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"The Oneida Community." Syracuse University Library Associates Courier. Volume XXVIII, Number Two Fall 1993.

Bible Communism: a compilation from the annual reports and other publications of the Oneida Association and its branches; presenting, in connection with their history, a summary view of their religious and social theories. Brooklyn, NY. 1853.

Confessions of John H. Noyes Part I: confession of religious experience: including a history of modern perfectionism. Noyes, John Humphrey. Oneida, NY 1849.

The Days of My Youth (a childhood memoir of life in the Oneida Community), Noyes, Corinna Ackley.  This book was recently (2011) republished by the Richard W. Couper Press of the Hamilton College Library in Clinton, New York. Copies may be obtained by communicating directly with the library.

Essay on scientific propagation; with an appendix containing a health report of the Oneida Community, by Theodore R. Noyes. Noyes, John Humphrey. Oneida, N. Y. [1872]

First annual report of the Oneida Association: exhibiting its history, principles, and transactions to Jan. 1,
. Oneida, NY 1849.

The First Hundred Years. Edmonds, Walter Dumaux. Oneida, NY 1948.

Handbook of the Oneida Community. Wallingford, CT 1867.

History Of The Printing Business Of The O.C. -1875.

John Humphrey Noyes, the Putney Community. Noyes, John Humphrey. Oneida, NY, 1931.

[NEW] Life of John Humphrey Noyes, Volumes, IV - VI, The O.C. Part II. Noyes, George Wallingford [compiler], Unpublished Draft.

Male continence. Noyes, John Humphrey. Oneida, NY, 1866.

Male continence: or, self-control in sexual intercourse. A letter of inquiry answered. Noyes, John Humphrey. New York, 1866.

Old Mansion House Memories. Worden, Harriet M. Kenwood, NY 1950.

Religious Experience of John Humphrey Noyes. Noyes, John Humphrey. New York, 1923.

Salvation from sin: the end of Christian faith. Noyes, John Humphrey.Wallingford, CT 1866.

Second annual report of the Oneida Association: exhibiting its progress to February 20, 1850. Oneida, NY 1850.

Third annual report of the Oneida Association: exhibiting its progress to February 20, 1851. Oneida, NY 1851.

History of the Oneida Community. Constance Noyes Robertson. (From: Oneida Community Books, Pamphlets, and Serials: 1834 - 1972. Jack T. Ericson, ed.) Glen Rock, NJ: Microfilming Corporation of America, 1973.

Oneida Community Mansion House: Historic Structure Report

I. Introduction
II The Oneida Community in the Context of 19th Century America
III The Oneida Community and John Humphrey Noyes
IV Transition from Community to Company
V Architectural Context of the Oneida Community
Selected Bibliography

The William A. Hinds American Communities Collection by Mark. F. Weimer [Reprinted from the Syracuse University Library Associates Courier, Vol XXII, No. 1, Spring 1987]


140 Selected historic photographs from Oneida Community.
A Finding Aid to Selected Images.

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