The Syracuse University Libraries Facility ("The Facility") is a newly constructed 20,000 square foot high-density storage facility that will house approximately 1.2 million volumes. Providing an ideal environment of 50 degrees and 30% humidity, the facility significantly extends the life of library materials and allows for overall growth in SU Libraries' collections.

Material is stored in The Facility's vault on 12-foot moveable shelving. With this distinctive shelf mobility and height, The Facility utilizes an innovative and unique model for providing high-density storage. The environmental conditions of the vault are kept constant using state-of-the art canvas ductwork and optimal shelf spacing around the clock. In addition to the vault storage area, the Facility building also includes a large processing area and a high-tech conference room. The Facility will house a large variety of material including books, journals, rare and archival material, video and audio recordings, maps, architectural tubes and microfilm/fiche.


Service to the material includes next-business day delivery Sunday through Friday. Journal articles are scanned and delivered electronically and physical items are delivered to Bird Library for pick-up. Upon special request, an appointment may be made for special use of material in the conference room of the Facility.