Fortune Teller by Zoe Nemetz

Printmaking, Sophomore

Fortune Teller by Zoe Nemetz

Fortune Teller by Zoe Nemetz

Accordion book screen-printed on Hosho paper with screen-printed board covers.

This work was inspired by Jonah and the Whale by Jason Chin (BFA, 2000).

Jonah and the Whale

Jonah and the Whale by Jason Chin

This book tells the story of Jonah and the Whale in one continuous illustration. The accordion structure "breaks" this illustration into discrete two-panel frames the viewer can turn like pages or pull apart to reveal the continuous illustration.

Zoe Nemetz is a sophomore printmaking major. Her work usually begins with a broad idea of what she hopes to accomplish, but along the way transforms based on issues that arise during the process. She has always been interested in color theory, and recently has begun experimenting more with color and the subtle changes that can be created.

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