the Gila Monster" (reproduction), 2 pages
"The Secretary-Bird" (reproduction), 3 pages, 3 copies
Oversize 7 The Animals' Christmas Oratorio, to a text by Manuel Komroff, single songs
"The Secretary-Bird" (reproduction), 1 page
"The Skunk" (reproduction), 1 page
Untitled (reproduction), 4 pages
Oversize 7 Ecclesiastes Cantata
Original, 79 pages
Oversize 8 General choral numbers, folio
"A Carol" (original), 4 pages
"Where Go the Boats" (original), 2 pages
"Rain After the Drought" (original), 3 pages
"Precepts Of Angelus Silesius" (1624-1677) (original), 11 pages
"The Robe" (original), 2 pages
"Shoutin' Pilgrim" (original), 3 pages
"Morn and Night" (original), 1 page
"Child's Evening Hymn" (original), 1 page
"The Soule" (original), 1 page
"Jonah" (original), 3 pages
"Golden Rules" ( original), 2 pages
"How Many?" (original), 2 pages
"The Last Train" (original), 3 pages
"Jonah" (original), 2 pages
"The Long Farewell" (original), 2 pages
"The Eternal Goodness" (original), 1 page
"The Soule" (original), 1 page
"Freedom" (original), 2 pages
"The Schoolboy" (original), 3 pages
"Shouting Pilgrim" (original), 4 pages
"Return of Spring" (original), 2 pages
"Where Go the Boats" (original), 2 pages
"Chop-Cherry" (original), 2 pages
"Yes, I Do!" (original), 2 pages
"Ode" (original), 4 pages
"Love Somebody" (original), 2 pages
"A Christmas Carol" (original), 1 page
"Waiting" (original), 1 page
"The Gambling Man" (original), 4 pages
"Love Somebody" (original), 4 pages
"The Pelican" (original), 2 pages
"The Little Children" (original), 1 page
"Money" (original), 2 pages
"God" (original), 1 page
"A Christmas Carol" (original), 1 page
"John Hardy" (original), 3 pages
"The Robe" (original), 2 pages
"Morn and Night" (original), 1 page
"Ode to Freedom" (original), 3 pages
"Golden Rules" (original), 1 page
"Child's Evening Hymn" (original), 1 page
"The Soldier's Little Boy" (original), 2 pages
"John Hardy" (original), 7 pages
"The Colorado Trail" (original), 3 pages
"Shouting Pilgrim" (original), 7 pages
"Morn and Night" (original), 1 page
"Freedom" (original), 1 page
"Jonah" (original), 1 page
"The Houn' Dawg" (original), 2 pages
"Just Down Yonder" (original), 2 pages
"The Camel" (original), 3 pages
"Devilish Mary" (original), 4 pages
"Schools and Rules""(original), 1 page
"Precepts of Angelus Silesius" (original), 7 pages
"John Hardy" (original), 3 pages
"Gifts from the Devil" (original), 2 pages
"The Happier Sheep" (original), 2 pages
"Down Yonder" (original), 4 pages
"Gideon's Sword" (original), 1 page
"Golden Rules" (original), 1 page
Contrapuntal studies
Oversize 8 Miscellaneous, early
"Fugue" (reproduction), 5 pages
"Fugue" (original), 4 pages
"Prelude" (original), 3 pages
"Fugue" (original), 4 pages
"Prelude" (original), 3 pages
"Fugal Fantasy" (original), 6 pages
"Fugue for Two Pianos" (original), 20 pages
Oversize 8 The Tempest, 1st version, folio
"Storm Before Act. I, Sc. I" (original), 8 pages
"While You Here Do Snoring Lie" Act I, Sc. II (original), 1 page
Musical Fragments for "Tempest," Act I, Sc. II (original), 2 pages
Fragments for The Tempest Act I, Sc. II (original), 2 pages
"Enter Trinculo with a Burden of Wood" Act II, Sc.II (original), 2 pages
"Log-Bearing Music" (original) Act III, Sc. I, 3 pages
"Caliban, "That's Not the Tune" Act III, Sc. II (original), 2 pages
"Ariel, "Is Nothing But Heart's Sorrow and a Clear Life Ensuing" (original), 1 page
"Introduction to Act IV" (original), 3 pages
"Prospero and Ariel Setting on Diverse Spirits" Act IV, Sc.I (original), 3 pages
"Music of the Shapes" (original), 2 pages
"No More Dams" (original), 2 pages
"Stephano's Song" (original), 2 pages
"Full Fathom Five" (original), 1 page
"Marriage Blessing" (original), 2 pages
"Music of the Goddesses" (original), 2 pages
Titled scores
Oversize 8 Blue Ontario - includes miscellaneous scores; original (63 pages)
Oversize 8 Country Roads - with lyrics; original (31 pages)
Oversize 3 From These States - with lyrics; original (87 pages)
Oversize 8 The Muffin Man - reproduction; spiral bound (28 pages, 2 copies)
Oversize 12 The Muffin Man - reproduction; folio (28 pages)
Oversize 9 Miscellaneous scores
Prelude and Fugue (original), 26 pages
Riolama (original), 21 pages
Songs with Orchestra Bound (with lyrics) (original), 76 pages
Symphony I 1st Movement (original), 68 pages
Symphony I 3rd Movement (original), 38 pages
"Never to Know" et al. (some with lyrics) (original), 131 pages
"Tis Far Off Like a ( )" (some with lyrics) (original), 31 pages
Oversize 9 Titled scores
Burr Frolic Two Pianos (original), 11 pages
The Coal-Shuttle Blues 1 Piano (original), 12 pages with 4 pages of revisions
Riolama (original), 9 pages
Symphony I 2 Piano Version (original), 90 pages
Oversize 10 Titled scores (cont.)
Symphony II 2 Piano Version (original), 26 pages
Oversize 12 General piano scores, volume I (1 volume)
"Grey Days" (reproduction), 1 page
"Falling Snow" (reproduction), 5 pages
"Those Damned Foreigners" (reproduction), 2 pages
"Delirium of the City" (reproduction), 3 pages
"The Prairies" (reproduction), 1 page
"Boisterous Fugue" (reproduction), 8 pages
"Rain Dripping Off the Roof" (reproduction), 1 page
"Organ Grinder with Monkey" (rep;), 1 page
"Gazing Out the Window" (reproduction), 1 page
"Sweet Tones" (reproduction), 1 page
"My Friends" (reproduction), 1 page
"Goodbye to the Princess" (reproduction), 1 page
"Fuge" (reproduction), 5 pages
"Canonische Fuge" (reproduction), 4 pages
"Fuge (drei stimmig)" (reproduction), 3 pages
"Jazzing Shadows (Blues)" (reproduction), 8 pages
"The Coal Shuttle Blues" (printed), 8 pages
Oversize 12 General piano scores, volume II (1 volume)
"Kankankee River" (printed) pub. by Wesley Webster, San Bruno, Cal., 11 pages
"To the Children" (original), 2 pages
"Organ Grinder with Monkey" (original), 3 pages
"Tender Hands" (original), 2 pages
"Sleepy River" (original), 3 pages
"In Hungary" (original), 1 page
"Gone Forever" (original), 1 page
"Poc Hiss Piv Lento" (original), 1 page
Miscellaneous Practice Pages (original), 2 pages
"Wastin' Time" (original), 6 pages
"Trio" (original), 6 pages
"Coda" (original), 2 pages
"Appendix" (original), 2 pages
"How Still the Bells" (original), 3 pages
Sketch books
Box 4 [Untitled]
"Canons and Rounds" (original), 29 pages
"Cello, Sonata, Orchestra" (original), 74 pages
"The Cockleburr Frolic" (original), 109 pages
"Elk Lake" (original), 61 pages
"Epigrams" (original), 42 pages
"Further Sketches for 'Drumlin Garden'" (original), 59 pages
"John Hardy" et al. (original), 60 pages
"A Little Cycle of Christmas Carols for Cello & Piano" (orig.), 73 pages
"Little Tunes for the Piano" (original), 44 pages
"Lullaby" (original), 24 pages
"March" et al. (original), 120 pages
"Misc. Sketches incl. Choral Work for 'Farewell'" (original), 79 pages
"Notes for 'By Blue Ontario's Shore" (original), 24 pages
Box 5 [Untitled]
"Notes on 'By Blue Ontario's Shore"' (original), 55 pages
"Of Love" et al. (original), 48 pages
"Proverbs of Lao-Tsu" (original), 73 pages
"Scraps" (original), 37 pages
"Sketches of Overture and Piano Fugue Also College Song" (orig.), 51 pages
"Songs" (original), 70 pages
"Songs '50" (original), 46 pages
"String Quartet in A Minor Incl. 4 Movements" (original), 31 pages
"Table of Simple Newms and Song" (original), 53 pages
"Tempest Notes" (original), 15 pages
"Tunes for Drumlin Garden" (original & typescript), 78 pages
Sketches, miscellaneous
Oversize 10 "The Bat"
"The Bat" et al. (original), 190 pages
Oversize 10 "Love"
"Love" et al. (original and reproduction), 108 pages
Oversize 10 "Passacaglia" (2 folders)
"Passacaglia" et al. (original), 300 pages
Songs, bound
Oversize 11 American Songs Taken from Life (1 volume)
"Sourwood Mountain" lyrics (printed), 1 page
"Sourwood Mountain" (original), 1 page
"Come All Ye Fair" (reproduction) (original?), 3 pages
"Hammer Song" (reproduction) (original?), 2 pages
"Common Bill" (original), 2 pages
"In the Days of Old Rameses" lyrics (printed), 1 page
"In the Days of Old Rameses" (original), 2 pages
"Bird in a Cage" (original), 2 pages
"What Kind o' Pants (reproduction), 1 page
"Way Over" (reproduction), 1 page
"Red Iron Ore" (rep., 1 page
"My Lulu" (reproduction), 2 pages
"Casey Jones" (original), 7 pages
"Fond Affection" (original), 2 pages
"Wizard Oil" lyrics (printed), 1 page
"Wizard Oil" (original), 1 pages
"Don' Let Yo Watch Run Down" (original), pages
"Yes, I Do" (original), 2 pages
"Walky-Talky Jenny" (original), 2 pages
"Walky-Talky Jenny" lyrics (printed), 1 page
"El-a-noy" (original), 2 pages
"Times Gettin Hard" (reproduction), 1 pages
"The Hearse Song" (reproduction), 1 pages
"Irish Lullaby" (reproduction), 1 pages
"Walk In" (reproduction), 1 pages
"St. James Hospital" (reproduction), 2 pages
"Days of Forty-nine" (reproduction), 2 pages
"The Cruel Ship's Carpenter" (reproduction), 3 pages
"Putman's Hill" (reproduction), 1 pages
"Hick's Farewell" (reproduction), 1 pages
"Buffalo Gals" (reproduction), 2 pages
"The Hypocrite and the Concubine" (reproduction), 2 pages
"Trabbel On" (reproduction), 1 page
"Lo Lotte" (reproduction), 1 page
Oversize 11 Four Lyrics (1 volume)
"Schilflied" German and English (original), 3 pages
"Ich Liebe Dich" German and English (original), 2 pages
"Ach Lieb, Ich Muss Nun Scheiden" German (original), 2 pages
Oversize 11 Of a Feather: Songs to Verses by Marie Welsh (1 volume)
"The Dove" (original), 2 pages
"The Vulture" (original), 2 pages
"The Pigeon" (original), 3 pages
"The Condor" (original), 2 pages
"The Sparrow" (original), 1 page
"The Dove" (original), 2 pages
"The Pigeon" (original), 2 pages
"The Sparrow" (original), 1 page
"The Condor" (original), 1 page
"The Vulture" (original), 1 page
Oversize 30 Early Songs (1 volume)
"Wandl'ich in dem Wald des Abends" (Heine) German (original), 4 pages
"Wandl'ich in dem Wald des Abends" (Heine) German (original), 3 pages
"Der Brief" (original) in German, 4 pages
"Frielingsgrusz" (original) in German, 3 pages
"Serse gieht duch mien gemlith" (Heine) German (original), 3 pages
"Childe Harold" (Heine) (original) in German, 2 pages
"Aus Meinen grossen Schmergen" (original) in German, 4 pages
"Where Go the Boats?" (original) in English, 2 pages
"Looking-Glass River" (original) in English, 3 pages
"Schniezlied" (Heine) (original) in English, 4 pages
"Mit einem gemalten Band" (original) in German, 4 pages
"Es War ein Fauler Schieffen" (original) in German, 3 pages
Oversize 11 Songs (1 volume)
"Cape Cod" (original), 5 pages
"May Day" (original), 2 pages
"The River" (original), 3 pages
"Epitaph" (reproduction), 1 page
"Omaha" (reproduction), 4 pages
"Fog" (original), 2 pages
"Rather" (original), 1 page
"Where Go the Boats?" (original), 2 pages
"Some Little Artie Flower" (original), 2 pages
"The Grass" (original), 3 pages
"Vespers" (original), 1 page
Practice Sheet (original), 1 page
"Never To Know" (original), 2 pages
Oversize 11 Songs (1 volume)
"First Day" (original), 3 pages
"Twilight" (original), 2 pages
"Ancient Christmas Carol" (original), 3 pages/2 pages, 2 copies
"There Is a Solitude of Space" (original), 2 pages
"My River Runs to Thee"(original), 2 pages
"The Sun Went Down" (original), 2 pages
"Let Down the Bars" (original), 2 pages
"I'm Nobody" (original), 2 pages
"Let Down the Bars" (original), 2 pages
"The Sun Went Down" (original), 2 pages
"Epitaph" (original), 2 pages
"Ancient Christmas Carol" (original), 2 pages
"Wanderers Night Song" (original), 2 pages
"Der Soldat" (original), 2 pages
"As If the Sea Should Not Part" (original), 1 page
"From Blank to Blank" (original), 1 page
"Wild Nights" (original), 3 pages
"Let Down the Bars" (original), 2 pages
"It's Coming -- the Postponeless Creature" (original), 2 pages
"I'm Nobody" (original), 2 pages
"My River Runs to Thee" (original), 2 pages
"How Still the Bells" (original), 2 pages
"There Is a Solitude of Space" (original), 3 pages
"I Felt a Funeral In My Brain" (original), 3 pages
"She Went As Quiet as the Dew" (original), 2 pages
"The Grass So Little Has to Do" (original), 4 pages
"So Set Its Sun in Thee" (original)., 2 pages
"The Heart Asks Pleasure First" (original), 1 page
"So Well That I Can Live Without" (original), 1 page
"Savior" (original), 3 pages
"And This of All My Hopes" (original), 2 pages
"Epitaph" (original), 1 page
"The Sobbing of the Bells" (original), 3 pages
"The Last Invocation" (original), 2 pages
"Beat! Beat! Drums!" (original),, 5 pages
"Joy, Shipmate, Joy!" (original), 3 pages
"One Thought Ever at the Fore" (original), 2 pages
"Grand Is the Seen" (original), 5 pages
"Whispers of Heavenly Death" (original), 3 pages
"Darest Thou Now, O Soul" (original), 7 pages
"Anthem For the United States" (original), 2 pages
"Love, O Love" (original)', 2 pages
"Drivin' Steel" (original), 2 pages
"Brady" (original), 5 pages
"The Colorado Trail" (original), 2 pages
"Wastin' Time" (original), 3 pages
"Great Gawd!" (original), 2 pages
"Low Bridge or the Erie Canal" (original), 4 pages
"De Boll Weevil" (original), 6 pages
"Peepin' Through the Knothole" (original), 4 pages
"Midnight Special" (original), 3 pages
"Sucking Cider" (original), 2 pages
"De Sunshine Special" (original), 2 pages
"O, My Honey!" (original), 1 page
"O Bury Me Not" (original), 3 pages
"Anthem For the United States" (original), 1 page
"Grandioso" (original), 1 page
Oversize 12 Songs (1 volume)
"Grand is the Seen" (printed), 3 pages
"The Last Invocation" (printed), 2 pages
"Darest Thou Now, O Soul?" (printed), 6 pages
"Twilight" (printed), 2 pages
"One Thought Ever At the Fore"(printed), 2 pages
"Joy, Shipmate, Joys" (printed), 2 pages
"Whispers of Heavenly Death" (printed), 4 pages
"The Sobbing of the Bells" (printed), 3 pages
Ten Songs by Ernst Bacon pub. by Ernst Bacon (printed), 35 pages
"Du bist wie eine Blume" (Heine) (original) Translated on reverse side, 2 pages
"Ich hab' Dich geliebt" (original), 2 pages
"Ach Lieb, ich muss nun scheiden" (reproduction), 2 pages
"Schubert" (reproduction), 2 pages
"Dei Jedem Morgengrauen" (reproduction), 2 pages
"Der Soldat" (reproduction), 2 pages
"Sporuch" (reproduction), 1 page
"Mit deinen blauen Augen" (Heine) (original), 2 pages
"Vergiszmeinnicht" (original), 2 pages
"An den Mond" (original), 6 pages, 1 page translated into English
Oversize 11 Two Serious Poems (1 volume)
"O Thou Who in Heaven Art" (reproduction) in German & English, 3 pages
"Prayer" (original) in German ("Gebet") and English, 5 pages
Songs, unbound
Oversize 11 Folio 1
"Come All Ye Fair" (original), 1 page
"...Girl" (original) (p. 1, 2), 2 pages
"A Carol" (original), 1 page
"A Carol" (original), 2 pages
"Preface" (original), 5 pages
"Afterthought" (original), 2 pages
3 Miscellaneous Sheets (original), 3 pages
"Euclid" (original), 1 page
"The White Window" (original), 1 page
"A Newcomer Arrives in this World" (original), 2 pages
"...Brady" (original), 2 pages
Miscellaneous- Untitled (original), 8 pages
"Duet VII" (original), 4 pages
Miscellaneous Scores (original), 8 pages
"The Deep Sea" (original), 2 pages
"Anthem to the United States" (original), 1 page
"XVIII Chorus" (original), 4 pages
"XXVIIb Duet" (original), 2 pages
"IV Dialogue" (original), 1 page
"XVI Chorus" (original), 1 page
"A Fairy" (original), 3 pages
"Don't Let Old..." (original), 8 pages [missing, 2/8/2017]
"XXV Song" (original), 7 pages
"VII Recitation" (original), 2 pages
"The Outang (Orang-Outang) and the Elephant" (lyrics, no score) (original), 1 page
"XXIVb Recit." (original), 1 page
"XXV Recit." (original), 1 page
"XIV Song" (origlpal), 2 pages
"II Song" (original), 2 pages
"IV Dialogue" (original), 2 pages
Oversize 12 Folio 2
"The Forsaken Heart" (original), 3 pages
"De Boll Weevil" (original), 5 pages
"Sourwood Mountain" (original), 2 pages
"Stars" (original), 2 pages
"To Musique, To Becalme His Fevers" (original), 3 pages
"The Divine Ship" (original), 1 page, 2 copies
"The Little Stone" (original), 2 pages
"Of Love" (original), 1 page
"Fond Affection" (original), 2 pages
"My Lulu" (original), 3 pages
D3 "The Commonplace" (original), 3 pages
D2 "A Clear Midnight" (original), 2 pages
"The Commonplace" (original), 2 pages
"Adam and Eve" (original), 3 pages
"Is There Such a Thing As Day?" (original), 2 pages
"And This of All My Hopes" (original), 2 pages
"To Make a Prairie" (original), 2 pages
"Sons of Snow-White Heads" (original), 3 pages
"Velvet People" (original), 4 pages
"To Musique To Becalme His Fever" (original), 2 pages
"These Yellow Sands" (original), 2 pages
"Of Love" (original), 1 page
"Stars" (original), 2 pages
"Gentle Greeting" (original), 2 pages
"The Lamb" (original), 3 pages
"Fond Affection" (original), 2 pages
"Low Bridge or the Erie Canal" (original), 3 pages
"Sourwood Mountain" (original), 2 pages
"Sucking Cider" (original), 2 pages
"Careless Love" (original), 2 pages
"Common Bill" (original), 2 pages
"The Colorado Trail" (original), 2 pages
"It's All I Have" (original), 2 pages
"Poor Little Heart" (original), 2 pages
"So Bashful When I Spied Her" (original), 2 pages
"The Grass" (revised version) (original), 3 pages
"A Carol" (original), 1 page
"Sinful Shoe" (original), 3 pages
"How Happy Is the Little Stone" (original), 2 pages
"Let Her Go Hang" (original), 2 pages
"Come Slowly Eden" (original), 2 pages
"Stephano's Song" (original), 1 page
"Lullaby" (original), 4 pages
Oversize 12 SIngle songs
Piano score for "The River Queen" (original), 7 pages
Manuscripts, literary
Address, Radio
Box 5 "Radio Address by Ernst Bacon" Oct. 27, 1941 (6 pages)
Box 6 [Looseleaf binder, untitled] (2 folders)
"Musical Driftings" American Scholar, typewritten copy, 12 pages
"Orchestras and Conductors" typewritten copy with holograph corrections, 8 pages
"Music After the War" typewritten copy, 8 pages
"The American Musical Credo" typewritten copy with holo. corrections, 5 pages
"A New Policy for Symphony Conductors" typewritten copy, 7 pages
"The Philharmonic Barshaw" typewritten copy (carbon), 11 pages
Note, "one concerto unwritten...the concerto and orchestra" typewritten copy, 1 page
"American Music and the Colleges" typewritten copy, 7 pages
"The Land of Impractice" typescript, 52 pages
"Who Writes Music?" typescript, 5 pages
"The Teacher" typescript, 5 pages
"The Clear Spring" typescript, 6 pages
"Unpaved Roads" typescript with holograph corrections, 8 pages
"The Assessor" typescript with correction, 5 pages
"Of Schools and the Provinces" typescript, 8 pages
"The Birth of Music" typescript with corrections, 8 pages
"Musical Shop-Talk" typescript, 24 pages
"Mr. President and the Faculty of Converse College" typescript, 7 pages
"Proposal for the Music School" typescript, 9 pages
"Outline of a New Orchestral Policy" typescript, 4 pages
"The Metropolitan Opera in American Art" typescript, 12 pages
"On the World's Greatest Bridge" typescript, 4 pages
Box 6 Notes on the Piano - incomplete typescript copy (2 copies in 3 folders)
Box 6 Notes on the Piano - partial holograph and typescript copy
Box 7 Imaginary Dialogues / Ernst Bacon April 28, 1989 - bound, blue covers
Box 7 Take Your Choice / Ernst Bacon, Phil Maturas, Raisch Stol - typescript
Published material
About Ernst Bacon
Box 7 "Ernst Bacon," Musical America April 1949 (2 pages)
By Ernst Bacon
Box 7 "An Academic Stepchild," Converse Literary Journal (3 pages)
Box 7 "College, Town and Music," Bulletin of the Assn. of American Colleges (3 pages)
Box 7 "The Converse College Music Center," Southern Literary Messenger 1942 (5 pages)
Box 7 "Has the Native Culture a Future?" Musical Courier (1 page)
Box 7 "Means and Extremes," The Provincial Musician April 1937 (1 page)
Box 7 "Music and Intuition," Music Teachers National Assn. Bulletin 1949 (4 pages)
Box 7 "Musical Driftings," The American Scholar (Phi Beta Kappa Quarterly) Spring 1941 (7 pages)
Box 7 "On Musical Study," Southwestern Musician March 1949 (6 pages)
Box 7 "Poetry in Search of Music: The Songs of Ernst Bacon," Sewanee Review 1941 (3 pages)
Box 7 "Technique versus Talent," The Provincial Musician March 1937 (6 pages)
Box 7 "Toward a Musical Home Rule," The Southern Literary Messenger April 1940 (6 pages)
Box 7 "Who Writes Music?" Opera House News Nov. 1937 (2 pages)
Box 7 "Our Musical Idiom," The Open Court Publishing Company, Chicago 1917 (48 pages)
Music scores
Box 7 The Burr Frolic, Associated Music Publishers 1944
Oversize 12 Ten Songs by Ernst Bacon, self-published (35 pages)
Newspaper Clippings
Box 5 Berkeley Daily Gazette "Words on Music" column 1965
"Time and the Avant-Garde,” Feb. 26, 1965
"The Sad Exodus from Our Area,” April 2, 1965
"The Doctoral Complot,” April 16, 1965
"Degrees 'Livil' All Ranks,,” April 26, 1965
"Secretary Bird in a Flap,” May 5, 1965
"Confessions of a Critic,” May 12, 1965
"The Symphony as a Civil Institution,” May 14, 1965
"Lets Revive the Salon,” May 19, 1965
"Farmers' Museum Fascinating Place"May 21, 1965
"A Major Career in Bay Area,” May 26, 1965
"Der Herr Dictator,” May 28, 1965
Box 5 New York Times
"Sees Music Aids in Small School," Dec. 24, 1939
"Place of the American Interpreter," Jan. 2, 1944
Additions: University Archives
All material in this series transferred from University Archives, 1991, and remains largely in original order.
Some of this material duplicates material in the preceding portion of the collection.
Compositions [transfer from University Archives]
This material was transferred from University Archives, 1991.
Some of this material duplicates material in the preceding portion of the collection.
Oversize 13 From These States (Gathered Along Unpaved Roads): A Suite for Symphony Orchestra, N.Y., Associated Music Publishers 1951 (1 volume)
Laying the Rails (a sledge hammer song)
Source of the Tennessee
The Sunless Pines
The Saluda Barn Dance
The Cliff Dwellers (no ancient cliffs, these)
Wizard Oil
Storm over Huron
Lullaby to a Sick Child
Polly's Murder
Hickory Gap
The Timberline Express
Oversize 13 Quiet Airs, S.U. Press & Mercury Music Corp. 1952 (1 volume)
Twilight, To Douglas Moore
Gentle Greeting, To Yves Tinayre
The Devine Ship, To Frances Crane Lillie
Of Love, To Eva Gauthier
Eden, To Albert and Elizabeth Elkins
The Little Stone, To Albert Frankenstein
Fond Affection, To Giulio and Eveline Silva
Stars, to John Edmunds
The Heart, To Ethel Luening
Song of Snow-White Heads, To Henry and Sidney Cowell
The Lamb, in memory of Janet Fairbank
To Musique, To Becalme His Fever, To Leo Eloesser
Oversize 13 Ten Songs, published by Ernst Bacon, 35 Edgehill Way, San Francisco 1928 (3 copies)
Beat! Beat! Drums! To George Fleming Houston
Der Du von den Himmel Hist (O Thou Who in Heaven Art) To Helen Beck
Schilflied (Nocturne) To Mary Prentice Little
Ich liebe Dich, To Helen Beck
Die Nachtblume, To Virginia Mandyszewski
Was ist mir denn so wehe? To Roland Hayes
Gebet To Sigrid Onegin
Wanderers Nachtlied, To my Mother
First Day, To Eugene Lombard
Twilight, To Paul Horgan
Oversize 13 Riolama 1962 - ten pieces for piano and orchestra
I Salem
II The Chama, N.M.
III Creede, Colo.
IV Nantahala, N.C.
V Ruwenzori, Africa
VI Gnaw-Bone, Ind.
VII Gaspe, Ont.
VIII Nicasio Valley, Cal.
IX Riolama, Venez.
X Pico Perdido, Spain
Oversize 13 The Sky's The Limit 1959 - for symphonic or marching band dedicated to the Syracuse University Footballers (2 copies)
Oversize 14 Symphony No. 2 set for 2 pianos by the composer 1936 (2 copies)
Oversize 14 Fables for narrator and piano - 4-hand or 2 pianos
The Lark and the Jay
The Possum and the Skunk
The Secretary Bird
The Butterfly and the Ant
The Lion and the Sheep
The Robin and the Gila Monster
The Cozy Pig
The Praying Mantis
The Cow and the Dogs
The Barracuda
The Hyena and the Cricket
Digging the Well
Oversize 15 Great River: A Symphony for Narrator and Orchestra - full score
I Preface
I A River Created
II The Peaks Colorado
III Pastoral Valleys
IV Desert and Canyon
V Mexico Bay (The Gulf)
VI A Pueblo Dance Prayer
VII An Indian Death
VIII Spanish Soldiers before Battle (New Mexico 1599)
IX Mountain Man (Toas 1820-1830)
XI The Honey-Eaters
XII American Visions
Oversize 15 Great River: A Symphony for Narrator and Orchestra - narrator's score
I A River Created
II The Peaks
III Pastoral Valleys
IV Desert and Canyon
V Mexico Bay
VI The Pueblo Danse Prayer
VII An Indian Death
VIII Spanish Soldiers before Battle
IX Mountain Men
X Soldiers by Firelight (Texas 1846)
XI The Honey-Eaters
XII American Visions
Oversize 15 The Lord Star poem of Walt Whitman - cantata for mixed chorus, organ, brass, strings
Oversize 16 A Tree on the Plains - music-play, piano score
Love O'Clock
Twenty Miled
Pop's Greeting
Neighbor Man
Pop's Sermon
The Last Train
Lou's Song
Heat of the Plains
Tough Cookie
Return of the Neighbors
Tree Song
Mom's Rebuke
Chewing Gum Island
Neighbors (cont) and Jeremiah
Night-Time Music
Prelude to the Fight
Wind Before the Rain
The Coming of Rain
The Idling Windmill
Transport Plane
Frog A Courtin
Shirley's Tap Dance
Hymn to Evening
Sequel to Hymn
Corrie's Song
The Reverend
Buddy's Nocturne
Mom and Pop
The Plains at Night (Hight)
The Vamoose
Morning After the Rain
Lou's Discourse
Mom and Corrie
Oversize 16 Big Bend and other Stories - pieces for symphonic band
The Rolling Year
An Ozark Story
Joshua Ebenezer Fry
None But the Righteous
Garry Owen
Mexican Hat
The Old Gray Goose
The Rumptifusel
Drip-Drop Rain
Captain Kidd
The Chucklehead
Lumkin County
The Buffalo Skinners
Weary Hut
The Big Bend
Oversize 16 "Peterborough, N.H." 1952 - suite for viola and piano, for Mrs. Edward MacDowell
The Farm
The 11:38 Daily
The Rill
Monadnock at Dusk
Glad Day
Oversize 17 Three Pieces for Brass Choir and Percussion (1 volumes)
The Rolling Years
The Little Black Train
Granite Boys
Joshua Ebenezer Fry
Oversize 17 August (poem by Annette Wynne)
Oversize 17 Adam and Eve
Oversize 17 After the Rain
Oversize 17 Ariel's Song
Oversize 17 Precepts of Angelus Silesius - for 2 or 3-part women's choir, for Bennington College
Oversize 17 The Bohemian Hymn - for mixed voices, accompanied
Oversize 17 Boston Hymn - chorale for mixed voices, a capella or accompanied
Oversize 17 Apothegms - for mixed chorus and accompaniment
The Eternal Paradox
The Lasting Stone
The Passing Moment
Uses of Wit
Truth and Man
The Poet
Spirits and Elements
The Happier Sheep
Gifts from the Devil
The Levellers
The Camel
Our Friends
To a Loving Husband
Oversize 17 Pieces For Band
None But the Righteous
An Ozark Story
The Rumptifusel
Joshua Ebenezer Fry
The Old Gray Goose
Lumkin County
Weary Hut
Drip-Drop Rain
Garry Owen
The Rolling Years
The Chucklehead
Captain Kidd
The Buffalo Skinners
Mexican Hat
The Big Bend
The Sky's the Limit
Oversize 18 Symphony No. 2 1936
Oversize 18 Buffalo Gals: Songs from the American Folk for Voice and Piano, Carl Fischer Inc., NY 1966
Oversize 18 Four Pieces for Wind Solo and Piano
Dusk Over the Marsh
4 Poultry or The Barnyard
Pecos Bill
Oversize 18 Four Pieces for Two Violins and Piano
Ode to Dusk
Garry Owen
Ground Hog
Three Little Babes
Oversize 18 Pieces for Solo Piano
The Rolling Years
Lumkin County
Captain Kidd
Lost Children
Stoney-Lonesome (Ind.)
The White Window
Little Things
A Western Habanera
Drip-Drop Rain
Flop-Eared Man
The Cool Moon (a nocturne)
Hell in Texas (revised)
The Ragged Rascal
The Chucklehead
Petticoat Slide
An Ozark Story
The Lobo Girl of Devil's River
Oversize 19 Five Apothegms of Lao-Tzu - Bynner translation, for narrator and string quartet
The Breath of Life
Those Who Would Take Over
A Man's Heart
The Yield of Water
Oversize 19 Music for Cello and Piano
The Flower of Night
The Purple Land
The Rose of Wintertime (Christmas carol)
Greensleeves (Christmas carol)
Mother and Child (Christmas carol)
The Holly and the Ivy (Christmas carol)
Oversize 19 Welcome - suite for cello and piano, written for the birth of Bacon's son Paul
Love (a mother and father regard their child)
Oversize 19 The Barnyard (2 copies)
Oversize 19 Prologue to "Everyman" 1945 - for organ, solo cello and optional harp; written for the Rocky Mountain Festival, Denver University
Oversize 19 The Dove
I The Dove
II The Vulture
III The Sparrow
IV The Pigeon
V The Condor
Oversize 20 Quintet for Strings and Piano - based on The Tempest; full score and parts for cello, violin, viola, and violin
Shipwreck and the Enchanted Isle
Miranda and Prospero
Danse of the Shapes
Diverse Spirits Punish the Conspirators and Prospero's Epilogue
Oversize 21 By Blue Ontario's Shore
Oversize 20 Caliban - includes untitled fragment (2 folders)
Oversize 20 The Colorado Trail
Oversize 20 Calm Soul
Oversize 20 A Carol
Oversize 20 Courting Day / Monday Was My Courting Day
Oversize 21 A Cradle Hymn
Oversize 21 Cripple Creek
Oversize 21 Destiny of the Flag
Oversize 21 Definition
Oversize 21 Death
Oversize 21 Day's End
Oversize 21 The Cruel Ship's Carpenter
Oversize 22 Full score - for mixed chorus and orchestra with bass and soprano solos; no title songs (2 folders)
Oversize 22 Piano score
Oversize 21 Flowers and Moonlight
Oversize 21 The Floundering Whale
Oversize 21 The First Sunset
Oversize 21 Eternity
Oversize 21 The Eternal Goodness
Oversize 21 Epitaph
Oversize 23 From Emily's Diary - full score; for women's chorus and orchestra (small)
Oversize 23 Songs for High Voice - poem of Emily Dickinson
Sweet is the Swamp
Ample Make this Bed
A Word
The Gentlest Mother
I'm Nobody
As Imperceptibly as Grief
The Sun Went Down
A Cemetery
The Mountain
The Pedigree of Honey
As I Love Thee
She Went
A Threadless Way
With the First Arbutus
This Wondrous Sea
It's Such a Little Thing
A Spider
The Morns are Meeker
To Venerate the Days
Few Get Enough
Oversize 22 Yes I Do
Oversize 22 The School Boy
Oversize 22 St. James's Hospital
Oversize 22 Sailing Homeward
Oversize 22 The Poet
Oversize 23 The Passing Moment
Oversize 23 Wastin' Time
Oversize 23 The Unseen Soul
Oversize 23 The Spanish Armada
Oversize 23 The Source
Oversize 23 Night and Day
Oversize 23 In the Valley
Oversize 23 The Day of Old Rameses
Oversize 23 I Felt a Funeral in My Brain
Oversize 23 Homecoming
Oversize 23 Hammar Man
Writings [transfer from University Archives]
This material transferred from University Archives, 1991.
Some of this material duplicates material in the preceding portion of the collection.
Box 7 The Art of Giving [alternate title: The case for patronage] - typescript (3 copies)
Box 7 The Critic's Dilemma - typescript (2 copies)
Box 7 Der Herr Diktator - typescript (2 copies)
Box 7 The Doctoral Complot - typescript (2 copies)
Box 7 The Farmer's Museum (2 copies)
Box 7 "Musical Quillets" in Music Journal July, 1966 (2 copies)
Box 7 Music and Children - typescript (2 copies)
Box 7 A Music Center - typescript (2 copies)
Box 7 The New Puritanism - typescript (2 copies)
Box 7 Retirement by the Clock - typescript, typescript copy (2 copies)
Box 7 Fables - typescript copy (106 pages)
Artwork [transfer from University Archives]
This material transferred from University Archives, 1991.
Box 7 Drawings (3 items)
Box 7 Paintings (3 items)
Oversize 24 Watercolors
Compositions [transfer from University Archives]
This material transferred from University Archives, 1991.
Some of this material duplicates material in the preceding portion of the collection.
Oversize 24 Air des Bouffons - score
Oversize 24 Animals' Christmas Oratorio - for boys or women's voices with narrator & piano; includes published edition, Theodore Presser, Bryn Mawr, PA (2 copies)
Oversize 30 Bearwalla - orchestral score
Oversize 24 Beat! Beat! Drums! - score; with obbligato voice
Box 5 Billy in the Darbies - Melville's poem in "Billy Budd"
Oversize 24 Canons a capella
Box 7 Canons on names
Box 10 Canons, vocal (3 items)
Box 7 Cello ensembles, easy
Box 5 Chittenango - orchestral parts
Box 7 Choral parts for canons / Vocal duets
Box 9 Chorus with piano
Oversize 24 Chorus V / Christmas Chous
Babe of Bethlehem (2 versions)
Children, Go (2 versions)
Christmas Eve
The Friendly Beasts
Go Tell It On the Mountain
The Infant Jesus
King Wenceslas
Masters in the Hall (2 versions)
Sussex Carol (2 versions)
The Valley of Judea
Wassail Song
Ye Shepherds
Year's End
Oversize 24 Concerto Grosso
Oversize 24 The Corn Belt for Band
Oversize 24 Drum Taps (full score)
Box 5 Duets (simple)
Oversize 24 Early German songs (1 volume)
Oversize 24 Emily Dickinson originals from "Nature"
Oversize 24 E[mily] Dickinson originals # II
Oversize 25 E[mily] Dickinson settings with orchestra
Oversize 25 E[mily] Dickinson song (last, complete)
Oversize 25 Emily Dickinson songs / 1 Robert Burns song
Oversize 25 Emily's Diary - S & A chorus with small orchestra
Oversize 25 Folk settings - two versions, one with piano (simple, unison), the other for solo or unison chorus
Oversize 25 "Hootnanny," a collection of 4-hand piano pieces
Oversize 25 Housman, A. E. (songs to)
Box 9 Housman, A. E. (songs to)
Box 8 Hymns (2 items)
Oversize 25 Hymns & anthems (35 items)
Hymns for chorus and strings [missing 2/8/2017] (5 items)
Oversize 25 Jehovah & the Ark, 2 piano version - originals; includes Interludes
Oversize 26 Lieder MSS. published or changed (earlier versions)
Box 9 "The Lord Star" cantata for mixed chorus, baritone, organ & wind
Box 9 Music notebooks
Cello Concerto; Folk Songs; Fugue; Piano Pieces; Scherzo;
Box 8 Miscellaneous (2 folders)
Oversize 26 My River - parts & score
Oversize 30 "Nature" - includes bound photocopy of published edition, E. C. Schirmer, Boston, MA (2 copies)
Oversize 26 Non-Dickinson lieder
Box 8 Notes on Babylon
Oversize 26 "Of a Feather" - for SA chorus with piano
Oversize 26 Patriotic American songs, etc. (10 items)
Oversize 26 Piano (children, easy)
Oversize 27 Piano, four-hand and three-hand for 2 pianos
Oversize 26 Piano, mostly published - includes published edition of "The Hootnanny for One or Two Pianos - Four Hands," Chappell, N.Y.
Box 8 Piano (Parliament of Fowls)
Oversize 30 Piano originals
Oversize 30 Piano pieces, Grades 1 to 6
Oversize 27 Piano pieces, miscellaneous (2 folders)
Oversize 27 Piano pieces, miscellaneous, solo (2 folders)
Oversize 26 Piano pieces needing revise or re-write
Piano solo [missing 2/8/2017]
Oversize 28 Piano solo, Beginner I
Oversize 28 Piano solo, Simple Airs from Here and There
Oversize 29 Piano solos vocal solos / Progressive versions of 3 tender songs (late)
Box 9 Piano works (late)
Oversize 29 Piano works (very late)
Pianos (2) [missing 2/8/2017] (2 folders)
Box 9 The Possum and the Skunk
Box 8 Publisher's engravings of: "Year's End," "Go, Tell it on the Mountain," "Far Away"
Box 8 Recessional - includes various fragments
Oversize 29 Remembering Ansel Adams
Rounds and canons [missing 2/8/2017]
SA a capella [missing 2/8/2017]
Oversize 28 SA with piano or TB
Oversize 28 SATB a capella
SATB with piano [missing 2/8/2017]
Sketches [missing 2/8/2017]
Box 9 Sketches for Requiem
Oversize 32 Sonata for cello and piano
Sonata for viola and piano [missing 2/8/2017]
Box 8 Sonatina et al. "No. 7"
Songs (group) [missing 2/8/2017]
Box 8 Trio piano, violin, cello, first version
Box 8 Trio, score
Box 8 Trio, #2 - copy of score and parts
Oversize 28 Unison chorus with piano
Box 8 Viola and piano sonata
Oversize 32 Voyage to Ararat
Box 9 White Marsh
Oversize 32 Wind ensembles with piano and narrator (2 items)
Oversize 29 Woodpile
Oversize 29 Woodpile of incomplete very late works (2 folders)
Box 9 Miscellaneous musical sketches, fragments
Oversize 31 Miscellaneous original pages for voice and piano
Oversize 31 Untitled songbook
Writings [transfer from University Archives]
This material transferred from University Archives, 1991.
Some of this material duplicates material in the preceding portion of the collection.
Box 9 "The Whitehouse Blues" script
Box 9 "Advice to Music Patrons" - manuscript
Box 9 "The Artist and the Critic" in "Twenty Articles on the Art of Criticism," Northwest Arts 1984 - reprint
Box 9 "Author's Note" - manuscript draft
Box 9 "Means and Extremes," The Provincial Musician April 1937
Box 9 "Poetry in Search of Music"; "Songs of Ernst Bacon" / J. St. Edmunds, The Sewanee Review 1941
Box 9 "Retirement by the Calendar" - manuscript draft
Box 9 "Revolt and Change" - manuscript draft (3 copies)
Box 9 "Toward a Musical Home-Rule," Southern Literary Messenger - photocopy of article
Box 9 "The Tragedy of American Music" - manuscript draft
Box 9 Miscellaneous
Box 9 "Remarks to the Music Faculty" 1957 - typescript
Box 9 Apothegms - typescripts, carbons
Box 10 Autobiography - original plan and outline; includes 1987 article "Native soil" from Living Music, vol. 5 no. 2 Winter 1987
Box 10 Autobiography - original draft; handwritten
Box 10 Autobiography - original draft; additional material, handwritten (103 pages)
Box 10 Autobiography - additional material; handwritten and typescript (47 pages)
Box 10 Autobiography - miscellaneous autobiographical material, handwritten and typescript (47 pages)
Box 10 Autobiography - first version; handwritten (3 folders)
Box 11 Autobiography - "Friends, depression years"; handwritten
Box 11 Autobiography - introduction; heavily revised (and rejected) version; typescript with handwritten corrections
Box 11 Autobiography - first typed draft; typescript with edits (5 folders)
Box 12 Autobiography - miscellaneous pages; typescript (141 pages)
Box 12 Autobiography - miscellaneous pages; typescript (182 pages)
Box 12 Autobiography - miscellaneous pages; typescript (55 pages)
Box 12 Autobiography - "O. N. Cable" version; typescript
Box 12 Autobiography - spiral-bound typescript with handwritten corrections
Box 13 Autobiography - miscellaneous unsorted material; typescript (2 folders)
Box 13 [The Honor of Music] The Pathology of Music [earlier title] - typescript with corrections
Box 13 The Honor of Music, draft - draft with corrections (1 folder)
Box 14 The Honor of Music, draft (cont.) - typescript with corrections (6 folders)
Box 15 The Honor of Music, draft (cont.) - typescript with corrections (1 folder)
Box 15 The Honor of Music, bound - typescript, spiral bound with handwritten forward
Box 15 "Imaginary Dialogues" - typescript
Box 15 Special items - manuscript drafts
Box 15 "Tales from the Music World" - manuscript drafts (2 folders)
Memorabilia [transfer from University Archives]
This material transferred from University Archives, 1991.
Some of this material duplicates material in the preceding portion of the collection.
Box 8 Awards 1952 - Campion Society Citation
Box 15 Photographs
Oversize 31 Photographs - includres clipping of Bacon when he was artist in residence at Syracuse University
Printed material
Box 15 "Ernst Bacon: A Contemporary Tribute" by Paul Horgan
Box 15 "Remembering Ernst Bacon" 1990 - program honoring his life
Box 15 Miscellaneous
Box 15 Student career - notebook, score sheets
Additions: Don Siebert
This material gift of Don Siebert, 1993.
Some of this material duplicates material in the preceding portion of the collection.
Oversize 32 Early Compositions for Piano - original piano score, bound
Oversize 7 Early Songs - original piano score, bound
Oversize 31 Five Apothegms of Lao-Tzu, (unbound) - Bynner translation for narrator and string quartet; scores for violin I, violin II, viola, cello and narrator
Box 15 Five Hymns, Summy-Birchard Publishin Co., Evanston, IL 1952 - for mixed chorus and piano or organ; published as part of Birchard Boston University Contemporary Music series
Oversize 32 Five Hymns for chorus and strings - for mixed chorus and piano or organ
Oversize 31 Folk Songs - original piano score, bound
Box 15 The Robe, Shawnee Press, Delaware Water Gap, PA 1953 - for mixed chorus and piano; published as part of Waring Workshop series
Box 15 Shouting Pilgrim, Lawson-Gould Music Publishers, NY 1954 - a fuguing tune for mixed chorus and piano four hands; published as part of Robert Shaw Choral series
Box 15 Essay, "Life and Freedom" - typescript

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