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The Aesthetics of Conservation


On November 3-5, 2006, the Brodsky Series was honored to host Gary Frost, one of the leaders in field of library conservation. During his visit Gary presented the annual Brodsky Lecture on the Aesthetics of Book Conservation in which he explored the subtle art and the quiet passions of book conservators as these work to craft appropriate and sympathetic conservation treatments.

The lecture was followed by a two-day workshop co-hosted by Gary and Joyce Miller who together operate Iowa Book Works, a firm specializing in kits of historic structures and teaching workshops throughout the country.

Chela Metzger

Lecture Speaker: Gary Frost

The Workshop

Participants In this two-day workshop bound an Ethiopian (Coptic) book with Mahdar as well as the Elegant Sewn Boards binding developed by Gary Frost, and heavily influenced by the Coptic. These structures have strongly influenced library conservation, been applied to edition binding, and are integral to the book arts because of their straightforward structure. For more information on the kits see the Iowa Book Works website. A full description of the technique can be found at here.

See Images from workshop

About the Speaker

Gary Frost is an educator in book art and book conservation. He has taught at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Columbia University in New York and the University of Texas at Austin.

He is currently theConservator for the Libraries at the University of Iowa, and has been awarded the 2006 Banks/Harris Preservation Award by the ALCTS Division of the American Library Association.

For more see his website Future of the Book, which also features many of his writings on the history of the book, reading, library preservation, and host of other issues.

Together with his partner Joyce Miller, Gary also operates Iowa Book Works a firm specializing in kits of historic structures and teaching workshops throughout the country.

The Brodsky Series for the Advancement of Library Conservation is endowed through a generous gift by William J. ‘65, G’ 68 and Joan Brodsky ‘67, G’68 of Chicago, Illinois. Beginning in 2004, the endowment has been used to sponsor programs that promote and advance knowledge of library conservation theory, practice, and application among wide audiences, both on campus and in the region. Programs will typically include lectures and workshops by prominent library conservators.

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