Korean Cinderella by Jennifer Betton

Illustration, Second-Year Graduate Student

Betton - Korean Cinderella

The Korean Cinderella story is displayed on matt heavyweight paper, cut and mounted onto 9 x 1.14 inch Strathmore boards and fastened with a screwpost and ribbon. The book opens up as a fan, referencing Korean traditions and garb. An image of "Pear Blossom" (Cinderella) appears on the front, and the story is on the back.

The work was inspired by the palm leaf manuscript from Indonesia.

Palm Leaf Manuscript

Traditional Palm Leaf Manuscript

Written upon palm leaves are bound together by the string going through the center. The text is inscribed and made to stand out from the background by rubbing in of soot. The string is wrapped around the leaves for storage and transport.

Jen Betton is currently a second-year graduate student in illustration at the College of Visual and Performing Arts where her emphasis is on children's book illustration. She obtained her undergraduate degree in painting at the University of Central Florida. Jen studied at the Illustration Academy and at Syracuse with Mark English, Anita Kunz, Gary Kelley, C. F. Payne, and Greg Manchess. Jen particularly enjoys figurative, emotive imagery, which is evident in much of her work. Her paintings have been exhibited nationally and internationally. Her Website is at <http://www.jenbetton.com>.

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