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Piers Anthony Papers

An inventory of his papers at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Anthony, Piers.
Title: Piers Anthony Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1951-1978
Quantity: 16 linear ft.
Abstract: Papers of the British American author, science fiction and fantasy novelist. Born Piers Anthony Dillingham Jacob in England in 1934. Includes correspondence with editors, fans, and other authors (1960-1969); and writings, including typescript draft and manuscript short stories and novels. Correspondents of interest include Poul Andersen, Isaac Asimov, Lloyd Biggle, Terry Carr, Robert Coulson, Samuel R. Delany, Anne McCaffrey, Robert Margroff, Andre Norton, Andrew J. Offutt, Alexei Panshin, Frederik Pohl, Norman Spinrad, and Roger Zelazny.
Language: English
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

Piers Anthony (born Piers Anthony Dillingham Jacob in Oxford, England, in 1934) is an American novelist. Anthony's family came to the United States when he was four years old; he graduated from Goddard College in Vermont, served in the United States Army (1957-1959), and became a citizen in his twenties. While in the army he was editor and cartoonist for the battalion newspaper, and in the early 1960s he turned to writing full-time. He is one of the most prolific science fiction and fantasy authors with numerous best-sellers to his credit along with almost a dozen Hugo and Nebula Award nominations. In addition to dozens of science fiction and fantasy novels, he has written historical fiction, martial arts, and horror.

He is best know for his seven-volume Incarnations of Immortality and for the long-running Xanth series which has more than thirty titles, most of which are puns (e.g. Faun and Games, Swell Foop, Roc and a Hard Place, Stork Naked). He has been nominated for numerous Hugo and Nebula Awards.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Piers Anthony Papers consists of correspondence, writings and memorabilia.

Correspondence is arranged alphabetically by correspondent, with the exception of Editors and publishers and Fans, which are filed at the end. Notable correspondents include Poul Anderson, Isaac Asimov, Lloyd Biggle Jr., Nathan A. Bucklin, Robert Coulson, Harlan Ellison, Roberto Fuentes, Richard Geis, Ron Goodman, Joseph L. Green, Margie Harrison, H. James Hotaling, Seth A. Johnson, Robert E. Margroff, Larry Pinsker, Andrew J. Offutt, Frederick Pohl, Norman Spinrad, Robert Moore Williams and Roger Zelazny. Around 1962 Piers Anthony joined a science fiction fan club called the National Fantasy Fan Federation (N3F); much of the correspondence in the collection was generated through this connection, most of it involving critical dialogues concerning specific works, often among two or more of the correspondents. Included in this category would be the Neffer Robin letters.

Writings includes works by Anthony alone, collaborative works, and a few works by others. Types of material include articles, books, poetry, short stories, and several then-unpublished novels that have since been published. Among the major works represented are Chthon (1967), Hasan (1970), Macroscope (1969), Omnivore (1968), Sos the Rope (1968), and Var the Stick (1969). There are also drafts of collaborations by Piers Anthony with Frances Hall, H. James Hotaling, Robert Margroff (The E. S. P. Worm), Roberto Fuentes (the Jason Striker series, also known as "the Ninja books" or "the judo books"), Andrew Offutt, and Richard Tiedman.

Memorabilia includes material related to Goddard College, and several of Anthony's personal journals.

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Arrangement of the Collection

Material is arranged alphabetically by type, title or name.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Material in boxes 10 and 19 is restricted and may not be viewed without Mr. Anthony's written permission

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Related Material

The collection originally contained published editions of a number of Anthony's novels. These have been transferred to Rare Books for cataloging. Please refer to the Classic Catalog to locate these itemanuscript

Special Collections Research Center has a number of collections relating to science fiction. Please refer to the SCRC Subject Index for a complete listing.

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Subject Headings


Andersen, Poul.
Anthony, Piers.
Asimov, Isaac, 1920-1992.
Biggle, Lloyd, Jr., 1923-2002.
Carr, Terry.
Coulson, Robert, 1928-1999.
Delany, Samuel R.
Ellison, Harlan.
Fuentes, Roberto, 1934-
Gerrold, David, 1944-
Margroff, Robert E., 1930-
McCaffrey, Anne.
Norton, Andre.
Offutt, Andrew J.
Panshin, Alexei, 1940-
Pohl, Frederik.
Spinrad, Norman.
Zelazny, Roger.


American literature -- 20th century.
Authors, American.
British Americans.
Fantasy literature, American.
Novelists, American.
Science fiction, American.

Genres and Forms

Manuscripts for publication.



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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Piers Anthony Papers,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

Gift of Piers Anthony, 1969, 1970, 1978.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: JeJ
Date: 1969
Revision history: 1970 - additions appended (JeJ); 1978 - additions appended (JeJ); 7 Sep 2007 - converted to EAD (MRC); 30 Sep 2016 - integrated and rehoused (MS)

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Box 19 Family 1951-1969 (4 folders)
RESTRICTED: Requires written permission of Mr. Anthony to view.
Box 1 Index 1963
Box 1 Anderson, Poul 1966-1967
Box 1 Asimov, Isaac 1961
Box 1 A 1961-1967
Box 1 Biggle, Lloyd Jr. 1961-1968
Box 1 Bodkin, Ronald 1960-1968
Box 1 Bucklin, Nathan A. 1963-1965
Box 1 Burger, Joanne 1968-1969
Box 1 B 1961-1968
Box 1 Carr, Terry 1967-1969
Box 1 Coulson, Robert and Juanita 1963-1969
Box 1 C 1960-1967, 1969
Box 1 Delany, Samuel R. 1966-1967
Box 1 The Demise - correspondence related to the short story
Box 1 D 1952-1967
Box 1 Ellison, Harlan 1968
Box 1 E 1961-1962, 1967, 1969
Box 1 Fuentes, Roberto 1970
Box 2 Fuentes, Roberto 1970-1973
Box 2 F 1961-1963, 1967, 1969
Box 2 Galouye, Dan 1969
Box 2 Geis, Richard 1968-1969
Box 2 Goodman, Ron 1963-1965
Box 2 Green, Joseph L. 1967-1969
Box 2 G 1958-1968
Box 19 Hall, Francis T. 1963-1969
RESTRICTED: Requires written permission of Mr. Anthony to view.
Box 19 Hill, Alma 1962-1969
RESTRICTED: Requires written permission of Mr. Anthony to view.
Box 2 Harrison, Margie 1963-1966
Box 2 Hoffmeister, Robert 1966-1968
Box 2 Hotaling, H. James 1962-1967
Box 2 H 1961-1965
Box 2 I 1961-1967
Box 3 Johnson, Seth A. 1962-1969
Box 3 K 1962-1967
Box 3 Lunney, Frank 1968-1969
Box 3 L 1961-1968
Box 3 Margroff, Robert E. 1963-1969 (4 folders)
Box 3 McCaffrey, Anne 1967-1968
Box 3 M 1955-1969
Box 4 Neffer Robin #146 1963-1964
Box 4 Neffer Robin #149 1963-1964
Box 4 Neffer Robin #152 1963
Box 4 Norton, Andre 1967-1969
Box 4 N 1964-1967
Box 4 Offutt, Andrew J. 1963-1969 (3 folders)
Box 4 O 1964
Box 4 Panshin, Alexei 1968-1969
Box 4 Pinsker, Larry 1963-1965
Box 4 Pohl, Frederick 1965-1969
Box 19 "Pro/2" 1963-1965 (2 folders)
RESTRICTED: Requires written permission of Mr. Anthony to view.
Box 4 P 1961-1969
Box 4 Q 1963
Box 4 R 1954-1968
Box 5 Spinrad, Norman 1967-1968
Box 5 S 1952-1968
Box 5 Tiedman, Richard 1962-1967 (2 folders)
Box 5 T 1962-1963
Box 5 Uzzell, Thomas H. and Amelia W. 1961-1962 - material for course entitled "Fundamentals of Fiction", the Uzzell Course
Box 5 U, V 1962-1965
Box 5 Williams, Robert Moore 1968-1969
Box 5 W 1952-1963
Box 5 Zelazny, Roger 1966
Box 5 Y, Z 1961-1967
Box 5 Editors and publishers 1958-1968 (6 folders)
Box 6 Editors and Publishers 1963-1969, undated (3 folders)
Box 6 Fans 1963-1969, undated (4 folders)
Box 6 Unidentified 1955-1968
Box 6 Originals of items photocopied for preservation
Articles and essays
Box 6 Alf Laylah Wa Laylah - drafts (2 folders)
Box 6 Bastille - autobiographic article on student teaching; typescript manuscript, correspondence, and notes about pranks
Box 6 Hop, Skip, and Jump School - Family Academic Services Center; holograph and typescript manuscript, research materials
Box 6 The Surgeon Who Also Walks Dogs - veterinary medicine; holograph and typescript manuscript, research materials
Box 6 Telephone - holograph and typescript manuscript, research material
Box 7 Miscellaneous 1969
Box 7 Black Castle of the Amazon (with Roberto Fuentes) (3 folders)
This material includes notes and correspondence with Roberto Fuentes, draft holograph manuscript, typescript manuscript, and completed typescript manuscript. Although notated as "Jason Striker/5", this seems to be #3 in the Jason Striker series of books that was published, entitled "Amazon Slaughter - The Curse of the Ninja"
Box 7 But What of Earth? (with Robert Coulson) - 1st and 2nd draft typescript and holograph manuscript
Chaining the Lady
Box 7 1st draft - holograph manuscript
Box 8 2nd draft - typescript manuscript
Box 8 Notes, revised manuscript - holograph and typescript
Box 8 Draft A [title: "The Minionette"] - holograph and revised typescript manuscript
Box 8 Draft B - revised typescript
Box 8 Draft C [title: The Broken Song] - mimeographed typescript
Box 8 Draft D - chapter and outline, 2nd draft
Box 8 Draft E - 2 revised typescripts
Box 8 Draft E - typescript
Box 8 Draft F - printer's copy, revised typescript (pp. 1-143)
Box 9 Draft F - printer's copy, revised typescript (pp. 144-300)
Box 9 Miscellaneous
Chthon, Ballantine: New York, 1967
This item has been sent to Rare Books for cataloging. Please refer to the Classic Catalog to locate this item.
Chthon, Macdonald & Co.: London, 1970
This item has been sent to Rare Books for cataloging. Please refer to the Classic Catalog to locate this item.
Box 9 Cluster - holograph and typescript manuscript (4 folders)
Box 9 Dead Morn (with Roberto Fuentes) - pencil drafts and typescript manuscript (2 folders)
Box 11 The E. S. P. Worm (with Robert E. Margroff) 1968-1969 - drafts (5 folders)
Box 11 Ghost - adaptation from novelette; holograph and typescript manuscript
Box 11 Notes
Box 11 Draft A - revised typescript ms
Box 11 Draft B - holograph ms
Box 11 Draft C - revised typescript ms
Box 12 Draft D - typescript ms
Box 12 Draft E - typescript manuscript (2 folders)
Box 12 Fantastic Stories, v. 19, containing story printed as serial 1966-1970
Published material: Hasan, Borgo Press: San Bernardino, 1977
This item has been sent to Rare Books for cataloging. Please refer to the Classic Catalog to locate this item.
Box 12 Kiai! (with Roberto Fuentes) - 1 holograph and 3 typescript manuscripts (4 folders)
Box 13 Kirlian Quest - 2nd draft; holograph and typescript manuscript (2 folders)
Box 13 Notes
Box 13 Draft A - holograph manuscript (2 folders)
Box 13 Draft B - typescript, revised holograph (3 folders)
Box 14 Draft C [copy 1] - reproduction, revised (4 folders)
Box 14 Draft C [copy 2, pp. 1-274) - reproduction, revised (2 folders)
Box 15 Draft C [copy 2, pp. 275-694] - reproduction, revised (2 folders)
Box 15 Page proofs, incomplete
Box 15 Marked copy, revisions for the British edition
Box 15 Miscellaneous - notes and related correspondence
Box 15 Mandroid (with Robert E. Margroff and Andrew Offutt) - draft (2 folders)
Box 15 Research notes and materials
Box 15 2nd draft - typescript manuscript
Box 16 Mistress of Death (with Roberto Fuentes) [working title: Kill-13] - typescript manuscript (2 folders)
Box 16 Neq the Sword - notes, original holograph, "2nd draft" typescript manuscript, typescript manuscript (4 folders)
Ninja (with Roberto Fuentes) -
All of this material includes extensive back-and-forth with Roberto Fuentes about the upcoming Ninja series he and Anthony were working on, which eventually became the 6-part "Jason Striker Martial Art Series" novels/. It is unclear if this manuscript was published or not as is, but most likely it became one of the volumes in the Ninja series.
Box 16 "2nd draft" - holograph and typescript, with notes and correspondence with Roberto Fuentes
Box 17 "2nd draft" - holograph and typescript, with notes and correspondence with Roberto Fuentes
Box 17 [Unidentified draft] - typescript ms
Box 17 Ninja's Revenge (with Roberto Fuentes) [working title: Tao!] - holograph and typescript manuscript; also includes working notes and correspondence between Anthony and Fuentes (2 folders)
Box 17 Notes, holograph text
Box 17 Draft A - holograph ms
Box 17 Draft B - typescript ms
Box 17 Draft C - 2nd draft
Box 17 Draft D - third version, second draft
Box 17 Draft E - version #3
Box 17 Draft F - typescript ms
Box 18 Draft G - typescript ms
Box 18 Draft H - typescript ms
Box 18 Draft I - typescript ms
Box 18 Book reviews from Publisher's Weekly, Nov. 11, 1968
Published material: Omnivore, Ballantine: New York, 1968
This item has been sent to Rare Books for cataloging. Please refer to the Classic Catalog to locate this item.
Published material: Omnivore, Faber & Faber, London, 1969
This item has been sent to Rare Books for cataloging. Please refer to the Classic Catalog to locate this item.
Orn [working title: Paleo]
Box 18 Draft - holograph ms
Box 18 "second draft" - typescript manuscript
Box 18 "Setting copy" - typescript manuscript (2 folders)
Box 21 Galley proof
Box 21 Published material: Amazing Stories, v. 44, no. 2-3 July-Sept. 1970
Box 21 Ox - holograph, 2nd draft, and typescript manuscript (4 folders)
Box 22 1st and 2nd drafts, research notes - holograph and typescript manuscript (2 folders)
Box 22 "2nd draft, remainder of novel"
Box 22 A Piece of Cake - notes, drafts (9 folders)
Box 22 1st draft - holograph manuscript
Box 22 2nd draft - typescript manuscript
Box 23 The Pretender (with Frances Hall) - notes, drafts, "revision working copy," typescript manuscript (6 folders)
Race Against Time - juvenile novel
Box 23 "1st draft" - holograph manuscript
Box 23 2nd draft "revision" - typescript manuscript
Box 23 [Unidentified draft] - holograph and typescript manuscript (2 folders)
The Ring 1968, undated
Box 23 Notes and holograph manuscript
Box 23 Draft A - typescript ms
Box 23 Draft B - holograph ms
Box 24 Draft C - 2nd draft edition typescript ms
Box 24 Draft D - marked copy, revisions from 1st submission version to final version typescript manuscript (3 folders)
Box 24 Draft E - printer's copy typescript manuscript, pp. 1-290 (3 folders)
Published material: The Ring, Ace Books 1968
This item has been sent to Rare Books for cataloging. Please refer to the Classic Catalog to locate this item.
Box 24 Rings of Ice (with terminal essay by Donald L. Cyr) - typescript manuscript
Sos the Rope 1967, 1968, undated
Box 24 Notes
Box 24 Draft A - holograph ms
Box 25 Draft B - 2nd draft typescript ms
Box 25 Draft C - typescript manuscript (2 folders)
Box 25 Draft D - printer's copy typescript manuscript (2 folders)
Box 25 Draft D [copy 2] - printer's copy typescript manuscript (2 folders)
Box 25 Published material: The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, v. 35, no's 1, 2, 3 1968
Published material: Sos the Rope, Pyramid Books, NY, 1968
This item has been sent to Rare Books for cataloging. Please refer to the Classic Catalog to locate this item.
Published material: Sos de Demon, Born, Amsterdam, 1970 - Dutch translation
This item has been sent to Rare Books for cataloging. Please refer to the Classic Catalog to locate this item.
A Spell for Chameleon
Box 25 1st draft - holograph manuscript
Box 26 2nd draft - typescript manuscript
Box 26 Final draft - typescript manuscript (2 folders)
Box 26 Steppe - holograph manuscript, research notes, typescript manuscript (3 folders)
Box 27 Tournament (Judo Story #4) (with Roberto Fuentes)
Includes holograph and typescript manuscripts, with a good deal of back-and-forth correspondence with Roberto Fuentes. Although there is no book published with this title in Anthony's oeuvre, this is clearly part of the Jason Striker series of books (also known as "the Ninja books" or "the Judo books"), and has passages that appear in Kiai!
Triple Detente [working title: A Piece of Cake]
Box 27 [Unidentified draft] - holograph manuscript
Box 27 "2nd draft" - typescript manuscript
Box 27 [Final draft] - typescript manuscript
Box 27 The Unstilled World - typescript manuscript, notes; includes a letter of critique from James Hotaling who had "Battle" as the title; this novel may have never been sold according to some sources (3 folders)
Var the Stick 1969
Box 27 Summary and 1st draft - holograph manuscript
Box 28 "Second draft" - typescript manuscript
Box 28 Final draft manuscript, "galley proof", production records
Box 28 Science Fiction Review, no's 28-33 and 35 1969 (2 folders)
Box 28 Strange is the measure - holograph and typescript manuscript
Box 28 Miscellaneous - holograph and typescript manuscript
School papers
Box 28 Miscellaneous 1951-1964
Short stories
Box 28 Anonymous Letter - holograph and typescript manuscript
Box 28 Babble - written as a column for the fanzine BeABohema edited by Frank Lunney; typescript manuscript
Box 28 Balook - holograph and typescript manuscript; also includes two additional stories, "Creator's Burden" by Rem and "E=m-oops!" by Andy with a critical letter analyzing each.
Box 28 Bastille - typescript manuscript
Box 28 Beak by Beak - notes, holograph draft manuscript, typescript manuscript, undated issue of Analog Science Fiction and Fact
Box 28 Breath of Diplomacy - holograph and typescript manuscript
Box 29 Buckwheat Jury - typescript manuscript
Box 29 Business - holograph and typescript manuscript
Box 29 Caterpillar - holograph and typescript manuscript
Box 29 The Cloud - holograph and typescript manuscript
Box 29 Country Man (writing as "Mat Temper") - typescript draft and manuscript
Box 29 The Crabol! - typescript manuscript
Box 29 Crystal - holograph manuscript, drafts, 2 typescript manuscripts
Box 29 Dead Center - holograph, draft, and 2 typescript manuscripts
Box 29 The Demise 1958-1960 - 2 typescript manuscripts
Box 29 Deva - 4 typescript manuscripts, issue of Once Beyond the Time (1963) in which the story appears
Box 29 Electrolous - holograph, draft, "1st carbon", "2nd carbon," and typescript manuscript
Box 29 Encounter - notes, 2 drafts, typescript manuscript
Box 29 Equals Four - holograph 1st draft, 2 "2nd drafts", and typescript manuscript
Box 29 E van S - notes, holograph and draft manuscript, typescript manuscript for submission to the NFFF story contest, and a retyped manuscript of the contest story
Box 29 "Evening" - written while student at Goddard College; typescript manuscript
Box 29 The Facsimile - typescript manuscript
Box 29 Firebrand - typescript manuscript
Box 29 Five Billion? - holograph and typescript manuscript
Box 29 Frustration - draft and typescript manuscript
Box 29 Ghost - notes, holograph manuscript; 4 drafts and typescript manuscript (5 folders)
Box 29 Hearts - holograph, draft and typescript manuscript
Box 29 Hot Pepper - typescript draft and 2 typescript manuscript
Box 29 How Many Worlds, How Many Times (with Norbert Laus, Seth Johnson, Harvey Forman, and James Toren) - typescript manuscript
Box 29 In the Barn - notes, 1st draft holograph, 2nd draft typescript manuscript, 4 typescript copies, some of which have "The Barn" used as a title and one which is marked for revisions per Harlan Ellison's suggestions; two form letters from Harlan Ellison to the contributors to his Dangerous Visions anthology; unpublished at time of donation but appears in a later anthology of Anthony's short stories
Box 29 In the Jaws of Danger [original title: The value of a man] - typescript manuscript
Box 30 Kylo - holograph and 3 typescript manuscripts
Box 30 The Life of the Strip - holograph draft and typescript manuscript
Box 30 Lost - 2 drafts and 1 typescript manuscript
Box 30 The Message (with Frances Hall) - notes, holograph manuscript, drafts, typescript manuscript; also includes manuscript entitled "Message to Acrux" with Ivy Hale as co-writer (9 folders)
Box 30 Minnie's Crew - notes; holograph, draft, and typescript manuscript
Box 30 Minority Speaker - typescript manuscript
Box 30 Monarch - holograph, 2nd draft typescript and typescript manuscript
Box 30 The Monster - 2 typescript manuscripts; includes letter from Thomas H. Uzzell
Box 30 "Monster Tracks" - Anthony's revision of a Robert Margroff story; typescript manuscript
Box 30 None But I - notes, 1st draft holograph ms, "2nd draft" typescript manuscript, 1st carbon typescript manuscript, 2nd carbon typescript manuscript
Box 30 On Being . . . (with D.L. Oppenheim) - various draft revisions, 2 typescript manuscripts
Box 30 Orn - holograph and typescript manuscript
Box 30 Painted Lips - 4 typescript manuscripts
Box 30 The Payoff (with Robert E. Margroff) - typescript drafts (10 folders)
Box 30 Penal Code (with Norbert Laus) - notes, drafts, and typescript manuscript
Box 30 Phog - notes, 1st draft, 2nd draft, typescript manuscript; includes issue of Fantastic, June 1965, v.14. no. 6 in which the story appears
Box 30 Possible to Rue - 2 typescript manuscripts
Box 30 Postscript - key, holograph and typescript manuscript
Box 30 Prostho Plus [original title: "The Dillingham Manuscript"] - notes, holograph and typescript draft ms, and 3 typescript manuscripts
Box 30 P.S.I. (with Andrew J. Offutt) - typescript manuscript
Box 31 Quinquepedalian - notes, drafts and typescript manuscript (8 folders)
Box 31 Red Thrill - typescript manuscript; also includes "The Rape of the Ring", revision draft of a story with author given as Robert Piers but probably by Robert E. Margroff
See also The Ring (with Robert Margroff).
Box 31 Revise and Invent - notes, holograph and typescript draft, 2 typescript manuscript
Box 31 The Ring (with Robert Margroff) - notes, holograph and draft ; 2 typescript manuscripts; longer version (11,400 words) retitled "The Rape of the Ring"
See also Red Thrill.
Box 31 Root [alternate title: The Route] - notes, holograph, preliminary copy, "1st typing", "2nd typing", typescript manuscript
Box 31 Sheol 1964, undated - notes, drafts, issue of Analog v.74, no. 1 (Sept. 1964) which also includes "The Postman Never Rings" by H. James Hotaling and "Government Island," suggested by Anthony
Box 31 Ship of Mustard - holograph, multiple draft and revised manuscript, and typescript manuscript
Box 31 Six Vignettes - notes, typescript manuscript, Stopthink fanzine #1 and #2, circa 1964, containing two of the vignettes
Box 31 The Skeleton of the Leaf - notes, holograph, drafts and revisions, typescript manuscript
Box 31 Small Mouth, Bad Taste - holograph 1st draft, "2nd draft" typescript, and typescript manuscript
Box 31 Southern Approach [original title: The Bridge] - drafts and typescript manuscript
Box 31 Spellroid - summary notes, 1st draft, 3 typescript manuscripts
Box 31 Strappado - notes and story summary, drafts and typescript manuscript
Box 32 Tappuah - notes, holograph draft, numerous versions of typescript manuscript
Box 32 10,000 Mile Check - holograph, preliminary draft and typescript manuscript
Box 32 Terror on Planet X (writing as "Piers Jacob") - typescript manuscript
Box 32 The Toaster - 2 typescript manuscript
Box 32 University - holograph 1st draft, typescript 2nd draft, "1st carbon" and "2nd carbon" typescript manuscript
Box 32 Up Schist Crick - holograph and 4 typescript manuscripts, some revised; also includes letter of critique from David Gerrold regarding this piece, which Anthony was planning to use in an upcoming anthology being put together by Gerrold
Box 32 The Value of a Man [later titled: "In the Jaws of Danger"] - notes, holograph draft, "intermediate draft" and typescript manuscript
Box 32 What Is Time? (writing as Piers Jacob) - "supplement to the Milford discussion"; typescript manuscript
Box 32 The Whole Truth [original title: "Not That Good"] - holograph and typescript manuscript, "1st carbon" typescript manuscript
Box 32 Wolf [earlier title: "The Fourth Vampire"] - typescript manuscript and revisions
Box 32 Wood You? - holograph and typescript manuscript
Box 32 Xanthe's Heart - holograph and 4 typescript manuscript
Box 32 Yoga - notes, holograph manuscript, "working draft", "2nd interim draft", "3rd interim draft", and 2 typescript manuscript; also includes correspondence with Scott DeGarmo (editor at The Floridian, where this story was being written for a 1973 article) and Charlotte Rudeau (yoga instructor used as a resource during the writing of article)
Box 32 [untitled] 1969 - notes and holograph manuscript od an introduction to an anthology of Piers Anthony's short stories
Box 32 Miscellaneous
Writings by others
Box 33 Margroff, Robert E. - short stories, miscellaneous
Box 33 Offutt, Andrew - short stories, miscellaneous
Box 33 Tiedman, Richard - essay on Jack Vance
Box 32 Biographical material
Box 32 Goddard College
Box 10 Journals 1951-1953 (2 folders)
RESTRICTED: Requires written permission of Mr. Anthony to view.
Box 32 Miscellaneous

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