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Syracuse University Libraries
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Special Projects

The SU Libraries are home to special collections like the Plastics Collection and the Belfer Audio Archive. These “special projects” are made available to the world and shared with everyone interested. Naming opportunities, sponsorships, and the good feeling of supporting these projects awaits your gift!

SU Plastics Collection

The Plastics CollectionThe SU Plastics Collection showcases three centuries of plastics history. The Plastics Collection website is now viewed in 93 different countries.

Visit to learn more about the SU Plastics Collection.

Make a gift to the Plastics Industry Projects Fund today.

Sound Beat

Sound BeatSound Beat is a daily, 90 second radio show now reaching a potential audience of more than 22 million listeners every weekday.

Sound Beat features the Belfer Audio Archive, which holds over half a million recordings from the late 19th and early- to mid-20th centuries.

To learn more about Sound Beat, visit

Make a gift to Sound Beat today. Please specify "Sound Beat" in the comments box.

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