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Bruce Russell Papers

An inventory of his papers at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Russell, Bruce, 1903-1963.
Title: Bruce Russell Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1891-1964
Quantity: 23.5 linear ft.
Abstract: Primarily original artwork by Russell (particularly his editorial cartoons but also comic strips, sports and entertainment illustrations) and by nearly 100 cartoonists including: Carey Orr, Bill Mauldin, Herblock and Charles Schulz. The collection also includes correspondence; clippings of Russell's work; memorabilia including photographs and biographical information; idea files for specific topics containing clippings and printed material; and writings.
Language: English
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

Bruce Alexander Russell (1903-1963) was a Pulitzer Prize winning American cartoonist who spent over 30 years at the Los Angeles Times.

Russell was born in Los Angeles on August 4, 1903, the son of Alexander and Flora (Saunders) Russell. In 1921 Russell graduated from Los Angeles Polytechnic High School and in 1926 he received a degree from the University of California at Los Angeles, where he had drawn cartoons for the university newspaper, The Daily Bruin, and for The California Grizzly. Russell began his professional career at the Los Angeles Evening Herald. His early work appeared in various national publications, among them College Humor and Collier's, as well as in The California Pelican, published in Berkeley. In 1927 Russell joined the Los Angeles Times art staff as a sports and theater cartoonist and also sketched for the paper's illustrated magazine. During this period he created the popular Associated Press comic strip Rollo Rollingstone, which ran from 1930 to 1933. In 1934 Russell became the editorial cartoonist for the Los Angeles Times, a position he retained until his death nearly thirty years later when he was replaced by Paul Conrad.

Russell won a Pulitzer Prize in 1946 for his cartoon "Time to Bridge That Gulch" that was published on November 30, 1945 and depicted the gap between the United States and Russia. Sigma Delta Chi presented him with the Distinguished Service Award in 1948, 1950 and 1951. He also received the Headliners' Award for editorial cartoons in 1949, and from 1949 to 1962 his work was annually recognized by the Freedoms Foundation award. His other honors include the Christopher Award (1953) and an award from the U.S. Treasury (1960 or 1958?). At UCLA, Russell was named the Edward A. Dickson Alumnus of the year in 1951. Russell was a member of the National Cartoonists Society and the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists.

On December 18, 1963 Bruce Russell died of a heart attack in Los Angeles, California.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Bruce Russell Papers contain original artwork, correspondence, memorabilia, the artist's idea file, clippings and writings. The collection documents the Russell's career as a cartoonist and his work in several genres with material from the early 1920s through his death in 1963. It also includes original works by other cartoonists, often inscribed to Russell.

Cartoon clippings (1922-1963) provides examples of Russell's published work. Items are arranged within categories that reflect the development of Russell's career: college and other early work, comic strips and features, editorial cartoons, general illustrations, sports and Hollywood and theater. Samples of his early work include clippings from The California Pelican, Southern Alumnus, and College Humor. His comic features include "The Week in Review" and "Cartoonews," as well as the strips Good Old Chump and Rollo Rollingstone.

Editorial cartoons prepared daily for the Los Angeles Times between 1928 and 1963 form the largest part of the clippings section. Clippings of editorial cartoons from 1946 to 1963 are mostly cut from the Times editorial page and are substantially complete, arranged chronologically to the day. There is a gap between mid-July 1952 and December 1953.

As seen in both these clippings and his work in the Original Drawings series, Russell's editorial work paralleled the generally conservative editorial viewpoint of the Los Angeles Times. Recorded by Russell's pen were two major wars and the harbingers of the war in Vietnam, the beginnings of space exploration, the emergence of new political leaders, among them the Californian Richard Nixon, and life in southern California as the area grew in economic and political influence. Besides the national and international events that provided topics for his editorial comment, there also recur in his cartoon work references to rising taxes and Los Angeles politics, as well as many public service themes: traffic safety, the scouting movement, U.S. savings bonds, and charitable fund drives. During these years he developed a number of stylistic devices: the shrouded skeleton, an oafish Mars, the impoverished taxpayer dressed in a barrel, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, punning cartoon titles, the personifications John Q. Public and Miss Democracy, map outlines of political boundaries used metaphorically, and, from World War II, a maniacal Hitler, a slovenly Mussolini, and a fierce stereotype of the Japanese.

Correspondence (1922-1963) contains a small amount of both incoming and outgoing correspondence. Correspondents of interest include staff at MGM and Collier's; Richard Nixon and Eleanor Roosevelt. Subjects include acceptance notices for submitted artwork, requests for original cartoons and notes thanking the artist for his cooperation in charitable drives.

The Idea file series contains folders of illustrations, mostly clippings, as well as sketches, photographs, and published cartoons, that constitute a working reference file used by Russell in his work. These folders are alphabetically arranged by subject. The subject headings as they appear on the folders are Russell's own, except for headings in brackets. There are folders for political figures and other notables, such Russell trademarks as Tweedledum and Tweedledee and his characterization of the Roman god Mars, as well as such traditional symbols as the donkey and the elephant, bulls and bears, the eagle, Father Time, and Uncle Sam. There is also a folder of clippings of work by other cartoonists.

The Memorabilia series (1921-1964) contains a variety of material, primarily related to Russell's career. Included are his diploma from cartooning school before he entered the University of California, awards, photographs of Russell and his family and autographed by notables including California political figures Edmund ("Pat") Brown, Goodwin Knight, Norris Poulson, and James Roosevelt, labor leader John L. Lewis, Edward R. Stettinius, Jr., Arthur E. Summerfield, Raymond Moley, Senator Harry L. Byrd, and the cartoonists Rube Goldberg and George McManus. Also included is promotional material, clippings of articles about Russell, exhibition information, a copyright registration card and miscellaneous proofs.

Original Drawings (1891-1963) comprises the majority of this collection. The series is divided into works by Russell and works by other cartoonists. Original artwork by Bruce Russell spans his professional career, from early sketches from around 1922 to some of his last editorial cartoons. Most of this work was done for the Los Angeles Times. Like the clippings that are arranged earlier in the collection, the original drawings by Bruce Russell are arranged by categories that follow chronologically the development of his career. There are over 650 finished drawings by Russell, including 241 editorial cartoons and over 300 drawings for the comic strip Rollo Rollingstone. There are also 50 pencil sketches for editorial cartoons. Also worth noting are Russell's Hollywood illustrations. Some pieces of his non editorial work was signed with the name "Bruce Barr".

Russell's collection of work by other artists contains 164 drawings. Many of the cartoons are inscribed, and all inscriptions, unless otherwise noted, are to Bruce Russell. Among the editorial cartoonists represented are Gib Crockett, Herblock, Jim Ivey, Bill Mauldin, Carey Orr and Vaughn Shoemaker. Work by the cartoonists Al Capp, Rube Goldberg, Jimmy Hatlo, and George Herriman is also present, along with a color cell from a Woody Woodpecker animation and a Charles Schulz "Peanuts" strip from 1955. There are also several cartoons by unidentified artists.

Writings consists of two items. There are notes about the comic strip Rollo Rollingstone and typed questions prepared for the State Department and Pentagon from 1963.

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Arrangement of the Collection

Cartoon clippings are subdivided by type and within that arranged in roughly chronological order. Correspondence is arranged in chronological order. Idea files are alphabetical by subject. Original drawings are subdivided into those by Russell and those by other artists; within that, Russell's are further subdivided by type and then arranged alphabetically by caption, while those by other artists are arranged alphabetically by artist's last name.

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Access Restrictions

The majority of our archival and manuscript collections are housed offsite and require advanced notice for retrieval. Researchers are encouraged to contact us in advance concerning the collection material they wish to access for their research.

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Related Material

Special Collections Research Center has collections of over one hundred cartoonists including many of whom's work is included in the original drawings series of this collection. Please refer to the SCRC Subject Index for a complete listing.

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Subject Headings


Russell, Bruce, 1903-1963.

Corporate Bodies

Los Angeles Times (Firm)

Associated Titles

Rollo Rollingstone (comic strip)
The Week in Review.


American wit and humor, Pictorial.
Caricatures and cartoons -- United States.
Cartoonists -- United States.
Comic books, strips, etc.
Editorial cartoons -- California -- Los Angeles.
Editorial cartoons -- United States.
Sports -- Caricatures and cartoons.
Theater -- Caricatures and cartoons.
World politics -- 20th century -- Caricatures and cartoons.


United States -- Politics and government -- 20th century -- Caricatures and cartoons.

Genres and Forms

Cartoons (humorous images)
Clippings (information artifacts)
Comic strips.
Editorial cartoons.



Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Bruce Russell Papers,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

Photographs and cartoon clippings, gift of Miss Maxine Russell, 1964.

Original cartoons, cartoon clippings, and other items, gift of Mrs. Bruce Russell, 1966.

Five original Bruce Russell cartoons, gift of Miss Minnette L. Frohlich, 1971.

"Practice Ground for Three Chopsticks?", gift of Robert Payne, 2009.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: [Summit record]
Date: 2001-01-01
Revision history: 2 Oct 2007 - converted to EAD (MRC); 17 Nov 2010 - revised inventory (SK); 30 Mar 2015 - CartooNews, other adds (MRC); 29 Jul 2015 - rehoused in document boxes (MRC)

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Cartoon clippings
College and Other Early Work
Box 1 For the Los Angeles Evening Herald circa 1922
Box 1 Other circa 1922-1931 (2 folders)
Comic strips and features
Box 1 Aunt Polly undated
Box 1 The Battle Front 1931
Box 1 Cartoonews circa 1934 (4 folders)
See also Original art : Comic sctrips and features : Cartoonews below.
Box 1 Embarrassing Moments 1928-1932
Box 1 Good Old Chump 1925
Box 1 Hot Water 1934?
Box 1 Not Far From Broadway circa 1929
Box 1 Olde Tyme Almanack 1933-1934
Box 1 Review and Preview circa 1930
Box 1 Rollo Rollingstone 1931
Box 1 Starr, Reporter undated - proof sheet, dailies
See also Original art : Comic sctrips and features : Starr, Reporter below.
Box 1 "The Week in Review" 1929-1933, undated (4 folders)
Box 1 "Wynndebagg, the Ipecac Candidate" 1934?
Editorial cartoons
Box 2 1928
Box 2 Early 1930s
Box 2 1931-1940
Box 3 Jan 1941-Dec 1947
Box 4 1948-1950
Box 5 1951-Jul 1952, 1954
Box 6 1955-1957
Box 7 1958-1960
Box 8 1961-Mar 1963
Box 9 Apr-Dec 1963, undated
Box 10 Undated
Box 10 Cartoons drawn for other publications or as donations 1930-1941
General Los Angeles Times Work
Box 2 "Among Ourselves" cartoons 1931
Box 2 Times Sunday Magazine covers 1932-1933
Box 2 Times Sunday Magazine illustrated pages 1933-1934
Box 2 Times Sunday Magazine illustrations 1932-1933
Box 2 Miscellaneous illustrations 1927-1933
Hollywood and Theater Illustrations
Box 1 Regular size 1927-circa 1934 (3 folders)
Oversize 1 Oversize 1927-circa 1934
Sports Features
Box 2 "Following the Ball with Bruce Russell" 1932-1933
Box 2 Small-format Sports cartoons circa 1927
Box 2 "Sportoons" 1929
Box 2 Sports strips 1932
Box 2 Miscellaneous illustrations 1927-circa 1934 (5 folders)
Box 10 1922-1928
Box 10 1930-1934
Box 10 1942-1946
Box 10 1958
Box 10 1961-1963
Box 10 Undated
Idea file
Box 11 Airplanes
Box 11 Ammunition
Box 11 Animals (3 folders)
Box 11 Armor
Box 11 Army (2 folders)
Box 11 Art
Box 11 Artype Catalog
Box 12 Automobiles
Box 12 Autos and airplanes
Box 12 Axes
Box 12 Ballet
Box 12 Barbers
Box 12 Barrels and baskets
Box 12 Baseball
Box 12 Basketball
Box 12 Bears
Box 12 Bells
Box 12 Bicycles
Box 12 Birds (2 folders)
Box 13 Boats
Box 13 Books
Box 13 Bottles
Box 13 Boxing
Box 13 Brooms
Box 13 Buildings (2 folders)
Box 13 Bulls
Box 13 Cameras
Box 13 Car and truck pictures (2 folders)
Box 13 Car and truck reference file
Box 13 Car and truck reference pictures
Box 13 Cards
Box 13 Cartoon clips
Box 13 Cartoon fantasies
Box 14 Cartoons
Box 14 Castro
Box 14 Cats
Box 14 Cavemen
Box 14 Children
Box 14 China
Box 14 Christmas
Box 14 Churches
Box 14 Churchill
Box 14 Circus
Box 14 Clocks
Box 14 Color cartoons
Box 14 Comic Strips
Box 14 Cooks
Box 15 Costumes (2 folders)
Box 15 Cowboys
Box 15 Cows
Box 15 Cuts
Box 15 Devil
Box 15 Dewey
Box 15 Dinosaurs
Box 15 Dishes
Box 15 Divers
Box 15 Diving
Box 15 Docks
Box 15 Doctors
Box 15 Dogs
Box 15 Donkeys
Box 15 Dragons
Box 15 Ducks
Box 15 Eagles
Box 15 Egypt
Box 15 Eisenhower
Box 16 Elephants
Box 16 Emblems
Box 16 Eskimos
Box 16 Factories
Box 16 Farming
Box 16 Father Time
Box 16 Firemen
Box 16 Fish
Box 16 Fishing and boats
Box 16 Flags
Box 16 Flowers
Box 16 Flowers, fruit, and food
Box 16 Food
Box 16 Football
Box 16 Foreign policy
Box 16 France
Box 16 Franco
Box 16 Furniture
Box 16 Garner
Box 16 Germany (2 folders)
Box 17 Giraffes
Box 17 Globes
Box 17 Graves
Box 17 Grindstones
Box 17 Guns
Box 17 Hands (2 folders)
Box 17 Hands and feet
Box 17 Hats
Box 17 Heroes of peace
Box 17 Hippopotamuses
Box 17 Hitler
Box 17 Homes
Box 17 Horses (2 folders)
Box 17 Idea clippings
Box 17 India
Box 18 Indians
Box 18 Insects
Box 18 International
Box 18 Iran and Turkey
Box 18 Jails
Box 18 Japan
Box 18 Kennedy (2 folders)
Box 18 Lambs
Box 18 Lamps
Box 18 Lighthouses
Box 18 Lincoln
Box 18 Lions
Box 18 Machinery
Box 18 Mailboxes
Box 18 Maps
Box 19 Mechanical
Box 19 Mexico
Box 19 Mice
Box 19 Microphones
Box 19 Middle East
Box 19 Miners
Box 19 Miscellaneous
Box 19 Missiles
Box 19 Money
Box 19 Monkeys
Box 19 Moose and deer
Box 19 Musical (2 folders)
Box 19 Nationalities
Box 19 Navy
Box 19 Nixon
Box 20 Notables (2 folders)
Box 20 Oil
Box 20 Peron
Box 20 Pigs
Box 20 Pilgrims
Box 20 Pirates
Box 20 Plows
Box 20 Policemen
Box 20 Political cartoons (2 folders)
Box 20 Political figures (1 of 2)
Box 21 Political figures (2 of 2)
Box 21 Poses
Box 21 Poses, action
Box 21 Punch
Box 21 Rabbits
Box 21 Railroads
Box 21 Reptiles
Box 21 Rollin Kirby cartoons
Box 21 Romans
Box 21 Roosevelt
Box 21 Roosters
Box 21 Royalty Safes
Box 21 Scales
Box 21 School
Box 21 Scientists
Box 22 Scouting
Box 22 Seals
Box 22 Seasons
Box 22 Ships
Box 22 Ships and railroads
Box 22 Shoes
Box 22 Skating
Box 22 Skeletons
Box 22 Skunks
Box 22 Snails
Box 22 Space capsules
Box 22 Spain
Box 22 Sports (2 folders)
Box 22 Squirrels
Box 22 Stage
Box 22 Stassen
Box 22 Statue of Liberty
Box 23 Steel and cranes
Box 23 Stevenson
Box 23 Stores
Box 23 Stoves
Box 23 Swords
Box 23 Taft
Box 23 Tanks
Box 23 Telephones
Box 23 Tigers
Box 23 Track and field
Box 23 Traps
Box 23 Trees
Box 23 Truman (2 folders)
Box 23 Turkeys
Box 23 Tweedledum and Tweedledee
Box 23 Uncle Sam
Box 23 Uniforms
Box 23 Ventriloquism
Box 23 Wagons
Box 23 Washington, George
Box 23 Washington, D.C. (1 of 2)
Box 24 Washington, D.C. (2 of 2)
Box 24 Water
Box 24 Weather
Box 24 Windmills
Box 24 Winter
Box 24 Witches
Box 24 Wolves
Box 24 Women
Box 24 World
Box 25 Advertisements for Russell's work 1931, 1962-1963
Box 25 Association of American Editorial Cartoonists program 1961
Box 25 Autographed photographs 1945 undated (2 folders)
Oversize 1 Autographed photographs 1926-1962, undated - includes John Lewis
Box 25 Awards 1953, 1960-1961, undated
Oversize 2 Awards (oversize) 1947-1963
Box 25 Biographical material 1930, 1935, 1951, 1953, 1963-1964
Box 25 Brochures promoting the syndication of Russell's work 1930-1963
Oversize 2 Brochures promoting the syndication of Russell's work (oversize) 1930-1963
Box 25 Christmas cards drawn by Russell undated
Box 25 Clippings about cartoonists various dates
Box 25 Clippings about Bruce Russell 1931-1934, 1960-1963, undated
Box 25 Clippings of articles by Russell 1929, undated
Box 25 Clippings of cartoons by others 1930s
Box 25 Clippings that mention Russell 1932-1962, undated
Box 25 Diploma from the Federal School of Applied Cartooning 1921
Oversize 2 Donkey plaque undated
Box 25 Engraving plate and Mother's Day pin undated
Box 25 Exhibition clippings 1943
Box 25 Exhibition photographs 1937
Box 25 Exhibition programs 1938
Box 25 Letters to the editor regarding Russell's work 1941, undated - printed material
Box 25 Obituary notices and cartoon tributes 1963
Box 25 Occasional artwork by Russell 1962, undated - printed material
Box 25 Photographs of Russell circa 1920-1960
Oversize 1 Photographs of Russell circa 1920-1960
Box 25 Photographs of the Russell Family undated
Box 25 Prize-winning cartoons 1952, undated - clippings
Box 25 Proofs of editorial cartoons 1960s
Box 25 Miscellaneous 1920s-1960s - printed material, photographs, Press promotion of War Finance publication, clipping from George Herriman, copyright registration card
Oversize 1 Miscellaneous circa 1940s-1960s, undated - proofs and photographs
Original drawings
By Bruce Russell
Oversize 2 College and other early work 1926-1928, undated (6 items)
Comic strips and features
Oversize 2 Big Boy undated (2 strips (in 4 pieces))
Oversize 2 Boomer Biggins undated (17 panels)
Oversize 14 Cartoonews undated (67 items)
See also Clippings : Comic sctrips and features : Cartoonews above.
Oversize 2 Doctor Hooey undated (4 panels)
Oversize 2 Hollywood Flash! undated (3 panels)
Oversize 7 Rollo Rollingstone 1930 (341 panels total, including 12 sketches)
Oversize 8 Rollo Rollingstone 1931-1932, undated
Map-Case  Romantic Roscoe undated (3 items)
Map-Case  Starr, Reporter undated (7 items)
See also Clippings : Comic sctrips and features : Starr, Reporter above.
Oversize 14 Tidbits undated (12 items)
Map-Case  Week in Review undated (4 items)
Oversize 3 Hollywood and Theater Illustrations 1929, undated (31 items)
Oversize 11 Hollywood and Theater Illustrations undated (1 item)
Oversize 11 Sports Cartoon Jul 30 (1 item)
Oversize 3 Sports Cartoons undated (5 items)
General Los Angeles Times Work
Oversize 3 Multi-frame cartoons circa 1928 (5 panels)
Oversize 3 Times Sunday Magazine covers circa 1932 (3 panels)
Oversize 3 Miscellaneous illustrations 1932, 1957, undated (26 items)
Oversize 2 "She's Catching Up" (women and men in aviation) undated
Oversize 2 "Seen in the News" undated
Oversize 11 Miscellaneous illustrations undated (2 items)
Oversize 3 Miscellaneous undated (1 pencil sketch of canoe and dock and 1 unidentified panel)
Editorial Cartoons
Oversize 4 "Adlai Stevenson stepped here" (Illinois politics) April 12 1956
Oversize 4 "Ah, the finish" (graduation day) circa 1935
Oversize 4 "All she'd need is the Smith vote" (Margaret Chase Smith) Nov. 10 1963
Oversize 4 "Alphabetical order" (Khrushchev) Nov. 15 1958
Oversize 4 "And a merry old soul is he!" (Hollywood Bowl concert season) undated
Oversize 4 "And start taking your coat off now" (New Year's Day) 1930
Oversize 4 "And there aren't any holes in it" (naval treaty) undated
Oversize 4 "Another moratorium?" (crime) undated
Oversize 4 "Another one of those child marriages!" (taxes) undated
Oversize 4 "The assassin" (Obregon assassination of 1928?) undated
Oversize 4 "Aw, go an and get a shave!" (weather) July 16
Oversize 4 "Beard of the prophet" (traffic deaths) undated
Oversize 4 "The beard of the prophet" (prosperity) 1937
Oversize 4 "Before you start for a summit..." (communist ambitions) Mar 6 1958
Oversize 4 "A black dachshund crossed her path" (French-German relations) undated
Oversize 4 "Blank!" (income tax) undated
Oversize 4 "Both: 'Well, what are you going to do about it?' " (population explosion), Dec. 26 1960
Oversize 4 "The Boys are at it again. 'Need any help?' "(campaign promises) May 17 1928
Oversize 4 "Bumper crop" (Billie Sol Estes) June 22 1962
Oversize 4 "But let's not put her out on a limb!" (Pan-American peace plans) undated
Oversize 4 "But my heart belongs to big daddy" (Democratic party) Aug. 10 1963
Oversize 4 "But there are some who didn't" (traffic deaths) undated
Oversize 4 "A cabinet, a crib and a big wastebasket" (John F. Kennedy) Nov. 30 1960
Oversize 4 "Calling out the class of '37!" (New Year's Day) 1936
Oversize 4 "The car that parked overtime!" (rain) undated
Oversize 4 "The census is being taken!" (the Julian affair) undated
Oversize 4 "Cheshire cat" (tax cuts) Aug. 3 1962
Oversize 4 "The chipsky on the shouldervitch!" (Russian armaments) undated
Oversize 4 "Christmas count up" (traffic safety) Dec. 18 1961
Oversize 4 "The Christmas shoppers" (militarism) undated
Oversize 4 "The classroom!" (naval problems) undated
Oversize 4 "The cloud with the silver lining!" (California taxes) undated
Oversize 4 "Cold facts" (Admiral Richard Byrd at the South Pole and Hoover's Inaugural) 1929
Oversize 4 "ColumbU.S." (space program) Oct. 12 1963
Oversize 4 "'Come to order and fasten your clothespins'" (Estes investigation) May 29 1962
Oversize 4 "The comic valentine" (John L. Lewis) undated
Oversize 4 "Coming lei day" (James Hoffa) July 19, 1959
Oversize 4 "The cooking's starting early!" (spring) undated
Oversize 4 "Court plaster" (Communist agents) Oct. 11 1961
Oversize 4 "The crest of this wave can't be too high!" (flood relief) undated
Oversize 4 "Crowded off" (Lindbergh) undated
Oversize 4 "DAILY DOUBLE" circa 1955 - 10 cartoons from this series, not individually titled
Oversize 4 "Dead eye" (tax loopholes) May 15 1961
Oversize 4 "The deadlines" (holiday traffic deaths) Dec. 18 1962
Oversize 4 "Death's-Headline" (mail hike's effect on newspapers) Apr. 23 1962
Oversize 4 "Divorced" (Nevada divorces) undated
Oversize 4 "The dog without a country!" (Nazi war guilt) undated
["Don Quixote Walker," see "Self-Framed"]
Oversize 4 "The 'don't care' hare and the Easter bunny" (the handicapped) undated
Oversize 4 "Dove with a vulture's wings" (Truman "peace") circa 1952
Oversize 4 "East Berlin? Got any extra bricks and barbed wire?" (Castro) Aug. 19 1961
Oversize 4 "Eat, drink and be wary" (food shortages under communism) March 8 1962
Oversize 4 "Emmy nomination for endurance" (television commercials) May 2 1963
Oversize 4 "End of the trial" (Eichmann) Dec. 12 1961
Oversize 4 "An epitaph that's becoming more and more common" (highway deaths) Feb. 1 1958
Oversize 4 "Equal partners" (business) undated
Oversize 4 "The European shell game!" (war debts) undated
Oversize 11 "Every new car has an old style satellite" (careless driving) Nov. 18 1957
Oversize 4 "Eyesocket to eyesocket" (careless driving) July 20 1963
Oversize 4 "The 'Face the Russian Nation' program" (Russian U.N. defeat) Oct. 15 1960
Oversize 4 "The farmer in the dell" (Midwest drought) undated
Oversize 4 "Featherbedding deluxe...with maid service" (government payrolls) Aug. 3 1963
Oversize 4 "The flower barrel" (spring) undated
Oversize 4 "Foot of clay" (United Nations costs) April 1 1963
Oversize 4 "The fourth at bridge!" (international stabilization) undated
Oversize 4 "Frankenstein!" (European disarmament?) undated
Oversize 4 "Fright farmer" (far right agitation) May 31 1963
Oversize 4 "The gargoyle" (drugs) Aug. 6 1962
Oversize 4 "Gazing into the decreasing roll!" (personal finances) undated
Oversize 4 "Gonna take a lot of rope, Jack!" (Kennedy '62-'64 strategy) 1962
Oversize 4 "The grade's been made without a slip!" (citrus industry) undated
Oversize 4 "He can't be Napoleon Bonaparte--I'm Napoleon Bonaparte!" (Khrushchev) Nov. 1 1957
Oversize 4 "He didn't even get to first base!" (Hoover administration) 1929?
Oversize 4 "He looks like a good dancer!" (naval Party conference) undated
Oversize 4 "He only eats once a year, but--!" (income tax) undated
Oversize 4 "He wants to blow his own horn!" (Monroe Doctrine) undated
Oversize 4 "The head man" (boys' week) undated
Oversize 4 "Heck, quints aren't unusual!" (taxes) Sept. 21 1963
Oversize 4 "Here comes THE ambassador!"(Spring) undated
Oversize 4 "Here, put these on, you guys" (Hoffa's political influence) Oct. 25 1963
Oversize 4 "Herein lies Ethiopia!" (Mussolini's conquest of Ethiopia) circa 1935
Oversize 4 "He's putting on a show for us!" (public schools) undated
Oversize 4 "The higher gov't costs ledge" (government costs) May 28 1963
Oversize 4 "His 'Bridges' to dreamland" (Hoffa) Sept. 21 1958
Oversize 4 "His entry!" (Olympics) undated
Oversize 4 "Hm! Stealing my stuff!" (Easter) undated
Oversize 4 "Hole in his stocking" (Adlai Stevenson) Dec. 11 1962
Oversize 4 "Homage" (Foch) [1929]
Oversize 4 "How now, brown cow" (black market in meat) Feb. 8 1951
Oversize 4 "How old fashioned!" (heat wave) undated
Oversize 4 "How to assure the proof of the pudding" (Hollywood Bowl concert season) undated
Oversize 4 "How to rope a fight mare?" (federal budget) Jan. 23 1962
Oversize 11 "If we get some ham, well have some ham and eggs--and we will get eggs." (California Democrats' campaign promises) Oct 20 1958
Oversize 5 "If wishbones were horses!" (war threats) undated
Oversize 5 "If you drink up and drive up--" (traffic safety) Dec 21 1960
Oversize 5 "Ike's ark" (Eisenhower's term) Sep. 20 1956
Oversize 5 "I'll see you in 1938" (Roosevelt's budget) undated
Oversize 5 "In case of fire, keep cool!"(fire prevention week) Oct 6
Oversize 5 [Income balancing act] Mar 2, 1937
Oversize 5 [Inflation couch] undated
Oversize 5 "In hoc, signo vinces" (the pilgrimage play) undated
Oversize 5 "In the national unity cornfield" (political extremists) Mar 9 1962
Oversize 5 "In pursuit of the shooting dollar" (inflation) Mar 9 1957
Oversize 5 "Indian sign" (government costs) Nov. 16 1963
Oversize 5 "It used to be an exclusive business!" (prohibition polls) undated
Oversize 5 "It will just be a question of weight!" (naval limitations) undated
Oversize 5 "It would be a dull day indeed" (trans-Atlantic or round-the-world flights) undated
Oversize 5 "It's a plate cracker!" (Spain's monarchy) undated
Oversize 5 "It's a round trip" (unemployment) undated
Oversize 5 "It's an old Southern costume" (politics in Tennessee and Georgia) Mar. 1 1952
Oversize 5 "It's changed bearers!" (1930 census report) circa 1930
Oversize 5 "Jack and the means talk" (auto strike) undated
Oversize 5 "Jack Sprat and wife!" (European military expenditures) undated
Oversize 5 "John's bull!" (British armament costs) undated
Oversize 5 "Just from one piece of paper!" (Hoover's first year in office) circa 1930
Oversize 5 "The key to the cellar" (Hoover's oil policies) circa 1929
Oversize 5 "Landing strip" (air safety) Dec. 17 1960
Oversize 5 "The leading publisher" (traffic safety) undated
Oversize 5 "Let me look into it.!" (highway plans) undated
Oversize 5 "Let's stuff this ballot box" (community chest) undated
Oversize 5 "The lines of March" (Hoover's election) [1928]
Oversize 5 "The line's still busy" (Italian militarism) undated
Oversize 5 ["Looks like Mahomet isn't going anywhere", see Mahomet]
Oversize 5 "The low, low form of Homo sapiens" (pyromaniacs) Dec. 29 1956
Oversize 5 "The lowest thing on earth" (kidnaping) undated
Oversize 5 "Mahomet comes to the mountain" (Supreme court changes) undated
Oversize 5 "Mahomet isn't going anywhere" (taxes) Nov. 15 1962
Oversize 5 "The Maine stein song" (Maine politics) Sept. 15 1954
Oversize 5 "Maybe we forgot the most important one of all" (traffic safety) July 25 1955
Oversize 5 "Me, too!" (Engelbert Dollfuss) undated
Oversize 5 "Measuring them up early" (1932 politics) undated
Oversize 5 "Merry Christmas--" (Rose Bowl game) undated
Oversize 5 "Middle East, date line" (Middle East crisis) Nov. 11 1956
Oversize 5 "Milwaukee's orbit!" (baseball) Oct. 11 1957
Oversize 5 "Moonlight an the Ganges" (Nehru) Dec. 19 1961
Oversize 5 "More baking power'" (London parley) undated
Oversize 5 "More spring training!" (income taxes) undated
Oversize 5 "My figure's improving!" (population census) undated
Oversize 5 "National contract, national velvet!" (Hoffa) Nov. 18 1963
Oversize 5 "Needed--a moratorium an this death penalty!" (traffic safety) Jan. 12, 1963
Oversize 5 "New frontier image" (Pat Brown) Feb. 23, 1963
Oversize 5 "New Hampshire dollar" (gambling) May 5 1963
Oversize 5 "The new hat" (republican Spain) undated
Oversize 5 "New mirage an the Stassen desert" (Philadelphia politics) March 8 1959
Oversize 5 "The new moon and the shadow!" (China's civil war) undated
Oversize 5 "New Royal Canadian Mounted" (socialized medicine) July 3 1962
Oversize 5 "The new savings account" (naval agreement) undated
Oversize 5 "Neither dead nor in the red" (strong economy as basis of U.S. defense) Jan. 2 1962
Oversize 5 "No exchanges" (traffic deaths) Dec. 28 1955
Oversize 5 "Not much time for him!" (Hoover's term) undated
Oversize 5 "Of course we are" (communist threat to U.S.) circa 1930
Oversize 5 "Old McDonald had a farm" (New Deal farm regulations) undated
Oversize 5 "Ole Mess" (New Frontier crises) Oct. 7 1962
Oversize 5 "Only one day more!" (political campaigning) undated
Oversize 5 "Our financial cousin" (Harold Macmillan) April 7 1963
Oversize 5 "Our man in Havana" (Monroe Doctrine) Sept. 16 1962
Oversize 5 "Our man of the year, every year" (tax burden) Dec. 29 1961
Oversize 5 "Our two constant companions" (atomic power) Sept. 21 1956
Oversize 5 "Out of the ashes" (Managua disaster) undated
Oversize 5 "Overhanging cliff and rising tide" (Rockefeller vs. Goldwater) May 13 1963
Oversize 5 "Passing the baton" (labor unrest) undated
Oversize 5 "Perch-mates!" (hawks and doves in navy) undated
Oversize 5 "Perjurer's hour" (Alger Hiss) Nov. 13 1962
Oversize 5 "Pie in the sky and the pie plate" (platform promises) Oct. 15 1958
Oversize 5 "Ping along with Mich." (George Romney) Feb. 14 1962
Oversize 5 "The pit and the pendulum!" (Roosevelt and the Supreme Court) undated
Oversize 5 "Plunk!" (Stevenson and Kefauver) undated
Oversize 5 "Practice Ground for Three Chop Sticks?" (China) undated
Oversize 5 "Public menace no. 1" (smog) Jan 8 1961
Oversize 5 "The rain of law" (unnecessary laws in California) undated
Oversize 5 "Ran into a fender" (McCarthy split, Pat Brown) Aug. 17 1961
Oversize 5 "Readin', 'ritin', 'rithmetic, and remote control" (federal aid to education) Feb. 11 1962
Oversize 11 "Recklessness pitching" (traffic safety) Apr 21 1958
Oversize 5 "Relegated to the New Frontier museum"(government spending) Aug. 27 1962
Oversize 5 "Remember now, no fishing" (British government and socialism) undated
Oversize 5 "Renewal tabu (traffic safety) Feb.3 1957
Oversize 5 "Returned to sender" (Gov. Pat Brown) Mar. 11 1960
Oversize 5 "A right and a left!" (primary voting) undated
Oversize 5 "A ring full" (Hoover economic policy) undated
Oversize 5 "Ringers" (Christmas) Dec. 1930
Oversize 5 "The routes to conquer our educational Everest" (funding education) May 25 1963
Oversize 5 "Russian spelling" (Adenauer visits the Kremlin) Sept. 8 1955
Oversize 5 "Santa Claus with an empty bag" (federal spending) Dec. 3 1962
Oversize 5 "The school 'go!' " (school opening) undated
Oversize 11 "The seasons" (atomic fallout) Oct 14 1961
Oversize 11 "Self-framed" (Texas politics) Apr 7 1962
Oversize 5 "Sewer gas" (gambling) Apr 2 1962
Oversize 5 "Silenced" (death of Nicholas Longworth) 1931
Oversize 5 "Simmer school" (heat wave) Jul 17 1954
Oversize 5 "So goes the tortoise" (Maine politics) Sept 12 1956
Oversize 5 "Somebody's always standing with a pin!" (Prohibition) undated
Oversize 5 "Sonny, are you serious?" (reform) undated
Oversize 5 "Still figuring" (age of earth) undated
Oversize 11 "Stop sign" (juvenile crime) Jan 20 1958
Oversize 5 "The stop sign of polio" (March of Dimes) Jan 4 1954
Oversize 5 "Strike one!" (lame duck sessions) undated
Oversize 5 "Studio lot" (prisons) Feb 13 1960
Oversize 5 "The swatting season" (martial law in Spain) undated
Oversize 6 "Tailor made" (Goldberg appointment to the Supreme Court) Sep 5 1962
Oversize 11 "Teacher's pet" (inflation) Mar 2 1959
Oversize 6 "Test ban concessions extra nice today, sir!" (nuclear test ban treaty) Aug 10 1962
Oversize 6 "Test for a test ban" (test ban treaty) Jul 28 1963
Oversize 6 "Testing 1-2-3-4-5-6-7" (air safety) Feb 2 1957
Oversize 6 "There'll be no deep freezes or vicuna coats" (John Kennedy's ethics program) Oct 19 1960
Oversize 6 "This gun for hire" (crime) Mar 10 1955
Oversize 6 "This is a dizzy old world!" (revolutions) undated
Oversize 6 "Those forbidden dances!" (dictatorships) circa 1939
Oversize 6 "Those hard-to-crack 'after Easter' eggs" (national problems facing Congress) Apr 16 1958
Oversize 6 "Time for Mohammed to go to the mountain" (crime) Apr 27 1957
Oversize 6 "The toll of traffic" (traffic safety) undated
Oversize 6 "Too bad our No. 1 murderer can't be put there" (traffic safety) Mar 23 1963
Oversize 11 Traffic 3-D" (traffic safety) undated
Oversize 6 Two horses that can't be doped" (income tax returns) undated
Oversize 6 "Two soles with but a single thought" (Adlai Stevenson) Oct 28 1956
Oversize 6 "Typical backing for backing a red" (V.K. Krishna Menon) undated
Oversize 6 "Up we go into the high blue yonder" (taxes) Aug 31 1963
Oversize 6 "Upholding Hitler's military policy!" (Nazism in Germany) undated
Oversize 6 "The Washington 'wide open'" (FDR's executive program) undated
Oversize 6 "Welcome to the club, Tom" (Senators Wayne Morse and Thomas Kuchel) Apr 30 1959
Oversize 6 "We're running a high temperature!" (weather) undated
Oversize 6 "What are we going to do about this auto strike?" (effect of strike) undated
Oversize 6 "What does that last line say?" (Taft and Stassen) undated
Oversize 6 "What this country needs is another Lincoln!" (class hatred) undated
Oversize 6 "What to do with your old hat" (Los Angeles politics) Mar 24
Oversize 6 "What's your hurry?" (crime) undated
Oversize 6 "When doctors disagree" (wages) undated
Oversize 6 "Where we hang our economy hat" (home-ownership) undated
Oversize 6 "Where's that strike ointment" (strikes) Jul 5
Oversize 6 "Who said there's safety in numbers?" (traffic safety) undated
Oversize 6 "Who was that lady I saw you with last night?"(U.S. ban on consular service foreign marriages) undated
Oversize 6 "Wind it up and it becomes lethal" (traffic safety) undated
Oversize 6 "Wonder, sometimes, if I'm getting any signals out" (taxes) Mar 3 1959
Oversize 6 "Won't be anyone left to sign a separate peace" (exodus to West Berlin) Aug 7 1961
Oversize 6 "A worthy setting" (the pilgrimage play) undated
Oversize 6 "Yep, everybody's in great form!" (tax returns) Apr 13 1962
Oversize 6 "Yep, the government must cut spending" (Congressional spending) Nov 3 1963
Oversize 6 "You and me both" (Rockefeller vs. Goldwater) Oct 26 1963
Oversize 6 "Your foot is getting too big for my mouth" (Paul Butler's campaign strategy for the Democrats) 1960
Oversize 6 "Zoning problem" (Suez situation) Sep 16 1956
Oversize 6 Untitled (Algerian peace) 1962
Oversize 6 Untitled (employment) 1962
Oversize 6 Untitled (Jimmy Hoffa) Aug 30 1961
Oversize 1 Pencil sketches for editorial cartoons undated (50 items)
Box 25 Fragments undated
By others
Oversize 9 Alley, Cal. "Sugar cured." Editorial cartoon inscribed to Bruce Russell undated
Oversize 9 Baguez, Salvador. Untitled sports illustration of a track runner. Inscribed to Bruce Russell Oct 9 1929
Oversize 9 Bardell, Wyn. Untitled illustration undated
Oversize 11 Bardell, Wyn. Untitled illustration undated - Hollywood?
Oversize 9 Barndollar, "Overcoming interference" undated
Oversize 9 Barndollar, "Parking space" undated
Oversize 9 Barndollar, "Red poppies" undated
Oversize 9 Barndollar, [Russian marionettes] undated
Oversize 9 Barndollar, "What more could one want?" undated
Oversize 9 Barrow, Hank. "Trying to fill the bill" (world hunger). Editorial cartoon inscribed to Bruce Russell undated
Oversize 9 Bastian, Robert. "Anything you can do I can do louder" (atomic testing). Editorial cartoon inscribed to Bruce Russell 1960s
Oversize 9 Bastian, Robert. "Well, if you won't take it off, let's see what we can do with it on!" (hydrogen bomb tests). Editorial cartoon inscribed to Bruce Russell. undated
Oversize 9 Batchelor, C.D. "A dad's idea of the perfect baby" undated
Oversize 9 Bates, Bill. "Ping" strip. Inscribed to Bruce Russell Mar 1 1962
Block, Herbert
See Herblock
Oversize 9 Bronstrup. "If bait counts, he's landed" undated
Oversize 9 Cam, Billy. "If you are looking for somebody, you will find 'em out in Hollywood trying to get into the movies" Pen and ink cartoon undated
Oversize 9 Capp, Al. Untitled illustration with Li'l Abner characters. "Drawn specially for the Los Angeles Times." undated
Oversize 11 Carlisle, Tom. "There are no short cuts round the mountains." Inscribed to Bruce Russell. undated
Oversize 9 Crawford, Bill. "They fly so high they touch the sky" (disarmament). Inscribed to Bruce Russell. undated
Oversize 9 Crenshaw, George. "Orville drowns out the commercials." Inscribed to Bruce Russell. 1958
Oversize 9 Criswell, Ralph. Untitled pen and ink illustration. Inscribed to Bruce Russell. undated
Oversize 9 Crockett, Gib. "Balkan serenade" (Tito). Inscribed to Bruce Russell. May 15
Oversize 9 Dalrymple, Louis. Untitled pen and ink illustration undated
Oversize 9 Day, Robert. Untitled cartoon on Rube Wolf 1927
Oversize 11 Day, Robert. Sunday Stage theater cartoon undated
Oversize 9 Day, Robert. "Yes, and we're doing most of the shaking" undated
Oversize 9 Dodge, A.B. Untitled pen and ink illustration. Inscribed to Bruce Russell. circa 1931
Oversize 11 Dodge, A.B. Untitled pen and ink theater illustration. undated
Oversize 9 Dowling, Dan. "Dr. Truman's message to the farmers" (farm vote). Editorial cartoon inscribed to Bruce Russell. March 11 1952
Oversize 9 Doyle, Jerry. Untitled editorial cartoon on Hitler. Inscribed to Bruce Russell. undated
Oversize 11 Ehrhart, S.D.. Untitled pen and ink illustration Dec. 9 1903
Oversize 9 Egli, Leo. "And the sky's the limit" 1938
Oversize 9 Engelhardt, Tom. "Charmer" (Mme. Nhu), Inscribed to Bruce Russell Nov. 1 1963
Oversize 9 Evans, Ray. "Relief--mostly for the politicians" (pork barrel projects). Editorial cartoon, inscribed to Bruce Russell. May 31 1932
Oversize 9 Ewing, A.L. Untitled illustration Inscribed to Bruce Russell. undated
Oversize 9 Ewing. Untitled drawing of a metropolitan street scene. Inscribed to Bruce Russell, undated
Oversize 9 Ficklen, Herc."Walking man, European version" (Russia against Finland) Inscribed to Bruce Russell. 1939?
Oversize 9 Fischer, Jo. Untitled caricature in ink Inscribed to Bruce Russell. undated
Oversize 11 Fisher, Dudley T., Jr. "Jolly Jingles." Oversized, colored panel. Inscribed to Bruce Russell. Mar. 6 1932.
Oversize 9 Fitzpatrick, D.R. "Used to be ain't is" (U.S. China policy). Editorial cartoon, inscribed to Bruce Russell. June 16 1957
Oversize 9 Flowers, Don. Untitled ink illustration. Inscribed to Bruce Russell. 1931
Oversize 11 Forsythe, Vic. "Little upset in plans". Sports strip, inscribed to Bruce Russell. 1930
Oversize 9 Fox, Fontaine. "Mickey (Himself) McGuire". Single cartoon panel, inscribed to Bruce Russell. 1924
Oversize 9 Fox, Fontaine. "Forty years ago--and now he's president" (Taft), Feb. 19 1909
Oversize 9 Gale, "Another ringside seat" (League of Nations vs. armaments). Inscribed to Bruce Russell. 1927
Oversize 9 Gale. "Is he coming out of lt?" (Bolshevism) undated
Oversize 9 Gale. "The Knickerbocker Kids, No.3" undated
Oversize 9 Gale. "The Knickerbocker Kids, No.4" undated
Oversize 9 Gale. "The Knickerbocker Kids, No.5" undated
Oversize 9 Gale. "The Knickerbocker Kids, No.6" undated
Oversize 11 Gallaway. Untitled pen and ink illustration Sept. 15, 1899
Oversize 9 Garbatt. Untitled horse-racing illustration. Inscribed to Bruce Russell. undated
Oversize 9 Glackens, L.M. Untitled Puck illustration. March 12 1907
Oversize 9 Goldberg, Rube. "Collared!" (The Cairo Plan against Japan). Inscribed to Bruce Russell Jan. 1944
Oversize 9 Goldberg, Rube. "They thrive an it" (dictators). Editorial cartoon, inscribed to Bruce Russell. Dec. 1956
Oversize 9 Griffin, Sydney B. Untitled pen and ink illustration Sept. 21, 1891
Oversize 9 Hackney, Rick. Untitled cartoon on grassroots politics. Inscribed to Bruce Russell. undated
Oversize 9 Hanny, William. "You can't trust a ball fan to do anything right" (baseball) circa 1915
Oversize 9 Hatlo, Jimmy. "They'll do it every time" Single panel about manners undated
Oversize 9 Hatlo, Jimmy. "They'll do it every time." single panel about a drunk undated
Oversize 9 Hatlo, Jimmy. "Dedicated to music week." Large panel, inscribed to Bruce Russell. undated
Oversize 9 Herblock. "Nightmare nostrum" (Mussolini) Inscribed to Bruce Russell, Oct. 18 1937?
Oversize 11 Herblock. "Go away" (the Republicans' farm problem). Inscribed to Joe Sherwood. 1955
Oversize 9 Herriman, George. "Strangers outside the old gate." Inscribed to Bruce Russell. undated
Oversize 9 Hitt, Oscar. "The merry widow." Colored cartoon panel, inscribed to Bruce Russell. May 25 1931
Oversize 9 Hix, Elsie. "Hix's strange as it seems." Inscribed to Bruce Russell. Sept. 7 1949
Oversize 11 Hubenthal, Karl. Untitled editorial cartoon on Red Chinese aggression. Inscribed to Bruce Russell. circa 1950
Oversize 9 Hubenthal, Karl. Untitled editorial cartoon on Truman and MacArthur. Inscribed to Bruce Russell. 1951
Oversize 11 Hungerford, Cy. Caricature (of Bruce Russell). Inscribed to Bruce Russell undated
Oversize 9 Hungerford, Cy. "The champ loses his reputation." Inscribed to Bruce Russell. undated
Oversize 11 Hutton, Hugh. Caricature of William Penn Inscribed to Bruce Russell. undated
Oversize 11 Ireland. "Do I have to adopt that, too?" (Uncle Sam's dependencies) undated
Oversize 9 Ivey, Jim. "No thanks--just looking" (Nixon). Inscribed to Bruce Russell. Jan.3 1960 [i.e. 1961]
Oversize 9 Ivey, Jim. "'Chaff! " Straw in the wind'" (Richard Nixon and Pat Brown) undated
Oversize 9 Ivey, Jim. "Chivalry is dead" (Goodwin Knight and Richard Nixon) Inscribed to Gov. Knight. 1962?
Oversize 9 Ivey, Jim. "The 'great-leap-forward'" (Chinese economic failures) 1960
Oversize 9 Ivey, Jim. "Happy birthday to you" (Berlin Wall) From the "Pocket Cartoon" series. undated
Oversize 9 Ivey, Jim. "Nouveau riche" (Soviet space efforts) Inscribed to Bruce Russell. undated
Oversize 9 Ivey, Jim. "Slowest gun in the West" (Kennedy), From the "Pocket Cartoon" series. undated
Oversize 9 Ivey, Jim. Untitled editorial cartoon contrasting U.S. and Soviet Union space projects). Inscribed to Bruce Russell. 1962
Oversize 10 Jenkins, Burris, Jr. Untitled sports cartoon on boxer Ben Jeby undated
Oversize 10 Jensen, Cecil. "Bad year for mosquitoes, ain't it?" (Hitler) Inscribed to Bruce Russell. undated
Oversize 10 Knott, John. Untitled cartoon of a hitchhiking conquistador. Inscribed to Bruce Russell. 1936 - from Polish Daily News
Oversize 10 Krawiec, Walter. "In Bretton Woods" (European reconstruction). Inscribed to Bruce Russell. Jan. 10 1946
Oversize 10 Kuhn, Charles. "Always in the background" (threat of war). Inscribed to Bruce Russell. 1946
Oversize 21 Kuhn, Charles. "Yep, the days are getting shorter" (voter resentment against the Democrats). Inscribed to Bruce Russell. 1946
Oversize 10 Lantz, Walter. Color Woody Woodpecker animation cell. Inscribed to Bruce Russell from "Walter Lantz and Woody Woodpecker." undated
Oversize 10 Lawton. "The hired gun" (Truman) undated
Oversize 11 Levering, Albert. Untitled ink illustration of a parlor scene 1911
Oversize 10 Lichty, George. "That settles it, Roscoe!... We're going on vacation right now while we still have something to come back to..." A "Grin and Bear It" panel on do-it-yourselfers. Inscribed to Bruce Russell. Apr 23 1955
Oversize 11 Little, Tom. "Something to do more than think about" (school enrollment) undated
Oversize 10 Long, Scott. "Sales promotion" (Stalin),undated Inscribed to Bruce Russell.
Oversize 10 Loring, Paule. "Tender-hearted pop says no" undated
Oversize 10 Loring, Paule. "We are prepared for the worst" (air raids on Japan) June 14 1945
Oversize 10 Maples, Harold. "Courage boy" (Alaska statehood) undated
Oversize 10 Maples, Harold. "Not much room left" (federal spending) undated
Oversize 10 Maples, Harold. "This is going to be interesting" (labor racketeering) Feb 1 1959
Oversize 10 Maples, Harold. "Will our dream boat get home?" (government spending) undated
Oversize 10 Marcus, Ed. The 'blue' horizon" (Hitler's Russian offensive). Inscribed to Bruce Russell. Oct. 18 1942
Oversize 10 Mauldin, Bill. "Fallout" (Khrushchev). Inscribed to Bruce Russell. 1961
Oversize 10 Mauldin, Bill. Untitled ink Sketch of G.I. Joe. Inscribed to Bruce Russell. circa 1945
Oversize 10 Maxwell, G.T. "But when he got up close...!" (a Roosevelt third term) circa 1940
Oversize 11 McGee, Ernie. Untitled comic strip about restaurants undated
Oversize 10 McNerney, Gene. Untitled ink illustration. Inscribed to Bruce Russell. undated
Oversize 9 Eam. "Script." Inscribed to Bruce Russell. undated
Oversize 10 McNerney, Gene. "Buy and buy and buy and let him pay and pay and pay" Illustration for Liberty Magazine. undated
Oversize 10 Messner, Elmer. "A dangerous plaything" (Spanish Civil War) Inscribed to Bruce Russell. undated
Oversize 10 Mullin, Willard. Untitled color cartoon on neckwear undated
Oversize 10 Murphy, J.E. "Interned for forty days" (Lent) Inscribed to A.M. Moore. March 24 1916
Oversize 10 Myers, Fred. Cartoon self-portrait with note to Bruce Russell May 7 1928
Oversize 10 Nichols, Nick. Untitled strip from a series, probably called "Oh, boy, are we going to have fun!" 1930
Oversize 11 Nolley, Lance. "Samson and Delilah" (the Kellogg-Briand Pact) circa 1928
Oversize 10 Norris, L. "Don't mind 'er. She's just found out 'er sex can orbit in space and topple governments, all in one week." June 19 1963
Oversize 10 Opper, F. Untitled pen and ink illustration March 10
Oversize 10 Orr, Carey. "Head salesman reports to the general manager" (Soviet diplomacy). Inscribed to Bruce Russell. Jan. 21 1959
Oversize 10 Orr, Carey. "The old claim seems to be about played out" (bleak Republican future in 1931). Inscribed to Bruce Russell. 1931
Oversize 10 Page, Grover. "Adolf has ceiling problems too" (Hitler) undated
Oversize 10 Page, Grover. "High ball" Dec. 29 1943
Oversize 10 Page, Grover. "But what's holding up the secret weapon?" (German secret weapon) circa 1944
Oversize 10 Paprocki, Tom. "Flying high." Sports cartoon, inscribed to Bruce Russell. 1930
Oversize 10 Parrish, Joe. "The man who hitched his wagon to a star" (New Deal utopian schemes). Inscribed to Bruce Russell. 1936
Oversize 10 Pease, Lute. "The face of stone" (WPA strike) Inscribed to Bruce Russell. circa 1930s
Oversize 10 Pletcher, Eldon. "Strictly from hunger?" (Soviet agricultural failures) Inscribed to Bruce Russell. undated
Oversize 10 Pratt, Newton. "Hurricane Babel" (civil rights filibuster) undated
Oversize 10 Pughe, J. S. Untitled ink illustration of a farmer Oct. 7 1901
Oversize 10 Pughe, J. S. Untitled ink illustration of a banquet Sept. 16 1907
Oversize 11 Pughe, J. S. Untitled ink illustration of a bull with a football player Oct 1907
Oversize 10 Ray, S. J. "When things get too badly out of hand at home...." Inscribed to Bruce Russell. undated
Oversize 10 Roth, Ben. "What this country needs is a good five dollar cigar" (John L. Lewis). Inscribed to Bruce Russell. 1947
Oversize 10 Russell, Bruce, Jr. Untitled illustration of the American eagle undated
Oversize 11 Schulz, Charles. "Peanuts" strip. Inscribed to Bruce Russell. June 27 1955
Oversize 10 Seibel, Fred O. "Spirit of '43" (wartime shortages). Inscribed to Bruce Russell. Dec. 21 1943.
Oversize 10 Shanks, Bruce. "Egg hunt" (federal budget cuts) Inscribed to Bruce Russell. Apr. 17 1956.
Oversize 10 Shanks, Bruce. "The No. 1 obstacle to peace." Inscribed to Bruce Russell. Feb. 28 1957.
Oversize 10 Shanks, Bruce. "Thanksgiving '56". Inscribed to Bruce Russell., Nov. 21, 1956
Oversize 11 Shoemaker, Vaughn. "End of the trail?." (Truman) Inscribed to Bruce Russell. undated
Oversize 11 Shoemaker, Vaughn. Untitled caricature undated
Oversize 10 Shoemaker, Vaughn. "The unappreciative guest" (F.D.R.'s "Soak the rich" program) Inscribed to Bruce Russell. undated
Oversize 10 Shuman, Ray. Untitled pen and ink illustration of a cafĂ© scene, Inscribed to Bruce Russell. 1931
Oversize 11 Smith, Dorman H. Untitled editorial cartoon on Boulder Dam undated
Oversize 10 Stampone, John. "This is where we came in" (post-World War II tensions) Inscribed to Bruce Russell. undated
Oversize 10 Svoboda, V. A. "We should worry about having no turkey." Inscribed to Bruce Russell. 1946
Oversize 10 Svoboda, V. A. "The crusader" (food conservation). Inscribed to Bruce Russell. 1946
Oversize 11 Tashlin, Frank (Tish Tash) "News note - Bruce Russell takes vacation. Tish Tash will pinch-hit for next two weeks." Color panel. April 19 1936
Oversize 10 Taylor, C. J. Untitled pen and ink illustration undated
Oversize 10 Thomas, Burt. "Retreating supermen" (soldiers along the front). Inscribed to Bruce Russell. 1943
Oversize 11 Van Buren, Raeburn. An "Abbie an' Slats" strip. Inscribed to Bruce Russell. May 2 1943
Oversize 10 Vic. Caricature of man smoking a cigar. Inscribed to Bruce Russell undated
Oversize 10 Warren, L.D. "Vest pocket war" (Chiang vs. Mao). Inscribed to Bruce Russell. Nov. 3 1954
Oversize 10 Werner, Charles G. Untitled editorial cartoon on Congressional legislation. Inscribed to Bruce Russell. 1944
Oversize 10 Willard, Frank. "Wild men I have known". Inscribed to A.M. Moore. 1917
Oversize 11 Willard, Frank. Comic strip with caption "Mistaken Identity". Jan 11
Oversize 10 Yardley, Moco. "The rewooing of poor Butterfly"(John Foster Dulles and Japan). Inscribed to Bruce Russell. Mar 1951
Oversize 10 Zimmerman, Eugene (ZIM). Untitled pen illustration of man on stoop reading calling card undated
Oversize 10 Unidentified. "The Loner" (Defeated Liberalism in Texas). Inscribed to Bruce Russell. undated
Oversize 10 Unidentified. " the clock strikes two!" 1908
Oversize 10 Unidentified. Pen and ink illustration of a crowd of spectators on a street undated
Oversize 10 Unidentified. Pen and ink illustration of two men with wreaths undated
Oversize 23 Unidentified. Ink illustration of hobo in a hallway. Possibly by Ding. 1908
Oversize 23 Unidentified. "Hope!" (China). Inscribed to Bruce Russell from Leo. 1932
Oversize 11 Unidentified. "Kate's Kwerie," comic strip. Possibly by Wheeler.
Oversize 10 Unidentified. Editorial cartoon showing Demosthenes lecturing the head of NATO undated - captions in modern Greek and an attached sheet of explanation in French.
Oversize 10 Unidentified. Pen and ink illustration of a typist in a tub with Santa Claus on a thermometer. An illustration from Puck. 1910
Oversize 10 Unidentified. Editorial cartoon "The Hog in the Manger" (municipal spending) undated
Box 25 Notes on Rollo Rollingstone circa 1931
Box 25 Questions for State Department Panel and Pentagon Panel circa 1963

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