Flower Garden by Jessica Ginsberg

Printmaking, Sophomore

Flower Garden by Jessica Ginsberg

This work mixes common found objects to spur an emotion in the viewer. In Flower Garden the intent was to assemble packets of seeds into a book that would create a sense of nostalgia or even just a longing for spring.

The work, inspired by Plant Dreams by Ann Marie Kennedy.

Plant Dreams

Plant Dreams by Ann Marie Kennedy

Inspired by the artist's involvement with growing and harvesting flax, Plant Dreams is a meditation on the cycles of growth, decay, and regeneration. The artist's book evolved from her installation titled Plant/Harvest, at Women's Studio Workshop during the fall of 1998. Squares of flax paper were imbedded with seeds and drawn on with walnut ink as they sprouted. The squares dried during the exhibition and were used as a cover for the books in the edition. The images inside evoke the energy of growth and are sequentially arranged based on the stages of plant development.

Jessica Ginsberg is a sophomore printmaking major in the College of Visual and Performing Arts, and hails from Western Massachusetts.

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