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American Book Company Records

An inventory of its records at Syracuse University

Overview of the Collection

Creator: American Book Company.
Title: American Book Company Records
Inclusive Dates: 1801-1971
Quantity: 820 linear ft.
Abstract: The American Book Company was formed in 1890 by consolidation of Van Antwerp, Bragg and Co., A.S. Barnes and Co., D. Appleton and Co., and Iveson, Blakeman and Co. The collection includes the records of the company which manufactured books and educational materials in several locations in the United States, with head offices in New York City; the book list embraced all subjects at all educational levels. The collection is primarily textbooks, including several editions as far back as 1840 of the McGuffey readers; also included are business records and illustrations.
Language: Bulk in English , some items in Spanish, French, and German
Repository: Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13244-2010

Biographical History

The American Book Company (ABC) was an educational book publisher that published textbooks at the elementary school, secondary school and collegiate levels. The company was formed in 1890 by the consolidation of four publishing houses: Van Antwerp, Bragg and Co., A.S. Barnes and Co., D. Appleton and Co., and Iveson, Blakeman and Co. It operated successfully as the American Book Company for more than seventy years with the public school system and other educational institutions as its main clients, publishing educational titles on accounting, agriculture, art, civics, foreign languages, history (both ancient and modern), life sciences, literature, mathematics, penmanship, physical sciences, and various levels of readers.

In the 1960s and 1970s the company passed first to Litton Industries and then to the International Thomson Organization, finally being acquired by D. C. Heath and Company in 1981. ABC was eventually absorbed into D. C. Heath and ceased to exist as an imprint.

The company employed many noted artists as illustrators for its public school textbooks, including Norman Rockwell and Frederick Remington. It is perhaps best known for its series of McGuffey Readers, which sold 120 million copies between 1836 and 1960.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The American Book Company Papers consists of general correspondence, calendars, business records, books, miscellanea, illustrations, and study charts, with correspondence and illustrations comprising the vast majority of the collection. Both ABC itself and its predecessor companies (Van Antwerp, Bragg and Co., A.S. Barnes and Co., D. Appleton and Co., and Iveson, Blakeman and Co.) are represented in the collection. The vast scope of the material provides a detailed picture of the education received by children in the American public school system in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, as well as the state of various fields of knowledge at the time.

General correspondence consists of correspondence with authors, publishers, illustrators and others in the course of ABC's publishing work. Calendars contains small desk calendars, decorated with excerpts from American Book Company textbooks, which were distributed to educators as a publicity feature. This portion of the inventory is presented as a spreadsheet to simplify sorting the material in various ways.

Business records contains a miscellaneous assortment of business-related records, including contracts, editorial forms, permissions, steps in the book production process, meeting minutes, and other similar material. No personnel records of any kind are included in the collection.

Books contains books published by the American Book Company and its acquisitions, and its founders and their acquisitions. There are multiple copies of many books, in which case at least one copy is the "marked copy" (that is, the Editor's Library copy, carrying pasted-in proofs showing changes made between printings and editions). One of the most famous American Book Company publications is the McGuffey's Readers, and the collection includes several editions of these readers dating back to 1840. The series also includes wall posters, flash cards, and writing slates. This portion of the inventory is presented as a spreadsheet to simplify sorting the material in various ways.

Miscellaneous contains photographs and a notebook recording the trips made by the company's private railroad car.

Illustrations contains photographs of people, industry, and architecture; galleys and proofs of original work by staff artists; prints, reproductions, and copies of famous paintings and sculpture; maps; and original drawings, watercolors, and paintings, all of which were used in the company's publications. It contains a number of works by noteworthy artists and illustrators, among whom are Norman Rockwell and Frederick Remington. This portion of the inventory is presented as a spreadsheet to simplify sorting the material in various ways.

Note that there are some known anomalies in the listing. The following plates are starred as being out of sequence in the inventory, but are not listed in the out-of-sequence packages:

3476, 3477
40363 or 40364 (inventory is unclear)

The following plates are listed in the out-of-sequence packages, but are not starred in the main inventory.

87523 (no such number?)

Authors and book titles represented in this series include the following:

  • Abreau (Gomez) & Flores
    • Leyendas Mexicanas, 1951
  • Alexander & Cormack
    • Bruce and Marcia, Woodsmen, 1939
  • Allen & Monpeurt
    • En Route
  • Allen & Wirth
    • This Government of Ours
  • Athey
    • Along Nature's Trails, 1936
  • Atticka
    • A First Course in Bookkeeping, 1935
  • Barnes and Others, The Realm of Reading
    • Doorways, 1941
    • Trails, 1941
    • Highways, 1940
    • Heritage, 1940
    • The American (Two packages), Reg. Ed., 1940 Texas Ed., 1941
    • The English Scene, 1940
  • Batchelor & Vorath
    • Horizontes Latinoamericanos, 1955
  • Bauman & Erlenbach
    • College Bookkeeping (No book - not published
  • Bernstein
    • Judy's Ocean Voyage, 1932
  • Betz & Holzwarth
    • A Second German Book, 1933
  • Betz & Price
    • Learning German - A First Book, 1935
    • First Book, 1917
  • Bourbousson
    • Ecrivains Francais-d'Aujourd'Hui, 1953
  • Brauer
    • Chemistry and Its Wonders, 1938
    • Exploring the Wonders of Chemistry, 1938
  • Bradley & Upton
    • Air Navigation Workbook, 1943
  • Brigham & McFarlane
    • How the World Lives and Works, 1933
  • Brown & Butterfield
    • Bozo the Woodchuck, 1933
  • Buckley, White, Adams, & Silvernale: The Road to Reading, 1938 (State Contract & Regular Editions for all titles)
    • Away We Go (A)
    • Happy Times (B)
    • In Storm and Sunshine (C)
    • In Town and Country (D)
    • Here and There (E)
    • Around the Year (F)
    • On Land and Water (G)
    • Who Travels There? (H)
  • Buckley & White
    • Activity Spellers, 1931, Grades 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
  • Buckley & White
    • Speller and Workbook, Grades 2-6 (in one package), 1936
    • Speller and Workbook, Grades 7 & 8 (in one package), 1936
  • Burns
    • Come and Sing, 1938
  • Cabot & Fanning
    • A New Approach to Spanish, First Year, 1942
    • A New Approach to Spanish, Second Year, 1945
  • Capen
    • Being a Citizen, 1947
  • Capen & Melchior
    • My Worth to the World, 1934, Regular and State Editions
    • My Worth to the World, Revised (included in above)
  • Carpenter
    • Canada and Our Northern Neighbors, 1946
    • Caribbean Lands, 1950
    • Our Little Friends of the Arabian Desert, 1934
    • Our Little Friends of China Our Little Friends of Switzerland, 1941
    • Our Little Neighbors at Work and Play, 1939
    • Our Little Neighbors at Work and Play, 1939, Revised
    • Workbook for above, 1939
    • Our Neighbors Near and Far, 1933
    • Our Neighbors Near and Far, 1933, Revised (This includes Regular, Gray (Pa.), and New York State Editions)
    • My Geography Workbook, 1934
    • Our South American Neighbors, 1942 (2 packages)
  • Cavanah & Myers
    • Handwriting for Expression, 1940
    • Alphabet Ruler
    • Teacher's First Book
    • Pupil's First Book
    • Omnibus package of photos
  • Clifford
    • American Leaders, 1953
    • Yesterday in America, 1949
  • Cornell & MacDonald
    • Business Organization and Practice, 1936
  • Cronin
    • Economics and Society, 1939
  • Dodge and Others
    • Quelques Choses de Facile, 1935
  • Du Mont
    • Introductory French - A Reading Approach, 1941
  • Dvorak and Others
    • Typewriting Behavior, 1936
  • Elsbree
    • The American Teacher, 1939
  • Elson
    • United States - Its Past and Present, 1926 (See cards for illustration before 1931)
    • Modern Times and the Living Past, 1921 (See cards. This must be for copyrights after 1931)
  • Evans & Coulter
    • First Lessons in Georgia History, 1913 (See cards also)
  • Foresman
    • Our Music in Story and Song, 1935
    • Songs and Pictures (First Edition titled Books of Songs)
      • Child's Book, 1928 (See also cards)
      • First Book, 1925
      • Second Book, 1925
      • Third Book, 1925
      • Fourth Book, 1925
      • Fifth Book, 1926
  • Garner & Capen
    • Our Government (Two packages. See also cards.), 1930
  • Gerwig
    • Guideposts to Citizenship (Ambition, Loyalty, and Perseverance, all in one package), 1932
  • Gellette & Reinhardt
    • Current Social Problems, 1933
  • Goodfellow & Rosenberg
    • The Ace Supermarket, 1951
  • Gordon & Loftus
    • Come to France, 1939
  • Grayson & Lohman
    • Principles of Economics, 1956
  • Grismer & Arroyo
    • Buenos Amigos, 1943
  • Gruener & Lankelma
    • Introduction to Organic Chemistry, 1939
  • Halleck
    • English Literature (two packages), 1900 (See also cards)
    • American Literature (two packages), 1911 (See also cards)
    • The Romance of American Literature, 1934
    • The Story of English Literature, 1937
    • History of Our Country for Higher Grades, 1923 (See also cards)
  • Halleck & Frantz
    • Our United States, 1935
    • Founders of Our Nation, 1929 (See also cards)
    • Makers of Our Nation, 1930 (See also cards)
  • Hart & Wilson
    • The Philippines, 1946
  • Healey & Faucher
    • France: Silhouettes et Croquis, 1950
  • Hesse (Peebles)
    • Drei Erzahlungen, 1950
  • Hill
    • Drei Zeitgenoische Erzohler, 1951
  • Hilton
    • Rural School Management, 1949
  • Hoffman
    • Bookkeeping, 1949
    • Workbook in Bookkeeping, 1949
  • Holmes & Hernandez
    • Practical Spanish Grammar, 1943
  • Huber
    • Cinder the Cat, 1931
  • Hughes
    • Rhythmic Games and Dances, 1942
  • Hunkins & Allen
    • Sod House Days, 1941
  • Hunter
    • Problems in Biology, 1931
    • Laboratory Problems in Biology, 1932
    • Science Teaching, 1934
  • Hunter & Hunter
    • Manual of College Biology, 1938
  • Hunter & Knopf
    • Mastery Tests in General Science, 1934 (two, perhaps)
  • Hunter & Whitman
    • Problems in General Science, 1930
    • Workbook, 1932
    • Manual, 1931
    • The March of Science, 1935
    • My Own Science Problems
    • Workbook for the above
    • Science in Our World of Progress
  • Knowlton & Others
    • The Westward March of Man
    • Our Beginnings in the Past, 1933
    • Our Past in Western Europe, 1933
    • Beginnings of Our Nation, 1933
    • Since We Became a Nation, 1934
    • When We Were Colonies, 1934
    • Our America - Past and Present, 1938
  • Leavell & Others
    • The Friendly Hour Readers (State Contract and Regular editions), 1935
    • Pre-Primer - Friends at Play
    • Primer - Ben and Alice
    • Book One - Playmates
    • Book Two - Indoors and Out
    • Book Three - Friends to Know
    • Book Four - Trails of Adventure
    • Book Five - The World's Gifts
    • Book Six - Winning Our Way
    • Reading Readiness Workbook for Preference
    • Workbook for Primer, Books One through Six
  • Leonard, Miles & Van der Kar
    • The Child at Home and School, 1942
  • Lothrop
    • The Wayside - Home of Authors, 1940
  • Lucas
    • Organic Chemistry, 1953 (Two packages)
  • McElroy & Younge
    • Toby Chipmunk, 1935
  • Macomber
    • Guiding Child Development in the Elementary School, 1941
  • Maddy & Giddings
    • Fun in Music, 1937
  • Marble
    • Home Safety, 1940
  • Mawhinney & Smith
    • Business and Professional Speech, 1950
  • Menge & Faunce
    • Working Together for Better Schools, 1953
  • Merrick and Others
    • My Typewriter and 1, 1937
  • Nyberg
    • Fundamentals of Algebra, First Book, 1944
    • Fundamentals of Algebra, Second Book, 1945
    • Key to Fundamentals of Algebra, Second Book, 1945
    • Fundamentals of Solid Geometry, 1944
  • Pack
    • Kee and Bah, Navajo Children, 1940
  • Parker
    • Commercial Algebra, 1952
  • Partridge & Mooney
    • Education in Living - Time Out for Living, 1941
  • Pate
    • Local Government and Administration, 1954
  • Patenski & Wilson
    • The Charm String, 1943
  • Payne
    • Biology - Season by Season, 1942
    • Seasonal Experiences in Biology, 1943
  • Peattie
    • Rambles in Europe, 1934
  • Perry & Price
    • American History First Book, 1913 (See also cards)
    • American History Second Book, 1914 (See also cards)
  • Pflueger & Moore
    • Das Unvergängliche, 1951
  • Place
    • Second Latin Course, 1930
  • Pollard
    • Virginia Born Presidents, 1932
  • Porter & Hansen
    • Fields and Fence Rows, 1937
  • Ray
    • Laboratory Manual for Social Psychology, 1951
  • Reed
    • The Effective and Ineffective College Teacher, 1935
  • Reeder & Renner
    • Home Geography, 1944
  • Reich & Siegler
    • Selling to the Consumer, 1937
  • Reinhardt and Others
    • Social Problems, 1952
  • Riemer & Liebling
    • Expert Typewriting, 1949
  • Ross & Wallace
    • Short Stories in Context, 1953
  • Skinner & Skinner
    • Fun in Town and Country, 1940
  • Snyder & Wilson
    • Roots of Political Behavior, 1949
  • Spears
    • The High School for Today, 1950
  • Steadman Pads (Remnants of earlier publications)
  • Strayer & Upton
    • Social Utility Arithmetics (Reg. & State Editions) Books 1 (1938) through 6
    • Social Utility Arithmetics, Revision of 1951, Books 1-6
  • Strong
    • Writing Business Letters, 1950
  • Talbot & Pearson
    • Homemaking for Boys and Girls, 1935 Practical problems in Homelife, 1936
  • Taylor
    • Dynamic and Abnormal Psychology, 1954
  • Van Tuyl
    • Mathematics at Work, 1935
    • Mathematics of Business, 1940
    • Key to Mathematics of Business, 1941
    • New Complete Business Arithmetic, 1947
  • Walden
    • Harness and Pack, 1935
  • Walker
    • Our Birds and Their Nestlings, 1904 (See also cards)
  • Warfel
    • American Novelists of Today, 1951
    • American College English, 1949
  • Wheat & Fitzpatrick
    • Biology
    • General Biology, 1932
    • General Biology, Rev., 1942
    • Everyday Problems in Health, 1923
  • Whitbeck and Others
    • The Working World, 1937
    • Manual and Key, 1939
  • Whitman
    • Laboratory Manual for Whitman-Peck Physics, 1947
    • Teaching Manual for Whitman-Peck Physics, 1947
  • Whitman & Peck
    • Physics, 1946 (Two packages)
  • Wikdall
    • The Training of a Secretary, 1938
  • Williams
    • Toby, the Little Lost Dog, 1942
  • Williams
    • Secondary Schools for American Youth, 1948
  • Williams & Fink
    • Projects in Psychology, 1955
  • Wilson & Others: Our Ways of Living, 1937
    • Where Our Ways of Living Come From
    • Ways of Living in Many Lands
    • Living in the Age of Machines
    • Richer Ways of Living
    • Workbooks for the above 4 titles
  • Wilson, Bowman, & King
    • This America, 1942

Study charts contains a small group of charts.

Some additional information is contained in the library's correspondence with ABC, prior to and during their donation of material. Please contact the repository listed above for more information on this correspondence.

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Arrangement of the Collection

The primary arrangement of the General correspondence is loosely chronological from ca. 1880 to 1964; it is secondarily arranged in many repeating roughly alphabetical sequences. This portion of the inventory is presented as a spreadsheet to enable sorting in various ways.

Calendars are arranged chronologically. Business records and Miscellanea are in no particular order.

Books are arranged in no particular order. Again, to simplify locating all of a given title, or all books by a given author, this portion of the inventory is presented as a spreadsheet to enable sorting in various ways.

Illustrations are arranged in numerical order according to the "Drawing Number" stamped an the backing plate. Plate numbers 1-40020 are grouped in multiples of twenty. Plate numbers 40021-40634 are grouped in multiples of forty. A descriptive subject is included for each group of related plates (Geography, American History, Science, Botany, etc). An asterisk (*) replacing a plate number denotes an illustration contained in the "out of sequence" section (beginning with Oversize Package 846). When neccessity dictated that a large group of plates be moved to this section, the numbers are enclosed in parentheses with the asterisk immediately following, for example "(4289-4293)*". A slash denotes a nonexistent number. Plates which are out of sequence, extra large, or unnumbered begin with Oversize Package 846. The last packages (863-923) contain illustrations grouped by book title. To simplify locating all plates on a given topic, this portion of the inventory is presented as a spreadsheet.

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Other Related Finding Aids

Portions of the finding aid inventory are presented as spreadsheets to enable sorting the data in various ways. These are: the General correspondence (click here), the Books published (click here), and the Illustrations (click here). A more detailed explanation of each series, with a link to it, is provided at the appropriate location in the inventory below.

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Access Restrictions

There are no access restrictions on this material

Use Restrictions

Written permission must be obtained from SCRC and all relevant rights holders before publishing quotations, excerpts or images from any materials in this collection.

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Related Material

A two-volume unpublished history of the company, written by Managing Editor Mauck Brammer, has been removed from the collection and cataloged as part of the the Rare Books collection (call number Z473 .B81 1969). Please refer to SUMMIT, our main catalog for more information on this item.

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Subject Headings

Corporate Bodies

American Book Company -- Archives.

Associated Titles

McGuffey readers.


Arithmetic -- Study and teaching.
Education, Elementary -- Textbooks -- Specimens.
Education, Primary -- Textbooks -- Specimens.
Education, Secondary -- Textbooks -- Specimens.
Educational publishing -- United States.
Geography -- Textbooks -- Specimens.
History -- Textbooks -- Specimens.
Mathematics -- Textbooks -- Specimens.
Primers -- 1800-1870.
Primers -- 1870-1950.
Publishers and publishing -- United States.
Readers (Elementary).
Readers (Secondary).
Science -- Textbooks -- Specimens.
Textbooks -- Publishing.
Textbooks -- United States.
Vocational education -- Textbooks -- Specimens.

Genres and Forms

Annual reports.
Galley proofs.



Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

American Book Company Records,
Special Collections Research Center,
Syracuse University Libraries

Acquisition Information

Gift of the American Book Company.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: MPK, KBP, JMB, DMB
Date: October 1978
Revision history: 23 Apr 2008 - converted to EAD (MRC); 6 Mar 2012 - added 1998 books (MRC); 10 Oct 2013 - Brammer book corrected (MRC)

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General correspondence
Box 1-244 General correspondence 1801-1964
The general correspondence contains ABC's correspondence with its authors, illustrators, and editors, as well as with other publishers; in many, though not all, cases, an author's name is accompanied by the title of the book(s) under discussion. There are also organizations, educational institutions, and other correspondents as well as material relating to declined manuscripts, copyright, contracts, and a few meeting minutes. The material is arranged in a roughly chronological order in repeating alphabetic sequences; as a result material relating to a given correspondent or book title may be found in several different locations. To simplify locating all relevant information, this section of the inventory is presented in the form of a spreadsheet, which can be sorted by box number, correspondent, book title/subject, or date. Click here to open the spreadsheet.
Box 245 1887-1919
Box 245 1920-1940
Box 245 1941-1963
Business records
Business records do not contain any employee files or any other employee records.
Box 245 Dropped Books List
Box 245 Design and Proposition Procedure
Box 245 Lorna Dietz
Box 245 Managers 1919
Box 245 W.H. Dennis, obituary
Box 245 Magnetism
Box 245 Wilson, Ben J.
Box 245 Americanism
Box 245 Butler, Sheldon and Co.
Box 245 Everett T. Calvert
Box 245 P.L. Carret
Box 245 Litton Industries
Box 245 Contract Form
Box 245 Gillman 1914-1931
Box 245 Miscellaneous
Box 245 Editorial Notices (2 folders)
Box 245 Suggestions for Authors
Box 245 E.S. Bird
Box 245 A.S. Barnes and Co.
Box 245 James Baldwin
Box 245 Appleton and Co.
Box 245 American Book vs American Book Company
Box 245 ABC - Ambrose 1896-1914
Box 245 Aladdin Books
Box 245 ABC - Blake 1939
Box 245 ABC - Blakeman and Iveson 1895-1896
Box 246 ABC - Brown 1956
Box 246 Herbert G. Molden
Box 246 McGuffey, William Holmes
Box 246 Permission Procedure
Box 246 Major Steps in Book Production
Box 246 Proof Corrections
Box 246 Publishers Book of Trade
Box 246 Merriam-Webster
Box 246 Marriner 1946-1956
Box 246 Managers Meetings 1920-1922
Box 246 Sales offices
Box 246 Samuels
Box 246 School Book Publishers Society 1907
Box 246 Filing System and Policy
Box 246 Forms Blank
Box 246 Founders
Box 246 Author Biographies
Box 246 Leo Gans
Box 246 Harper
Box 246 Russell Hinuran
Box 246 War Production Board 1942
Box 246 The Union Label
Box 246 ABC - Vail
Box 246 Van Antwerp, Brace and Co.
Box 246 ABC Histories Howe 1931-1939
Box 246 Ivison, Blakeman and Co.
Box 246 Edward W. Smith
Box 246 State Publication
Box 246 State Blueprints, Texas
Box 246 Gilmon H. Tucker
Box 246 Intercompany business 1904-1930 (23 folders)
Box 246 Editorial Department
Box 246 Plate Account and Plate Expense (8 folders)
Box 247 Annual Reports 1934-1951 (16 folders)
Box 247 Buckingham Study
Box 247 Policy Statements
Box 247 Books Published (Numbers) 1904-1932
Box 247 Statistical Reports 1952-1961 (10 folders)
Box 247 Editorial Activities 1962-1966 (5 folders)
Box 247 Management Conference 1964
Box 247 Company Biography by Mauck Brauner
Box 247 Pamphlets, #1-5, #2-2 (2 folders)
Box 248 Miscellaneous Publications
Box 249 Prices and Catalogues 1890-1967
Box 250 Books of Entry [Handle with Extreme Care] (4 volumes)
Oversize 1 Books of Entry 1905-1945 (2 volumes)
Weekly Reports Editorial Dept.
Oversize 2 Weekly reports Oct. 6, 1923-Sep. 25, 1931 (4 volumes)
Oversize 3 Weekly reports Oct. 3, 1931- Nov. 27, 1937 (3 volumes)
Oversize 4 Weekly reports Dec. 11, 1937-Aug. 25, 1947 (3 volumes)
Oversize 5 Weekly reports Sep. 1, 1947-May 28, 1951 (2 volumes)
Box 251 Index cards
Box 252-811 Books published by the American Book Company 1801-1971
These boxes contain publications of the American Book Company and its acquisitions, its founders and their acquisitions. There are multiple copies of many books, in which case at least one copy is the "marked copy" -- the Editor's Library copy, carrying pasted-in proofs showing changes made between printings and editions. The series also includes wall posters, flash cards, and writing slates.
The material is roughly arranged in repeating alphabetic sequences; as a result items relating to a given author or book title may be found in several different locations. To simplify locating all relevant information, this section of the inventory is presented in the form of a spreadsheet, which can be sorted by box number, author, book title, or date. The books are listed in two sections: the original accession and a later 1998 accession. Click here to open the spreadsheet for the initial accession. Click here to open the spreadsheet for the 1998 accession; this list does not include the names of authors.
Box 552 Photographs
Oversize 1-B Notebook : "Movements of Private Car, Anthracite" 1914-1917
Oversize 6 Posters
Usage Wall Posters to Accompany Stoddard, Bailey, Lewis, McPherson English Series; Krusi’s Industrial Drawing Elementary Architecture Complete; Alphabetical Register no.1; American School Daily Weekly and Quarterly Register
Oversize 7 Perception cards
Story Hour Readers Perception Cards. Primer, First Year-First Half; Story Hour Readers Perception Cards. Book One, First Year-Second Half
Package 1-927 Illustrations commissioned by the American Book Company for use in its publications 1801-1964
These boxes contain illustrations commissioned by the American Book Company for use in its publications (see the main Scope and Content description above for a list of authors and book titles whose illustrations are included here). The material is arranged in order by plate number but oversize plates have been relocated to the end and the series also includes unnumbered plates and plates identified only by book title. To simplify locating all relevant information, this section of the inventory is presented in the form of a spreadsheet, which can be sorted by box number, plate number, or subject matter. Click here to open the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet does not reference the plates by artist.
Study charts
Study charts (51 rolls, 1 tripod)

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