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Bird Library

Bird Library has ramps and curb cuts leading to both of its main entrances on the north and south sides of the building. These entrances are equipped with automatic door openers. Elevator service is available on every floor of Bird Library, and all elevators are equipped with Braille-encoded elevator buttons.

Carnegie Library

The Carnegie Building, which houses the Carnegie Library, has an automatic door opener on the east side of the building. A ramp inside this entrance leads to the first door, which also has an automatic door opener. An elevator is off of that corridor. The main service point is on the second floor.

Elevator service runs to the 2nd and 3rd floors but is not available for the 4th floor storage area. Library staff retrieves materials from the 4th floor and mezzanine areas for students who cannot access this area.

For assistance locating and using library resources:

  • Location: Service Desks
  • Phone: 315.443.2160

Belfer Audio Archive and Preservation Laboratory

The entrance to the Belfer building is level with the outside grounds and has an automatic door opener. The classroom is right across from the front door. Contact the Special Collections Research Center at 315.443.2697 or about admission to Belfer.

Service Desks

Library service desks are standard desk height (approximately 28 inches) or include a section that is at a lower height to accommodate wheelchairs.


Restrooms with stalls that meet ADA compliance guidelines are available in Room 122, on the north perimeter of the 1st floor of Bird Library. (See Bird Library 1st Floor Map). There is also a unisex restroom on the lower level adjacent to the men's restroom.

Carnegie has new restrooms on each floor, each are handicapped accessible.

Other restrooms within Bird Library, Carnegie Library, and the buildings that house the branch libraries have large-sized stalls with grab bars, but may not be fully accessible.

Braille signs are posted outside all restrooms in Bird Library.

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

The alarm systems in Bird Library have strobe lights for the hearing impaired.

The standard procedure for building evacuation in all library facilities is as follows:
If an individual is unable to exit the building without assistance,

  1. The person in need of assistance should call the Department of Public Safety's emergency number 711 (or call 315.443.2224) and report their location within the building, provide his/her location, and inform the dispatcher that they need evacuation assistance.
  2. Safety or the fire department will locate the person and assist him or her in exiting the building.
  3. If staff see a person who needs assistance, they should inform the Emergency Point of Contact (EPOC) stationed outside of the front door wearing a safety vest. The EPOC will inform safety personnel about the person in need and their location.