Cathy Adelman, Malibu, California

The Book of Origins

Full parchment binding sewn on black dyed parchment tapes with hand sewn end bands and black endsheets. Images from the book are visible under the parchment. Foil title on black leather label. 8-1/2 x 5-3/4 x 1 inches. Bound 2005.

Maureen Morehead, A Sense of Time Left, Larkspur Press

Full leather over plexiglas with leather end band, sprinkled edge. Intaglio print visible through the plexi cover. Original intaglio print by Mary Lou Hess. 9 x 6-1/4 inches. Bound 2005.

Cathy Adelman is a graduate of the American Academy of Bookbinding under Tini Miura and continues taking Master classes with Edwin Heim at the Centro del Bel Libro in Ascona, Switzerland. She has exhibited in the USA, Canada, Italy, Greece, France, Australia, Japan, England, Estonia, and has received awards from the Society of Bookbinders, the Estonia Design Bookbinders and the Chicago Public Library. She holds a BS degree in finance from Simmons College.

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