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Dean’s Message

An annual report does not tell the whole story. It provides a snapshot in time. It’s an opportunity to share data and provide a numerical perspective. It provides a benchmark, relative to historical information for an organization or compared to other similar type academic research libraries. Our annual report is no different. It does not tell the entire breadth or depth of Syracuse University Libraries’ stories. It does not convey the human component and value of the work we do to support students, faculty and staff, alumni and other constituent groups. But our hope is that in quantifying some of what happens at Syracuse University Libraries, you begin to have an appreciation for the magnitude of our operations and the services we take pride in providing.


David Seaman

Syracuse University Libraries Dean and University Librarian Interim Dean of School of Information Studies

ABOUT OUR STUDENT ENROLLMENT at Syracuse University FY 2019

$951.76 Average Libraries Expenditure per person


3,524 STAFF








Syracuse University Libraries Expenditures FY 2019

Personnel $12,451,546

Collections $11,558,690

  • One-time resource purchases $2,802,066
  • Ongoing resource purchases $8,156,922(e.g., subscriptions, annual license fees)
  • Collection support $599,702

Expenditures by type of collection

  • Electronic 79%
  • Print 21%

Operating $2,474,276

TOTAL $26,484,512

About our Space at Syracuse University Libraries

Bird Library

Bird Library on Waverly Ave., 7 floors

The busiest academic building on campus based on number of visits!

227,249 sq. ft.

1,676 Seating capacity

6,512 Hours open per year

1,180,544 visits

Lower Level - Syracuse Abroad@Bird; CLASS tutoring and coaching; Quiet Reading Room; Study areas

First Floor – Learning Commons; Check-out Desk; Technology Assistance Desk; Information Desk; Computer Workstations and Technology; Printing Stations; Assistive Technology Room; Peter Graham Scholarly Commons lecture room; Blackstone LaunchPad powered by Techstars entrepreneurship center; Pages’ Cafe (busiest café on campus with 170,000 visits per year)

Second Floor – Reference collection; Current newspapers and periodicals; Quiet computer area; Syracuse Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Engagement (SOURCE)

Third Floor – Government Publications; Maps; Microfilm and microfiche; Service desk; Wellness collection; Request access to CD, DVD, VHS and game collections; Individual, small group and team study rooms

Fourth Floor – Biblio Gallery; Media playback equipment; Digital Scholarship Space; Long-term and team study rooms

Fifth Floor – LGBT Resource Center; Disability Cultural Center; Office of Multicultural Affairs; Long-term and team study rooms

Sixth Floor – Special Collections Research Center; University Archives; Exhibition gallery; Lemke Room for instructional use; Plastics Pioneers Reading Room; Safire Room for quiet work

In FY 2019, 2nd floor collections were shifted within the building to make room for new patron space/furniture:

  • Completed in 70 days with 14 staff moving books
  • 530,115 books were moved; if these books were lined up, they would cover 8 miles
  • 4,141 trips with a loaded book truck from 2nd floor to new shelf locations
  • Based on average book weight of 12 ounces, 198 tons were moved

Carnegie Library

Carnegie Library on the Shaw Quadrangle

Includes: Quiet study space; Science, Technology, Engineering, Technical Arts and Math resources

22,511 sq. ft.

183 Seating capacity

25,447 Visits

19 Public computer workstations

3 Team study rooms

King + King Architecture Library

King + King Architecture Library in Room 302 of Slocum Hall

1,048 sq. ft.

51 Seating capacity

Other libraries on campus include

Syracuse University College of Law Library; Martin Luther King Jr. Library



is a high density, climate-controlled storage complex that provides timely access.

20,000 sq. ft.

Total number of items accessioned 752,380

Current storage capacity 83%

Items stored:

General collections 73%

Special Collections 27%

Hawkins Building

Hawkins Building

stores University records that must be retained for legal, fiscal and administrative reasons. This building also houses materials from special collections and general collections.

Boxes actively managed by University Records Management 7,436

Boxes accessioned 1,544

Boxes destroyed in accordance with University retention schedule per year 423

File requests processed per year 600

Belfer Audio Laboratory and Archive

Belfer Audio Laboratory and Archive

part of Special Collections Research Center, houses rare audio recordings and an audio preservation/recording studio.

Total sound recordings 500,000

Syracuse University Press

Syracuse University Press

has been publishing academic scholarship for over 75 years. The Press was awarded a Humanities Open Book Program grant to offer open access to classic out-of-print titles on New York State history and culture, and Irish studies.

FY 2019 new book titles 41

FY 2019 first-time paperbacks 14

FY 2019 new open access titles 19

About our Collections

Syracuse University Libraries’ general collections include both print and electronic resources, databases, digital collections, journals, magazines, and newspapers, maps and government information, and video and music collections. These resources are available to all members of the University community and support research and scholarship.

24,375 NEW ITEMS added in FY19


3,897,880 ALL TITLES, excluding e-books

(Note there may be multiple items in single title)

4,844,492 TOTAL ITEMS

(excluding e-books; including microforms, print journals and all other physical formats)

Current journal titles, print 33,963

Current journal titles, electronic 153,380

TOTAL journal titles 187,343

Audio recording titles (individual titles accessible via online catalog) 60,792

Maps, number of items 160,445

Maps, number of titles 25,994

Video and film titles accessible via catalog (with 100,000+ available through various databases) 14,916

ArcGIS software licenses (administered by Libraries) 800

Databases 629

Notable New Collections Added in FY 2019:

  • China, America and the Pacific: Trade and Cultural Exchange
  • Latin American Newspapers
  • Taylor & Francis E-books
  • China: Trade, Politics and Culture 1793-1980
  • Hispanic American Newspapers
  • Sage Datasets
  • Literary Manuscripts: Berg
  • Literary Manuscripts: Leeds
  • Caribbean Newspapers

Special Collections Research Center (SCRC)

SCRC collects, preserves, and provides access to materials that document the history of Syracuse University and our global society, including rare printed materials, original manuscripts, photographs, artworks, audio and moving image recordings, and University records. Collections range from activism and social reform, to architecture and design, popular culture, broadcasting and photography.

Notable Special Collections Acquisitions:

  • Josef Albers, Interaction of Color, New Haven, 1963
  • Bernhard of Clairvaux, [Works], Paris, 1508
  • Alexander von Humboldt, Geognostische und physikalische Erinnerungen, Stuttgart/Tübingen, 1853
  • Dick Allen Papers (addition)
  • John Fleming Gould Papers
  • Jantzen Swimwear Photographs
  • WPA Transcription Discs
  • Antje Lemke Papers (addition)
  • Patricia Mary Coyle Family Papers



Archival collections 72%

Media 10%

Rare books 18%

Total number of physical items digitized from SCRC collections 33,955

Total number of visitors to Reading Room 1,363

Total number of visitors to exhibitions 1,140

Services Provided

In addition to traditional borrowing services, Syracuse University Libraries provides accessibility services, technology and printing assistance, delivery, instructional services, student support, open publishing, and research services.

Top 5 items loaned

  • Lightning cable
  • USB wall adapter
  • Mac laptop
  • Dell laptop
  • Headphones

160, 233 Total circulation of items (excluding reserves and rooms)

Public workstations available 176

Public workstations usage sessions 158,302

Public workstations usage hours 193,976

Average use time of public workstations 1.23 hours

Number of laptops for loan 56

Annual technology loans 53,831

Total technology consultations 9,523

Total large format print jobs (plotter) 4,239

Circulation by type

Books 43%

Technology 41%

All other items 16%

All room checkouts 27,230 (individual and team)

Circulation by patron status

Undergraduate student 48%

Graduate student 30%

Faculty 8%

Staff 1%

Alumni 1%

All others 12% (guests, interlibrary loan, etc.)

Downloads and E-Resource Usage

  • Syracuse University Libraries’ resources can be accessed online by faculty and students globally.

    1,246,741 WEBSITE VISITS

    Website page views 4,885,406

    Average number of page views per visit 3.9 pages

    18,220,989 DATABASE SEARCHES

    E-journal articles viewed 1,241,200

    Online catalog searches 376,223

    E-book downloads 186,556

Presentations, Teaching and Instruction Services

Librarians regularly provide instruction to classes or groups on services and resources available, including reliable sources by subject and how to cite work. They also co-teach with professors on specific topics.

Instructional sessions 598

Instructional presenters 77

Instructional session participants 12,247

Online instruction sessions 41

Online instruction participants 622

Research Guides

Librarians create Research Guides to help students discover resources, understand the research process, and access academic tools via subject area, specific courses, campus partnerships, or general information.

Total Research Guides published 353

Annual Research Guides usage 301,192


Reference and Information Interactions

Syracuse University Libraries offers patron assistance and support in-person, by phone, by email, or via online chat.


In-person 53%

Email 27%

Online chat 12%

Phone call 8%

Note: Online chat usage increased by 249% over the prior year, with the duration of each chat averaging over 7 minutes.


In-person 92%

Email 1%

Online chat 1%

Phone call 6%


Interlibrary Loan and Delivery Services

Syracuse University’s Interlibrary Loan service obtains materials that are not available at Syracuse University Libraries but can be borrowed from a global network. Similarly, Syracuse University Libraries lends items to other libraries.

Interlibrary loan, items borrowed 15,865

Interlibrary loan, items loaned to other libraries 32,195

Note: The high number of items loaned to other libraries is an indication of the speed and efficiency of our Interlibrary Loan services.

Syracuse University Libraries physically and electronically delivers items from our Libraries to faculty and graduate students (Library-to-Go and Article-to-Go).

Items physically delivered 15,916

Items electronically delivered 1,625

Departments served 69

Items moved across campus 54 tons


Association of Research Libraries Investment Index Ranking for Syracuse University Libraries

2017-2018 #59

2016-2017 #60

2015-2016 #62

2014-2015 #75

2013-2014 #83

Rankings of North American research libraries range from 1 (highest) to 116 (lowest).

Libraries Personnel

There are a number of both customer-facing and behind-the-scenes employees who keep the Libraries running. Departments include: Innovation and Strategy, Academic Success, Research Excellence, Special Collections, and Operational Excellence, among others.

Library staff employees 150

New permanent employees 10

Employees promoted 6

Librarians 53

Student employees 161


Full-Time employees (based on full-time hours) 205


Syracuse University Libraries is committed to providing all students, faculty and staff equitable access to resources and services required for academic and research needs.

Alternate formats in article 37

Alternate formats in loan 46

Total provided for accessibility 83

HathiTrust accessible items 624,885

SURFACE downloads of American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant files 27,959

Blackstone LaunchPad Powered by Techstars (LaunchPad)

The LaunchPad at Bird Library is an innovation hub connecting the University with a global network of support for aspiring entrepreneurs, inventors, and creatives. Data represents figures since the program’s inception in 2016.

Total participants 3,750

Venture ideas 622

Investments raised $18.6 million

Won in competitions $3.3 million

Ventures incorporated 72

Countries represented 109

Female to male ratio participants 50/50


Hosted by the Libraries, Syracuse University Research Facility and Collaborative Environment (SURFACE) is the institutional repository for preservation of scholarly and creative output and its major initiative in open access.

SURFACE downloads 602,120

Countries that have accessed SURFACE 220

New deposits into SURFACE 601

Total SURFACE items 15,409

Total SURFACE authors 11,265

Digital Production

Digital production and processing includes materials preparation, digital photography, digital post-processing, derivative creation, and post-production.

FY 2019 requests processed 229

FY 2019 digital captures processed 16,000

Digital Library

Syracuse University Libraries holdings (excluding SURFACE and Special Collections)

Digital objects managed 122,073

Digital files managed 201,106

HathiTrust, a partnership of academic and research institutions, offers a collection of millions of titles digitized from libraries around the world. Syracuse University Libraries, a member library, has committed to retain monograph volumes for 25 years under the Shared Print Program.

Items in HathiTrust Shared Print Program 197,427

Items in EAST Shared Print Program 298,203

Number of unique items under both programs 399,245

Experts At Syracuse

Administered by Syracuse University Libraries and the Office of Research, Experts@Syracuse identifies scholarly expertise, publishing and collaborative opportunities across campus.

Number of profiles managed 726

Preservation and Conservation

Syracuse University Libraries dedicates resources to ensuring the long-term preservation and access of collections by preparing materials for circulation, repairing materials, and disaster preparedness.

FY 2019 preservation treatments 11,051

Gallons of glue used per year 40

Total number of views of Syracuse University Libraries’ preservation videos on YouTube:

Wet Book Rescue 424,342

Spine Repair 136,623

Step-by-Step Guide to Book Repair for Beginners 86,006

The SCRC Conservation Lab is responsible for the conservation and preservation of both individual items and entire collections, carrying out repairs on a wide range of artifacts, including bound and unbound manuscripts, printed books, works on paper, architectural drawings, and many other formats such as photographs, films and plastics.

Number of SCRC Items Repaired 1,562

SCRC items conserved 640

Custom enclosures constructed for storage 1,818

FY19 Donors

$1,560,671 FY 2019 total donations and gifts

Abrams, Jay H.

Adler, Alfred G.

Adrosko, Rita J.

Albright, James M.

Allis, Julia Palmer

America, Yushin

Anderson, Lisa A.

Apostolos-Peters, Margaret M.

Armani, Carl J.

Axelrod, Donald

Bahl, Martin E.

Bailit, Rachel S.

Barry, Brett A.

Beall, Glenn

Beckwith, Patricia G.

Bernos, Peter C.

Birkhead, Louise G.

Blackstone Charitable Foundation

Blanchard, Mark E.

Blanchfield, Joan F.

Bock, Edwin A.

Bogus, Carl T.

Boord, Mary B.

Bough, Richard F.

Boulanger, Jeannine M.

Bousquet, Laurence G.

Bradshaw, Olivia

Brettschneider, Cathie I.

Brickwedde, Richard J.

Bright Funds Foundation

Brodsky, Joan

Brodsky, William

Brodsky, William and Joan Foundation Inc.

Buckley, Mary F.

Buss, DeAnn M.

Buzak, Mona R.

Camean, Laurel Limbach

Cano, Antonia

Capaldi, Robert J.

Carlin, Jim

Carroll, Kevin P.

Castagnozzi, Carol A.

Central New York Community Foundation Inc.

Charters, Margaret A.

Chen, Eliza Hsu

Chen, Junying

Chi, Chen

Chopra, Karen K.

Ciulla, Mary Lou

Clarke, Rachel Ivy

Cleary, Robert M.

Coates, C. Duane

Cohen, Marcia Fan

Cook, Frederick W.

Cook, Walter L.

Copeland, Harlan G.

Cox, Olamae Carter

Crisp, Jennifer M.

Cuthill, David M.

Cypes, Gregory Brian

Dahbura, Tracy A.

Davis, Carolyn A.

Davis, Jane E.

De Graffenreid, Ellen

De Lorenzo, Patrick A.

Decker, Carol S.

DeGroot, Patricia C.

DeRycke, Eileen

DeWolf, Amy Kathleen

Diamondstein, Ronni S.

Donahoe, John F.

Dong, Zhihui

Downey, Susan P.

Duggleby, Kristen

Dyer, Jo Ann S.

Emer, Robert D.

Emery, Robert A.

Etherington, Suzanne S.

Falter, Corey M.

Farnen, Russell F.

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Figure Foundation

Fioravanti, Shirley J. S.

Flah, Margaret M.

Flick, Warren A.

Foster, Garth H.

Freeman, Daniel M.

Fried, Lynn P.

Friedman, Jerome

Fuchs, Richard T.

Fuller, Georgann

Fuller, John C.

Fuqua, Julia A.

Gardner, Alan A.

Garry, William J.

Gaske, William F.

Gipson, Zachary Tyler

Gleason Family Foundation

Gliesing, Susan L.

Goldberg, Zachary O.

Goldstein, David

Greenwald-Haupt Charitable Foundation

Gregory, Alan R.

Haight, Richard W.

Hancock, Ruth P.

Hanley, Marianne Swanberry

Hanlon, Christine C.

Hannon, Richard W.

Hartsock, Linda Dickerson

Hassett, John P.

Hatem, Cristina D.

Hayward, Douglas G.

Hellerstein, Billie R.

Hemphill, H. Ernest

Henschke, John A.

Hernandez-Delgado, Julio Luis

Herndon, Elizabeth Joanna

Heystek, Henri G. P.

Hildreth, Susan H.

Hines, Jane V.

Hirasawa, Kazuhiro

Hoer, Gregory G.

Holmes, Carolyn S.

Horowitz, Naomi

Hotopp Company

Howes, Cyrus T.

Hoyer, Joan E.

Hubbard, Anne M.

Hughes, Patricia C.

Infanti, Steven J.

Josephson, William

Kalish, Ilene R.

Kaplan, The J.M. Fund Inc.

Kao-Johnson, Cristalle D.

Kasowitz-Scheer, Abby

Keane, Joela J.

Keator, Carol L.

Keefe, Marsha M.

Kirschbaum Family Foundation

Kirzane, Jessica

Knapp, Frederic H.

Kowal, Ruth B.

Kranis, Ann

Kreindler, The Lee S. Foundation Inc.

Kuhlmann, John W.

Kurkjian, Luella M. G.

Kurzberg, Richard A.

Lai, Hsiu-Wen

Lee, Barbara A.

Lemke, Antje Bultmann

Leonard, Jay F.

Lewin, Travis H.D.

Loos, Judylee R.

Lott, Judith A.

Louer, Judith A.

Lozner, Christine B.

Mager, Gerald M.

Mall, Barbara S.

Martens, Joan

Mautino, Patricia H.

May, Hollis Bennie

Maylone, R. Russell

McAfee, Leah B.

McCarthy, Geraldine M.

McCarthy, Peter M.

McCorduck, Edward Scott

McLane, Brian P.

MDG Associates of Connecticut

Mercer, William J.

Meyer, Wolfgang

Meyers, Mary Ann

Miller, Howard E.

Milner, Robert

Miron, Diane Goldblatt

Miskell, Mary E.

Montella, Irene H.

Mower, Judith C.

Mowry, Fred L.

Mucha, Carol A.

Munro, Janet S.

Myers, Lawrence

Neukrug, Jamie Kendall

Nicholson, John D.

Nicola, Karen B.

Nohara, Stephen F.

Norton, David W.

Oakes, Leslie C.

Ortwine, Bruce A.

Padgett, Mark

Palmer, Julia E.

Parsons, Cora T.

Pascale, Lynne Marie

Pawlak Plastics Inc.

Peidelstein, Nancy W.

Perrotta, Antoinette R.

Pesin, Richard

Phillips, Glen E.

Pieth, Reto A.

Pigott, John W.

Pittman, C. J. Rapp

Plastics Industry Association

Plastics Pioneers Association-Plastics History and Artifact Committee

Podraza, Hazel

Poglitsch, James F.

Polka, Sagi

Porter, William Real Estate Inc.

Price, Susan W.

Prior, Charlene H.

Raab, Richard B.

Rabkin, Judith Rose

Raff, Isadore A. Family Foundation Inc.

Ramsey, Becky H.

Rauscher, Carol

Raymond, Jared Thomas

Reisner, Linda B.

Rich, Jeffrey N.

Rinn, Joseph F.

Robleto, Fernando A.

Rodormer, George W.

Ross, Howard L.

Rotchford, Lisa Marie

Roth, Amy C.

Rubin, Todd Bennett

Rubin, The Family Foundation

Russo, James J.

Sacco, Concetta N.

Sassone, Kara J. C.

Schonfeld, Roger Craig

Schor, Laura S.

Schriger, Natalie M.

Schroeder, Lois A.

Schulsinger, Lori D.

Seaman, David M.

Sercan, Cecilia S.

Shapiro, Jamie Hofflich

Sharkey, Julie C.

Sheffer, Nola P.

Shepard, Michael D.

Sherman, Eric D.

Shoemaker, Nancy

Shortsleeve, Frederick

Silverstein, Russell

Sinai Eye Education Corporation

Singh, Gurnek

Skavlem, Melissa

Skinner, Sharye

Smith, Wendy A.

Spector, Andrew E.

Spiro, Mary Jane

Stam, Deirdre C.

Steiner, Marion Stevenson

Steinwall Inc.

Stevens, Lisa Cordo

Stiles, Susan M.

Stover, Joan E.

Strait, Andrew W.

Stratis, Mary M.

Sullivan, Geraldine C.

Tamanaha, Monique M.

Taylor, Nancy L.

Taylor, Stanley H.

Tedeschi, Kathy

Thiele, Ronald L.

Timberlake, Richard E.

Tremper, Charles F.

Trever, John P.

Tsairis, Aphrodite

Turner, Christine M.

Turner, Mark D.

Ung, Ly C.

Van Buren, Mary S.

Vasey, Sarah F.

Vassallo, John G.

Vine, Janet D.

von Dran, Gisela

Wali, Kameshwar

Walters, Kathleen A.

Watson, Jerry C.

Wayrick, Isobel

Wehrheim, Anne Frost

Weinberger, Anna C.

Whitcome, James P.

Widdicombe, Richard P.

Wikoff, Karin E.

Williams, Ann E.

Witter, Kendra Joy

Wonderley, Anthony W.

Woodford, Inc., Alton E.

Yuan, Yifeng

Zalewski, Jennifer Lynn

Ziegler, John A.

Zilkoski, Mark W.


When you support Syracuse University Libraries, either with a gift that will mature in the future through your will or trust, or through a beneficiary designation on an account or life insurance, you can make a significant difference in the lives of students, faculty, and programs. For more information, or to explore options that are most beneficial to you, please visit or contact us at 888.352.9535 or

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