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Dissertations and Theses from the Syracuse University Department of Earth Sciences

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Dissertations and Theses - Earth Sciences
2016Ledford, SarahPhDLautzThe Impact of Surface Water-Groundwater Interactions on Water Quality in an Urban Stream

2016Zhou, XiaoliPhDLuDeveloping Iodine Proxies for Oceanic Oxygenation Conditions During Greenhouse Episodes

2015Christian, KaylaMSLautzMethane Occurrence in Domestic Wells overlying the Marcellus Shale

2015Dennis, Kara ElizabethMSJuniumUsing the Sulfur Cycle to Constrain Rapid Changes in Seawater Chemistry during the Paleogene

2015Drucker, Robin NarianaMSBaldwinApplication of Phengite Barometry to Examine Pressure-Temperature-Time Paths in the World's Youngest Ultrahigh-Pressure Terrane

2015Proett, James ArthurMSKarsonEnigmatic rift-parallel, strike-slip faults around Eyjafjörður, Northern Iceland

2015Ringham, Mallory CecileMSHokeInfluence of environment on soil carbonate clumped isotope records, Andean piedmont of Central Argentina (32-34º S)

2015Runnals, Keegan TimothyMSKarsonMultiple Generations of Faulting: A Kinematic Analysis of the Lagarfljót Region, Northeast Iceland

2015Spradlin, Jeffery DaleMSSiegelTrace Metal Characterization and Ion Exchange Capacity of Devonian to Pennsylvanian Age Bedrock in New York and Pennsylvania in Relation to Drinking Water Quality

2014Gade, MaxwellMSSiegelAssessing landfill contamination in Wyoming

2014Hummel, SunshyneMSLuUse of Iodine to Characterize Formation Waters in Oil and Gas Fields, The

2014McGregor, DarenMSIvanyLate Cretaceous Latitudinal Gradients in Temperature and Seasonality Using the Marine Oyster Exogyra Cancellata

2014Milde, EdwardMSFitzgeraldUsing Low-Temperature Thermochronology to Constrain the Role of the Totschunda Fault in Southeastern Alaskan Tectonics

2014Morrissey, AmyPhDScholzStratigraphic framework and Quaternary paleolimnology of the Lake Turkana Rift, Kenya

2014Perry, StephaniePhDFitzgeraldThermotectonic evolution of the Alaska Range: Low-temperature thermochronologic constraints

2014Runnals, KeeganMSKarsonStrike-Slip Faulting in Northeast Iceland: A kinematic analysis of the Lagarfljót Fault Zone

2014Wood, DouglasMSScholzStructure, paleolimnology and basin history of the East Kivu Graben, Lake Kivu, Rwanda from offshore seismic reflection data

2014Zhang, XueweiPhDScholzLacustrine Turbidites from Tropical African Lakes as Indicators of Hydrologic and Climatic Changes

2013Gombosi, DavidPhDBaldwinArgon and neon diffusion in lunar impact glass and the development of the electron microprobe zircon fission-track dating technique

2013Gordon, RyanPhDLautzQuantifying groundwater-surface water interactions to improve the outcomes of human activities

2013Horst, AndrewPhDKarsonStructure and accretion at mid-ocean ridges with high magma supply: perspectives from seafloor escarpments and Iceland

2013Satkoski, AaronPhDSamsonSr-Nd-Hf isotope geochemistry of 3.5 Ga gneisses of the Minnesota River Valley and U-Pb geochronology of detrital zircon from Cambrian sedimentary rocks of the Laurentian rifted margin

2012Beard, AndrewMSIvanyEarly Permian seawater from the d18O record of fossil bivalves: seasonality and a latitudinal gradient

2012Briggs, Martin A.PhDLautzUsing emerging methods to investigate stream and groundwater interaction at multiple spatial scales

2012Catalano, JosephMSBaldwinGeochemical and 40Ar/39Ar constraints on the evolution of volcanism in the Woodlark Rift, Papua New Guinea

2012Chen, XiMSSiegelGeochemical Tracing of Compartmentalization and Efficiency of Water

2012Glose, AnnMarieMSLautzStream Heat Budget Modeling With The Hflux Stream Temperature Solver: Model Development, Verification, And Applications

2012Hietpas, JackPhDSamsonInvestigating the utility of detrital mineral microchemistry and radiogenic isotope compositions as provenance discriminators

2012Kissane, Matthew T.MSKarsonInvestigations into Lava Flow Morphology, using Controlled Field-scale Basalt Flows

2012Mu, XiangyuMSSiegelUsing integrated multivariate statistical approaches to assess the hydrochemistry of surface water quality, Lake Taihu Basin, China

2012Riccio, StevenMSFitzgeraldThermal history of the Susitna thrust fault, easter Alaska Range: constraints from low-temperature thermochronolgy

2012Terrien Dunn, Jessica J.PhDBaldwinRole of magmatism in the Catalina metamorphic core complex, Arizona: insights from integrated thermochronology, gravity, and aeromagnetic data, The

2012Zimmer, Margaret AnnMSLautzEffects of stream restoration and storm events on stream-groundwater interactions

2012Zirakparvar, Nasser AlexPhDBaldwinGeochemical and geochronological constraints on the origin and evolution of rocks in the active Woodlark Rift of Papua New Guinea

2011Daniluk, Timothy LeonardMSLautzImpacts of stream restoration on surface water-groundwater interaction

2011Gilbert, Kwasi N.MSIvanyLife history and ecology of the Neogene physeterid: Physeterula dubusii, The

2011Graber, Nathan RyanMSHokeUplift of the Argentine Frontal Cordillera through (U-Th)/He Thermochronolgy and geomorphic analysis

2011Nanfito, Aleece FMSKarsonRift-parallel, strike-slip faulting in Iceland: Kinematic analysis of the Gljufura fault zone

2011Siler, Drew LorenzPhDKarsonStructure and kinematics of segment-scale crustal accretion processes in Iceland and implications for analogous mid-ocean ridge systems

2011Sserubiri, TonnyMSScholzStratigraphic and paleoenvironmental assessment of the central Lake Albert rift basin-Uganda from exploration well geochemical data, A

2011Walcek, AlinaMSHokeSurface uplift and erosion of the southernmost argentine precordillera

2010Dasgupta, TathagataPhDSamsonGeochemistry and geochronology of Alleghanian and ‘atypical’ Alleghanian granites from south-central Appalachians: implications for magma evolution and Late Paleozoic terrane accretionary history in the southern Appalachians

2010Sarkar-Dasgupta, SoumitriMSSiegelGeochemical characterization of groundwater flow processes in a large patterned peatland

2010Sell, BryanPhDSamsonApatite trace element tephrochronology

2010Taylor, Joshua P.PhDFitzgeraldTectonic history of the East Gobi Fault Zone, southeastern Mongolia: An integrated study using structural geology, geochronolgy, and thermochronology

2009Burnett, Allison PatriciaMSScholzTropical East African climate change and its relation to global climate : a record from Lake Tanganyika, Tropical East Africa, over the past 90+ kyr

2009Haveles, Andrew WilliamMSIvanyRapid growth explains large size of mollusks in the Eocene Gosport Sand, US Golf Coast

2009Hietpas, JackMSSamsonAssessing the utility of detrital zircon and monazite as provenance indicators

2009Lyons, Robert P.PhDScholzStratigraphic and hydrologic responses to tropical climate variability scientific drilling in Lake Malawi, East Africa

2009Meeks, Jessica L.MSSiegelDynamics of solute transport in an evolved single-conduit Karst System: the Sinks Canyon Cave of Fremont County, WY

2009Wall, Patrick DanielPhDIvanyIncorporating spatial datasets into paleontology: effects on estimates of diversity, origination, & extinction [electronic resource]

2008Jin, Li    PhDSiegelEvaluating spatial and temporal variations of water chemistry and the impact of transient storage on solute transport in low-order mountain streams

2008Miklus, Nicole M. MSIvanyHigh-latitude response of temperature seasonality to global eocene cooling, The

2007Kranes, Nathan T.MSSiegelComplex nature of hyporheic exchange in sediment bars: constraints posed by temperature, hydraulic head, and water flux, The

2007Lautz, Laura K.PhDSiegelHyporheic interaction and nitrate uptake in a semi-arid stream

2007Monteleone, Brian D.PhDBaldwinTiming and conditions of formation of the D’Entrecasteaux Islands, southeastern Papua New Guinea [electronic resource]

2007Qualls, Laurel ElizabethMSSamsonNd isotopic characterization of syn-tectonic and post-tectonic granites of the Anti-Atlas orogen: constraints on the extent of the West African Craton

2006Carey, Adam ChristopherMSSamsonChemical correlation of Middle Late-Ordovician potassium bentonites deposited in the Appalachian Basin: an apatite phenocryst perspective

2006Korths, Patrick CharlesMSSiegelMetal sources and concentrations in raised bogs, Glacial Lake Agassiz Peatlands, Northern Minnesota, U.S.A.

2006Taylor, Joshua P.MSFitzgeraldLow temperature thermochronology and brittle deformation in the Adirondack Highlands, New York

2005Azzolina, Nicholas A.MSSiegelQuestioning the hydrogeomorphic paradigm: a geochemical examination of wetlands in the Catskill/Delaware Watersheds, water supply for the City of New York

2005Epp, Edward G. MSSiegelSources and distribution of brines in sediment pore waters, Onondaga Valley, New York, The

2005Hartman, Christina M.MS IvanyMiddle Jurassic of Western Europe: high-resolution study of [delta]¹³C₍CaCO₃₎ and [delta]¹⁸O₍CaCO₃₎ values of otoliths and molluscs : evidence for seawater-freshwater mixing and evaporation in an estuarine environment

2005McKenzie, Jeffrey M.PhDSiegelWetland geochemical and thermal processes at the watershed scale

2005Otz, Martin H.PhDSiegelUsing spectro-fluometry and fluorescent dye-tracing to investigate hydrologic processes in organic-rich environments

2005Smith, Jacqueline A.PhDSeltzerTiming and extent of glaciation in the tropical Andes

2004Heumann, Matthew J.MSBickfordThermochronological and geochronological studies in the Adirondack Highlands and Lowlands, New York

2004Hill, Barbara M.PhDBickfordPaleoproterozoic of Central Colorado: island arcs or rifted older crust?

2004Kline, Simon KeithMSFitzgeraldStructural and geomorphic development of the Transantarctic Mountains using low temperature thermochronology: a study of the Ford Nunataks, Reedy Glacier area, Antarctica

2004MacLean, John S. MSSamsonNew high precision single zircon U-Pb ages of several major intrusions in the Anti-Atlas, Morocca

2004McGlue, Michael MatthewMSScholzLate Quaternary history of the Rift Lakes in the Upper Nile Watershed, Uganda/Democratic Republic of the Congo

2004Stafford, Laura J.MSIvanyCensus populations of early Eocene Venericardia hatcheplata (Bivalvia) from U.S. Gulf Coastal Plain sediments

2004Visaggi, Christy CorinneMSIvanyTesting for patterns of faunal persistence in the early Oligocene Byram Formation of Mississippi

2003Flusche, Mark A.MSSeltzerHydrogeochemistry of Lake Junin, Peru paleohydrology from stable isotopes of authigenic carbonates, The

2003McFadden, Melany AnnMSMullinsPaleoproductivity and paleoclimatology of Eastern Lake Ontario over the last 10,000 cal yrs: multiproxy evidence from stable isotopes of inorganic and organic sediment

2003Spratt, Jessica E.MSFitzgeraldCrustal structure of the India-Asia collision zone, Southern Tibet, from INDEPTH MT investigations

2002Brooks, Keely M.MSScholzLate-Quaternary lake level history from Lake Bosumtwi, Ghana: evidence from seismic reflection and sediment-core data

2001Bonuso, NicoleMSNewtonQuantitative paleoecology of the Hamilton Group of central New York

2001Kirby, Matthew E.PhDMullinsUsing modern oxygen and carbon isotopic calibrations to characterize 14,600 calendar years of atmospheric circulation and precipitation in the NE United States of America (New York)

2001Lachniet, Matthew ScottPhDSeltzerQuaternary geology and paleoclimate of Costa Rica: evidence from glaciation, stable isotopes of surface waters, and a speliothem

2001Lesniak, Keri A.MSSiegelIsotopic geochemistry of Saratoga 'Springs' - implications for the origin of solutes and source of carbon dioxide, The

2001Mark, Bryan G.PhDSeltzerDeglaciation in the central Andes of Peru

2001Veliz-Beltran, Carlos YuriMSSeltzerAnthropogenic and climatic impacts in the central Peruvian Andes: evidence from the study of three tropical lakes

2000Coyne Coler, MonicaMSSiegelSource identification and characterization of septic waste plumes in two fen peatlands

2000McKenzie, Jeffrey M.MSSiegelHydrogeology of a domed bog, Jura Mountains, Switzerland

2000Metivier, Sean P.MSSeltzerRecord of late Quaternary climate change from stable isotopes and trace metals of two species of Ostracods from Lake Junin, Peru, A

2000Moy, ChristopherMSSeltzerContinuous record of late-Quaternary El Nino-Southern Oscillation from the southern Ecuadorian Andes, A

2000Solon, Kurt D.MSNelsonElectromagnetic images of the Banggong-Nujian suture zone of central Tibet: from INDEPTH III magnetotelluric data

1999Adams, Barabara A. BrownMSSamsonNd and Pb isotopic constraints on the petrogenesis of syn-tectonic and post-tectonic intrusions in the Cadomia terrane, British Channel Islands

1999D'Agostino, KarinMSSeltzerLate Quaternary high resolution seismic stratigraphy of Lake Titicaca (Peru/Bolivia)

1999Goodman, Adam YaleMSSeltzerSubdivision of glacial deposits in southeastern Peru based on pedogenic development and radiometric ages

1999Hilfinger, Martin F., IVMSMullinsPaleoclimatic significance of Holocene lacustrine marls from Fayetteville Green Lake, New York

1999Lajewski, Christopher K.MSMullinsHistorical sediment record of calcite precipitation in the Finger Lakes, New York: evidence for enhanced carbonate weathering due to acidic rain

1999Rivers, Jennifer SusanPhDSiegelCarbon dynamics, nutrient cycling, and the material properties of peat in the Glacial Lake Agassiz peatlands, Northern Minnesota

1999Steinhart, William E., IIIMSBickfordIsotopic characterization of the La Ronge domaine: a critical element in the Trans-Hudson Orogen, Saskatchewan, Canada

1999Wurster, Christopher M.MSPattersonLate Holocene climate change for the eastern interior United States: evidence from high resolution sagittal otolith stable isotope ratios of oxygen

1998Mishler, La Rae N.MSSiegelSolute transport properties of peat in a disturbed versus natural fen

1998Wortman, Gregory L.PhDSamsonNd isotopic and U-Pb geochronologic studies of Southern Appalachian terranes (neodymium, uranium-lead, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia)

1997Erbe, Matthew WayneMSSiegelUsing ternary diagrams to characterize the natural attenuation of chlorinated ethenes in ground water

1997Parsons, Ann M.F.MSSeltzerHolocene climate change in the Andes: a study of two tropical lakes

1996Ferguson, Catherine E.MSSiegelGeochemical groundwater investigation for the southeastern portion of Manlius, New York, A

1996Goldenberg, Karen AndreaMSSiegelUsing mixing models to characterize groundwater contamination in municipal landfills

1996Lipson, David SamuelMSSiegelCharacterizing the natural attenuation of BTX in groundwater by using ternary diagrams

1996McLelland, Jonathan M.MSBickfordAge and tectonic setting of the Tumbledown formation, Grenville of far west Texas: implications for the evolution of the southern margin of Laurentia

1996Reeve, Andrew StephenPhDSiegelNumerical and multivariate statistical analysis of hydrogeology and geochemistry in large peatlands

1996So, JuhoMSSiegelGeochemical evidence for surface water and groundwater mixing in the Glacial Lake Agassiz peatland, northern Minnesota

1996Verrillo, Dan EliotMSSiegelTrace element and isotopic investigation of diagenetic minerals in the Lockport Dolomite, New York

1995Acaster, MartinMSBickfordAge and magmatic origin of nashoba block volcanics and related intrusives: constraints on the evolution of eastern North America, The

1995Anderson, William ThomasMSMullinsDeglacial-Holocene stable isotope stratigraphy of Seneca Lake, New York: implications for climate change and the hypsithermal

1995Cartwright, Kathrine AileenMSNewtonEnvironmental changes across the Triassic-Jurassic boundary, Portovenere, Italy

1995Cogan, Michael J.MSNelsonINDEPTH seismic refraction of the Yadong-Gulu rift: evidence for a fluid middle crust beneath southern Tibet, China

1995Dwyer, Thomas R.MSMullinsLate Pleistocene-Holocene lake level fluctuations at Owasco Lake, NY: Implications for northeast paleoclimates

1994Andersen, Charles BrannonPhDHandPetrology and geochemistry of the Ordovician Blountian and Taconic foreland basin, sequences: implications for terrane accretion history (Blountian foreland basin, Taconic foreland basin)

1994Matthews, Sandra D.V.MSSamsonChemical stratigraphy of Middle to Upper Ordovician bentonite beds, eastern New York State

1994McRoberts, Christopher A.PhDNewtonEcostratigraphic transition and selective extinction of bivalves across the Triassic-Jurassic boundary in the Lombardian Alps, Italy, The

1994Petruccione, John L.MSMullinsBedrock morphology and geomorphic evolution of Montezuma Wetlands, central New York State: a subglacial meltwater discharge system beneath the southern Laurentide ice sheet?

1993Feliciano, JaimeMSPlumleyPaleomagnetic study of mid-Tertiary rocks in the northeastern Caribberan: investigation of suspected tectonic block rotations

1993Martini, Anna M.MSSiegelTrace elemental composition of brines in the Michigan and Appalachian basins

1993Ours, Daniel P.MSSiegelChemical dilation and the hydraulic properties of peat

1993Romanowicz, Edwin Adam, jrPhDSiegelChanges in hydrology and pore-water concentrations of dissolved methane in peatlands

1993Schellekens, Johannes HendrikusPhDBooneGeochemical evolution of the volcanic rocks in Puerto Rico

1993Shen, YipingMSSiegelMultivariate analyses of peat pore-water chemistry and the storage of dissolved methane in Glacial Lake Agassiz peatlands, Minnesota

1993Wellner, Robert WilliamPhDMullinsSeismic stratigraphic and depositional history of Canandaigua Lake, NY: a record of environmental change within the Finger Lakes region over the last 14,000 years B.P.

1993Whalen, Michael T.PhDNewtonDepositional and diagenetic history of the Park City formation (Permian) carbonate ramp, northwestern USA: implications for eastern ocean basin carbonate platform development

1992Darling, Robert S.PhDBoonePetrogenesis of the Cannivan Gulch stockwork and Skarn molybdenum deposit, southwest Montana

1992Parse, David F., jr.MSPlumleyPaleomagnetic investigation of middle Devonian carbonates from the North American craton

1992Reid, Jane AnneMSPlumleyPaleomagnetism and rock magnetics of the middle Tertiary carbonate sequence North Coast, Puerto Rico with tectonic implications

1991McNamara, James PatrickMSSiegelHydrogeology, water chemistry, and vegetation of the Malloryville wetland complex, Malloryville, New York

1991Pair, Donald L.PhDMullerLate Pleistocene glacial history and magnetic chronostratigraphy, western Adirondack borderland, NY

1991Yuan, DingPhDRobinsonStudy on lithological mapping by using multitemporal satellite images, northern Lincoln County, Nevada, A

1990Noble, John MichaelMSSiegelReconnaissance of the natural groundwater geochemistry of Onondaga County, New York, A

1990Perkins, Mary GailMSSiegelHydrogeologic setting of Beaver Lake, Onondaga County, New York

1990Savoy, Lauret EdithPhDNewtonSedimentary record of Devonian-Mississippian carbonate and black shale systems, southernmost Canadian Rockies and adjacent Montana: facies and processes

1990Tabesh, ElahePhDRobinsonDRILL-PAT: An expert system to design an optimum drilling pattern

1989Bennett, Philip CharlesPhDSiegelEnhanced dissolution of quartz in water by organic acids, The

1989Joshi, Ashok KumarPhDRobinsonIdentification of economic mineral deposits in south India in digitally enhanced remotely sensed data

1989Major, Ruth SimmonsMSPruchaBedrock geology of portions of the North Nast Carry and Moosehead Lake 15' quadrangles, Maine -- Field relationships, petrochemistry and tectonic setting of the Lobster Mountain formation

1989Noll, Richard S.MSSiegelGeochemistry and hydrology of groundwater flow systems in the Lockport dolomite, near Niagara Falls, New York

1989Oldfield, BronyaMSRobinsonSatellite and subsurface data integration and analysis for hydrocarbon exploration, southwestern Wyoming

1989Romanowicz, Edwin Adam, jrMSPlumleyAnisotropy of magnetic susceptibility study of the middle Ordovician Black River carbonates, Jefferson County, New York

1989Roof, Steven RichardMSMullinsPlio-Pleistocene cyclic carbonate sedimentation, northeastern Gulf of Mexico: milankovitch cycles on a modern Continental margin

1989Thompson, Joel BrucePhDNewtonEcological and sedimentological processes in dysaerobic environments: case studies from a modern freshwater lake and a Devonian marine sequence

1989Winkley, Steven JohnMSSiegelHydrogeology of Onondaga County, New York (2 vols.), The

1988Dix, George RogerPhDMullinsShallow-burial diagenesis of deep-water Neogene and Quaternary periplatform carbonates, northern Bahamas

1988Lint, Brenda HawkinsMSSiegelHydrogeology of Oneida County, New York

1988Mercado, ReinaldoMSDickeyMetallization of the Cretaceous rocks of southeastern Puerto Rico

1987Berndt, Marian PatriciaMSSiegelMetal partitioning in a sand and gravel aquifer contaminated by crude petroleum, Bemidji, Minnesota

1987Flick, Greg R.MSMullerPleistocene geology of the Herkimer, New York 7.5-minute quadrangle, The

1987Gachowski, Christin MarianneMSSiegelEffectiveness of sodium bicarbonate as a neutralizing agent in the treatment of acidic lake water, The

1987Gardulski, Anne FrancesPhDMullinsClimatic and oceanographic controls on the Neogene sedimentary framework of the outer West Florida carbonate ramp

1987Gould, GeraldMSSiegelNumerical simulation of groundwater flow in bedrock aquifers of southwestern New York and northwestern Pennsylvania

1987Milazzo, GiulioMSPlumleyReconnaissance structural geology and preliminary paleomagnetic investigation in the Porcupine River Canyon, northeast Alaska

1987Saroff, Scott TheodoreMSRobinsonStratigraphy, structure, and nature of gas production and entrapment of the Auburn gas field, Cayuga County, New York

1987Szustakowski, Robert JamesMSSiegelChemistry and evolution of formation waters in western New York

1987Wang, JasonMSNewtonSedimentology of Norian (late Triassic) cherts and carbonates from the peninsular terrane: Puale Bay, Alaska Peninsula

1986Boldt, David R.MSSiegelComputer simulations of groundwater flow in a raised bog system, Glacial Lake Agassiz peatlands, northern Minnesota

1986Dominguez, Laura LynnMSMullinsCat Island Shelf, Bahamas: incipient drowning of a carbonate platform

1986Marvinney, Robert G.PhDBooneTectonic implications of stratigraphy, structure, and metamorphism in the Penobscot Lake region, northwestern Maine

1986Stephens, David B.MSMullinsSeismic stratigraphic analysis of glacial and post-glacial sediments in northern Seneca Lake, New York

1986Veeger, Anne I.MSSiegelHydrogeology of Wisconsinan deposits: southern portion of the Tug Hill aquifer Oneida County, New York

1985Ellis, BarbaraMSDickeyThin-skinned extension superposed on frontal sevier thrust faults, Mormon Mountains, southern Nevada

1985Franz, Kristen ElizabethMSSiegelGeochemistry of the sandstone and Silurian Aquifers in eastern Wisconsin

1985Lindsley, Ruth LuiseMSDickeyC/O variations in a C-H-O system: implications to the chemistry of the primitive solar nebula

1985Ridge, John C.PhDMullerQuaternary glacial and paleomagnetic record of the West Canada Creek and western Mohawk Valleys of central New York (2 vols.), The

1985Shrady, Catherine H.MSBursnallStructure and stratigraphy of a portion of the taconic allochthon near Hampton, New York, The

1984Banikowski, Jeffrey E.MSRobinsonProspect location, a comparison of theoretical and practical limits using subsurface well data

1984Chason, David BenMSSiegelHydraulic conductivity and related physical properties of peat, Lost River peatland northern Minnesota

1984Douglas, Debra RenaMSHandFactors affecting porosity and permeability variation in the Oriskany sandstone of west-central New York

1984Foresti, Robert J.MSMullerMacrofabrics, microfabrics, and microstructures of till and Pleistocene geology of the Ilion quadrangle, Mohawk Valley, New York

1984Franzi, David AlanPhDunknownGlacial Geology of the Remsen-Ohio region, east central New York, The

1984Harth, Peter MarcMSRobinsonGravity, seismic, and well log analysis of the Clarendon-Linden Fault system in New York State, A

1984Metzger, Ellen PletcherPhDDickeyStructure, lithologic succession, and petrology of the Stony Creek area, Warren Co., southeastern Adirondacks, New York

1984Taylor, Wanda JeanMSDickeySuperposition of thin-skinned normal faulting on sevier orogenic belt thrusts, northern Mormon Mountains, Lincoln County, Nevada

1983Abdulla, Khalifa A.MSRobinsonRelation of oil entrapment to facies changes in central Sirte Basin (Libya)

1983Algeria, Steven AlanMSHandRelative transportability of sand grains as a function of size and density, determined for various bed states in a laboratory flume

1983Baker, Sherry LynnMSHandDepositional environment of the 'Springvale' sandstone of central New York and its relationship to the Oriskany sandstone

1983Beinkafner, Kathie J.PhDMullerDeformation of the subsurface Silurian and Devonian rocks of the southern tier of New York State

1983Gilligan, Eileen D.PhDMullerEffect of organic pore fluids on the fabric and geotechnical behavior of clays, The

1983Loewy, James M.MSMullerPleistocene geology of the Oriskany, New York 7.5-minute quadrangle, The

1983Lykens, Cherly AnneMSMullerMaximum extent of Oneida lobe ice within the western Mohawk Valley, within the Port Bruce stadial: a reevaluation, The

1983Singh, VijayPhDRobinsonComputer calculated analysis of subsurface formation porosities in central New York State

1982Antonetti, Michael D.MSMullerPleistocene geology of the South Trenton, New York 7.5-minute quadrangle, The

1982Burroughs, William AlfredPhDHandDirect determination of hydraulic equivalence using fluorescent sand tracers in the beach nearshore zone

1982Getchell, Frank AnthonyMSMullerSubsidence in the Tully Valley, New York

1982Levine, Phillip A.MSHandNearshore dynamics and sediment transport, Outer Banks, North Carolina

1982Marvinney, Robert G.MSBursnallBedrock geology of the central portion of the Forks quadrangle west-central Maine

1982Watson, Becky AnneMSBursnallGeology of a portion of the Big Elk Mountain 7 1/2' quadrangle Bonneville County, southeastern Idaho

1981Cataldo, Robert MarioMSHandSediment transport along the coast of New Jersey

1981Ladzekpo, Doe HenryMSHandGeochemistry and evaluation of petroleum potentials of the Tano Basin, Ghana, W. Africa

1981Maloney, William VincentMSHandGrain-selecting pressures in fluvial environments and persistance of the Provenance fingerprint

1981Stehm, Mark RobertMSRobinsonIsolation and evaluation of subsurface geologic structures through spatial analysis of Paleozoic units in New York State

1981Wilson, Michael PeterPhDMullerCatastrophic discharge of Lake Warren in the Batavia - Genesee region

1981Yarka, Paul JamesMSRobinsonComputer-aided hydrodynamic, stratigraphic, and structural analysis of the Paleozoic system in the Four Corners region

1980Duchossois, George EarlMSMullerQuaternary geology of the Jamesville, New York, 7.5 minute quadrangle

1980Goodmen, William WalterMSBursnallStructural evolution of Corbin Hill, a Precambrian massif in southeastern Dutchess County, New York

1980LaCroix, PierreMSBonham-CarterMineralogy, petrography, and diagenesis of the Whetstone Gulf formation (Upper Ordovician) of north-central New York, The

1980Metzger, Ellen PletcherMSBooneInvestigation of partial melting at Ledge Mountain central Adirondacks, New York

1980Singh, VijayMSMerriamRecognition of subsurface subtle features using spatial analysis techniques in the Santa Cruz Basin (Bolivia)

1980Sklenar, Walter MartinMSHandLeeside erosion rate in relation to slipface bedform stability

1979Bornemann, ErhardPhDMerriamWell-log analysis as a tool for lithofacies determination in the Viola limestone (Ordovician) of south-central Kansas

1979Bourke, John FrancisMSHandDifferential transport of sand grains: ripples and dunes

1979Burroughs, William AlfredMSBunaldStructure of the Dead River formation in the Fords quadrangle, west-cental Maine

1979Froehlich, David J.MSMullerRock reefs of the Everglades of south Florida, The

1979Garshasb, MasoudMSRobinsonQuantitative geochemical exploration for lead-zinc deposits in Rossie area, New York

1979Gilligan, Eileen D.MSRobinsonComputer simulation of the effects of earth materials on the propagation of radar waves

1979Koller, Glenn RobertPhDBooneGeophysical and petrologic study of the Lexington batholith, west-central Maine

1979Krishnanath, RaghavaMSBurnsTextures and microstructures of the high-grade metamorphic rocks of Kilimanoor-Chadayamangalam area, Kerala State, India

1979Ribeiro, Julio C.MSMerriamMesozocic tectonic history of the Reconcavo Basin, Brazil

1979Tabesh, ElaheMSCubittRadioactive anomalies exploration in the vicinity of Nishabour Turquoise Mine, northeastern Iran

1979Willette, Paul DouglasPhDRobinsonStructural, stratigraphic and hydrodynamic analysis of the Paleozoic section of central New York State (5 vols.), A

1978Chambers, Thomas M.MSMullerLate Wisconsinan events of the Ontario ice lobe in the southern and western Tug Hill region, New York

1978George, Douglas JohnMSHandBarrier island migration and facies preservation

1978Geraghty, Ennis PeterPhDde WaardStructure, stratigraphy, and petrology of part of the Blue Mountain 15' quadrangle, central Adirondack Mountains, New York

1978Guzowski, Robert VictorPhDde WaardStratigraphy, structure, and petrology of the Precambrian rocks in the Black Lake region, northwest Adirondacks, New York

1978Jordan, Richard JosephPhDMullerDeglaciation and consequent wetland occurrence on the Tug Hill Plateau, New York, The

1978Leetaru, HannesMSHandSedimentary processes in North Pond, eastern shore of Lake Ontario

1978Newell, William R. MSBursnallStratigraphy, structure, and petrology of the Bingham quadrangle, west-central Maine

1978Plopper, Christopher StevensPhDHandHydraulic sorting and longshore transport of beach sand, Pacific coast of Washington

1978Proett, Brian ArthurMSMullerHydrogeology of Marcellus Disappearing Lake

1978Roberts, Richard BrianMSMullerGravity studies of buried valleys north of Green Lakes State Park, central New York

1978Shannon, Eugene Himie MusaPhDCubittClay mineralogy and geochemistry of the Cherokee group (middle Pennsylvanian), Allen County, Kansas

1978Shaw, Brian RobertPhDCubittQuantitative lithostratigraphic correlation of digitized borehole-log records; upper Glen Rose formation, northeast Texas

1978Thomson, James AlanMSBrowerFossil communities of the Skaneateles formation (Middle Devonian, Hamilton group) in central New York

1978Willette, Paul DouglasMSMullerFeasibility of automatic classification of surficial deposits using digital MSS Landsat data, The

1977Barber, Brian GrowMSBursnallOrigin of folding in paleozoic rocks near Theresa, New York

1977Grieco, Michael RussellMSMullerDrumlin origins as interpreted from till fabrics

1977Hancock, Susan AmandaMSde WaardVariation in the anorthositic rocks of Paul Island, Labrador

1977Heffner, Thomas AndrewMSRobinsonQuantitative analysis of the Coatesville pegmatite and pyrrhotite locality

1977Millendorf, Steven AlfredMSBrowerComparison of biostratigraphic methods for the quantification of assemblage zones, A

1977Moore, Richard EdwardMSMullerTill constitution in western Oswego and Onondaga Counties, New York

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