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A map of campus parking options is available on the Parking Services website.

Bird Library/Belfer Audio Archive and Preservation Laboratory

Three disabled parking spaces are located on the north side of Bird Library. Two of these spaces are van-accessible. These metered spaces are available for users of Bird Library and the Belfer Audio Archive and Preservation Laboratory.

Carnegie Library

Three disabled parking spaces are available by the east side entrance to the Carnegie Building, for use by Quad 3 parking permit holders. Users of the Carnegie Library may park in these spaces.

Alternate Options

Individuals may also park in disabled spaces in the Manley Field House lot, and take the relevant campus bus from there to the desired campus location. Bus stops may be closer to the libraries than the designated disabled parking spaces.

For more information about parking on campus see the Parking Services website or call 315.443.4652.

Bus Information

  • Bird Library
    • A CENTRO bus stop is located on the south side of Bird Library. For information about bus routes that stop at this location visit CENTRO's website. An electronic sign called "Bus Time" is located in the west wall of the south vestibule. Each sign visually counts down the arrival of the next scheduled bus, and has a button to press for an audio announcement of the same information. Some CENTRO buses are equipped with LED signs that visibly and audibly alert riders of upcoming bus stops.
  • Carnegie Library
    • A CENTRO bus stop is located on College Place.

CENTRO buses are accessible; for information about accessibility options see the CENTRO website. Campus bus information also is available on the Parking Services website.