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Dean’s Message

This year was quite extraordinary, with Syracuse University and most colleges and universities across the country making the difficult but prudent decision to suspend on-campus classes effective Friday, March 13, 2020. For the first time in my five years as Dean of the Libraries, this meant that the Libraries closed our buildings for an extended period of time. However, we did not suspend operations. Like our peers across campus and globally, we transitioned to providing services remotely and online, until oncampus classes resumed in the fall 2020. As you’d expect, this unprecedented situation impacted many of the numbers included in this year’s report in various directions. Although our in-person services were lower than normal, we were able to offer more resources online for the University’s quick transition in the Spring 2020 semester. We are especially grateful to the resource providers who offered free or expanded access for some licensed e-resources. That temporary access supported faculty teaching, enabled students to better complete their assignments, and alleviated some of the burden that our team carried to accommodate scanning, electronic delivery, and purchase requests for the print resources. I am proud of the work that our Libraries was able to provide amidst a difficult situation.

Sincerely, David Seaman

Syracuse University Libraries Dean and University Librarian

List of FY20 Donors

Abrams, Jay
Abrams, Henriette
Adrosko, Rita
Albright, Dorothy
Albright, James
Allis, Julia
Allis, Sarah
Alowaid, Fatimah
Al-Sulaiti, Abdulaziz Fadala M A
American Institute of
Iranian Studies
Analog Devices Inc.
Anderson, Daniel
Anderson, Stephanie
Anson-Silverstein, Michelle
Armani, Carl
Aronowitz, Barbara
Ascenzo, Frank
Astle Strait, Diane
Axelrod, Donald
Bahl, Martin
Baigell, Matthew
Bain, George
Barba, Nicholas
Barnett, Mary
Barnett, Joshua
Barnhart, Jessica
Barnhart, Jonathan
Barry, Brett
Beckman, Hugh
Bernos, Peter
Bird, Mary
Bird, Thomas
Blackstone Charitable Foundation
Blanchfield, Joan
Bock, George
Bock, Edwin
Boland, Jane
Bough, Richard
Bousquet, Laurence
Bousquet, Lauri
Bregman, Bernard
Brettschneider, Cathie
Brodsky, Joan
Brodsky, William
Brodsky, William and Joan
Foundation Inc.
Buckley, Mary
Buckley, Charles
Buss, DeAnn
Buzak, Mona
Buzzoni, Bridget
Buzzoni, Guy
Caccamise, Louise
Campbell, Nancy
Capaldi, Robert
Carney, Douglas
Carney, Nancy
Carrier, Terriruth
Carroll, Kevin
Carroll, Florence
Castagnozzi, Carol
Central New York Community
Foundation Inc.
Chavan, Sagarika
Chavan, Abhijeet
Chen, Yu
Chen, Ye
Cho, Yunsoo
Chopra, Karen
Ciulla, Mary
Claps, Bobbi
Clar, Terry
Clarke, Rachel
Cleary, Abigail
Cleary, Robert
Collins, Jennifer
Colosi, Giovanna
Cook, Walter
Cortazzo, Cara
Cortazzo, Frank
Cox, Olamae
Coyle, Matthew
Crawford, Judith
Crisp, Jennifer
Cronin, Peter
Cronin, Amy
Cronkwright, Elizabeth
Cui, Mengxi
Dagres, Todd
Dagres, Elizabeth
Dahbura, Anton
Dahbura, Tracy
Dahlstein, Anna
Davis, Jason
Davis, Carolyn
Davis, Jane
DeGroot, Robert
DeGroot, Patricia
Delevan, Kelly
Della Pelle Pascale, Lynne
Dellipoali, Lauren
Delventhal, Alice
Dermody, Melinda
Dermody, Michael
DeVito, William
Diamondstein, Ronni
Dopulos, Vincent
Dowling, Thomas
Downey, Susan
Drezner, Alan David
Drezner, Esther
Dubow-Hannon, Gail
Dupont, Christian
Dyer, Jo Ann
Earles, Helen
Easterbrook, David
Emer, Mindy
Emer, Robert
Emery, Robert
Erhard, Keelan
Etherington, Suzanne
Falter, Corey
Falter, Heather
Fazackerley, Adam
Fazackerley, Amy
Fenster, Douglas
Ferrara, Ralph
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Figure Foundation
Finizio, Maria
Fioravanti, Shirley
Fiszman, Nicolas
Flah, Margaret
Ford, Elizabeth
Ford, Michael
Foster, Garth
Foster, Mary-Helen
Fowler, Natalie
Fried, Lynn
Fuller, Karen
Fuller, Georgann
Fuller, John
Gaske, William
Gaylor, Mary
Gaza, Elizabeth
Giles, Patricia
Gillinder, Alec
Gliesing, Susan
Gliesing, Frederick
Goldstein, David
Gorovitz, Samuel
Goswami, Reena
Goswami, Shardendu
Gough, Gregory
Gough, Ann
Grannis, Michael
Grannis, Deanna
Green, Joan
Green, Roger
Gregory, Alan
Guest, Elizabeth
Gunn, Virginia
Guo, Chenmeinian
Hahn, Kerrick
Haight, Richard
Haight, Judith
Haley, Ann
Hanley, Marianne
Hanley, Anthony
Hannon, Richard
Harle, Amy
Harle, Frederick
Hartsock, Peter
Hassett, John
Hatem, Cristina
Hayden-Horan, Marcia
Haykal, Aaisha
HC Construction Holding LLLP,
Hellmich, Christina
Hemphill, Bobbie
Hemphill, H.
Herzog, Brigitte
Herzog, Peter
Heyesey, Kelly
Heystek, Henri
Heystek, Marjorie
Hildreth, Susan
Hill, Thomas
Hines, Jane
Hines, Larry
Hoer, Gregory
Hoffberger, Lorraine
Horowitz, Mr. and Mrs.
Raymond J. Foundation for
the Arts Inc.
Hou, Yilin
Hou, Zhihui
Howes, Cyrus
Howes, Ruth
Hoyer, Joan
Hoyer, William
Hunter Watson Memorial Fund
Hupp, Clea
Hupp, Robert
Ijomanta, Maria
Ijomanta, Uche
Ilex Foundation
Jaeger, Richard
Jaikaran, Chris
Jaikaran, Elinor
Johnson, Chris
Josephson, William
Josephson, Eleanor
Juliano, Gregorio
Kalish, Ilene
Kanfer, Lauren
Kanfer, Kenneth
Kasowitz-Scheer, Abby
Kim, Yoon
Kindinger, James
King, Russell
Kinsey, Richard
Kinsey, Sally
Kowal, Ruth
Kranis, David
Kranis, Ann
Kuiken, Anita
Kukul Armani, Marcy
Kurkjian, Luella
Kurzberg, Richard
Lai, Hsiu-Wen
Lane, Mary
Lane, L.
Lantrip, Robin
LaPorta, Marie
Larsen, Christine
Lawson, Victoria
Leonard, Jay
Leonard, Amy
Leonelli, Elayne
Liang, Liyun
Liaw, Haw-Huei
Lill, Andrew
Lill, Sarah
Loos, Judylee
Lott, Judith
Louer, Judith
Lozner, Eugene
Lozner, Christine
Luchsinger, Pamela
Luchsinger, John
Mager, Gerald
Mall, Barbara
Martens, Joan
Mason, Susan
Mason, Stephen
Massett, Michael
Mathewson, George
Mathewson, Ann
Mathieson, Max
Mautino, Patricia
Mautino, Louis
May, Jennie
Maylone, R.
McCarthy, Frank
McCarthy, Geraldine
McGrath, Carol
McGrath, Joseph
McKenna, Janet
McKenna, Paul
Memorial Foundation
for Jewish Culture
Mensch, Henry
Mercer, William
Metzger, Robert
Metzger, Marcia
Meyer, Inge
Meyer, Wolfgang
Meyers, Mary Ann
Michel, Ray
Michel, Martha
Miller, Audrey
Miller, Penny
Miller, Howard
Miron, Robert
Miron, Diane
Miskell, Mary
Morgan Stanley Global Impact
Funding Trust Inc.
Mower, Eric
Mower, Judith
Mowry, Fred
Myers, Lawrence
Newton, Cathryn
Nicholson, Joan
Nicholson, John
Niebuhr, R.
Nolte, Penelope
Nolte, James
North, Stanley
North, Rima
Northeastern Illinois University
Oakes, Dale
Oakes, Leslie
Ojeda, Evanna
Opar, Barbara
Pack, F.
Pack, Barbara
Papworth, Robert
Park, Jeong
Park, Young
Parsons, Cora
Patin, Beth
Patten, David
Patten, Maureen
Peacock-Weschle, Allison
Pearson, Emily
Pease, Lesley
Perrotta, Antoinette
Petersen, Paul
Petersen, Carol
Philipps, Elizabeth
Philipps, Ervin
Phillips, Glen
Phillips, Dilys
Pickett, Jane
Pieth, Reto
Pieth, Estelle
Pirkl, Sarah
Pirkl, James
Pitoniak, Scott
Prioletti, Patrick
Prior, Charlene
Qi, Chen
Raab, Richard
Rabkin, Judith
Raff, Harvey
Raff Family Foundation Inc.
Rapp Pittman, C.
Rego-Barry, Rebecca
Reisner, Linda
Reisner, Jeffrey
Rice, Jessica
Rich, Jeffrey
Rich, Rebecca
Robleto, Fernando
Robleto, Fernando
Robleto, Misty
Rodormer, George
Rohl, John
Rose, Laurie
Roth, Amy
Roth, Peter
Rothman, Emma
Rubin, Todd
Rubin Family Foundation
Sarmiento, Daniel
Sassone, Kara
Sassone, Scott
Saunders Webb, Stephen
Scheer, Jeffrey
Scheuer, Matthew
Scheuer, Lindsay
Schimelman, Shelley
Schimelman, Mark
Schuh, Ernst
Seale, John
Seaman, David
Sharratt, Edward
Sheffer, Nola
Sheffield, C. Stephen
Sheffield, Karen
Shepard, Michael
Shepard, Linda
Sherman, Eric
Sherman, Deborah
Shook, Jean
Shumer, Matthew
Silver Hollow Audio Inc.
Silverstein, Russell
Sinai Eye Education
Skinner, Sharye
Small, Stacy
Smith, Wendy
Smith, Charles
Sokoloff, Harris
Spector, Andrew
Spector, Helen
Spiegelhoff, Colleen
Spiegelhoff, Jon
Spiro, Mary
Stalworth-Dowling, Sherise
Stam, Deirdre
Stam, David
Stevens, Lisa
Stiles, Susan
Stiles, Walter
Stover, Joan
Stover, Elmer
Strait, Andrew
Stratis, Mary
Sullivan, Jacqueline
Sullivan, Geraldine
Sullivan, Kevin
Swan Taylor, Kelly
Talley, David
Tarabulski, Michael
Taylor, Jonathan
Tedeschi, Kathy
Tedeschi, Russell
Teska, Patricia
Teska, August
Theisen, Colleen
Thiele, Ronald
Tompkins, Gary
Tornatore, Charles
Trang, Lenny
Tree, Wesley
Tremper, Charles
Trever, Karen
Trever, John
Tucker, Christopher
Turner, Mark
Turner, Christine
Ursitti, Jacquelyn
Usdansky, Margaret
Van Buren, Mary
Vasey, Sarah
Velyvis, Christine
Vine, Janet
von Dran, Gisela
Walworth, Norene
Wang, Xiongwei
Warren, Scott
Watson, Jerry
Watson, Judith
Webb, Margaret
Weed, Estelle
Westwood, Lara
Whearty, Joan
Whitehead, Thomas
Williams, Ryan
Williams, Ann
Witter, Kendra
Witter, Donald
Wohl, Elaine
Wolf, Margaret
Yohara, Nasha
Yoo, Hyejun
Yoo, Sang
Yuan, Yifeng
Zalewski, Jennifer
Zeiger Raff, Carol
Zilkoski, Mark
Zilkoski, Myrle
Zoch, Lynn

Notable New Collections Added:

• American Chemical Society Symposium Series
• Adam Matthew Digital, expanded access to primary source archives
• African American Newspapers
• American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics journal backfile
• Archives of Sexuality & Gender
• Archives Unbound: Electing the President:
- Proceedings of The Democratic National Conventions, 1832–1988
- Proceedings of The Republican National Conventions, 1856–1988
• Arte Publico Hispanic Historical Collection
• Bloomsbury Digital
• Daily Mail Historical Archive, 1896–2004
• Duke University Press ebooks
• Foreign
• Institute of Civil Engineering ebooks
• Institution of Engineering and Technology ebooks
• JSTOR, expanded access to ebooks
• Medici TV
• Middle Eastern & North African newspapers collection
• New York Times digital edition
• Statista
• Tectónica: Arquitectura y Soluciones Constructivas
• Wall Street Journal digital edition

Notable New Special Collections Acquisitions:

• Erasmus of Rotterdam, Colloquia Familiaria. Strasbourg, 1528
• Antoine Mizauld, Antonii Mizaldi Monluciani Zodiacus, siue duodecim
signorum coeli hortulus libellis tribus concinnatus. Ad Franciscum
Oliuarium Franciae cancellarium. Paris, 1553
• Heinricus Stephanus (Henri Estienne), Poesis philosophica. Geneva, 1573
• L’Agitazione: Organo del Comitato di Difesa Pro Sacco e Vanzetti.
Boston, December 1920–March 1925
• The Walker Manufacturing Co.: Capital Stock $10,000.00;
manufacturers of Madame C.J. Walker’s Wonderful Hair Grower; ask your
druggist for Madame Walker’s preparations. Indiana, 1914
• Tania: The Unforgettable Guerrilla. Nos. 2, 3, 4, 7, and 8. Havana,
November 1970– January 1971
• The Reentry Box Set. Philadelphia, 2019
• James Van Der Zee Photographs
• Bookbinding Teaching Collection
• Farm Security Administration Photographs
• American Indian Movement (AIM) Collection
• Betty Miller Papers
• Alan B. Knox Papers
• Inside Albany Records (addition)
• Patricia Mary Coyle Family Papers (addition)
• Wendy Anne Lincoln Collection (addition)
• Margaret Charters Papers (addition)
• Don Waful Papers
• #NotAgainSU fliers, posters, and printed materials
• Alpha Phi Omega Collection (addition)