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Series Title: Eagle Series, Eagle Library

This digital edition is part of the Syracuse University Library's Street & Smith Dime Novel Cover Art Collection.

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Title. Author. Series No.

Gismonda. Hall, A. D. 67

Family Pride, or, Purified by Suffering. Holmes, Mary Jane. 353

A Love Comedy, or, Behind the Scenes. Garvice, Charles. 354

Wife and Woman. Haidheim, L. 355

Montezuma's Mines: A Romance of Love and Adventure. Rathborne, St. George. 357

The Spectre's Secret: A Novel. Cobb, Sylvanus. 359

An Only Daughter. Wood, Hazel. 360

Stella Rosevelt: A Novel. Sheldon, Georgie, Mrs. 362

The Opposite House: A Novel. Eschstruth, Nataly Von. 363

A Fool's Paradise: (A Letter). Halpine, Mary Grace. 364

Under a Cloud: A Novel. Ludlum, Jean Kate. 365

Comrades in Exile. Rathborne, St. George. 366

The Pride of her Life. Garvice, Charles. 368

For Another's Wrong: A Novel. Heimburg, W. 400

The Woman Who Came Between. Rowlands, Effie Adelaide. 401

A Silent Heroine, or, Ottilie Aster's Silence. Lowrey, D. M., Mrs. 402

The Rival Suitors, (Hetty, or, The Old Grudge). Connelly, J. H. 403

The Captive Bride, or, The Black Tiger. Whittaker, Frederick. 404

Felipe's Pretty Sister. Rathborne, St. George. 406

On a False Charge: A Novel. Hopkins, Seward W. 408

Miss Mischeif, or, The Love That Conquered. Heimburg, W. 410

Fettered and Freed, or, The Mystery of the Hotel Brichet. Chavette, Eugene. 411

The Love that Lives, or, The Great Kenton Feud. Whittaker, Frederick, Capt. 412

Were they Married?, or, Love's Darkest Hour. Wood, Hazel. 413

A Girl's First Love, or, Spanish Treasure. Winter, Elizabeth C. 414

Down in Dixie: A Story of Love, Mystery and Adventure. Rathborne, St. George. 416

Brave Barbara, or, Love's Sunny Pathway. Rowlands, Effie Adelaide. 417

Her Sweet Reward: What Happened in the House by... Kent, Barbara. 421

A Woman's Way, or, Bel Rubia. Whittaker, Frederick, Capt. 423

A Splendid Man, or, The Crown of Chance. Rowlands, Effie Adelaide. 424

A College Widow. Howe, Frank H. 425

The Bride of the Tomb and, Queenie's Terrible Secret. Miller, Alex. McVeigh, Mrs. 426

The Wizard of the Moors: A Stirring Tale of Adventure. Rathborne, St. George. 427

A Tramp's Daughter; A Romance. Wood, Hazel. 428

The Honor of a Heart. "Vacano". 430

Her Husband and Her Love, or, Faith's Golden Reward. Rowlands, Effie Adelaide. 431

Breta's Double. Greyson, Helen V. 432

The Guardian's Trust; A Novel. Denison, Mary A. 434

Under Oath: A Tale of the Mountains. Ludlum, Jean Kate. 435

The Rival Toreadors; A Romance of Sunny Spain. Rathborne, St. George. 436

The Breach of Custom: A Novel. Lowrey, D. M., Mrs. 437

So Like a Man, or, The Honorable Peter's Fascination. Rowlands, Effie Adelaide. 438

Little Nan, or, The Story of a Mother's Ring. Denison, Mary A. 439

Love's Trails, or, Maude Morton. Calhoun, A. R. 444

An Angel of Evil, or, Love's Fatal Dream. Rowlands, Effie Adelaide. 445

Bound with Love's Fetters, or, The Young School Teacher. Halpine, Mary Grace. 446

A Favorite of Fortune, or, In the Land of the Great White... Rathborne, St. George. 447

The Baliff's Scheme; A Novel. Lewis, Harriet. 449

Rosmund's Love; A Sequel to The Baliff's Scheme. Lewis, Harriet. 450

The Last of the Van Slacks; A Story of To-Day. Van Zile, Edward S. 452

A Vixen's Treachery, or, Beatrix Rohan. Lewis, Harriet. 456

A Golden Mask.. Stanley, Charlotte M. 459

Dr. Jack's Talisman, or, The Gold Scarabaeus. Rathborne, St. George. 460

A Wife's Triumph, or, Black Fortune. Rowlands, Effie Adelaide. 463

The Old Life's Shadows: A Novel. Lewis, Harriet. 464

Outside her Eden; A Sequel to The Old Life's Shadows. Lewis, Harriet. 465

Love, the Victor, or, Reunited. Calhoun, A.R. 466

Zina's Awaking; The Story of a Passion. Spender, John Kent, Mrs. 467

A Solider and a Gentleman, or, Dolly's Love Story. Cobban, J. MacLaren. 469

A Strange Wedding: (Craque O'Doom). Catherwood, Mary Hartwell. 470

A Shadowed Happiness, or, From Gloom to Sunshine. Rowlands, Effie Adelaide. 471

Doctor Jack & Co.: A Romance. Rathborne, St. George. 472

A Sacrifice to Love, or, The Curse of Ill-Gotten Gold. Stirling, Adelaide. 473

The Belle of the Season, or, The False Heir. Lewis, Harriet. 474

Love Before Pride, or, A Heart's Torture. Lewis, Harriet. 475

The Siberian Exiles, or, A Struggle for Love. Knox, Thomas Wallace. 477

For Love of Sigrid, or, A Dream of Happiness. Rowlands, Effie Adelaide. 478

A Perfect Fool, or, Chris' Redemption. Warden, Florence. 480

A Little Worldling: A Novel. Ellsworth, L. C. 482

Miss Marston's Heart, or, Love in a Bower of Roses. Bickford, L. H. 483

The End Crowns All, or, True as Steel. Rowlands, Effie Adelaide. 485

Divided Lives; a Novel. Fawcett, Edgar. 486

Lucy Harding: A Story of the Nihilists. Holmes, Mary Jane. 489

The Price of Jealousy, or Phillida. Howe, Maud. 490

My Lady of Dreadwood, or, Her Heart's Longing. Rowlands, Effie Adelaide. 491

A Speedy Wooing, or, The Garden of Armida. Coombs, Anne Sheldon. 492

Voyagers of Fortune: A Story of Adventure in the Java Sea. Rathborne, St. George. 494

Norine's Revenge, or, Two Fond Black Eyes. Fleming, May Agnes. 495

The Missing Heiress, or, The Face of Rosefel. Montague, C. H. 496

A Chase for Love, or, In the China Sea. Hopkins, Seward W. 497

Andrew Leicester's Love, or, Held By Fate. Rowlands, Effie Adelaide. 498

Fair Maid Marian, or, The Victim of a Mystery. Jones, Ema Garrison. 502

A Lady in Black, or, A Mysterious Love Affair. Warden, Florence. 503

Evelyn, the Actress, or, Love Behind the Scences. Gilman, Wenona. 504

Selina's Love Story: A Romance. Rowlands, Effie Adelaide. 505

A Mad Betrothal. Libbey, Laura Jean. 507

The King of Honey Island: A Romance. Thompson, Maurice. 508

A Penniless Princess, or, A Triumph of Love. Jones, Emma Garrison. 509

Dr. Jack's Paradise Mine: A Story of Love and Adventure. Rathborne, St. George. 510

The Golden Key, or, A Heart's Silent Worship. Sheldon, georgie, Mrs. 511

The Temptation of Mary Barr: A Romance. Rowlands, Effie Adelaide. 514

Tiny Luttrell. Hornung, E. W. 515

They Looked and Loved: A Novel. Miller, Alexander McVeigh. 517

The Secret of a Letter: A Novel. Warden, Gertrude. 518

The Heatherford Fortune: a Sequel to The Magic Cameo. Sheldon, Georgie, Mrs. 520

The Witch From India; A Romance of Love and Adventure. Rathborne, St. George. 521

A Spurned Proposal, or, Under a Cloud. Rowlands, Effie Adelaide. 522

A Banker of Bankersville: A Romance. Thompson, Maurice. 523

A Sacrifice of Pride; (The Squire). Parr, Mrs. 524

Sweet Kitty Clover: A Novel. Libbey, Laura Jean. 525

Love and Hate; (The Mate of the Vancouver). Roberts, Morley. 526

For Love and Glory: A Story of Love and Adventure. Rathborne, St. George. 527

Adela's Ordeal: A Novel. Warden, Florence. 528

The Wiles of a Siren, or, Mary's Great Mistake. Rowlands, Effie Adelaide. 530

Better Than Life, or, Her bitter Cup. Garvice, Charles. 531

True to His Bride, or, Dinna Forget, Love. Jones, Emma Garrison. 532

Lotta, the Cloak Model, or, Life in a Department Store. Libbey, Laura Jean. 534

Companions in Arms, or, A Filibuster in Tatters. Rathborne, St. George. 536

A Life's Mistake, or, Love's Forgiveness. Garvice, Charles. 537

A Heart's Triumph, or, Love Made Manifest. Rowlands, Effie Adelaide. 539

A Daughter of Darkness, or, The Shadow of the Past. Hanshew, Thomas W. 540

Once in a Life, or, The Secret of her Heart. Garvice, Charles. 542

The Veiled Bride, or, The Beautiful, Mysterious Young Girl. Libbey, Laura Jean. 543

In Love's Name: A Romance of a Pretty Madcap. Jones, Emma Garrison. 544

Well Worth Winning, or, Kincaid, from Peking. Rathborne, St. George. 545

The Career of Mrs. Osborne; A Novel. Milecete, Helen Carleton. 546

The Pearl and the Ruby, or, The Beautiful Rivals. Miller, Alexander McVeigh. 547

'Twas Love's Fault, or, A Young Girl's Trust. Garvice, Charles. 548

Tempted by Love, or, Love's Triumph. Rowlands, Effie Adelaide. 549

Queen Kate, or, A Wilful Lassie. Garvice, Charles. 553

Step by Step. Sheldon, Georgie, Mrs. 554

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